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Chapter 11

After leaving Xie’s house, Dustin Zhou did not choose to go to Mira Xie’s apartment.

For his mother’s recovery, he arranged for her to be in a nursing home.

Fortunately, there was still a lot of surplus in my mother’s medical expenses, and this money was directly transferred to the medical hospital for the mother’s rehabilitation expenses.

From this day on, Dustin Zhou also completely lived a two-point and one-line life in the company and the nursing home.

During the day, I was busy going to Mingyang Company to participate in the whitening and anti-aging factor project. After get off work, I went to the nursing home to take care of my mother.

The busy days of life seemed to completely eliminate the Xie family and Chalrlie Chen from their lives.

Until the fourth day, Mingyang’s whitening and anti-aging factor project was fully prepared.

Countless companies have signed up to participate in the bidding. Chalrlie Chen, the top person in charge, will decide who is eligible to be selected and participate in the selection meeting.

Before making a decision, Chalrlie Chen habitually stuck his head out and looked at the Yueji Beauty Company across the street.

Unexpectedly, he saw the industrial and commercial vehicle parked at the door of Mira Xie’s company.

There were also several groups of people who were obviously unkind who walked into Mira Xie’s Yueji Beauty Company aggressively.

Dustin Zhou’s heart trembled suddenly, he couldn’t help picking up the phone and inquiring about Mira Xie’s recent situation.

The news that came back immediately made Dustin Zhou fall into a whirlpool of guilt.

Mira Xie is busy bidding for Mingyang companies these days, but her company’s debt problem has been urgent.

Now, her company is on the verge of collapse, and if it doesn’t repay the bank loan, it may be bankrupt and liquidated.

In the eyes of the Xie family, only Chalrlie Chen could save the company at this time.

Because at Mira Xie’s birthday banquet, Dustin Zhou and Xie’s family completely tore their faces, the Xie family has been forcing Mira Xie and Dustin Zhou to divorce, so she hurriedly fell into Chalrlie Chen’s arms.

Chalrlie Chen was also waiting for Mira Xie to compromise, so he had been using investment as a temptation to put pressure on Mira Xie step by step.

Faced with the pressure, Mira Xie never nodded, but was struggling to support it alone.

Until this morning, because the debt was too large and there was no new capital injection, the clarion call for bankruptcy and downfall seemed to have sounded in the Xie family.

“Zhou Zhou.”

Fredda Ye, Dustin Zhou’s new secretary, gave some respectful shouts to Dustin Zhou to recover from the chaotic thoughts.

She was originally an unwilling salesperson in the sales department. She was a colleague with Dustin Zhou. She was slightly older than Dustin Zhou, mature and beautiful.

This time Dustin Zhou directly promoted her to become his secretary and assistant, because he could see that Fredda Ye was a capable and ambitious woman who could do the job.

“Fredda, what’s the matter?”

“These are our preliminary review and are qualified to cooperate with our famous whitening and anti-aging factor project. You can go through it, and if you have any comments, feel free to mention it.”

Fredda Ye, dressed in professional attire, handed Dustin Zhou a list of selected cooperative companies.

After taking the list and scanning around, except for the Chen Group’s Junfa Beauty Makeup that made Dustin Zhou’s eyes a chill, the remaining beauty companies did not cause Dustin Zhou too much reaction.

He originally wanted to directly eliminate Chalrlie Chen’s company ahead of schedule, but after thinking about it carefully, it would be boring to eliminate early, so he should just play around to enjoy it.

Immediately afterwards, Dustin Zhou reviewed the entire list and frowned and asked, “Why is there no Yueji Beauty Company? They should have submitted tenders for us?”

In the entire Baolai Street, there are only a handful of people who know about the relationship between Dustin Zhou and Mira Xie, and at Mingyang Company, no one knows the whole story.

So the female secretary didn’t know the relationship between him and Mira Xie, so she said: “Zhou, Mira Xie’s company has a serious debt problem and may be forced into bankruptcy at any time, so we did not eliminate her.”

Hearing this, Dustin Zhou felt particularly complicated.

Because of the acrimonious attitude of the Xie family, Dustin Zhou sometimes hopes to see the aloof Xie family, and it fails.

However, when he thought of Mira Xie, he felt a little intolerable.

After get off work, Dustin Zhou walked out of the company building and saw a familiar figure sitting on the bench next to the parking lot from a distance.

The look tired, described as haggard, is Mira Xie!

She is now looking down at the phone intently.

Dustin Zhou looked at her from a distance, and for a moment a tingling pain appeared on the tip of his heart.

Thinking of Mira Xie’s situation, he stepped to her side.

Mira Xie had just finished sending the last investment request in a humble tone, and then he sighed long, and was about to put away the phone, but suddenly saw someone standing in front of him for unknown time.

“Dustin Zhou? You… are you off work?”

Maybe it was really exhausted, and Mira Xie’s voice made people feel distressed.

The two companies are not far away. Mira Xie and Dustin Zhou often meet after get off work, but they both pretend not to know each other and go their own way.

Today is the first time that two people have such a conversation.

Dustin Zhou also nodded unnaturally: “It’s off work.”

Mira Xie asked: “How is mom?”

Dustin Zhou said: “In the nursing home, it’s fine. I go with her every day.”

Mira Xie calmed down and said, “You tell mom, I will go see her when I finish my work.”

“Good.” Dustin Zhou nodded.

The two were silent for a while, and Mira Xie adjusted his emotions and said: “Your company has recently launched a new big project. The whole industry is watching you. You have to work hard. This is a good opportunity.”

Of course Dustin Zhou knew that she was talking about the whitening and anti-aging factor project. Seeing the strong smile on Mira Xie’s face, he felt sour again.

So Dustin Zhou nodded and said: “I know, I will work hard.”

Mira Xie nodded and said, “Then I will go back first.”

After speaking, he got up and walked to his car.

Dustin Zhou hesitated for a second, and blurted out: “Mira, the preparatory meeting for the whitening and anti-aging factor project, have you sent an invitation letter?”

Mira Xie stopped, turned his head and glanced at Dustin Zhou, smiled self-deprecatingly, and said: “I submitted a tender to them. I did this tender for days and nights, but they returned it. They said mine. The company has serious debt problems and does not meet the preliminary review. We are not eligible to participate in the next round of fairs…

Speaking of this, Mira Xie sighed and said: “Don’t blame them. If I were the person in charge of a famous company, I would not cooperate with Yueji Beauty. After all, the debt problem is so serious that it may go bankrupt at any time.”

Immediately afterwards, Mira Xie pretended to be relaxed and said: “Dustin Zhou, you work hard and make money, I am leaving.”

After speaking, she opened the car door, flicked the broken hair in her ear, and sat in.

Dustin Zhou hurriedly said: “Mira, I happen to know the person in charge of this project, if I can help you ask, can I send you an invitation letter.”

When Mira Xie heard the words, the hand turning the key paused. Although he was a little moved, he still said: “Forget it, don’t bother you, my company does not meet the requirements, if you help me through the back door, it will also affect you, you still Concentrate on your work.”

Her tone was flat, saying that she didn’t want to influence Dustin Zhou. In fact, she didn’t believe that Dustin Zhou, a small salesperson, could really help herself in this matter.

Later, Mira Xie’s car slowly left.

Watching her car disappear gradually, Dustin Zhou lowered his head and sighed, then took out his mobile phone and dialed the number of secretary Fredda Ye:

“Send an invitation letter to Yueji Beauty and let them enter the next round of negotiations, right now!”

Chapter 12

As Dustin Zhou, as the chief person in charge of the whitening anti-aging factor project and the largest shareholder, issued such an order, the secretary naturally did not dare to rebel.

Even if, in everyone’s eyes, this Yueji beauty company is not qualified to get the invitation letter.

But it doesn’t matter, since Dustin Zhou has spoken, then she is the most qualified one.

Mira Xie was driving home at this time, when the phone rang suddenly, it was her assistant.

The assistant was so excited that he almost went crazy on the phone: “Mr. Xie! We got it! We got it!”

Mira Xie asked in surprise: “What did you get? Tell me more about it.”

The assistant said excitedly: “It’s Mingyang! Mingyang has sent us an invitation letter! We have entered their next round of fairs!!!”

“What did you say?!” Mira Xie subconsciously slammed the brakes, and the car behind almost hit her.

“Why the hell driving? Sick?”

The driver behind scolded her and left angrily. Mira Xie recovered and pulled the car over, crying excitedly: “What you said is true? Did you really send us an invitation letter? “

“Yes!” the assistant said excitedly: “Their secretary personally delivered it! He also apologized to us, saying that he ignored our company!”

“Gosh, this is great!!!”

Mira Xie was very excited, but soon wondered why the invitation letter from the famous company was sent to himself? I am obviously not qualified…

In just a moment, Dustin Zhou’s appearance flashed in Mira Xie’s mind, and he even vaguely suspected that this matter had something to do with Dustin Zhou.

There was also a ripple in the calm beautiful eyes.

“Could it be that Dustin Zhou really helped?”

“How is this possible? He is just an ordinary little employee. How can he catch up with the person in charge of this big project? This project is so hot now that even the international big names are coveted. How can Dustin Zhou have this ability?”

Mira Xie chuckled as if he was laughing at himself, and stopped thinking about it.

However, since Mingyang has sent an invitation letter to itself, you must prepare well and seize this opportunity!


Soon, Mingyang initially selected several companies, including Mira Xie and Chen’s family, and the news that they would finalize their partners in three days, immediately spread throughout the cosmetics industry.

But even if it had reached the final moment of the selection, Dustin Zhou, the decision maker of the famous new project, still did not reveal any news.

Suddenly, various discussions about the mysterious decision maker became the hottest gossip news in the industry.

Everyone speculates that such a large project is likely to be personally in charge of Enderia Shen, the CEO of the famous company.

Three days later, at noon, Mingyang Company convened these selected company leaders to hold a meeting at Mingyang.

At the entrance of the meeting room on the first floor of Mingyang Company, Mira Xie was followed by Chalrlie Chen, frowned slightly, and could not help speeding up.

Chalrlie Chen followed behind and said with a smile: “Mira, don’t worry about it. 100% of the famous cooperation quota this time belongs to our Junfa Company. When that time comes, if you speak up, I will give a portion to Mira. you.”

Chalrlie Chen’s confident words seem to have regarded this cooperation quota as something in his bag.

Dustin Zhou was holding a briefcase at the moment and hurried to the conference room.

He originally planned to formally announce his identity at today’s conference, but unexpectedly, he ran into Mira Xie and Chalrlie Chen head on…

“Oh, isn’t this Brother Zhou, why are you here?”

Chalrlie Chen saw Dustin Zhou and raised his eyebrows, feeling a little surprised.

But soon, he reacted and chuckled: “Almost forgot, Brother Zhou seems to be working in a famous company, but today is an important occasion. Can you come and join in the fun with your low-level identity?”

Dustin Zhou didn’t care about Chalrlie Chen’s mockery, but instead focused on Mira Xie.

At this time, Mira Xie looked a little better, but under the makeup, the two dark circles couldn’t hide it.

“Mira, your company should have received the invitation letter, right?”

Dustin Zhou spoke slowly, his voice a little distressed.

Mira Xie raised his head in surprise and glanced at Dustin Zhou. The thought in his mind flashed through again.

Could it be that he really helped him get the invitation letter?

However, before she could think about it more, Chalrlie Chen interrupted: “Brother Zhou should not worry about the major issues of company cooperation. What can you know as a small employee?”

“Anyway, this time your company’s cooperation quota, I will definitely get it, but then, as long as Mira speaks, I will definitely let her!”

Chalrlie Chen looked at Mira Xie with affection.

However, Dustin Zhou’s pupils shrank, and a trace of anger flashed through his eyes.

He saw a touch of licentiousness in Chalrlie Chen’s eyes.

Does this bastard still want to use this to threaten Mira Xie?

So, he snorted and said, “There are many companies competing this time. Why do you think you can win the bid?”

Dustin Zhou was extremely disdainful of Chalrlie Chen. In this cooperation, all decision-making powers are in his own hands. Who can win the bid is the only one who has the final say. Are you Chalrlie Chen a shit?

I said let you out, no matter how powerful you are, you will still be out!

Chalrlie Chen didn’t know all of this, and said contemptuously: “It seems that Brother Zhou is still young, but I don’t blame you, you will know when the time comes.”

“Mira, let’s go in, the public meeting will begin soon.”

As he said, he stretched out his hand to embrace Mira Xie’s shoulder.

On the side of Mira Xie’s body, avoiding Chalrlie Chen’s hand, he glanced at Dustin Zhou, his eyes full of complexity.

But he still didn’t say a word, just nodded, and walked straight inside.

Chalrlie Chen followed behind, did not go in the first time, but looked at Dustin Zhou with a playful look.

“You can rest assured that this time the famous company’s cooperation quota must be mine. Then, guess what Mira will look like in front of me? I will let her take the initiative to cater to me. You can add me a WeChat and wait for me to break When I miss her, I will take a video to show you!”

After speaking, Chalrlie Chen gave a grin, and deliberately bumped Dustin Zhou’s shoulder, and walked in as if there was no one.

Dustin Zhou looked at Chalrlie Chen’s back and sneered in his heart: “Want to get a spot? Dreaming!”

Thinking of this, he took out his cell phone and called his secretary Fredda Ye.


It was Fredda Ye who was promoted by Dustin Zhou to preside over the work of this public meeting.

Dustin Zhou worked with Fredda Ye for three years at any rate, and knew her abilities clearly, knowing that what she lacked was just an opportunity.

Now Dustin Zhou has become a shareholder of Mingyang Company and the person in charge of the whitening anti-aging factor project. It is easy to give her such an opportunity.

Fredda Ye came to the venue and said generously to all the company representatives who came: “Welcome to Mingyang to participate in this public meeting. Because of some inconvenient reasons to disclose, Mr. Zhou of the whitening and anti-aging factor project cannot Upon arriving at the scene, I would like to apologize to you on behalf of Mingyang.”

As soon as Fredda Ye’s voice fell, the whole hall was agitated.

The rumor of the person in charge of the whitening anti-aging factor project has always been a hot topic on Paulai Street. There have been countless speculations before, but there is no substantive proof.

Now it is hard to see this mysterious person in charge through this public meeting, but Fredda Ye said that he will not come.

Is this shelf too big?

For a while, the companies present were somewhat dissatisfied.

However, no one dared to pretend to be forced by Mingyang, because this project is of great importance, and everyone wants to make money with Mingyang, so they can only be forced to accept it.

Although Chalrlie Chen didn’t dare to say anything, he was a little unhappy in his heart. He whispered to Mira Xie: “What is Mr. Zhou, pretending to be a ghost, don’t worry, Mira, even if he doesn’t come, this cooperation quota must be our Junfa!”

Chapter 13

Subsequently, Fredda Ye asked each company to submit its own tender.

Soon, the tender documents of these companies were submitted one after another.

“Please wait a moment, and we will announce the results after careful evaluation.”

After Fredda Ye finished speaking, he sent the tender to the general manager’s office.

Dustin Zhou also stood up quietly and walked to the office.

“Zhou, this is their tender.”

Seeing Dustin Zhou coming in, Fredda Ye immediately went forward, looking at each other with a pair of phoenix eyebrows, full of smiles.

“Well, I see, let’s take a look at it together.”

Everyone finished all the bids in the office, Dustin Zhou asked them, “What do you think?”

Fredda Ye said: “Junfa’s bidding documents are more in line with our company’s interests, and the others are a bit worse. Although Yueji’s are good, to be honest, Yueji’s strength is a bit weak.

“Okay, I know.”

Dustin Zhou nodded, and then wrote the name of a company on the bidding list.

Afterwards, he handed the list to Fredda Ye and said: “You only have to announce it according to the above.”


“Brother Zhou, where have you been?”

Dustin Zhou left the general manager’s office and just returned to the lobby. Chalrlie Chen’s voice suddenly sounded behind him.

Turning around, Dustin Zhou saw Chalrlie Chen and Mira Xie standing with a few people, seeming to be discussing something.

Needless to think, those few people are all from the tendering company this time, and Dustin Zhou has read some of their information before.

Dustin Zhou didn’t intend to pay attention to him, so he was ready to ignore it.

“Hehe, what? Brother Zhou doesn’t give face so much? It’s fine if you don’t give me face, don’t you even give face to so many people?”

But before Dustin Zhou turned around and left, Chalrlie Chen’s expression was cold and provocative.

Dustin Zhou said calmly: “What do you want?”

“I don’t want anything, but you, as an employee of a well-known company, don’t know if you mind telling us about your mysterious Mr. Zhou?”

Chalrlie Chen’s face was full of smiles, as if he was really here to inquire about the mysterious Mr. Zhou.

After hearing this, several other people immediately turned their ears sideways and looked at Dustin Zhou seriously.

Dustin Zhou dressed ordinary at this time, and in their eyes, he was just an ordinary employee.

If it weren’t for the news of the person in charge of the whitening and anti-aging factor project, they would never look at Dustin Zhou.

Dustin Zhou gave Chalrlie Chen a cold look, then sneered: “Company secrets, do you think I will tell you?”

Even if Chalrlie Chen wanted to break his head, I am afraid he would never have thought that the mysterious President Zhou, who he was asking hard about, stood in front of him at this moment and was mercilessly despised.

“Boy, don’t toast or eat fine wine. Mr. Chen is the boss of Junfa Company. If he only needs a word, you have to get out of here!”

Seeing that Dustin Zhou didn’t intend to say anything, a middle-aged man with a sleek dress and a big belly suddenly shouted at Dustin Zhou.

“Haha, Brother Zhou, what do you think?”

Chalrlie Chen waved his hand without saying much, but his expression was clearly threatening.

If Dustin Zhou didn’t say anything, he would use his own means to drive Dustin Zhou out of the company.

Dustin Zhou suddenly sneered, and sarcastically said: “This is Mingyang Company, not your Junfa Company, and it is not your turn to point out.”

“Hmph, as long as I get the cooperation quota later, you are the strategic partner of your famous company. Do you think you, a small employee, can still pretend to be in front of me?”

Dustin Zhou’s ignorance of admiration made Chalrlie Chen annoyed. He walked a few steps closer, leaned in front of him, and said viciously.

“Oh? Really? Then wait until you get the cooperation quota first.”

Dustin Zhou’s expression remained unchanged, leaving a word, and regardless of the people’s reaction, he left.

“This kid really doesn’t know how to promote, Mr. Chen, when he gets the quota for cooperation, he must be expelled from Mingyang.”

“That is, a small employee dare to talk to us like this, who does he think he is?”

“Well, I’ll talk about this later, and the results will be announced soon.”

Several people returned to their seats with an angry face, and at this time, Fredda Ye was also Shi Shiran on the rostrum.

“Everyone, the selection results have been released, and now I have a list of companies that have obtained this cooperation quota.”

Fredda Ye raised her hand, and everyone could clearly see that she was holding a good envelope in her hand.

All at once, all those who came to participate in the bidding started to breathe.

The whitening anti-aging factor project is not only a key project of the famous company, but also a big project in the eyes of the entire industry.

Anyone who knows how powerful this patent is, knows what benefits it contains.

Once you can cooperate with the famous company, any company in the room will get huge profits and increase its reputation.

Even Chalrlie Chen’s Junfa Company already has a large scale, and he is full of eagerness to come in and get a share.

Fredda Ye did not make everyone wait too much, and opened the envelope directly in front of everyone.

“This time, the company that obtained the cooperation quota…”

Chapter 14

When Fredda Ye saw the content on the list, he paused slightly, and a trace of surprise flashed in his eyes.

Chalrlie Chen in the audience was already leaning on the back of the chair comfortably, with his hands flat on his legs, with a confident expression on his face.

“Mira, don’t worry, this time the quota must be us…”

Chalrlie Chen still did not forget to continue to brag with Mira Xie, but Fredda Ye said the name of the company before he finished speaking:

“Yueji Beauty Company!”

As soon as Fredda Ye’s words fell, the whole hall immediately exploded.

Mira Xie thought he had heard it wrong, and after repeated confirmations, he jumped up in surprise!

Afterwards, she covered her chest with her hands, her face flushed, and her eyes were instantly wet with tears.

She never expected that her company would win the bid.

Now that the company has this project, the bank will rush to ask for a loan!

But when she turned to look at other people, her face was suddenly stunned.

The other companies in this room know each other well. Everyone knows that Junfa is actually the strongest company. If they win the bid, everyone will not feel any anger.

But now, a Yueji beauty company that is on the brink of bankruptcy has directly defeated all competitors and won the bid in one fell swoop. This is simply incredible!

“Is it wrong, what company is Yueji Beauty, how can it compare with us?”

“That’s right, a company that is about to close down can still win the bid? There must be shady behind this!”

For a time, many company representatives, including Chalrlie Chen, all stood up in indignation, pointed at Fredda Ye on the stage aggressively, clamoring for an explanation.

At this time, Chalrlie Chen still did not come out of the shock, his face was stiff and he looked forward, his eyes were extremely cold at the moment.

He didn’t really want to give Mira Xie to Mira Xie after he got this project. He just wanted to use it to lure Mira Xie. It was enough to play with her. As for this project, he naturally wanted to keep it for himself because the benefits were too great. Big!

However, he never dreamed that it was Mira Xie who obtained the qualification for cooperation in this project! ! !

Mira Xie looked at the reactions of these people and began to feel a little confused.

She was so excited just now that she didn’t think clearly about the reason.

At this time, when she calmed down, she wondered, why did Mingyang choose Yueji Beauty?

“Damn! This is impossible! This is absolutely impossible!”

A gloomy voice suddenly sounded, and Chalrlie Chen stood up slowly with a cold face.

“Sir, do you have any questions?”

Fredda Ye saw everyone’s performance in his eyes, and his heart moved slightly, as if thinking of something.

“I want to know, who decided the final bid? What is the difference between our Junfa Company? We need an explanation!”

With Chalrlie Chen’s lead, other people followed suit, asking the famous company to make all the tender documents public.

Fredda Ye said coldly: “Who chooses to cooperate is the freedom of our famous company. You have no right to question, let alone interfere!”

Chalrlie Chen suddenly slumped.

Yes, they can cooperate with whoever they want to cooperate with. It is their freedom not to cooperate with themselves. What can I say?

Chalrlie Chen thought about it, and immediately said to Mira Xie: “Mira, your company has no ability to cooperate with them. Why don’t you give me the qualification for cooperation! After you give me the qualification, I will find a way to provide you with some cooperation. Opportunity, so you don’t have to worry about your lack of strength!”

Mira Xie shook his head and said coldly: “I’m sorry, I decided to do it myself!”

“Mira, don’t lose your mind. If you can’t do it, you will have nothing! It’s better to transfer it to me and I will let you make money. In that case, you can get a high profit without any risk.”

As Chalrlie Chen said, he pressed Mira Xie’s shoulder excitedly, feeling a little excited.

If Yueji were to get this quota directly, then his plan to use this to entice Mira Xie would fail.

The most important thing is that I will lose an opportunity to become soaring!

This is something Chalrlie Chen could not accept anyway.

“Chalrlie Chen, you let me go!”

Mira Xie was a little hurt by Chalrlie Chen’s grasp, frowned and gave a soft drink.

Chalrlie said angrily and desperately: “Mira Xie! Don’t know how to praise! This qualification for cooperation should have been mine! Did you use any means in the middle to snatch this place from me!”

Chalrlie Chen suddenly walked away, causing many people to look at him.

This scene happened too suddenly, and no one thought that after the results came out, Chalrlie Chen would actually do such a lacklustre thing.

Dustin Zhou sat in the back, clearly seeing a trace of pain on Mira Xie’s face, and immediately couldn’t sit still.

He immediately shouted: “Stop! This is the famous company, what do you want to do Chalrlie Chen? Security, pull him away!”

With that, Dustin Zhou rushed to Chalrlie Chen in a few steps, pressed his fist against his chest, and directly pulled him away.

“Mira, are you okay?”

Dustin Zhou frowned and looked at Mira Xie. At this time, the expression on her face was very ugly. Obviously, she did not expect Chalrlie Chen to do this suddenly.

“a**hole, Dustin Zhou, what are you? A little clerk dares to do this to me? You don’t want to do it?”

Being pulled apart so rudely by Dustin Zhou and punched in the chest, Chalrlie Chen is very uncomfortable now.

“Mr. Chen, Dustin Zhou is an employee of our Mingyang company. Can he do it? It is not your turn to speak. What do you want to do when you openly act on our Mingyang company’s partners?”

Fredda Ye knew that Dustin Zhou did not want to reveal his identity, so Leng Ran stepped off the rostrum, first gave Dustin Zhou a deep look, and then looked at Chalrlie Chen indifferently.

Following Fredda Ye’s movements, the security guards surrounding the hall also stared at Chalrlie Chen vigilantly.

“Since Mr. Chen has such an opinion on our fame, please leave, come and see you off.”

As soon as Fredda Ye’s voice fell, seven or eight security guards immediately surrounded Chalrlie Chen, staring at him with unkind expressions.

“Smelly b*tch, you are just a little employee, you dare to talk to me like this, believe it or not, I will do it for you too…”

When did Chalrlie Chen suffer such anger, he immediately wanted to fight back.

But before he finished speaking, Fredda Ye’s voice rang coldly again.

“Come here, blast out this unqualified bastard!”

Chapter 15

“Want to blast me out? Do you dare!”

Chalrlie Chen’s face changed drastically, and he glared at Fredda Ye and shouted.

“This gentleman, please go out! Otherwise, don’t blame us for being rude!”

But before Chalrlie Chen could move, seven or eight security guards immediately bullied him and grabbed him by the shoulder, making him immobile.

“Okay! Very good! I remembered, you guys wait for me!”

Chalrlie Chen was anxious and threw a word down fiercely before leaving.

“Let go, I will go by myself!”

“Mira, let’s go, I have to wait and see how they will beg me for forgiveness!”

Chalrlie Chen stretched out his hand to pull Mira Xie, but he pulled a hole.

“Chalrlie Chen, you go back first. Yueji Beauty has got this quota. I still have some things to confirm with Mingyang!”

Mira Xie’s face was expressionless, and he didn’t even look at Chalrlie Chen.

“You…ok, then I’ll go back first.”

Chalrlie Chen was angry in his heart and was about to scold him, but when he thought of his plan, he suffocated his anger.

Soon, Chalrlie Chen’s figure disappeared into the hall.

The people from the other companies looked at each other.

They never thought that this host would be so tough that he would directly blast Chalrlie Chen from Junfa Company on such an important occasion.

For a moment, the whole hall was silent.

“Well, if you don’t have any questions, you can go back. Although we have no chance to cooperate on the main body of the whitening and anti-aging factor project, there are still many places for cooperation in other basic aspects.”

Fredda Ye smiled slightly, a word, a look in her eyes made everyone forget the unhappiness just now.

Is there any other cooperation?

All of you here are not stupid people, business is not righteous.

This time, I couldn’t get the main body cooperation quota for the whitening and anti-aging factor project. However, the famous company is taking off soon. If there are other cooperation in the future, it will be enough for them to eat and drink.

“Haha, that’s natural.”

“In this case, we will go back and wait for the good news from the famous company.”


After everyone had left, Fredda Ye turned his eyes on Mira Xie’s face.

She hadn’t looked at it carefully before, but when she looked carefully, she was also slightly surprised.

“It’s really a beauty, I’m afraid it’s on the same level as President Shen, isn’t it possible that President Zhou fell in love with her?”

Fredda Ye was slanderous in her heart, but she didn’t show it.

“Presumably this is Mr. Xie. Regarding the cooperation between our two companies, the company will issue a specific agreement later. At that time, if you have no objections, then the whitening and anti-aging factor project can officially begin. “

Fredda Ye lightly closed her profile hair and smiled faintly.

“excuse me, you are?”

“My surname is Ye, you can call me sister Ye, I’m Mr. Zhou’s assistant.”

Fredda Ye said softly, and led Mira Xie to the office.

“Sister Ye, since I have won the bid now, I wonder if I can meet Mr. Zhou, the person in charge of your whitening and anti-aging factor project?”

Mira Xie didn’t entrust him because he was the boss of a company, but rather humbly called Fredda Ye Ye Sister, and carefully expressed his thoughts.

“Sorry, Mr. Zhou is not convenient to show up right now, but he will show up at the next banquet.”

Fredda Ye slightly explained her jaw slightly.

“Okay, then I will wait for him at the banquet.”

Hearing Fredda Ye’s words, Mira Xie took a long breath.

As long as she can see that Mr. Zhou, she believes that she will be able to convince the other party and let the other party make a profit in some aspects.

After chatting with Mira Xie about the general direction of cooperation, Fredda Ye sent Mira Xie away.

Later, Fredda Ye looked at Dustin Zhou and couldn’t help but chuckle, and said: “Zhou, are you watching a good show, have you watched enough? Being an ordinary employee is really so fun?”

Fredda Ye couldn’t help laughing at the thought of Dustin Zhou’s instructions.

Obviously, he is a person who can come up with top patents and cooperate strongly with Mingyang to engage in whitening anti-aging factor projects. Why does he have to pretend to be an ordinary employee in Mingyang for so long?

Moreover, at the public meeting just now, he had to deliberately remain mysterious, making people confused.

But Fredda Ye didn’t ask much, she found that Dustin Zhou had more and more secrets, and her own interest in Dustin Zhou was also getting higher and higher.

“Sometimes, ordinary employees can see things more clearly than bosses.”

Dustin Zhou smiled bitterly and sat down straight.

Had it not been for him to suddenly get an inheritance, how could he reverse his identity overnight?

“Well, then you can prepare for the dinner. We will officially launch the whitening and anti-aging factor project at the dinner. When the time comes, President Shen will also come, and I will go back first.”

After careful advice, Dustin Zhou left directly.


The news that Mingyang’s whitening and anti-aging factor project partners have been confirmed soon spread throughout the industry, and even some foreign companies have heard the news.

“The one who got the qualification for cooperation is what is called Yueji Beauty Company, have you heard of it?”

“Oh, I’ve heard of this, isn’t it the company of the beauty that Chen Mr. pursues? Chen Mr., why are you not talking?”

Since being cancelled by the Mountain Mist Club, Chalrlie Chen and some of his friends, friends, and friends have often mixed up in another club.

At this moment, in the luxurious private room of the clubhouse, several middle-aged men with big bellies were drinking and singing each with their arms around a beautiful woman.

Chalrlie Chen sat in the corner with a gloomy expression, his expression even worse when he heard other people’s words.

After being bombarded by Fredda Ye, he immediately mobilized his power and wanted to ask Enderia Shen, a well-known company, for an explanation.

But what he didn’t expect was that Enderia Shen refused to see him.

You know, Enderia Shen had a lot of contact with his family company before, but now he actually rejected him, which made Chalrlie Chen extremely angry.

It seems that Enderia Shen has obtained the patent for the whitening and anti-aging factor, and looks down on his own company.

More importantly, his plan to teach Dustin Zhou and Fredda Ye had also failed.

“Oh, yes, I heard that Mingyang will hold a banquet for the whitening and anti-aging factor project in Avaria tomorrow night. I have invited a lot of colleagues. Would you like to take a look together?”

When Chalrlie Chen heard it, he suddenly raised his head, his eyes were bloodshot, and he stared at the person who had just spoken.

“What did you just say? Banquet?”

That person was also taken aback by Chalrlie Chen’s appearance at the moment, and quickly repeated what he said just now.

“Damn it! What a well-known company, it didn’t send me an invitation letter, damn it! I thought I couldn’t go there?”

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