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Chapter 1

“Wife, can you lend me another 10,000 yuan? The hospital urged me again…”

Dustin Zhou said, looking at his wife Mira Xie with ashamed face.

Mira Xie was stunned when he heard the words, sighed wearily, took a stack of money from his bag and handed it to him.

Dustin Zhou lowered his head to take the money, and said thank you in a low voice.

The tall Mira Xie, with a melon-seeded face combined with the delicate facial features, definitely deserves the four words Fenghua Peerless.

Although Dustin Zhou was considered a handsome guy, he was still far behind her.

Three years ago, Dustin Zhou, who graduated from a junior college, was thinking about a great future like all young people, but at that time, his mother who raised him alone got uremia.

While Dustin Zhou was worrying about medical expenses, Mira Xie, who had been in love with him for three years in high school, found him and offered to marry him as soon as he was willing to be the son-in-law.

Not only that, Mira Xie also promised to give him a lot of dowry money.

Although Dustin Zhou knew that Mira Xie had never loved him, he also knew that Mira Xie found him because of another man.

But Dustin Zhou accepted it in order to be able to treat his mother.

In the past three years, Dustin Zhou has been a cow and horse in Xie’s family.

But even so, he was never accepted by Mira Xie’s parents, and was often ridiculed.

Although Mira Xie didn’t taunt him much, he never let him touch him after three years of marriage.

At this moment, Mira Xie’s mother just opened the door and came in.

Seeing Mira Xie giving money to Dustin Zhou, he suddenly seemed to be stepped on his tail and jumped and said, “Mira, why are you giving money to this waste again?”

“Dustin Zhou, tell yourself, how much money have you taken from our house in the past few years?”

“Have you taken a penny to this house?”

The machine-gun-like bitter words of the mother-in-law made Dustin Zhou bow her head.

“Mom, sooner or later I will return the money to Mira, but now my mom is still waiting for dialysis…”

The mother-in-law said coldly: “What does your mother’s illness have to do with our family? Use our family as a bank? Did you know that Mira’s company is now in the most difficult stage?”

After that, he said to Mira Xie: “Mira, I can’t give him this money!”

While talking, she rushed forward to snatch the money from Dustin Zhou.

“Mom, forget it.”

Mira Xie stopped her with a tired voice and said, “The company’s affairs can’t be solved by ten thousand yuan, forget it.”

Seeing Mira Xie’s languid appearance, Dustin Zhou knew that he must be very disappointed with himself in his heart.

Her cosmetics company is now going through the biggest crisis, but she can’t help her, can’t be her pillar…

The mother-in-law’s dissatisfaction with Dustin Zhou seemed to be beyond containment. She said angrily: “I really don’t know what is the use of raising you! Others’ son-in-law makes a lot of money. In the waste!”

At this time, just after 12 noon, there was a knock on the door.

Dustin Zhou furrowed his brows, and he couldn’t help but feel ashamed.

Mira Xie’s pretty face showed a trace of helplessness and melancholy, and then got up and opened the door.

“Miss Xie, these are today’s flowers, please sign for it!”

Outside the door was a delivery man, holding a large bouquet of red roses, which looked particularly dazzling.

Seeing the bouquet of roses, Dustin Zhou couldn’t help clenching his fists. He knew that it was sent by Mira Xie’s suitor Chalrlie Chen.

Three years ago, Chalrlie Chen ignored Mira Xie’s retention and insisted on going abroad. This made Mira Xie angry and hired Dustin Zhou to be his son-in-law.

But a year ago when Chalrlie Chen returned from studying abroad, the first thing he did was to pursue Mira Xie’s stalker.

Compared with Dustin Zhou, who was from a poor family, Chalrlie Chen, who has returned from overseas, is not only a high-achieving student in financial management, but also a newly-known local nobleman at home.

Since Mira Xie rejected the first bouquet of roses sent by Chalrlie Chen a year ago, he has been sending roses every day, year after year.

This kind of persistence, changing to another girl, I’m afraid it would have fallen long ago.

Fortunately, Mira Xie seemed to have broken off his old relationship with Chalrlie Chen, so he never accepted his kindness, which also gave Dustin Zhou great comfort.

However, Dustin Zhou’s mother-in-law hoped that Mira Xie could divorce Dustin Zhou and accept Chalrlie Chen again.

In this way, the difficulties encountered by Mira Xie can also be resolved.

After all, Chalrlie Chen’s family is very strong, and helping her is easy.

However, Mira Xie did not buy it.

She said to the delivery man: “I’m sorry, I won’t accept it, you should take it back.”

The mother-in-law got up hurriedly and said, “Chalrlie, this child really understands romance, and Mira, you too. Why do you always dislike it?”

“Come and I will sign for it!”

After speaking, she signed for the handful of flaming roses with a smile on her face.

Mira Xie did not scold her mother’s actions, but the fatigue on Mira’s face became more intense.

“Mom, I’m going to the bank to talk about the loan, so let’s go first!”

As Mira Xie said, he took the bag and went out.

As soon as Mira Xie left, the atmosphere in the living room became even more embarrassing.

Dustin Zhou’s mother-in-law held the rose and praised: “This rose is so beautiful, how nice is the child of Chalrlie. I won’t say if I have money in the family. I am so capable and understand romance…”

Dustin Zhou felt hot on his face and stood up and said, “Mom, I went to the hospital.”

After finishing speaking, regardless of the contempt of his mother-in-law, he hurriedly got up and went out.

Leaving home, Dustin Zhou’s heart was blocked in pain.

The taste of dignity is uncomfortable!

It’s not that he didn’t think about changing all of this. However, relying on his ordinary sales job, the money he made is not enough to treat his mother. What ability does he have to change the status quo?

The cruel reality is like a heavy chain, and Dustin Zhou can’t breathe.


City hospital nurse station.

“Hello, I’m here to pay for Aria Wang’s medical expenses.”

The little nurse raised her head and glanced at Dustin Zhou, checked on the computer, and casually said: “Aria Wang’s medical expenses have been paid, and one million has been paid, including the cost of kidney transplant surgery and postoperative rehabilitation expenses. Done.”

Dustin Zhou was stunned. Dustin Zhou, who had never seen his father since he was a child, lives on each other with his mother in this city, with few relatives and friends.

He didn’t even think that anyone would pay the medical bills for him.

“Miss nurse, can you help me find out who paid me the medical bill?”

Finally, Dustin Zhou couldn’t help the curiosity in his heart. In fact, it was not just curiosity. Dustin Zhou always remembered his mother’s words. People can have no money but must not be ambitious.

It’s a pity that in the past three years, let alone ambition, even dignity seems to have been worn away.

“It’s a thin, tall man, I don’t know what it is called.”

“By the way, that person asked me to give this to you.”

As if thinking of something important, the little nurse hurriedly took out a file bag from the drawer and handed it to Dustin Zhou.

Dustin Zhou walked to the garden downstairs of the hospital and opened the file bag with curiosity.

Except for an iPad and a bank card, there is nothing in the file bag.

“What does it mean?”

With a trace of vigilance, Dustin Zhou turned on the iPad, and then a video call dialog box popped up immediately. A lean old man said respectfully:

“Hello, Master Dustin Zhou, my name is Zhao Tong. What I want to tell you is that according to Mr. Zhou’s will, you are the only heir to his trillion-dollar estate.”

Dustin Zhou’s brain sank into a blank, and he muttered, “My father?”

“That’s right.” Zhao Tong nodded and said, “Your father is a leader of global Chinese businessmen and the chairman of the Zhou Group with a market value of trillions.”

After talking, Zhao Tong said again: “I have sent a document to your mailbox. This is a 560-page asset list, which is all of Mr. Zhou’s estate. You can inherit the Zhou Group director at any time. Long post!”

When Dustin Zhou heard this, he immediately shook his head and said, “No, I won’t go!”

Zhao Tong asked in surprise: “Why?”

Dustin Zhou said with a serious expression: “He abandoned me and my mother at the beginning, and I will not forgive him!”

Chapter 2

Had it not been for Mira Xie’s help, her mother might have already passed away.

Zhao Tong didn’t expect Dustin Zhou to refuse, and immediately said anxiously: “Master, you are the only legal heir of the Zhou Group. If you do not come to the United States to take over this position, the Zhou Group will have no leader!”

Dustin Zhou said coldly: “What does it have to do with me?”

Zhao Tong couldn’t help asking: “Don’t you have enough of this kind of life under the fence?”

Dustin Zhou said calmly: “No, because Mira is my wife and I love her.”

After speaking, Dustin Zhou angrily turned off the video call.

At this moment, Dustin Zhou felt a little regretful in his heart, but after thinking about it carefully, he quickly became relieved.

Mira Xie was kind to herself and recreated, and she was the only woman she loved deeply. She just wanted to keep her safe and stable.

Then he came to the ward and chatted with his mother for a while.

However, he did not tell his mother the matter.

Mother is not well and cannot be stimulated.

Seeing that it was almost time for work, he left the hospital and prepared to go to Mingyang Company.

At this time, the mobile phone suddenly received a call, and the call was from the security guard of Mira Xie’s company: “Mr. Zhou, that Chalrlie Chen came to the company to look for Mr. Xie again!”

Hearing these words, Dustin Zhou trembled fiercely, his heart seemed to be squeezed fiercely by an invisible giant hand.

Dustin Zhou has never dared to say with confidence that Mira Xie loves him, because in a strict sense, perhaps he can only be regarded as a substitute Mira Xie is looking for in grief.

At this moment, a strong third party like Chalrlie Chen appeared again, and Dustin Zhou didn’t know whether Mira Xie could withstand Chalrlie Chen’s onslaught.

Dustin Zhou hurriedly asked, “Is he in Mira’s office?”

“No, they are going to go out together in Chalrlie Chen’s car.”

The security guard had a good relationship with Dustin Zhou, perhaps because he was at the bottom level, and he felt a bit of sympathy with Dustin Zhou, so whenever Chalrlie Chen went to find Mira Xie, he would give Dustin Zhou a small report.

Dustin Zhou asked again: “Where are they going?”

“Said to go to the Mountain Mist Club.”

Mountain Mist Clubhouse?

That is the famous top club in the upper class of the city.

It is said that the boss behind it has a huge background. Countless rich and powerful people want to enter the Mountain Mist Clubhouse just to have the opportunity to get closer to the boss behind it.

This club adopts a membership system for consumption. If you are not a member, even if you pass by with a sack of cash, you are not eligible to enter.

For members who want to join the Mountain Mist Club, it is not enough to have money. They must first apply to the Mountain Mist Club.

The Mountain Mist Club will evaluate the applicant’s property status, business situation, and comprehensive strength in all aspects, but will be rejected if there is any deficiency.

Moreover, the members of the Mountain Mist Club are divided into several levels, the highest being diamond members, followed by platinum, gold, silver and brass members.

Even the lowest brass members are required to have at least tens of millions of innocent net worth, and the size of the enterprise must be more than 50 people.

Although Mira Xie is also a small accomplished female entrepreneur, she doesn’t even qualify for a brass membership.

Dustin Zhou knew that he would definitely not be able to enter the Mountain Mist Club.

However, he was worried about what harm Mira Xie would suffer.

Dustin Zhou has a certain understanding of Chalrlie Chen, this person is not a good thing, and has always coveted Mira Xie’s beauty.

When he was with Mira Xie, he always wanted to be with Mira Xie, but Mira Xie insisted not to have that kind of relationship before marriage.

Therefore, Dustin Zhou was very afraid that he deliberately used to help Mira Xie solve business difficulties as an excuse to violate Mira Xie.

So, he dared not delay and hurried to take a taxi to the Mountain Mist Clubhouse.

When there was still some distance from the Mountain Mist Clubhouse, Dustin Zhou saw Chalrlie Chen’s car parked in front of the clubhouse.

The door opened, and the elegant and handsome Chalrlie Chen got out of the car first, and then opened the door of the co-pilot very gently.

Immediately, Mira Xie walked out of the co-pilot.

A black evening dress with delicate light makeup on the face.

Mira Xie in the hazy night looks like a fairy who has fallen to earth.

Dustin Zhou in the taxi clenched his fists and said to the driver: “Master, please drive faster!”

At the entrance of the Mountain Mist Club, Chalrlie Chen smiled elegantly, naturally reaching out to grab Mira Xie’s slender waist.

In the next second, Mira Xiedai frowned slightly, and avoided Chalrlie Chen’s palm without a trace.

The confluence in the silence, the flowing air seemed strange.

A faint disappointment appeared in Chalrlie Chen’s eyes, but it quickly turned into almost abnormal self-confidence and fanaticism.

Turning around inadvertently, Chalrlie Chen saw Dustin Zhou, who got out of the taxi and was walking quickly towards here.

At the moment his eyes met, Chalrlie Chen showed an arc of contempt, and then raised his little finger slowly down.

Dustin Zhou ran desperately, but still failed to catch up. When he reached the door, outside the Mountain Mist Clubhouse, Chalrlie Chen raised his hand and pushed the black-rimmed glasses on the bridge of his nose, his face full of gentleman’s words.

“Mira, some of the investors I’ve arranged for you have already arrived, you go up with the waiter first, and I will come when I see a friend say hello.”

A complex expression flashed in Mira Xie’s eyes, and finally he could only nod gently.

When Dustin Zhou rushed to the gate of the Mountain Mist Clubhouse, only Chalrlie Chen with a scornful face was left there.

“Dustin Zhou? The Mountain Mist Clubhouse can also come from you, the trash hanging silk?”

At this moment, Chalrlie Chen completely removed the mask of gentleman Qianqian, and his acrid words were full of provocation.

“Chalrlie Chen, let Mira come out, otherwise I will never finish with you!”

“Dustin Zhou, what are you? You don’t even have the qualifications to enter the Mountain Mist Clubhouse, and you want to threaten me? It’s really a stinking silk with no self-knowledge.”

The real provocation has never been a verbal humiliation or a physical beating, but a great personal humiliation.

When Chalrlie Chen saw Dustin Zhou flushed, he laughed and said coldly: “Don’t worry, I have asked someone to install the shield in advance in the private room upstairs. Even if you call Mira Xie, you can’t get through. In a few more minutes, her body , I will break it!”

After speaking, Chalrlie Chen sneered: “You trash, after three years of marriage, Mira Xie is still a place, don’t you understand why this is? Tell you, Mira Xie is waiting to leave the most precious thing to me!”

Dustin Zhou was extremely angry and tried to hit him with a fist, but he walked directly into the Mountain Mist Clubhouse.

Dustin Zhou subconsciously wanted to chase him in and beat him, but as soon as he arrived at the door, two men in black with a cold expression stopped him outside without hesitation.

“Sorry sir, please show your membership card.”

Chapter 3

The clothes on Dustin Zhou’s body are not worth two hundred yuan. Compared with the brightly dressed and noble guests in and out of the clubhouse, it looks extremely different.

Dustin Zhou hurriedly said: “Two, he is plotting against my wife. I hope you can let me in and bring my wife out!”

The other party said coldly: “You can’t enter without a membership card!”

Dustin Zhou was anxious, but he knew very well that there were only dozens of security guards in the Mountain Mist Club, and each of them was a good hand at retiring. It was impossible to force it by himself.

At this time, he suddenly thought that he had a college classmate named Azaria Wang who seemed to be working in the Mountain Mist Clubhouse!

So he immediately took out his cell phone and called Azaria Wang.

After explaining the situation, Azaria Wang immediately said: “Squad leader Zhou, you can rest assured that this matter is handed over to me! You are waiting for me at the door, I will come to you and take you to my sister-in-law!”

Dustin Zhou is very grateful.

It seems that although the college classmates have not seen each other for a long time, they still have some friendship with each other. In the future, I must find a way to return Azaria Wang’s favor.

“Oh, squad leader Zhou!”

A few minutes later, a woman’s exclamation suddenly came from inside the clubhouse.

Lifting his head, Dustin Zhou saw an extremely coquettish woman wearing an OL outfit, heavy makeup, and wriggling out of the clubhouse.

Azaria Wang? Her changes are really big enough! I almost dare not recognize it!

Seeing the coquettish girl, the two black-clothed security guards at the door hurriedly bent over and called respectfully: “Leader Wang.”

Dustin Zhou said in surprise: “Azaria Wang, I haven’t seen you in a few years. You have been the team leader at the Mountain Mist Club. It’s amazing!”

Azaria Wang smiled and said, “Squad leader, you are too polite. I am actually just a team leader of the personnel department. In the personnel department of Mountain Mist, I can only be regarded as a small leader of the middle and low levels.”

Dustin Zhou exclaimed from the bottom of his heart: “That is already very powerful. I heard that the management of Mountain Mist Clubhouse has extremely high requirements! You are really amazing!”

Azaria Wang smiled triumphantly, then looked at the two black-clothed security guards beside her, and asked coldly: “You two stopped my university monitor from entering?”

The two looked at each other, and one of them hurriedly said, “I’m sorry, Mr. Wang, I don’t know this is your university classmate, and he doesn’t have a membership card, so I also abide by the rules of the club…”

Azaria Wang snorted: “The rules are dead and people are alive. Don’t you understand this truth?”

Dustin Zhou thought that Azaria Wang was going to punish them for this, and hurriedly said: “Azaria Wang, don’t make it difficult for them. Please also take me in and find my wife, please!”

Azaria Wang looked at Dustin Zhou and suddenly laughed. At the same time, she changed her face and sarcastically said: “Squad leader Zhou, you take yourself too seriously. Do you think I will embarrass my subordinates for you?”

Dustin Zhou frowned, “Azaria Wang, what do you mean?”

“What do I mean?” Azaria Wang smiled and said, “I mean it is not obvious enough? Just like you, you want to enter the Mountain Mist Club? I tell you, don’t think about it in this life!”

Dustin Zhou clenched his fists and asked her: “Then what did you mean by saying you were willing to help me on the phone?”

“Fun with you!” Azaria Wang smiled and shivered, and said: “When I was in college, I didn’t look down on you. I only knew that the smelly stalks of learning, even a canteen with meat, can’t afford to eat. Be the monitor? I’m pooh! Don’t look at your virtue!”

Dustin Zhou said with a cold expression: “Azaria Wang, I think Dustin Zhou has never provoke you, why have you ridiculed me so many times?”

Azaria Wang hugged her shoulders and said arrogantly: “I just look down on you, why? I’m not allowed to talk about it? University students who didn’t know that you would be a door-to-door son-in-law when you graduated? Ruanfan, the trash has the face to ask me for help? What kind of thing are you!”

Dustin Zhou’s anger was already out of his heart, but what he worried more about was Mira Xie, who had already entered the clubhouse.

At this moment, he suddenly received a text message from a stranger on his mobile phone: “Master, the Mountain Mist Club is also an industry of the Zhou Group.”

Dustin Zhou’s pupils shrank suddenly!

The Mountain Mist Club is owned by Zhou Group?

He subconsciously responded to the text message: “Aren’t you lying to me?”

“You can look at the asset list in the mailbox.”

Dustin Zhou hurriedly turned on his mobile phone and found an email named Zhou’s Group Assets List in his mailbox.

Clicking in and taking a look, he almost didn’t scare to death.

Inside, there is a document with more than 10,000 pieces of information.

Each of these more than 10,000 pieces of information is a sub-industry of the Zhou Group. It not only states the name of the industry, but also the address, market value and contact information of his person in charge.

Dustin Zhou hurriedly opened the search function and entered the Mountain Mist Clubhouse.

In an instant, the information of the Mountain Mist Clubhouse appeared before his eyes.

“Mountain Mist Clubhouse, Donghai City, China, with a market value of 2.5 billion RMB, the person in charge, Asher Chen, contact information: 139…”

Azaria Wang did not expect that the squad leader, who was not pleasing to the eye when she was in college, would be so cowardly.

He was indifferent when he scolded and insulted him face to face?

She actually knew that Chalrlie Chen, a silver member of the clubhouse, was pursuing Dustin Zhou’s wife Mira Xie, so she deliberately wanted to provoke Dustin Zhou, and when he lost his mind, asked the security to beat him up, and then went to ask Chalrlie Chen for credit.

The members of the Mountain Mist Clubhouse are very rich and generous. Chalrlie always tipped several thousand or several thousand in his life. He helped him beat Dustin Zhou, so why would he have to give himself ten or twenty thousand benefits?

However, Dustin Zhou seemed to be completely shameless. Not only did he not get angry, but instead played with his mobile phone.

This frustrated Azaria Wang.

So she increased her firepower, and sneered: “Oh, the squad leader is really tolerable. My wife will be broken by others, and she is still playing with her mobile phone leisurely? On your head, I am afraid it will be the green city prairie. !”

Dustin Zhou dialed Asher Chen’s phone number at the Mountain Mist Club, looked at Azaria Wang, and said faintly: “I’ll ask your person in charge to ask how the Mountain Mist Club recruits employees, even your mouth full of dung. Anyone can recruit!”

“You’re tired of your life!” Azaria Wang suddenly exploded her hair and yelled at the security guard next to her: “Damn, he’s here to find the fault, give me a call!”

At this time, Dustin Zhou had already dialed the phone.

“Hey, who.”

On the phone, a man’s coercive voice came.

Dustin Zhou asked coldly: “Are you Asher Chen? My name is Dustin Zhou. I am at the gate of the Mountain Mist Clubhouse. I will give you a minute to get me off, otherwise you will get out of the Mountain Mist Clubhouse in the future!”

The man on the phone who was still full of momentum suddenly asked in a panic: “Young…Young Master? Are you really at the gate of the Mountain Mist Clubhouse?”

Dustin Zhou said coldly: “You still have fifty seconds!”

The other party seemed frightened and blurted out: “Wait a minute, I’m here!”

Azaria Wang laughed angrily at Dustin Zhou’s phone call, and said sarcastically: “Dustin Zhou, I didn’t expect you to brag like this? Do you know the identity of President Chen? The top member in this club does not dare to act in front of President Chen. Do you think you can bluff me by pretending to make a call?”

Dustin Zhou said indifferently: “Is it bluffing you? You’ll know after 30 seconds!”

Azaria Wang laughed: “Okay, squad leader Zhou, then I’ll wait with you for 30 seconds! Oh no, I’ll wait with you for three minutes! If we don’t come out for three minutes, I will let the security guard tear your mouth. See how you brag in the future! Hahaha!”

Twenty seconds.

A middle-aged man wearing a top-level customized suit ran out of it in a panic.

Since he took office in the East China Sea and became the person in charge of the Mountain Mist Club, he has been the most respected existence in the East China Sea. When has he been so flustered?

However, he had to panic because he only received news in the morning that the chairman of the Zhou Group will be succeeded by the young master. Before noon, the young master will come to the Mountain Mist Club…

Azaria Wang was about to ridicule Dustin Zhou when she suddenly saw all the security guards around her looking behind her with horror.

When she turned her head subconsciously, she suddenly discovered that President Chen was running out of it, and she was suddenly struck by lightning.

Immediately, she looked at Dustin Zhou, her eyes full of horror: “This…how is this possible…”

Chapter 4

“Which is Mr. Dustin Zhouzhou?!”

Asher Chen’s voice was trembling.

The people around him were stunned, and Mr. Chen, who was able to make the East China Sea earthquake by stomping his feet, even changed his voice in panic right now!

Dustin Zhou said at this moment: “I am!”

Asher Chen rushed to the front, bowed and said, “Mr….”

Before he finished speaking, Dustin Zhou immediately said, “Mr. Chen, don’t say something outside.”

When Asher Chen heard this, his whole body trembled in shock.

I’m so stupid! The identity of the young master must be highly confidential, and he almost called out. If the young master blamed it, wouldn’t he be finished?

So he hurriedly changed his name, but still respectfully said: “Mr. Zhou, you are welcome to the Mountain Mist Clubhouse. Please move to my office to talk in detail.”

Dustin Zhou realized that he was really different now.

Even the object that the entire East China Sea admires, in front of oneself, will become like a solemn ant.

Azaria Wang was already frightened, she couldn’t accept this reality, but it really happened before her eyes.

What is Dustin Zhou’s background? Can the big bosses of Mountain Mist Club treat him respectfully?

He ridiculed him just now, shouldn’t he hold grudges?

Thinking of this, Azaria Wang hurriedly changed into a flattering look, and said to Dustin Zhou in a charming manner: “It’s really an honor for our Mountain Mist Clubhouse to be here, the squad leader Zhou, and an honor for my old classmates, please come in… ..”

She felt that by complimenting Dustin Zhou with a few words, Dustin Zhou could forget or ignore what she had done just now.

However, she thought Dustin Zhou was too kind.

When Asher Chen heard Azaria Wang’s words, he asked in surprise: “Ms. Wang, are you Mr. Dustin’s classmate?”

“Yes, yes, yes!” Azaria Wang hurriedly said: “Young Master Zhou was my monitor in college, and we have a very good relationship!”

Asher Chen immediately said: “I will report to the President’s Office tomorrow, and you will be the personnel director of Mountain Mist in the future!”

From the team leader to the personnel director, at Mountain Mist, he has to span at least three levels, and his salary is more than tenfold. Moreover, he has the power of life and death of most employees, and he is definitely one of the executives.

When Azaria Wang heard this, she was so excited that she almost passed out.

At this time, Dustin Zhou said coldly: “Mr. Chen, do you know what my relationship is with Azaria Wang?”

Asher Chen thought that Dustin Zhou was dissatisfied with this arrangement, and immediately said: “If Mr. Zhou is not satisfied, then let Ms. Wang be promoted directly to vice president!”

In Asher Chen’s opinion, the Mountain Mist Clubhouse belongs to Dustin Zhou, and the entire Zhou Group belongs to Dustin Zhou. Even if he wants Azaria Wang to be his seat, he has to let it out.

As a result, Dustin Zhou suddenly said: “This Azaria Wang, the dog looks down on people, because I don’t have a membership card and ask her for help, she humiliates me in every way, and even wants the security to beat me several times, you actually want to promote her to be a deputy. Anyway, what does this mean?”

Asher Chen’s heart felt cold.

I slapped the horse on the leg…

Immediately, he looked at Azaria Wang’s eyes, already full of anger.

Immediately afterwards, he slapped Azaria Wang’s face fiercely, and cursed: “Even Mr. Zhou dared to offend, you have the courage of the bear? You don’t want to live anymore?”

The gentleman that Donghai usually admires has now become a rude man who beats a woman. The reason for all this is Dustin Zhou.

Azaria Wang was so frightened that she knelt on the ground and kept knocking her head, crying: “Mr. Chen, Mr. Zhou, I was wrong, I was really wrong. It is my dog ​​who looks down on people. Please forgive me, I Never dare it again!”

Asher Chen was anxious. If Azaria Wang’s behavior offends Zhou Mr., his future will be over!

So he kicked Azaria Wang abruptly, kicked her a few meters away, and cursed: “You are not a dog with long eyes! I will let you know today and it has provoked Mr. Zhou’s price!”

After that, he shouted to the security guard around him: “Beat me hard! Beat me half to death and drive to Sihe Village Pig Farm. From now on, she will stay in Sihe Pig Farm to feed pigs! Can’t leave the pig farm. Half a step, even if you sleep, you must sleep in the pigpen and sleep with the pigs!”

In order to provide excellent services to members, Mountain Mist Club opened a natural black pig farm in Sihe Village. The pigs raised do not add any clenbuterol and hormones, and only supply Mountain Mist Clubhouse.

Let Azaria Wang go there to raise pigs and let her sleep with the pigs. This punishment has to be said to be very inhumane.

Azaria Wang was so frightened that she hurriedly said: “President Chen, I resign! I will resign now, please forgive me!”

“Resign?” Asher Chen was furious, and shouted: “If you don’t go to Sihe Village honestly, your whole family won’t want to stay in the East China Sea! No, don’t want to stay in China! Otherwise, I will let them survive and die! “

Azaria Wang broke down and cried. She knelt on the ground and crawled all the way to Dustin Zhou, squatting her head again and again: “Squad leader Zhou, please help me, I’m really wrong! Please read it for classmates… “

Dustin Zhou regarded her as air and said blankly to Asher Chen: “My wife was brought in by a man named Chalrlie Chen. I want to find him now, immediately!”

Asher Chen hurriedly said, “Mr. Zhou, come with me!”

After speaking, he pointed to the security guard beside him: “Listen to my instructions, give Azaria Wang a lesson, and then send it to Sihe Village!”

“Yes, President Chen!”

How could the security guard disobey him and nod his head immediately.

Azaria Wang wailed in fright, but Dustin Zhou ignored it and followed Asher Chen into the clubhouse.


“Mr. Zhou, I’m very sorry for making you wronged.”

When he entered the clubhouse, Asher Chen had been apologizing to Dustin Zhou, only acting like a grandson.

Dustin Zhou said with a cold face: “Take me to Chalrlie Chen immediately!”

Asher Chen quickly found his supervisor, and after some inquiries, he said to Dustin Zhou: “Zhou Mr., they are on the ninth floor.”

Dustin Zhou nodded: “Take me over!”

The indicator lights of the elevator were flashing slowly, Dustin Zhou’s clenched fists and nails slowly fell into the palm of his hand.

If Chalrlie Chen dares to attack his wife, he will kill him!

As soon as I arrived at the door of the private room where Chalrlie Chen was, I saw the two people chatting at the door.

Chalrlie Chen nodded in satisfaction: “Wait for the benefit to be a good thing, and the benefit will be yours!”

Dustin Zhou’s anger spurted out instantly, clenching his fists and rushing over.

But at this time, Chalrlie Chen had already returned to the private room.

Dustin Zhou turned around and said to Asher Chen: “I don’t want people to know who I am. Don’t come in later!”

In the room, the wine bureau is in full swing at the moment. The three middle-aged men with big bellies and fat faces all looked at Mira Xie and said unkindly: “Come on, Miss Xie, let’s have a drink. Your company’s financial problems are covered by us. Body.”

At this time, the sudden loud noise outside the door instantly silenced the originally chatting box.

Dustin Zhou kicked open the door and rushed in angrily.

Chapter 5

Seeing this scene, everyone in the private room looked different.

Mira Xie’s beautiful eyes flashed a trace of astonishment, and then a panic appeared. It seemed that she also felt that it was a mistake to go to Chalrlie Chen’s wine bureau with Dustin Zhou behind her back.

But when he thought that the company was already in danger, and the whole family needed to support himself, and when he thought of Dustin Zhou’s accomplishment in the past three years, the panic in Mira Xie’s eyes slowly dissipated.

I can’t help it.

Chalrlie Chen flashed with surprise in his eyes, and he didn’t seem to think that the uselessness in his eyes actually broke into the Mountain Mist Clubhouse.

But soon the surprise in Chalrlie Chen’s eyes turned into disdain and shadow.

“Brother Zhou, I talked to Mira about some business matters. Are you too uneducated when you walk in like this?”

When Chalrlie Chen spoke, there was a gentle and humble smile on his face, he looked like a graceful gentleman.

The surrounding investors also put down their wine glasses, focused on Dustin Zhou, and began to whisper.

“This kid is Miss Xie’s husband?”

“I’ve heard about this son-in-law who is upside down, and I saw a real person today.”

“With his hanging silk appearance, can you marry Miss Xie?”

“It is said that Miss Xie was abandoned by Mr. Chen, so she found this Diaosi as a spare tire!”

Hahahahahaha! !

A burst of unbridled laughter sounded.

These remarks passed into Dustin Zhou’s ears clearly. Dustin Zhou was not angry, but turned his attention to Mira Xie.

A touch of complexity flashed past Mira Xie’s beautiful eyes.

“Dustin Zhou, what are you doing here? I’m talking about business.”

In her tone, exhaustion was helpless.

Mira Xie is indeed here to discuss business. Although she has never let Dustin Zhou touch her since her marriage, she also abides by the responsibility of a wife and has never done anything to sorry Dustin Zhou.

Therefore, she will not have any thoughts about other people at this moment.

However, she didn’t know that Chalrlie Chen was planning to use drugs to force her to submit.

At this moment, Dustin Zhou broke in like this, looking like he was about to catch the rape, making Mira Xie a little angry.

What can I do if the investment matter is disturbed by him?

Dustin Zhou didn’t speak, took a step forward, grabbed Mira Xie’s wrist, and wanted to take Mira Xie away.

“Mira, this bastard is not a good thing, he is plotting against you, you go back with me!”

Mira Xie shook Dustin Zhou’s hand away. He didn’t know whether the excessive force was due to other reasons, and he even felt a little dizzy in his head.

The burden of the company and the family were all on her shoulders, but Dustin Zhou could not help.

At this moment, Mira Xie finally broke out!

“Dustin Zhou, what on earth are you going to do? Do you have to wait for my bankruptcy to be satisfied?”

Dustin Zhou was startled and said seriously: “Mira, I didn’t mean that, I just don’t want you to be hurt!”

Mira Xie rubbed her forehead, feeling the general pain of her head exploding. She didn’t know that the wine she took a sip just now had been drugged. At this time, she weakly said, “Please, go home. Go ahead, don’t mess with me, I’ll go back later.”

Dustin Zhouhong snarled, “Make trouble, do you only have the ability to make trouble in your eyes?”

Chalrlie Chen on the side saw Dustin Zhou run wild, and then looked at Mira Xie’s pretty face that was gradually tightening, the arc of the shadow on the corner of his lips became clearer.

“Dustin Zhou, if you don’t have the skills, don’t stop it. Do you have to rely on you to save Mira’s beauty makeup? You have already made Mira suffer, so don’t let Mira dissipate your wealth again, okay? Don’t do it? You hurt her, let her go!”

“You shut up Lao Tzu!”

Seeing that Chalrlie Chen had been instigating the discord, Dustin Zhou couldn’t help but screamed, raised his fist and smashed it at Chalrlie Chen.

With only a bang, Chalrlie Chen’s glasses burst instantly, and his nosebleeds spurted out!

Several investors who were watching the excitement behind them also stood up in an instant. They didn’t expect that a little white face stuck in the door would have the courage to do it!

“Do you dare to beat Laozi?!!!”

Chalrlie Chen twisted his face together, like an extremely angry lion. He picked up a bottle of expensive foreign wine from the table and slammed it down at Dustin Zhou’s head!

Mira Xie screamed in fright!

At this critical moment, one hand steadily held Chalrlie Chen’s wrist, and then a knee slammed his stomach, knocking him out one meter away.

It was the personal bodyguard and assistant of Asher Chen, the president of the Mountain Mist Club.

After he did it, he looked at Chalrlie Chen sitting on the ground and said coldly: “Mr. Chen, your membership in our club has been cancelled, now please get out of here.”

Everyone was stunned by this scene!

The audience was quiet for a few seconds, and a real estate agent invited by Chalrlie Chen asked dumbfounded: “Did you make a mistake? This kid first beat someone! Chen Mr. was punched by him, why did you cancel him? Membership?”

Asher Chen’s bodyguard still had a harmless smile on the face of humans and animals, and said lightly: “Not only him, but the memberships of all of you have also been cancelled, and you will not be allowed to enter the Mountain Mist Clubhouse for life!”

All of a sudden mess in the box! The membership status of the Mountain Mist Clubhouse is a powerful tool for them to walk in the mall and socialize. Everyone has worked so hard to get this membership. Why is it suddenly cancelled?

Several people couldn’t help asking: “What do you mean!”

“What about Mr. Chen, let him come out and explain!”

Asher Chen’s bodyguard sneered and said, “See us President Chen? Are you a few of you worthy? I tell you, before President Chen gets angry, get out of me, otherwise, it will be President Chen’s enemy and the enemy of the entire Mountain Mist Clubhouse!”

These people were shocked at once.

The enemy of Mountain Mist Clubhouse?

God, if this is true, who would dare to do business with himself in the future?

Everyone is just here to help Chalrlie Chen pick up girls, how dare you provoke the Mountain Mist Clubhouse?

Seeing that these people were still being stupid, Asher Chen’s bodyguard directly shouted to the security guard outside: “Get out of these bastards!”

Several security guards flocked to each other, two of them stood one, and the four guys stood up and carried out.

Only then did Asher Chen’s bodyguard walked to Dustin Zhou, smiled at him, and said:

“Mr. Zhou, are you still satisfied?”

As soon as the voice fell, Mira Xie’s legs softened and he fainted directly on the sofa.

Dustin Zhou felt tight and hugged her hurriedly: “Mira!”

Asher Chen’s bodyguard came over to check, and then sniffed Mira Xie’s wine glass, and said, “Mr. Zhou, don’t worry. Miss Xie should have been taken three times, but the amount of medicine is not large, so there should be nothing serious. Order a quick-acting medicine with neutralizing properties.”

Dustin Zhou nodded.

Soon, the man took an oral liquid and handed it to Dustin Zhou. Dustin Zhou fed Mira Xie and drank it. After checking it again, he found that Mira Xie’s breathing was steady, and he was relieved.

He has also heard of the drug like triazole, just a little bit can make people sleepy for several hours, no matter how to call it!

These scumbags!

They must pay the price!

When he was angry, Dustin Zhou was also afraid for a while. Fortunately, he came in time, but the consequences would be disastrous.

At this time, Asher Chen also came over and hurriedly asked Dustin Zhou: “Mr. Zhou, is your wife okay?”

Dustin Zhou hugged Mira Xie and said, “There should be nothing wrong with me. I will take her back. Don’t tell the story about today.”

Asher Chen asked, “Those bastards, do you want me to find someone to do them tonight?”

Dustin Zhou said with a gloomy face: “No, I want to play with them slowly!”

“I see.” Asher Chen nodded hurriedly and said, “Mr. Zhou, please come with me. There is an internal elevator that leads directly to the underground garage. I will send you a car to take you back.”

Dustin Zhou nodded, picked up Mira Xie, and followed him downstairs.

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