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Chapter 1130

“Ten percent of the shares? Are you crazy Lin Zhigang!” Lin Ziyu stood up and patted the table.

What is the scale of Mingyang Company now?

The valuation of the entire company is at least over 500 billion.

After all, it is the super overlord of Donghai City, so it should be placed in the entire Hunan Province, it is also a leading enterprise!

It is quite normal for a leading enterprise in a provincial capital to have a valuation of more than 500 billion yuan and close to a trillion yuan.

For example, Ma Tianyun, the richest man in the East, had personal assets of more than 200 billion as early as seven or eight years ago, and now it has even reached more than 300 billion.

This is just his personal property.

What about the Ali Dad Group under his name?

How huge is the valuation of the entire group?

How can it be around two trillion.

So now Lin Ziyu’s well-known company, as the leading company in Donghai City, is one of the top companies in Hunan Province, and its valuation should be around 700 to 800 billion.

Even if it is 500 billion, ten percent of 500 billion is one tenth, which is 50 billion!

This Lin Zhigang, the alimony that he asked for turned out to be 50 billion yuan!

What a joke!

When I was young, I endured so many grievances. I grew up in that kind of family environment. Now the other party’s mouth is worth 50 billion!

How could Lin Ziyu be willing!

“That is absolutely impossible!” Lin Ziyu said firmly.

“I will give you 100 million at most and want 10% of the shares? That’s impossible!” “Impossible?” Lin Zhigang also sneered.

By now, he is also a little bit on top.

How should I say, the direction that women and men consider

Something is different.

For Lin Ziyu, she is very sad now, because she feels that her biological father has no feelings for herself, only money.

Think of the law and ask yourself for money.

But in fact, Lin Zhigang is Lin Ziyu’s biological father, and he still has feelings for Lin Ziyu.

However, he was used by his stepmother.

Under the instigation and separation of the stepmother, the matter has developed to this extent, and the father and daughter have turned each other into enemies.

In the process, Lin Zhigang has already been on his head. For him, this is a way to discipline his daughter.

That’s why he speaks loudly, and will never give in. In fact, his main purpose is to force his daughter to reconcile with him.

It is difficult for a creature like a man to bow his head.

The stepmother is very good at bowing her head, but it is precisely because of her evil, uneasy and kindly bowing her head that this scene is created.

“Old Lin, don’t talk to your daughter like that. Although we raised her so much, if we didn’t have us, let alone her current achievements, she wouldn’t even be able to live so much.” “But she is after all. Our child, can we ask her so much?” “If the child is not willing to give it, don’t want to give it, let’s listen to the child.” The stepmother continued to pretend to be counseled, and continued to bow her head.

To be reasonable, if Lin Zhigang had the wickedness of a stepmother, the relationship between the father and daughter would not have developed to such a degree.

Obviously, Lin Zhigang was a little stunned.

After hearing what the stepmother said, he became even more angry.

“Have you heard Lin Ziyu! If you don’t have us, you wouldn’t even be able to survive. Now, what’s the matter with you asking for two money? Is it too much?” “Frankly transfer me 10% of the shares. Otherwise, this matter will never end!” “The big deal, I will go to the media, fight with you, and poke out all your unfilial behavior, how much will your company’s stock price fall by then!” This is exactly the method of suicide attack, this It did hit Lin Ziyu’s weakness at once.

To be reasonable, Mingyang is now listed, so the stock price has a profound impact on the company.

If Lin Ziyu, the chairman of a well-known company, is stabbed out to file a lawsuit with his own father, it is indeed likely to cause the stock price to plummet.

The most serious possibility is that the market value of the famous company will plummet by half.

A 500 billion company directly evaporates 250 billion.

If this company is only Lin Ziyu’s own, Lin Ziyu would simply recognize it.

Even if the company’s market value plummets by half, it will never give these people a penny!

But she can’t do this, because the famous company is not her own.

The greater the ability, the greater the responsibility. The current well-known company is from Donghai City.

If Lin Ziyu really does this for the leading enterprises, it will even cause economic turmoil in the entire Donghai City. At that time, I don’t know how many people will go bankrupt.

Unexpectedly, in the end, his own father held his lifeblood.

Unexpectedly, until the end, she couldn’t escape the control of her family.

Lin Ziyu lay weakly on the table, “Okay, do you want 10% of the shares? Then I will give you 10% of the shares.” “Are you satisfied? Starting today, we will never It doesn’t matter anymore, is it okay?” As long as Lin Ziyu can leave the family, no matter how much he pays, no matter how much he is not willing, it is worth it!

She thought so.

But how could Lin Zhigang let him go?

After all, for Lin Zhigang, this is a battle of dignity between father and daughter!

“Okay, you can afford it! In order to sever the relationship with me, you are willing to share 10% of the shares?” “But now I have changed my mind. I want 20% of the shares. Will you give it? “If you don’t give it, see you in the court!” Twenty percent, worth 100 billion!

If you really get this 20% of the shares, Lin Zhigang will be able to put a name on the rich list of the entire East!

Of course, if he could really get the 20% of the shares, he would be deceived by his stepmother to Lin Xiaowei.

At that time, the stepmother will definitely find a way to let Lin Xiaowei directly take charge of the entire famous company.

The results of other people’s hard work for more than a decade, they reach out and want to take them away.

Moreover, there will not be any psychological counseling.

The stepmother is probably such a person.

However, Lin Ziyu could no longer agree to this 20% share.

If you agree, there will be endless troubles.

If you don’t agree, Mingyang will face endless crises.

At this time, Lin Ziyu really fell into a dilemma.

At this time, there was a knock on the door.

Lin Ziyu and the three members of the Lin family looked up at the door at the same time. A well-dressed young man stood politely outside the glass door and smiled at them.

Dustin Zhou.

I don’t know why, the moment I saw Dustin Zhou, Lin Ziyu suddenly felt a sense of peace of mind.

It seemed that as long as Dustin Zhou came, everything would be resolved.

However, the faces of the Lin family showed an expression of disgust.

Chapter 1131

This Dustin Zhou, the Lin family also knew him.

To put it bluntly, the last time they almost occupied the famous company, it was Dustin Zhou who made trouble in the end, and they did not succeed.

Why is this guy here again this time?

The stepmother’s face first showed an expression of disdain and disdain, “Hey, this

The guy is an employee of the company, Mira, it’s not that mom said you, your employee is too insightful, when you talk to family members, does he knock on the door?

“This isn’t Dustin Zhou!”

This bastard is still working here and not expelled?

“Lin Zhigang also gritted his teeth. As for Lin Xiaowei, it would be more straightforward, “I’m going to chase this kid away!”

I think he is not pleasing to the eye for a long time!

As Lin Xiaowei said, he wiped his sleeves up, as if he was about to beat Dustin Zhou in the past. “Lin Xiaowei, you sit there for me!”

Lin Ziyu directly scolded. “If you want money, just sit back for me!”

“This sentence hit Lin Xiaowei’s weakness. Although Lin Xiaowei was not afraid of Lin Ziyu, and even looked down on Lin Ziyu very much, he also knew that they were cheating money this time, so sometimes, the overall situation is more important. He sees. To his own mother. The stepmother glanced at him, then at Lin Ziyu, and said, “What are you doing? I didn’t hear your sister telling you to sit back!

“This is your sister’s company, listen to your sister, sit here!”

“That’s it, Lin Xiaowei just sat back. And Dustin Zhou, with Lin Ziyu’s permission, opened the door and walked in. “Boy, your name is Dustin Zhou, don’t you know that Lin always is chatting with the elders?”

Who let you knock in?

“Lin Zhigang said very upset. He didn’t dare to do anything to Dustin Zhou, but as the head of the family, he always expressed his opinion. Of course, Dustin Zhou is also very familiar with this Lin Zhigang. “Hey, isn’t this uncle, hello?” Hello there.

“Of course I know Mr. Lin has guests here. As for whether it is an elder…I am not too good to say.

“That’s not right, didn’t you have a fight last time?”

Hasn’t Lin always lived alone?

Dustin Zhou said. “What did you say!”

Damn, are you looking for death?

Lin Zhigang became angry on the spot. “Oh?

Am I wrong?

That means there is no trouble?

You are the elders, right.

“That’s fine, as for why should I knock on the door to come in?”

That’s because I am also a shareholder of the company and the second largest shareholder, with shares second only to Lin.

“So I also have a very large decision-making power for the development of our company, but I just heard some news that I don’t want to hear.

Dustin Zhou said indifferently. “What the hell do you mean?”

“Lin Zhigang asked with a black face. Dustin Zhou ignored him, but looked at his stepmother. “Auntie, ah, it’s been a long time since you’ve seen you, you look ten years old again!”

“Dustin Zhou was very enthusiastic and wanted to shake hands with his stepmother. The stepmother originally refused, but after hearing Dustin Zhou said that he was the second largest shareholder, his face suddenly changed and he was embarrassed.

Smiled and shook hands with Dustin Zhou.

“Hey, hehe, thank you auntie for showing her face. Although you look very old, you have to admit that you are a little bit temperamental than the ugliest one among the old women.” Dustin Zhou said again.

This is clearly harming the stepmother, but the stepmother can’t say anything.

I could only smile awkwardly, “Hehe, Mr. Zhou, you are so humorous, why are you here?” “Oh, yes, why am I here? This is the point!” Dustin Zhou seemed to just think It suddenly dawned on me.

“That’s it, I am the second largest shareholder of our company, and President Lin is the largest shareholder, so we all have the power to supervise each other.” “In other words, President Lin There is a camera in my office connected to my office, and my office also has a camera connected to Lin’s office,” Dustin Zhou pointed to the camera in the corner and said, “So I heard all of your conversations just now.” Stepmother and Lin Zhigang’s The expression suddenly became a little unnatural.

But the stepmother is used to shame anyway, so she quickly adjusted, “So what can it be? This is all our family affair!” “Even if Ziyu really wants to transfer shares to us, you have no right to stop it. Right?” This is the truth. If Lin Ziyu agrees, even if all the shares are given to a beggar, then Dustin Zhou has no right to interrogate.

To put it bluntly, as the founder and largest shareholder, Lin Ziyu is indeed capable and qualified to destroy the famous company with his own hands. No one else can say anything.

However, Dustin Zhou shook his head, “Don’t say that, auntie, I certainly know that I have no right to stop Ziyu. Actually, I came here this time. It’s not to stop your family’s affairs. I just wanted to come over and comment. That’s it.” “There is one thing to say, I think among these people, what you said, Auntie, is the most reasonable.” Dustin Zhou’s operation made the people present a little confused.

What’s up?

Why did Dustin Zhou praise his stepmother?

Didn’t you just hurt her in a fair way?

Saying she is old and ugly, how did this change the lineup in a blink of an eye?

Even Lin Ziyu is a little confused, Dustin Zhou, what the hell is going to do?

The stepmother didn’t know what Dustin Zhou was going to do, but since someone praised her, then she continued.

“Yeah, I’m a person, anyway, behave on your own conscience. Saying something that should be said, there should be no big mistakes.” The stepmother said with a fake smile.

Dustin Zhou accompanied her with a smile and nodded, “Yes, I can see that you are definitely very conscientious, and every word you say is very reasonable and well-founded.” “So I think, this time Indeed

Ziyu was too much.

“You said that you came to visit Ziyu so kindly, and you can even let go of your elder status and apologize. What is your purpose?”

Isn’t that just to repair the relationship with Ziyu?

Did you say that at the beginning?

“Dustin Zhou said immediately. The stepmother vaguely realized that there was something wrong, but at this time she couldn’t say anything, “Yes, that’s what I said.

“Isn’t that right? You see, you want to reconcile with Ziyu so sincerely, but she still doesn’t appreciate it. She even said something like taking money to draw a line between you and you, is this too hurt? People?

“This is really too much, do you say you are here to ask for money?”

That’s definitely not true. You are only here to repair the relationship. Even if Ziyu takes the initiative to give you money, you can’t ask for it if you specify it. Isn’t that true?

Chapter 1132

Dustin Zhou induced and said to his stepmother, “Really, even if I was in the next office, I was all performed by you…Ah, it’s not a performance, but a true expression of love. Yes, the truth is revealed.

“Even if I was in the office next door, just watching you through the surveillance, I was moved by your true feelings.

“I absolutely believe in you. You are here to make peace with Ziyu, not for money, right?”

“The stepmother’s complexion suddenly turned black. This script is not right! She finally understands now, this is a set! She was cheated by Dustin Zhou! But now, she can’t deny it, she can only insist. The scalp said, “Of course, we are parents, so we must love our children.

“My most important wish is to be able to reconcile with Ziyu, so that Ziyu can forgive me completely.”

“However, although our parents do not ask their children to contribute much to the family, if the children are particularly capable and can be filial to our parents, then we are also very happy.

“Realizing that the deceived stepmother started to find a way out for herself. Now she has to follow Dustin Zhou’s words to continue talking, after all, she can’t completely fall out with Lin Ziyu. If it falls, Lin Ziyu will definitely get a penny. I won’t give it to her anymore. So in order to get the money, she has to maintain the persona she just disguised, and follow Dustin Zhou’s words, but she is also starting to find a way out. I really didn’t talk to Linzi for the money. The jade is good, but when we reconcile, we have a daughter with such a great ability, shouldn’t it be right for her daughter to honor me? The stepmother looked at Dustin Zhou with triumphant eyes, boy, although you are a bit of a city, but think If you want to fight with me, it’s still too tender! Dustin Zhou didn’t care about this. The fake is always fake!

You create such a false personality, in fact, it is like a bubble that cannot withstand the test, no matter what means you use, no matter how you cover it up.

As long as it is not as angry as Lin Ziyu, this stepmother’s trick is simply flawed!

“Yes, you said too much auntie. If the child is very capable, he should really respect and honor his parents. After all, we are all a family. It seems that if the child is in trouble, you will also help with each other. Well!” Dustin Zhou said with a smile still.

The stepmother realized that something was wrong again, but at this time, she could only laugh with her.

Dustin Zhou looked at Lin Ziyu suddenly, “Ziyu, this is your fault, then I have to talk about you.” “You said what happened to you! Your mother is so sincere, why are you doing this? With a big temper, is it so hard to accept your mother?” Lin Ziyu looked at Dustin Zhou in a bit of amazement, wondering what the hell was doing.

But after working with Dustin Zhou for so long, she intuitively told her that no matter what Dustin Zhou was thinking about, she should trust Dustin Zhou.

I believe Dustin Zhou, there is absolutely nothing wrong!

“Ah? Yes, is that right?” Lin Ziyu asked Dustin Zhou with some uncertainty.

Dustin Zhou gave her a relieved expression, “Yes, that’s it, hurry, and apologize to your mother.” Lin Ziyu gritted her teeth, looked at her stepmother, and finally squeezed out a few words, “Mom, I’m sorry I was wrong.” “I was too headstrong, but I’m still a child after all. I think you don’t care about me?” On the road!

Lin Ziyu is really a smart woman!

So quickly grasped the essence of Dustin Zhou’s words.

Will count!

To treat people like stepmothers, you just can’t get angry or get up.

As long as you are not angry, she should be the one who gets angry in the end!

After hearing Lin Ziyu’s words, the stepmother stunned, but still agreed.

“Of course, why would I care about you? I came today, mainly to make peace with you!” “As long as you can forgive me, I am too happy to be too late, how can I blame you my child.” He tried his best to show a very happy and kind expression.

Lin Zhigang on one side was also very happy at this time.

And his happiness is really happy.

After all, he is Lin Ziyu’s own father. To speak of it, he must have deep feelings for Lin Ziyu.

In the past, because of the contradiction between Lin Ziyu and his stepmother, he was utterly burnt every time, and every time, it seemed that the stepmother was very reasonable, just like this time.

So he can only teach his daughter Lin Ziyu.

But this time is different. This time the two people’s problems have been resolved peacefully. Of course Lin Zhigang is the happiest

The one.

“Look, Ziyu, isn’t this all right? If you were like this earlier, my father could really force you to give me 10% of the shares!” Lin Zhigang said.

Lin Ziyu nodded, thinking it really worked.

But the stepmother’s face was almost black.

She quietly pinched Lin Zhigang to remind him not to forget the main purpose of coming today.

Lin Zhigang had a pain and immediately reacted.

“Oh yes, Ziyu, it’s like this. You can see that our family has also talked about it. Now there is no contradiction, but Dad does have something here that needs your help.” “Dad’s company has a financial problem. It needs a turnaround. It shouldn’t be difficult for you to spend a little money?” Lin Zhigang said.

The stepmother on one side followed and said, “Ziyu, don’t have any grudges in your heart, this money is also for your father, don’t think too much.” Lin Ziyu’s face became cold.

She knew it was such a consequence.

It is definitely impossible for her to take money. If she is short of money, she is not short. In other words, she is also the richest man in the East China Sea.

But if they were really given money, Lin Ziyu would feel sick.

So she looked at Dustin Zhou and motioned to Dustin Zhou to solve the problem.

Note that it was Dustin Zhou. Now the two parties have reconciled, and the other party can’t wait to directly ask for money. What should I do now?

Do you want to refuse?

How to refuse?

Dustin Zhou smiled slightly and stood up calmly.

“Of course, Ziyu is really not short of money now, and it is only natural to help his father.” “For reason, Ziyu should directly take out the money.” Hearing this, the stepmother and Lin Zhigang’s faces Yixi.

Could it be true that he gave up like this?

A wave of contempt surged in the stepmother’s heart, thinking how high Dustin Zhou’s Taoism was, but it turned out to be nothing more than that!

That’s it?

Still want to fight her?

Ruthless early!

Lin Ziyu’s face changed slightly, and Dustin Zhou really didn’t have any tactics?

Did you really come over to be a peacemaker?

The purpose is really so simple?

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