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Chapter 806

This scene Everyone was speechless. Dustin Zhou raised his mouth slightly, disdainful of Sun Qiankun’s actions. Others might not see what Sun Qiankun’s intentions were. But Dustin Zhou saw it at a glance. The Sun family advocates confronting the Xu family head-on. At that time, even if Sun Qiankun had any other ideas, he would not say it, but for the sake of

Maintain the prestige of a promise.

But now, there is another existence who wants to compete head-on with the Xu family.

Dustin Zhou and the Su family united, not only wanted to compete head-on with the Xu family, but even wanted to destroy the Xu family.

So at this time, Sun Qiankun naturally found a good opportunity to stand on the sidelines for a while.

Since Dustin Zhou said so, it means that they must have a big battle with the Xu family.

Even if Dustin Zhou and the others regretted it and quit, the Xu family would not agree.

Sun Qiankun had already made up his mind. After he went back, he would pass the news to the Xu family, so that the Xu family and Dustin Zhou would fight for a period of time and consume each other’s strength.

Sun Qiankun believed that since Dustin Zhou dared to say such words, he would definitely not be aimless.

Reminiscent of the four martial masters around Dustin Zhou, Sun Qiankun knew that the forces behind Dustin Zhou must not be simple. Although they could not destroy the Xu family, they could definitely compete with the Xu family.

When the two sides fought to a certain extent, the two sides suffered heavy losses and the confrontation was unstoppable, Sun Qiankun led the Sun family to attack again, and the Xu family suddenly suffered a fatal blow.

At that time, the Xu family was overthrown in a moment.

At that time, Dustin Zhou and others probably won’t have the time and strength to take care of his Sun’s family.

At that time, if Sun Qiankun is in a good mood, he might let Dustin Zhou go. As for all the legacy of the Xu family, it will naturally belong to the Sun family.

“Yeah, Dustin Zhou, you are really great men!” Ding Zhengyi also agreed, with a smile on his face, no change in his expression.

Ding Zhengyi didn’t care about Dustin Zhou’s words and didn’t take it seriously.

Dustin Zhou and the others now dare to say such things, it is nothing but a lack of understanding and understanding of the Xu family. When they have tasted failure in the hands of the Xu family and know that the Xu family is truly powerful, they will naturally change this idea.

But, on the other hand, what if you have the confidence to overthrow the Xu family?

Although Ding Zhengyi thought this was impossible, he was not worried at all.

My original idea is to watch you from the sidelines, watch the changes and see what the Xu family will do.

And if Dustin Zhou and the others could really destroy the Xu family, it would naturally be a good thing for their Ding family, and he was too happy to be happy.

“Hehe, I can’t talk about great people, I just hope that everyone will support silently in their hearts at that time.” Dustin Zhou waved his hand and said casually.

He knew that everyone didn’t believe it, not just the Sun and Ding families, but all the other families didn’t believe what he said.

As everyone knows, after he had just stated his proposition, he was still looking at the face of Su Shiming and the Su family, and those families that supported them, at this moment all turned their backs and turned to support Ding.

Go home.

In fact, Dustin Zhou didn’t expect anyone to believe his words.

In his plan, it was enough to reach cooperation with the Su family.

Dustin Zhou was the most familiar with the Su family, and his relationship with Su Wei was pretty good.

Secondly, after the destruction of the Xu family, the Tigers must re-enter the Xu family and become the main line. At that time, with the existence and strength of the Su family, they will be more harmonious in the relationship with the Xu family.

Otherwise, if you change to the Sun family, then there will be another big battle.

“Okay, since the statement has been expressed, let’s go back and prepare separately. As for who of you tells the Xu family today, I don’t care.” Dustin Zhou said indifferently, looking around everyone’s faces, and then said to him. With a faint smile, Su Shiming took the lead to leave the Shenglong Pavilion.

The four martial masters of Niuchuan naturally followed Dustin Zhou to leave.

Soon, Dustin Zhou walked out of the Shenglong Pavilion, but at this time, all the others inside remained motionless.

Even Su Shiming, who had reached cooperation with Dustin Zhou, and the Su family were still sitting on their chairs with a gloomy expression at the moment.

“Shiming, what the hell is going on?” The Third Envoy Su Nanan said in a deep voice.

As the elder of Su Shiming, Southern Jiangsu always considers the Su family.

Although Su Shiming is the current residence of the Su family, if he takes the Su family into the endless abyss, Southern Su will also stop it.

“I don’t know. Dustin Zhou didn’t tell me to destroy the Xu family before, but it’s still early. We will still think about it and analyze the current situation. I will find Dustin Zhou and ask him what happened. What’s the matter?” Su Shiming rubbed his eyebrows, only feeling very tired.

Dustin Zhou’s appearance today was naturally beyond his expectation, making him a little restless now.

If the Su family is really tied to Dustin Zhou in the same boat, then it is very likely that the boat will sink and the Su family will no longer exist.

So at this time, no matter how much friendship we have, we must serve reality.

“Let’s go back first.” Su Shiming whispered.

Immediately, everyone in the Su family also left directly.

However, everyone from the Su family and Dustin Zhou left within a few minutes of each other, but when Su Shiming and the others came all the way to the gate of Avaria, they did not find Dustin Zhou.

“This kid, why did you slip so fast? Is it because you are afraid that I will ask him to question this?” Su Shiming was puzzled, but he didn’t pursue it. There are still many things that he needs to deal with right now.

In Shenglong Pavilion, Sun Qiankun and Ding Zhengyi looked at each other, each smiled slightly, and did not speak, but this tacit understanding seemed to be born naturally.

Everyone sat in the Shenglong Pavilion for a while, then they all

Since leaving, make their own preparations.

At this moment, Dustin Zhou had already arrived at Shui Bingyue’s office.

After leaving Shenglong Pavilion, Manager Guo quickly found Dustin Zhou and said that the general manager wanted to see him.

Manager Guo can be said to be cautious, even his voice has become very respectful.

He has been working in Avaria for more than ten years and his prestige has always been high.

Whether it is the former general manager or the current general manager, there are many places that rely on Manager Guo.

However, Manager Guo has never been arrogant, and will not be arrogant or arrogant because of the general manager’s reliance, and will not take others seriously.

On the contrary, he has been working hard and dared not to be negligent, and this is why he is firmly standing in the position of manager.

However, Manager Guo respects the current general manager Shui Bingyue.

Chapter 807

He faintly knew that Shui Bingyue came from a super big family in the capital, which was more tyrannical than these first-class families in the East China Sea. So although Shui Bingyue was a woman in her twenties, Manager Guo never dared to be scornful.

In the years since Shui Bingyue became the general manager, Manager Guo has never seen Shui Bingyue attach so much importance to other people, especially a man.

Let Niu Chuan and Zhou Feng follow them, Xu Fengli and Xu Fengfan went back to Lord Tiger to announce today’s events, and Dustin Zhou entered Shui Bingyue’s office.

“Why? Come to me, do you have to bring other people?” Shui Bingyue was dealing with the matter. Seeing that the office door was pushed open, she looked up slightly and saw Dustin Zhou walking in with Niu Chuan and Zhou Feng, while Manager Guo Standing behind a few people, he couldn’t help speaking softly.

It’s just that Shui Bingyue didn’t notice it himself, his tone just now clearly meant to be acting like a baby.

At this time, Manager Guo set off an uproar in his heart, desperately suppressing the fluctuation in his heart.

He didn’t expect that he had discovered this secret by accident. If it were passed on, he would not know how many people would be heartbroken.

You know, Shui Bingyue has been in the East China Sea for a few years, and at a young age, he is very beautiful, and there are many suitors.

But Manager Guo had never seen Shui Bingyue look good to any suitor.

Possibly, Dustin Zhou is one and the only one right now.

“You go out first, wait for me to go back together.” Dustin Zhou shook his head slightly, a little helpless, then turned to Niu Chuan and Zhou Feng and said.

Soon, under the arrangement of Manager Guo, the two left Shui Bingyue’s office.

At this time, only Dustin Zhou and Shui Bingyue were left in the office.

But at this time, Shui Bingyue couldn’t bear it anymore, cheered and trot to Dustin Zhou’s side, hugged Dustin Zhou’s arm directly, and his small head fell on Dustin Zhou’s shoulder gently.

Rubbing, let out a soft coquettish sound, let people hear the scalp numb, the heart is itchy.

“Why don’t you say hello to me when you come here? If it weren’t for Manager Guo to tell me, I don’t know you are coming.” Shui Bingyue complained a bit, looking at Dustin Zhou with big eyes, and even some grievances.

Almost all of her life in the previous twenty years was in the capital, and she was involved in the Zhou family.

Finally, I was able to come to the East China Sea, and I was able to see my half-brother, how could Shui Bingyue bear it?

After returning from Lvjingwan City these days, Shui Bingyue has been reminiscing about the time in Lvjingwan City.

Although Zhou Mu was not Shui Bingyue’s biological mother, Shui Bingyue felt the care of her biological mother from Zhou Mu.

That kind of feeling, Shui Bingyue has been thinking about it for a few days, even she has been thinking about whether she wants to go to Green Bay City again in a few days.

At this time, Manager Guo came to tell her that Dustin Zhou was here, which made Shui Bingyue unhappy, unhappy, and unexcited.

“Hehe, didn’t I think you would be busy? Besides, I am here today, not for fun, but for business!” Dustin Zhou said with a smile, took a few steps forward, and patted the water lightly. Bing Yue’s hand, let her relax, don’t keep holding her arm.

Sitting on the sofa, Dustin Zhou was able to take a good look at Shui Bingyue’s office.

The last time Dustin Zhou came here, Dustin Zhou had some doubts in his heart. He just wanted to know something about the Xu family from Shui Bingyue, but he didn’t have any impression of this office.

But now that she knows that Shui Bingyue is her half-sister, Dustin Zhou naturally has to take a good look at her sister’s office environment. If there is something wrong, Dustin Zhou has to make changes.

The office area is not large, Dustin Zhou estimated that it is about 100 square meters.

This is naturally large enough for ordinary people.

But for the situation where Avaria has about one thousand square meters in a Shenglong Pavilion, the office of the general manager of Tangtang is only 100 square meters, which seems a bit ordinary.

But Dustin Zhou thought that Shui Bingyue was not the kind of person who likes luxury, so he didn’t have any comments, as long as Shui Bingyue was comfortable and happy here.

The display in the office is also very simple. A desk, a row of bookshelves, a sofa, a few chairs, and a few potted plants are added. This is all the furnishings in the office.

Simple and capable, not vulgar, at least in Dustin Zhou’s opinion, is more in line with Shui Bingyue’s character.

Nodded slightly, feeling a little satisfied.

“What’s the matter, I heard that people from the Sun family, Ding family and Su family are all here today. Are they going to embarrass you?” Shui Bingyue whispered first, but waited.

Shui Bingyue’s tone suddenly became extremely cold when it came to the people of those big families who might be embarrassed by Dustin Zhou. An invisible cold air suddenly emerged in the office, as if Shui Bingyue would be in the next second. Lei Ting’s method made the Sun family, Ding family and Su family no longer exist.

“No, no.” Dustin Zhou waved his hand to deny that he didn’t want Shui Bingyue to have any misunderstandings.

Let’s not say that he does not want Shui Bingyue to be involved in this matter. Besides, he still has a cooperative relationship with the Su family, and Dustin Zhou also plans to gradually bring Shui Bingyue into his social circle. Let some of my friends know her existence.

“I’m here today, it has something to do with the Xu family’s affairs…” Dustin Zhou then recounted what had happened today, and naturally also said everything that happened in the Shenglong Pavilion.

“…So I actually have a cooperative relationship with the Su family, but I just don’t know if the Su family and the others will go back after they return.” Dustin Zhou said with a light smile, with a little helplessness on his face.

In fact, in the end, his strength is still not enough.

His strength is not enough to make the people of the Xu family branch of Tiger Lord take him seriously and are willing to cooperate with him to fight the Xu family main line.

And his strength is not enough to reach a cooperative intention with the Tiger and the others without relying on the Su Family, and compete with the Xu Family.

And his strength does not allow him to have a head-on collision with the Xu family.

Even in the East China Sea, Dustin Zhou is already a big figure, and he has no relationship with the Mountain Mist Clubhouse, and he dare not say that he is in a rivalry with the Xu family.

After all, even the Mountain Mist Clubhouse and even Asher Chen, in front of the Xu family, couldn’t see enough.

“Repent? Humph! Since they have promised my brother, if they dare to repent, I will definitely make the Su family regret it.” After hearing this, Shui Bingyue frowned and said coldly.

“Brother, if you are willing, I can still help…” Shui Bingyue said, her tone became a little lower, as if she had said something that was not good.

Chapter 808

“Huh?” Dustin Zhou glanced sideways at Shui Bingyue, a hint of doubt appeared on his face, as well as a hint of darkness.

He had previously told Shui Bingyue about the Xu family, and Shui Bingyue had assigned Zhou Feng, one of the two martial masters who had been arranged by the Zhou family to protect her, to be directed by Dustin Zhou.

At that time, Dustin Zhou vowed in his heart that he would take good care of Shui Bingyue, and when he returned to Zhou’s family, he would take back everything he had lost and make Shui Bingyue the little princess of Zhou’s family.

However, now he actually worried Shui Bingyue again.

At the same time, a sense of powerlessness continued to rise in Dustin Zhou’s heart.

If he is strong enough, then

So why should it cause Shui Bingyue’s worry.

After all, strength is respected!

“It’s okay, there is nothing in the world that can stump me, don’t you worry about your brother?” Dustin Zhou gently patted Shui Bingyue’s head and whispered comfortingly.

At this time, he must say so, one is to cheer himself up, and the other is to make Shui Bingyue feel at ease.

Right now, although Dustin Zhou and Hu Ye, and the Su family temporarily reached a cooperative relationship.

But this relationship is not as strong as imagined.

Among other things, will the Su family be shaken by Dustin Zhou’s remarks?

Then the cooperation was interrupted, and even the Su family would join the Ding family.

And without the cooperation of the Su family, will Tiger Ye continue to cooperate with Dustin Zhou?

All of these are unknowns, and no one can guarantee it before the three parties actually confront the Xu family.

Even Dustin Zhou did not have absolute self-confidence, and the two parties would work together until the end and face the Xu family.

As for Shui Bingyue’s peace of mind, Dustin Zhou didn’t want to worry about Shui Bingyue too much.

Shui Bingyue’s birth mother is not there, and he is just a woman, so the situation in Zhou’s house may not be any better.

Among other things, the only daughter of the dignified Zhou Family Patriarch went to the East China Sea, and there were only two martial masters by her side. If this was taken advantage of by some families, it would be too late to regret.

In addition, Shui Bingyue is such a good Miss Zhou family. Why did she come to the East China Sea to run and run Avaria?

For the reason, Dustin Zhou didn’t want to think too much. He was afraid that he couldn’t help but what impulsive things he would do before his strength was strong enough.

Although Shui Bingyue is Dustin Zhou’s half-sister, to Dustin Zhou, who has been dependent on Zhou’s mother for more than two decades, this affection is precious.

Dustin Zhou didn’t want to put Shui Bingyue under too much pressure because of his own business.

Dustin Zhou only wanted to keep Shui Bingyue happy during this period of time in the East China Sea.

“Of course I believe my brother, but this time, you are facing the Xu family. Even the Zhou family will not be so easy and relaxed when facing the Xu family.” Shui Bingyue said softly, a pair of beautiful eyes Looking at Dustin Zhou, there was another trace of worry in his determination.

For the Xu family, although Shui Bingyue knew that more than ten years ago, the Xu family had an internal fight and suffered heavy losses, but for a hidden family like the Xu family, the background is powerful and far from ordinary people can think of.

Even the Zhou family didn’t know everything about a hidden family like the Xu family.

So Shui Bingyue knew how much risk Dustin Zhou was actually taking when facing the Xu family this time.

However, she came to the East China Sea alone, with only two martial masters beside her. This was arranged by her father Zhou Hengtian himself.

In order to support Dustin Zhou, Shui Bingyue has asked Zhou Feng to help.

One, even if Shui Bingyue was willing, the other party would not agree.

Shui Bingyue felt a little self-blame at this moment.

He felt that he could not help Dustin Zhou last year.

Otherwise, if he can deploy a few more martial arts masters to help Dustin Zhou, then Dustin Zhou will have a better chance of winning when facing the Xu family.

“Hehe, don’t worry, I’m Dustin Zhou acting, no one can stop it.” Dustin Zhou gently patted Shui Bingyue’s shoulder, softly comforting.

He also felt the care in Shui Bingyue’s words, and a trace of guilt.

Dustin Zhou can also understand Shui Bingyue and feel Shui Bingyue’s true feelings for him.

This kind of family affection makes Dustin Zhou very useful.

Even if Shui Bingyue was unable to help, Dustin Zhou felt very satisfied.

“Don’t worry, you have stayed at Avaria for some time recently. Don’t run around. I will see you again when the matter between me and the Xu family is over.” Then Dustin Zhou chatted with Shui Bingyue for a while. , And left directly.

He still needs to prepare a lot of things, not to say that he has expressed his attitude in this Avaria today, and that everything is done, facing the Xu family, he can directly win.

In addition to the gap between the strength of the two sides, there are many other gaps.

Dustin Zhou needs to deal with these gaps as quickly as possible.

Try to bridge the gap between the two sides as much as possible and increase your chances of winning on your side.

With Niu Chuan and Zhou Feng, Dustin Zhou took the lead directly to the Brilliant Hotel and communicated with Hu Ye about follow-up matters.

As for the Su family, they are definitely still discussing what Dustin Zhou said in Avaria.

Before Dustin Zhou had reached a general idea, it had no effect.

Brilliant Hotel.

In Master Tiger’s office, Dustin Zhou, Niu Chuan, Zhou Feng, Xu Wei, Xu Ran, and Master Tiger were all inside.

The same as the previous time, this time the positions of both sides are almost exactly the same.

The difference is that this time, there are two more martial masters, Xu Fengli and Xu Fengfan.

“Phonak has told me about Avaria. I didn’t expect you to be so bold!” Xu Wei said with a smile, looking at Dustin Zhou with a hint of appreciation.

They were willing to believe Dustin Zhou once and let Xu Fengli and Xu Fengfan do something with Dustin Zhou, but Xu Wei never thought that Dustin Zhou would be so bold.

Almost in front of all powerful families in the East China Sea, they said that they would destroy the Xu family.

You know, Xu Wei’s previous impressions of Dustin Zhou are mostly limited to what Dustin Zhou did in the East China Sea. Although he is a very good young man, it is nothing more than that. If he does not go out of a broader space, Dustin Zhou’s upper limit That’s it.

However, destroyed

As soon as Xu Jia said such words, Xu Wei’s view of Dustin Zhou was completely changed.

The current Dustin Zhou, in Xu Wei’s eyes, is a vigorous, infinite future and infinite possibility. Looking at the entire East China Sea, he can also be ranked.

Such an evaluation is not too low for Dustin Zhou.

You know, no matter how dazzling Dustin Zhou has been in the past year, no matter what achievements he has, after all, his starting point lies here.

For more than 20 years, I have been a very ordinary family, living a very ordinary life.

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