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Chapter 851

(1) Dustin Zhou felt a little unhappy when he thought that Shui Bingyue might be in Zhou’s family and was suppressed by the elders.

As the only daughter of the Patriarch Zhou Hengtian, Shui Bingyue is not only the little princess of Zhou’s family, but also

The eldest lady of the water family.

Although the Shui family is in the capital, it is not as good as Zhou’s, but it is also a big family, at least stronger than the Chen family.

It stands to reason that Shui Bingyue has such a background. In Zhou’s family, he is not arrogant and domineering, no one can control, at least he will not be bullied.

But now it seems that Shui Bingyue came to the East China Sea from the capital, and there are only two martial masters around him.

It can be seen that Shui Bingyue was not only bullied at Zhou’s house, but no one could stand up to speak for her.

Dustin Zhou was a little unhappy at first, but after thinking about it, it became clear.

Shui Bingyue does have a strong background. His biological father is the Patriarch of the Zhou family and her biological mother is Miss Shui family.

However, her biological mother has passed away, and most of the bond with the Shui family has been abruptly broken.

And her biological father, even though he was the head of the Zhou family, but with the Zhou family members, Zhou Hengtian couldn’t keep his promise. Even if he had any arrangements for Shui Bingyue, he might be obstructed by the elders.

Of course, in Dustin Zhou’s view, none of these are the most important.

Most importantly, Shui Bingyue is the only heir on Zhou Hengtian’s face.

Although there is no precedent for a woman to be the head of the Zhou family.

However, in the past, the head of the family had never had a son.

Therefore, no one can guarantee that Zhou Hengtian will support Shui Bingyue as the head of the family after he abdicates.

As for those members of the elders group, they all have heirs. The current situation of Zhou’s family, especially the situation of Patriarch Zhou Hengtian, gave them hope and hope of taking power in Zhou’s family.

Therefore, at this time, everyone is arguing, and no one wants to fall behind. As the biggest obstacle, Shui Bingyue is naturally regarded as a thorn in the eye.

No matter what, Shui Bingyue is the eldest of the Zhou family. Naturally, they dare not really do anything to her, but they call her out of the capital and the center of power, and let her slowly fade out of the Zhou family’s vision. People can still do it.

“It seems that I have to make some adjustments to the views of the Zhou family.” Dustin Zhou muttered softly, his face changed and changed, but finally calmed down.

Before he knew his identity, before he got the mysterious phone, Dustin Zhou didn’t know that he had a father before, and that he was still such an awesome father.

So at that time, he had no idea about a family like the Zhou family.

Even some big families in the local area have only heard of names and knew that they have a lot of money. Many companies in the East China Sea are run by those big families.

What’s more, Zhou’s family is far away from the East China Sea, far away in the capital.

After Dustin Zhou knew his identity, he was suddenly excited, feeling that his hard life was finally coming to an end, and finally it was time for happiness.


Dustin Zhou was a little bit shy about a strange family, still such a powerful family, he was afraid, afraid that he would be treated as an outsider when he went to Zhou’s house.

So from that time on, Dustin Zhou wanted to make himself stronger, so that when he returned to Zhou’s house in the future, he would have more confidence and strength, so that others would not look at himself with colored glasses.

But now, Dustin Zhou felt that the Zhou family was not exactly the same as what he had imagined.

In Dustin Zhou’s imagination, the Zhou family, as one of the four big families in Beijing, and one of the four big families in China, is aloof, no matter where they go, they must be careful to accompany them.

Even, as the Patriarch of the Zhou family, his cheap daddy should have power, basically doing whatever he wants.

But now, a so-called group of elders has shattered all Dustin Zhou’s previous illusions about the Zhou family.

If the Zhou family is really in power by the elders, isn’t a Patriarch equal to a puppet?

What’s the point of such a patron?

“Dustin Zhou, I don’t know what you’re thinking about now, but what I want to tell you is that although this elders group exercises great restraint on the power of the Patriarch, this elders group must exist because it can only last for the Zhou family. Stand tall and become one of the four big families in the capital.” “Many of these things, it is not convenient for me to tell you now. Even if you tell you, you don’t know the inside story. Therefore, put away your dissatisfaction with the elders and wait until When you really return to the Zhou family and take charge of the Zhou family, you will naturally know what the existence of the elders group means to the Zhou family.” Asher Chen said earnestly.

He saw all the changes in Dustin Zhou’s expression just now, and he naturally guessed some of Dustin Zhou’s thoughts.

Although he didn’t want to say that, Asher Chen still wanted to persuade some Dustin Zhou not to let him get into the horns.

After all, the elders group has existed for decades, even hundreds of years. Although it has a great restriction on the power of the Patriarch, since it has existed for such a long time, and every Patriarch will not abolish the elders, then it exists. , It must have its meaning.

These, when Dustin Zhou becomes the ruler of the Zhou family, he will naturally understand.

What Asher Chen needs to do now is to tell Dustin Zhou not to put too much thought on the elders group, which is far beyond Dustin Zhou’s current level.

In fact, when Asher Chen told Dustin Zhou of the existence of the elders, there was already some arrogance.

However, in view of the relationship between their eyes and Dustin Zhou’s situation, Asher Chen could only do so.

Hearing what Asher Chen said, Dustin Zhou felt unwilling, but he knew that enough was enough.

He had never heard of the elders before.

Not only in Hunan Province, he hadn’t heard Zhou Shaohua’s words. In Donghai, he hadn’t heard Shui Bingyue’s words, nor had he heard Zhou Weitian and Zhou Weihai’s two elders.

This shows that the group of elders is not accessible to Dustin Zhou at this time.

Since Asher Chen told himself, he naturally didn’t want to struggle with the elders.

“I know, I don’t really have enough power right now. I need so many people to help with a Xu family. When one day, I can fight against a family like the Xu family. At that time, I will think about the elders’ team. Things.” Dustin Zhou said in a deep voice, his face firm, which was equivalent to making an oath for himself.

“Well, this is the best. Okay, it’s not too early. You can take a break as soon as possible. There are still some places to go tomorrow. Although the result is unknown, it is always going to go.” Asher Chen gently patted Dustin Zhou’s Shoulder, turned around and returned to his room.

At this time, Sun Lian had been waiting in the room for a while, and when she saw Asher Chen coming in, she immediately greeted her.

Chapter 852

(2) “How is it? Did Dustin Zhou want to open it?” Sun Lian took Asher Chen to sit down, her face full of worry.

Although she had not been in contact with Dustin Zhou for a long time, and she did not want to get involved in Zhou’s affairs.

But the relationship between Asher Chen and Dustin Zhou is very good, and the two have faintly standing in the same boat.

Love Wu and Wu, Sun Lian naturally also hopes that Dustin Zhou can cheer up and return to Zhou’s house in the future to be able to take charge of the Zhou family.

In that case, it would be of great benefit to both Dustin Zhou and Asher Chen.

“Well, I told him that he is much better now. Okay, we can’t manage so many things. In the end, we still need to rely on himself. If he can’t even overcome this small setback, what else to talk about? Return to Zhou’s house.” “Okay, let’s rest.” … It was late at night, and Dustin Zhou was lying on the bed, looking at the ceiling with his eyes open, and he couldn’t even feel it for a while.

Although I told Asher Chen just now, I already wanted to drive.

But Dustin Zhou himself knew that he didn’t fully want to open it up, and there was still a bit of a knot in his heart.

Although Dustin Zhou has tried his best to restrain himself, he is not a saint, and there is no way to be calm. He can only make his emotions as calm as possible, without affecting others, and not worrying others.

At this time, Dustin Zhou was reflecting on whether he wanted to live so long after he knew his identity and received 20 million yuan of original funds.

First of all, in terms of money, I have no shortage of money now.

Nothing else, just in his hands

He holds more than 30% of the shares of famous companies, which has exceeded 5 billion.

In other words, if he sells all his shares in Mingyang Company for cash, he will not do anything in the future, just eat and drink, have fun, and he and his mother will be carefree for the rest of their lives.

But that was not the life Dustin Zhou wanted to live.

When there was no money in the past, he thought, one day, if he had a lot of money, how he should spend it and how to spend it.

But when he really had a lot of money, Dustin Zhou was a little confused again.

Because according to what he had thought before, he is rich now. It should be a mansion, and all the beauties in the car, and having beauties parties in the big villa all day, this is the most enjoyable thing.

But Dustin Zhou’s current mentality has completely changed.

Such thoughts may still be there at the beginning, but after experiencing so much, Dustin Zhou felt that whether it was a luxury house or a beauty in a car, it was just a moment of pleasure, and it didn’t make much sense.

And if you have money, you can do more meaningful things.

Secondly, Dustin Zhou has made some reputation in the East China Sea and Hunan Province in the past six months.

Not to mention that it is on par with some first-class big families, but at least it has been head-on with the first-class families.

And those second-rate families were not even regarded by Dustin Zhou, but regarded as a tool by him.

These are all real changes in Dustin Zhou over the past six months.

After changing to Dustin Zhou, he would never expect such a big change after half a year.

With a sneer, Dustin Zhou felt that he was really a bit unreasonable.

He was worried about the elders group in his heart, but that week the elders group didn’t even know his existence.

What a ridiculous thing this is?

You wholeheartedly treat other people as enemies, and finally find that other people have not noticed you at all. You are no different from passer-by and passer-by.

Therefore, instead of wasting your mind and time on Zhou’s affairs, it is better to do well the things around you.

For example, the well-known company on which it is based, although its two main products before, the whitening factor mask and the new strain of facial cleanser, are very popular, it is now a rookie in the domestic cosmetics industry.

But now almost half a year has passed. Except for those two main products, Mingyang has never withdrawn from other main products, so although it is now profitable, it is far worse than before.

Moreover, in addition to the influence of Mingyang Company in the cosmetics industry, his layout in Hunan Province, in addition to Mingyang Company, and the media industry that Sun Yue and Zhang’s cooperate with, are just starting now.

So far, Dustin Zhou has only been involved in these two industries. Although he felt that there was nothing at first, but now he has

I’m too weak.

Therefore, Dustin Zhou thought about it in his heart, he should focus on these two aspects now.

Instead of worrying about the Zhou family’s affairs, it is better to do a good job of owning this three-acre land.

After thinking about this, Dustin Zhou suddenly felt a lot of comfort in his chest and inexplicably bettered his mood.

However, if you want to focus on this, you must first get rid of the Xu family’s threat.

Thinking of this, Dustin Zhou’s heart was even more wary.

Isn’t it just being rejected?

Before he knew his true identity, Dustin Zhou was just a small employee of the famous company. Every time he went out to talk about business, he experienced rejection. He no longer knew how many times he had been rejected.

This time, he didn’t care anymore.

Tomorrow I will visit some places, although I feel that it is likely to be the same as today, those people refused.

But Dustin Zhou is not as depressed as he was at the beginning.

With his mouth raised slightly, Dustin Zhou slowly fell asleep with confidence.

There was nothing to say all night, and Dustin Zhou woke up early the next morning.

I had a conversation with Asher Chen last night. I was lying in bed at night, and after thinking about it for a long time, I finally made myself feel better.

So Dustin Zhou didn’t feel tired at all when he came together, but he felt very relaxed.

After the three of them made preparations, they continued their visit today.

And Asher Chen and Sun Lian looked at each other, and both saw a touch of joy in each other’s eyes.

They all looked at Dustin Zhou’s state just now, and they naturally knew that Dustin Zhou now seemed to be a little different from Dustin Zhou who was rejected yesterday.

Although they couldn’t tell the difference, both of them could see that Dustin Zhou seemed to have figured out a lot of things now, and the whole person became a lot easier, and his speech and behavior seemed to be filled with stronger confidence.

However, the two of them are not worried. Although this change is a bit surprising, it is always a good thing.

With a long sigh in his heart, Asher Chen felt that he also relaxed a lot.

The three moved forward again, and soon began today’s visit.

Sure enough, today’s visit was not so smooth. Although everyone came out to see Asher Chen and Sun Lian, the results of the talks were not so satisfactory.

One day passed quickly.

At five o’clock in the afternoon, the three of them ended their day’s visit. So far, Dustin Zhou and the three of them have visited all Zhou’s industrial companies in the East China Sea.

However, compared to yesterday, today’s results seem to be much better.

End of

Chapter 853

Yesterday was really annihilated, no one promised to help.

But today is different. Although there are a lot of people who refuse today, people from three companies are willing to help.

Of course, Dustin Zhou didn’t reveal his identity either.

Asher Chen’s face.

So far, Dustin Zhou received the promise of help from Zhou’s five companies in the East China Sea.

Not to mention the three small companies, their influence is not that great, they just yelled a little while fighting with the Xu family.

Dustin Zhou really needs to rely on the Tiandi Financial Building and Sainty Wharf.

Back at the hotel, the three people gathered together again and summarized today’s events.

“Not bad, it’s not a run for nothing.” Asher Chen said with a smile, his face very relaxed.

After all, they did not return empty-handed today, but got the promise of three people.

Therefore, the mood of the three is relatively relaxed.

“Yeah, this is an unexpected gain, but their role is not that big after all. It depends on the two elders.” Sun Lian nodded slightly and said lightly.

For the past three days, she basically stayed with her and didn’t say anything, but because of her existence, many people had already paired her with Asher Chen, thinking that Dustin Zhou was their junior, so they didn’t pay attention to Dustin Zhou’s identity.

This can be regarded as a confusing effect.

“Let’s go back tomorrow, look at the time, the Xu family should have a reaction, we still have to do our best, we can’t panic when the time comes, it is easy to be suppressed by the Xu family.” Dustin Zhou also said.

The three of them were very tired after running for three days, so they didn’t say much, and soon returned to their rooms to rest.

The next day, the three quickly returned to the Mountain Mist Clubhouse.

Three days ago, they set off from the Mountain Mist Club. At that time, Dustin Zhou was still full of confidence. He felt that with Asher Chen and Sun Lian, adding his own identities, logically speaking, it should not be a problem to convince most people.

But after three days, reality slapped him fiercely, letting him know what dreams are full and reality is skinny.

Except for the two elders on the first day, who were very excited because of his status and were willing to help, for the remaining two days, only three people were willing to take care of Asher Chen’s face and promised to be in need. Come to help.

“Okay, now that I’m back, I’ll be prepared. The existence of the Xu family is indeed a big problem. Although we have a lot of back players, we still can’t take it lightly just in case.” Asher Chen said in a deep voice.

He could also see that Dustin Zhou had understood a lot, and his whole person had become a lot more relaxed and lively.

This is also good, at least better than he can’t figure it out, getting into the horns.

“Well, I see, don’t worry.” Dustin Zhou nodded slightly. He naturally knew that Asher Chen really had something to do with him. Although Asher Chen might have some other purposes, Dustin Zhou thought that he still had something to Asher Chen for so long.

Click to understand.

In addition, Dustin Zhou really regarded Asher Chen as his own with his understanding of Asher Chen’s past.

Leaving the Mountain Mist Clubhouse, Dustin Zhou returned directly to Lvjingwan City.

When he set off three days ago, he had already told Zhou Mu, so Zhou Mu didn’t ask so much about Dustin Zhou’s absence during the three days.

At dinner, the two enjoyed themselves and talked about recent events.

And Zhou Mu especially mentioned Shui Bingyue. When talking about the other party, her face was full of smiles, and her eyes became crescent-shaped.

Dustin Zhou looked at him with a sense of feeling, and at the same time secretly made up his mind.

In order to make his mother and Shui Bingyue’s future life carefree, Dustin Zhou will also work hard to develop and strengthen his own strength. In this way, one day, when he enters Zhou’s family, he will be more confident and able to overwhelm others. .

… At the same time, during the three days Dustin Zhou left, there have been many changes in the East China Sea.

Because Dustin Zhou put all his energy on persuading those people, he didn’t pay much attention to these changes in the East China Sea.

After dinner, he came to Niu Chuan, and Dustin Zhou also inquired about the situation, only to realize that the situation in the East China Sea was so tense now.

Before Dustin Zhou and Asher Chen left, he had already reached an alliance with the Su family, and even threatened to destroy the Xu family.

And Donghai families, large and small, are also watching jokes.

At first, they thought that this was just a scene that Dustin Zhou and the Su family did jointly. It was for others to see. The purpose was nothing more than to gain some popularity among many families. If some families can support it, it would be a surprise. Up.

However, two or three consecutive days have passed. Not only did Dustin Zhou and the Su Family not slow down, they even did not appear in front of everyone for three consecutive days, and the Su Family took advantage of these few days to continuously integrate their names. Under the industry and resources.

At this time, everyone can’t sit still.

Do Dustin Zhou and Su Family really want to join forces to destroy Xu Family?

If so, where do they come from?

If not, then what does the Su family do for integrating the industries under the family name?

Even several companies were sold directly by the Su family.

If there is no secret, others will not believe it.

Among them, the Sun family and the Ding family are most suspicious.

The two families have been sending people to watch Dustin Zhou and Su’s family. They also know that three days ago, Dustin Zhou and Asher Chen left together and headed to the Tiandi Financial Building and Sainty Wharf.

However, the Sun family and Ding family did not know what Dustin Zhou did there.

Because Tiandi Financial Building and Sainty Wharf are among the leading companies in the East China Sea.

, Can be called the existence of a giant.

Not much to say about the Tiandi Financial Building. Looking at the whole country, it is one of the best financial buildings, powerful and famous.

The Sainty Wharf occupies a geographical advantage, and it is as if a new city cluster is to be formed on the river bank, and all major families, more or less, need to cooperate with Sainty Wharf.

Therefore, neither of these two companies can compete with ordinary people.

Even the Sun family and the Ding family must avoid their sharp edges when they encounter the Tiandi Financial Building and Sainty Wharf.

But why did Dustin Zhou and Asher Chen go to that place?

Do they have anything to do with these two companies?

The people of the Sun family don’t know, neither do the people of the Ding family.

At this time, in the Sun family compound.

Sun Qiankun, the actual speaker, summoned the worship of the six great martial masters of the Sun family, as well as a group of twenty or thirty powerful worshipers, and some core members of the Sun family.

Sun Qiankun sat high in the first place, and the six great worships were seated at the left and right of Sun Qiankun.

The others sat down.

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