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Chapter 6

At this moment, Chalrlie Chen and others had been roughly thrown out of the Mountain Mist Clubhouse by the security guards.

The aches and pains of the four people falling on the concrete floor were all shocked: “What’s the matter? Why did we cancel our membership?”

Chalrlie Chen’s nosebleed had just stopped, and everyone of the other investors looked at each other with a dumbfounded expression.

One of the bosses said: “If this incident spreads out, I will lose face. I am afraid that no one will dare to do business with me…”

Chalrlie Chen also looked worried and said: “I’m afraid it’s who of us who offended President Chen before, but we need to find out the cause of this matter slowly. Let’s go quickly so as not to anger President Chen…”

The other three nodded. They didn’t know that Chalrlie Chen had caused him to lose his membership, so they could only leave first with their heads down.

But in any case, they couldn’t think that their membership was cancelled because they offended Dustin Zhou, who they had never looked into!

Back at home, Dustin Zhou took Mira Xie back to the bedroom and settled down. Seeing that there was nothing unusual about her, he returned to the study to sleep.

At midnight, Mira Xie’s medicine was over, and he woke up leisurely.

There was a sting in her head, and it took a long time before she remembered what had happened before.

Only then did she realize that she had been drugged!

Fortunately, Dustin Zhou appeared in time, otherwise the consequences would be unimaginable.

Mira Xie sighed quietly, sat up, and wanted to see Dustin Zhou, but he hesitated and lay back.

Chalrlie Chen is uneasy and kind to her, his competitors are aggressive, and the bank debt is about to expire. She is now surrounded by wolves and tigers.

At this time, I knew I had misunderstood Dustin Zhou, but I could only sigh in my heart and weep secretly.

Because she still has to find a way to keep the company alive.

Tomorrow, I still have to go to Chalrlie to have a false life, while being more careful with him, while pretending that nothing happened.

Because this man may be the last one to help himself.

Chalrlie Chen coveted his body, how could he not know.

It’s just that she really didn’t expect that Chalrlie Chen would eventually use drugs like three indiscriminate methods.

Many thoughts flashed in his mind, and Mira Xie finally fell asleep again.


Dustin Zhou couldn’t sleep for a long time this night.

He felt that everything that happened to him was so dreamy and incredible.

And today’s experience seems to be in front of my eyes, very real.

He couldn’t help flipping through the emails sent to him by Zhao Tong. There were lists of tens of thousands of companies on it. After reading them one by one, he was surprised to find that many of these companies were very famous and thunderous…


The Zhou Group was originally a super group hidden behind major companies in the world, secretly holding countless well-known large companies.

While looking through it, Dustin Zhou suddenly discovered a very familiar name.

Stanford Biological Laboratory, USA!

This laboratory is the world’s top biological laboratory with several Nobel Prize winners and strong scientific research capabilities.

They have many top-notch patents for scientific research achievements, and any one of them can trigger a huge response in different fields.

The drugs they developed are world-renowned targeted drugs!

The high-tech biological factors they developed are the best whitening and anti-aging factors in the world!

Dustin Zhou still remembers that since some time ago, all cosmetic companies in the world were rushing for this patent, because whoever gets this patent can become No.1 in the cosmetics field!

Dustin Zhou’s Mingyang company is one of China’s largest local cosmetics companies, but even Mingyang company can only think about such top patents because it simply cannot compete with the world’s top brands.

As for Mira Xie’s beauty company, it is even more useless. Mira Xie’s company is too weak. Even with such a patent, the production line, manufacturing process, and production qualifications are not up to standard.

When I first married Mira Xie, I wanted to go to Mira Xie’s company to help her, but Mira Xie felt that the husband and wife file had a bad influence on the company, so he didn’t let him go.

But in order to be able to help Mira Xie, Dustin Zhou still managed to enter a larger cosmetics company famous company, hoping to accumulate some experience, which will be useful to Mira Xie in the future.

Because of this, he knew about the existence of the Stanford Biological Laboratory.

Unexpectedly, this biological laboratory turned out to belong to the Zhou Group!

Suddenly an exciting thought came into Dustin Zhou’s heart!

Why don’t I get this patent in my hands, and then use this patent to discuss cooperation with Mingyang?

Mingyang wants to obtain this patent in their dreams, and if they seek cooperation with them, they will be ecstatic.

At that time, I will directly ask to be the person in charge of this project, and then ask to hold a majority of shares, and then bring in Mira Xie’s company as a partner. In this way, Mira Xie’s company will be able to rise to heaven!

Thinking of this, he immediately found the contact information of the Stanford Biological Laboratory and sent a message to the other party:

“I’m Dustin Zhou, I want a patent for whitening anti-aging factor, and immediately pass the patent under my personal name!”

The other party quickly replied: “Master, the patent will pass to your name in one minute!”

After dozens of seconds, Dustin Zhou received a text message reminder. It turned out to be an international patent management agency. Stanford Biological Laboratory has transferred the whitening and anti-aging factor patent to his own name. He is the sole owner of this patent. !

Dustin Zhou was extremely excited.

Once this project is launched, it will be a super hot with billions of annual revenues and even larger scales.

By that time, Mira Xie’s Yueji beauty makeup will definitely be able to leap into the dragon through this project!

Stanford Biological Laboratory has a lot of patents, and there are a lot of patents suitable for cosmetics. After Mira Xie has accumulated enough strength, she will give her more patents and let her do it herself!

In this way, Mira Xie’s beauty makeup for himself might become the first in the country!

In Mira Xie’s eyes, she had always been a husband who was not able to support the wall with mud, but she would have never imagined that she would be the heir of the Zhou group! Moreover, she has so many industries, so many high-tech patents can help her!

Mira! Starting today, I am no longer that waste husband!

Starting today, I will let you know that you have the most powerful husband in the world!

I, Dustin Zhou, swear to God, I will make you proud of me!

Chapter 7

The next day, Mira Xie was a little shameless to face Dustin Zhou, so he went to the company early after getting up.

Dustin Zhou ate some breakfast casually outside, and rode his own small electric motor to the sales department of Mingyang Company.

In fact, the famous company, and Mira Xie’s Yueji Beauty, are just across the street.

At the door of Mingyang Company, Dustin Zhou raised his head and glanced at Mira Xie’s company.

“I was absent from work yesterday for no reason, and I still feel in the mood to watch the scenery today? Do you really think that our reputation is a place for raising waste?”

Suddenly a hostile voice rang behind Dustin Zhou…

Withdrawing his sight, Dustin Zhou slowly turned around and saw a black car parked on the side of the road.

A middle-aged man combing his middle-aged 20 million yuan with a slender face poked his head out of the car window, looking at Dustin Zhou with disgust.

The middle-aged man’s name is Li Chuan, the director of the sales department of Mingyang Company, and he is definitely Dustin Zhou’s immediate boss.

Because Dustin Zhou once broke through the scandal of Li Chuan’s subordinates under the unspoken rules, Li Chuan had been hostile towards Dustin Zhou and wanted to drive him out of fame.

Forcibly resisting the anger in his heart, Dustin Zhou opened his mouth and called Director Li.

Li Chuan snorted coldly and said, “Dustin Zhou, absent from work for no reason, this time the gods won’t be able to save you, so prepare to roll your bed!”

After speaking, Li Chuan kicked the accelerator and walked away.

Looking at Li Chuan’s taillights, Dustin Zhou shook his head repeatedly.

Li Chuan, Li Chuan, if you pretend to be forceful with me in normal times, it’s fine, but today I have the most powerful patent of the Stanford Biological Laboratory in my hand. Up!

As soon as I entered the sales department of Mingyang, there was a depressive smell in the air.

Everyone seems to have just been scolded by Li Chuan, their expressions are very depressed.

A female colleague whispered to Dustin Zhou: “Li Chuan scolded everyone as soon as he walked in, and said that he would kill you today to kill the chickens and monkeys, so please hurry up and plead!”

Dustin Zhou smiled slightly: “No, let him go.”

As he was talking, Li Chuan came out of the office with a dismissal letter in his hand and stood right in front of the office lobby and said loudly, “Dustin Zhou has been formally fired because he absent from work for no reason. What I have in my hand is the dismissal document! Whoever doesn’t work well, just like him, get out of here!”

As he said, he looked at Dustin Zhou and said coldly: “Dustin Zhou, take the dismissal letter and go to the personnel office to complete the procedures!”

Dustin Zhou asked him: “Director Li, one absenteeism is only a three-day salary deduction according to the company’s regulations. Why do you fire me?”

Li Chuan sneered: “The company’s regulations? I tell you, I’m the f*cking regulations! If I let you go, you have to go! And it’s non-stop rolling!”

Dustin Zhou disdainfully said: “You are just a sales director, not a personnel director, let alone a chairman. Why did you dismiss me in violation of the company’s regulations? Do you believe it or not, I go to Chief Evaluator Shen?”

“Bah!” Li Chuan said contemptuously: “Just go to Mr. Shen to judge? Mr. Shen knows who you are? I tell you, if you are wise, hurry up and get out, otherwise I will say hello to companies in the industry. No company will want you!”

“Okay!” Dustin Zhou nodded: “You are great, can’t I be afraid of you anymore? Give me a letter of dismissal and I will go through the formalities.”

Li Chuan threw the dismissal letter at Dustin Zhou’s feet and said coldly: “Get out of here, don’t f*cking be an eyesore here!”

Dustin Zhou smiled coldly, took the dismissal letter out of the sales department, and went straight to the office of Chairman Enderia Shen.

Enderia Shen is in the office at this time worrying about this year’s performance.

Although Mingyang is a top domestic brand in China, to be honest, under the impact of foreign brands and big brands, it is indeed a little embarrassing.

The well-known products have insufficient competitiveness and insufficient brand recognition, so the market share is constantly under impact.

What’s more terrible is that the R&D department is not working hard, and there have been no good products on the line. In contrast, foreign international brands and large products are constantly innovating, and well-known companies can’t afford it.

If this continues, Mingyang will probably only be able to produce some cheap skin care products.

At this time, Dustin Zhou knocked on her office door.

Enderia Shen rubbed his temples weakly and said, “Please come in!”

Dustin Zhou pushed the door and said, “Shen is good.”

The Enderia Shen in front of him is fashionable and cold-faced, and his figure is also very hot. He is simply the best among women.

In fact, in the East China Sea business community, there are two golden flowers that are most praised. One of them is Dustin Zhou’s cheap wife Mira Xie.

The other is Enderia Shen in front of Dustin Zhou at this moment.

Enderia Shen asked in surprise: “Are you?”

Dustin Zhou said: “Mr. Shen, I’m Dustin Zhou, a salesperson in the sales department.”

“Oh, hello.” Enderia Shen frowned. He didn’t understand what a low-level salesperson came to do for him. Although he was a little disgusted in his heart, he still asked politely: “What’s the matter with you?”

Dustin Zhou said: “Mr. Shen, I came to talk to you about a cooperation.”

“Oh?” Enderia Shen smiled and asked, “I don’t know what cooperation you want to talk to me about?”

The face is very kind, but Enderia Shen feels that this sales is too unruly.

A low-level sales person, come directly to the chairman to discuss cooperation? What are you kidding? What do you think of the company’s management level?

Therefore, she thought to herself that this kind of unruly employee, after listening to him, directly called the personnel department and asked them to fire him.

Dustin Zhou said indifferently at this time: “President Shen, you should know that the Stanford Biological Laboratory in the United States has a new patent on a whitening and anti-aging factor.”

Enderia Shen looked at him in surprise: “How do you know this?”

Dustin Zhou said with a smile: “Since I am engaged in this industry, I should naturally pay more attention to industry news.”

Enderia Shen couldn’t help but pay attention to him.

Only the company’s top management and R&D department will pay attention to cutting-edge technology. The sales department usually promotes products outside. A small salesperson will pay attention to the industry’s top cutting-edge technology information. It seems that this young man is not simple.

So she asked curiously: “What do you mean by telling me about this patent? Do you suggest that I take it down?”

Dustin Zhou smiled and asked, “Does Shen always want to take it?”

Enderia Shen laughed at himself: “Of course I want to take it, but I can’t afford it! Shiseido of Japan, Chanel of France, and several top Italian brands are all trying to compete for this patent. I don’t have this ability.”

Dustin Zhou said seriously: “President Shen, let me tell you, this patent is now in my hands. If you are interested, we can talk about cooperation plans!”

Enderia Shen laughed and said, “Don’t make fun of me. This patent is in the Stanford Biological Laboratory, not in the hands of any individual. If you make a prank, you can go out.”

Dustin Zhou smiled and said: “You can check the International Patent Network to see who the owner of this patent is.”

Enderia Shen frowned, opened the International Patent Network casually, and entered the patent number of the whitening and anti-aging factor.

In fact, she wanted this patent in all her dreams, and she had already studied it for a long time.

After the search results came out, her pupils immediately shrank!

“how is this possible!”

She stared at a string of subtitles on the screen, stunned in surprise!

Originally, in the column of patent owner, the full English name of “Stanford Biological Laboratory” was written, but now it is written in two pinyin: “Dustin!”

Chapter 8

When Enderia Shen thought of the man in front of him who called himself Dustin Zhou just now, it was exactly the same as the pinyin Dustin, and combined with what he said, could it be…

Is this patent that I wanted to get in my dreams and wished to invest half of the company in exchange? Is it really in the hands of the young man in front of you?

Moreover, is he still an employee of his own sales department? !

This… how is this possible…

Dustin Zhou smiled slightly when she saw her face in horror, opened the mailbox in the phone, handed her the patent change document description, and said with a smile: “Shen There is no doubt that this patent is indeed in my hand!”

Enderia Shen took a look at the phone, no longer doubted, exclaimed, “Why is this patent in your hand?”

Dustin Zhou smiled and said: “Why in my hands, President Shen doesn’t have to pursue it. I want to use this patent to cooperate with Mingyang. I don’t know if you are interested in it?”

“Of course!” Enderia Shen stood up in a hurry. interest! It’s just a dream!

This is simply God’s care of his anxiety and worries these days, and he has put this top scientific and technological achievement in front of him!

So she hurriedly asked: “How do you want to cooperate?”

Dustin Zhou said with a smile: “First of all, I hope to establish a new project with the company. I use this patent as a capital contribution. The company contributes money, personnel, equipment and publicity resources. I want to hold 60% of the project!”

Enderia Shen couldn’t help but said: “Dustin Zhou, all the hard costs are the responsibility of the famous company. Is it a bit unreasonable if you want 60%?”

Dustin Zhou said indifferently: “You don’t agree. Some people agree. , I can take this patent to cooperate with Estee Lauder or Hailan Mystery. I believe that with their strategic vision, they will definitely ask me to cooperate.”

Enderia Shen’s expression was a little depressed. Dustin Zhou was right. If this top patent is used to find big companies such as Estee Lauder and Hailan Mystery, it will definitely receive great attention…

Think about the patent in Dustin Zhou’s hands. In a sense, he was asking him to cooperate, so Enderia Shen nodded and said, “Okay, I promise you!”

Dustin Zhou said, “I have one more request.”

Enderia Shen said, “You speak!”

Dustin Zhou said: “Since I account for 60% of this project, I will naturally be the person in charge of this project. I will have the final say on this project. You can’t even interfere with it.”

Enderia Shen nodded, “OK, I Promise you!”

Dustin Zhou said again: “Oh, yes, I almost forgot, our cooperation seems to be a little troublesome.”

Enderia Shen was afraid that this wonderful opportunity would slip away, and hurriedly asked: “What is the trouble?”

Dustin Zhou smiled. Laughing, handed over the dismissal letter that Li Chuan wrote to himself, and said, “Look, ten minutes ago, I was fired by Li Chuan from the sales department, so our cooperation may not be able to continue.”

Enderia Shen Looking down, he suddenly became angry.

what the hell? Fire Dustin Zhou? He has the world’s top patent!

Enderia Shen asked with a cold face, “What’s the matter with Li Chuan?”

Dustin Zhou said, “I had a private matter yesterday. I was indeed absent from work. However, according to the company’s regulations, I was deducted from my wages for three days. It is stipulated that I should be fired privately. I would like to ask, is Mingyang the company that has the final say?” After

that, Dustin Zhou sighed and said helplessly: “I really don’t know how such a famous company would recruit Li Chuan. This kind of rubbish is the person in charge of the sales department. He is a narrow-minded man and he must report it. More importantly, he has no business ability at all. He only knows to engage in various struggles within the company, which makes everyone complain.”

After that, Dustin Zhou looked at Enderia Shen and said seriously: “If this kind of person is still famous for the company, I have reason to believe that this whitening and anti-aging factor project will also be affected by him in the future, so President Shen, I’m sorry.”

Enderia Shen

She hurriedly got up and said: “Don’t worry! I must deal with this person seriously!” Then, she picked up the phone and called her secretary: “Let Li Chuan from the sales department come to me. The personnel manager also called!”

Li Chuan was using Dustin Zhou as a negative teaching material in the sales department at this time, threatening everyone to obey his instructions. At this time, he heard that the chairman was looking for himself, and immediately ran over.

When he arrived at Enderia Shen’s office, he realized that Dustin Zhou was also here, as well as the personnel director, and he suddenly became a little nervous.

This bastard, really came to the chairman to complain?

At this time, Enderia Shen asked in a cold voice: “Li Chuan, I ask you, why did you fire Dustin Zhou?”

Li Chuan hurriedly explained: “Mr. Shen, this Dustin Zhou is always pretentious. He doesn’t take the company system seriously and has repeatedly damaged the company. Discipline is the black sheep of the sales department. I drove him away to correct the atmosphere of the sales department!”

Enderia Shen said coldly: “He is the black sheep, what about you? Recently, the sales department’s performance has declined for six consecutive months. You are responsible. How do people become people?!”

Li Chuan said with an innocent look: “Chairman, I can’t blame me. The sales department’s performance is declining, mainly because the R&D and replacement of our products can’t keep up! I am also a clever woman. ….”

Enderia Shen snorted, and said: “You are quick to shake the pot!”

Li Chuan hurriedly said: “Mr. Shen, what I said is the truth…”

Enderia Shen nodded. , Said: “Okay, since our famous company’s products are not good, it is really not worthy of your such a good sales executive, please find another job!” When

Li Chuan heard this, his legs became frightened. .

It took him seven or eight years to climb to this position. Now he has a high salary, good remuneration, and a high position. He doesn’t know how cool it is. If he is fired by a well-known company, a middle-aged person like him would like to find The job of a supervisor is as difficult as heaven!

In recent years, the problem of middle-aged unemployment has become more and more serious. Many middle-aged executives of technology companies have even been forced to commit suicide by jumping off the building after being eliminated. If they are unemployed, all their efforts will be lost.

Thinking of this, he couldn’t help crying and begged: “President Shen, I have served the company for so many years. I have no credit and I have worked hard. Even if I have no hard work, I will be tired! Mr. Shen, please give me another one. Let’s have a chance, I must go all out to lead the sales department to create another glorious glory!”

He hurriedly turned his head towards Dustin Zhou, forced a smile that was even worse than crying, and said sincerely, “Dustin Zhou, I’m sorry, but I’ve dealt with it a little more harshly. I will definitely manage it impartially in the future, and I will never let you and other employees suffer any unfair treatment!”

Enderia Shen didn’t want to watch him perform here, and said directly: “No more It’s a waste of your tongue. I have signed the document for dismissing you. You should go to the personnel department to go through the formalities, and then go to the finance department to settle the salary. You can rest assured that the compensation that should be given to you is a lot. Leaving from Mingyang Company!”

Li Chuan felt his legs weakened, and suddenly fell to the ground…

Chapter 9

The news that mother Li Chuan was discharged from hospital was quickly sent to every famous employee via internal mail.

The e-mail was written by Enderia Shen herself. She said in the e-mail that Li Chuan was fired because of abuse of power and oppression of employees, which greatly relieved the employees of the entire sales department!

When the news spread, the entire sales department was boiling. Everyone knows that it must be Dustin Zhou who went to the chairman to file a complaint!

Thus, he became a hero in the eyes of the entire sales department.

Later, he signed a cooperation agreement with Enderia Shen in Enderia Shen’s office.

In the agreement, he became the general person in charge of the whitening and anti-aging project, and held 60% of the shares in this project, and had the power to live and kill.

However, Dustin Zhou deliberately asked Enderia Shen to keep secrets for himself. He did not want to let people know that he had become the largest shareholder and actual person in charge of this project.

Subsequently, he began to prepare to start this whitening and anti-aging project, and at the same time, he was preparing to select partners for this project.

In his mind, naturally, he hopes that Mira Xie’s company can be included, so that she can get help from a well-known company, so as to tide over the difficulties.

Therefore, he asked Enderia Shen’s secretary to release a message to inform all cosmetics companies across the country that Mingyang has obtained the whitening and anti-aging factor patent from the Stanford Biological Laboratory in the United States, and is preparing to start the whitening and anti-aging product project, and at the same time bidding for partners nationwide!

Once this news was released, the cosmetics industry all over the world trembled!

No one thought that the patents that big companies all over the world were desperately fighting for would quietly get into the hands of famous companies.

This is really shocking!

The famous company has also become the most watched cosmetics company in the country. Other large cosmetics companies in China are really envy and envy about this, and some small and medium-sized companies desperately want to cooperate with them.

This includes Mira Xie’s Yueji Beauty and Chalrlie Chen’s bastard beauty company.

In the past few days, companies all over the country are preparing bids for famous companies, and Mira Xie is also committed to this, because in her opinion, this may be the last chance to save the company.

Although her Yueji beauty is very weak and her chances of being selected are very slim, she still regards it as a life-saving straw and prepares for the last fight.

In order to do her best on this project, she even moved from home to the company, where she lives and eats at the company every day. She is busy working 24 hours a day and preparing bid documents for fear of missing this opportunity.

Dustin Zhou did not expect Mira Xie to fight like this. While distressing her, he also felt that since Mira Xie wanted to fight, let her fight and help her secretly, so that she would think that success was the result of her own hard work. She is also the best comfort and encouragement!

The bastard Chalrlie Chen also very much hopes to be able to get on a big ship like Mingyang, so he is also busy bidding, dreaming of becoming a strategic partner of Mingyang.

If he wants to know that all this power of life and death is actually in Dustin Zhou’s hands, I am afraid it will not be wasted.

…In the

days when the project was being prepared, there was good news from the hospital.

The kidney source Dustin Zhou’s mother had been waiting for was finally found!

Dustin Zhou’s mother has been suffering from uremia for many years and has been matching the kidney source. She thought that she might never be able to wait any longer, but she didn’t expect to have results at this time!

Reminiscing that Zhao Tong had paid more than one million medical expenses for his mother, and surgery expenses had already been recovered, he couldn’t help but think to himself, could it be that Zhao Tong helped him find this kidney source?


With so few kidney sources, one kidney source does not know how many uremia patients are robbing. There is no relationship or background. It is really not easy to find the kidney source so quickly.

After the kidney source was sent to Donghai City, the hospital arranged a kidney transplant for Dustin Zhou’s mother as quickly as possible.

Not only was the operation very successful, but the rejection after the operation was also passed smoothly.

After that, for a whole week, Dustin Zhou, except for taking the time to go to Mingyang to participate in the whitening and anti-aging factor project every day, the rest of the time was stayed in the hospital, guarding his mother.

During this period of time, Mira Xie lived in the company and was busy with work, and Dustin Zhou lived in the hospital to accompany her mother.

After Chalrlie Chen heard about it, he took time out of his busy schedule and began to courteously please Dustin Zhou’s mother-in-law.

These days, he gave Dustin Zhou’s mother-in-law gifts every day, bird’s nest today, jade tomorrow, and shark fin sea cucumber the day after tomorrow, making Dustin Zhou’s mother-in-law happy.

Originally, Dustin Zhou’s mother-in-law was very dissatisfied with Dustin Zhou’s useless son-in-law. Under Chalrlie Chen’s instigation, Dustin Zhou’s image in her eyes also plummeted.

She even thought about it, she should quickly persuade her daughter to divorce Dustin Zhou, and then let her marry Chalrlie Chen, an excellent beloved son-in-law!

The day Dustin Zhou’s mother was discharged from the hospital happened to be Mira Xie’s birthday.

Mira Xie personally came to the hospital to pick Dustin Zhou’s mother out of the hospital, and also invited Dustin Zhou’s mother to attend her birthday party at home.

Zhou’s mother, who had just been discharged from the hospital, still had a morbid paleness on her wrinkled face. She knew that her son had been bullied at Xie’s house, so she didn’t want to go and cause Xie’s trouble.

After all, to trouble the Xie’s family is to trouble his son, which will make his son’s future life more difficult.

Seeing his mother like this, Dustin Zhou felt a lot of feelings in his heart.

She seemed to know that Dustin Zhou’s situation at Xie’s house was not good, Zhou Mu also patted Dustin Zhou’s palm distressedly, and then said to Mira Xie: “Mira, forget it, mom wishes you a happy birthday, but I am like this. , It’s also troublesome to go, and I’m not going.”

At this moment, Zhou’s mother’s words were like an invisible giant hand, squeezing Dustin Zhou’s heart to pieces.

Mira said quickly: “Mom, today you leave hospital, and my birthday, double happiness, you told me to go home.”

Dustin Zhou also persuade: “The! Mom is ah, you still go back together with us”

in a small After the couple’s various persuasion, Zhou Mu finally nodded.

It’s just the lingering worry between the eyebrows that is stinging Dustin Zhou’s heart all the time.

Back at Xie’s house, Dustin Zhou’s mother-in-law immediately said with a black face, “Oh, do you still know that you are back?” The

bitter voice made Dustin Zhou’s mother’s face a little more nervous.

Seeing her mother-in-law’s expression that her nose was not her nose, her mouth was not her mouth, Dustin Zhou stood at the door, looking very embarrassed.

Seeing that her son was forced to have no dignity, Zhou’s mother also had a bit of bitterness flashing in her eyes. She hurriedly said to some kindness: “Hello, mother-in-law…”

“No, I can’t afford this mother-in-law.”

Dustin Zhou’s mother-in-law waved her hand to interrupt Zhou’s mother’s words, and the frantically rolling eyes made Dustin Zhou unable to suppress her anger.

At this time, a man smiled and said: “Hello, Auntie Xie!”

Dustin Zhou turned his head, unexpectedly, the bastard Chalrlie Chen came, with gifts and flowers in his hand!

Chapter 10

“Auntie, I’m really embarrassed about the traffic jam on Mira Road.”

Chalrlie Chen’s humble laugh came in.

His handsome appearance, extraordinary family background, and glamorous clothes, under these factors, let Chalrlie Chen appear, the limelight completely cover Dustin Zhou.

“Chalrlie, you are here, come in! Auntie has prepared your favorite sweet and sour pork ribs for you.”

A few minutes ago, the mother-in-law who was sour and indifferent to Dustin Zhou’s mother and son will see Chalrlie Chen suddenly become extremely enthusiastic.


“I’m Mira Xie’s husband! He Chalrlie Chen is just an outsider!”

Finally Dustin Zhou couldn’t help clenching his fists and let out a low growl.

Originally because of Chalrlie Chen’s appearance, the atmosphere that instantly became lively and noisy, but also because of Dustin Zhou’s anger, it was completely deadlocked.

“I’m really sorry, I didn’t know Brother Zhou would mind so much. In that case, Auntie, I will leave first.”

Chalrlie Chen turned his head and smiled hypocritically at Dustin Zhou, the corners of his lips showed a playful arc, as if to say which one you should go!

Sure enough, before Dustin Zhou could speak, Dustin Zhou’s mother-in-law stepped in front of Chalrlie Chen. “Chalrlie, you don’t need to worry about this waste, come in and sit down!”

Dustin Zhou tried to get angry several times, but was stopped by Zhou’s mother. He could only take a few deep breaths continuously before suppressing the raging anger in his heart.

He thought to himself, mother-in-law, mother-in-law, I respectfully call you mother-in-law, but you deceive me repeatedly and insult me, do you really think I am inferior to that Chalrlie Chen? I am the heir of the Zhou group. I can buy a piece of hair from the Zhou group and buy all the worth of Chalrlie Chen’s family.

However, you have no eyes, and you have to lick that Chalrlie Chen if you insult me. In the future, I will definitely make you regret it!

Dustin Zhou’s mother-in-law didn’t know that she was a poor son-in-law, now it’s different now.

She saw that Dustin Zhou was just looking at herself coldly with anger. She felt like the bastard was eating the weight, and she was determined to sweep Dustin Zhou out of the poor son-in-law.

So, she glared at Dustin Zhou: “Why do you stare at me? Are you still in your eyes?”

As she said, she became more and more excited: “In the past few years, you have eaten and lived in our house. It’s fine if you can’t help with a little bit. Now you still bring your old woman to live for nothing? Is the orphanage opened?”

Dustin Zhou can tolerate her mother-in-law’s bitterness to herself because of the rules of dignity and inferiority. But at this moment, she directly caused the flames of war on her mother.

The anger accumulated over the years finally broke out completely.

He furiously grabbed a vase in the living room, snapped it, and smashed it to pieces!

“I warn you! Say I can, not my mother!”

Dustin Zhou’s expression was fierce and blue veins violent, staring at his mother-in-law as if he wanted to kill.

There was a dead silence in the living room, and the mother-in-law’s eyes widened, shaking her finger at Dustin Zhou.

She couldn’t believe that the poor son-in-law who had been submissive on weekdays was so confident today that she dared to throw something!

The whole living room fell into a short silence, everyone’s eyes widened, and they looked at Dustin Zhou with unbelievable faces.

“Dustin Zhou, please apologize to your mother-in-law!”

Mother Zhou, who was the first to recover, couldn’t hide the panic on her face.

She was afraid that her son would offend her mother-in-law. What if they were really angry and swept him out?

At this time, Dustin Zhou’s mother-in-law said angrily to Mira Xie: “Divorce! Mira, you must divorce this wimpy!”

The woman who came back to her senses pointed at Dustin Zhou and snarled hoarsely: “This is useless. She doesn’t have any skills. She even dared to smash things!”

Mira Xie on the side glanced at her furious mother, then at Dustin Zhou, who was full of anger, and Zhou Mu, who was full of horror. The delicate and lonely look on her delicate face was completely exposed.

She was also helpless.

She knew that Dustin Zhou was wronged and that her mother was too much, but this is her mother after all, what can she say?

At this moment, Dustin Zhou didn’t talk to his furious mother-in-law, nor did he care about Chalrlie Chen’s playful eyes. He just looked at Mira Xie quietly and said seriously: “Mira, if you want a divorce today, I can agree.”

Facing Dustin Zhou’s question, Mira Xie’s body trembled fiercely.

In her beautiful eyes, the twinkling eyes are extremely complicated and helpless, not knowing whether it is the bitterness caused by the burden of life or the disappointment of Dustin Zhou.

As soon as the mother-in-law heard this, she was happy, and she drove the railroad while it was hot: “Okay, okay! I have the final say on this matter today, I must divorce!”

After finishing speaking, she looked at Dustin Zhou contemptuously, and snorted coldly: “I don’t even look at what I can compare to Chalrlie. I don’t have the skills, but my temper is not small!”

“To shut up!”

Dustin Zhou’s roar interrupted the sour roar of his mother-in-law.

“I can’t compare to Chalrlie Chen in anything?”

Dustin Zhou tilted his head, his eyes looked at Chalrlie Chen who was full of playfulness at the moment, and then at his mother-in-law, the cold words revealed a murderous intent.

The mother-in-law’s disdainful snort seemed to have answered Dustin Zhou’s question that she seemed to be a joke.

“Very well, starting from today, Dustin Zhou will make you unable to climb high.”

The living room fell into dead silence for the second time, followed by bursts of unconcealed laughter.

Chalrlie Chen laughed and said: “Oh my God, Dustin Zhou, we can’t afford you so high? You really laugh at me, hahahaha!”

The mother-in-law also said with contempt: “Bah! Just as you are, it’s true that you are climbing us!”

“Mom, let’s go!”

Dustin Zhou didn’t take care of the laughter of the whole house behind him again, but pushed the wheelchair and took Zhou’s mother step by step to leave amidst the laughter of the Xie family.


A night breeze mixed with chills swept in, and Dustin Zhou’s swollen head gradually recovered its clarity.

“Dustin Zhou!”

Just as Dustin Zhou pushed Zhou’s mother away, Mira Xie’s complex tone of voice suddenly came from behind.

Hearing Mira Xie’s voice, Dustin Zhou couldn’t help shaking his palm.

Under the curtain of night, a pale white evening dress entrusted Mira Xie, which was even more moving like a fairy descending to the earth.

Mira Xie bit his lip with teeth, and finally walked slowly to Dustin Zhou’s.

“These are my car key and the key to the small apartment in the south of the city. You can take your mother to live there for a while.”

“Also, you can save some of the money, we all need to calm down.”

Looking at the keys and a wad of banknotes handed over by Mira Xie, Dustin Zhou felt extremely complicated.

He thought of the full laughter of the Xie family, the bitter run of his mother-in-law, and Chalrlie Chen’s anti-visiting behavior. The scenes were repeated in his mind.

“Is this a charity?” Dustin Zhou looked at Mira Xie and said seriously: “You can rest assured, starting from today, Dustin Zhou will not use any of your Xie family’s money.”

Mira Xie’s hand stiffened in the air, staring at Dustin Zhou for a few seconds, then suddenly smiled sadly, turned and ran into the thick night.

“Mira is a good girl, can’t you tell that she likes you…”

Mother Zhou clutched her chest and coughed violently, some people who hated iron and steel stared at Dustin Zhou fiercely.


Dustin Zhou was silent, and her heart trembled. She likes herself? Don’t you like her? I like her for so long, what do you get? Except for her indifference, it is the mockery of her family.

Who can bear such a day?

The window of Xie’s house was already lit, and the sound of celebrating birthday was faintly audible.

Dustin Zhou clenched his fists and said to himself: “Soon, I will let these people who look down on me kneel on the ground and sing Conquer!”

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