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Chapter 734

It’s true that the Xu family is a hidden family, but it is unclear whether it can maintain a strong posture with the intervention of the government.

But now, it depends on whether Xu You can’t help but do it first, or the precautionary negligence on Hengfeng Building.

Xu You found a breakthrough.

Time flies quickly, Dustin Zhou feels very comfortable after a big lunch.

If he can, of course he would always enjoy this kind of life.

But he knew it was impossible.

Not to mention other things, as long as he wants to return to Zhou’s house one day, then he will not be able to relax and need to continue to fight for it.

… At this time, Hengfeng Building.

Luo Hai was in the company and looked at the report sent by the people below, his face was pale.

The faces of Niu Chuan and Xiaodao sitting next to him were also very ugly.

“This matter must be told to Brother Yang.” Niu Chuan said in a deep voice.

He didn’t expect how long it was before this happened.

Moreover, it is still under their supervision.

Even now, even Niu Chuan didn’t know how the other party did it.

“Well, since this matter was deployed by Mr. Zhou, then naturally he has to be notified.” Luo Hai nodded and did not refuse.

Niu Chuan heard this and called Dustin Zhou directly.

At this time, Dustin Zhou had just eaten lunch and was lying on the sofa to rest.

He was about to take a good look at the recent events and analyze it, and the phone rang untimely.

“Niu Chuan?” Seeing the caller ID, Dustin Zhou was taken aback for a moment, and then immediately connected the phone.

Dustin Zhou knew that Niu Chuan would normally not be able to call himself.

And he arranged for him in Hengfeng Building so that he would call himself only when he encountered a problem.

“What’s the matter?” Dustin Zhou said in a deep voice after answering the phone.

“Brother Yang, some accidents happened here…” Niu Chuan said in a deep voice what happened, and then fell silent.

“Don’t act rashly, wait for me to come!” Dustin Zhou yelled, hung up the phone, picked up his clothes and walked out.

“Dustin Zhou, what? There is still something to do?” Seeing Dustin Zhou is about to leave, Zhou Mu quickly grabbed him and asked carefully.

At this time, she was afraid that Dustin Zhou would hurt her body because of some work issues. In that case, it was really not worth it.

“Well, there are some things to be dealt with at the company. I’ll do it when I go. Don’t worry, it’s okay.” To calm his mother’s worry, Dustin Zhou rushed directly to Hengfeng Building.

When he rushed all the way to Hengfeng Building, Dustin Zhou clearly felt that the atmosphere of Hengfeng Building was quite serious.

The number of security guards patrolling around the building has also increased.

“It’s Mr. Zhou! Mr. Zhou, you are here, Secretary Luo and the others are waiting for you in the office.” Luo Rui saw Dustin Zhou and greeted him quickly with joy.

“Well, take me over.” Dustin Zhou nodded, although Luo Rui smiled when he saw him.

But Dustin Zhou can tell

, There was still a dignified look on Luo Rui’s face, and there was a flash of worry in his eyes.

And these, under normal circumstances, will never appear.

Soon, Dustin Zhou came to the office on the fourteenth floor, and Luo Hai, Niu Chuan and others had been waiting inside for more than an hour.

“Brother Yang.” “Mr. Zhou!” Niu Chuan and Luo Hai quickly walked over when Dustin Zhou came in.

“What’s going on, first tell me the details.” Dustin Zhou looked serious and looked at Niu Chuan.

He arranged Niu Chuan here, just to have a solid guarantee that there would be no disclosure.

But now… “Yes, Brother Yang, this was discovered more than an hour ago…” Next, Niu Chuan explained the story in detail.

And Dustin Zhou knew the whole process of the whole thing at this time.

It turned out that more than an hour ago, when Luo Rui and the others were patrolling, they suddenly found a suspicious person near the Hengfeng Building.

And Lorry and the others have been on guard, but they are always on guard and lost.

However, after Luo Rui reacted, he discovered that the sales store of Mingyang Company on the first floor of Hengfeng Building was suddenly messed up, and a letter was left in it.

“Brother Yang, the letter is here, we haven’t opened it yet.” Niu Chuan handed the envelope to Dustin Zhou, his face also very ugly.

Such a thing happened, and it happened under their noses, for them, it was undoubtedly a face-slapped thing.

However, now Niu Chuan himself can’t tell.

Who knows who that person is, seems to be very clear about the arrangement and layout here, it’s nothing more than to avoid Luo Rui and the others, even the monitoring arranged by Niu Chuan himself can be avoided.

This is clearly an acquaintance committing the crime, and even if it is not, at least acquaintances will respond from it.

And this is the real reason Niu Chuan and Luo Hai are so anxious to come to Dustin Zhou to discuss.

Nei Ying, that’s okay, if Nei Ying reveals all such specific circumstances, then to Xu You, they have no secrets at all.

Hearing this, Dustin Zhou’s expression became more solemn, and he took the envelope and opened it.

As time passed, Dustin Zhou had been reading the letter without speaking.

Dustin Zhou didn’t speak, and other people naturally didn’t want to speak first, they all looked at Dustin Zhou earnestly looking forward to it, wanting to know what was written in the letter, which made Dustin Zhou watch for so long, and his expression still changed.

“Huh.” After finally reading the letter, Dustin Zhou let out a long sigh, his face becoming more and more weird.

He originally thought that someone was going to be unfavorable to Hengfeng Building and the last sales shop.

But he did not expect that this was a letter of persuasion at all.

The letter is Xu Youna

Bian sent someone to send it, that’s right.

However, Xu You is not so aggressive, but understands reason and moves with affection.

Xu You wanted to take advantage of the disparity in strength between the two sides to let Dustin Zhou and Ren Feng know the gap between them, so as to proactively admit defeat and avoid unnecessary damage.

“This is a letter of persuasion to surrender. You can read it too.” Dustin Zhou handed the letter to Luo Hai. Since Xu You sent this letter, and he still persuades Dustin Zhou and Ren Feng to surrender, then Dustin Zhou knows it now. Then Ren Feng should naturally know.

Ren Feng is not here now, so let Luo Hai watch.

“What! It’s just outrageous! This is too unreasonable for us Hengfeng Building!” After reading the letter, Luo Hai became furious, and slapped one on the table, his face full of anger, The posture of pulling out Xu You to give a severe lesson.

“Brother Yang, what should we do now, do we want to inform Father Ren Feng?” Niu Chuan also read the letter, without a trace of relief on his face.

“Well, this matter still needs to be told to Elder Ren. Let’s call Elder Ren now. I will explain the current situation to him personally.” Dustin Zhou said in a deep voice.

Luo Hai nodded when he heard the words, and got through Ren Feng’s call.

Chapter 735

Luo Hai quickly got through Ren Feng’s phone and told what had happened here, especially the letter of persuasion to surrender.

Although Dustin Zhou couldn’t hear what the two of them were saying on the phone, Dustin Zhou could guess from Luo Hai’s expression that Ren Feng’s tone at the moment was probably not so kind.

“Old Ren said he will come soon.” Luo Hai said in a deep voice, still a trace of guilt on his face.

Dustin Zhou didn’t know why Luo Hai’s face had a hint of guilt, but at this time, obviously it’s not the time to pursue this detail. He still needs to wait until Father Ren Feng comes over and the two sides discuss together before they can figure out how to solve the matter. .

Moreover, it is now the first day of the new year, and the market will open in two days. At that time, if Xu You and the others are crazy, then it is really a time bomb for Hengfeng Building.

At any time, it may cause incalculable losses to Hengfeng Building.

Half an hour later, a luxurious convoy came slowly to the Hengfeng Building.

Under the protection of a group of bodyguards, Ren Feng entered the Hengfeng Building and went directly to the fourteenth floor.

“Old Ren.” Luo Hai took the lead and handed the letter of persuasion to him.

And Dustin Zhou just nodded slightly, and didn’t say much. Right now, let Ren Feng finish reading the letter of persuasion to surrender, and discuss the next thing with a little preparation in his heart.

And Ren Feng watched it very quickly, in just half a minute, he had already watched it.

Send all the contents above.

At this time, Ren Feng’s face was also very ugly.

“Bang!” Suddenly, Ren Feng directly hit the table with a fist, and there was a muffled noise, which shocked everyone.

Even Dustin Zhou looked slightly, somewhat surprised.

Dustin Zhou didn’t expect that Ren Feng would have such a big reaction. No matter how you look at it, it doesn’t seem to be what Ren Feng should have.

A big boss like Ren Feng, even if he is angry in his heart, he will not show it at all. The so-called joyful appearance is not suitable for such a person.

But just now, Ren Feng was in front of so many people, besides a close friend like Luo Hai, there were still outsiders like Dustin Zhou beside him.

Once Ren Feng has a bad performance, it is likely to be spread out from his population, which is definitely not a good thing for Ren Feng.

Most importantly, in Dustin Zhou’s view, this letter of persuasion to surrender is simply not enough to throw Ren Feng so angry.

Since Xu You and the others wanted to persuade them to surrender, they could just ignore it.

There is no need to be so angry.

“Old Ren, you have read this letter too, but I don’t know what you think.” Dustin Zhou asked softly, he wanted to listen to Ren Feng’s thoughts.

After all, in terms of experience, experience, age, or seniority status, Ren Feng is Dustin Zhou’s predecessor.

In many cases, Dustin Zhou’s thoughts may not be comprehensive, and let Ren Feng express his own opinions, and some of Dustin Zhou’s ideas can be perfected invisibly.

“Too much bullying! How dare those people like Xu You insult me ​​like this!” However, Ren Feng did not express any views directly, but still shouted in a low voice, the wrinkles on his face trembling with an angry expression. It looks daunting.

“When did you find this letter?” Ren Feng looked around the people like a torch.

But when he saw it this way, everyone was silent for a moment, dare not say a word, and made a sound.

Even Dustin Zhou felt great pressure at this time.

And this pressure radiated from Ren Feng, and it didn’t have any specificity.

“Old Ren, it is not the question of how this letter was discovered. The question now is, since the other party has sent such a letter of persuasion to surrender, how should we respond.” Dustin Zhou said actively.

If Ren Feng is allowed to get angry, it is very likely that all the rhythms of everyone will be disrupted, which is not good for the dealings between everyone and Xu You.

On the contrary, it will cause a lot of internal consumption and expose flaws. If Xu You and the others are caught, the threat will rise in a straight line for oneself.

“Little friend Dustin Zhou, that’s right, but big

During the day, just ask the other party to send this letter here, they are all responsible!

Ren Feng nodded, agreeing with Dustin Zhou’s statement. However, at the end of the day, Ren Feng stared at Luo Hai severely and said in a deep voice. “Pass on, all guards on duty today will be recorded, and the salary will be reduced by one. month!

After Ren Feng finished speaking, Luo Hai’s expression changed slightly, and he wanted to say something, but after looking sternly at the former Feng, Luo Hai flinched again. “Yes, I will let you know.

“After speaking, Luo Hai left the private room directly. At this moment, only Ren Feng, Dustin Zhou, and Brother Pao were left in the private room. Even Niu Chuan and Xiaodao were not inside, but outside. Guarding, we won’t let this happen again. “Haha, let the two little friends read the joke.

“There are only three people left, and Ren Feng’s anger seems to have almost dissipated. When he talks, his tone is a lot more kind, and there is a rare smile on his face. “Hehe, this is also our responsibility, otherwise , The other party could not have sent this letter in so openly.

Dustin Zhou said with a smile. Although he was very surprised about Ren Feng’s changes before and after, he was not a fool. He would not ask this question when he had nothing to do at this time. Ren Feng had to explain. Cooperation. It’s no exaggeration to say that once Dustin Zhou did something that made Ren Feng dissatisfied. At that time, there is no need for Xu You to do anything, Ren Feng himself will send someone to contact them, and then Hengfeng Building, the last sales store, was directly let out. If that was the case, then it would be a huge blow to Dustin Zhou and the famous company. As Dustin Zhou, who provokes Ren Feng’s upset, will undoubtedly become a target. Even if Dustin Zhou’s internal status and identity issues within Mingyang’s company, no one would accuse him, but invisibly, it would reduce Dustin Zhou’s prestige a lot. The most important thing is that Chang Hao will undoubtedly increase his provocation against Dustin Zhou. He would even hold onto this problem in the company. Dustin Zhou is not a troublesome person, so he would not just trouble himself. “Haha, my little friend laughed, since those people like Xu You sent this letter, the most At least one thing can be confirmed, that is, if they can directly persuade us to surrender in this way, then they are naturally happy. If they cannot persuade us in this way, they may adopt the next method.

“In other words, it’s not a last resort. They don’t want to really tear their skin with us and have a real fight.

Chapter 736

Banshan Lanyuan! Ren Feng said in a deep voice, but his tone was extremely confident, with a pair of eyes that looked a little muddy, at this moment

At night, it was extremely bright, and it seemed to be able to see through people’s hearts. Sitting here, you could see the thoughts and thoughts of those Xu You who exist somewhere in the East China Sea.

“Well, that’s true.” Dustin Zhou nodded slightly, agreeing with Ren Feng’s words.

It is true that Xu You and the others are from the Xu family of the hermit family. They are powerful and unfathomable, and Dustin Zhou and others have no idea how much power the Xu family used this time.

However, one thing is that the Xu family is strong, but they are not weak here.

Not to mention, Niu Chuan and Pao Ge, two martial masters personally sit in town, and a half-step martial master like the knife escorts them.

Moreover, as the chairman of Hengfeng Building, it is impossible for Ren Feng, who used to traverse the underground world of the East China Sea, to be without a martial master.

If you count this way, on the bright side, there are two martial masters, in fact, there are at least three or even more.

In addition, this is Hengfeng Building, which is also a giant in the East China Sea.

The security force of the Hengfeng Building itself is also top in the East China Sea, not weaker than that of the general first-class family.

What’s more, Hengfeng Building is located in the most prosperous area of ​​Putuo District. It has attracted much attention and is also a distinguished guest of the government.

With so many conditions added, Dustin Zhou was confident that even the Xu family did not dare to do it lightly.

“However, since the other party has already tried this time, if we don’t respond, we will be weakened and let Xu You see us clearly.” Dustin Zhou said with a smile.

“Oh? I don’t know what good idea Dustin Zhou has?” Ren Feng muttered in surprise, then asked with a smile.

Indeed, it is the other party who has made a trial now. If they do not respond, there will be a bit of acknowledgment in it. The momentum of both parties is invisibly weakened and strengthened.

Ren Feng naturally saw it through.

“So…” Dustin Zhou laughed, and then slowly said the idea he thought of.

Ren Feng and Brother Pao listened very carefully. When they finished listening, they looked at each other, and both saw a hint of surprise and surprise in each other’s eyes.

They didn’t expect Dustin Zhou to think of such an idea, and it would not aggravate the conflict between the two sides too much.

“Okay, I think it’s feasible. If there is anything needed, just speak up, and I will find someone to cooperate.” Brother Pao took the lead.

Although he was only sent by Lord Tiger to assist Dustin Zhou, Brother Pao still agrees with Dustin Zhou’s idea.

“No problem, just do everything according to what little friend Dustin Zhou said. I will let Luo Hai order to go down. People on the Hengfeng Building will leave it to little friend Dustin Zhou to arrange.” Ren Feng also said with a smile. Looking at Dustin Zhou’s gaze was very satisfied, even

There was a glimmer of light flashing.

“By the way, it’s almost night now. Let’s have dinner together. Go to my house and thank you.” Ren Feng suddenly got up and said with a smile, focusing especially on Dustin Zhou.

This makes Dustin Zhou somewhat inexplicable.

Good point, why did Ren Feng invite him and Brother Pao to dinner.

However, the elder did not dare to resign, and Dustin Zhou had no choice but to agree.

I made a call and went back to Lvjingwan City, telling Zhou Mu that he would not go to dinner at night, and let them eat first at home.

Dustin Zhou, Ren Feng and Brother Pao left the Hengfeng Building all the way.

Regarding today’s matter, Dustin Zhou has asked Niu Chuan to arrange it so that everyone don’t care, just as if nothing happened, just do what you should do as usual.

Donghai City, Putuo District, Banshan Lanyuan.

This is the most noble villa area in Putuo District, East China Sea.

Although Putuo District is close to the East China Sea, this does not mean that the terrain is flat.

On the contrary, on the west side of Putuo District, there is a small hilly landform. Although the height is less than 100 meters, it has been developed into the most prosperous and noble villa area in Putuo District.

As for the name Mid-Levels, it has the meaning of being comparable to the Mid-Levels villa on the other side of Xiangjiang.

Along the way, Dustin Zhou also had to feel that a person with a net worth of tens of billions, like Ren Feng, had a very big gap between the requirements for the place to live and the average person.

As far as Dustin Zhou is concerned, he thinks that a villa area like Lvjingwan City is already very good. Just like that, Dustin Zhou also spent nearly 10 million on the villa he bought.

And if you compare Lvjingwan City with this Mid-Levels Orchid Garden.

Then, Lvjingwan City is almost equivalent to a general community, while a community like Xie’s is almost a slum.

“This Banshan Orchid Garden was developed many years ago when the Putuo District was just about to be developed. I cooperated with others to develop it. Now it is quite famous.” Ren Feng introduced with a smile.

With Ren Feng’s introduction, Dustin Zhou knew why the Mid-Levels Orchid Garden had become the most noble villa area in the East China Sea.

Let alone the others, as long as anyone living here has a net worth less than 5 billion.

What is the concept of 5 billion? There are not many people with a net worth of more than 5 billion in the country.

It can be said that anyone who can afford this Mid-Levels Orchid Garden Villa, looking at the whole country, is a famous and famous person.

“Hehe, everyone who lives here is indeed very extraordinary, and I am old too. I am very happy to see these young people have such high achievements, and I admire them very much, but this is not the same. People live in every year, many times, they just come to live for a few days, they will be busy with each other


Ren Feng explained with a smile. After hearing this, Dustin Zhou felt better. He almost thought that all the well-known rich people all live here, if that were the case, he would really have a little pressure. He is the heir of the Zhou family in Beijing, but at the same time facing so many rich men with a net worth of not less than 5 billion, let alone him, even if the current Patriarch of the Zhou family comes, I am afraid that he is invincible. At home, there is still no way to fight against the rich and powerful of the whole country. The Mid-Levels Orchid Garden has an excellent scenery. It is already very quiet a dozen miles from the foot of the mountain, and there are many purple phoenix trees planted along the road. “These purple sycamore trees can be regarded as some famous ones. Jinling was going to build that year. The lady likes the purple sycamore trees, so that person brought a lot of purple sycamore trees from France, and that road was fully planted.

“And my purple-gold phoenix trees were left over from the plantation of the year, and I used the relationship to get them, and it took a lot of effort.

“Speaking of the purple-gold sycamore tree on the side of the road, Ren Feng was obviously interested and excited, and the introduction was full of joy.

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