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Chapter 968

This is too scary!

Enderia Shen especially wanted to cry. She regretted it now. She had known that when Dustin Zhou said to send her home, she had simply agreed!

She’s just a quiet beautiful CEO


She is good at beauty, luxury cars and spacious offices, why let her experience these eerie things!

Enderia Shen was held by Dustin Zhou, biting his lips tightly, for fear that he would scream again.

The two returned to the square again. Dustin Zhou looked around, but Bingyue was not found.

Suddenly, his eyes were cold, and he looked at a corner on the edge of the square, where a figure flashed by.

“It’s interesting.” Dustin Zhou snorted and rushed forward, suddenly remembering that Enderia Shen was still following him.

He turned around helplessly, “Well, do you still want to follow me now? Let’s send you home first, and follow me if you don’t play in the future.” Dustin Zhou changed his mind and planned to send Enderia Shen back first. .

The reason is simple. At first, when he heard Enderia Shen’s narration, he didn’t really take this matter to his heart.

With the strength of his martial emperor, he has enough reasons to believe that he can deal with all the problems and pressures.

That’s why he wanted to molest Enderia Shen and brought Enderia Shen over, because he felt that this action was relatively simple and would not be dangerous.

But when he saw the dark shadow, Dustin Zhou changed his mind.

Although it was just a glimpse, the dark shadow actually brought great pressure to Dustin Zhou!

Even the speed of that shadow is comparable to that of Dustin Zhou’s full power, far beyond the speed of the martial master, the authentic warrior emperor!

It’s troublesome now. If things are not handled well this time, Dustin Zhou is not sure that he can get out of his body, let alone protect Enderia Shen.

So he immediately decided to abandon this action and send Enderia Shen home first.

It’s a big deal. I won’t follow it today, anyway, the girl Bingyue has been in this square for two months, and it’s not too late for such a day.

Enderia Shen nodded at first, but when Dustin Zhouzhen took her to leave, she suddenly shook her head again.

“No, I won’t go!” Enderia Shen said suddenly.

Dustin Zhou suspected that he had misheard, “What? Are you not leaving?” “Where are you going if you don’t walk?” Dustin Zhou asked.

“I know, even if you send me home, you will definitely come back, right? You must follow that girl alone!” “I want to follow you!” Enderia Shen said firmly.

Dustin Zhou was a little speechless, “My big boss, you can forgive me.” “Listen, this matter is very dangerous, and it has nothing to do with you. With your words, I can’t get out of my body at all.” “This way we will both be in danger, do you understand?” Enderia Shen bit her lip. Obviously, she also knew if she had been following Dustin Zhou.

If that is the case, it is definitely a hindrance, there is no doubt about it.

However, she still didn’t want to leave Dustin Zhou.

She was really scared just now.

However, after a brief period of fear, she felt that the more important thing was her curiosity about Dustin Zhou.

What kind of person is Dustin Zhou?

What kind of life does he lead every day?

What kind of people do you contact?

Is that girl really a ghost?

Are there any ghosts in this world?

If so, did Dustin Zhou already know these things?

Where did Dustin Zhou go during the two months he left?

She was very curious about these things, and she wanted to know more about Dustin Zhou. This thought allowed her to overcome her fear.

But what Dustin Zhou said is also reasonable. It is not that she can overcome her fear and can follow Dustin Zhou.

To follow Dustin Zhou’s side, she must have a certain amount of capital, otherwise, she can only drag Dustin Zhou’s back.

For a while, Enderia Shen was a little lost, and then slowly nodded.

Dustin Zhou didn’t think too much. After seeing Enderia Shen nodding, he sent her directly to the villa.

Then Dustin Zhou returned to the square.

It stands to reason that he has been around for more than half an hour this time, and Bingyue should have left long ago.

But Dustin Zhou came back because he had a thought, that Bingyue seemed to have been waiting for Dustin Zhou to follow.

It is not so much that Dustin Zhou is following her, but rather that she is tempting Dustin Zhou to show up.

Since it is a temptation, then waiting for oneself is likely to be a trap.

But so what?

Dustin Zhou has never been afraid of traps.

Especially after having the heart of the emperor.

What kind of trap or mess, as long as you are strong enough, you can crush it!

After returning to the square, Dustin Zhou really saw another dark shadow, swaying slowly in the square. After seeing Dustin Zhou, the speed of the dark shadow suddenly accelerated and turned into a slender shadow and rushed into the distance.

A faint smile crossed the corner of Dustin Zhou’s mouth, his body shook slightly, turning into an afterimage, and followed.

The two shadows ran one after another, and soon came to a run-down slum.

There was silence in the slum, Dustin Zhou followed with the shadow to a small alley and stopped.

This is a dead end. If you go further, there is no road, but a dilapidated little house with a faint light.

In this dilapidated and silent night, it seemed a little warm.

Of course, Dustin Zhou would not think so, because the dark figure he was following got into the small house.

Strictly speaking, Dustin Zhou wanted to track Bingyue, but in fact, I don’t know when it started. Bingyue has disappeared, but instead appeared.

It is a vague shadow.

Dustin Zhou came here because he felt that this shadow was definitely related to Bingyue.

So he didn’t hesitate at all, walked directly to the small house, and then pushed the door open.

The dilapidated wooden door made a “creak” sound. What caught Dustin Zhou’s eyes was a very dim and small room, and it was very old, and the ground was even wet.

There is a dilapidated wooden bed in the room, with a dilapidated table in the middle.

Apart from that, there seems to be nothing else that can attract attention. There is a small stool next to the table, and there are a pair of bowls and a plate on the table.

There are half-eaten leftovers on the plate, and a small bowl of rice soup in the bowl.

It seems that the owner of this room is still eating here just after going out for a short while.

Dustin Zhou stood quietly in the room for a while, then sat down in his seat.

Chapter 969

Dustin Zhou watched the dark shadow get into this small house with his own eyes.

But in this house, there was no one, only the warm food on the table.

Dustin Zhou sat down, then picked up the tableware.

He didn’t eat these foods, just held the chopsticks to simulate the process of eating.

There is no special reason, but in such an environment, he subconsciously wants to do this.

I probably want to experience what kind of mentality the master living here is like.

He stretched out his chopsticks three times, each time pretending to pick up some food and chew it in his mouth for a while.

He also simulated the action of drinking soup, and soon, he felt a burst of fatigue and warmth, and the whole person was lazily and very comfortable.

At this time, the wooden door was pushed open again.

Along with the sound of opening the door, there was a surprised woman’s voice.

“Huh? Didn’t I close the door tightly?” the woman said.

Dustin Zhou paused, put the bowls and chopsticks on the table, and then turned to look at the door.

The room was very small, and the doorway was just one step away from where Dustin Zhou was sitting.

A beautiful woman stood in front of him.

Long black hair, plain long skirt, and beautiful eyes are full of surprise.

After the woman opened the door, she saw Dustin Zhou at first glance, and then her eyes met.

“You, are you?” The woman didn’t scream, but asked in surprise.

Dustin Zhou got up from his seat and nodded at the woman, “Hello, I’m passing by here.” Then he thought about it, and added, “I smell the scent of the food, so I just come in and have a look.” “Oh, that’s it,” the woman looked at the food on the table, then panicked.

Said, “You, have you eaten?” Dustin Zhou shook his head, then nodded again.

“Well, I ate a little bit.” “Ah, that’s what I left over, or I will make you another one.” It seemed that the woman was a little embarrassed.

Dustin Zhou smiled slightly and shook his head, “No, I’m not hungry, I just smell it.” “That’s it.” The woman nodded.

Then there was a long silence, and the atmosphere seemed a bit awkward.

After all, judging from the current situation, Dustin Zhou seems to have inexplicably broken into a woman’s home.

And this woman seemed to be just an ordinary woman.

“Then, um, do you have anything else?” the woman was silent for a while and asked.

Dustin Zhou shook his head, “No more.” “Oh.” The woman nodded, and then there was a long silence.

After another while, the woman couldn’t help it, “Well, I’m going to sleep.” The implication of this is already very obvious, and she is going to see off the guests.

Dustin Zhou nodded again, “Oh.” He raised his foot and walked outside, and suddenly stopped again, “Yes, it is convenient for me to ask, in this house, are you alone in this house?” The woman’s eyes flashed. After a moment of vigilance, he nodded first, “Ah yes.” Then he shook his head, “No, no, I have a husband, he will be back soon.” Obviously, the woman had misunderstood Dustin Zhou’s meaning, and she might have thought Dustin Zhou wants to treat her wrongly.

Dustin Zhou didn’t say much, nodded and walked outside.

By the way, the woman closed the door, “Good night, good dream.” The woman also nodded.

Then Dustin Zhou left.

The whole process seemed inexplicable, he had come to follow Bingyue.

But Bingyue didn’t know when it was gone. What appeared in the square was a dark shadow.

Follower Black Shadow, Dustin Zhou came to this little house, but there seemed to be only ordinary women in this little house.

What went wrong?

Dustin Zhou didn’t know, and it was abnormal, he didn’t even want to think.

It seems that since he entered the small house, the whole person’s mentality has become abnormally calm, he is unwilling to think about any problems, and it doesn’t matter what happens in front of him.

He walked forward step by step. In fact, he didn’t know where it was and how to walk to leave quickly.

But he was not in a hurry, and walked quietly step by step.

As he walked, he returned to the small house and raised his head. It was still dimly lit and the door was open.

Dustin Zhou pushed the door open, everything in the room seemed familiar…No, it hadn’t changed at all!

There is no woman, it’s still the bed, or the table with the future

Cold meals.

Ghost hit the wall?

This thought floated in Dustin Zhou’s mind, but it was strange that he was not panicked, nor was he anxious to crack it. It seemed that he still liked this feeling a bit.

As if time had gone back, he came to the door of this room again, and it was obvious that the room he came to was not the one after he left.

Because there is no woman in the room, this is the room before the woman came back.

Dustin Zhou stood in the room for a while, but instead of sitting in his seat, he turned around and left.

He came to the door, which was a dark alley. After raising his head and looking forward, his figure suddenly moved and disappeared in place.

In the next second, his figure appeared on the roof.

There was another person on the roof, who was Bingyue!

Bingyue supported the ground with both hands, kicking her two legs boredly and sitting on the roof looking at the dark starry sky.

Even when she heard Dustin Zhou jumping to the roof, she did not look back.

Dustin Zhou walked over quietly, then came to Bing Yue’s side and sat down.

“What does this mean?” Dustin Zhou asked.

“What do you mean?” Bing Yue turned her head to look at him, grinning and revealing two cute little tiger teeth, “Ah, it’s you, uncle weird!” “Uncle weird, you really followed me here!” Bingyue used The immature little finger pointed at Dustin Zhou and said loudly, as if laughing at Dustin Zhou.

Dustin Zhou was not angry either. He didn’t have any expression at all, but said faintly, “I think the boring farce should be stopped.” “I can be pretty sure that you are not Bingyue at all.” “Pretending to be Bingyue. Look, what is your purpose?” Dustin Zhou asked coldly.

When he first saw Bingyue, he was very happy, thinking that Bingyue was not dead, so for a long time, he was actually a little confused.

But now he wanted to understand that Bingyue should indeed be out of this world.

That cute little girl has indeed disappeared in this world.

The Bingyue in front of him was just disguised by someone using some means, but Dustin Zhou didn’t know the purpose of this girl disguising as Bingyue.

You know, Bingyue has appeared in the square for two months.

Chapter 970

Bingyue has been in the square for two months, which means that if the disguised Bingyue was to seduce herself, then she had started acting two months ago.

Dustin Zhou really couldn’t understand what identity this little girl was.

“Hey, this is how you wronged someone!” After hearing Dustin Zhou’s words, the little girl suddenly became unhappy. “I never said that I am Bingyue. My name is Ruoshui. Everyone calls me Shui. Girl isn’t it


Dustin Zhou was silent for a moment, as if that was the case. This girl, indeed, did not admit that she was Bingyue, everything was just Dustin Zhou’s wishful thinking. After thinking about it, Dustin Zhou stood up. “In other words, we are not actually. Yeah, right, then even if I interrupted this time, if there is nothing wrong, I will go back first.

“Of course, Dustin Zhou is not planning to go back. He is advancing with retreat. Obviously, no matter whether the girl has admitted whether she is Bingyue or not, she is actually pretending to be Bingyue and deliberately She lured Dustin Zhou over. In other words, she must have a purpose to lure Dustin Zhou over. Since Dustin Zhou didn’t know the other party’s purpose, she just pretended to leave and waited for the girl to reveal her purpose. Sure enough, When Dustin Zhou stood up and made a move to leave, the girl spoke quietly. “It looks like, you really only have that Bingyue in your eyes.

Dustin Zhou paused slightly, then turned his head slightly, “What do you mean?”

The girl didn’t answer his question but asked back, “When you see the woman in the room, don’t you have any special feelings?”

“A special feeling?”

“Dustin Zhou was stunned. He really didn’t have any special feelings. If he insisted on speaking, it would be too calm. It stands to reason that he broke into a strange woman’s house somehow, and there should be something to say. Embarrassing. But he didn’t feel that at all, everything seemed to be natural. It seemed to be too calm, he shouldn’t be so calm. But is too calm, what a special feeling? So Dustin Zhou shook his head ,”No.

“No…” The girl sighed, and suddenly there was a fierce look on the delicate little face, “Then you go and die!”

“After finishing speaking, the girl’s figure was straight and disappeared in place. The next second, her figure appeared above Dustin Zhou’s head, and then she kicked Dustin Zhou’s head fiercely. In desperation. Dustin Zhou panicked and he could barely raise his arm to block it. What a heavy kick! You know, Dustin Zhou is now the emperor of warriors! It can be said that there is no opponent in Donghai City, but The little girl in front of him gave a seemingly random kick, but he actually kicked him back four or five steps. What shocked Dustin Zhou was that this little girl’s moves were exactly the same as Bing Yue! Dustin Zhou still remembers just knowing Bing Yue. At the time, a tiger-headed little loli pointed at the four martial masters, including Dustin Zhou and Niu Chuan, to show off her strength. And when she did it, she was just like the girl in front of her.

It disappeared suddenly, and then suddenly appeared at the enemy’s side to attack, a bit similar to a flashing skill.

At that time, Bingyue could easily defeat the four martial masters with this trick, and he must have reached the realm of the emperor of the martial artist, or the half-emperor.

But the girl in front of her was obviously stronger than Bing Yue.

Her strength is even faintly stronger than Dustin Zhou!

The strength of the emperor of the voltage stabilizer!

Dustin Zhou’s eyes became serious.

But the girl giggled, “Well, is this trick very familiar?” “But it seems that you haven’t learned to deal with this trick.” The girl’s figure disappeared again, this time, She appeared behind Dustin Zhou.

Dustin Zhou moved in his heart and reacted, but he had no time to make a move to defend his back.

The girl kicked a firm foot on Dustin Zhou’s back, and Dustin Zhou stumbled forward for several steps, and his throat was sweet, and he almost spewed out a mouthful of old blood.

Just one kick can severely damage him, the emperor of warriors!

Dustin Zhou turned around and said helplessly, “I don’t want to fight with you. I want to know, what is the relationship between you and Bingyue?” “Hehe, don’t want to fight with me? You are afraid you can’t beat me! “The girl gave a weird smile, and her figure disappeared again.

This time, she appeared at Dustin Zhou’s feet.

The petite and flexible body made a standard sweeping posture and kicked Dustin Zhou’s heel.

If Dustin Zhou is kicked down this time, Dustin Zhou will definitely fall into a big disadvantage.

But when the girl was about to kick Dustin Zhou, Dustin Zhou’s feet suddenly disappeared.

His figure appeared behind the girl, then grabbed the girl’s arm and lifted her up.

Dustin Zhou put the girl in front of him and asked coldly, “You definitely know Bingyue, and you have a very close relationship.” “Tell me, what is your relationship.” Now it seems that Dustin Zhou has the advantage.

The little girl’s body was in the air, only one arm was grasped by Dustin Zhou, she couldn’t use her strength at all.

But in this case, the little girl still smiled disdainfully.

“Want to ask me, you are afraid that you don’t have the qualifications yet.” She used her arms, and her body suddenly turned up. She squatted on Dustin Zhou’s arm, and then jumped up and hit Dustin Zhou’s face. Kicked over.

As a result, Dustin Zhou could only release the girl’s arm to dodge.

“It’s too much.” Dustin Zhou’s face turned dark, and he looked at the girl and said, “If I were to be kicked just now, I might not be able to save my life!” Dustin Zhou has never been willing to engage with this girl, because he knows this girl. There is some connection with Bingyue.

But looking at the girl’s appearance, it seemed that she really wanted his life.

Everyone knows that the head hurts the most. A girl kicking Dustin Zhou’s back can hurt Dustin Zhou. If the kick hits his head, no one can guarantee that Dustin Zhou will die on the spot. !

So if this continues, Dustin Zhou will have to act real.

“Is it too much? I’m only doing this, you think it’s too much, don’t you?” The girl curled her lips and said.

“These things I have done are far worse than you, the saddler, okay!” The saddled man?

Hearing these three words, Dustin Zhou suddenly felt confused.

How did he become a guilty man?

Whose heart does he bear?

Is this little girl?

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