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Chapter 329

see a visitor out!

Zhang Lun had a sullen face and looked at Dustin Zhou coldly. He was extremely angry, but he dared not speak any more.

And Zhang Tao is even more unbearable.

Dustin Zhou had just slapped a big face, and now he was threatened by Dustin Zhou’s words. He was also resentful in his heart, but he did not dare to speak. Instead, he set his sights on his father, hoping that Zhang Lun could seek justice for him.

But seeing Zhang Lun still not speaking, Zhang Tao’s heart dimmed suddenly.

Don’t even your father dare to speak harsh words to Dustin Zhou?

Zhang Tao felt extremely aggrieved at this moment.

He is the eldest young master of the Zhang family for three generations, and a character like the prince of the Zhang family.

In Xiangxi, and even the entire Hunan Province, they are all top elder brothers.

But now, he was slapped and threatened by words.

Not only did he have no way to refute, even his father, the young master of the Zhang family, did not dare to refute!

“Dustin Zhou, don’t go too far!” After a moment of silence in the room, Zhang Lun said in a deep voice after all.

At this time, he knew that he shouldn’t irritate Dustin Zhou anymore, but faced with his son being beaten and threatened, if he didn’t react at all and passed it out, he would definitely make people laugh.

“Excessive? It’s just that, you think it’s too much?” Dustin Zhou sneered, and took two steps forward.

And this time, not only Zhang Lun, Zhang Tao and his son, but even the guards they brought, instantly surrounded Zhang Lun and his son by the ruling enemies.

The nursing homes looked at Dustin Zhou vigilantly, and their faces were very ugly.

Dustin Zhou sneered when he saw this scene.

I just took two steps forward, and didn’t intend to do anything. These people were just like facing a big enemy, and each one became tense instantly.

Is it really that scary?

“These friends of mine were in your Zhang family before, because of Zhang Jie’s reasons, they have nothing to do with you, but what about you?” “Not only did they ridicule, but even tried to drive them away from the Zhang family.” “Now, Just come here lightly, with a lofty, face-giving appearance, and want us to go back. Who do you think you are? Do you think that we will be scared of your lofty posture, and will care about your Zhang family’s existence?” Dustin Zhou Expressionless, said lightly.

Although I don’t know what happened inside the Zhang family after they left the Zhang family.

However, only relying on Zhang Lun and his son breaking into the room so rudely, and with a proud appearance, they were required to return to Zhang’s house.

Moreover, Zhang Lun and his son seemed to think that Dustin Zhou and the others should be grateful for Dade.

This disgusting attitude made Dustin Zhou even more unhappy.

“You!” Zhang Lun was speechless for a while, and was unable to speak to refute.

Admittedly, they started

Indeed, as Dustin Zhou said, Dustin Zhou and his party were not taken seriously.

Even when they were in the Zhang family, the father and son were ordered to die by Zhang Taiyan, and it did not change their truest thoughts.

However, when Dustin Zhou found out the identities of these people one by one, Zhang Lun and his son realized that things were not as simple as they thought.

These people, gathered together, no matter where they are, will become a force not to be underestimated.

But they appeared in Hunan Province.

For an instant, Zhang Lun thought of the contradictions between the Zhang family and the other four families, and he was suddenly more surprised.

“I don’t care what the purpose of your coming today is, but your attitude makes me very unhappy.” “So, get out of here, don’t show up in front of me again!” Dustin Zhou said lightly, waving his right hand and Niu Chuan on the side directly Stand up and walk slowly towards Zhang Lun and his son!

“Dustin Zhou, are you really not giving any face?” Zhang Lun said in a low voice. Seeing Dustin Zhou’s attitude, he knew that he might have to come back empty-handed, but he still wanted to make the last fight.

What if you change your mind again?

However, what disappointed Zhang Lun was that after Dustin Zhou had finished speaking, he turned around and ignored them at all.

Niu Chuan also approached them directly, and a strong pressure suddenly fell on Zhang Lun and his son.

“Have you heard that, hurry up! I really thought your Zhang family was so great. I don’t care about Xiaoye!” Su Wei took the opportunity to sneer and smiled at Zhang Tao who was embarrassed, with a look of excitement on his face.

At this moment, all the anger received in Zhang’s house seemed to be vented out. Seeing Zhang Tao’s embarrassed appearance, Su Wei felt as comfortable as drinking cold beer in summer.

“Dustin Zhou, don’t regret it, let’s go!” Zhang Lun glanced at Dustin Zhou, and finally gritted his teeth and shouted coldly.

“The door was broken by you, don’t forget to contact the hotel for compensation!” Zhang Lun was helped by the nursing home and just walked out of the door, he heard a faint voice behind him, and suddenly his body shook and almost fell to the ground.

“Damn! Dustin Zhou, you wait for me, and sooner or later you will regret it!” Zhang Lun roared crazily in his heart, his face was gloomy and terrifying, and he left without saying a word.

When Zhang Lun and his party left, the atmosphere in the room instantly became relaxed and active.

“Haha, it’s so refreshing. During the ten-odd days in Zhang’s family, it was this Zhang Tao who always came to ask for trouble and made me so angry!” Su Wei laughed and said triumphantly.

“Yes, these people think that they have the Zhang family behind them, they act unscrupulously, and simply ignore the feelings of others. When I was in the Zhang family, I heard a lot about their father and son.” Wang Dalu was also very general.

, I felt a little angry when I thought of hearing some people whispering about Zhang Lun and his son when I was in the Zhang family.

However, his own strength is not strong. In the East China Sea, there is only one company with an asset scale of just close to 100 million. Therefore, facing Zhang Lun and his son, he is also powerless.

But now, seeing Zhang Lun and his son in embarrassment and receiving some punishment, I feel much better.

“Hey, Mr. Zhou, in my opinion, the Zhang family has no sincerity at all and asked their father and son to invite us back, but in the world, where is there such an invitation? Do they look down on us?” Zhou Hao’s eyes fell. Turn, said with a smile.

To be honest, his heart is full of business in the East China Sea. If it weren’t for Dustin Zhou’s face, he would never have left the thriving business in the East China Sea and came to Xiangxi to feel the anger.

“Well, right now, the situation in Xiangxi is more complicated. I have already asked some people from the East China Sea to help, so you don’t have to worry.” Dustin Zhou said with a smile, looking around the crowd, which is to appease everyone’s worries. .

“In addition, helping the Zhang family this time will not hurt you. As long as the time goes well, the benefits each of you can get is even comparable to the size of your current company.” Dustin Zhou’s voice fell, and the room suddenly became quiet. .

Chapter 230

From the East China Sea!

In the room, everyone was quiet.

People like Zhou Hao couldn’t hide the expression on his face, his brows danced, and the expression of excitement and joy was beyond words.

People like Wang Dalu didn’t have too many expressions on their faces, but their eyes seemed to light up a little.

After all, if it is really the same as Dustin Zhou said, this time, they can get benefits comparable to the original size of their company, then it is really worth it.

“Hehe, Dustin Zhou, do you think we can get that much benefit?” Enderia Shen said with a smile, his eyes flashing, looking up and down on Dustin Zhou.

Others also looked over.

The scale of their respective industries cannot be said to be too large, and the largest is no more than one billion.

But the famous company is different. After a rough calculation, the scale of the famous company is probably no less than 10 billion.

If according to what Dustin Zhou said, can Mingyang still earn tens of billions of benefits?

For a moment, everyone looked at Dustin Zhou’s eyes as if bright.

“Haha, do you think that I brought you to Hunan Province just for fun? Don’t think too much about it. These days, take a good rest, and there will be a lot of things afterwards.” Dustin Zhou said with a smile, without saying much. what.

… At this time, the Zhang family.

The news that Zhang Lun and Zhang Tao and his son returned without success quickly spread throughout the Zhang family.

“What? That Dustin Zhou is so arrogant?” “Zhang Lun is the second generation of my Zhang family. What is Dustin Zhou? Even if the Jiang family is jealous, he can’t be so rude!” “In my opinion, this Dustin Zhou is simply Not worthy of the Zhang family, my Zhang family doesn’t need to reconcile with him at all!” “Yes, a few outsiders really think they are Jianglong!” “But, it can make the Jiang family jealous, that Dustin Zhou’s background must not be too simple, at least it makes the Jiang family very jealous!” “Yes, besides, Dustin Zhou and the others were originally found by Zhang Jie. There shouldn’t be any conflicts with the Zhang family. Why not let Zhang Jie persuade?” …… When everyone heard this news, their reactions were mixed.

People who have always supported Zhang Lun naturally speak for him.

Those who support Zhang Ying and some who remain neutral have expressed different opinions.

Zhang’s inner courtyard, a small courtyard.

Zhang Ying and Zhang Jie and his son are in the room at this time.

They naturally heard the news that Zhang Lun returned without success.

“Zhang Jie, do you think what your uncle they said is true?” Zhang Ying frowned slightly and asked in a deep voice.

In fact, he didn’t know Dustin Zhou and his party very well. All the news was heard from Zhang Jie.

But Zhang Jie didn’t tell him all the news.

This makes Zhang Ying also have a little in his heart


His own son even concealed something from himself.

Isn’t my father still comparable to those classmates and friends?

“It must not be true!” Zhang Jie categorically cut the line.

“Father, Dustin Zhou is a classmate of mine in college. Let’s not talk about it during college. He has never been a arrogant person and has always treated others very politely.” “Moreover, he is also very famous in the East China Sea. It can’t be as arrogant as the uncle said.” Zhang Jie said slowly, constantly analyzing in his heart.

“Moreover, I think that the uncles and the others may not be as kind as their grandfather said, but they are still as tall as they are at home.” “Although Dustin Zhou will not behave like others, but facing the uncle’s superiority, I am afraid not Will accept it.” “Zhang Jie, what background your classmate has, can’t you tell his father?” Zhang Ying said with a smile, and he still hopes his son can consider him.

After all, in the process of competing with Zhang Lun for the Patriarch, he has always been passive.

Right now, the other four big families are eyeing Zhang Family, which is a bad thing for Zhang Family.

But for Zhang Ying, it may not be a good thing.

Because of this, he was able to find a breakthrough opportunity in the chaos.

“It’s not that I don’t want to tell you, but I don’t know the specifics. I just know that Dustin Zhou works in a large company in the East China Sea and is a relatively high-ranking leader.” Zhang Jie spread his hands, a little helpless.

He really didn’t know much about Dustin Zhou’s specific identity.

In those days in Donghai, he also inquired about it, but only inquired that Dustin Zhou worked in Mingyang and was the person in charge of two projects.

Seeing that Zhang Ying’s face was a little uneasy, Zhang Jie gritted his teeth, still preparing to give his father a shot in the heart.

“However, you should have heard of that company. It is Donghai Mingyang Company. Dustin Zhou is the person in charge of the two most popular projects of Mingyang Company. It can be said that Mingyang Company would not be today without Dustin Zhou.” There are three women around Dustin Zhou, one of them is the president of Mingyang Company.” Zhang Jie can only talk about it now, and more, if he doesn’t know, even if he knows, it is impossible to say them all at this time.

After all, the problems encountered by the Zhang family afterwards still need Dustin Zhou’s help.

“Oh?” Sure enough, after Zhang Jie finished speaking, Zhang Ying’s face was suddenly happy, and she thought about it.

For well-known companies, especially well-known companies in public, the whitening factor project, as well as the recent new strain project, shocked the national cosmetics industry.

“Okay, let’s just leave this matter alone, anyway, the old man has asked the older brother to do it, blame

, Can not blame us.

“…… Kaiyuan Hotel. Dustin Zhou gathered the people together and looked at them with a smile. “Well, the person I invited from Donghai has arrived. Who wants to go with me?”

Dustin Zhou looked around at everyone. “Me!”

“Zhou Hao’s eyes rolled, and the first one responded. He admired Dustin Zhou very much, and he was very envious of the people Dustin Zhou could reach. Now, it must not be easy for Dustin Zhou to invite someone in person. Guy, I’ll go too.

Su Wei also responded. The others did not speak either. Dustin Zhou nodded and said with a smile. “Well, let’s go now and go to the airport.”

Dustin Zhou ordered everyone not to run around, so he took Niu Chuan, Zhou Hao and Su Wei to the airport. Not long after, Dustin Zhou arrived at the airport. After waiting for about half an hour, several familiar figures appeared in Dustin Zhouji. In front of people. “Huh, it turned out to be Asher Chen?

And Sun Yue?

Su Wei was surprised when he saw the incoming person. He didn’t expect that the people Dustin Zhou said would be Asher Chen and Sun Yue. And Zhou Hao’s eyes widened when he saw the incoming person, and then he seemed to suspect that he was looking in front of him. Wrong, rubbed his eyes vigorously, then opened it, and found that it was Asher Chen and Sun Yue, and several others. And these people, in the East China Sea, are all big figures with a face in the East China Sea. 330 A

Chapter 331

The tranquility before dawn!

“Welcome, thanks for your hard work.” Dustin Zhou greeted everyone with a smile, and after some greetings, he took everyone back to the hotel.

After half an hour, the group returned directly to the hotel.

“Dad.” Chen Xin saw Asher Chen and threw directly into Asher Chen’s arms happily. After a little coquettish, she took Asher Chen’s arm and looked at the others with a smile.

“Haha, Mr. Zhou, I didn’t expect your position to be a bit big, what is it that makes you so troubled?” Sun Yue looked at the crowd, slightly surprised in his heart, and said with a smile.

In fact, he was not very happy when he came to Hunan this time. It was only Dustin Zhou invited him. He happened to have nothing to do in the East China Sea, so he simply came over and took a look.

After all, the establishment of the East China Sea Media Industry Association, where he served as a director of the association, is inseparable from Dustin Zhou’s credit.

However, when he saw Asher Chen coming with him, and there were already many people here, especially the existence of Su Wei and Enderia Shen, it also made Sun Yue more curious.

With so many people, coming to the East China Sea is a source of energy that cannot be underestimated. When everyone hugs together, it can even affect many aspects of the East China Sea.

And they are now gathered in Hunan Province, or in Xiangxi. What is it for? Sun Yue didn’t think about it carefully.

“Temporarily keep it confidential. I will tell you when the time comes. During this time, everyone will play here, but don’t run too far to save accidents.” Dustin Zhou said with a smile.

“Accident?” Sun Yue sensitively noticed the words in Dustin Zhou’s words, his eyes tightened, and he looked at everyone suspiciously.

“Haha, I know this, I’ll tell you…” Su Weiwei laughed and walked in front of Sun Yue. Regardless of the age difference between the two sides, he directly grabbed Sun Yue’s shoulders, took him to the side, and whispered.

The others looked at each other and smiled bitterly.

After all, what happened during this period is not worth showing off.

… Zhang family.

Father Zhang Taiyan looked at Zhang Lun and Zhang Tao, who were standing in front of him with aggrieved faces, with cold eyes.

“Father, that Dustin Zhou is so arrogant, he didn’t put our Zhang family in his eyes at all!” Zhang Lun said coldly.

It has been a week since that day, and it took him a lot of effort and a lot of favors to find a national player to help him and Zhang Tao heal their injuries.

Not enough. Right now, I can only move around slowly, but cannot do some violent movements.

“Grandpa, our Zhang family is one of the five big families in Hunan Province. What is his Dustin Zhou’s ability to make our Zhang family soft on him?” Zhang Tao was also very dissatisfied with Dustin Zhou’s insults to him before, which kept him upset these days. Yu Huai, I can’t wait to take Dustin Zhou out of this world

Obliterated from the world.

“Well, since you don’t invite Dustin Zhou to come back to them, then just stay at home and don’t run around.” Zhang Taiyan sighed and said lightly.

Zhang Taiyan was also very disappointed that Zhang Lun and his son were still arguing.

But at this moment, he didn’t show too many emotional changes, he just said a little.

But Zhang Lun and his son were taken aback when they heard the words, and they were secretly delighted, there was no change in expression on their faces, they just responded quickly.

After Zhang Lun and his son left, Zhang Taiyan was silent for a moment and called Zhang Ying and Zhang Jie over.

After that, no one knew what Zhang Taiyan said to Zhang Ying and his son.

But Zhang Ying’s face was full of joy, while Zhang Jie’s face was a bit tangled.

…Changsha, the Chen family.

Chen Li and Chen Shao and his son sat in the room, quiet.

“Father, are you really ready?” Chen Shao asked in a deep voice, still hesitating and worried about the cooperation between the Chen family and the Zhang family.

After all, he knew the strength of the Jiang family, and might be slightly weaker when facing the Zhang family alone.

But Chen Shao has heard a lot of news recently, and his heart is more worried.

“Are you worried about the rumors from the outside world?” Chen Li glanced at his son and asked with a smile.

“Yeah, the outside world says that the Jiang family, the Yu family, and the Du family. The Tang family alliance will deal with the Zhang family together. If this is true, Zhang Jie will not have a chance of winning. Even if we add our Chen family, there will be no trace. Odds.” Chen Shao’s voice was dull, obviously very worried.

After all, if the rumors from the outside world are true, then this time it is the four big families that deal with the Zhang family together.

The Zhang family has no chance of winning!

“Hehe, this is not a rumor, but a fact. The Jiang family has cooperated with the other three families, and if I guessed correctly, they should be in the Jiang family to talk closely now.” Chen Li smiled lightly. His expression was not messy, and he didn’t seem to worry at all.

Seeing his father’s appearance in his chest, Chen Shao was at a loss for words, not knowing what to say.

At this moment, in Jiang’s home in Changsha, the atmosphere is very lively.

At this time, Jiang’s family meeting room, Yu family’s Yuhua, Du family’s Du Wen, and Tang family’s Tang Wenzhong were sitting in it.

And Jiang Fanliu, the head of the Jiang family, was also sitting among a few people.

The rest of the Jiang family also took their seats.

Jiang Xingyuan and Jiang Xingguang sat beside Jiang Fanliu separately, their expressions were calm, but a touch of excitement could not be concealed.

This time it was the cooperation between the Jiang family and the Yu family, the Du family, and the Tang family. Among the Jiang family, Jiang Xingyuan and Jiang Xingguang were the leaders.

Because of Jiang Xingfang’s things before, this time, Jiang Fanliu did not let him do anything, but stayed at home.

The two brothers looked at each other, their eyes full

It was a smile, and they were very satisfied with the result.

“Well, if there are too many, I won’t say much. This time, it is our official siege of the Zhang family. Can we erase the Zhang family from Hunan? It depends on this time, so you absolutely do not allow any Laziness.” Jiang Fanliu looked around the crowd with a solemn expression.

On the side, Yu Hua, Du Wen, and Tang Wenzhong were very calm, and they were full of confidence.

This time, the four major families cooperated and besieged the Zhang family. It is a general trend that no one can resist.

“Several nephews, this time, it’s up to you.” After Jiang Fanliu finished speaking, he looked at several people and said with a smile.

“That’s natural.” Yu Hua still looked indifferent, but his confidence was beyond doubt.

Du Wen and Tang Wenzhong nodded cheerfully.

They didn’t worry at all. Although they had heard a trace of gossip before, it was nothing at all, and they couldn’t make waves.

“Uncle Jiang, we also hope to erase the Zhang family in Xiang Province as soon as possible. This Zhang family is too clueless to advance or retreat!” Yu Hua said lightly, setting the tone for this siege.

The next few days were very calm.

Changsha is very peaceful, and several arrogant and domineering families have settled down.

The same is true for several major families.

However, this calm has only been maintained for two days.

The third day.

A piece of news instantly detonated the entire Changsha, and then quickly expanded to the entire Hunan province.

A serious health accident occurred in Zhang’s flagship cosmetics store in Changsha!

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