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Chapter 151

Ana Lin almost subconsciously put his hands behind him.

This matter is very important to her, she can’t let people be so threatening all the time.

In particular, it would threaten her two children at any time, which made her unable to calm down.

“Yes, it’s very important to me.” Her attitude was firm, “You can go in first, and I will be back soon.”

Speaking, Ana Lin turned and walked outside.

Phillip Zong stared at her hurriedly back and squinted his eyes. He always felt that something was wrong with her today, as if something was hiding from him.

When Uncle Feng saw Ana Lin walk away, he trot over immediately, “Why did the young lady leave? The master and the wife are still waiting inside.”

Phillip Zong has sharp eyebrows, and his cold eyes can freeze people.

Meeting his gaze, Uncle Feng immediately stopped.

Knowing that his relationship with Zong Qifeng and Danna was not returned, probably because people came over without informing him and were unhappy.

Thinking that he also wanted to explain to Phillip Zong for them, “Master and Madam are here this time for your own good.”

Phillip Zong didn’t have the mind to listen.

For his good?

He sneered in his heart, and walked in. The air around him dropped in temperature, and he felt cold.

Uncle Feng didn’t dare to speak again, so he could only follow in.

In the living room, it seems that there have never been so many people together. The huge living room has’popularity’ and is not empty.

Zong Qifeng sat in the main seat, next to Danna.

Ida Zhuang sat on the right with the two children, Wanda stood behind Danna, and everyone looked at him when she saw him coming in.

“Why are you alone?” Zong Qifeng spoke first, his tone of excitement couldn’t be concealed.

Phillip Zong sneered, “Who else do you want to see?”

Obviously there are two fathers and sons, every time they meet, they are like enemies meeting each other,’extraordinarily jealous’

Zong Qifeng’s hands suddenly closed, and he buckled the leather of the sofa armrest tightly, and he worked hard to suppress his anger, “Is it your father, right?”

“I have no choice.” Phillip Zong sat on the sofa.

Ruth stared at Phillip Zong eagerly, not Ida Zhuangg was holding her to stop her, she rushed past the moment Phillip Zong came in.

On the contrary, Daniel was extremely calm, as if he knew what these two were doing today.

Better know what is on the table.

“You–” Zong Qifeng didn’t want to be angry, but every time he faced his innuendo, he couldn’t calm down.

Danna took his trembling hand and comforted him, “Don’t get excited, you have more important things.”

“To show affection, stay away from me, I’m very busy.” He said impatiently. When speaking, he looked at Ruth. This little guy didn’t come to stick him, he was not used to it.

He seemed to be used to it, and when he came back, a little’soft bun’ threw into his arms for him to hold.

“We have important things.” Danna held his hand tightly to prevent him from getting angry because of Phillip Zong’s words.

Zong Qifeng inhaled deeply, repeated several times before suppressing the anger in his heart, and pointed to the file bag on the table, “Look at it for yourself, give me an explanation after reading it, don’t try to refute me, the evidence is here, don’t Thinking of hiding me.”

Phillip Zong did not move.

The father and the son looked at each other, their eyes were facing each other, and there was a silent confrontation. The war without gunpowder began.

The atmosphere was deadlocked.


It was Ruth’s soft “dad” who broke the deadlock.

“Be quiet.” Ida Zhuang patted her shoulder quietly.

Danna’s red eyes stretched out her hand towards Ruth, “Come to me.”

Ruth opened her round eyes, looked at Phillip Zong and Danna, and finally slid off the sofa and plunged into Phillip Zong’s arms, making a muffled voice from his arms, “Dad, Mommy is not with you. come back?”

Anger, dissatisfaction, and indifference were all overwhelmed by Ruth’s father. Phillip Zong reduced her breath and softened her hair gently, “Your mommy will be back soon.”


Zong Qi slapped the armrest and stood up.

Before, Wanda said that Phillip Zong didn’t know that these two children belonged to him, so she didn’t tell him. Phillip Zong didn’t know it, and it didn’t matter if she didn’t tell him, but now the child is called his father, he obviously knew.

This is not to put him in the eyes.

Do you still recognize him as his father?

Ruth shrank in fright, and drilled into Phillip Zong’s arms.

Phillip Zong’s generous palm rubbed her spine and comforted her, “Don’t be afraid.”

Ruth didn’t say a word, blinking her eyes.

Wanda knew that Zong Qifeng must have misunderstood, so she hurried out to round up the field. She stepped forward on her own initiative, took out the documents and handed them to Phillip Zong, “Master, you can take a look.”

Phillip Zong took it and didn’t want to look at it. Just when he was about to throw it away, the word DNA caught his sight.


Who and whose?

“I collected your hair and Xiao Xi Xiaorui’s.”

Phillip Zong raised his eyes and looked at Wanda.

What does she mean by this?

Ruth blinked ignorantly, and asked inexplicably, “Grandma Yu, why are you collecting my brother and my hair for?”

Wanda smiled and stretched out her hand to touch her head, “It’s nothing, just want to help your father see something clearly.”

Phillip Zong’s gaze returned to the piece of paper in his hand.

The DAN appraisal result report, several bold letters, are particularly eye-catching.

The above is a series of professional terms. Phillip Zong has never studied medicine and cannot understand it. His eyes slowly moved down. He felt that his heart was about to jump out, wandering and wandering but could not find an exit. He couldn’t calm down. A feeling of tension that is difficult to control is almost swallowed by him.

As a result, the similarity was 99.99.

His eyes fixed on the ending words.

In an instant, his body stiffened, his fingers trembling slightly, an excitement that could not be restrained, a surging like never before.

Ruth and Daniel are his children?

But how is it possible?

The air condensed for a few seconds, he dropped the’paper’, stood up and looked at Wanda and then at Zong Qifeng.

In a mocking tone, “What do you want to do?”

What did you want to tell him when you came up with such a thing?

“Do you still want to deny?” Zong Qifeng trembled.

“Even if I’m sorry, I’m sorry you-dead mother, am I your father?” He patted his chest, “Is there my blood on you?”

This time Danna did not persuade Zong to open the seal, because she herself was powerless.

Wanda turned around in a hurry, what is going on, he still doesn’t believe the facts before him?

She ran to take out the photo, put it next to Daniel’s face, and compared it to everyone, “Look at this face, this eye, this forehead–“

Phillip Zong glanced at it, and quickly recovered.

He has never touched Ana Lin, he knows this better than anyone else.

He has lived to this day, more than 30 years, and only ever touched one woman, that was the one six years ago.

If they were his children…

So six years ago–

Between his eyebrows, he rolled over the stormy sea.

He seemed to understand where Casey He’s hostility towards Ana Lin came from…

Because six years ago.

It wasn’t her that night.

It’s Ana Lin, which is why he is inexplicably familiar with Ana Lin.

What happened that night?

Why did Ana Lin appear in his room?

It was his silence that, in Daniel’s eyes, became a denial.

He doesn’t want to recognize them, does he?

Isn’t he what he wants to do thoroughly?

it is good!


He is not uncommon for this father!

Such a ruthless person is not worthy of being his father!

Daniel stayed away from her mother, slid down from the sofa, picked up the appraisal book on the table, tore it in half, as if this was not enough, and continued to tear it until she couldn’t put it together at all. Oolong, how could I be his son?”

Daniel pointed to Phillip Zong.

“My mother gave birth to my sister and me in October. I am six years old this year. I have never seen my father. I dare not ask because my mother will be sad. I have seen her wake up from a nightmare and hide by herself. Secretly crying, I don’t know what she dreamed of, who appeared in her dream, or if she dreamed back at midnight, which made her think of sad things.”

Daniel sniffed, “She often said guiltily to me while I was sleeping,’I’m sorry, I can’t give you a complete home’. In fact, she didn’t know that I was not asleep, because when I was awake, She would not say, she was afraid that I would, and I would ask why I don’t have a father.”

He looked at Phillip Zong disappointedly, “My mom is so good, how could I fall in love with you?”

Chapter 152

Daniel took her sister’s hand, “Go, let’s find Mommy, this is not our home, and he is not our father.”

Ruth was unwilling, she didn’t understand why her brother was suddenly angry, “This is Dad…”

“No!” Daniel has never treated her sister so’fiercely’. This time he is really angry. If he can’t see him, he doesn’t want to recognize them?

Do you want to stay here with a dull face?

Ruth was crying fiercely, her eyes were red, her eyes were filled with a thick layer of water vapor, and her shoulders moved slightly.

But he didn’t dare to speak, his brother seemed to be angry.

She carefully touched Daniel’s hand, “Brother—”

“Don’t call me, you go find your dad, don’t want me, don’t want mommy!”


Tears fell all of a sudden, Ruth cried out, and hurriedly took her brother’s hand, afraid that her brother would not want him.

Although I really want my father, my brother is even closer.

After all, a female compatriot, who has lived with her for six years, this feeling is deeply connected with flesh and blood.

How can it be compared to a father who has known him for a few days.

“Brother, Ruth is wrong to not want Dad, don’t not want Ruth, woo-“

“It’s not a motherless child, why are you crying!” Daniel wiped her tears to her sister. His own eyes were also red, and the tears circled in his eye sockets, but they never fell.

He took his sister by the hand, “Go, let’s go find Mommy.”

“Where are you going so late?” Ida Zhuang hurried over to hold them.

When Danna and Zong Qifeng came over, they talked to her alone, and she knew why they came today.

She didn’t know what happened to the twists and turns, how could these two children belong to Phillip Zong.

But DNA will not deceive people, and Zong Qifeng is not a fool. He has to recognize two unrelated people as grandchildren.

The wealthy and wealthy clan family would not make jokes about such things.

The blood is important.

Daniel raised her head and looked at Ida Zhuang, the boss with eyes wide open, “I’m looking for Mommy.”

He tried to keep his eyes wide open, not to let the tears fall.

He shouldn’t cry in front of the negative guy.

Don’t let him see his weakness.

Ida Zhuang tried to calm Daniel, “I’ll call your mommy first, okay? We don’t know where she is going when we go out like this, you wait for me, I’ll get the phone.”

“No, I’m going to find Mommy now.” Daniel didn’t want to wait for a moment.

“Xiao Xi——”

Wanda also came to persuade.

Seeing the two children like this, she sore nose and red eyes.

Danna tilted her head and wiped her tears secretly without a trace. These two children were so distressing.

No one can coax well, Daniel wants to leave home wholeheartedly.

“You don’t need to persuade me, don’t cry, you think my sister and I are very pitiful, we are not pitiful at all, we have a mummy, she loves us, loves us, gives us a bath, hugs us to sleep, tells us stories, teaches us Literacy, the reason for us to be human, is enough to have a mummy, we are not pitiful at all.”

After saying that Daniel took her sister and left.

“I’ll go with you.” Ida Zhuang quickly followed.

However, someone was faster than her, and almost only saw a black shadow passing by. Phillip Zong, who had never spoken, stopped in front of Daniel and Ruth, his voice was low and hoarse, “It’s dark, where are you going?”

“Please get out of the way, we are going to find our mommy.” Daniel raised her head, she was already crying, and she wanted to try her best.

Looking at Daniel’s stubborn eyes, his heart aches and he feels out of breath, he bends his back, as if only this posture can relieve the unspeakable’pain’

He squatted in front of them on one knee, looked at their eyebrows, their faces, their noses, their lips, everything was never missed. He shook his hands, trying to touch their faces, but reached out. In midair, but dare not touch it.

No courage.

He has never been so embarrassed in his life.

The shock and impact this’truth’ brought to him was too great.

Overnight, he had a son and a daughter.

Or the woman he has always liked, born to him.

How can we not be excited, how can we not be surging?

These two children, he has never been responsible for a day, how can he not feel guilty?

How can you let them go, let them spend six years in a family with only their mother, and he doesn’t know it?

“Excuse me, please let me go, we are going to find our mommy.” Daniel wanted to push away the’Giant Mountain’ that was in front of him.

“I’ll take you to find, okay?” His voice couldn’t stop shaking.

And so careful.

“No.” Daniel still refused.

“I’ll call Mommy and ask her to pick us up.” As he spoke, he turned on the phone watch and dialed Ana Lin’s call.

The answer to him is; I’msorry the phone you dialed is temporarily unavailable, please call again later…]

Daniel was not reconciled, dialed again, and the answer to him was still; I’msorry the phone you dialed cannot be reached temporarily, please call again later…]

Daniel frowned. Mommy would never let her mobile phone fail, and she wouldn’t let her grandma and him fail to contact her.

What’s wrong?

“I know where she is, I’ll take you there.” Phillip Zong was even a little pleased. He hadn’t pleased anyone in his life, but he did it today and did it willingly.

Daniel did not let go.

In his opinion, Phillip Zong’s silence just now meant that he didn’t want to recognize them. He was sad and disappointed in him.

Ruth didn’t dare to agree, but she wanted to agree, and quietly pulled her brother’s hand, “Let my dad take us to find Mommy.”

“He’s not a dad!” Daniel, who had stopped her anger, was pissed off by her sister’s dad again.

Ruth shuddered in fright, she didn’t dare to make any more noises, resisting her tears, not crying, “I…I won’t scream, don’t provoke…” She choked, “Don’t make my brother angry.”

Daniel knew that she was angry and shouldn’t be fierce to her sister, so she hugged her heartily, “I didn’t mean it, sorry Ruth.”

“I don’t blame my brother, I know that both my brother and Mommy love Ruth.” Ruth hugged her brother’s sturdy body tightly, “Brother, I miss Mommy.”

Daniel cast his gaze on Phillip Zong, thinking again and again, but softened, “Do you really know where my mom is?”

Phillip Zong nodded, “I really know.”

Daniel thought for a while, “Okay, thank you.”

Be polite and alienated.

Even the previous intimacy is gone.

Phillip Zong’s expression froze, but he quickly returned to nature, knowing that Daniel was angry with him.

He reached out to hug Ruth, after all, this little girl is the one who sticks to him most.

For the first time, Ruth took a step back, and then carefully looked at her brother’s face. She wanted her father to hold her, but she was afraid that her brother would be angry.

Daniel squeezed her sister’s hand, “I will hold you, and soon we will be able to see Mommy.”

Phillip Zong’s hand stopped in mid-air, lost and retracted, forced to roll, making his voice sound calm, “Let’s go.”

He slowed his pace, waiting for the two little guys.

Daniel is very good at taking care of his younger sister. When the car door opens, he lets her go up first, then goes up by himself, closes the car door, helps her younger sister wear a seat belt, and then fastens his own to prevent Phillip Zong from helping at all.

Phillip Zong looked at them in the rearview mirror, with their soft and cute faces. I didn’t think it before, but now I think they look like him.

His hands suddenly tightened, tightly holding the steering wheel, and the blue veins beating on the back of his hands. It can be seen that he tried hard, and the waves in his heart rolled, wave after wave.

After a long time, he calmed down and started the car. Ana Lin said that she went back to the store to get things, so his direction was to go to LEO.


Chapter 153



There was a sigh.

Danna whimpered, and tried to cover her pain with her hands again. Her sobbing from time to time turned into a continuous low cry, her eyes closed, her teeth biting her fist, trying to stop sobbing .

Zong Qifeng is a man with good concentration and stability. He helped Danna up and said, “Let’s go, you are not in good health.”

She raised her head, holding back her tears, “I want to live here—”

Before she finished speaking, she herself felt impulsive. With Phillip Zong’s temper, how could she stay here?

Zong Qifeng knew her thoughts, “In the future, we can often come to see the two children.”

Danna was worried, her mood fluctuating, “How could he be so muddled? Don’t you know what he did?”

Phillip Zong’s reaction showed that he really didn’t know that the two children belonged to him.

Just now she saw that Phillip Zong was more uncomfortable than any of them.

“You said, how can I rest assured?” Danna sighed, “He is not a person with a clear brain, how can he make such a mistake in a muddle?”

Zong Qifeng patted her shoulder, “I think he will figure it out by himself, listen to me, go back first, tomorrow you want to see two children, I will bring you back.”

In order to persuade Danna to go home with herself, Zong Qifeng continued, “It’s okay to take them to the house for a day while Phillip is away. Now you and I have a pair of lovely grandchildren, you should be happy. What you cry is not good for your body.”

Knowing that she was happy, Danna wiped her tears, “I just think those two children are too pitiful, and it is not easy for Ana Lin, as a single mother with two children…”

“It will be okay in the future.” Zong Qifeng sighed, “You worry too much. Be obedient, go home first.”

Zong Qifeng supported her, and Danna knew that she would not be able to stay. Zong Qifeng was right. Later, when Phillip Zong didn’t know it, she could come and have a look or pick it up.

Uncle Feng ran to the front to open the door.

Mother Yu sat down on the sofa and looked at Ida Zhuang, “You shouldn’t hide it, you should tell it, no matter how dissatisfied it is, you shouldn’t keep it for so long for your children.”

Wanda complained a little.

Ida Zhuang lowered her eyes slightly, if she knew, she wouldn’t stop talking.

She also wants her child to have a father.

But Ana Lin said that it was a local that night, and no one mentioned it after so long, let alone think about Phillip Zong.

But she didn’t explain to Wanda, that was her daughter’s privacy.

It’s hard to tell.

Just misunderstand.

Wanda saw that Ida Zhuang was not feeling well, so she didn’t continue.

The breeze was surging and the moonlight was dim.

Daniel sat quietly in the car, looking at the scenery passing by the window, and occasionally gathered clothes for her sister, and gave a comforting cry, “We will see Mommy soon.”

Phillip Zong watched Daniel’s movements from the rearview mirror, his Adam’s apple rolled up and down, and a stream of heat penetrated into the throat cavity.

No matter how smart he is, he is only five years old, so sensible, so able to take care of his sister, so sensible makes him feel bad.

I still remember this little guy, in order to avenge Ana Lin, he was in danger regardless of his own safety, and there is still a wound on his head that healed completely.

This kid–

There is no word to describe his mood at this moment.

Mature as him, as steady as him, but at this moment he is in a mess.

Soon the car drove to’LEO’, the door was closed and there was no light. Ana Lin was not there. He looked down at the time. It has been two hours since Ana Lin said he was coming to the store. She was not in the store. , Where did you go?

He took out his cell phone and dialed Ana Lin’s number, and the response was still; I’msorry the call you dialed is temporarily unavailable, please call again later…]

He frowned, and carefully recalled Ana Lin’s words and deeds at the time. They were very different from her usual times.

She hid herself and cried during the day.

What exactly happened?

The more you think about it, the stronger the bad premonition.

He quickly rummaged through Milton Guan’s phone, and soon he closed his hand again and dialed Keller Shen’s. Today, Elvira Shen suddenly appeared, and now Ana Lin can’t contact him anymore, there seems to be a connection.

Keller Shen is responsible for investigating Elvira Shen’s affairs, and it is more helpful to investigate whether Ana Lin’s loss of contact is related to this matter.

The call was soon connected, “Are you there now?”

Keller Shen was stunned. It was Phillip Zong’s attitude that surprised him. It seemed like he could feel it through the phone.

So I am a little uncomfortable.

He looked back at the forensic doctor who was doing the autopsy, and said to Phillip Zong, “I’m in the morgue to investigate the cause of Elvira Shen’s death.”

Phillip Zong hung up the phone, and when he was about to leave, he found the two children in the back seat.

He cannot take them to that filthy place.

“Where is my mommy?” Daniel blinked, the door here was closed, and there was no mommy’s shadow at all.

Phillip Zong didn’t know how to explain, “I will take you home first, and then find your mommy, okay?”

Daniel frowned, just like Phillip Zong frowned, and asked again, “Where is my mommy?”

She wouldn’t lose a person her age. Is there any danger?

Thinking about this, Daniel took a breath, “My mommy, is it missing? You can’t find him?”

The child is too sensitive to hide.

Phillip Zong looked at him firmly, “I will find it.”

Daniel’s two small hands clenched into fists, her eyes flushed, “Maybe you don’t like my mummy, but for the sake of her giving birth to us, you must find her and ensure her safety. Maybe you are not very I want to recognize my sister and me, but we have your blood shed on our bodies. From this point of view, we must find my mommy safely.”

Phillip Zong turned his head to one side, propped his forehead with one hand, and most of his expression was covered by the shadow. His voice was hoarse, “Why do you think I don’t like your mommy and don’t want to recognize you?”

“If you like Mommy and love her, you won’t divorce her.” Daniel lowered her head and looked at her toes, “My mommy has never seen a man, but you just finished the appraisal. Don’t believe that we are your children, you hurt us and mommy.”

Daniel’s voice fell, and the entire carriage became quiet.

Can clearly smell light and shallow, but breathe unsteadily.

After being quiet for a while, Phillip Zong found his voice, his voice broke the tune.

“No, I didn’t want to recognize you, as for the divorce–“

He has no way to explain, he is right.

There is nothing to explain.

“I understand.” Daniel said with a big little ghost, “Men like the new and hate the old. It’s normal. I originally wanted to find a man who is handsomer than you and richer than you. But I haven’t found it, but I will continue to work hard. .”

Phillip Zong, “…”

Is this really his son?

Good son.

He turned to look at Daniel, “I am your father.”


Phillip Zong, “…”

“You and my mommy have already divorced, and my mommy has the right to look again.”

This kid.

He pressed the corners of his lips, “Didn’t your mom tell you? We didn’t apply for a divorce certificate. We are still husband and wife in name.”


Daniel’s eyes widened. Mommy and him haven’t got a divorce certificate yet?

How did you divorce?

“Are you adults not so strict in doing things?” Daniel is very distressed. If there is still a marriage certificate, then they are still legal. How can he find a better one for Mommy?

“Brother, where’s mommy?” Ruth grabbed Daniel’s corner and fought with her eyelids, “I’m sleepy, want Mommy to put me to sleep.”

Daniel held her sister in her arms, “You go to bed first, and your brother puts your arms to sleep.”

“I’ll take you back first.” Phillip Zong restarted the car and drove back.

Soon back to the villa, Ruth fell asleep leaning against her brother’s arms at this moment on the road.

Phillip Zong pushed the car door down, opened the rear door, bent over and hugged Ruth. This was not the first hug, but this hug was different from the past.

The heart trembled uncontrollably, and the fingers trembled. This was his daughter, with his blood flowing on her body.

Ana Lin gave birth to him.

Her small body is so soft, and his heart is also a mess.

Daniel didn’t want Phillip Zong to hold him, but he couldn’t hold it, so he could only hold it.

He followed Phillip Zong closely, for fear that he would take his sister away.

“Send her to my room.” Daniel said.

Phillip Zong turned his head and lowered his eyes, looking at the small child, who was now tilting his head, for fear that he would steal his sister.

Because he was going out to find Ana Lin later, he didn’t want to put her upstairs, which was inconvenient to take care of.

He entered Daniel’s room, put Ruth gently on the bed, and then covered her with a quilt.

Phillip Zong looked at her face, probably because she was asleep in the car, her small face was flushed red, and her eyelashes were evenly scattered on the eyelids, curled up and thick, like a butterfly falling on it and k*ssing her eyes.

The little mouth is pouting, sleeping soundly.

He stroked her cheek, the skin was delicate and smooth, he wanted to k*ss her forehead, but was pushed away by Daniel, “My sister.”

Ruth is his own, he can’t k*ss.

“It’s also my daughter.”

“You never raised it.”

Phillip Zong was defeated again in front of Daniel.

Thinking that Ana Lin was still missing, he confessed, “Take care of my sister.”

“I will.”

Phillip Zong wanted to touch his head, but didn’t reach out his hand. He glanced at them and turned and walked out of the room.

Everyone didn’t eat dinner, Wanda prepared some more again, and saw Phillip Zong come out, “Let’s eat something.”

“They are in the house, you take care of them.” Phillip Zong confessed that he was in the mood to eat.

“Good.” Wanda promised, “rest assured, I will take care of them.”

Phillip Zong looked back at the closed door, and walked out of the villa.

He made a call to Milton Guan as he walked, and the call was quickly connected.

“Arrange for a few trusted bodyguards to come over to the villa.”

Ana Lin suddenly lost contact. He always felt that it was not easy. The two children were in the villa and there were not enough manpower to ensure the safety here. He was worried.

“Okay, when?”


So fast, Milton Guan pouted his lips, it was too urgent.

“What, can’t do it?” Phillip Zong’s voice became cold.

“…An hour, arrange the people.” Milton Guan cheered up.

Phillip Zong hung up the phone and got on the car and went to the detention center in City B.


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