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Chapter 41

In Zhou Dekuan’s view, Dustin Zhou looked like they were used to sitting in the office, and they really wanted to use their hands, they weren’t their opponents at all.

“Zhou, if you pretend to know nothing, I might spare you and introduce you to Master Shen, how about it?” Zhou Dekuan laughed, his face full of pride.

However, Dustin Zhou heard some words keenly.

Lord Shen?

Who is Master Shen?

Almost in an instant, Dustin Zhou thought of who this son Shen was.

Edward Shen!

Enderia Shen’s younger brother!

In addition to him, who else could counter the people Enderia Shen was looking for, and it seemed that Zhou Dekuan had been brainwashed by Edward Shen.

“Director Zhou, you are so confident, we can’t leave?” Dustin Zhou didn’t panic. After knowing the man behind the scenes, he already thought of many things.

“Huh! The whole factory belongs to me. Just a few of you, how can you escape! Even if Enderia Shen comes, you have to stay here!” Zhou Dekuan was so arrogant that he didn’t put Dustin Zhou in his eyes.

While speaking, the workers had already rushed to Dustin Zhou.

“A Pao, take your time and don’t kill anyone.” At this time, the tiger master, who had not spoken much, spoke.

“Yes, Knife, let these short-sighted people know that they are not able to provoke anyone!” Brother Pao responded, immediately shouted Knife, and rushed directly.

“Huh! I dare not provoke. In this factory, there is no one I dare not provoke!” Zhou Dekuan seemed to have heard a huge joke, his face was full of disdain.

However, as Brother Pao and Xiaodao met the workers, Director Zhou’s expression changed in an instant.

Brother Pao and Xiaodao, those people who have seen blood, started with their hands, are familiar with the road, and specifically attacked each other’s body.

On the other hand, the workers all rely on a strong momentum, and they have almost no effort.

The two sides just met, Brother Pao and Xiaodao put all six or seven workers to the ground.

“It’s impossible! You guys…” Zhou Dekuan’s face instantly turned pale, and he backed away, looking at Brother Pao and the knife approaching him with horror.

He didn’t expect that the six or seven people on his side were actually not the opponents of the other two, just a meeting, and his side quickly defeated.

At this moment, Zhou Dekuan was the only one left on his side, facing Brother Pao and Xiaodao, there was no resistance at all.

“Director Zhou, you look too high on yourself. If we don’t have the ability to protect ourselves, how could we still stay here.” Dustin Zhou smiled lightly, took two steps forward, and looked at Zhou Dekuan coldly.

“Huh, so what, Mr. Zhou, do you think what you lost is just a box of samples? Haha, let me tell you, I sent the samples to Master Shen a long time ago

Go, when the time comes, I will have to see what should you do!

“Zhou Dekuan snorted coldly, not afraid, but a word that made Dustin Zhou’s heart sink completely. “Zhou, this matter is not trivial, we must report to President Shen as soon as possible!”

When Sara Ye heard that, Hua Rong turned pale, and immediately said eagerly. Not only she, Dustin Zhou and Hu Ye knew that once a sample was obtained by outsiders and the ingredients inside were detected, it might be a fake product. At that time, whether it is the other party. The success of the imitation will have an irreversible impact on the famous company and the whitening factor project. “Zhou, it seems that you have to make a decision as soon as possible.

“Hu Ye raised his brow and reminded aloud. In fact, they don’t need to say, Dustin Zhou also knows that the situation is not optimistic now. There is not much time left until the whitening factor project goes online to the market. And the ingredients and proportions in the mask are all It was decided a long time ago and amended rashly. Not to mention whether the current effect can be achieved, a batch of samples are needed for testing. In terms of time, this is very urgent. “Director Zhou, since you dare to do If such a thing comes out, you must be prepared to expose it.

Dustin Zhou said softly. “What are you going to do?”

Zhou Dekuan took two steps back vigilantly. “Master Tiger, can you ask someone to transport all the samples in the factory to the car, I want to take it away.”

“As for Director Zhou, you have violated the principle of cooperating with Mingyang Company. I am revoking your right now. At the same time, you just wait for the lawyer’s letter.

Dustin Zhou said solemnly. After taking a cold look at Director Zhou, he turned around and left. When this happened, no matter whether Director Zhou was for profit or other reasons, this factory could no longer produce whitening factor masks. Dustin Zhou must have it. Make a decisive decision and re-select a factory. As for Zhou Dekuan, if you do such a thing, you will definitely be held accountable by the famous company. “Dustin Zhou, you can’t do this. This is an arrangement made by Mr. Shen. You are an outsider, why should you interfere Other housework?

Zhou Dekuan’s expression changed drastically, and he roared in a low voice. He never expected that Dustin Zhou would be so decisive and take all the samples away. If it was true, then this factory would be completely ruined. Even if he got it from Edward Shen Many benefits can’t be compensated at all. “Housework?

I think you might not know that I am not only the person in charge of the whitening factor project, but also a shareholder of the famous company, so all the decisions I make are legal and effective.

Dustin Zhou left a sentence without turning his head. Zhou Dekuan couldn’t do anything to face the people under Lord Tiger. While the other workers saw the samples in the factory being removed, all of them looked panicked, not knowing what happened.

I found Zhou Dekuan one by one and wanted an explanation.

Dustin Zhou didn’t know what Zhou Dekuan would do, but when he left in the car, he vaguely heard a huge noise erupting in the factory.

“Call Mr. Shen, I have to ask about this.” Dustin Zhou was lost in thought when he told Sara Ye.

As far as the current situation is concerned, the production of whitening factor masks is facing a huge crisis of trust.

With Zhou Dekuan’s first one, Dustin Zhou wondered if there would be a second and third one.

If all the factories found next are secretly bought, the future of the whitening factor project will be very tortuous.

“By the way, since others are unreliable, why don’t I rely on myself?” Suddenly, a thought came to Dustin Zhou’s heart.

Right now, he has formed a team of his own. Although it is not yet formed, it has already taken shape.

Niu Chuan, Zhao Bing, Chen Sheng, and Chen Li have not been well placed.

If you open a factory yourself and ask them to help with the production of the whitening factor project mask, it will be foolproof.

Thinking of this, Dustin Zhou couldn’t bear the excitement in his heart, so he took out his mobile phone and called Niu Chuan.

“Chuanzi, are you all there? I have important things. You will immediately make a name for the company.” At this moment, Zhao Bing and the others looked at Niu Chuan with expectation.

They didn’t answer Dustin Zhou’s call just now, but seeing the expression on Niu Chuan’s face, they knew something must be happening.

“Brother Yang asked us to go to Mingyang Company to find him immediately, saying that there is something important.” Niu Chuan suppressed a smile and looked at the three of Zhao Bing.

In the past few days, their lives seem to have undergone earth-shaking changes.

When they decided to work with Dustin Zhou, they relied on enthusiasm, but now they think about it, but they still feel a little nervous.

Chapter 42

The four of them moved quickly, and within half an hour they had already arrived at Dustin Zhou’s office.

Several people in Niu Chuan looked worried, both excited and nervous.

They have a feeling that this time Dustin Zhou called them over and must arrange things for them.

After all, after resigning, although there is enthusiasm in his heart, he is still full of anxiety.

“You are here, sit down, I’m looking for you to discuss something with you, and you should consider it.” Dustin Zhou didn’t talk too much nonsense, and went straight to the topic.

“Brother Yang, if you have anything, just say it straight. Since we decided to come out with you, we must listen to you.” Niu Chuan said with a smile, with a hint of expectation in his voice.

And Dustin Zhou naturally saw all of this in his eyes, and felt amused by the tension that a few people are now showing.

But at the same time, a deep responsibility

The sense of responsibility also made Dustin Zhou feel that the way forward is not so simple.

After sorting out his thoughts, Dustin Zhou slowly stated his plan.

At present, the product production plant of the whitening factor project can no longer be used, and because of this incident, Dustin Zhou is also more sensitive.

What he can trust is to put the production of the whitening factor mask under his nose.

After thinking about it, Dustin Zhou still thinks that he can buy a factory, and then join Hu Ye, or Enderia Shen, to put the production of whitening factor mask in a safe place.

“My idea is to let you go to work in the new factory and be responsible for the safety and supervision of product production.” Dustin Zhou finished his thoughts and looked at Niu Chuan quietly.

He knew that this plan would surely cause a great shock to Niu Chuan.

In fact, the four of Niu Chuan were shocked and inexplicable.

After listening to Dustin Zhou’s words, Niu Chuan looked at each other, and they all saw ecstasy in each other’s eyes.

“No need to think, Brother Yang, we listen to you!” Niu Chuan nodded fiercely with a look of excitement.

“Since you believe me so, I will definitely not let you down. You should go with me to meet friends first. In the future, you will work together.” Dustin Zhou smiled lightly, got up and left.

After returning from the factory, the sample of the whitening factor mask was shipped back to the company, and Lord Tiger went back first.

And Dustin Zhou also made an agreement with him. Once he makes a decision, he can immediately go to Lord Tiger.

Dustin Zhou didn’t tell Enderia Shen first, because this matter had something to do with her.

After all, Zhou Dekuan was the person Enderia Shen was looking for. He had a problem, and Enderia Shen was responsible no matter what.

Even if she is the president of the famous company, Dustin Zhou will not ignore it.

A few people got on the car and drove away from Mingyang Company.

What Dustin Zhou didn’t know was that after they left, Enderia Shen suddenly appeared in front of the company, looking at their distant back, and there was a moment of silence.

“Are they all true?” Enderia Shen asked softly.

“Mr. Shen, it’s all true. Those samples have now been shipped to the company.” And next to Enderia Shen, it was Sara Ye.

Sara Ye looked a little weak at this time.

In front of Enderia Shen, her position is not high, so even if Sara Ye has a strong aura in front of Dustin Zhou, she is now suppressed by Enderia Shen.

“He is going to see the Tiger Lord now? Did he tell you about his plan? What exactly does he want to do?” Enderia Shen frowned, obviously unable to figure out Dustin Zhou’s plan for a while.

“I seem to have heard that Mr. Zhou wants to put the production of the whitening factor project under his nose, and he seems to have to purchase a factory to process the mask.” Sara Ye did not hide, and said all his guesses.


Although she didn’t know Dustin Zhou’s specific plan, she still heard Dustin Zhou’s conversation with Hu Ye in the car at the time, and faintly guessed something.

“President Shen, don’t you ask Mr. Zhou?” Sara Ye couldn’t help but ask when Enderia Shen fell silent.

In her impression, Enderia Shen has always been a person with a strong desire to control, and she has to grasp almost everything in the famous company.

At the very least, she wants to know.

But now, facing Dustin Zhou, Enderia Shen rarely remained silent.

“What happened to Zhou Dekuan?” Suddenly, Enderia Shen turned off the topic and mentioned Zhou Dekuan.

“Zhou has brought all the samples to the company, but according to Zhou Dekuan, it seems that some samples have already been delivered to Mr. Shen.” Sara Ye explained.

“Well, I see. Let the Legal Department send Zhou Dekuan a lawyer’s letter to let him know the consequences of daring to do things behind my back!” “As for the leaked samples, I will find them!” Enderia Shen finished speaking, and then Leave directly.

…… The Brilliant Hotel.

Dustin Zhou brought Niu Chuan and a few people here. When he got out of the car, he saw Brother Pao waiting in front of the hotel.

“Mr. Zhou, you are here.” Brother Pao helped Dustin Zhou open the car door with a smile, very enthusiastic.

The few welcoming guests at the entrance of the hotel were stunned when they saw this scene.

The last time Dustin Zhou came here, they dressed very ordinary, naturally, they did not attract their attention.

But now, the well-known Brother Pao greets him personally, and he can know the identity of the other party without even thinking about it.

Suddenly, when Dustin Zhou stepped into the door, the voices of the welcoming beauties were also a lot louder, and they were soft and charming.

Dustin Zhou was not surprised at this and didn’t feel anything.

But it was the first time for the four of Niu Chuan and the others to see this scene. At that time, their complexion was red and they didn’t dare to look at these welcoming ladies. They all walked inside as if they were on fire.

Chaofeng Hall, Brilliant Hotel.

This is the highest standard banquet hall in the hotel.

Under normal circumstances, the entire hall can hold a banquet for nearly 500 people at the same time.

But today, there is only Tiger Lord.

When Dustin Zhou stepped into the Chaofeng Hall, he was suddenly flashed by the brilliant decorations inside.

Even Dustin Zhou made a faint comparison.

The luxuriousness of this Chaofeng Hall is no worse than the Yuelong Hall of Avaria.

The two are on par.

“Mr. Zhou, please sit down.” Master Tiger stretched out his hand and said softly.

Dustin Zhou was not polite, and sat directly opposite the Tiger Lord.

Niu Chuan also sat down separately.

This time, Dustin Zhou not only came to have dinner with Lord Tiger, but also to discuss cooperation.

In the car before, they only reached a preliminary intention.

To achieve cooperation, further consultations are needed.

As the person in charge of the whitening factor project, Dustin Zhou’s familiarity with the project is comparable to that of Enderia Shen.

No one knows the whitening factor project better than Dustin Zhou and Enderia Shen.

“Mr. Zhou, keep it straight, I want to know your specific plan, so that you can put the famous company aside, I don’t know if Mr. Shen will agree.”

Chapter 43

Hu Ye hit the nail on the head, after speaking, he quietly looked at Dustin Zhou, waiting for his response.

Indeed, Dustin Zhou wants to set up a separate factory outside to produce whitening factor facial masks. The first thing he must pass is the recognition and approval of the famous company.

And Enderia Shen is the first hurdle in front of them.

Dustin Zhou was slightly startled, a little surprised at Tiger’s keen consciousness.

At the same time, Dustin Zhou’s long-standing doubt was finally solved.

It stands to reason that this incident in Zhou Dekuan’s factory will inevitably reach Enderia Shen’s ears.

But until now, Enderia Shen has not mentioned it at all, and has not even asked Dustin Zhou to inquire.

Dustin Zhou thought it was Enderia Shen who didn’t know, and he planned to tell her after reaching a preliminary cooperation with Hu Ye.

But Dustin Zhou had forgotten that this matter, in any case, couldn’t get around Enderia Shen.

“There will be no problems with President Shen. For the whitening factor project, not only I value it, but President Shen also values ​​it very much.” Dustin Zhou thought for a while and felt that he could convince Enderia Shen.

“Besides, the reason why I invested in Mingyang and took the position of person in charge of the whitening factor project is because I am very familiar with this project and I am very optimistic about it!” Dustin Zhou said very seriously, without a hint of joking on his face.

“Well, I don’t know how you plan to start?” Master Tiger asked without any doubt.

“My idea is…” Dustin Zhou did not hesitate, and directly said all his ideas.

He is not afraid that Lord Tiger would disagree.

Even if Tiger Lord disagreed, for Dustin Zhou, it was just an empty joy without any loss.

And Dustin Zhou has absolute confidence, and Master Tiger will definitely agree.

For nearly ten minutes, Dustin Zhou finished his plan.

The four Niu Chuan and Brother Pao all looked at Dustin Zhou with a dull expression.

Although they didn’t fully understand it, the future rewards and scenes in Dustin Zhou’s words shocked them.

According to Dustin Zhou’s plan, processing and producing whitening factor masks is only the first step.

After successfully processing and producing the whitening factor mask, their reputation will spread, and then they will be able to receive production orders for other famous brand cosmetics.

At that time, in the cosmetics industry, they can develop rapidly.

If it’s just these, it’s very ambitious, but it’s not

As for shocking a few people.

Then Dustin Zhou’s proposal of establishing a large cross-field group is enough to show them the dawn of the future.

In fact, Dustin Zhou did not boast or exaggerate.

He painted a blueprint for Tiger Lord.

On this blueprint, the processing plant is just an unremarkable black spot.

The real attraction is the huge castle across the blueprint.

For a while, Chaofeng Hall fell into silence.

Both Dustin Zhou and Hu Ye were silent.

Hu Ye was thinking, Dustin Zhou was waiting.

But besides the silence, there were a few heavy gasps.

It was the Niu Chuan four and Brother Pao who sent it out.

At this time, there was a blush on the faces of several people, Dustin Zhou could see that this was caused by excitement.

The blueprint drawn by Dustin Zhou is not only the beneficiaries of himself and Hu Ye, but also Niu Chuan and others, who are also beneficiaries.

Just thinking about it is enough to make people passionate about Pengbai.

“Okay! I’ll cooperate with you! However, I hope that this plan will be led by you. Even if a well-known company wants to join, you will still be the leader I admit!” Tiger Lord took a deep breath and did it soon Make a decision.

“Okay! Now that we have reached a cooperative intention, we still need to confirm the rights and obligations.” Dustin Zhou chuckled lightly, and took out a document that he had prepared long ago.

“This is the contract I drafted. It contains the outline of the plan and stipulates some things for both of us.” Dustin Zhou handed the document to Lord Tiger.

Lord Tiger took the document, but he didn’t even look at it, and signed it directly behind it.

“What I like is you, not the person in charge of the whitening factor project. Similarly, the blueprint you painted for me is not the person in charge.” Tiger Lord is very simple, without hesitation.

When Dustin Zhou saw this, he was naturally moved in his heart, but a sense of urgency burst out immediately.

“In this case, our top priority is to acquire a factory first, so that the mask can resume production, and prepare for the listing.” After packing up, Dustin Zhou also acted immediately and wanted to purchase a factory first.

“I have two factories here that are willing to take a shot, maybe you can take a look.” And Hu Ye also put the relevant information of the two factories directly in front of Dustin Zhou.

Looking at the prepared document, Dustin Zhou chuckled, and sighed in his heart.

From this point of view, Master Tiger’s attention was more than what Dustin Zhou had imagined.

Dustin Zhou did not write any ink, and opened the documents of the two factories and checked them.

… The Shen family.

Shenjia is located in the Mid-Levels Villa District in the east of the city.

After Enderia Shen left Mingyang Company, he drove straight here.

Miss Shen.

The guard recognized Edward Shen’s car, and it was quickly released. The whitening factor project was presided over by Enderia Shen, and all power is in Enderia Shen’s hands. However, some of the mask samples were taken by Edward Shen, and Enderia Shen naturally wanted to take them all back. “The lady is back, the lady is back.

“As soon as Enderia Shen entered the house, the babysitter cried out in surprise. Father Shen and Mother Shen came out soon after hearing the movement. It’s just that they didn’t have the joy of seeing their daughter on their faces. On the contrary, their faces It seems to be covered with a layer of frost. “Do you still know how to come back?

“Shen Weiyan said with a sullen face, sitting on the sofa and glaring at Enderia Shen. “This is my home, why can’t I come back?”

“Enderia Shen didn’t shy away, and after rolling his eyes, he looked around, wanting to see if Edward Shen was there. “Bijun, Edward Shen is your brother, how can you treat your brother that way?”

In front of so many people, kick him out of the banquet.

“Mother Shen is beginning to linger. In fact, this person is Enderia Shen’s stepmother, and Edward Shen is just her half-brother. Originally, as the only little princess in the family. Enderia Shen was loved by all means. But. Since her biological mother died in a car accident and Shen Weiyan remarried, everything seems to have changed. Especially after Edward Shen was born. Enderia Shen found that he seemed to be a dispensable person overnight. Shen Weiyan took everything away. The care was given to Edward Shen, but for Enderia Shen, she was left alone on the grounds that she had grown up.

Chapter 44

“Did you not ask what he did?” Enderia Shen glanced at his stepmother and said lightly, without any expression on his face.

“What can he do, anyway, he is your younger brother, how can you embarrass him for outsiders?” The stepmother’s face was dissatisfied, and her tone of voice increased a bit.

“What about others? I know he is at home, let him come out?” However, Enderia Shen ignored his stepmother and asked directly and seriously.

“Why are you looking for him? Bijun, Edward Shen has been shamed by you, what else do you want to do?” The stepmother looked wary.

“Hehe, what did he do, he knows himself, let him come out, if you dare to do it, don’t pretend to be a tortoise!” Enderia Shen sneered, and looked directly over the railing on the second floor, and saw that Edward Shen was leaning on the railing with a face. Look at yourself playfully.

“Get off!” Enderia Shen let out a cold voice.

“Presumptuous, did you talk to your brother like this? Do you still look like a sister?” Enderia Shen’s words angered Shen Weiyan, and he shouted angrily, looking at Enderia Shen with an unkind expression.

“I don’t look like? Then you can ask, does he look like a younger brother? He took away the sample of the whitening factor mask without saying a word, and even instigated Zhou Dekuan. What a great skill.” At this moment, Enderia Shen no longer endures. , Sneered directly.

“Let’s talk, where are the samples?” “Hehe, my good sister, we are all a family. The whitening factor mask is yours, isn’t it mine? What’s the matter with a few boxes of samples.” Only Edward Shen It didn’t matter, she went downstairs and walked to Mother Shen, snuggled and sat down, looking at Enderia Shen pretending to be innocent.

Shen Weiyan frowned slightly, he had never heard Edward Shen talk about it.

However, he didn’t express his opinion, but felt it in his heart.

Enderia Shen is a woman, and she will marry out in the future.

And now the Shen family can inherit his family business, only Edward Shen.

In any case, Shen Weiyan will favor Edward Shen.

“Bijun, I have already learned about your whitening factor project, but some cosmetics, even if the effect is good, can it be comparable to those big brands? A few boxes of samples, what can your brother do?” Shen Weiyan He looked at Enderia Shen with majesty, pretending to be serious, and wanted to make Enderia Shen retreat.

It’s just a long estrangement between his father and his daughter, and he has not understood Enderia Shen.

“Yes, the whitening factor facial mask has just been produced. Since it is nothing in your eyes, I beg my dear brother to return the sample to me as soon as possible. You know, my company is very small and can’t afford such a loss. .” Enderia Shen smiled without smiling, looked at Edward Shen calmly, completely ignored Shen Weiyan.

And Shen Mu looked like fire-breathing eyes.

In their view, Enderia Shen said this, completely not treating them as seniors, and taking their words as deaf ears.

This is intolerable to the two who have been in high positions for a long time.

“Enderia Shen, you are enough. The Shen family is still in charge of the Shen family. I said this matter is forgotten, and you don’t want to make trouble! If nothing happens, you can go.” Shen Weiyan was furious and slapped the coffee table directly. Come up, making a clanging sound.

Then the whole person stood up abruptly and glared at Enderia Shen, as if he was facing an extremely unwelcome person issuing an order to leave him.

As soon as Shen Weiyan’s voice fell, the entire living room fell into silence.

The babysitter had been hiding aside long ago, and she was secretly surprised when she heard this.

And Shen Mu and Edward Shen glanced at each other without showing a trace, and both of them showed joy.

Only Enderia Shen stood there in a daze.

At this moment, she discovered that the man in front of her who had been calling her father for more than ten years made her very strange.

This is the first time Enderia Shen heard such words from Shen Weiyan.

Shouted at yourself and let yourself out?

Obviously this is also her home.

No matter how strong, Enderia Shen felt endless sadness at this moment.

When her mother passed away in a car accident, Shen Weiyan continued to marry, and the whole family felt a sense of distance towards her.

At that moment, Enderia Shen secretly vowed that he must break into a famous place, let Shen Weiyan know that his daughter is not a dispensable person, let alone his burden.

Therefore, for so many years, Enderia Shen has devoted himself to his work in order to make the famous company where it is today.

“Oh, Wei Yan, what you said is a bit heavy. Bijun is a girl after all. If you say this, if you say it, you think our mother and son can’t tolerate her.” Shen mother rolled her eyes and saw the situation a little stalemate. Immediately smiled and walked to Shen Weiyan, stretched out his hand, and kept calming on his chest.

But Enderia Shen’s eyes condensed, and he immediately knew that this woman was unkind.

“I don’t look like a woman at all. That’s it. I don’t know if I can marry in the future!” It seems that Mother Shen’s comfort has played a role. Shen Weiyan’s mood has improved a lot, but his eyes are still full of anger when he looks at Enderia Shen.

“Hehe, dad, you don’t know about that. My good sister has no worries about getting married. I heard that she raised a little white face in the company and asked him to be the person in charge of the whitening factor project.” “Presumably my sister is so anxious to return those samples, I am afraid it is for that man? Dustin Zhou?” Edward Shen said coldly, and both Shen Weiyan and Shen Mu were stunned.

They don’t know about it yet, so

No one told them that when they heard it now, they thought it was Edward Shen joking.

“Edward Shen, don’t joke around.” Mother Shen gave a dry smile and walked over quickly, trying to stop Edward Shen.

She is very clear that Shen Weiyan’s requirements for his children are not very high, but one thing is the bottom line.

That is, you must be innocent, and you must not do things that violate morals and ethics.

Even though Enderia Shen didn’t ask Shen Weiyan’s heart, he was a father and daughter after all, and this bottom line still exists.

If this matter is not true, Shen Weiyan is likely to anger Edward Shen, which Shen’s mother does not want to see.

Sure enough, when Edward Shen just finished speaking, Shen Weiyan’s face instantly flushed.

“Is this true?” Shen Weiyan whispered, there was a tremor in his voice.

“Of course it is true. Now the whole city knows it. I’m afraid you are still being kept in the dark. Look at what this is.” Edward Shen broke away from Mother Shen’s hand and took out several gossip magazines.

At a glance, Shen Weiyan and Shen Mu saw the intimacy photo of Enderia Shen and a young man on the cover of the magazine.

“Plap!” “You are shameless! My old face is lost by you!” Suddenly, a loud applause sounded.

Shen Weiyan slapped Enderia Shen’s face fiercely and scolded.

And Enderia Shen’s right cheek was also printed with five red finger marks in an instant.

Chapter 45

After this slap, all the people were stunned, and even Edward Shen was stunned for a moment.

But soon, Edward Shen and Shen Mu were gloating.

And Shen Weiyan was still full of anger.

It was reported that his daughter did such a thing, and now the whole city knows, only he is kept in the dark.

“Say, who is that beast?” Shen Weiyan reprimanded loudly, wishing to find that person directly and clean up.

“I know that that person is Dustin Zhou. He was originally a small employee in his sister’s company, but he didn’t know how to hook up with his sister.” Edward Shen said with a secret expression of joy.

He wanted Enderia Shen to be cleaned up by Shen Weiyan.

It is best to bring the famous company back and give it to him.

“You, call him and let him roll over to see me! Otherwise, don’t blame me for being polite!” Shen Weiyan pointed to Enderia Shen’s nose and shouted.

“Uygur, isn’t this a bad idea? After all, Bijun is so big, so she should be in need.” At this time, Mother Shen stood up and started to speak good things to Enderia Shen.

Edward Shen was anxious as soon as he heard it. If such a good time is not dealt with Enderia Shen, how long will he have to wait?

But Mother Shen didn’t pay attention to Edward Shen’s suggestion, she still said good things for Enderia Shen.

“Since Bijun decides to be with that man, he must be thinking about it. Instead of letting him prepare to come back, we should go find him together and see what kind of person the man is.” Just a turn of the conversation, Shen The mother still brought the topic to Dustin Zhou.

Enderia Shen had been watching with cold eyes, watching Shen Mu and Edward Shen’s performance, as if this matter had nothing to do with him.

But at this moment, she knew what abacus Shen mother was playing.

If Dustin Zhou is called to the house, then at best, it will be a trouble in this house.

But if they take the initiative to find Dustin Zhou and make a big mess, they will spread it out and be known by more people soon.

In that way, her reputation as Enderia Shen will be completely destroyed, and even because of the characteristics of the cosmetics industry, she will be rejected by many colleagues.

Mother Shen is trying to kill her!

“Okay, then I’ll go and see, who on earth dares to be so presumptuous!” Shen Weiyan snorted coldly, got up, packed his clothes, and prepared to go to Mingyang Company.

… On the other hand, Dustin Zhou and Hu Ye’s discussion at the Brilliant Hotel is almost over.

Almost all agreements have been reached, and all that is left is to purchase a processing factory and then entrust the production of whitening factor masks.

“Mr. Zhou, Desheng Manufacturing, and Fuhai Manufacturing. These two factories are currently the most suitable, and they are also seeking to dispose of them.”

The material was passed to Dustin Zhou and began to explain the matters of the two factories.

In fact, even if Hu Ye did not meet Dustin Zhou and did not reach a cooperation, the two factories are still seeking to get rid of them, and it is precisely when Hu Ye has found such detailed information.

Dustin Zhou took a closer look and found that the reasons for the two factories to seek to let go were almost the same.

That is the crisis of controlling people’s property, disposing of the factory to cash out to relieve one’s own crisis.

After all, in their eyes, the processing plant is already a thankless job.

In the current era when various high-tech products are rampant, traditional processing plants have obviously fallen into it.

However, Dustin Zhou spotted what excited him with sharp eyes.

“These two factories are equipped with modern aseptic environmental protection workshops, and some of the equipment is advanced.” “The most important thing is that their supporting aseptic environmental protection workshops are precisely for the production of facial masks for the last cosmetic company!” This discovery made Dustin Zhou very excited.

This shows that as long as he acquires these two factories, some of the equipment in the factory is ready-made and can be put into operation directly without adding other things.

But the money on hand is not enough.

“Mr. Zhou, is there any problem?” Lord Tiger saw Dustin Zhou’s expression and asked in a soft voice.

He thought that his preparations were adequate, and it was impossible for ordinary people to refuse.

And he had an inexplicable feeling for Dustin Zhou, always felt that this person must not be a simple person.

“In fact, to be honest, I have only 4 million cash on hand now, I am afraid it is not enough to buy these two factories.” Dustin Zhou did not intend to conceal, since he wants to cooperate, it is better to be honest.

“Haha, I thought it was something. As long as it was money, it was nothing. Besides, didn’t you say you want to bring you Mr. Shen together? The three parties are enough.” Tiger Master smiled knowingly. , Did not underestimate Dustin Zhou because of this, but regarded him more highly in his heart.

Such a frank person will not suddenly stab you in the back when cooperating, and will not abandon you when you are poor.

“Tingling!” At this moment, Dustin Zhou’s cell phone rang suddenly.

“I mean Cao Cao, Cao Cao is here.” “Hey, Mr. Shen.” Dustin Zhou chuckled and connected the phone directly.

But soon, Dustin Zhou’s smile slowly solidified, becoming more solemn than ever.

“Okay, I get it.” After speaking, Dustin Zhou raised his head with a wry smile.

“What’s the matter? It’s Enderia Shen’s phone number?” Tiger Lord questioned.

At this time, he didn’t want any accidents.

“You also know the gossip outside. It was discovered by Mr. Shen’s father. Now he is looking for me all over the world.


Dustin Zhou was very helpless, and was not prepared for what Enderia Shen told him. “How about it, do you want me to come forward?”

“Master Tiger saw Dustin Zhou’s embarrassment and offered to help. But Dustin Zhou didn’t immediately agree. What Enderia Shen said on the phone just now was very casual. What her father just wanted to see this so-called little white face, let him not worry. But based on Dustin Zhou’s understanding of Enderia Shen, the more casual and relaxed she was, the more difficult things became. Dustin Zhou even faintly felt the anger of Enderia Shen’s father. “Let’s take a look at the situation first. I don’t know who Shen’s father is. What kind of person.

Dustin Zhou smiled bitterly, and then he was about to leave and took the initiative to Enderia Shen. But he hadn’t walked out of the Brilliant Hotel, and there was a roar of cars outside the door. Several black Mercedes Benzes stopped quickly, each with a majestic expression. The young man walked out of the car slowly. Behind him, there was a beautiful woman. Suddenly, Dustin Zhou’s pupils shrank. Beside the beautiful woman, he followed a young man. And Dustin Zhou knew the man, It was Edward Shen. Dustin Zhou turned his eyes slightly and saw Enderia Shen getting off a car behind him. “Who is Dustin Zhou!”

“The middle-aged man walked into the Brilliant Hotel. As his eyes turned, he saw Dustin Zhou and others approaching and asked in a cold voice. He had already sent someone to inquire before, and knew that Dustin Zhou was in the Brilliant Hotel now. When I came in by myself, I met a group of people who wanted to leave. Soon, Shen Weiyan’s eyes fixed on Dustin Zhou. Just like the photos in the magazine, Dustin Zhou’s appearance will not change. “I am Dustin Zhou, you are Uncle Shen.

Dustin Zhou knew that he could no longer avoid it. This kind of misunderstanding would involve the parents, so he had to explain it clearly. What Dustin Zhou did not expect was that he had just reported his family and greeted Father Shen. Screamed. “Take it down!

“Shen Weiyan gave an order, and several people in black behind him rushed over without hesitation. Seeing that the situation was wrong, Niu Chuan didn’t retreat at all, and greeted them with their punches. In an instant, the two groups rushed together. “Hehe, Dustin Zhou, these are the bodyguards my dad specially hired. You want to stop them with your stinky fish and shrimps?

“Edward Shen stood aside, looking at Dustin Zhou with a sullen expression, and his eyes were full of sinisterness. The last time he was ridiculed by Dustin Zhou at the banquet, even Enderia Shen helped him taunt him together, making Edward Shen stay in front of his friends for a while. Can’t look up. Now that Dustin Zhou is finally able to see Dustin Zhou’s embarrassment, Edward Shen’s heart is very happy. “What?

This is impossible!

“It’s just that Edward Shen hasn’t been happy for too long before he was shocked by the scene before him, he couldn’t help but scream.

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