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Chapter 956

The relatives of the driver used various methods to insult Hua Chenyu and the ancestors of the Hua family, but they got their counterattack.

On the contrary, it was the girl. She didn’t say any swear words, but made people like Hua Chenyu apologize.

Perhaps any person’s conscience has a bottom line.

Maybe a person is bad to a certain extent, and the reason is not entirely in himself, but in the external environment, which has not given him a chance to reform.

Of course, this is not to say that the bad guys are innocent.

If you do something wrong, you should pay the price. Others are unwilling to give you a chance to reform. That is also the freedom of others.

On the contrary, if others give you a chance to reform, it is a gift from others to you, and you should be grateful.

It’s just that the big world is too complicated, especially the human heart is changeable, and everyone’s personality is different. In fact, there is no absolute good and evil in the truth in the world, but a relative balance must be sought, Dustin Zhou thought.

Just like now, the girl’s relatives can’t say that they have made many mistakes. They are victims, but they are afraid of the powerful Hua Chenyu.

When Hua Chenyu was weak, they wanted to beat the dog.

This kind of behavior itself cannot be said to be wrong, it is just human nature.

And Dustin Zhou didn’t do anything wrong. He wanted to help these people at first, but suddenly found that these people were not worthy of his help, so he just stopped.

All people are not wrong, but things will not end in this way, because the nature of Hua Chenyu and the ancestors of the Hua family will not change.

On the contrary, they may be more determined to do evil.

Because they found that as long as they are infinitely strong, then no matter what they

If you do right or wrong, others will fear them.

This is a way of no return.

Fortunately, the girl appeared.

The girl’s approach can be said to be very wronged.

She is a victim herself, and the person who has suffered the most.

But she didn’t insult Hua Chenyu, but asked what Hua Chenyu wanted.

It’s like standing there and saying, “Yes, you are very strong, you are fully qualified to kill me.” “Then you do it! Killing me will not have any effect on you, you are strong enough to kill me at will, then Just kill me!” “How bad can you be when no one will blame you?” This is probably the attitude the girl showed.

This attitude moved Hua Chenyu instead.

It seems that, deep in Hua Chenyu’s heart, there is actually a little bit of humanity.

It’s just that it may have something to do with the growth environment, or it may have something to do with the spoiling of the ancestors of the Chinese family. He gradually loses himself in his power, so he will do bad things. The purpose is nothing more than the pursuit of excitement.

Dustin Zhou watched quietly from the side. At this moment, he completely became a bystander. From the perspective of a bystander, he gradually aroused curiosity, wanting to see how things would develop.

“Are you here to apologize to me?” After hearing Hua Chenyu’s words, the girl was also stunned.

Obviously, this is an answer she didn’t expect.

When she came out of the bedroom, she saw all her relatives kneeling for Hua Chenyu.

And those relatives asked her to apologize to Hua Chenyu too, she subconsciously thought that Hua Chenyu was here to trouble her.

Not only caused her trouble, but also hurt her relatives, which made her a little unacceptable.

Because of her own affairs, her relatives have been wronged a lot, and she can no longer hurt her relatives, so she came up to die.

But this man actually said that he was here to apologize!

The girl was stunned, not knowing what to do.

The ancestor of the Hua family also stopped his movements. When Hua Chenyu said that he was here to apologize, Hua Chenyu did nothing but watched quietly from the side.

The atmosphere suddenly fell into silence.

The girl bit her lip and stared at Hua Chenyu, as if thinking about something.

After a long while, she finally spoke slowly, with endless resentment in her voice, “You said you came to apologize to me, then you should kneel down.” As soon as the words came out, everyone was shocked. !

Especially those relatives of the girl, they all want to get up and stop the girl.

If someone comes to apologize to you, just accept the apology and it will be over!

Why do people have to kneel down!

That’s the eldest young master of the Hua family!

You didn’t see

Are your relatives still kneeling here?

Isn’t the reason why we are kneeling here because we have made excessive conditions? At this time, you dare to make conditions, don’t you die!

Everyone felt that Hua Chenyu would be angry and would turn his face directly, after all, this kind of thing had learned from the past.

The girl’s relatives made Hua Chenyu lose money, and Hua Chenyu directly made them all kneel down.

They didn’t believe that this time Hua Chenyu would not teach the girl a lesson.

However, Hua Chenyu remained silent.

He was clearly struggling, his brows were tightened, and he stared at the girl badly for a long time.

During this period, the girl also stared at Hua Chenyu without fear.

After a long silence, Hua Chenyu nodded slowly.

“Okay, I’ll kneel down for you.” After speaking, he actually knelt down!

Everyone held their breath, not understanding why things developed like this.

Could it be that Hua Chenyu really changed his evil and returned to the right?

But why?

This is too sudden!

That girl, she didn’t do anything!

The condition proposed by the relatives was to make Hua Chenyu lose money, and Hua Chenyu directly exposed his ugly side.

The girl’s condition was to make Hua Chenyu kneel down, isn’t this an excessive request?

Why did Hua Chenyu agree directly!

These problems, they don’t even think about it.

But at this moment, something even more shocking happened to them.

The girl raised a slap and slapped Hua Chenyu fiercely!

This slap can be said to be multiple, and Dustin Zhou could clearly hear the clear slap sound when standing five meters away!

Everyone who heard the applause at the scene couldn’t help but twitched their mouths, as if they had also been slapped.

From this we can see how much effort the girl used.

That may be the greatest strength of her life.

After the slap, the girl yelled at Hua Chenyu heartbreakingly, “Go away, go to death!” “I will never forgive you in my life!” “Even if you are here to give it to me Kneeling for a lifetime, I won’t forgive you!” The girl said, turned and ran back into the bedroom with tears in her eyes.

This mysterious operation, look at everyone present.

what is this?

That’s it?

Chapter 957

Everyone felt that the girl’s behavior was a bit excessive.

People say that they are here to apologize. It doesn’t matter if you don’t directly say that you accept it or not, and you also asked others to kneel down.

Well, since you made the request, Hua Chenyu knelt down according to your request, you should always forgive them now.

But you raised your hand and slapped people, and you made people die

, And said that he would never forgive others for the rest of his life. Isn’t this a bit too much?

This is a bit too much!

It’s simply unreasonable!

Everyone felt that Hua Chenyu should be angry.

This should be angry. A person who was so arrogant and unreasonable just now has fallen to this level, and he should be angry too because of reason.

But to their surprise, Hua Chenyu actually knelt on the ground motionless!

He didn’t say a word, as if the girl was not him at all.

Kneeling so quietly on the ground, like a statue.

But from his back and the sluggish aura on his body, he should be very regretful now.

Regret, that is, this guy is actually reflecting.

Everyone couldn’t figure it out, why did they start to reflect?

At first, Hua Chenyu’s persona was not like this!

That was a dude with a rich second-generation label on his face!

Unreasonable, arrogant and domineering, bullying and fearful of hardship, cruel and cruel… These should be his labels!

After all, what’s wrong?

Only Dustin Zhou understood.

He also knew why things turned out to be the way it is now, and he couldn’t help but smile across his mouth.

Indeed, on the surface, things seem a bit strange. The girl’s relatives have not done too much. They just said a few insignificant swear words and asked the Hua family to pay 10 million yuan.

Although those swear words are ugly, they can be scolded by individuals. They have no technical content at all, and they don’t have much offensive power.

But just like that, it annoyed the ancestors of the Hua family and Hua Chenyu.

I was here to apologize, but in a blink of an eye these people will be beaten up again.

And the girl?

What the girl does seems to be more excessive.

She wanted Hua Chenyu to kneel down for her!

Not only that, she also slapped Hua Chenyu, and declared that she would never forgive Hua Chenyu!

Any one of these things seemed to be more excessive than her relatives did.

But Hua Chenyu didn’t turn her face on her, but instead reflected on it.

This really makes people wonder why things have become like this.

But if you are a little more careful, you can find that there is a fundamental difference between what the girl and her relatives do.

The girl’s relatives must compensate for the bad words. These things have nothing to do with what Hua Chenyu did wrong.

Although Hua Chenyu did something wrong, it is normal to be scolded and pay compensation.

But letting go of right and wrong, their behavior will only make Hua Chenyu forget the wrong things he has done and focus on these messy things.

But what the girl did

, Every move reminds Hua Chenyu of the mistakes made.

He let Hua Chenyu kneel down, which seemed to be a very self-esteem behavior, and seemed to be more excessive than giving him ten million.

After all, a respectable young master like Hua Chenyu, if you say you give him ten million and let him kneel down for you, it is definitely impossible. He will give you a slap without thinking.

But the act of kneeling is a real atonement.

Hua Chenyu’s thoughts were inseparable from the thought of atonement for a moment.

So the girl succeeded.

Even if she did too much later, Hua Chenyu would not be angry.

Because he is reflecting, reflecting on what he has done, who is more excessive than what the girl did.

The result is obvious, he is much more than a girl.

The girl just made him kneel down, and he almost ruined the girl’s life.

Therefore, not only was he not angry, but he blamed himself even more. He could personally realize that the girl’s anger was for a reason.

So it appeared in a scene that made everyone puzzled.

Hua Chenyu knelt quietly on the ground, and everyone beside him didn’t even dare to take a breath.

After a long time, the ancestor of the Hua family sighed and walked silently to Hua Chenyu, trying to pull him up, “Yu’er, get up, your sincerity has been reached, and the other party is unwilling to forgive us. There is no way. “No, I can’t afford it.” Hua Chenyu was still kneeling. Although his voice was very small, he said very firmly, “This is a mistake I made. Let me bear it.” She can not forgive me, this is her freedom.” “But if she refuses to forgive me, I will always kneel here!” He suddenly knelt and walked forward, as an ordinary person, his knees Is very fragile.

From here to the bedroom just ten meters away, blood has been worn out on his knees.

But he didn’t care at all. He knelt and came to the bedroom door and knocked hard. “Miss Qianqian, I’m sorry I hurt you.” “I know how much I have done. I can Don’t ask for your forgiveness.” “But please tell me what I have to do to make up for you.” “If you want money, I can agree to the ten million they just said, even two thousand. Ten thousand, thirty million or more, I can promise.” “Even if you give you money, you won’t forgive me. It doesn’t matter. I only hope to compensate you.” Hua Chenyu sincerely Said.

The relatives nearby showed coveted gazes.

Is this agreed?

You promised that you wouldn’t have so much sh*t!

“Qianqian, quickly promise Master Hua!” “That’s tens of millions


Even if we need 20 to 30 million, don’t you have to suffer the three years of sin for nothing?

Someone yelled directly. But the face of the ancestor of the Chinese family was hard to look at. “Yu’er, there is more than one person you want to redeem. You promised so much money when you open your mouth. Have you ever thought about how you face other people? What do you do when you are a victim?

“If everyone wants so much money, our Hua family can’t get it!”

“If you were the first to give so much money and then you didn’t give it later, wouldn’t it be even more excessive?”

“The ancestor of the Hua Family persuaded me with all his heart. But Hua Chenyu said, “Grandpa, I don’t care.

“I just want to atone for my sins.”

“Hua Chenyu said with a calm face. It can be seen that he is really sincere now.

Chapter 958

Hua Chenyu should really want to redeem his sins, so he doesn’t care about what will happen next. What happened? Will the Hua family go bankrupt? Or, when facing the victim, can he pay so much money in a fair and just way. He doesn’t want so much, just wants to redeem his sins, if Qianqian says he wants Hua He will donate all the property of the family to Qianqian without hesitation. As for what to do with the next victim, let’s talk about it at that time. The ancestor of the Hua family sighed. He spoiled his grandson. The grandson was able to learn to redeem his sins, so he simply acquiesced to Hua Chenyu’s practice. But at this time, there was a roar from the bedroom. “Get out of here, I don’t want your stinky money!”

If you want to make up for me, kill yourself!

“That was Qianqian’s voice. Judging from her voice, she should be crying now. “Qianqian did too much this time.”

“That’s right, who is going to persuade her, how can she be so nonsense.”

“Yes, yes, isn’t it just being taken to the toilet by Master Hua once, and there is nothing to lose? Which woman hasn’t experienced this kind of thing several times? It’s okay that people are willing to pay tens of millions. How can she still? Not satisfied?

“The relatives actually stood on Hua Chenyu’s side one after another. Yes, this time Hua Chenyu is not the same type of people as them. Hua Chenyu was silent for a moment, and asked in a dull voice toward the bedroom door. Said, “Are you saying that if I commit suicide, you will feel better?”

Suicide! Everyone’s faces changed suddenly when they heard these two key words! Is it possible that Hua Chenyu really wanted to commit suicide? The ancestor of the Hua family also looked nervous, “Yu’er, don’t do stupid things.” !

“But Qianqian’s voice rang in the bedroom, “Yes, if you commit suicide, I can forgive you, and you can make up for me!”

“You go to die!”

” “it is good

,I promise you!

“Hua Chenyu directly agreed. Before everyone could react, there was a delicate dagger in his hand. This dagger was taken under the coffee table at home at first, and he wanted to hurt Dustin Zhou. Later, Dustin Zhou. After beating him violently, he put the dagger into his trouser pocket. Unexpectedly, he used it now. Hua Chenyu didn’t talk nonsense at all, a flash of determination flashed in his eyes, and he took the dagger directly into his lower abdomen. The blood flowed out like no money in an instant, and Hua Chenyu’s mouth also shed a touch of blood. He weakly touched the door of the room and said softly, “Okay, now I have committed suicide, I hope you can be happy .

There was a mess outside the bedroom. Everyone knows that something has happened now. Although Hua Chenyu committed suicide. But that is the young master of the Hua family! His status is comparable to that of a first-class family, no, even better than a first-class family. The prosperous young master of the Hua family! If such a big man dies in their home, then this matter is really big. And the ancestor of the Hua family is also in a distraught, so he just said, “If Yuer really died here , Don’t even think of living as one of your family!

Call me an ambulance!

“With that, he ran towards Hua Chenyu, trying to use his true energy to repair Hua Chenyu’s wounds. But the true energy of the ancestors of the Hua family was too violent, and there was no emperor of warriors controlled by the heart of the emperor. Ordinary people simply couldn’t bear the infuriating qi. His qi was injected into Hua Chenyu’s body, but Hua Chenyu’s injuries became more serious. At this time, the bedroom door opened. Of course Qianqian said. It was an angry word, even when Hua Chenyu promised her to commit suicide at the beginning, she didn’t take it seriously. If you say who can’t say it, you just show it to me! She doesn’t believe that Hua Chenyu will really commit suicide But when she heard the roaring noises outside, she realized that something was wrong, and her heart suddenly panicked. Opening the door, the blood-covered Hua Chen Yuzheng snuggled in the arms of the ancestors of the Hua family. In. “Hua, Master Hua!

You, why did you really commit suicide!

“Qianqian said in a daze. She wanted to squat down to check Hua Chenyu’s injuries, but was pushed aside by the ancestor of the Hua family. “Go away!

If something happens to my grandson, I can’t spare you this woman!

“The ancestor of the Hua family roared menacingly. Qianqian was frightened and stunned. She sat on the ground with her big eyes and dared not move. At this time Dustin Zhou’s voice suddenly sounded. “Mr. Hua, do you really want your grandson? Can’t you die?

“Dustin Zhou didn’t know when he appeared behind them, looking at the scene in front of him with an indifferent expression. “You, what are you, let me go…”

The ancestor of the Hua family scolded subconsciously, but he soon realized who he was scolding.

There was a hint of hope on his face, “Xian, Master Xian, please help my grandson!” “As long as you can save my grandson, I can promise you whatever you want!” Zu said directly.

He can’t save his grandson, but that doesn’t mean Dustin Zhou can’t save him either!

He knew Dustin Zhou’s strength was much stronger than him.

Dustin Zhou just glanced at him coldly, and did not directly agree.

“It’s my business to save him. It has nothing to do with you.” “Your plea is of no value to me, but what I want to remind you is that Master Hua died for redemption. You just claimed If you want to kill everyone here, have you considered the feelings of Young Master Hua?” The ancestor of the Hua family was stunned.

He was so anxious, Dustin Zhou was actually telling him this?

It doesn’t matter how it is!

Boss, hurry up and save people!

The ancestor of the Hua family roared in his heart.

Every time he talked, Dustin Zhou squatted down and lightly tapped Hua Chenyu’s body.

The turbulent emperor’s true energy rushed into Hua Chenyu’s body in an instant, and the wound on his body recovered at a speed visible to the naked eye.

This is the purest emperor’s true spirit, and it cannot be compared with the kind of counterfeit goods of the ancestors of the Hua family.

People around him all made exclamation sounds. Dustin Zhou’s move was simply a revival. No wonder the ancestors of the Hua family called him a fairy master.

It seems that this young man is really a fairy.

After Dustin Zhou rescued Hua Chenyu, he looked at the ancestor of the Hua family again.

“I said, if Young Master Hua really fell here just now, would you really want to kill all of them?” Dustin Zhou had said before that saving Hua Chenyu has nothing to do with the ancestors of the Hua family.

Before, he had wanted to slap Hua Chenyu to death, because he felt that Hua Chenyu was really bad at that time.

But now it seems that the really bad thing is hopeless, but the ancestor of the Chinese family.

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