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Chapter 332


Changsha city center.

Meichen Beauty flagship store.

At this moment, the front door of the flagship store was full of voices and noisy.

“What’s the matter? Do you know?” “What? You don’t know?” “Yeah, what’s the matter?” “Hey, did you see the few people in front of the store? I heard that I used this one. The cosmetics in the shop have caused disfigurement, and we are now discussing how to explain it!” “Ah! Disfigurement! No way!” “How can’t it be, but I have seen them all. Those women are very young and now disfigured. The rest of my life will be completely ruined!” “Yes, it’s really utterly conscientious, black-hearted businesses, such businesses must be banned, and they must not be allowed to exist in Changsha anymore!” …… Pointing at the entrance of the flagship store.

At this time, at the entrance of Meichen Beauty’s flagship store, seven or eight people blocked the door, constantly complaining about their misfortune.

“Look at me, my face is just using the mask from their shop. Everyone takes a closer look. Now it’s disfigured. What should I do? I’m only twenty years old!” A young girl pointed to herself The face was very sad.

When a passerby saw it, he immediately took a breath.

I saw that the girl’s face was full of white spots, especially on the cheeks and forehead on both sides, there were a large number of white spots gathered together, which looked very oozing.

“And me, I also used their facial cleanser. It’s only a month. Everyone, look, the acne on my face can’t stop at all!” A young girl complained bitterly.

I saw that her face was full of red, yellow, and brown acne, acne marks, and it looked pitted and dazzling.

“And me, everyone must stay open and take a good look. It is the cosmetics in their store. There must be a problem. I used the mask and skin care products in their store. Now it is not only on the face, but on the arms. My body is already disfigured!” A middle-aged beautiful woman turned around and opened her clothes to reveal her abdomen and back.

Everyone just glanced, then closed their eyes instantly, not daring to look again.

However, there are still many courageous people who secretly glanced at them, and their hearts are even more timid.

Especially some women, at this moment, they are extremely scared.

I saw that the beautiful woman’s abdomen and back all lost a layer of skin, just like the condition on her face, as if she was shedding her skin.

Many girls even started crying with fear when they thought that they might become like this in the future.

…… In addition to these three, there are also several other people who came to ask for an explanation because of problems with the cosmetics of Meichen Beauty.

Originally, some people who just heard about it still felt exaggerated, but now they have

See, they have to believe.

For a moment, everyone looked angrily at the store manager of Meichen Beauty flagship store.

The store manager is a middle-aged woman, dressed in professional attire, and looks very capable.

Beside her, several shop assistants in the flagship store also looked at the group of people in front of the store with an angry expression.

“Manager, these people are here to touch porcelain. The products in our store will not have side effects at all!” “Yes, I always use the products in our store. Why am I okay?” “Who are you? I found it? Want to frame us?” … The shop assistants were filled with righteous indignation, glaring at the group of people in front of the store, and some even cried anxiously.

“Hmph, you are the employees of this store, of course you will speak for this store, but are these people fake? They have disfigured faces, you haven’t seen them?” A young man had a harsh look. Pointing to a clerk, sternly scolded.

“That’s right, are these people still disfigured? They must have used the products in your store.” “Yes, I bought several package products yesterday. I didn’t expect such a thing to happen. I want to return them in the future. Never buy anything from your store anymore!” “I want to return the goods too!” … For a while, several women clamored to return the goods.

The clerk was taken aback for a moment, his eyes reddened suddenly, and he started to cry.

She did not expect that she would be slandered by so many people just to justify Meichen Beauty.

She didn’t even think that if she was happily going to work the day before, something like this would happen today.

“Crying, crying, crying, you know crying, can crying explain the problem with the cosmetics in your store?” “Yes, I have already called the police. When the police arrive, I will let them close your store!” For a while, the flagship store The door was abnormally noisy.

And at this moment, not far from the crowd, there is a pavilion.

At this time, there were several people in the pavilion. They looked at the situation at the entrance of Meichen Beauty’s flagship store, their faces were full of pride.

“Master Jiang, you are so clever! In this way, Zhang’s Meichen beauty makeup will no longer be mixed in Changsha!” A young man gave a thumbs up, flattering to Jiang Xingyuan.

“Trivial means, it’s not worth mentioning, I just want the Zhang family to know that in Changsha, it’s my Jiang family that has the final say, no matter how much he raises the price, in Changsha, he has to keep his head down!” Jiang Xingyuan chuckled lightly. .

And beside him, some young people in the city.

If anyone knew them, he would be very surprised.

These young people are very famous in Changsha.

However, their reputations are all infamy!

Because they do everything in Changsha, they are extremely arrogant and domineering.

And the family behind them, because

In order to attach to Jiang’s family, he also has no fear.

But this time, when the Jiang family took action against the Zhang family, their small families would naturally also contribute.

And the great scene before him was carefully planned by Jiang Xingyuan.

“Very well, when Meichen Beauty Makeup disappears from Changsha, I will find someone to take this store down!” … Zhang Xinyi stood in front of Meichen Beauty’s flagship store and looked at a farce at the entrance of the store, with a calm expression, but in her heart There is a trace of restlessness.

She hadn’t encountered such a thing before.

Meichen Beauty, as the flagship store of Zhangjia cosmetics industry, is a symbol and has the role of leading the cosmetics industry in Hunan Province.

While Meichen Beauty was founded in Changsha for more than ten years, it also encountered such problems at the beginning.

But at that time, it was nothing compared to the current situation.

Zhang Xinyi looked far away and wanted to see if there were any strange people around.

Zhang Xinyi is a member of the Zhang family. As early as a few days ago, she had received news that she should be more careful in Changsha. Recently, someone may be troubled by Meichen Beauty.

And Zhang Xinyi didn’t expect that it wasn’t long before she got the news that someone would be doing things.

“Everyone, I am the manager of the Meichen Beauty flagship store. Our store has existed in Changsha for more than ten years, and there has never been any disfigurement.” Zhang Xinyi said in a deep voice, looking at the faces of these disfigured people. He took a deep look, then took another look at the people around him, and took a deep breath.

“So, these are all slanders!”

Chapter 333


“Stigmatize?” “Is it impossible? Many people are disfigured. Did they deliberately disfigure themselves just to slander you?” “Hmph, it’s not easy. It’s simply because the store doesn’t recognize it and wants to use it.” The slander is used as an excuse to shirk responsibility!” “It’s really a black-hearted shopkeeper. In the future, you must not buy things here. You will save yourself disfigured.” “Yes, I think we should resolutely resist Meichen beauty makeup!” … listen As for Zhang Xinyi, many people are very disdainful. They don’t believe this is slander at all.

Several people were disfigured and they were right in front of the store.

This is the truth.

But your store manager actually said that this is slander, that everyone is treated like a child, thinking that it is very playful?

Many people sneered, looking at Meichen Beauty, with disgust in their eyes.

There are even many people who have secretly started to promote in the circle of friends.

Meichen Beauty is a top cosmetics brand in Hunan Province, and has even jointly released some limited edition cosmetics with many large foreign brands.

Therefore, Meichen Beauty is not only in Hunan Province, but also in the whole country, it is also very famous.

And what happened today, it didn’t take long for it to appear on the Internet.

Even those disfigured girls appeared on the Internet.

Suddenly, the hot discussion online was extraordinary.

“Isn’t this true? I’m just using Meichen beauty products!” “That’s not to stop, but I heard that those people are all using Meichen beauty products. Disfigured, I decided not to use their products anymore!” “It’s terrible, this is cosmetics. It is meant to be used on people. How can it be so evil.” “I was just about to buy a set for my girlfriend. The cosmetics of Meichen Beauty Makeup, now I saw this, I was shocked at once. Fortunately, I didn’t buy it!”… For a while, the disfigurement of Meichen Beauty makeup faintly caused a sensation in the country.

The situation here was also spread to Zhang’s house immediately.

At this moment, Zhang Taiyan summoned the Zhang family members in the front hall to discuss this matter together.

Zhang Taiyan looked solemn and solemn at the same time.

He had known for a long time that the other four big families would unite to deal with the Zhang family.

And just a few days ago, Zhang Taiyan got the news that the Jiang family and the other three families were ready to launch an offensive against the Zhang family.

Although Zhang Taiyan was prepared, he did not expect that the other party would launch an offensive against one of Zhang’s two major industries, the cosmetics industry.

The most important thing is that as soon as the other party comes up, he is ready to make a fuss about Meichen Beauty flagship store.

As the leading force in the Zhangjia cosmetics industry, Meichen Beauty occupies half of the Zhangjia cosmetics industry.

And the other party’s Meichen beauty makes a fuss

, I just want to take the top rank of generals in the army of millions.

And Zhang Taiyan didn’t expect the other party to use such despicable methods.

“You all know about Meichen Beauty, you can talk about it if you have any opinions.” Zhang Taiyan said directly when he saw that people were almost there.

In his starting position, Zhang Lun and Zhang Ying.

As for the other Zhang family children, they sat down on both sides of the front hall, and they were still thinking.

For many people, what happened to Meichen Beauty was too sudden. They were not prepared at all. Now suddenly it is extremely difficult or even impossible for them to find a solution.

“Patriarch, this fact is too sudden, is it just a coincidence?” “Yeah, I have never heard of anyone who wants to target Meichen beauty makeup before!” “Now suddenly let us think of a way, it is really too difficult , It’s almost impossible!” … Many people looked sad and scratched their heads for a while, but there was nothing to do.

Zhang Taiyan sat high, his eyes narrowed, and he sighed in his heart.

The children of the Zhang family are also okay step by step, but they are not capable of making changes in danger.

You know, at this time, competition exists no matter when and where.

And if you stay in place, you will surely be surpassed by others.

And once others turn against you, if you don’t have a way to deal with it, then you are likely to become a stepping stone for others.

This is the situation now.

The four big families besieged Zhang Family. Of course, it is impossible for the other party to make a noise about this kind of thing, and everything is going on quietly.

And he Zhang Taiyan was not good at directly expressing it, that would undoubtedly make everyone in the Zhang family panic.

After all, Zhang Taiyan himself is not sure that Zhang Family will deal with the other four families at the same time.

“Father, Meichen Beauty is our stronghold in Changsha, and also a flagpole for our Zhangjia cosmetics industry. If Meichen Beauty is allowed to get into trouble, it will undoubtedly be a major blow to my Zhang family!” Zhang Lun said with a high head. , Looks calm.

In the past few days, he did not pay attention to Dustin Zhou’s affairs, and Zhang Taiyan did not let him go to Dustin Zhou and his party again, so he was very at ease.

He had already noticed this situation now, so he was not surprised to know about Meichen Beauty at the moment.

Right now, as long as Meichen Beauty can get rid of this predicament and solve the impact of the current disfigurement, the Zhang family will stabilize its position.

“Then what do you think?” Zhang Taiyan glanced at Zhang Lun and said lightly.

“Uh…” Now it was Zhang Lun’s turn to be speechless.

He just has a general idea, but facing the current situation of Meichen Beauty, he has nothing to do

What specific method.

After all, he didn’t expect the other party to use this way.

“Father, I think I should clarify as soon as possible, and at the same time invite professional testing agencies to test Meichen Beauty’s products, and give the public an explanation.” At this moment, Zhang Ying, who has been quiet, suddenly said.

Zhang Ying looked around the crowd with a calm expression.

“Moreover, in order to let the public know that we have actually been tested, the testing process should be broadcast live for the public to judge!” The voice fell, and the front hall was quiet for a moment.

But a few seconds later, everyone suddenly got up.

They looked at Zhang Ying with surprise, the expressions on their faces were surprised, doubtful, shocked, relieved, and so on.

In fact, this kind of problem hasn’t happened in the past, but it is a situation with relatively small impact, and with the strength of the Zhang family, it can naturally be easily settled.

But this time, let alone the impact, many people across the country have paid attention to this matter.

The Zhang family can hardly cope with the power of the other four families behind this incident.

And now Zhang Ying proposed such a method, just like the savior.

Not only because the steps are very simple, but also operable.

Just by live broadcasting and involving the people themselves, they can gain the trust of the public.

“Okay! I think this method is very good!” “I think it works, so let’s use this method, Zhang Ying, how did you come up with it?”

Chapter 334

The bigger the noise, the better!

Many people in the front hall of Zhang’s family started talking with surprises on their faces.

They thought what Zhang Lun said just now makes sense.

But what Zhang Lun said was too vague, just a keynote, and there is no specific solution.

Now that something like this is happening in Meichen Beauty, the top priority is how to solve it, not at this time.

But what Zhang Ying said was different.

He not only stated the specific solution, but also was very operable.

“Huh! Well said, if something like this happens, the live broadcast can solve it just by finding someone to test it?” Zhang Lun’s face suddenly became gloomy when he saw so many people supporting Zhang Ying.

When he said just now, everyone didn’t react like this. After Zhang Ying finished speaking, everyone seemed to be a different person, with all kinds of flattery.

“Yeah, this thing is really hard to say.” “Yes, if you want to convince others, the key is to find the disfigured people and figure out why they are disfigured.” “But, apart from this method, we all Is there any other way?” … Everyone was taken aback, then all looked at Zhang Lun.

Since Zhang Lun said that this method is not working, does he have a better way?

Zhang Lun suddenly felt a breath when seeing so many people looking at him.

But he has no way at all. If there is a way, he would have said it.

The reason why he still chokes at this time is completely accustomed.

“Zhang Lun, what other way do you have?” At this moment, Zhang Taiyan also looked over and asked lightly.

“Ah? Way…I can’t…” Zhang Lun really vomited blood in his heart.

I blame myself for choking on Zhang Ying, otherwise I wouldn’t fall into this embarrassing situation.

“Since you have no choice, just listen to Zhang Ying’s method!” Zhang Taiyan hummed in his heart and said coldly.

And Zhang Lun also completely lost his temper, but his gaze at Zhang Ying became a bit resentful.

Zhang Lun knew Zhang Ying’s level and strength, and he knew it very well.

No matter what happened in the past, Zhang Ying was almost like a transparent person, unable to come up with ideas at all.

Therefore, many talents in the Zhang family will choose to support Zhang Lun to compete for the position of Patriarch.

But now, Zhang Ying suddenly seemed to be a different person, and was able to come up with such a sound-sounding approach.

“Zhang Ying, how did you come up with this method? What is the basis?” Zhang Taiyan turned his eyes to Zhang Ying again, and asked with a smile.

Zhang Taiyan couldn’t be more clear about the level of his two sons.

He knew Zhang Ying’s level, so he asked.

The other Zhang family also focused on Zhang Ying.

Yes, this method sounds very good

, But what exactly did Zhang Ying think of?

“Father, this method actually has a precedent.” Seeing Zhang Taiyan and others attach such importance to Zhang Ying, Zhang Ying’s heart jumped.

He did not expect that this method would be supported by most people.

“Precedent? But why have we never heard of it?” “Yes, many cosmetics companies have encountered such problems in the past, and they seem to have solved them privately?” “Yes, Meichen Beauty has just opened. At that time, when I encountered such a problem, I solved it privately.” … At this time, everyone’s interest became even greater.

“Yeah.” Zhang Ying tightened her throat, and smiled at everyone.

“I don’t know that you have never heard of Mingyang Company in Donghai City…” Next, Zhang Ying explained all the things that Mingyang Company had encountered before.

In particular, the facial mask in Mingyang’s whitening factor project also encountered the same problem, and was maliciously spread, causing a sensation in the East China Sea.

that time.

The method adopted by Mingyang is what Zhang Ying said.

“So, we can completely copy the methods of famous companies.” Zhang Ying is confident.

“So it turned out to be a matter for the East China Sea.” “The most important thing is that the other party turned out to be a well-known company. This company is amazing. The two latest projects are very popular, which are very rare in the country.” Yes, didn’t we still think about cooperating with Mingyang Company before?” … After Zhang Ying finished speaking, everyone suddenly realized that they felt more in their hearts, and at the same time they had more confidence in this approach.

Now that the famous company is in front, and it succeeded.

Then they will not have any major problems using this method this time.

“Huh, let’s talk about it, it’s not what you thought of it yourself. What’s so good about it.” Zhang Lun stood aside, feeling unhappy in his heart.

At the same time, he was more upset in his heart, why didn’t he think of learning from other companies’ solutions?

“Hehe, I’m not proud. I don’t know if you still remember Dustin Zhou, who was driven out of Zhang’s house by his eldest brother?” Zhang Ying didn’t seem to hear the sarcasm in Zhang Lun’s words at all, but suddenly looked at everyone and asked. problem.

Suddenly, everyone looked at each other and looked at each other, wondering what Zhang Ying’s sudden words meant.

“It seems that everyone still remembers that Dustin Zhou, who was kicked out of Zhang’s house by his eldest brother, was actually the person in charge of the two popular projects of Donghai Mingyang Company. Among the three women with him, one of them was Ming Yang’s boss.” Zhang Ying smiled faintly, looking at everyone with a calm face.

For an instant, everyone was stunned.

“No?” “Why don’t we know


“Yes, if we knew it, nothing would drive him out. After all, didn’t the Patriarch ask Zhang Lun to invite people back?”

“… Everyone fryed the pan immediately, and they looked at Zhang Lun. After all, it was Zhang Lun and his son who drove Dustin Zhou out of the Zhang family, and Zhang Taiyan made it clear that no matter what method Zhang Lun and his son use, Dustin Zhou and the others will be treated. Please come back. But now, things don’t seem to be done. And Zhang Lun is even more shocked. He knows that Dustin Zhou may have a certain background. After all, the person who abolished Jiangbei and was safe and sound is definitely not a nameless person. Before he and Zhang Tao When I went to the hotel to invite Dustin Zhou, Dustin Zhou also introduced many people around him. Zhang Lun only remembered at this time. At that time, Dustin Zhou seemed to have introduced the president of Mingyang Company. But at that time, Zhang Lun was very angry by Dustin Zhou. It exploded, I didn’t notice this detail at all, and I forgot it afterwards. If it weren’t for Zhang Ying to mention it suddenly, he wouldn’t remember it at all. “I…” A panic flashed across Zhang Lun’s face, just saying one I don’t know what to say. After all, he did this thing, and he didn’t have a good way to deal with the thing that Meichen Beauty had encountered. The method is borrowed from Mingyang’s previous handling methods.

No matter what his elder brother Zhang Lun thinks, Zhang Ying is very happy now. Finally, once, he made a big show in front of the Zhang family and directly covered Zhang Lun. “So, let’s take it. Next, we must hype up this matter. Since someone wants to make a fuss about the beauty of our Zhang family, then we will obey his wishes and make this matter the bigger the better.

Zhang Ying said confidently. “Father, I am willing to do this, and it will definitely bankrupt those people’s plans.”

Zhang Ying looked at Zhang Taiyan and recommended herself. “Yes, I think Zhang Ying can do it.”

“Yes, and it seems that Zhang Jie still has a classmate relationship with Dustin Zhou. Maybe you can use this relationship to learn more about it.

“… For a time, many people supported Zhang Ying. “Well, since you are going, then you will be held responsible for this matter.”

“Zhang Taiyan nodded, and directly agreed.

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