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Chapter 1022

That Mr. Xu looked pretentious, as if all the agency rights of Mingyang Company had already been in his hands.

He looked at Enderia Shen with a smile on his face, “President Shen, please beg me, I can be kind and let you choose a product by yourself.”


“I’ll give you one percent of the agency rights. As for the agency rights of which product, I can let you choose by yourself, isn’t it generous?

Hearing this Mr. Xu’s words, there was a roar of laughter in the hall. This is too bullying! However, these people don’t think the famous company has any sympathy, otherwise, they won’t laugh. They just think that Mr. Xu is too bullying! And the famous company is too good to bully! Since it is so bully, then they have to bully and bully as well! “Haha, Mr. Shen, otherwise , You just beg us!

“One percent of the agency is quite a lot. I can sell hundreds of masks in one month, which is probably enough to feed one person.”

“You hire someone to be your sales manager, so that your sales department can be retained. How great!

“That’s right, moreover, you can choose which product agency right at will. If you choose it well, maybe you can sell 1,000 facial masks a month!”

“One thousand masks, then you can make more than 10,000 yuan… It is indeed enough to feed one person. For other income, famous companies have to look at the faces of these people, and how many masks these people help it sell. , How much money they can get. Everyone fell into the carnival and did not see it at all. Dustin Zhou on one side lowered his head silently. “How about Mr. Shen, are you satisfied with this condition?

I can say that my subordinates are merciful.

“Mr Xu said to Enderia Shen. Enderia Shen shook his head and did not speak. Because, the red face, she had finished singing, and then, it should be the task of the white face Dustin Zhou. Everyone was laughing, and at this time, suddenly there was another very happy , An unusually loud laughter rang. This laughter was so abrupt in the laughter of everyone, and it directly suppressed all the laughter of others. Everyone fell silent and looked around for the source of the laughter. Soon, Their laughter solidified, and the hall fell into silence again, and only the very loud laughter reverberated. It was Dustin Zhou. Everyone’s expressions became frightened, why did they forget this evil spirit! And Mr. Xu, It was a look of irritation and anger. He couldn’t hear it. Dustin Zhou’s laughter was just taunting him! Dustin Zhou smiled and raised his head, and finally turned into a big laugh, as if he really heard something very nice, almost laughing An angry look. President Xu finally couldn’t help it, and said angrily, “Zhou, what do you mean?

“We are in a very serious meeting. What do you mean by laughing like this?”

Do you find it funny?

Dustin Zhou suddenly stopped his smile and squinted at Mr. Xu, “A serious meeting?”

“Just now, don’t you

Few people laugh, why, I can’t laugh anymore?

Dustin Zhou asked back. Mr. Xu paused slightly, and hurriedly explained, “All of us are laughing. It is a matter of atmosphere, but none of us are like you. The laugh is so sudden and loud.

“You are clearly making trouble!”

I seriously doubt whether you are sincere about your famous company!

Mr. Xu said angrily. “You laugh is a lively atmosphere, and my laugh is to make trouble… Well, I don’t care about this anymore. Indeed, my laugh is a little different from yours.”

“Because I think I heard a funny joke, don’t worry about it.”

“Is Dustin Zhou actually subdued?” Mr. Xu glanced at Dustin Zhou with some uncertainty. Then I thought, no matter how arrogant Dustin Zhou was, it was only one of Enderia Shen’s subordinates! Enderia Shen was subdued, and it is not surprising that Dustin Zhou was subdued. So he relaxed and continued, “Well, for the sake of your sincerity, Mr. Zhou, I will not remember the villain as an adult, so I won’t care about this matter and continue to discuss business.

“After all, I am also very busy.

Mr. Xu helped his tie and glanced at everyone with an air of expression. He was the one who defeated Enderia Shen and Dustin Zhou. In this meeting place, he is simply the most arrogant one! “If you’re busy, just leave, don’t I have delayed your business!

Suddenly, Dustin Zhou’s voice sounded again. Mr. Xu’s expression paused slightly, “Being busy, but this is also the business, and the matter here must be resolved first.”

“Don’t solve it, you can go away if you are busy!”

Dustin Zhou said again. “What do you mean?”

Mr. Zhou?

Mr. Xu is a little angry. Does this guy understand human words? What he was busy just now is just a rhetoric for adding aura to himself, are you holding me so much? “Don’t solve the matter here,” I’m not in the mood to do other things, so Mr. Zhou, please don’t interrupt, okay?

Mr. Xu said very angrily, “If you really care about my time, let the meeting here end quickly.

“Dustin Zhou was a little speechless. Brother, who cares about your time! You really don’t understand human words! I’m driving you away, don’t you understand? How can you still put on a high posture at this time? It seems that when dealing with these fools, you have to say something straight. “You don’t need to solve the matter here, you are out.

Dustin Zhou said directly, “It’s not a question of whether you want to go or not. Master is driving you away, understand?

Dustin Zhou lazily sat on the chair and said with indifferent eyes, “Mingyang Company, terminate all cooperation with your company, and get out!

“This sentence,

It was like a basin of cold water, which completely woke up Mr. Xu.

It turned out he was over!

Just like Li Changhe before!

This can’t work!

Without the support of a famous company, he would be no different from going bankrupt!

His luxury car and mansion, as well as a family of young and old, all point to this thing for dinner!

Mr. Xu suddenly became anxious, “Zhou, don’t, you can’t do this!” “I just made an opinion, how can you do this?” “That’s what I did, what can you do?” Dustin Zhou A smile crossed the corner of his mouth and looked at Mr. Xu, “Why? This price is unacceptable?” “Can’t accept your begging me, if you beg me, maybe I can give you one ten thousandth of the agency rights every month What?” “Give you one ten thousandth of the agency right, it’s not considered that the famous company has terminated all cooperation with you, right, but, this meeting, you still don’t have any right to speak, or get out of here Go out.”

Chapter 1023

Dustin Zhou’s attitude can be said to be completely opposite to that of Enderia Shen.

Of course, there are a lot of acting elements in it, the purpose is to show these colleagues.

Under Dustin Zhou’s extreme strength, the very arrogant President Xu was kicked out of the hall again.

Next, other colleagues shivered again, and the fear of being dominated by Dustin Zhou once again came to mind.

At this time, Enderia Shen spoke again, “I’m sorry everyone, let everyone watch the joke, but we can’t agree to the conditions that Mr. Xu just put forward, so it is reasonable to talk about it.” “I hope, The conditions that everyone mentions must be practicable. I guarantee that as long as they are practicable, our well-known company will definitely consider them seriously.” Enderia Shen’s words are like the sound of nature, which will remove those people from Dustin Zhou’s terrifying prestige. Saved from the pressure.

They thought again that the famous company, to put it bluntly, Enderia Shen had the final say.

As for Dustin Zhou, although he has a great right to speak, he is not the one with the greatest right to speak after all.

And Enderia Shen is a very good bully and can negotiate.

But now, basically no fool is deliberately bullying Enderia Shen, and put forward some very excessive conditions.

There is another tyrant watching!

As a result, the next picture became much more normal.

Most people dared to make suggestions because they felt that Enderia Shen could still communicate.

However, no one will make some excessive comments anymore, because everyone knows that this kind of thing is not a joke.

In front of Dustin Zhou, a tyrant, no matter what mentality you hold to make some excessive demands, he will not give you the opportunity to explain.


He just let you go!

Even if you are following the basic routine of negotiation, first ask for a price, and then wait for Enderia Shen and Dustin Zhou to pay back the money.

But Dustin Zhou would not choose to sit on the ground to pay back the money, he would ask you to get out.

Therefore, before giving opinions, everyone thinks that such a requirement is beneficial to Lili, and then it will not be too provocative to the bottom line of the famous company.

The atmosphere of the venue is truly harmonious, and everyone feels very comfortable.

And this situation is what Dustin Zhou and Enderia Shen hope to see.

Without other people’s troubles, the meeting went very smoothly. The meeting ended soon and the final cooperation plan was determined.

Mingyang, took out 50% of the agency rights and distributed it to all owners in the industry.

It is not the 50% agency power of a first-generation product, but a third-generation product. Each generation allocates 50% of the agency power to others.

In this way, basically every company can get a considerable amount of agency rights, no matter what happens in the future, they can guarantee that they get the products of the famous company.

Mingyang owns half of the agency rights.

Because the market that Mingyang occupies is too large, hundreds of thousands of facial masks are sold every day, so don’t underestimate this half of the agency rights. Mingyang itself still cannot afford it.

The sales volume of Mingyang’s own sales department is actually about 30% every day. This is the limit that the sales department can bear.

In this way, for each product, Mingyang will also issue 20% of the agency rights. As for whom the 20% is given to, Mingyang has the final say.

The meeting soon ended. Dustin Zhou and Enderia Shen left the Brilliant Hotel contentedly. When they passed the door, they found that the security had changed.

However, Dustin Zhou didn’t care about such trivial matters. As usual, after they attended this meeting, they had to return to the company to have another meeting.

After all, two people have made such a major decision on behalf of the company, and they must always report to the company’s senior management, and then adjust the next development direction of the famous company.

But before the two rushed to Mingyang, the Xu family called over there.

It was the lady who called Dustin Zhou.

“Is it Mr. Dustin Zhou?” The lady’s very sexy voice sounded, and Dustin Zhou was itchy, and couldn’t help but glance at Enderia Shen beside her.

“Well, I am.” Dustin Zhou swallowed and said.

“Mr. Dustin Zhou, this is the case. I am Xu Mira’s wife.” The lady continued.

“Xu Mira?” Dustin Zhou was taken aback for a moment, without remembering who it was.

he and

The Xu family had been dealing with him for a long time, but he really didn’t have any impression of who Xu Mira was.

“Just say what’s wrong with you.” Dustin Zhou said directly and quickly, he changed to understand who Xu Mira was.

The old man caught by himself.

At first, Xu Shengming sent Xu Mira and Xu Lingshi to kidnap Dustin Zhou’s mother, and Dustin Zhou arrested him.

Among them, Xu Lingshi was killed by Dustin Zhou on the spot, while Xu Mira was arrested by Dustin Zhou.

Last time Dustin Zhou broke into Xu’s family alone and when he left, he told the Xu family to remember to come to him to redeem someone. It seems that this call should be for the redemption.

“It can be redeemed, of course, but what do you Xu family intend to take to redeem?” Dustin Zhou asked lazily.

As for the old man Xu Mira, he actually didn’t care about it anymore.

Because he no longer puts the Xu family in his eyes, let alone an old man with all limbs?

Therefore, he is still very happy to see the Xu family come to redeem people, and he can take this opportunity to pit the Xu family well.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Dustin Zhou, if you want any conditions, I’m sorry we really can’t get anything valuable now.” The lady said, “If you want something else, we probably can think of a way. , Such as women, we still have some.” Dustin Zhou didn’t react for a while.

What do you mean?

The Xu family has no money?

I can only mention other conditions, but can’t care about them asking for money?

What is going on with this Xu family?

Do they want to redeem people?

In fact, what Dustin Zhou didn’t know was that the current Xu family had basically become two families from the Xu family before he broke into the Xu family alone.

The moment he left the Xu family, the entire Xu family was in turmoil, and rapid changes took place.

This ancient behemoth is now rotten and unsightly.

On the day Dustin Zhou left, Xu Shengjing, regardless of the family’s obstacles, brought the noblewoman into his room in front of everyone.

This incident was like a fuse, one stone stirred up a thousand waves, which directly led to the split of the Xu family.

Chapter 1024

Speaking of which, the Xu family has split once.

It was more than 20 years ago that a large-scale split occurred in the Xu family, which is now the main line of the Xu family and the Xu family headed by Hu Ye.

And now, the already rotten main vein has split again.

On the night Dustin Zhou left Xu’s house, Xu Shengjing took the lady into his room despite everyone’s prevention.

The lady is Xu Mira’s wife.

In the Xu family’s main line, everyone with the word “ling” in their names

All belong to the kind of respected status.

Lingzi means psychic, and they all belong to the mainstay of the Xu family.

Although Xu Lingshi and Xu Mira were dead and abandoned, and even the abandoned person was arrested by Dustin Zhou, there are still many people in the Xu family who support them.

Xu Shengjing desperately brought his wife into the room in front of everyone. This caused those who supported Xu Mira to directly clashed with those who supported Xu Shengjing.

That night, when Xu Shengsheng was happy, that is, when the lady was lost in her eyes and her heart was as dead as a walking corpse, the Xu family disciples outside fought.

The battle came a little bit suddenly, so it was also very chaotic. These Xu family disciples, who had never thought of fighting in groups on weekdays, didn’t even know what the rules were. They were all red eyes, just hitting people.

In the end, it was the top of the Xu family who came out to stop the riot, and Xu Shengsheng was also pulled out of the room.

In the end, the two sides negotiated, not mentioning this matter for the time being, and both sides went back to calm down and negotiate later.

It was a cold war period, so in a sense, it can be said that the Xu family has split again.

Since there is a negotiation, the lady must stand up for someone who can take the lead.

It must be impossible for the noblewoman to work. After all, even she herself was brought into the room by Xu Shengsheng, and what she said had no deterrent.

And the people on her side, to put it bluntly, actually supported me, Xu Mira and Xu Lingshi.

Xu Lingshi was definitely dead, so their top priority should be to redeem Xu Mira first.

After hearing the lady’s reason, Dustin Zhou smiled faintly, “You want this old man to go back and preside over the overall situation for you, I am afraid he is not capable of that.” The old man Xu Mira used Burning directly to deal with Dustin Zhou. A punch of life.

After that punch, Dustin Zhou was fine, but Xu Mira himself became a useless person for you, with all his limbs destroyed, and he couldn’t even stand up.

I want this old man to go back and stand for them, I am afraid it will be difficult.

After hearing Dustin Zhou’s narration, the lady fell into silence, “Do you mean that my husband has completely become a useless person?” “Yes, such a husband, do you still want to?” Dustin Zhou admitted bachelorettes. Tao, don’t worry at all that it will hurt the lady’s heart.

Isn’t the lady hurt and care about him? Why should he worry!

He only needs to state the facts.

But inevitably, the lady still put this responsibility on Dustin Zhou, “Mr. Zhou, you have beaten my husband to a useless person, are you responsible for this!” The lady said angrily in her voice. .

Don’t blame her

Getting angry will make you sad. After all, your husband has been missing for so long, and it is hard to hear that he is still alive, but he turned out to be a useless person for you.

However, she was sad, and she put the blame on Dustin Zhou, then hers was wrong.

“This old man has been abandoned anyway. If you want, don’t turn around and I will throw him into the river.” Dustin Zhou said impatiently, “Don’t give me the useless things, your old man, to put it bluntly, is doing it yourself. It has nothing to do with me if it is disabled.” Dustin Zhou is not a fool, and naturally he will not take the responsibility.

The lady suddenly felt aggrieved, but no matter how wronged she was, she could only endure silently by herself. After all, she couldn’t find Dustin Zhou Sapo, and the key point was that Dustin Zhou would ignore her!

After thinking about it, in the end the lady decided to redeem Xu Mira back. Why is she a useless person? That is her husband too!

“You make a price. I’ll pick up my husband later. Tell me what you want,” the lady said directly, “because we are now separated from the Xu family. If you ask for money, we are most likely to be I can’t get it out, but we still have some martial arts masters under our hands, who can do something for you.” This is how the lady’s current situation is. She has a fight with Xu Shengsheng. All the money is in the Xu family. They can’t take it. A penny came out, but there were about ten martial masters who supported them. This force can be called terrifying in any place in Donghai City.

However, in Dustin Zhou’s eyes, it was not worth mentioning.

Dustin Zhou thought for a while, if you don’t need money, the Xu family really has nothing to satisfy themselves.

I simply don’t need anything, “In this way, you can take your old man away first. As for the request, you can wait until I think about it.” “Even if you owe me a request.” I owed a request. , What is this requirement, no one knows.

It may be too much, and even make the lady sacrifice herself.

The lady knew that as long as she agreed, no matter what kind of request Dustin Zhou made in the future, she would not be able to refuse. The reason was simple. She had no right to refuse in front of Dustin Zhou.

But she still agreed.

Because she didn’t agree, she had nothing to do.

So Dustin Zhou greeted Niu Chuan and said that if someone wanted to take Xu Mira away, he would let him go.

Niu Chuan did not ask the reason, and directly agreed.

Soon, Xu Mira was picked up by the lady.

When I first saw the lady, Xu Mira looked incredulous, “Wife, why are you here, Dustin Zhou, that bastard, arrested you too?” “Even you were arrested, does that mean? , The entire Xu family has fallen?” Xu Mirayi

Said his face angrily.

He stayed here for so long, and every day imagined that the Xu family could completely defeat Dustin Zhou and then rescue him back.

But it was his wife who was waiting.

This made him subconsciously think that the Xu family is finished.

The family will never turn over again.

The lady shook her head, and then recounted the cause and effect of the matter.

Among them, she was brought into the room by Xu Shengsheng.

After all, this kind of thing is not a secret, and it is definitely impossible to hide it. It is better to say it now.

And after Xu Mira listened, he was even more collapsed and shocked than before.

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