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Chapter 116

Chapter 116 I am not scared!

“Donghai Sun Family?” Dustin Zhou suddenly thought of Sun Tian he met when he was in Donghai University.

That Sun Tian is from the Donghai Sun family.

Moreover, looking at Su Wei’s expression at the time, it seemed that he was very jealous of Sun Tian.

Those who can make the Sun Family jealous, apart from all their own strengths, the Sun Family’s strength will definitely not be low.

At the very least, it was an existence comparable to the Su family.

However, Dustin Zhou was dismissive.

What can the Sun family do, compared with the Zhou family, is like a mayfly shaking a tree.

What’s more, even Sun Tian can make Niu Chuan get close to the other party and pass out directly.

Is it still afraid of a Sun Cheng?

After all, before the stadium, when facing Sister Yang, the performance of Sun Cheng was seen by Dustin Zhou.

Such a person is at best a collateral child of the Sun family, and he is still the kind that is not valued.

“Go, let’s go to the police station!” Dustin Zhou said, standing up directly.

“Xiaomeng, just stay here, follow Sister Yang and the others, I’ll go to the police station!” Dustin Zhou said

After that, he walked out directly.

At this moment, Mira Xie, Enderia Shen, and others were all waiting outside.

Seeing Dustin Zhou come out, everyone looked at him.

Sister Yang, Zhao Wanrong, and Zhang Tiantian looked at Dustin Zhou, with surprise flashing in their eyes.

They have been listening to Su Xiaomeng talking about Dustin Zhou, and it was the first time they saw each other today, and they didn’t expect this to happen.

But fortunately, Dustin Zhou stepped forward at a critical moment and protected Su Xiaomeng, so Su Xiaomeng was not injured.

For this, they are very grateful to Dustin Zhou.

“Mr. Zhou, thank you very much for today, if it weren’t for you, the consequences would be unpredictable!” Sister Yang walked over first and saluted Dustin Zhou very seriously.

And Zhao Wanrong and Zhang Tiantian also looked like the scholar Yang Jie, and saluted Dustin Zhou.

“This matter has nothing to do with Xiaomeng. To tell the truth, I caused her to be tired and frightened her. Please go in and comfort her. I will go to the police station now.” Dustin Zhou helped several people and said in a deep voice. After a few words, he prepared to leave.

“Let’s go with you!” Before Dustin Zhou took a few steps, Mira Xie and Enderia Shen followed.

“I’ll stay here to accompany Mengmeng.” After hesitating for a while, Chen Xin chose to stay here to accompany Su Xiaomeng. After all, she also knew that she would not be able to help much by following.

“Okay!” Dustin Zhou nodded without saying much.

The four people soon came to the police station.

At this moment, the outside of the police station was surrounded by reporters from all walks of life.

Rocket Girls is now a very popular star group in the country, and the assault at the Donghai concert is undoubtedly a depth bomb.

Detonated the entire entertainment circle in an instant!

The media in Donghai City had the right time and location, and immediately started reporting after receiving the news.

After Dustin Zhou got out of the car, he saw at least a dozen media reporters squatting in front of him.

The assailant Zhang Shufa was taken to the police station. There is no way to hide this.

And these reporters, in order to get first-hand information, can only wait here.

“You said, why did this Zhang Shufa assassinate Rocket Girl?” “I don’t know this, but I heard that it was very dangerous at the time, and it almost hurt Su Xiaomeng. If it wasn’t for another fan to come forward, I’m afraid now It’s even more chaotic!” “You said, could Su Xiaomeng mix up with someone in private to make people retaliate?” … All kinds of discussions continued to appear through the mouths of these reporters.

Standing behind them, Dustin Zhou frowned.

“How they guess is their right, as long as the matter is investigated clearly, all unprovoked guesses will be gone by then!” Enderia Shen saw Dustin Zhou frown and couldn’t help but explain.

“Yeah.” Dustin Zhou didn’t say much, and walked directly into the police station.

After identifying himself, a policeman directly took Dustin Zhou inside.

“Hey? How can these people get in?” “That’s right, why they can get in, we can’t get in, we are reporters!” “We want to get in too!” Seeing Dustin Zhou and the four of them went directly in, guarding outside. The reporter was dumbfounded.

But as soon as they reacted, they also made a fuss, shouting one by one to go in.

“They are the parties involved, so naturally they can go in. You guys, let’s just wait here!” A policeman on duty wrote lightly, leaving a sentence behind and returning to his job directly.

When the police said this, the reporters were all silent.

But after only a few seconds, they became excited.

“It turned out to be a party!” “Yes, then we can interview them, they must know more!” “Great, we are waiting here now, as long as they come out, we will rush forward!” Zhong The reporters met one after another and even formed an offensive and defensive alliance to prepare for the next interview.

At this time, Dustin Zhou followed the police and had already arrived inside the police station.

The Rocket Girls concert assault incident is not a big deal to be honest. Normally, the assault case is solved quickly by the police.

But this time is different. The victim is a member of Rocket Girl and enjoys a great reputation across the country.

At this time, the assault incident is not just a small matter, but the whole country is paying attention.

The police station can’t handle it at will, so it should be treated with caution.

Officer Hao, who was in charge of this case, saw Dustin Zhou and some of the information sent by Zhang Shu.

Although the case requires confidentiality, Dustin Zhou is the direct victim and has the right to know some content and details of the case.

“There is one thing I might want to tell you first.” Officer Hao looked at Dustin Zhou and several people, thought about it, and said.

“According to Zhang Shu’s account, the person who instigated him was called Sun Cheng, and after investigation, Sun Cheng was from the Sun family in Donghai City.” Dustin Zhou had heard this news from Niu Chuan before, and he had no other feeling when he heard it at this moment.

“Thank you, Officer Hao. It’s just that he instructed people to hurt me, and the impact is extremely bad.” “I don’t care if he is the grandson family or the Zhang family. If he provokes me, I will definitely It won’t make him feel better.” “I, Dustin Zhou, is not scared.” Dustin Zhou said coldly.

Officer Hao saw Dustin Zhou’s resolute attitude and didn’t say much. He just recorded the transcript for them. After signing, he asked them to return first.

go with.

Dustin Zhou did not stay in the police station for a long time. After the incident was taken over by the police, he would definitely go through professional procedures, and it was not his turn to point out.

In fact, Dustin Zhou didn’t even think about it.

He doesn’t care what kind of punishment Zhang Shufa will eventually get, nor what kind of punishment Sun Cheng will get in the end.

Dustin Zhou will make his own counterattack.

“Let’s go back first. There are some things that need to be considered carefully.” The more intense the thought in his mind, Dustin Zhou left the police station directly.

However, as soon as they stepped out of the police station, the reporters crouching outside came like a pack of wolves seeing their prey.

Chapter 117

Dustin Zhou was actually prepared for this situation.

It’s just that he didn’t expect that these reporters, seeing themselves as if hungry wolves saw delicious prey, were completely indifferent to their image and swarmed to know them.

“Sir, are you the person involved in the Rocket Girl’s assassination?” “What is your relationship with Su Xiaomeng? Why do you want to protect her from the knife?” “Did you ever think about your own safety?” Do you think this attack was deliberate, or was it a temporary intention?” … Questions from these reporters kept asking, without giving Dustin Zhou any chance to hesitate or breathe.

These reporters can’t wait for Dustin Zhou to turn into a machine and answer all questions at once.

And the microphones in their hands stretched out directly in front of Dustin Zhou, almost poking him in the face.

Dustin Zhou was in such a bad mood by these reporters, and his face instantly became cold.

Not to mention their actions at the moment are very rude.

As for the questions they asked one by one, almost all the questions focused on asking about the situation at the time.

No one cared about the safety of Su Xiaomeng and his victim.

They seem to want to dig out the hidden information behind this murder, so as to fabricate stories, blog people’s attention, and seize the sight of the market and the public.

Dustin Zhou did not object to reporters having such a thought, but at this time, just a few hours after the incident, they were so eager to explore, which made Dustin Zhou very unhappy.

Dustin Zhou has always had a principle.

Whoever makes him unhappy, he will make him unhappy.

Before Charlie Chen knew that Dustin Zhou was married to Mira Xie, he had to harass Mira Xie and even intimidated Mira Xie with his own beauty makeup.

This made Dustin Zhou very unhappy, so Dustin Zhou first made Charlie unhappy at the cooperation bidding meeting, and later all kinds of targets also made him unhappy.

Now these reporters upset Dustin Zhou, and Dustin Zhou will also upset them.

“Have you finished asking your questions?


Dustin Zhou said lightly, and glanced around on the faces of these reporters, without any slight fluctuations in their expressions. The reporters were a little confused by Dustin Zhou at this moment, I don’t know why his attitude suddenly became so cold. In fact, these. The reporter thought they were reporters, and Dustin Zhou should treat them better. However, from the beginning to the end, Dustin Zhou has not been enthusiastic to them. “I know you have a lot of questions you want to ask, and I know you really want to know what happened at that time. What happened.

“I can even tell all the details of what happened at that time.”

Dustin Zhou said softly, his eyes condensed slightly, and the corners of his mouth lightly raised. All the reporters heard this, and they were relieved at the same time. At the same time, they were extremely excited. Dustin Zhou’s words are already obvious. He can tell all the details of the whole incident Say it all. And these are the missions of these reporters this time! All reporters turned on their voice recorders and prepared to record what Dustin Zhou would say next. And some powerful media also sent cameras with them, and turned them on at this time. Equipment, ready to shoot. Everything is ready, just wait for Dustin Zhou to speak. “But!

Seeing the reporters so serious, Dustin Zhou’s voice changed. “I don’t plan to say it!”

Nor will it disclose any details of the entire incident.

After Dustin Zhou finished speaking, he smiled calmly, ignoring the reactions of the reporters at all. At this moment, all the reporters looked at Dustin Zhou with wide-eyed eyes, and their hearts were all dull. But what followed was endless. Angry. They prepared everything, the recorder turned on, and the camera turned on to record, and even some reporters had already figured in their minds what kind of manuscript they would write after returning. When everything was ready, Dustin Zhou didn’t even plan to say it? And, look. He looks like this, he is clearly ready to play with them from the beginning. “Damn!

Are you a fool?

“That’s right, we are all ready, so don’t you say anything?”

“Boy, if you have a kind, just report your name and see how I can expose your ugly face when I go back!”

“Everyone, don’t let them go. This kid is so defiant and treats us reporters like monkeys. If he doesn’t give an explanation, we will never end with him!”

“… The reporters’ emotions broke out, one by one crowded in front of Dustin Zhou, not letting him leave. Niu Chuan quickly stopped in front of Dustin Zhou, isolating these angry notes from Dustin Zhou and letting them touch Less than Dustin Zhou. However, the more this happened, the more angry this group of reporters became. They kept attacking Niu Chuan and thought in their hearts that they must find out Dustin Zhou’s details, and then publish unfavorable remarks in the media. You are not putting

Are we playing as monkeys?

Well, we will launch an offensive of public opinion, put your ugliness in front of the public, and see how you come to us and kneel down to apologize!

“All back!” Seeing these reporters constantly rushing over, Niu Chuan was also faintly struggling, and the muscles on his arms exploded directly.

“What are you doing? What are you doing?” “All back! What do you want to do when making trouble in front of the police station?” At this moment, Officer Hao rushed over with a scream, and several police officers from the police station acted immediately. They stopped.

“Do you know where this is? It’s a nonsense!” Officer Hao’s face was gloomy and very ugly.

These reporters, he knew, squatted at the police station almost all year round, once there was any case.

Or it is an emergency. They are like bloody sharks who can quickly locate and track the target.

As a police officer, Officer Hao was also helpless.

Even sometimes these reporters keep asking about the progress of the case, which will greatly hinder the work of the police.

However, just because they are journalists and they have the right to guide public opinion, Officer Hao can only endure this.

But this time, they even blatantly made trouble in front of the police station. The nature is different.

“Officer Hao, we are not to blame, this kid is the fault!” “Yes, he treats all of us as monkeys, how can we bear this breath!” The reporters saw Officer Hao, too. Don’t be frustrated, and still fight for reasons.

Dustin Zhou looked at the reporters from the sidelines, and even thought that they were the one who had the truth, and he was the one who broke the promise.

“What’s going on?” Officer Hao couldn’t help but frowned because he didn’t know what happened.

“Officer Hao, this kid clearly said that he wanted to tell the whole story of the Rocket Girl’s assassination, but he didn’t say it halfway through. Isn’t this playing us like monkeys?” A young man with a plane head Said the male reporter angrily.

Seeing Dustin Zhou looking at nothing, he gave a fierce look and sipped at the ground.

Chapter 118

“Mr. Zhou, is this the case?” Officer Hao turned his head to look at Dustin Zhou after listening, and asked softly.

This incident is not a serious matter. At best, it is a small dispute between Dustin Zhou and the reporters. The police are responsible for mediation.

“Yes, I don’t intend to tell the whole incident.” Dustin Zhou nodded without denying it.

“Listen! This kid is dead and hard-mouthed! Treating us like monkeys, do you think we are all bullies?” “Yeah, if everyone is like him

Well, how do we reporters mess up?


Must be exposed!

Expose this person who doesn’t believe in words in the whole East China Sea, so that all the people in the East China Sea can see his ugly face!

“… The reporters were filled with righteous indignation, constantly saying all kinds of very ugly things. “Boy, if you have a kind, you can report your history. If we can’t fix you, I will kneel down and call you grandpa.

“However, if you recognize the mistake and are willing to tell us the details of the whole thing, and kowtow to us on the ground, we can also forgive you!”

” “You choose!

The young male reporter stood loosely in front of the crowd, looking at Dustin Zhou with disdain. “I choose the first one!”

Dustin Zhou smiled faintly. “What is the first one?”

“The young reporter hadn’t reacted yet, so he couldn’t help asking. “That is, you just kneel down and kowtow to me, but I don’t have a grandfather. I don’t have a grandson like you!”

“Dustin Zhou smiled lightly, very casual, and didn’t take the young reporter’s words as a matter at all. When Dustin Zhou finished speaking, Mira Xie and Enderia Shen on the side couldn’t help but smile, and their hearts relaxed a lot. They were afraid that Dustin Zhou would follow this. What kind of conflict between reporters, when there are too many reporters, if they all get angry, they will not be opponents at all. But now, hearing Dustin Zhou run this young reporter like this, the two big beauties still feel a little funny. Like the previous one. The calm Dustin Zhou has always been there, and has never left. Not only Mira Xie and Enderia Shen, but also a low laugh from the reporter crowd. Only at this time, the young reporter reacted, and a touch of anger suddenly appeared on his face. “Boy, are you entertaining me?

If I don’t take you up today, I won’t be called Chen Haonan!

The young reporter became so angry that he even forgot that he was right in front of the police station, and the police officer Hao and the other policemen were all nearby. “Look for death!”

“Chen Haonan rushed towards Dustin Zhou. Although he was young, he had practiced before. He was full of muscles and his sense of strength exploded. However, Dustin Zhou looked gentle, like an ordinary white-collar worker who didn’t exercise much and had no strength. In Chen Haonan’s eyes, it’s nothing at all. He is confident that he can knock down with a single punch. When that happens, he will teach Dustin Zhou a good meal and let Dustin Zhou know the consequences of annoyance. It’s just that he is too confident and forgets the present. Where. The moment Chen Haonan rushed towards Dustin Zhou, Officer Hao immediately moved, and he was ready to subdue Chen Haonan with one shot. But what Officer Hao didn’t expect was that someone was faster than him. Niu Chuan was the fastest. Respond, rushing in front of Officer Hao, a probe directly

He attacked Chen Haonan’s chest.

Chen Haonan didn’t even react to anything. He just heard a whirr in his ear and immediately felt a sharp pain in his chest.

Under the pain, his offensive suddenly stopped, and the whole person shrank into a shrimp shape, collapsed to the ground, clutching his chest and groaning constantly.

All this happened so quickly, when everyone did not react, Chen Haonan was already subdued by Niu Chuan.

Officer Hao, who silently retracted his fist, was also shocked, looking at Niu Chuan with surprise.

He used to be a special soldier, and later retired from the army and took a job at the Donghai Police Station.

Although he is in the public security system, Officer Hao’s skills have not been abandoned.

Like Chen Haonan, he can deal with more than a dozen people alone.

But before he was able to grab him, he put Chen Haonan on the ground. He hasn’t encountered a few until now.

Is this Niu Chuan also a special soldier?

In an instant, all kinds of thoughts surfaced in Officer Hao’s mind, and then he denied them one by one.

Officer Hao was surprised by Niu Chuan’s skill, while other reporters were afraid that Niu Chuan would also attack them.

Although they don’t know the extent of Niu Chuan’s shots.

But as long as they see Chen Haonan who is lying on the ground groaning, other reporters will be able to replenish their brains, and they will be shocked.

“Who wants to give it a try?” Niu Chuan subdued Chen Haonan, looked at all the reporters in the audience lightly, and said softly, it seemed that everything that happened just now was a trivial matter.

Don’t say that Niu Chuan’s performance at this moment is really calm, making the reporters feel confused.

As long as they saw Chen Haonan, the impulse in the hearts of the reporters instantly cooled down, and they took a few steps back one by one.

“Bring this reporter back and ask him which media he was from. They blatantly made trouble in front of the police station. I think they don’t want to do it!” Seeing that the situation was under control, Officer Hao heaved a sigh of relief and immediately delivered. command.

With Police Officer Hao’s killing of chickens and monkeys, the other reporters are also very angry at this moment.

But they all buried their anger in their hearts one by one, and when they left here safely, they were ready to report what happened today on their respective media platforms.

The fear and shame Dustin Zhou brought to them, but they were not prepared to give up the investigation.

“I know you are not convinced.” Dustin Zhou looked at these reporters and knew exactly what they were thinking. He immediately took two steps forward, looked at everyone, and said lightly.

“Remember, my name is Dustin Zhou, Mingyang company Dustin Zhou, if you plan to retaliate against me after going back, it won’t matter.” “I’m waiting for you at Mingyang company!” Confidence!

Strong confidence!

A shocking confidence

, At this moment, burst out from Dustin Zhou.

Not only did the two women, Mira Xie and Enderia Shen, who stood behind him feel, but Police Officer Hao beside him was also moved at this moment.

And those reporters, at this moment, were calmed down by Dustin Zhou’s calm and confident words.

You know, these reporters, even if they can’t represent all the media in Donghai City, at least they can represent nearly 70%.

Offending nearly 70% of the media reporters in Donghai City, Dustin Zhou is still so calm and confident!

This made the reporters feel active one by one.

Does this Dustin Zhou have any profound background, so he is not afraid at all?

For a while, the reporters have already thought about it, and after returning, they will check the information of Dustin Zhou, a famous company.

If there is really a deep background behind him, then reporters will naturally smash stones and swallow them in their stomachs.

However, once they found out that Dustin Zhou had no background.

Then all their anger would pour on Dustin Zhou in an instant.

With such anger, I am afraid that it will be difficult to stand up for any other person!

Chapter 119: There is always someone who is not afraid of death!

However, investigating Dustin Zhou’s background still needs to wait until the reporters return.

Right now, Dustin Zhou is strong, and the reporters dare not move.

After being subdued, Chen Haonan was taken directly to the police station by Officer Hao, and such a resolute move also shocked the reporters.

In the past, these reporters were very respected.

Even the police must be polite to them.

However, now, Police Officer Hao directly detained Chen Haonan.

You know, Chen Haonan represents the “Donghai Evening News.”

In this way, Officer Hao was undoubtedly playing “Dong Hai

To Dustin Zhou.

With such anger, I am afraid that it will be difficult to stand up for any other person!

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