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Chapter 1118

In fact, Dustin Zhou now also has the strength to tear space apart, but he still doesn’t know how to do it. Enderia Shen didn’t understand this kind of thing, so he called someone from the Presbyterian Church. An old man with a white beard led Dustin Zhou out. When he left, the old man with a white beard looked at Dustin Zhouyi thoughtfully

Eyes, said, “The emperor’s ultimate?” Dustin Zhou nodded.

He didn’t understand what the Emperor Zhizhi was, but he knew that his strength had broken through.

And the people next to him said that his realm is the ultimate emperor, so he also admitted that his realm is the ultimate emperor.

“It’s another emperor’s ultimate, are you the hope of the metaphysical world?” The old man sighed meaningfully again.

“What do you mean?” Dustin Zhou was taken aback, always feeling that the old man seemed to have something in his words.

It turned out that in the current metaphysics concept, the emperor’s ultimate is the savior of the entire metaphysics.

According to normal cultivation, the realm above the emperor of warrior is the immortal master.

Almost everyone does this.

But after breaking through to the fairy master, it can only mean that one’s strength has increased.

For the civilization of metaphysics, there is no help.

Because you are a comprehend of the rules of nature, no matter how powerful you become, you will be easily beheaded by heaven.

But the Emperor of Warrior is different.

That is a realm that can be played by one’s own power.

But the power of the Emperor of Warrior is too weak.

Although theoretically it can resist the Dao of Heaven, because the strength is too weak, it can only be given for nothing in the end.

Only the emperor’s ultimate, this breakthrough above the emperor of warriors, is still the realm of mortals.

This true mortal emperor, the ultimate among emperors!

The potential of the emperor’s ultimate is unlimited, so the genius expected in the small world, the genius who can kill the king of heaven and the immortal master, must also be an emperor’s ultimate.

Hearing this, Dustin Zhou scratched his head in embarrassment, “Actually, I have fought with that guy, but I have never fought.” Being praised by this old man, saying that he is the hope of the whole small world, Dustin Zhou was a little bit disgusted. Sorry.

He still told the truth.

The old man didn’t take it seriously, “This is not important, after all, you just broke through, it is normal.” “The question I am considering is actually another important point.” Five hundred years ago, the king of the fairy master was just caught In the year when Heaven was possessed, there was actually an emperor’s ultimate existence in the small world.

And that emperor’s ultimate has broken through for more than three hundred years.

The realm is quite stable, and the strength has almost reached a certain peak. The emperor’s ultimate at that time, before the king of the fairy master was possessed by the heavenly way, it was invincible in the small world.

But under this circumstance, his fight with the King of the Immortal Master still didn’t last three days.

In just two days and two nights, on the third day, the emperor’s ultimate fell.

This incident was a kind of hope and despair for the small world at the time.

Immortal master can never be with the immortal master

The king of the master fights against each other, because in the process of fighting, the natural rules you understand are all controlled by the king of the fairy master.

It feels like you are holding a bomb in your hand, but the switch is in the other’s hand. Either you throw the bomb away, or the bomb will not help you at all.

Therefore, no matter how powerful the immortal master is, he can only bow his head in front of the king of the immortal master.

Only the emperor can play against it.

This is the so-called hope.

As for despair, the emperor’s ultimate is an absolute genius. The talent can be called unprecedented, and it is amazing. But such a genius, after breaking through to the emperor’s extreme for three hundred years, is still not the emperor’s master. The king’s opponent.

In the presbytery of the small world, it is impossible to imagine how to defeat the king of the fairy master.

Is it necessary to wait for an emperor’s ultimate to appear, and then let this emperor’s ultimate practice for a thousand years?

But after a thousand years of practice, what should I do if I still cannot beat it?

Wait for the next emperor’s ultimate?

At that time, I am afraid that the metaphysical civilization will directly perish!

Moreover, the current rules in the small world do not treat the Emperor of the Warrior as an adult at all, and do everything possible to obliterate the dignity of the Emperor of the Warrior. In this case, even with the breakthrough of the Emperor of the Warrior, I am afraid it is only It is impossible to become the ultimate emperor if he can break through to become a fairy master.

The main reason why the current metaphysical civilization can survive is that the spiritual wisdom of the immortal master king has not been completely obliterated.

Therefore, he would not allow Heaven to do such a thing as destroying the entire metaphysical civilization.

The two sides were in a stalemate.

But one thing is certain, the power of Heavenly Dao is gradually increasing, and the influence of the immortal master’s king’s own intelligence on Heavenly Dao is getting weaker and weaker.

No one knows how long this guy can hold on.

When the king of the fairy master completely incarnates into the heavens, that is, when the small world finally perishes.

“In any case, although the hope is very slim, you can be regarded as our last hope.” The old man sighed and said, “You couple, the price paid for our metaphysical world is too much, and we owe it too much. Yours.” “If you have any requests, please mention it to our elders.” “Even if all resources are exhausted, we will save your life.” The old man said again.

The gold content of this sentence is still quite high.

With the full support of the Small World Presbyterian Church, the resources are so rich that it is outrageous, OK!

But Dustin Zhou didn’t understand a little bit, “It doesn’t matter if you say that I am your hope. What you said, this, this, we have paid too much for your small world. What does this mean?” Dustin Zhou sees Looking at Mira Xie on one side, Mira Xie also looked blank.


I’m not talking about you, madam.

“The old man explained. “But I’m just this lady.”

Dustin Zhou was even more at a loss. “Ms. Enderia Shen, Shen, that girl, wasn’t she willing to be possessed by a woman more than 100 years ago because you let her come?”

“The old man also said a little confused. Dustin Zhou understood this time. Now Enderia Shen, this Enderia Shen who speaks without any emotional fluctuations, is not Enderia Shen himself! There is only one woman in this world who can suppress the king of the fairy master. , The woman who died more than a hundred years ago. After that woman died, her spiritual wisdom was preserved by the Presbyterian Church. If you want this woman to be completely resurrected, you must find a pure blood that can contain this spiritual wisdom. A woman who voluntarily accepts this spiritual and intellectual possession, it is possible to completely resurrect her. Enderia Shen, just meets this condition. The new goal of

Chapter 1119

There are many women with pure blood. These years, The Presbyterian Church has also been in contact a lot. But they all failed because no one is willing to accept another spirituality to replace themselves. This is an instinctive resistance, and it is impossible to resist. Even if the woman has the mind to save the world, even if she wants to open it , Willing to sacrifice oneself for the metaphysical world. But when the spirit and intelligence are merged, the woman’s subconscious will still subconsciously resist and refute. This is instinct and cannot be controlled. So over the years, many women have clearly met the bloodline conditions, but can suppress The woman of the king of immortal masters has never been resurrected. Until the appearance of Enderia Shen. This woman did not know what was stimulated. In fact, not long ago, the elders sent people to contact Enderia Shen, but at that time, Enderia Shen directly treated them Rejected as a neurosis. But then, Enderia Shen actively contacted them. And in the process of fusion of spirit and intelligence, there really was no rejection. It was as if Enderia Shen really gave up on himself completely. Hearing this, Dustin Zhou felt a sudden pain in his heart. According to time calculations, Dustin Zhou probably knew what happened at that time. At that time, he went to Mira Xie and called Lord Tiger, which disturbed the entire Donghai City. Dustin Zhou announced to the entire Donghai City. Now, he loves Mira Xie. Mira Xie is his woman. That day, Enderia Shen took the initiative to contact the Presbyterian Church. So, the secular world’s Enderia Shen disappeared, and a woman named Lin Ziyu appeared. The real Enderia Shen did not exist anymore. , Has become a tool that can suppress the King of the Immortal Master. Dustin Zhou felt a little uncontrollable for a while, he viciously grabbed the old man’s collar and asked, “Why do you agree to her?

“Why do you need to be wise


Don’t you know that this will make a living life lose itself?

“To be reasonable, Dustin Zhou now has no one other than the King of the Immortal Master. His actions really shocked the old man. But the old man still only defended himself, “His Royal Highness, this kind of thing You can’t blame me.

“To put it bluntly, this kind of thing cannot be compelled, because if the volunteers have a little bit of consciousness to resist, the integration of intelligence and intelligence cannot be successful.

“So we have never forced anyone to engage in spiritual integration.”

“If you really want to blame this kind of thing, you can only blame the person who made Miss Shen give up!”

“Who is it that made Miss Shen feel ashamed?”

Dustin Zhou was taken aback for a moment. After a while, he weakly let go of the old man. Because the old man was right. No one can blame the old man for this incident. If you are to blame, you can only blame yourself. In fact, this is no secret at all, Dustin Zhou has always been. I know, Enderia Shen must like himself. But he still can’t face this feeling. Because he can’t betray Mira Xie. To put it bluntly, the person who made Enderia Shen completely give up is himself. He Dustin Zhou is worthy of everyone, worthy of Mira Xie, worthy of everything Enderia Shen’s partner, but I’m the only one sorry for Enderia Shen. Now, he owes more Enderia Shen. But now, is there any way to make up for it? Enderia Shen is no longer there! Dustin Zhou is a little weak and angry. The key is him. I don’t know how to vent his anger. I can’t blame anyone for this incident, I can only blame myself. But even if he commits suicide, can he really apologize? Dustin Zhou collapsed on the ground, looking at the old man, feeling weak Said, “I said, in this situation, is it possible for Enderia Shen to recover?

“He has no hope anymore. The spirit and wisdom are integrated, how can it be possible to recover? But the old man said with certainty, “Yes!

Dustin Zhou froze for a moment, then blinked. He suspected that he had misheard. After a while, he suddenly jumped from the ground, and then grabbed the old man’s collar again, “What did you say?”

You tell me again?

“I said, I said, it can be restored!”

“The old man said. This time Dustin Zhou was sure that he had not heard it wrong, and he instantly became excited. He slapped the old man fiercely, and Dustin Zhou turned around excitedly and said, “There is such a possibility, why didn’t you say it earlier?”

Dustin Zhou was so excited, he was a little bit incoherent, that’s why he slapped the old man. The old man was a little aggrieved, “You didn’t ask.

“Do I still have to ask such questions?”

“Dustin Zhou didn’t care about this issue,” said, how can we make her


“It’s very simple, kill the king of the immortal master, at that time, the wisdom that suppresses the king of the immortal master will choose to commit suicide.

“As a Lingzhi survived for so long, she would have lived enough. If it weren’t for suppressing the king of the fairy master, she would have chosen to disappear.

“The old man said. Hearing this, Dustin Zhou hesitated again. “I can only rely on that woman to stop himself?”

Can’t we do anything?

“Can this kind of thing be reliable? The woman used to say she was tired of life, but now she has Enderia Shen’s body! What if she feels that she can live comfortably with Enderia Shen’s body? She doesn’t want to commit suicide anymore. What to do? Dustin Zhou is still a little worried because she is not in his own hands. “Don’t worry about this. Before, her spiritual intelligence was kept by our elders. We marked her spiritual intelligence. If she If we don’t want to commit suicide, we can kill her.

“The old man patted his chest and promised. Dustin Zhou gave a thumbs up, “You are really shameless, cruel!”

To put it bluntly, the meaning of the woman’s existence is to suppress the king of the immortal master, but this kind of thing is meaningless to the woman herself. In other words, people’s hard work is to save the world. And this group of people in the Presbyterian Church are not only not grateful for Dade, but they also mark other people’s intelligence. What kind of mentality is this? The typical mentality of controlling everything. Whether you are a good person or a bad person, whatever you do Too much contribution, no matter how great you are. In short, you have to be absolutely controlled by me. Of course, this phenomenon is very common, so Dustin Zhou did not comment. There is no good comment, at least as far as this matter is concerned, It is still very good for Dustin Zhou. Although he is a little emotional, he still does not feel sorry for that woman. The most important thing is Enderia Shen! “Did you kill the king of the fairy?

A resolute expression flashed in Dustin Zhou’s eyes, “I will definitely do it!”

“Of course, not now. After the battle just now, Dustin Zhou’s stamina has not been fully recovered, let alone, even at his peak, he is not at all an opponent of the King of the Immortal Master.

Chapter 1120

Dustin Zhou is not a reckless man. Although he is very eager to rescue Enderia Shen, he also knows that he does not have this strength. Everything must be based on strength. So he asked this old man some After the baby, he went straight back to the secular world. They didn’t know how to calculate the time rules of that small world, Dustin Zhou and Mira Xie had only been there for about a day, but they had already spent a month when they returned to the secular world. This is really a day in the sky,

One month on the ground.

No wonder the immortal masters look immortal.

After a year on the ground, they have only passed twelve days. Of course, this life span is much longer!

After returning to the world, the situation here has not changed much.

The famous company is still that famous company, and the chairman is still Lin Ziyu.

But now there is one more person who knows Enderia Shen’s secret, Mira Xie.

As for Zhou Mu, he did not ask much when Dustin Zhou and Mira Xie went on their honeymoon.

Life seems to have returned to calm, but that day, Dustin Zhou received a call from Lin Ziyu.

“Dustin Zhou! Where have you been in this period of time? Why are you not in the service area!” Lin Ziyu’s angry voice came out.

A faint smile flicked across Dustin Zhou’s mouth.

“I went to spend my honeymoon with my wife.” He understood that the disappearance of Enderia Shen had nothing to do with Lin Ziyu.

Even Lin Ziyu didn’t know that she was not the chairman of the famous company.

Her memory was twisted and forged.

So this Lin Ziyu also has a good impression of Dustin Zhou, because in her memory, many things happened between her and Dustin Zhou.

But she did not like Dustin Zhou as much as Enderia Shen, because that kind of feeling could not be faked.

And Dustin Zhou also took advantage of this time to completely cut off the possibility of his love with Lin Ziyu.

Openly stated that he was going to spend his honeymoon with his wife.

After Lin Ziyu over there heard this, he didn’t have much reaction, “Okay, you are so embarrassed to go out on your honeymoon. Last time you scolded me inexplicably, you haven’t explained to me yet!” Lin Ziyu just said jokingly.

“Okay, it doesn’t matter,” Dustin Zhou changed the subject, “Let’s talk about it, what are you looking for this time.” Since Enderia Shen’s disappearance has nothing to do with Lin Ziyu, then there is no need for him to target Lin Ziyu.

On the contrary, Lin Ziyu’s appearance, voice and personality were almost exactly the same as those of Enderia Shen, which also made Dustin Zhou feel good.

If this girl encounters any difficulties, please help if you can.

“If you still have a conscience, you haven’t forgotten my old lady and this famous company!” Lin Ziyu followed Dustin Zhou and changed the subject, “Well, you come to our company, there is a problem in the company.” “Something went wrong?” Dustin Zhou was slightly taken aback.

Now in Donghai City, does anyone dare to trouble the famous company?

He has already revealed his identity. As long as he is a little bit powerful, he can be regarded as a second-rate family or above. Basically, he should know that famous companies can’t afford it.

What else can go wrong?

But he rushed to the company.

When he arrived, he discovered the reason Lin Ziyu had called him over, which was quite funny.

This girl even pretended to be a person.

Who do you dress up as?

Dustin Zhou!

That’s right, just to make Dustin Zhou pretend to be Dustin Zhou.

“Have you ever heard that there is a super big man in Donghai City!” Lin Ziyu probed the cute little head, some thief said, “You may not believe it, that super big man, yes. Order the Su family and the Sun family among the first-class families!” “I heard that there is another hidden family, but I don’t understand. In short, all the giants in Donghai City must obey his orders!” “Well, I I heard about it.” Dustin Zhou looked at Lin Ziyu amusedly and said, “Then, what can this happen?” “Yes, this kind of thing has nothing to do with a small company like ours.” Did you know that that super big guy has the same name and surname as you! He is also called Dustin Zhou! Do you think you are out of sh*t luck!” Lin Ziyu slapped Dustin Zhou excitedly and said.

Dustin Zhouxin said how can this be called sh*t luck, I was originally Dustin Zhou, OK!

But looking at Lin Ziyu’s excitement, he couldn’t directly expose it.

“In recent years, a lot of people with the same name and surname have gone, and there are also many people with the same name and surname as the world’s richest man, and I haven’t seen any effect. Why is this out of luck?” Dustin Zhou said.

“You don’t understand, that super man, I heard that he is very low-key and mysterious. Before his identity was exposed some time ago, no one knew his identity!” “But after the previous exposure, his name instantly It burned throughout the East China Sea!” “But do you know what is more important? That big man is too mysterious, no one knows his identity, but his name is Dustin Zhou, everyone knows.” “In Donghai City, his name is Dustin Zhou. , Who is the better guy? Of course it’s you, Mr. Zhou!” Lin Ziyu slapped Dustin Zhou excitedly.

Dustin Zhou scratched his head a little embarrassedly, “Probably it makes sense, I understand. In other words, many people now think that I am the legendary figure, right?” “Speaking like this, I seem to have indeed left. sh*t luck, but in fact, it doesn’t help much, right?” Dustin Zhou looked at Lin Ziyu, wondering what was thinking in this girl’s mind.

At this time, Lin Ziyu was no longer selling off, and directly stated his plan.

“Of course, if you deny it directly at this time, we really won’t be able to take advantage of a dime.” “But you can’t imagine, because of your name, how many companies there are now, and companies in various fields have to come and follow We work together.”

“It’s all for you!” “In fact, at this time, you only need one to not admit or deny it. You just pretend to be Dustin Zhou for a period of time, and then I will take a moment to gather all these people together.” Then everyone has a meeting together. At that meeting, we will take all the cooperation down.” “After the contract is obtained, you can declare that you are not Dustin Zhou.” Lin Ziyu looked triumphant. “Anyway, our contracts are in place. What are we afraid of?” “You also announced that you are not Dustin Zhou, nor are you pretending to be a big boss. Presumably, the big boss will not care about us. This plan Isn’t it beautiful?”

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