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Chapter 743

However, it seems that since they returned to the East China Sea, accidents have happened one after another.

First there is a gossip, those people who have always been in the East China Sea and have not dealt with Dustin Zhou are secretly planning something, preparing to trouble Dustin Zhou and Mingyang Company.

Then there was an accident at the three sales shops in Qingfeng District.

Immediately afterwards, because of Liu Xue, Dustin Zhou had conflicts with the three generations of the Li family, Cai family, and Ding family in the Mountain Mist Club, and indirectly had grievances with these three families.

Then there was the incident at nine sales stores in Putuo District.

It seems that there is a force in the dark, pushing these, wanting Dustin Zhou to admit defeat.

Everything else is fine. Regardless of those secretly planning or something, the three sales shops in Qingfeng District, or the Mountain Mist Club, in Dustin Zhou’s view, it is possible to solve them, and he doesn’t need to worry. .

However, only the nine sales stores in Putuo District involved the Xu family of the hermit family and Ren Feng of Hengfeng Building. This was not something that Dustin Zhou could solve with the power currently at his disposal.

If you don’t think about it carefully and get everything clear, then Dustin Zhou is likely to suffer a big loss at this time.

However, Dustin Zhou believed that after suffering a big loss in the hands of the hidden family, the consequences were definitely not imaginable by ordinary people.

at least,

The Hidden Family’s ability to take advantage of the victory and chase is beyond the imagination of ordinary people.

“It seems that Xu You and the others are the real threat right now, but so far, they haven’t found their hiding place. Is the hidden family really hidden?” Dustin Zhou whispered softly.

So far, there is still no news of where Xu You and the others are.

Counting time, it has been several days since Asher Chen sent people to investigate Xu You and the others.

However, apart from a simple intelligence message that I received in the meeting room of Mingyang that day, there has been no other information these days, as if all investigations have been suspended.

“It looks like I still have to go to the Mountain Mist Clubhouse tomorrow. There are some problems, I’m afraid I can’t do it.”

The next day, in the morning, there weren’t so many things. Dustin Zhou made an agreement with Asher Chen. In the afternoon, he would go to the Mountain Mist Clubhouse.

So in the morning, Dustin Zhou stayed at home with his mother and Su Xiaomeng.

However, Su Xiaomeng is not a person who can calm down. He always follows Zhou’s mother and keeps busy in the kitchen, saying that he wants to make Dustin Zhou a delicious meal.

Dustin Zhou just smiled faintly, and had no hope for what Su Xiaomeng did personally.

In the afternoon, Dustin Zhou drove to the Mountain Mist Clubhouse.

In the previous two times, Dustin Zhou clashed with Li Mingfeng, Cai Xiong, and Ding Fan at the Mountain Mist Clubhouse.

Everyone thought that Dustin Zhou would suffer a big loss in their hands.

But the result was shocking everyone.

Not only did Dustin Zhou not suffer, but Li Mingfeng, Cai Xiong, and Ding Fan suffered a big loss.

So Dustin Zhou attracted a lot of attention when he appeared at the gate of the Mountain Mist Clubhouse.

However, with Li Mingfeng, Cai Xiong and Ding Fan in front, at this time, no one would seek hardship on their own and come forward to ask Dustin Zhou for trouble.

Office on the third floor.

Asher Chen and Sun Lian were still inside, besides, there was a middle-aged man who looked very thin.

When Dustin Zhou came in, he saw Asher Chen saying something to the man, but his voice was so low that Dustin Zhou could not hear him clearly.

“Uncle Chen.” Dustin Zhou said softly.

“Well, here you are, I sent someone to investigate Xu You and those people, and there have been no results. There were some results just now, let him tell you.” Asher Chen nodded, his face very serious.

Dustin Zhou’s gaze also fell directly on the thin middle-aged man.

The reason why this man was able to appear here should be the person in charge of this investigation.

“Hello, is there any useful information?” Dustin Zhou asked in a deep voice.

For such a long time, Dustin Zhouyi’s

I don’t know, so I have always been in a passive situation.

If he can know where Xu You’s people are, then Dustin Zhou can at least stop the counterattack, face to face with Xu You, and ask what the other party wants to do.

Rather than arranging people to be stationed in Hengfeng Building as they are now, to prevent Xu You from playing tricks.

“Mr. Zhou, we did not find any information about Xu You before, only some basic, scattered information related to the other eight sales stores. We organized it and sent it to you.” The man said softly. The voice is calm, as if there is no emotion.

“Just now, our people finally found a trace of Xu You, please look.” The man said, spreading out a roll of maps.

Dustin Zhou took a look, and immediately saw various markers on the map.

Except for some scattered marks that Dustin Zhou couldn’t understand, Dustin Zhou’s gaze fell on a large circle on the map.

Mid-Levels Orchid Garden!

Dustin Zhou’s pupils shrank instantly, and a ridiculous thought suddenly appeared in his heart.

This mark is so prominent, it is very likely that Xu You’s foothold.

And if it is really a foothold, then Xu You and the others are in Mid-Levels Orchid Garden!

Ren Feng is also in Mid-Levels Lan Yuan.

Among them, what he didn’t know.

Xu You and the others have been hiding in the Mid-Levels Orchid Garden, waiting for an opportunity to act on Ren Feng, or something else… Dustin Zhou didn’t dare to guess wildly, so he had to look at the man, his eyes full of questions.

“Yes, Mr. Zhou, this place is where Xu You and the others settled, Banshan Lanyuan!” “In addition, our people, we also found places where Xu You often acted, and we marked them one by one. It’s in these places.” The man nodded, confirming Dustin Zhou’s thoughts, and then pointed at the markers on the map that had at least a dozen places.

And these are the places where Xu You and the others often haunt.

After seeing those places clearly, Dustin Zhou was surprised again.

Because he vaguely felt that these places were very familiar, and in the center of these places was Hengfeng Building.

Vaguely, there seemed to be a huge mystery lying in front of Dustin Zhou, no matter how Dustin Zhou moved it, he couldn’t break up the mist.

“Mr. Zhou, Xu You and their regular activities are basically around the Hengfeng Building.” “And since they took down all the eight sales stores set up by Mingyang Company in Putuo District, the scope of their activities He has never left Hengfeng Building, or, strictly speaking, he has never left Ren Feng.” The person who laid out

Chapter 744

The man drew a line on the map and put all the marked points

Are all connected in series.

And Dustin Zhou’s eyes tightened instantly when he saw the trajectory of activities connected in series.

Sure enough, it was the same as the man said.

Xu You and the others’ recent activity tracks, except for returning to the Mid-Levels Orchid Garden, have always been near Hengfeng Building, and they have never exceeded the distance of two streets.

This is equivalent to Xu You has been active under their noses, but they have never noticed.

Dustin Zhou’s heart was extremely heavy.

Because this time, in order to effectively confront Xu You and the others, Dustin Zhou even arranged the rotation of martial masters like Niu Chuan and Pao Ge. In addition, there are half-step martial masters like Haiyu Xiaodao, as well as many on the side of Tiger. Good hand.

Such a lineup, even in a first-class family, is also the top protective force.

However, under such circumstances, Xu You and the others were still not found, but they were allowed to wander under the nose.

This is simply an insult!

“Damn it, how is this possible!” Dustin Zhou hammered his fist on the table, gritted his teeth, his face was full of anger.

“Dustin Zhou, there are two possibilities, let me talk about it, just for your reference.” At this time, Asher Chen spoke.

“Yeah.” Dustin Zhou nodded and directly agreed.

This situation was extremely unexpected to him, so for a while, Dustin Zhou realized that he had no good ideas at all.

Even if the man in front of him had already investigated Xu You and their movement trajectory clearly, and even drew them on the map, Dustin Zhou was a little vague. He always felt that there was something hidden in the dark, just waiting for him to make a mistake. The opponent can jump up and directly give Dustin Zhou a thunderous blow.

“There is absolutely no error in the results of this investigation. Even if Xu You and the others come from the Xu family of the hermit family, even if Xu You is the master of the warrior, it is not without any omissions. Therefore, the authenticity of this investigation result does not need to be doubted. Shen Sheng said.

This sentence directly broke the last bit of doubt in Dustin Zhou’s heart.

“Then what are the two possibilities I’m talking about.” “One is that Xu You and the others know that we are investigating them, so they come to a plan and plan such activities in advance, deliberately let us see this. Activity trajectory.” “And in doing so, they can indeed confuse us, but this method cannot last long, because no matter how confused they are, we will always be able to find loopholes.” “Second…” Asher Chen Halfway through the conversation, he glanced at Dustin Zhou, but he stopped directly and didn’t continue.

“Huh? Uncle Chen, why didn’t you say it?” Dustin Zhou heard halfway through and was analyzing the possibility that Asher Chen said, but suddenly there was no more

With his voice, he couldn’t help looking up at Asher Chen, and found that Asher Chen’s face was very solemn at the moment, looking at Dustin Zhou’s gaze, even with a hint of worry.

This gaze made Dustin Zhou’s heart tremble slightly, and a bad idea suddenly emerged, but subconsciously, Dustin Zhou didn’t want to think about this possibility.

“The second possibility is that all this is a game, and the person who makes the game, I think, you should have a goal in your heart, and their purpose of doing this is to test your reality.” Asher Chen said When it was over, he walked back, sat down, and did not continue.

However, what Asher Chen said just now, like a never-ending echo, has been lingering in Dustin Zhou’s ear.

The person who makes the game, the person who makes the game… Yes, if it is not the first possibility, then the only way to explain it can be.

Because, both Xu You and Xu You’s trajectory were designed by others, only for Dustin Zhou to see it.

It’s just that, for this person, at present, only one person is possible.

Ren Feng!

In just a moment, several scenes of getting along with Ren Feng are vivid, and Dustin Zhou seems to have not yet emerged from the kindness of getting along with Ren Feng.

You know, only yesterday, he and Pao went to Ren Feng’s home in Lanyuan in Mid-Levels for dinner, and agreed to take Ren Feng’s granddaughter Ren Qingqing to see Jiang Yan.

However, after only one night, Asher Chen told himself that all of this was probably done by Ren Feng.

The purpose is not to deal with him Dustin Zhou, or to promote the company as a whole.

Dustin Zhou missed Anbo very much and wanted to find a flaw to remove Ren Feng from this suspicion.

But Dustin Zhou found that he couldn’t do it.

Because he has too little contact with Ren Feng.

Adding up and down, I’m afraid it can only be counted as three times.

For the first time, Dustin Zhou and Brother Pao visited him and went to Hengfeng Building to find him in person to explain his intentions.

At that time, Ren Feng gave Dustin Zhou the impression that he was resolute and resolute, and he was very bold.

Dustin Zhou thinks about it now. At that time, he didn’t seem to say anything to Ren Feng. He just explained his purpose and the current situation, and then said his purpose. In the end, Ren Feng agreed.

At that time, Dustin Zhou still felt that the situation of Ren Feng was decisive and simply.

It now appears that Ren Feng is probably anxious to do that himself.

The second meeting was yesterday afternoon. A strange letter of persuasive surrender appeared in the sales store of the famous company of Hengfeng Building.

Then I was invited by Ren Feng to have a dinner at home, and I met Ren Qingqing’s granddaughter.

At that time, I felt that there was no problem, everything was logical.

But think about it now, Dustin Zhoucai

It is the discovery that everything is logical, and that is the biggest problem.

You know, who is Ren Feng?

The chairman of Hengfeng Building holds more than half of the shares of Hengfeng Building, worth more than 10 billion.

Mid-Levels Orchid Garden was also developed in cooperation with Ren Feng. Dustin Zhou did not know how many shares Ren Feng had in his hands. However, in terms of the location of Ren Feng’s home, no place was better than his. According to preliminary estimates, the shares are definitely not. It will be lower than the Hengfeng Building, with a value of more than 10 billion, or even 20 billion.

In addition, Ren Feng does not only have an industry in the East China Sea, his industry covers more than 15 provinces and cities across the country.

With such an industry scale, Ren Feng’s net worth is already very close to 80 billion.

It is no exaggeration to say that the current Ren Feng can crush Dustin Zhou from any aspect.

And such a person, no matter how kind, when facing a stranger, he comes directly to him, and speaks a lot of seemingly critical words, without even a bit of doubt, and directly cooperates with the other party’s actions. do.

what is this?

Is this stupid, is it stupid?


Because all of this was planned by Ren Feng, if he had all kinds of doubts about Dustin Zhou, if something changed, then his plan would be abnormal.

On the contrary, if Ren Feng does what Dustin Zhou said, then Dustin Zhou will definitely fall into Ren Feng’s plan.

Chapter 745

It’s just that Dustin Zhou couldn’t understand a little.

Why did Ren Feng design this game to let himself enter.

If Ren Feng had hatred with him and wanted to clean up himself, Dustin Zhou had never met Ren Feng before, nor had any contact.

If Ren Feng wants to clean up the famous company and take down the famous company, with Ren Feng’s current worth, such a small amount of the famous company is nothing at all.

For a while, Dustin Zhou fell into confusion.

He could not understand.

At this time, Asher Chen and Sun Lian on the side looked at each other, their faces looked like this.

Obviously, Dustin Zhou’s current state, the two of them had anticipated in advance.

“You go down first, continue to stare there, there may be other clues.” After sending the man down, Asher Chen didn’t wake Dustin Zhou immediately, but just sat there.

As time passed, Dustin Zhou thought about it, and couldn’t understand what kind of grievances he had with Ren Feng, or what was Ren Feng’s purpose for such a footing.

Although Asher Chen gave Dustin Zhou two tips, they represented two possibilities.

But the first possibility, subconsciously has been ruled out by Dustin Zhou.

Those people like Xu You come from the hermit family, and doing so deliberately to confuse Dustin Zhou is a thankless thing at all.

Just be straightforward.

So Dustin Zhou subconsciously believed in the second possibility given by Asher Chen.

This is a bureau.

From the three sales stores in Qingfeng District to the nine sales stores in Putuo District, to the letter of persuasion to surrender to Xu You and his party’s activity trajectory, it is all in one game.

“Why?” Dustin Zhou raised his head with difficulty and looked at Asher Chen.

“Oh, let’s analyze it with him. He may not accept this possibility for a while now.” Sun Lian patted Asher Chen’s arm lightly and said softly.

Dustin Zhou’s current state made Sun Lian look down on it.

This is a world apart from the vigorous and fearless Dustin Zhou when he was in Hunan province before.

“Well, that’s okay.” Asher Chen pondered for a moment and looked at Dustin Zhou, his eyes sharpened instantly.

For so long, since Asher Chen recognized Dustin Zhou’s identity and confided his identity to Dustin Zhou, Dustin Zhou has never encountered any problems.

Whether it was fighting in the Su family, encountering a crisis of a famous company, or setting up an association, or even in Hunan province, Asher Chen gave Dustin Zhou a lot of help.

Therefore, for so long, Dustin Zhou has gone too smoothly, and he has not experienced any setbacks.

At the first encounter now, Dustin Zhou couldn’t react for a while, and it was normal to get into trouble.

And Asher Chen also wanted to use such an opportunity to let Dustin Zhou know.

This world is not what Dustin Zhou thought before, either black or white.

Man is a very complex animal with a variety of minds.

Sometimes today is such a mind, tomorrow will become such a mind, it is simply unpredictable.

“Dustin Zhou, can’t you figure it out?” Asher Chen said in a deep voice, helping Dustin Zhou up, and looking at Dustin Zhou, there was an unprecedented dignity on his face.

Because this time, for Dustin Zhou, it was not only a hurdle, but also an opportunity.

If Dustin Zhou can overcome this hurdle, then no matter what problems Dustin Zhou encounters in the future, he will have a strong enough mentality to face and analyze.

However, if Dustin Zhou fails to pass this hurdle, then Dustin Zhou’s achievements may end here.

It was almost impossible for him to return to Zhou’s house.

“Well, one thing, I don’t know why…” Dustin Zhou nodded silently.

Although he knew that his current state was very bad, it was easy to lose himself in such entanglements.

But he had to think and analyze like this.

Because no matter how you think about it, Ren Feng shouldn’t be the one who plays the game.

“You can’t figure it out, because you haven’t experienced enough things, and you haven’t met enough people.” Asher Chen said lightly.

Guang Youyuan seems to have thought of many things in the past.

“How do you say?” Dustin Zhou looked at Asher Chen, wanting to hear what other thoughts he had.

Could it be that Ren Feng made this round, what other claims were not made.

“Hehe, there is nothing. The reason why you can’t figure it out is because you don’t understand Ren Feng as the person in charge. If you change it to someone else, such as Xu You, or someone who has a grudge against you You can probably understand a game made by a person.” Asher Chen looked at Dustin Zhou and said softly.

Dustin Zhou also nodded slowly.

Indeed, Dustin Zhou is now very incomprehensible that Ren Feng is the player in the game.

If you change to someone else, or someone who has grievances with him, he can understand.

“But have you ever thought about it. Sometimes, people who play a game may not want to do this game.” Asher Chen said quietly, his words full of playfulness.

“What do you mean?” Dustin Zhou frowned, and suddenly felt that there was something in Asher Chen’s words.

Players may not want to do this game.

What do you mean?

Ren Feng doesn’t like to do this game himself?

But he has already done it. Could there be people who have forced him to fail?

This thought only came into Dustin Zhou’s mind, and it immediately grew into a towering tree, unable to move anymore.

Yes, although Ren Feng doesn’t want to make this round, what if he is persecuted?

As soon as he thought of this, Dustin Zhou recalled that the few times he had spent time with Ren Feng seemed to be quite normal, but Dustin Zhou always felt strange in his heart.

It is as if there is an invisible hand pushing behind it, and the person is still observing.

Just like the moment when he left Ren Feng’s villa last night, Dustin Zhou also felt an eye behind him silently watching him.

Although that gaze was not hostile, it made Dustin Zhou very uncomfortable, as if he was being stared at every move, and it was all going according to the opponent’s design.

This made Dustin Zhou feel like a fool, falling into the opponent’s layout step by step.

What’s more, there is something very strange. In Ren Feng’s villa yesterday, there was his granddaughter Ren Qingqing, but there were no other relatives, no children, and no Ren Qingqing’s parents.

Not only did Ren Feng fail to mention it, he didn’t even ask about it after Ren Qingqing returned.

And from the conversation between them, Dustin Zhou now recalled that they didn’t seem to talk about other people in the family at all.

Even the nanny Wu’s wife seems to be just a decoration.

The more I thought about it, the more weird Dustin Zhou felt.

“Did you think of something?” Asher Chen asked, seeing the unpredictable expression on Dustin Zhou’s face.

To make Dustin Zhou have so many expression changes on his face, he must have discovered something

Strange place.

And that is probably the reason why Ren Feng forced to be the layout person.

“Well, it is indeed a bit strange. I went to Ren Feng’s villa in Mid-Levels Lan Yuan last night, and I saw Ren Feng’s granddaughter, but in that villa, apart from their grandparents, there was only one nanny. There are no people, and it seems that there are no traces of other people’s lives.” Dustin Zhou thoughtfully began to reminisce little by little what he saw in Ren Feng’s villa.

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