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Chapter 890

Dustin Zhou didn’t care about things like the Ding family at all.

Even the Su family is his partner, and even Su Wei, the only heir of the Su family, regards him as a big brother. Does he need to take the Ding family seriously?

So he didn’t pull those useless things, just let the other party get out.

It’s not an opponent of the same level at all, what can I say?

It’s just that his reaction is very different in the eyes of others.

Ding Xiong directly regarded Dustin Zhou as a fool.

“Haha, where on earth are you mentally retarded?” “Do you know what you are talking about? Don’t you see, has the master of your Xie family bowed his head to admit my mistake?” Ding Xiong looked arrogant He said, originally he didn’t feel so arrogant, although the Xie family’s attitude towards him was very respectful.

But it was too respectful. On the contrary, he felt emptiness. Like now, Dustin Zhou stood up and resisted, but it gave him a strange pleasure.

Right, we must resist!

The more you struggle, the more I can feel my strength!

Ding Xiong thought excitedly.

Dustin Zhou’s behavior was the most futile struggle in his eyes. Similarly, he did not regard Dustin Zhou as an opponent. At this time, he was considering how to torture Dustin Zhou for a while.

“Hey, you are the patriarch of the Xie family, right? What’s going on now? How can anyone in your Xie family be dissatisfied with me?” Ding Xiong asked at the uncle of the Xie family with a joking expression.

He wasn’t even too lazy, just watched the show on the side.

In Ding Xiong’s eyes looking at a monkey, Uncle Xie’s uncle nodded humblely, “Yes, Master Ding is right. Our Xie family didn’t deal with this matter properly, and Master Ding’s ears were dirty. I’ll deal with it for you!” After speaking, Uncle Xie turned around and glared at Dustin Zhou, “Trash! Who told you to talk to Master Ding like this! Get out of here!” “Yes, we all blame you for this trash. It’s nothing to do with Master Ding, and I blame you for offending Master Ding again!” Mother Xie also scolded.

The scene was once very funny.

The two Xie family members who were respectful to Ding Xiong yelled at Dustin Zhou who was the only one who helped them.

In fact, this matter has little to do with Dustin Zhou from beginning to end.

Mira Xie shook his head helplessly. For the entire Xie family, he was already extremely disappointed.

As for Dustin Zhou, he still looks indifferent.

He knew the virtues of the Xie family.

He didn’t bother to care about anything with the Xie family, but now this one

Ding Xiong, it is indeed a bit owed.

I let him go, he still dares to beep here?

This is really lighting a lamp in the toilet, looking for sh*t in circles!

So Dustin Zhou didn’t talk nonsense at all, raising his hand just slapped it up.

“I told you to f*ck off, did you not hear it, or did you not understand people?” Jing.

This slap slapped everyone directly.

Dustin Zhou is so bold!

This rubbish has such courage!

Soon, the uncle of the Xie family and Xie’s mother reacted, nothing more than kneeling and licking at Ding Xiong, and then swearing at Dustin Zhou.

Mother Xie even wanted to come over to slap Dustin Zhou a few times, but was stopped by Dustin Zhou lightly grabbing his arm.

As for Ding Xiong, he also reacted.

He covered his face and looked at Dustin Zhou with bitter eyes, “Okay boy, you really dare to do it.” “It seems that you really didn’t understand what the name of my Young Master Ding means.” Don’t talk nonsense, you, and you, your entire Xie family, don’t even want to leave!” “You still want to establish a family? If you dare to hurt my young master Ding, I will press you to death in the baby!” As Ding Xiong said, he took out his cell phone and dialed out a call.

The two people, Uncle Xie and Mother Xie, almost bit their tongues and committed suicide in a panic. Without hesitation, they lay on the ground, holding Ding Xiong’s thigh and crying for forgiveness.

However, their request was worthless, and Ding Xiong kept kicking them in the face.

Only Dustin Zhou was extremely bored with everything in front of him.

This Ding Xiong, even if he was beaten, was unwilling to leave, he had to ask someone to teach Dustin Zhou.

“I see, you only look at your identity, otherwise, you won’t admit defeat even if you kill you, right.” Dustin Zhou was convinced by Ding Xiong’s stubborn mind.

This is simply a mental retardation!

Even if you have a strong background and noble status, you are now under the covers!

You can’t give up temporarily, and wait for Master to leave. Are you slowly calling people?

You have to be stubborn even now!

But in the face of such an iron and hank, Dustin Zhou really had no choice but to call Su Wei directly.

Su Wei, the second-ranked heir to the Su family from the first-class family, is at least 10,000 times more distinguished than Ding Xiong!

If you let him come, everything should be much easier.

Ding Xiong here still has a hard mouth. Although his face has been swollen, he still gritted his teeth and said, “You continue to fight!” “If you are a waste like you, you will have a little bit of punch and kick. You don’t even understand the huge family power and the power of money!” “Soon, I will let a little person like you know the terrible things that offend me

At that time, you will regret what you have done now.

“But it’s too late then, even if you kneel down, I won’t forgive you!”

Ding Xiong screamed, covering his face. He thought that Dustin Zhou dared to move him only because he had no knowledge and didn’t know the strength of the Ding family so that he would do this kind of thing. After all, the former Xie mother was. In this way, I offended him for not knowing what kind of existence the Ding family is. So this also aroused Ding Xiong’s self-esteem. He must let the other party increase their knowledge! He must see Dustin Zhou see the strength of the Ding family His face was full of shock and regret! He believed that Dustin Zhou would show that expression! Just so, Ding Yiyu, the head of the Ding family, walked in with a group of nursing homes. “Xiong’er, who hit you?

Ding Yiyu stepped into the door and scanned the entire hall majesticly. “Those who dare to hit my Ding’s family, it seems that you are ready to pay the corresponding price.”

“Without saying much, Ding Yiyu’s gaze fell directly on Dustin Zhou. The reason was simple, because Dustin Zhou had been beating Ding Xiong, even if Ding Yiyu had walked in, he did not stop at all. “Papa Papa.” Dustin Zhou’s slap continued, Dustin Zhou didn’t even pay attention to Ding Yiyu at all, but concentrated on whipping Ding Xiong. This made Ding Yiyu’s face difficult to get through, “Boy, I’m talking to you!

“I know,” Dustin Zhou still kept his hands, “You said your chant, keep saying don’t stop!”

Chapter 891

Su Wei’s aura “I beat mine, you say yours, we don’t interfere with each other, isn’t it good?”

Dustin Zhou turned his head and showed a bright smile at Ding Yiyu. At this moment, Ding Yiyu finally knew what Dustin Zhou meant. “You fool me!”

Ding Yiyu shouted loudly. “Is there?”

Dustin Zhou shrugged his shoulders indifferently, “If you have to think so, just do it if you do, it doesn’t matter anyway.

“He was really playing Ding Yiyu, and at the same time, his main purpose was to beat Ding Xiong fiercely. After all, this bear kid is really too bad to be beaten! Not only did he hit his wife’s attention, but Dustin Zhou even kicked him twice. He didn’t even seize the opportunity for him, so he must be a waste of time here! If this is the case, why didn’t Dustin Zhou beat this guy severely? Or was it a waste of time? I just heard Dustin Zhou affirmed After answering, Ding Yiyu immediately became angry. Different positions, different angles! Dustin Zhou felt that it was natural for him to play Ding Yiyu. But in Ding Yiyu’s view, this behavior was obviously unforgivable! “Hit me!

Fight hard!

“Ding Yiyu ordered at the nursing home behind him


The nursing home that received the order rushed over.

However, they were not Dustin Zhou’s opponents, and they were easily beaten.

Dustin Zhou looked at Ding Yiyu, “Now what? How do you say, do you still have any cards in the Ding family?” At this moment, Ding Yiyu also began to panic.

He had seen how Dustin Zhou had hanged Ding Xiong just now!

That was dozens of slaps!

Then it didn’t stop at all for a few minutes!

He is the head of the Ding family, if Dustin Zhou also slapped him there for several minutes, then he would really have no face to behave!

But now does he have a choice?

Originally, he was here to find Dustin Zhou trouble, and he brought several nursing homes, but those nursing homes were all hanged and beaten!

If Dustin Zhou wants to beat him now, what will he resist?

“You, don’t come over!” “You can’t beat me!” “I am the head of the Ding family!” “The Ding family has hundreds of millions of assets and countless industries. These are powerful strengths. If you beat me , You can’t bear the consequences at all!” Ding Yiyu, who was extremely flustered, could only struggle pale and weak.

Use his identity to threaten Dustin Zhou.

However, if his status could threaten Dustin Zhou, then Ding Xiong would not be beaten so badly.

“So?” Dustin Zhou smiled coldly, “So I can’t beat you, am I?” “You tell me why? Why can’t I beat you if you are the Patriarch of the Ding family?” “Why are you worth hundreds of millions? I can’t beat you?” Dustin Zhou is very disgusted with such people.

If you don’t have any abilities, you will always use your own identity to threaten others.

With this time, why can’t I improve my strength?

Of course, the most annoying thing is that this kind of person is hard to be convinced.

Dustin Zhou is basically certain that even if Dustin Zhou hangs on Zhou Yu now, there is no practical significance.

After the two of them returned to Ding’s house, they would definitely try to retaliate against Dustin Zhou again. The reason was simple. In their eyes, Dustin Zhou had no right to hang them.

It’s just a fluke!

So they will retaliate!

This is also what makes Dustin Zhou feel the most headache.

Sure enough, Ding Yiyu spoke, “Because trash like you does not match me!” Dustin Zhou smiled bitterly and shook his head. When he was about to feel that he had guessed correctly, a loud voice suddenly rang at the door.

“Who said the boss is not worthy?” It was Su Wei!

The boy finally came, Dustin Zhou was relieved.

No matter how strong he himself is, he can slap Ding Yiyu and Ding Xiong as he wants, but it is very troublesome to let them admit defeat.


After all, in the eyes of the Ding family and his sons, he is just a trash with only a little fist.

Even if you crippled them, they would not really bow their heads!

And in this Avaria, Dustin Zhou would not really kill them.

Fortunately, Su Wei is finally here!

For an identity like Su Wei, it is easiest to deal with people like the Ding family and his son!

Sure enough, after seeing Su Wei’s shadow, the Ding family and his son stood up instantly!

Even though their faces have been beaten into pig heads, they still put on a respectful attitude, “Master Su, why are you here?” Uncle Xie and Mother Xie also stood by Ding’s father and son with a wink. Behind him, he bowed slightly to show his respect.

It’s just that Su Wei ignored them at all, didn’t even have to look at them straight, and walked straight towards Dustin Zhou.

“Huh, why did I come?” “If I don’t come, how much do you plan to disturb the boss?” With that, Su Wei had already come to Dustin Zhou’s side, bending slightly, and said directly, ” Gangster, I’m late.” Boom!

The scene before him struck the two brothers and sisters of the Xie family and the father and son of the Ding family like a thunderbolt.

What did they see?

Su Wei!

The young master of that dignified second family actually called Dustin Zhou a big brother!

Dustin Zhou, what is his identity?

“Sister-in-law.” Su Wei nodded slightly at Mira Xie.

Mira Xie also responded politely.

This time, the four people bowing next to him were even more shocked.

Originally, they thought whether Su Wei made a mistake or admitted the wrong person.

But now it looks like it is obviously not!

Su Wei really regarded Dustin Zhou as a boss!

But why!

Isn’t that kid just a trash?

Before they could solve their doubts, Su Wei looked over directly.

“What do you mean?” “Why do you want to provoke the boss?” Su Wei asked coldly.

It seems that he really looks like a child of a super big family.

At the very least, in front of Ding’s father and son and Xie’s brothers and sisters, Su Wei’s aura is enough!

“We are confused!” The Ding family father and son did not hesitate too much, and directly admitted their mistakes and apologized, “That’s because we didn’t know that Mr. Zhou was your boss!” “If we want to know, then count it to us. A hundred dare to provoke him!” “That’s it?” Su Wei nodded, “but you still provoke, what should I do now?” “I was wrong!” Ding Xiong drew directly. He slapped himself, in order to show his sincerity, he did not stop and continued to slap himself fiercely.

“What’s the matter with you?” Su Wei looked at Ding Yiyu.

Ding Yiyu looked at Ding Xiong next to him, cursing secretly.


If Ding Xiong was not the first to slap himself, then he still has a high chance of negotiating with Su Wei.

But now that Ding Xiong has slapped himself, what else can he do?

Could it be that he apologized sincerely?

Of course it didn’t work, so he started to slap himself.

Chapter 892

The Ding family and his son began to slap themselves. Actually, this matter is very simple. Originally, Dustin Zhou didn’t plan to do anything to them.

Since they paid the price and sincerely apologized, Dustin Zhou would not have too much care with them at all, so he would just let them go.

The most embarrassing people at this time are the two uncle Xie family and Xie mother!

Originally, they had a dispute with the Ding family. Now Dustin Zhou called Su Wei to solve the Ding family father and son. This should have been a good thing.

But the embarrassment was embarrassing. They had already acknowledged the Ding family and his son, and they had severely insulted Dustin Zhou!

Even Xie’s mother wanted to slap Dustin Zhou several times in order to please the Ding father and son!

Now Dustin Zhou has called people, what should they do?

Su Wei also set his sights on these two people.

He didn’t know these two people, seeing them standing behind the father and son of the Ding family, he thought they were from the Ding family.

So he spoke again.

“What’s the matter with you two?” “Do you want to be the enemy of our Su family?” Su Wei asked quite majestic.

Uncle Xie’s face sank.

Enemy the Su family!

Mother Xie didn’t know what the Su family meant, but he knew very well!

That’s a first-class family!

And it is the second-class family!

Such a super family, even if their Xie family is integrated and become an aristocratic family, the Su family crushes them to death is just a matter of moving their fingers!

His face suddenly became hard to look, “Master Su told a joke, how can we have this courage…” “What do you mean? So far, there is no apology. Isn’t it just to provoke the Su family?” Su Wei Interrupted him directly.

At this time, Uncle Xie’s family was completely helpless.

He could only turn his eyes on Dustin Zhou for help.

And Mother Xie looked at Dustin Zhou with a threatening look.

She pointed to Dustin Zhou’s nose and said, “Master, don’t be angry, I am the mother-in-law of this waste!” This is the first time that Xie’s mother has admitted her identity as Dustin Zhou’s mother-in-law.

However, Dustin Zhou in her mouth is still a waste.

Su Wei cast a suspicious look at Dustin Zhou.

Dustin Zhou nodded gently, “Don’t pay attention to them.” Although it is still not clear what is going on, since Dustin Zhou has spoken, Su Wei will naturally comply.

“That’s it, then even if this matter is finished,” Su Wei asked, looking at Dustin Zhou.

Dustin Zhou nodded.

Sent away the Ding family,

Even if this matter is done.

Su Wei left, leaving only the Xie family and Dustin Zhou in the hall.

Uncle Xie’s look at Dustin Zhou was a little worried.

It was Zhou Mu who looked at Dustin Zhou without any fear.

Because Dustin Zhou’s image of waste is too ingrained in her mind.

No matter what Dustin Zhou did, she would not think it was Dustin Zhou’s strength.

“Why don’t you call someone earlier? Do you want to see my joke?” “You trash, you can’t handle such a small thing, and you want Mira to marry you. I think you are a foolish dream !” Xie’s mother cursed like a shrew.

“What’s the matter with me? At first I

When confronting the Ding family, didn’t you still beat me?

Dustin Zhou shrugged his shoulders. He had become accustomed to Xie’s mother’s unreasonableness. It was the uncle of the Xie family who re-examined Dustin Zhou after passing this incident. The man who can make the young master of the Su family a big brother! Why does Dustin Zhou have this ability? Or is there any secret in him? So the uncle of the Xie family asked directly, “Dustin Zhou, what is the relationship between you and the young master of the Su family?

“Even Xie’s mother showed a curious look. Although she always thought Dustin Zhou was a waste. But today’s matter is not fake. Dustin Zhou really called the young man named Su Wei casually, and it was easy. Solved their most difficult problem. “Nothing, just a friend.

Dustin Zhou said very relaxedly, “I helped him, so if I have something, he will sell me some thin noodles.”

“This can be considered a fact. Although the relationship between the two is far more simple than it is said, it is the same thing if summed up in the simplest way. Hearing Dustin Zhou’s answer, Uncle Xie’s face A flash of disappointment flashed through. He thought Dustin Zhou was a big man. It turned out to have met Young Master Su by accident. With this kind of unreliable friend relationship, it’s okay to help the little ones and eat a meal at all. What kind of really useful contacts. Xie’s mother has a face of disdain. “Waste is waste. After so long, there is still nothing.

“I’m so embarrassed to know the young master of the Su family, and don’t look at who he is or who he is. Why are you embarrassed to stand with them?”

“I make a lot of friends every day, don’t I have nothing?”

Mother Xie felt that she had just lost her face, and now she is trying harder to damage Dustin Zhou. This will help her find a little self-esteem. At this time, Mira Xie finally couldn’t help it, “Mom, are you enough? Up to us!

“If it weren’t for Dustin Zhou, we can’t figure out what it is now!”

“Mother Xie’s face is a bit ugly. No matter how shameless she is, she cannot refute this fact. Uncle Xie is also a bit embarrassed, because this sentence also hit his sore spot. Discuss this matter.

“This incident is just an episode. The most important thing for us now is to establish the Xie Family, so that the Xie Family can become a family!

“When talking about this, the uncle Xie’s eyes flashed with enthusiasm. Founding the Xie family, he was the head of a family! Soon everyone came to the box, and the other relatives of the Xie family were also very short. Over time


In fact, many of them had arrived a long time ago, but they saw that Xie’s mother and Ding’s family had a dispute, so they chose to hide on the side.

But now, they came out one after another, came to the box and sat down carelessly, as if nothing happened just now.

“Since everyone has arrived, then we won’t talk nonsense. Anyway, everyone knows what the purpose of this family banquet is.” “I want to integrate all the resources of the Xie family and turn the Xie family into one. Aristocratic family!” “The resources here don’t just mean that the people of the Xie family must be united together. The most important thing is assets. Can you understand?” Uncle Xie’s uncle scanned the crowd, and the people he watched were low. Over.

What a joke, everyone knows that being a child of a family is a good thing.

But it’s different if you let me pay!

The best situation is not to pay, but you can enjoy the welfare of the family!

Uncle Xie sighed. He didn’t expect this situation.

Dang Even looked at Mira Xie, “Mira, I don’t know other people, but it should be right for you to have a company.”

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