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Chapter 1133

Lin Ziyu couldn’t believe it. Could it be that Dustin Zhou’s goal was really just to make their family reunite?

What a joke!

Isn’t it easy to reconcile?

The point is that Lin Ziyu doesn’t want to make peace with this family!

In that home, all she can get is grievance.

Dustin Zhou, what on earth do you want to do?

I saw Dustin Zhou continue to say, “If his parents are in trouble, if Lin Ziyu is so rich, and if he doesn’t stand up and help, then it is really a beast.” “If Lin Ziyu is really such a person. , Uncle and Auntie, don’t need to say

What, I would like the media to report Lin Ziyu’s behavior and directly let her fall from the position of chairman!

“It’s getting more and more outrageous. What exactly does Dustin Zhou want to do? Lin Ziyu can’t figure it out. And the stepmother and Lin Zhigang also vaguely realized what was wrong. This Dustin Zhou is not trying to usurp the throne! Let Lin Ziyu take the chairmanship Falling from the position? This is not what they want to see. “It’s not that serious, it’s all from my own family.

“The stepmother said quickly. “Don’t, auntie, you don’t need to say these things, I know what to do.

“If Lin Ziyu is really the kind of white-eyed wolf, I will definitely make her pay the price she can handle.”

“Of course, all the prerequisites I mentioned are all under the circumstances of Lin Ziyu’s death.

“If it’s another situation, it’s another matter.

There was a meaningful smile on Dustin Zhou’s face. The stepmother and Lin Zhigang who were watching were a little guilty. “What is another situation?”

“The stepmother asked. Dustin Zhou smiled slightly, “Another situation is that you didn’t come to Ziyu at all. You came here just to cheat money!”

Dustin Zhou said very calmly. This sentence hit the pain point of the stepmother, and she immediately jumped out, “What do you mean!”

You don’t want to spit people, let me tell you, you are a bad guy!

“I’m not bad or not, but there is no final conclusion, but you must have no good intentions.”

As Dustin Zhou said, he took out the mobile phone from his trouser pocket. The mobile phone was a survey report. It turned out that Lin Zhigang’s company did not have any problems at all. To put it bluntly, Lin Zhigang’s company is not large, but it is in Donghai City. It has been mixed for decades, and there are still some popularity and repeat customers. Such a small company structure is extremely stable, and under normal circumstances there will be no problems. And now the reason why Lin Zhigang is asking Lin Ziyu for money is because Lin Zhigang quietly They opened a branch, and the name of this branch is Lin Xiaowei! It is because of this branch that they need a lot of money! And their appetite is great. The scale of this branch is larger than that of Lin Zhigang. It’s a few times bigger, worth about one billion! Of course, this is just their project planning, and it hasn’t succeeded yet because they haven’t got the money from Lin Ziyu. I wanted to start a company worth one billion yuan for Lin Xiaowei. This is ironclad proof. Do you have any explanation?

“You haven’t been in contact with Ziyu for more than a year. Now that the scale of the famous company has just exploded, you have come to the door, and open your mouth to ask for money. Do you still use sophistry for your purpose?”

“Ziyu forgive me

You, it is your honor.

“Not to mention that your company has no difficulties at all. Even if there are difficulties, you just open your mouth so disregarding Ziyu’s feelings. This is not something a qualified parent should do.

“What’s more, you are just for Lin Xiaowei. Ziyu is obligated to help you in the elderly. It is not too much to help you even in the company. But you still want Ziyu to help Lin Xiaowei start a company. Is it too much?”

Dustin Zhou took out the iron evidence and directly taught the unconscionable couple a lesson. After being taught, Lin Zhigang felt a little guilty. Because he was indeed aware of his mistakes, and deeply realized that in this case In fact, the daughter did not make any mistakes, she was too much. But the stepmother was not reconciled. “What’s wrong with you?

This is all in our family, right? What does it have to do with you?

“What the hell are you doing!”

What if we want to help Xiaowei start a company?

As my daughter, Xiaowei’s sister, Lin Ziyu, is there anything wrong with helping Xiaowei?

“The stepmother is like a rabbit stepped on its tail, jumping up and screaming. She is finally anxious. When things get here, she has already begun to reverse. Anxious eyes mean no more, and her hips are stretched. , This girl is finished! “Hehe, don’t worry, auntie, didn’t you just say that?

“Faced with the irritability of the stepmother, Dustin Zhou still remained calm, “What did you say just now?

“No money, nothing else, just because you are a parent and care about Ziyu, that’s why you came to find Ziyu Hehao, right?”

“Now Ziyu still has a bit of grudge in his heart. He doesn’t want to help his brother start a company. Is there anything wrong?”

“Did you just apologize to Ziyu?”

“The stepmother’s face flushed red, she stared at Dustin Zhou fiercely, and squeezed a few words from her teeth, “What can it be like this?”

But after all, these are also our family’s affairs. What does it have to do with you?

“It really has nothing to do with me, please ask Ziyu.”

Dustin Zhou shrugged his shoulders. That’s it. The time has come for you to retreat and hide your merits and fame. Dustin Zhou blinked at Lin Ziyu, meaning that Lin Ziyu’s performance stage is next. And Lin Ziyu also smiled slightly, and it’s time. Now, she has completely figured out Dustin Zhou’s thoughts. It can be said that Dustin Zhou has completely laid the foundation for her, and she is invincible! Lin Ziyu sighed deliberately and made a very Embarrassed, “Mom, I didn’t expect you to lie to me like this.

“Fortunately, I was very touched just now. I thought you really felt sorry for me, so I wanted to reconcile with me. As a result, I was still running.

Did my money come from?

Lin Ziyu shook her head with a very sad look, “Dad, do you know this too?”

You don’t even think about how I feel, right?

“Hearing this, Lin Zhigang was anxious. He must have loved his daughter! So he immediately said, “No, no, Ziyu, don’t think too much, dad, I just ask you, why not Consider how you feel?

“I really want to make peace with you, daughter, I really miss you!”

“Fixed! The thing has developed so far, at least one thing is certain is that Lin Zhigang will definitely stand on Lin Ziyu’s side!

Chapter 1134

Lin Zhigang is a man, the head of the family Man. In fact, both sides are considered his relatives, whether it is Lin Ziyu or stepmother. So many times, he acts as a referee, and his position is very important. Every time Lin Ziyu and stepmother are allowed to be normal, in the end he Come out to preside over “justice”, to put it bluntly, honest officials can hardly break housework. This so-called justice is not absolute, but it depends on who will say it. In the past, Lin Zhigang, who can be fooled by stepmothers, was stunned. Every time I helped my stepmother scold Lin Ziyu. But this time it was different. Lin Ziyu had an absolute advantage. From Lin Zhigang’s perspective, this time he was too sorry for his daughter, so he would stand on her side anyway. And Lin Ziyu continued to increase his efforts. “Dad, if you can say that, then I really feel better in my heart.

“In fact, to put it bluntly, even if I speak harshly, I also grew up in our family after all. It is definitely impossible to say that I don’t have any feelings for our family.

“I don’t want to fight with you either, I want to make peace with you, but at least, you have to make me feel that you really care about me, right?

“Lin Ziyu said grievously. Where did Lin Zhigang have seen his stubborn daughter have such a side? Suddenly the heart of steel melted completely. “Good daughter, I understand. Of course Dad cares about you. Dad promised that he would never make those excessive demands again!

Lin Zhigang took his chest slap as a bang. He has never been so proud of being a father all his life, and he has never felt as successful as he is today. His daughter cares about her too! What could be better than This incident made a dad even more happy. But this scene can make the stepmother on one side anxious. What are you doing! You are a father and a daughter, what should we do with the mother and son? But at this time, she still can’t speak. Because Lin Ziyu didn’t give her a chance to speak at all.

, Dad, since you promised, then you will never lie to me today about what company has problems, right?

“I don’t think of a way to lie to me and start a company for Lin Xiaowei, right?”

“Lin Ziyu said while the iron was hot. In a word, all the retreats of the stepmother died. Lin Zhigang promised very happily, “Absolutely no daughter, I promise you, I will definitely tell you all the truth in the future!”

After saying these words, Lin Ziyu also felt a burst of unprecedented joy. It turned out that this is the family she needs. In fact, there is a person in the family who loves her, that is, her father Lin Zhigang. But the stepmother is a bad person. Every time, he made trouble and provoked discord. It is precisely because of this that Lin Ziyu would be stunned every time and be fooled by his stepmother, which caused his relationship with his father to become very bad. But in fact, is this possible? Isn’t that what the stepmother wants to see? She shouldn’t be fooled by the stepmother. Why should a woman who is committed to frame her up succeed? It’s so great that the father can be considerate of herself, and she won’t be isolated. At the same time, you can also protect the benefits you deserve. After finishing Lin Zhigang, Lin Ziyu looked at his stepmother with a smile, “Mom, what else do you want to say now?

“You should love me too?”

Isn’t it very selfish?

“You would never say that everything you just said is false, just to help Xiaowei cheat money from me, right?”

“Lin Ziyu said with a smile. “I, I…” The stepmother was speechless. How to put it? If she agrees, then she will definitely not get the money today. But if she says it’s not. , Then she became a liar, and Lin Ziyu would not even give her the money. “What are you doing as a woman?

Didn’t you hear your daughter talking to you?

Tell her quickly, we are here to meet our daughter, it has nothing to do with money!

“At this time, Lin Zhigang stood up and began to help her daughter, just as he used to give her stepmother. The stepmother was a little angry. Now there is no one in the whole family who can help her… Oh of course, her son Lin Xiaowei It’s still on her side. Unfortunately, it’s useless. Lin Xiaowei is a trash and can’t help much. To put it bluntly, if Lin Xiaowei is not a trash, he won’t be doing nothing until now. Hearing Lin Zhigang’s words, the stepmother gritted her teeth. For a long time, he squeezed out a sentence and said, “Dang, of course, but Ba Ziyu, Mom didn’t lie to you, Xiaowei is your brother after all.

“He has done nothing until now. You are a sister, shouldn’t you help him?”

“All plans have been shattered, she

Now I can only play around and don’t make sense.

Just bit the bullet and say what you want to say and it’s over, and she won’t hear anything other people say!

“Mom, what do you mean? You keep saying that you are not here to cheat money, but you still can’t do without money in two sentences. What do you want?” “What should I call me to help him? Back then I started a business Did any of you help me?” “I’m telling you, the conditions you mentioned didn’t ask me to help him. It’s just unreasonable. Let me directly give him one billion, that is, help him. Do you want to start a business?” “If he really wants to start a business, that’s okay. I’ll buy him a table and let him set up a street stall. I will buy him a good one for 30 yuan. What do you think?” Lin Ziyu He said frankly, “How old is he now? What does he want a billion-dollar company for? This is simply unreasonable!” “You are too much, Ziyu, how can Xiaowei set up a street stall? “The stepmother simply tore her face, “Today this thing makes it clear that you just refuse to take the money, isn’t it? You don’t want to recognize my mother, right?” Lin Ziyu shrugged and lazily moved to the boss chair. When I lay down, Lin Zhigang looked to one side and said, “Dad, I think I have finished what I should say, and it’s up to you next. You can judge.” Lin Zhigang has always done this kind of work. , Who made him the head of the family!

So he immediately stepped up and pointed at the stepmother, “You are too much, why is Ziyu wrong? We are here to recognize the child, not to ask for money!” “And why can’t Xiaowei show it? It’s a street stall? He, I, I also came from a street stall back then. Just tell me what you mean? Why is it so unreasonable and unreasonable?” This time Lin Zhigang was also a little angry.

The father-daughter relationship that was finally restored, how could this prodigal wife not know to cherish it?

Chapter 1135

In fact, it is not a treasure that the stepmother does not understand. The stepmother is a very smart woman. Of course, she knows that the restoration of the father-daughter relationship between Lin Zhigang and Lin Ziyu is hard-won.

But the point is that this stepmother doesn’t want to see such a sight at all!

What he hopes is that Lin Zhigang can stand on his side and run Lin Ziyu together!

In the past, the father-daughter relationship between these two people was not good. Isn’t it all because he caused trouble?

Seeing this scene now, the stepmother is really going to be mad at death.

At this time, she had torn her face, and it was no longer useful to reason, so she could only roll around.

“Old Lin! Lin Zhigang! What do you mean!” the stepmother called to Lin Zhigang jumping, “Xiaowei is your own son! How can you say such a thing!”

“How can you let Xiaowei go out to set up a stall! How tiring to set up a stall, it’s windy and sun-dried, and you also have to avoid ground ruffians from time to time!” “It’s not that our family doesn’t have this condition now. The money has reached this level, so what happened to the help of billions of dollars to help her brother? Is my request too much?” Is it too much?

Seeing the stepmother saying such shameless words so arrogantly and arrogantly, Lin Zhigang felt out of anger.

He even wanted to slap this prodigal lady to death.

You can’t say too much!

That’s not what you said when you first came.

Lin Zhigang also broke out completely, “Don’t give me shame, I will ask you one sentence, can you not withdraw money today? Didn’t you just say that today is not here to withdraw money at all?” Following the tit-for-tat, “Then I will leave the words here for you. If you are really unreasonable, then I can’t promise you!” “Xiaowei can’t go to the street stall, Lin Ziyu must take out the money today! “Who is unreasonable?”

This scene is self-evident at all.

But the stepmother is able to achieve this level, obviously she has no reason at all, and she can also put on an upright and confident look.

However, all this does not matter.

Because Lin Ziyu has mastered all the initiative.

“Haha, stop arguing,” Lin Ziyu waved his hand, “Dad, I have taken your mind.” “But Mom’s attitude is also very clear, she doesn’t plan to reason with us at all, even I keep saying that we are unreasonable.” “If this is the case, then count all the mistakes on my head.” “I am unreasonable, and I don’t take the money out. Starting today, I and You sever any relationship, but you can’t take a cent of the money.” “Dad, if you go back and live with your mom, Dad, you will treat my daughter as unfilial.” Lin Ziyu pretended to be very helpless and very sad. Said the expression.

This action directly ignited Lin Zhigang, “Have you heard it! My daughter is going to sever relations with us again!” “In short, if you still have to withdraw money today, we will get divorced!” “I can’t be sorry to Ziyu anymore! That’s it!” Lin Zhigang directly said the word divorce.

This time the stepmother was completely dumbfounded.


That won’t work!

What kind of thing is she without Lin Zhigang?

A lot of years old, with a wasteful but self-willed son, a son who is not so bad at all, where do they go to live?

They’re afraid they won’t even be able to live in the bridge hole!

The stepmother was persuaded in an instant, she gritted her teeth, knowing that marriage is definitely not possible, but with this tone, she didn’t want to be there.

Why swallow.

“Okay, okay, your father and daughter are great, you unite and run me!” “I won’t mention the money today, but from now on, don’t want me to come to this company again!” The stepmother said angrily. Walking outside… it seems like someone is rare to come here.

“Walk slowly, don’t give it away.” Lin Ziyu waved lazily, but she was happy in her heart. This is probably the first time she has won so happy after confronting her stepmother for so long.

But then Dustin Zhou spoke again.

“Oh by the way, it doesn’t matter if Auntie leaves, but uncle, please stay. I think Ziyu should have something to find you, it is about your company.” Dustin Zhou said, and the stepmother who just walked to the door stopped immediately. Stepped, and then raised his ears.

Blame this brat!

In fact, the stepmother all understands that the reason why he lost so messed up today is all because Dustin Zhou’s mentality is too strong.

So she is a little wary now, what is Dustin Zhou doing with this bad boy?

“Huh? Auntie, aren’t you leaving now?” Dustin Zhou asked with a smile.

“I can’t rest here! Can you control it?” The stepmother glared at Dustin Zhou.

“I really can manage it. Don’t forget where this is. This is Mingyang Company!” Dustin Zhou sneered. “And I, as the second largest shareholder of Mingyang Company, are qualified to control the suspicious personnel coming in from the company. No problem, right?” Now that everyone has torn their faces, Dustin Zhou doesn’t need to smile and show this stepmother’s face.

Hit her directly!

The stepmother’s face became stiff, “Then this company is not yours alone, right!” “I don’t welcome you either! Didn’t you just say you will never come here again?” Lin Ziyu said immediately.

The stepmother really didn’t recruit this time.

She doesn’t even have the qualifications to stay here. She believes that if she can’t give a reason, Dustin Zhou or Lin Ziyu should call a security guard in the next second.

What a shame to be swept out of the house!

She can’t afford to lose this person!

“You, what do you want!” the stepmother said in a somewhat compromised tone.

“It’s very simple, you apologize to Ziyu, if Ziyu is willing to keep you, then I have nothing to say.” Dustin Zhou pushed this good thing to Lin Ziyu.

The stepmother gritted her teeth, her heart was really frustrated to the extreme.

It was here to make trouble, but to ask for money.

But if the money is not there, I have to apologize for sitting here!

It was Lin Ziyu who was bullied by her since childhood!

She felt like she was going crazy.

But there is no way, how can people not bow their heads under the eaves.

She took a deep breath and squeezed a few words between her teeth, “I’m sorry Ziyu, let me sit here for a while.” “Sit down.”

No, if you want to stay here, just stand.

“Lin Ziyu glanced at her and said faintly. What kidding, how did this stepmother deal with Lin Ziyu before? How could Lin Ziyu give her a good face! Finally finished the toss, and began to return to the point of the problem, Dustin Zhou left Lin Zhigang What is it for? “Uncle, I think you should think about it and merge your company into a famous company.

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