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Chapter 16

Avaria, the highest standard hotel in the city, is similar in terms of style and background compared to the Mountain Mist Club.

It is rumored that the boss behind him is also a super chaebol, and because of this, he can eat black and white in the city.

Mingyang has set the launch ceremony of the whitening and anti-aging factor project here, and it has also spent a lot of money, which can be said to be a very big hand.

As night fell, one after another luxury cars drove into Avaria.

Mira Xie slowed down from his humble domestic BMW car at the moment, looked at the magnificent Avaria in front of him, and took a deep breath.

Because of the qualifications for this cooperation, her eyes shined with strong confidence.

She knows that as long as the whitening and anti-aging factor project is officially launched, Yueji Beauty will be able to take the famous giant ship to the vast sea.

She was just about to step on the steps in front of Avaria, when a deafening roar suddenly sounded.

A pure black Porsche came to the door of Avaria with bursts of noise.

And it was Chalrlie Chen who came down from it!

Seeing Mira Xie, Chalrlie Chen’s face was happy, and after handing the car to the parking boy, he walked to Mira Xie a few steps.

“Mira, where have you been in the past two days, why haven’t you answered my phone or returned my message?”

Chalrlie Chen said anxiously, his eyes were on Mira Xie’s face, and a trace of desire flashed vaguely.

If it were in the past, Mira Xie could still find something wrong with being looked at so directly.

But now, her mind is all about waiting for the launch ceremony of the whitening anti-aging factor project, and she hasn’t noticed Chalrlie Chen’s eyes at all.

“What’s matter?”

Mira Xie frowned and said coldly.

These days, Chalrlie Chen kept calling her, sending her messages, and even went directly to her home without her consent.

And Mira Xie has not been idle these days, has been perfecting some details in the bidding document, thinking that after meeting the mysterious person in charge, he has the confidence to cooperate fairly with the other party.

Therefore, Mira Xie has been staying at the company these days, did not go home, and did not see Chalrlie Chen.

“Mira, I apologize to you. I lost my mind that day. Since you have already got the quota for Yueji Beauty, I shouldn’t say that.”

Chalrlie Chen clearly felt Mira Xie’s indifferent attitude towards him. While feeling annoyed in his heart, he also hated Dustin Zhou and Fredda Ye.

“However, the whitening and anti-aging factor project is a big project, and the profit space involved may be several billion. I am worried that your company has no experience, so I want to help you.”

Chalrlie Chen smiled and spoke judo.

For anyone who doesn’t know him, hearing him say this, he will definitely be moved by his gentle tone, and even embrace him.

But Mira Xie was suddenly puzzled.

If Chalrlie Chen said this before the results of the cooperation quota came out, Mira Xie might still believe it.

Then, after the events of that day, Mira Xie was already wary of Chalrlie Chen.

It’s just that she doesn’t know what’s wrong, and there is no obvious evidence that Chalrlie Chen has a bad heart, so Mira Xie can only suppress this doubt.

“No, I have thoroughly researched the whitening and anti-aging factor project, and the details of related cooperation have been re-drawn, so I don’t need to trouble you.”

Mira Xie shook his head lightly and refused directly.

Chalrlie Chen didn’t expect Mira Xie to refuse. Before he could withdraw the corners of his grinning mouth, he gave a dry laugh in embarrassment.

“If this is the case, then you must cheer, if you have any questions, you can directly contact me, I will definitely help you.”

“Let’s go, let’s go in.”

After that, Chalrlie Chen was about to pull Mira Xie’s hand, but she was directly avoided by her side.

“No, I can go in by myself!”

Chalrlie Chen’s hands hung in the air, his eyes staring at Mira Xie’s back, and suddenly he saw a familiar figure.

“Oh, isn’t this Brother Dustin Zhouzhou? What are you doing here? This doesn’t seem to be where you should be, right?”

Dustin Zhou had witnessed everything between Chalrlie Chen and Mira Xie just now, and heard Chalrlie Chen’s ridiculous words at the moment, and did not immediately get angry, but walked towards him slowly.

“What? This Avaria is not opened by your Chalrlie Chen’s house?”

Dustin Zhou faced Chalrlie Chen with no sorrow, and fought against each other.

Anyway, he and Chalrlie Chen don’t need any affection at all.

A person who harassed his wife all day is not worthy of a good face.

“Huh, I know you are a well-known employee, but on this occasion today, a small ordinary employee of you can participate? Don’t take a urine photo and see what you are like!”

Chalrlie Chen said with contempt.

At a public meeting before, he was blasted out by Fredda Ye in public, asking him to hold all grievances on Dustin Zhou and Fredda Ye.

And Mira Xie’s attitude towards him these days has strengthened the anger in his heart.

If he wanted to be gentle and gentle in front of Mira Xie before, and to have a modest attitude towards Dustin Zhou, then there is no need for this now.

“Have you seen it? With so many people here today, which one can you look up to? I see, you probably don’t even have a car. You came here on foot?”

Chalrlie Chen pointed around, the luxury cars seemed to exude a unique light, which made him feel a sense of superiority.

What if you are Mira Xie’s husband? Hasn’t it been this way for so many years?

As long as you give yourself a little more time, Mira Xie will definitely fall into his embrace again.

Chalrlie Chen was full of confidence. Standing on the steps, he looked down at Dustin Zhou and smiled contemptuously: “Dustin Zhou, you are not qualified to be here at all. You are here to lower the identity of all of us!”

Chalrlie Chen did not deliberately lower his voice, so many people around him heard it clearly.

In an instant, all these people frowned.

As elites in the upper class, they naturally have a sense of superiority, especially in the face of an ordinary person like Dustin Zhou.

“That’s, you don’t know where you are from, you can enter Avaria?”

“That is, I’m afraid your monthly salary won’t even be enough to order a dish.”

“How about the security? Has Avaria degenerate enough to let such a person in?”

The surrounding people looked disgusted and shouted for the security to drive Dustin Zhou out.

The security guard at Avaria was also quick-sighted. Seeing Dustin Zhou’s sloppy look, he didn’t even have a famous brand all over his body, and he knew his status was not high.

“Mr. Avaria is full today. Please go to other places for dinner.”

A tall security captain, with his three security guards, immediately surrounded Dustin Zhou with a look of contempt.

Dustin Zhou smiled bitterly. He didn’t expect that the security guards surrounded Chalrlie Chen two days ago. Now so fast, he is also surrounded by the security guards.

Just as Dustin Zhou was about to speak, a clear and cold voice suddenly sounded: “Who do you say is not qualified?!”

When everyone heard this sound, they immediately followed the sound and took a cold breath.

I saw a limited-edition Rolls Royce and slowly stopped.

The door opened, and a pair of beautiful legs without a trace of fat got off the car first.

Immediately afterwards, a super beauty with extraordinary temperament and dazzling light got out of the car.

“It turned out to be her!”

Chapter 17

When everyone saw the beauties getting off the car, they exclaimed!

“It’s Enderia Shen! The president of the famous company!”

“Is it her? She is so beautiful. I only heard about it before, but now that I see it, it’s not as good as seeing it.”

“Just what did she mean by what she said just now? Is she going to fight against Chen Mr. for this ordinary employee?”

Everyone immediately talked, but their eyes never left Enderia Shen.

This woman from Rolls-Royce was Enderia Shen, the president of the famous company and Dustin Zhou’s immediate boss.

“Mr. Shen, you are here.”

Dustin Zhou said with a calm smile.

Facing Enderia Shen, Dustin Zhou didn’t feel inferior at all, and didn’t even think she was his leader.

Because the patent for the whitening and anti-aging factor is its own, strictly speaking, Enderia Shen’s famous company is not worthy of this technology.

It can be said that this is a great gift for her.

The whitening and anti-aging factor project is the next most important project of Mingyang. Enderia Shen knows that he owes Dustin Zhou a great favor, so he is also very polite to him.

When Chalrlie Chen saw Enderia Shen, a pair of eyes shrank instantly, and his heart was also moved. He said: “It turned out to be President Shen. It has been a long time since I saw him. What President Shen said just now is good. Not everyone is qualified to come here.”

Compared to Mira Xie, Enderia Shen is not bad at all.

And because of the effects of long-term sports and high positions, she appears more energetic.

People around were talking:

“I heard that Chen Mr. and Mr. Shen know each other. It seems that this employee is going to be out of luck.”

“Who said no? Even the president of my company would not help him. If it were me, I would go right away now, and don’t be embarrassed here.”

However, what is surprising is that after Enderia Shen got off the car, he didn’t even look at Chalrlie Chen, but walked slowly towards Dustin Zhou.

Enderia Shen looked carefully at Dustin Zhou’s face with a pair of beautiful eyes, and asked curiously: “What’s the matter? Someone troubles you?”

Dustin Zhou smiled slightly: “I was about to go in, but the road was blocked by a few dogs.”

Dustin Zhou spoke out surprisingly directly, comparing Chalrlie Chen and the people who mocked him just now to dogs.

“Damn it! What the hell is this bastard talking about?”

“It’s too presumptuous. Does he think that if Mr. Shen is there, he will protect him?”

“Dustin Zhou, you can say it again!”

Even Chalrlie Chen couldn’t help it, coldly said, with cold eyes staring at Dustin Zhou, like a poisonous snake seeing its prey.

“It’s funny, I seemed to hear a dog barking just now.”

Dustin Zhou tilted his ears, pretending to be listening, and then muttered to himself.

At this moment, not only Chalrlie Chen, but other people were also angry, their eyes pierced like sharp swords.

“Mr. Shen, you have also heard that, I think such a person is not suitable for working in your company at all and will greatly damage your company’s image!”

Chalrlie Chen said coldly.

“Oh? I don’t think so.”

Enderia Shen stayed unmoved. In the shocked eyes of everyone, he took a step forward and reached out to hold Dustin Zhou’s arm. He smiled and said, “My staff, you are not qualified to comment.”

Chalrlie Chen’s eyes were about to burst into flames, he only felt that a fire was burning in his heart.

He couldn’t imagine that Enderia Shen would directly hold Dustin Zhou’s arm.

Chalrlie Chen couldn’t help saying: “President Shen, your employees are so excessive, are you not going to give me an explanation?”

“So what? Do you think I will fire the person in charge of the whitening anti-aging factor project for you?”

Enderia Shen gave Chalrlie Chen a pair of beautiful eyes and said lightly.

The person in charge of the whitening anti-aging factor project?

For an instant, everyone hadn’t realized what Enderia Shen’s words meant.

Dismissed Dustin Zhou, the person in charge of the anti-aging factor project.

But just for a moment, the scene that was still noisy suddenly quieted down.

In an instant, all eyes were cast on Dustin Zhou, full of surprise.

Could it be that Dustin Zhou is the person in charge of the whitening and anti-aging factor project?

“This is impossible!”

Chalrlie Chen also reacted, but as if he had seen a ghost, he stepped back two steps, and exclaimed, “Why is he responsible for such a big project?”

“Why is it impossible? Dustin Zhou is the person in charge of the whitening and anti-aging factor project, why? Do you have any comments?”

Enderia Shen took Dustin Zhou’s arm and walked two steps closer to Chalrlie Chen.

“Also, don’t think that I know your father, so you can point fingers at me, even if your father is here, you dare not talk to me like that!”

After Enderia Shen finished speaking, no matter what happened to Chalrlie Chen, he directly held Dustin Zhou and walked toward the Cuihu Residence.

When they walked to the gate, Enderia Shen suddenly turned around, leaving a pair of beautiful eyes coldly on the security guards.

“As for what you guys are doing, I will tell your boss that you can pack up your things.”

After speaking, step directly into Avaria.

At this time, on the steps in front of Avaria, Chalrlie Chen and the others had not yet come out of the information just now.

Dustin Zhou turned out to be the person in charge of the whitening and anti-aging factor project, which made them unexpected.

But what Enderia Shen said personally, how could it be false!

“Young Master Chen, you have to help us…”

The security guards also looked dull at this moment. They did not expect that the person they had just threatened was a distinguished guest. When they thought of what Enderia Shen said just now, they suddenly panicked.

“What’s the panic? The boss of Avaria hasn’t seen people all the time, and there are few people who know him in the city. It is impossible for Enderia Shen to know your boss. She is just scaring you, and I will help you if something happens!”

Chalrlie Chen was annoyed by the quarrel, dropped a sentence, and walked straight inside.

Avaria, Yuelong Hall.

It is the highest standard banquet hall in Avaria. Many wealthy and capable people choose to hold large banquets here.

At this moment, the whole Yuelong Hall is full of liveliness.

The people inside don’t know what happened outside the door.

Dustin Zhou and Enderia Shen walked outside the hall and looked at the figure inside, their mouths twitching.

“President Shen, you can let go.”

Although it is a wonderful enjoyment to be held by a beauty like Enderia Shen, it is not good to be seen by too many people.

Especially in the Yuelong Hall there was Mira Xie.

Even if Dustin Zhou and Mira Xie are in the delicate cold war period, he doesn’t want Mira Xie to see this scene and thus misunderstand himself.

“President Shen!”

“President Shen is here, Mr. Shen, you can count as coming.”

As soon as Enderia Shen entered, he immediately attracted everyone’s attention.

Some people who knew her flocked to her, greeted them constantly, and got close.

Dustin Zhou looked around, didn’t he see Mira Xie’s figure, so he was alone and found a corner to sit down.

It’s just that he just sat down, and an unceremonious harsh sound rang immediately.

“Where did you hold back? Get out of me, there are people here!”

Chapter 18

Dustin Zhou was taken aback for a moment, then raised his head to look at the person coming.

The one who speaks loudly is a man who wears sloppy clothes and opens his chest, revealing his delicate chest.

And beside him, two women with heavy make-up were snuggling on him.

The two women were charming in every move, but they looked at Dustin Zhou with the same eyes, with deep contempt.

“There seems to be no one here? Besides, your mouth is really smelly!”

Dustin Zhou would naturally not give up the place just because of a word from others, let alone be ridiculed by this second generation ancestor in a confused manner.

Not to mention that there is no one here before, even if there are people, if they make concessions because of a word from others at this moment, they will also make others in the hall look down upon.

Because the arrogant man’s voice was not covered just now, everyone in the Yuelong Hall also noticed the situation here.

“Tsk tusk, there is a good show here, I didn’t expect that kid would offend him!”

“Who says no, even his sister can’t hold him down, let alone a small employee.”


Everyone immediately talked about it and looked at Dustin Zhou with joking and amusement.

Dustin Zhou was expressionless, and he naturally heard the voices of others.

I also know that this man who looks sluggish in front of me is probably not a friendly person.

But he wasn’t worried. He was no longer the old son-in-law who didn’t have a trace of confidence. He now had enough capital to resist.

“I said there are people here, there are people here, why? Are you not convinced?”

Seeing that Dustin Zhou didn’t intend to leave, the man suddenly showed a touch of anger on his face, and his slightly squinted eyes immediately went wide.

Dustin Zhou didn’t say a word, just glanced at the other side indifferently, and sat calmly on the spot.

“Dustin Zhou, what are you doing?”

At this moment, a surprised voice sounded.

Dustin Zhou looked sideways, and saw Mira Xiezheng looking at himself with a surprised look, with a hint of anxiety on his face.

“what happened?”

Dustin Zhou said softly.

Mira Xie came to Dustin Zhou in two steps and said in a low voice: “Dustin Zhou, get out of the way, do you know who this person is?”

Mira Xie’s words surprised Dustin Zhou.

With Mira Xie’s heart, he has always been unwilling to bow his head to others, so why would he say that now?

Is this man’s identity really unusual, even Mira Xie would not provoke him?

“Haha, beauty, you tell this kid, who am I, I am looking forward to his ass f*cking for a while now.”

When the man saw Mira Xie, his eyes lit up and he laughed.

Mira Xie’s expression was hard to look at, and he took Dustin Zhou and prepared to leave.

“Wait, did I let you go?”

The man suddenly reached out to stop them.

“That’s right, even Master Shen dare to offend, I think you don’t want to mix up.”

“Looking at him like this, he should still be an employee of the famous company. He doesn’t even know Master Shen. How can such a person stay in the famous company.”

However, the two women beside the man started taunting in a weird tone. The eyes of the two stayed on Mira Xie’s face for a moment, and a trace of jealousy and jealousy flashed.

Just now, they obviously felt a slight change in the man next to them, and suddenly knew that he was interested in this woman.

Such a big benefactor, none of them wants to be shared by others.

“Master Shen?”

Dustin Zhou frowned, he hadn’t heard of Young Master Shen, and listening to this tone, he seemed to have something to do with Mingyang Company.

“He is the younger brother of your president Enderia Shen, Shen Ze.”

Mira Xie sighed lightly and said in a deep voice.

“Huh! This beauty has a good vision and can recognize me, unlike some hanging silks, she has a pair of eyes, just like being blind.”

Shen Ze gave Mira Xie a chuckle, and then said, “Beauty, I don’t know your name, shall we meet?”

After speaking, Shen Ze directly stretched out his hand, trying to hold Mira Xie’s hand.

“Do you dare to move her to try?”

At this moment, Dustin Zhou made a bold move, twisting Shen Ze’s wrist, and breaking it up so that he could not touch Mira Xie.

Although there is a misunderstanding between Dustin Zhou and Mira Xie, this does not mean that he can bear that anyone can covet Mira Xie.

“Ahhhhh! It hurts! a**hole! Let go!”

Dustin Zhou’s hands were not weak, and Shen Ze suddenly suffered from pain.

Shen Ze, who had been spoiled since childhood, when he suffered from this kind of pain, he immediately yelled and shouted at Dustin Zhou in anger.

“Boy, let go, if you offend Young Master Shen, don’t want to get out of Avaria!”

“Yes, let Shen Mr. go quickly!”

The two women’s expressions also changed drastically, and they quickly scolded.

“Dustin Zhou, let go quickly!”

Mira Xie hurriedly persuaded him, his face was also worried.

“Okay! Just go around this silly dog!”

Dustin Zhou responded softly and directly released his hand, but at that moment, his hand moved forward, causing Shen Ze to stand unstable, staggering back several steps before stopping.

“Bastard! I want you to die!”

After being taught by Dustin Zhou in front of so many people, Shen Ze suddenly yelled no matter where he was willing.

“Security! Security! Give me a good lesson!”

Mingyang Company is the Yuelong Hall that includes Avaria, so the security configuration here is also readily available.

And Shen Ze, as the younger brother of Enderia Shen, president of the famous company, is naturally the object of those security guards.

“Boy, this is Avaria, not a place where you can go wild! Now that you have done it, don’t blame us!”

Six or seven security guards immediately surrounded Dustin Zhou, gearing up one by one, and they were about to rush up with a grin.

Dustin Zhou didn’t say much nonsense, and directly led Mira Xie behind him to prevent her from being affected.

But he bullied himself directly, spraying a pair of fists directly on the face of the first security guard.

Shen Ze first had a covetous heart for Mira Xie, and then he spoke rudely, and even hired a security guard to deal with him. Dustin Zhou had already suffocated his anger.

Although Dustin Zhou doesn’t know much effort, his life as a son-in-law and various efforts have made his physique a lot better, and his muscles are much stronger than ordinary people!

At this moment, his whole body strength was gathered on one punch, and his sharp aura was naturally extraordinary.


With just a punch, Dustin Zhou’s fist directly blasted the first security guard out and fell to the ground severely, with blood on his face.

“Boy, dare to be cruel! Brothers, don’t show mercy!”

The security guard in the lead was shocked when he saw it, but now the arrow was on the string, and he had to send it out, and after a low drink, he rushed up.

Dustin Zhou didn’t have much strength at this moment, facing the remaining five security guards, almost no resistance.


At this moment, a voice full of majesty suddenly sounded.

After hearing this voice, several security guards paused and their movements slowed down.

Dustin Zhou saw the right time, and rushed forward with one lunge, one elbow, one inch punch, and a few strokes to put all five security guards on the ground.

And he didn’t have any strength either, and he kept his hands on his knees, breathing heavily.

“Boy, you have a kind! You are an employee of a well-known company. From now on, you have been fired. This is how you offended me.”

Chapter 19

“Who are you going to expel?”

As soon as Shen Ze’s voice fell, he heard that majestic and pleasant voice sounded again.

Dustin Zhou looked up, and saw Enderia Shen Shi Shiran approaching, his face was indifferent, and his beautiful eyes shot towards Shen Ze like sharp swords.

Dustin Zhou’s heart moved slightly, and he instinctively felt that Enderia Shen and Shen Ze didn’t seem to deal with it.

“Are you okay?” Enderia Shen looked at Dustin Zhou with interest, unconsciously glanced at Mira Xie behind him, and the corners of his mouth rose slightly.

Then, Enderia Shen lowered his face and turned to look at Shen Ze.

“Shen Ze, I remember you are not an employee of the famous company? What are you doing here?”

At this moment, the aura of Enderia Shen’s superior was unobstructed.

But Shen Ze didn’t fear at all, or said he didn’t care at all.

With a chuckle on his face, he directly wrapped his hands on the shoulders of the two women next to him, and sneered: “Can’t I come? My good sister?”

He bit the word “good sister” very hard, and his face was even full of joking.

Enderia Shen was very angry, and his body trembled slightly.

“If you have to come, no one will stop you, but please behave a little bit, the famous company will not have your turn to speak!”

Enderia Shen took a deep breath and said in a deep voice.

“Yo, what? I just said that I would fire this kid and annoy you? Who is this kid? Isn’t it your concubine? That’s interesting.”

Shen Ze smiled lightly, looking back and forth between Enderia Shen and Dustin Zhou.

“Shen Mr., this person is Dustin Zhou. He is the person in charge of the whitening factor project of Mingyang. If he is fired, the whitening factor project will probably be delayed.”

At this moment, Chalrlie Chen’s voice suddenly sounded.

Chalrlie Chen had been paying attention to the actions here before. When he saw that Shen Ze was making trouble with Dustin Zhou, he even looked forward to it.

But what happened later made him quite annoyed, and he even more dismissed Shen Ze.

But in any case, Shen Ze is no ordinary person.

In addition to being Enderia Shen’s younger brother, his father has a great influence in the city.

No matter how Chalrlie Chen hates Shen Ze, it can only be in his heart.

“Oh? Just him?”

At this moment, it was Shen Ze’s turn to be surprised.

In fact, it was not just him. Others heard Chalrlie Chen’s words and saw that Enderia Shen didn’t mean to refute, and they were shocked.

The mysterious President Zhou, the person in charge of the whitening factor project they had been investigating hard to see but couldn’t see, turned out to be this shameless young man.

Mira Xie’s eyes shrank suddenly, looking at Dustin Zhou’s back inconceivably, shocked in his heart.

She never expected that this cowardly Dustin Zhou, who had been with herself for several years, would be transformed into the chief officer!

At this moment, she thought about Dustin Zhou asking herself if she had received an invitation letter from a famous company, and Yueji Beauty had defeated other competitors and got a place for cooperation.

All this seemed to go so smoothly, and she also thought that the famous company was seeing the strength of Yueji Beauty, but she did not expect that Dustin Zhou’s role was all involved.

“My good sister, you don’t know how to act for personal gain, want to push your concubine to the top?”

Shen Ze’s face instantly became gloomy, and his tone was not good.

“Hehe, I’m afraid you don’t know yet. This Dustin Zhou is a family member and a son-in-law. I don’t know why he can be the person in charge of the whitening factor project.”

Chalrlie Chen also found the opportunity and said sinisterly.

“In my opinion, how he got his identity as the person in charge of the whitening factor project may have been obtained. At that time, when you are cooperating with Mingyang, you have to consider the risks.”

Dustin Zhou frowned and looked at Chalrlie Chen coldly.

He and Mira Xie are husband and wife matters, except Chalrlie Chen, no one knows, and he himself has kept this secret for so many years.

The purpose is not to shame Mira Xie.

If Chalrlie Chen talked about his relationship with Mira Xie now, it would have the second effect on him, and would have the greatest impact on Mira Xie.

It may even make the cooperation quota that Mira Xie finally gotten go to waste.

“What? Still a son-in-law?”

“How can such a person be the person in charge of the whitening factor project? President Shen, shouldn’t you give us an explanation?”

“That is, we either change a partner or we cancel the cooperation with the famous company!”

Everyone was shocked and worried about the prospects of cooperation between the two parties, and they asked for an explanation.

“That will disappoint you.”

Enderia Shen lightly opened her lips, calmly looking at everyone.

“President Shen, what do you mean? Don’t you want to cancel the cooperation with us?”

“Mr. Shen, don’t forget that you are not alone in the famous company, there are other shareholders!”

Enderia Shen’s response shocked everyone. They didn’t expect so many people to condemn together, and they couldn’t make Enderia Shen make concessions.

“I don’t mean anything, it’s just that Dustin Zhou is not only the person in charge of the whitening factor project, but also the second largest shareholder of the company. No one can change his position casually.”

Enderia Shen smiled lightly, then looked at Shen Ze and said lightly: “As for expulsion, it is even more a fantasy.”

As soon as this statement came out, everyone in the audience was stunned.

Even the person who knew the person in charge of Dustin Zhou’s whitening factor project in front of Avaria was dumbfounded at this moment.

“What! He is still a shareholder of the famous company?”

“When is this happening?”

“It’s impossible! He’s just a son-in-law! Where is the capital to become a shareholder of a famous company! President Shen, don’t be kidding.”

Everyone was shocked, and the Yuelong Hall suddenly exploded.

Chalrlie Chen’s face was unbelievable, but there was already a storm in his heart.

He knew that Dustin Zhou had been the door-to-door son-in-law of Xie’s house for three full years, and he had almost no other income except for a meager salary in Mingyang.

Even because of Zhou’s mother’s illness, Dustin Zhou still needs to ask for some money from Xie’s family from time to time to maintain it.

How could such a person suddenly become a shareholder of a famous company?

“Why? Don’t you believe it? Do you want me to provide proof of relevant information?”

Enderia Shen had a panoramic view of everyone’s reactions, and was very amused by everyone’s reactions.

Chalrlie Chen said eagerly: “Mira, Dustin Zhou is just a son-in-law. He can’t have the money to become a shareholder of the famous company, right? You can explain to everyone.”

Mira Xie was also in extreme shock when she heard Enderia Shen’s words.

The person in front of her who had been her husband for three years and the son-in-law of the Xie family for three years suddenly became a shareholder of the famous company, leaving her mind blank.

Only after hearing someone call her did she wake up.

Shaking his head, Mira Xie whispered: “Dustin Zhou’s business is his own business, and it is not his turn to explain.”

“But Dustin Zhou and you are husband and wife. Don’t you know what he looks like in your house? He can’t become a shareholder of Mingyang Company!”

Chalrlie Chen only felt that his chest was filled with nameless anger.

As Chalrlie Chen finished speaking, everyone present looked at Mira Xie instantly.

“So she and Dustin Zhou are husband and wife?”

“Isn’t this Mr. Xie from Yueji Beauty? This time, Yueji Beauty got the quota of cooperation with Mingyang Company on the whitening factor project. Will there be any hidden secrets?”

“There must be! Dustin Zhou is the person in charge of the whitening factor project. This Xie is always his wife. They must have joined hands and set this cooperation quota by default!”

Chapter 20

The banquet hall was in chaos, and several companies that had failed in the previous bidding quit one after another and continued to question.

“Huh! At that time, the tender documents of your five companies had been publicized, and the result was approved by everyone. Now you want to oppose it, don’t you think it is too late?”

Dustin Zhou said coldly, looking around, resting for a moment on the faces of the happiest people who just clamored.

“Huh! Dustin Zhou, who knows if you have colluded with Mira Xie secretly, and deliberately asked her to draw up the bidding document as you requested!”

“That is, there must be an explanation for this matter anyway, otherwise, our companies will refuse to cooperate with your famous company!”

“Mr. Chen, what do you say? Everyone will follow you!”

This time it was Chalrlie Chen’s turn to be a little surprised. He didn’t expect these people to threaten, and even wanted to drag him together.

However, when he thought of the humiliation he had suffered at the public meeting before, Chalrlie Chen’s brain became hot, and he smiled grinningly: “Yes, that’s what I meant!”

For a moment, everyone looked at Dustin Zhou and Enderia Shen.

If they do not have a good response, these companies that originally cooperated with Mingyang companies will all withdraw their cooperation.

This is certainly a loss for each of them, but for the famous company, the loss is even heavier.

“This is wonderful, my good sister, do you want to protect this kid this time?”

Shen Ze applauded unexpectedly and looked at Enderia Shen with a wicked smile, with a playful expression on his face.

“Does all of your companies mean that?”

Dustin Zhou remained unmoved, looked around, and said softly.

“Yes! Dustin Zhou, you must give us an explanation today!”

Chalrlie Chen pointed at Dustin Zhou and said aggressively.

“Okay! I’ll give you an explanation!”

Dustin Zhou turned around and walked to the center of the Yuelong Hall, watching everyone slowly say.

“Since you want to cancel the cooperation with Mingyang, then I do what you want! Sister Ye, take all their contracts!”

As soon as Dustin Zhou’s voice fell, everyone was stunned.

Fredda Ye froze for a moment, and immediately responded, and turned to get the cooperation contract.

The others hadn’t reacted yet at this time.

“What did you say?”

Chalrlie Chen looked at Dustin Zhou with a look of surprise, and he couldn’t believe his ears.

“Zhou, this is the cooperation contract of these companies.”

Fredda Ye returned quickly and handed the four contracts to Dustin Zhou.

“This is your cooperation contract with Mingyang. From now on, Mingyang will cancel the cooperation with you!”

After finishing speaking, Dustin Zhou directly tore all the four contracts in his hands to pieces in front of everyone.

“Dustin Zhou! Do you dare!”

“Presumptuous, don’t stop it!”

“President Shen, you must give us an explanation. You are breaking the contract. I want to sue you!”

While everyone was furious, they wanted to stop, but it was too late.

Dustin Zhou raised the piece of paper in his hand, and it instantly filled the Yuelong Hall.

At this moment, the cooperation contract between Mingyang and these four companies has been voided!

“Hehe, Dustin Zhou is the second largest shareholder of Mingyang, and his decision is the decision of Mingyang.”

Enderia Shen put his hands on his chest and watched Dustin Zhou tear off the contract. Although he was a little surprised, he did not stop him.

On the contrary, there was a hint of satisfaction in her eyes.

“From today, Mingyang will no longer have any cooperation with you. The cooperation that has already started will be cancelled immediately. As for the breach of contract, the legal affairs of the company will contact you later.”

“Also, we won’t cooperate with well-known companies that will cooperate with these companies in everything in the future!”

Dustin Zhou said with a blank expression on his face after doing all this.

But his words shocked everyone present again.

This is no longer a matter of breaking the contract, but Dustin Zhou wants to unilaterally block the four companies on behalf of Mingyang.

The people present were all people from the beauty industry in the city. Although there may be several companies that can compete with well-known companies in scale, no one came forward this time.

The whitening factor project is about to start, everyone knows how broad the prospects of this project is.

It has never been a wise move for the four companies to offend the company and lose the interest in the whitening factor project.

“Huh! Dustin Zhou, who do you think you are? If you say you block us, you can really block us? You think too much of yourself!”

Chalrlie Chen sneered, and didn’t believe Dustin Zhou had this ability.

In his mind, even if Dustin Zhou is now the head of the whitening factor project, or even a well-known shareholder, he still can’t get rid of the identity of the son-in-law.

“Don’t worry, President Shen, President Zhou, we, Meizi, will never have any cooperation with these four companies in the future.”

At this moment, a middle-aged man stood up and nodded slightly to Enderia Shen and Dustin Zhou, the first to express his opinion.

Meizi Beauty is well-known and large in scale, and Mingyang has always been the leader in the city.

Now that Meizi has expressed its position, other companies have also been unable to sit still, and immediately expressed their views.

“Mr. Shen, Mr. Zhou can rest assured that we will not cooperate with such a company that does not speak the spirit of contract!”

“That is, after I went back, I immediately cancelled all cooperation with them!”


For a while, all the companies present all expressed their support for Mingyang’s decision and cancelled the cooperation with Chalrlie Chen’s company.

“Mr. Zhang, you!”

Chalrlie Chen looked at him in disbelief. He looked at Mr. Zhang from the Meizi Company in surprise, only to feel a suffocating breath in his chest.

“Haha, Mr. Chen, I can’t blame me for this. You have a wealth of wealth and you don’t like the cake of the whitening factor project, but our beautiful makeup is not good.”

Mr. Zhang said lightly.

“By the way, I seem to remember that when I sent out the invitation letter before, it seemed that there was no Junfa company. How did Mr. Chalrlie Chen come in?”

Dustin Zhou raised his eyebrows, looked at Chalrlie Chen with piercing eyes, and asked playfully.

“I brought it in, why? Do you have an opinion?”

Shen Ze spoke suddenly, looking at Dustin Zhou provocatively.

“I do have opinions. I didn’t have an invitation letter. I broke in without permission. If it is serious, I can even call the police!”

Dustin Zhou said softly, and then his eyes fell on the security guards who were in a trance.

“If you don’t want to be expelled, please invite this young master Chen out!”

“Dustin Zhou, don’t be too presumptuous!”

Shen Ze’s face was pale, staring at Dustin Zhou, and roared in a low voice.

He brought Chalrlie Chen in, and Dustin Zhou drove him out in public, undoubtedly not giving himself face.

In the presence of so many people, he could still endure being reprimanded by his sister Enderia Shen, but a small shareholder humiliated him in public, which made Shen Ze no longer able to conceal his anger.

“I’m too presumptuous?”

Dustin Zhou was not afraid, and looked at Shen Ze directly.

“Who made me go as soon as I spoke?”

“Who said to fire me?”

“Who is slandering me?”

“Master Shen won’t forget so soon, right?”

Dustin Zhou asked directly without any pause.

A series of rhetorical questions made Shen Ze’s expression increasingly ugly.

Others also nodded slightly at this time, and were very clear about what had just happened.

If someone asked for trouble as soon as they came up, it was undoubtedly Shen Ze first, and Dustin Zhou was just fighting back.

But who is Shen Ze?

Pampered since childhood, no one dares to violate his will.

Now Dustin Zhou embarrassed him in public, which was something he couldn’t accept anyway.

“It’s me, so what? You think that if you don’t know where to get the money to become a shareholder of a famous company, I can’t deal with you?”

With a gloomy expression on Shen Ze, he directly threw away the two women cuddling in his arms, took two steps forward, and stood in front of Dustin Zhou, a short distance away.

“I’m telling you! Don’t say that you are just a small shareholder, even my good sister, as long as I say a word, she has to hand over the famous company! Believe it or not?”

Shen Ze’s words surprised everyone.

Even Dustin Zhou moved in his heart and glanced at Enderia Shen secretly.

He didn’t know what Shen Ze’s remarks meant. After all, he and Enderia Shen are siblings, and the Shen family may have some things and relationships, but he doesn’t know.

But Dustin Zhou chuckled again in the next second.

While he peeped at Enderia Shen, Enderia Shen discovered it for the first time, and responded to Dustin Zhou with a relieved look.

This made Dustin Zhou’s heart sure!

As long as the famous company is still under Enderia Shen’s control, then he doesn’t need to worry about other things.

“I do not believe!”

Dustin Zhou slowly shook his head and looked at Shen Ze playfully, as if he was provoking.

In fact, Dustin Zhou is indeed provocative.

Shen Ze is already targeting himself in this way. If he still doesn’t take counterattack, and just promises as before, then it doesn’t fit his current identity.

What’s more, he wants to control the entire Zhou family in the future. If he shrinks, how can he convince the crowd?


Shen Ze’s face changed slightly, but Dustin Zhou was so uninterested.

“You wait for me!”

With a low drink, Shen Ze took out his mobile phone in public and made a call.

“This one is over, Master Shen must have called his father.”

“Yes, even if Enderia Shen supports Dustin Zhou, I am afraid she will not be able to pass her father’s level.”

“Then we said that just now, will there be anything…”

When everyone saw that Shen Ze was so confident, they immediately started talking.

There are even a few companies that regret the statement just now.

Everyone turned their eyes on Shen Ze, waiting for the result of his call.

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