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Chapter 122

“Insane! You said you can find me if you find me!” “If your kid dares to come, I will let you come back and forth!” Zhang Chu looked at the hung up phone with a look of disdain.

He didn’t take the other party’s words as the same thing at all.

Let alone the other party, he doesn’t know who he is, and there is no channel to investigate.

Even if the other party knows, follow the location he just gave, Zhang Chu has many brothers to rely on.

So at this moment, Zhang Chu is not worried at all!

“Hey, that little sister’s voice just now is really nice, if it can be soaked, it will really be a fairy.” When Zhang Chu thought of the customer service who had just dialed, the voice made his mind fluctuated.

“That’s right, it looks like I’m looking for Xiao Jing to vent his fire at night.” After muttering, Zhang Chu cleaned up and was about to go out.

However, before he could clean up, the door of the rental house was knocked open.

“Damn! Who would dare to hit Master’s door!” Zhang Chu was furious and cursed.

Although Zhang Chu is not the boss of the road, he is also quite famous near the Brilliant Hotel, and ordinary punks don’t dare to come up and look for things.

However, when Zhang Chu saw the visitor clearly, his heart was shocked and both trembled.

“Brother Pao, why are you here.” It was Brother Pao who smashed into Zhang Chu’s room.

After Hu Ye received Dustin Zhou’s call, he immediately asked Brother Pao to find Zhang Chu.

It took only a few minutes for Brother Pao to find Zhang Chu’s specific location and rushed over directly.


“It turns out it’s your kid, who is so stubborn in my opinion.” Brother Pao immediately snorted when he saw Zhang Chu.

He only knew that this time, it was Dustin Zhou’s trouble finding someone.

Although Dustin Zhou didn’t say very clearly on the phone, Brother Pao could probably guess some.

Today’s news report about Dustin Zhou, Brother Pao naturally also knows. Although he doesn’t know what happened, he can also think that someone will take the opportunity to do things.

“Brother Pao, I didn’t commit anything, right?” Zhang Chu cowered two steps back, allowing Brother Pao to enter the room.

He thinks that he has been on the safe side recently and has not caused trouble.

Since the last time the fairy failed to jump with a group of people, Zhang Chu and his gang have been severely cleaned up by Brother Pao.

During this period of time, they have always been in a simple way, and they dare not make any aggressive behavior, for fear that they will provoke someone who can’t be offended.

“You really didn’t commit any small things.” Brother Pao nodded with a smile.

This calmed Zhang Chu’s heart a little, and he was not so afraid.

“But you committed a serious matter!” But then, Brother Pao’s words suddenly shocked Zhang Chu, and he knelt on the ground in fright.

“I’m asking you, did you call Mingyang Company, and molested the customer service of others, and clashed with them?” Brother Pao squinted at Zhang Chu and yelled.

At this time, Zhang Chu was even more shocked.

He called Mingyang Company, molested the customer service, and scolded people. Apart from him, only the other company knew about this.

Why would Brother Pao know?

“You wait for me, and I will find you in ten minutes!” Suddenly, Zhang Chu remembered what the other party said before hanging up the phone.

He always thought that the other party had nothing to do, just verbal threats, and it was impossible to find himself.

But now, Brother Pao is standing in front of him.

Also mentioned this matter.

This made Zhang Chu’s heart chill!

That person really found himself, and he still used the relationship of Brother Pao!

Suddenly, Zhang Chu was terrified and couldn’t bear it, so he slumped on the ground.

The last time he was cleaned up, it hasn’t been long before he was called by Brother Pao again, and Zhang Chu was full of regret and despair at the moment.

“Brother Pao, I was wrong, I didn’t mean it!” When he thought that the other party might just let Brother Pao find him, and then taught him a lesson, Zhang Chu was like seeing a beacon of hope. He knelt and climbed a few steps quickly. One hugged Brother Gunner’s trousers.

“Hehe, it’s a man, I have to dare to be daring, I can’t do this thing, get up, go with me, they said, I want to talk to you in person!” Brother Pao sneered, he didn’t treat Zhang Chu at all. Take it as one thing.

Don’t say that Zhang Chu doesn’t have much relationship with him

Less, and it’s not his own.

Even if he was his own subordinate, Brother Pao would give him up without hesitation.

After all, if you choose between an insignificant man and Dustin Zhou, as long as you are not a fool, you know how to choose.

“Take it away!” Zhang Chu still wanted to struggle, but Brother Pao didn’t give him a chance. With a cold cry, four people came up to take Zhang Chu and walk outside.

……Famous company, a strong depressive atmosphere quietly spread.

The entire customer service department was shut down, and everyone was watching Dustin Zhou, waiting for him to make a decision.

“Zhou, what should we do with those news?” Sara Ye looked worried.

After all, this matter involves Dustin Zhou and the overall reputation of the company.

If they do not take any measures, it will undoubtedly make the other party even more arrogant, and at the same time make people who don’t know the truth in society have a huge misunderstanding of Dustin Zhou and Mingyang.

Once this misunderstanding is formed, it is difficult to change in a short time.

At that time, Dustin Zhou and Mingyang Company will become objects of disdain for the entire Donghai City.

“Wait a minute, I have to wait for someone.” Dustin Zhou gently raised his hand, but his expression did not change.

Hearing what he said, others had to wait and see what happened.

Soon, Dustin Zhou’s cell phone rang.

“Hey, did you find it? Very good, take it directly to Mingyang.” Dustin Zhou smiled lightly, turning his head to look at everyone.

“The person I’m waiting for is here.” Everyone looked at each other for a while, wondering what Dustin Zhou was thinking.

Not long after, Brother Pao took Zhang Chu to Mingyang Company and went directly to the customer service department.

“Mr. Zhou, this is the person you are looking for.” Brother Pao pushed Zhang Chu forward and directly pushed him in front of Dustin Zhou.

Dustin Zhou looked at the person in front of him with surprise.

“It’s really predestined. I didn’t expect us to meet again.” When Dustin Zhou saw Zhang Chu, he also thought of the previous events in an instant.

When I met a blind date with Niu Chuan before, the blind date was actually a gang of fairy dances.

The leader of the gang is Zhang Chu in front of him.

That was the time when Dustin Zhou had direct contact with Lord Tiger, and Lord Tiger wanted to deepen the relationship with Dustin Zhou and asked Brother Pao to deal with Zhang Chu and his group.

Unexpectedly, after such a long time, they would meet again, and still in this way.

“It’s you!” When Zhang Chu looked up and saw Dustin Zhou, his eyes widened and his expression was incredible.

But then, Zhang Chu’s heart fell into the abyss.

I had already offended Dustin Zhou once before, but I didn’t expect to offend him again now.

Chapter 123

(1) This moment

In the meantime, Zhang Chu was simply desperate.

He even wondered what Dustin Zhou would do with himself this time.

After all, plus the last time, he has offended Dustin Zhou twice.

Calculating the old and new accounts together, Zhang Chu didn’t even report any hope.

He had already thought in his heart that as long as he didn’t die this time, he could leave the East China Sea immediately.

The East China Sea is simply terrifying.

Before, he could still rely on his group of brothers to eat with immortals.

But now, after one after another offending people he couldn’t provoke, Zhang Chu’s heart was completely gloomy.

“Hehe, isn’t it me? I also said who is so kind. I didn’t expect it to be you. This is understandable.” Dustin Zhou sneered.

Seeing Zhang Chu, although he was surprised in his heart, he didn’t think too much.

He asked Lord Tiger to find Zhang Chu, just to teach him a good lesson, and let him know that even if it is the customer service of a well-known company, he can’t easily molest him.

“This eldest brother, I didn’t mean it. I was just making a joke. Just let me go as a fart. I will definitely leave the East China Sea in the future and never show up in your vision again.” Zhang Chu heard Dustin Zhou’s tone. The coldness in the middle trembles suddenly, and my heart begins to chill.

He is really scared now.

“Zhou, who is this person?” Everyone who saw this scene had no idea what had happened.

Sara Ye approached Dustin Zhou and asked in a soft voice.

This battle shocked her a bit.

Moreover, the voice of the person in front of him sounded somewhat familiar.

“This person is the one who called just now.” Dustin Zhou didn’t cover up, and said directly.

And this time, the entire customer service department is a fryer.

Dustin Zhou said that he found that person in ten minutes, and he still lingers in their ears.

Before, they didn’t take Dustin Zhou’s words as the same thing, but thought that Dustin Zhou wanted to encourage them.

And they also felt Dustin Zhou’s heart, and that was enough.

But I didn’t expect that after more than half an hour, the person really appeared in front of everyone.

As for Brother Pao, some of them also knew him, knowing that he was near the Brilliant Hotel.

From Brilliant Hotel to Mingyang Company, no matter how fast the car drives, it takes half an hour.

In other words, from the moment Dustin Zhou’s voice fell to the time he found this person, there weren’t even ten minutes!

Suddenly, all the customer service staff were shocked, but at the same time they were extremely happy.

This shows that Dustin Zhou didn’t just talk about it at all, but really cared about them and wouldn’t let them feel wronged.

In an instant, all the customer service’s gazes looking at Dustin Zhou became moved, and at the same time a firm belief came into being!

Dustin Zhou, as well as the famous company

Caring about them, even if they are just customer service, they are not ignored.

This feeling of being valued made them moved to die for the confidant!

Especially for Xiao Zhang, the gaze looking at Dustin Zhou at this moment was not only moved, but also shy.

“Xiao Zhang, come here.” Dustin Zhou beckoned, Xiao Zhang involuntarily walked over.

“This is the person you harassed by calling. Now, I want you to apologize to her in front of everyone!” Dustin Zhou pushed Xiao Zhang in front of him and said coldly while looking at Zhang Chu.

“Zhou, no need, I’m fine…” Xiao Zhang was flattered and wanted to refuse, but Dustin Zhou didn’t give him this opportunity at all.

“You deserve this. Since he did this, he must apologize for his words and deeds, Xiao Zhang, don’t have any mental burdens.” Dustin Zhou calmed Xiao Zhang for a while before looking at Zhang Chu coldly.

“Did you not hear what I said?” “I’m sorry, it’s my fault. I’m just a rubbish. Don’t be familiar with me.” Zhang Chu shivered subconsciously, and immediately knelt in front of Xiao Zhang, constantly kowtow apologizing.

He was very excited now.

If it’s just this kind of punishment, he doesn’t care at all, don’t say to apologize to a customer service girl, even if Dustin Zhou asks him to apologize to all customer services, he has no opinion.

“Sister Ye, have it been recorded?” Dustin Zhou asked in a low voice when Zhang Chu apologized to Xiao Zhang.

“Well, it’s all recorded.” Sara Ye whispered, surprised in her heart.

When Zhang Chu was brought in, Dustin Zhou asked her to record everything that happened.

Although I don’t know why Dustin Zhou wanted to do this, Sara Ye did so without hesitation.

Now that Dustin Zhou asked, she couldn’t help but ask the question in her heart.

“Zhou, why do you do this?” “Because this is an important part of our counterattack!” Dustin Zhou smiled coldly.

No more said.

“Okay, enough apology, I don’t want to see you in Donghai, do you know what I mean?” Zhang Chu has been kowtow apologizing for nearly ten minutes, Dustin Zhou finally spoke.

“I know, I will get out of the East China Sea immediately and never come back!” Zhang Churu promised an amnesty and promised.

“Mr. Zhou, don’t worry, with me, this kid will never appear in Donghai City in the future!” Brother Pao also said with a smile.

“Okay, then I’ll trouble you, he can roll, I have to deal with another bunch of beam jumping clowns.” After sending Zhang Chu away, Dustin Zhou’s expression immediately became serious.

“Okay, your customer service department can be reopened, but I want you to pay attention, that is, as long as there is any abuse, or it involves me, or discredit the company, you can record it. Great use!” With Dustin Zhou’s order, the customer service department started work immediately.

In an instant, all the phones jingled non-stop.

In the phone call, except for some inquiries about the whitening factor mask, more of them were the same as before, discrediting and insulting Dustin Zhou and the famous company.

With Dustin Zhou’s signal, the customer service staff did not hesitate at all and recorded them all.

“Next, it’s time for my counterattack.” … “Donghai Evening News” newspaper.

Chen Haonan is the nephew of the deputy editor-in-chief of the newspaper. Only through relationships can he enter the newspaper.

As soon as he heard that his nephew had been beaten and he was sent to the police station, Deputy Editor-in-Chief Chen Zhen could not sit still.

After arriving at the police station overnight and releasing Chen Haonan on bail, he immediately asked what happened.

After listening to Chen Haonan’s words, Chen Zhen had no doubts, and was immediately angry.

“Damn it, it’s lawless! Don’t worry, I will avenge you!” That night, Chen Zhen contacted several other newspapers and media organizations to clarify the matter.

And those newspapers and media organizations are also suffocating at the moment!

They are the media and have extraordinary influence in Donghai City.

However, that night, they were actually insulted by an unknown kid.

This makes their faces unbearable, and they want to retaliate immediately.

Therefore, under the communication of Chen Zhen, all the newspapers and media involved collectively reported the incident the next day, and all the responsibilities were transferred to Dustin Zhou.

“Huh, I can’t help myself. A cosmetics company dare to fight us. I want to see what this kid has!” At this moment, Chen Zhen is sitting in his office, looking at all the news articles about Dustin Zhou in Donghai City. .

Without exception, these manuscripts all promoted Dustin Zhou as being rich and unkind.

Line of people.

Chapter 124

(2) “How’s the situation outside? Did that famous company and Dustin Zhou have any reactions or actions?” Chen Zhen looked at his assistant with a smug expression and asked.

He wanted to see Dustin Zhou personally come to him, and then knelt down to apologize to his nephew Chen Haonan.

Thinking of that picture, Chen Zhen can truly feel the power in his hands.

Are you awesome?

Are you arrogant?

So what!

As long as I say a word, the entire Donghai City will condemn you.

“I haven’t heard of any news yet, and there is no news from other media.” The assistant replied.

This incident is not a rare event. He knew it a long time ago, and he just felt a pity for Dustin Zhou and the famous company in his heart. Chen Zhen was offended, and all this was unavoidable.

And now, almost the entire Donghai City has a little influential media united to put pressure on Dustin Zhou and Mingyang.

According to past experience, within an hour, the other party will definitely contact the media to seek reconciliation.

But until now, half a day has passed, but the media alliance has not received any news about Dustin Zhou and the famous company.

This is simply abnormal!

“Uncle, I don’t care, this time, I must let that kid peel off! In front of so many people, I dared to beat me and hold me to the police station. If I don’t take revenge, I will not be reconciled!” The scar on Chen Haonan’s face was almost healed, but there was still a hint of bluish purple.

At this moment, he was in Chen Zhen’s office, waiting for Dustin Zhou to come and beg for mercy.

He wanted to retaliate by stomping Dustin Zhou on the ground and humiliating him.

But after such a long time, there is still no trace of news about Dustin Zhou, which greatly challenges his patience!

“Editor-in-chief, there is news, there is news!” At this moment, the newspaper editor rushed in, even forgetting to knock on the door in advance.

“What’s the matter, such a panic, there are no rules at all!” Chen Zhen frowned and glared at the editor before asking slowly.

“What’s the matter?” “Editor-in-chief, that famous company and Dustin Zhou are starting to fight back!” The editor swallowed and said hurriedly.

“Really? Great, did he persuade him? Did he come to beg for mercy?” Chen Haonan couldn’t help being the first to hear the editor say so, he jumped up and looked excited.

He has been expecting Dustin Zhou to come to beg for mercy and then humiliate him.

But until now, there is no news, which makes him impatient.

Unexpectedly, it is finally here now.

“That, no, Dustin Zhou didn’t come to beg for mercy.

It seems to be a counterattack. Oh, editor-in-chief, look at the “Donghai Morning News”.

The editor didn’t care about Chen Haonan’s identity at this moment, and walked directly to Chen Zhen’s side, opened the “Donghai Morning News” website on the computer, and found a report. … Mountain Mist Clubhouse. At this moment, Dustin Zhou and Asher Chen are at work. Speak with a man. If anyone in the officialdom of the East China Sea sees it, they will recognize this man, he is the great leader of the East China Sea. With the help of the Zhou family, Asher Chen runs the Mountain Mist Clubhouse in the East China Sea and will inevitably deal with the government. The leader of the East China Sea is currently Asher Chen’s main relationship. Regarding the Donghai City media’s slander against Dustin Zhou and the famous company, Asher Chen saw it when he got up early in the morning, and his heart was immediately very annoyed. He wanted to directly take action to settle everything, but I was worried that Dustin Zhou would blame himself for being nosy afterwards. So Asher Chen did not take action on his own, but contacted Dustin Zhou. Dustin Zhou originally had this plan. In the East China Sea, his own power and influence are far less than Asher Chen. So in this matter He was already prepared to use Asher Chen’s power to respond. Asher Chen invited the big leader to the Mountain Mist Club. He did not reveal Dustin Zhou’s identity, but just told the whole story. After all, this incident happened at the police station. Before, and Officer Hao was at the scene, he ordered Chen Haonan to be detained. Therefore, as long as you check, you can find out the ins and outs of the matter, so Dustin Zhou has no need to hide anything. The identity of the leader is sensitive, but For Asher Chen, there are still a lot of places to rely on. Therefore, a person came to the Mountain Mist Club with only the secretary. For Dustin Zhou, the big leader actually did not know him, but he saw that Asher Chen respected Dustin Zhou, and then contacted him. Dustin Zhou’s name suddenly became clear to the leader. “It’s just a nonsense!

The media plays a role of guiding the masses, how can it be used in such a place?

After listening to Dustin Zhou’s statement, the big leader was furious. “Xiaosu, you immediately issue a notice to make all the media rectify, and in addition, notify the “Donghai Morning News” to publish the whole story!

Must be fast!

“Su Changqi is the secretary of the big leader. After receiving the instructions, he immediately took action. At this time, all the media involved in discrediting Dustin Zhou and the famous company received a notice from the government, asking them to immediately stop the current absurd behavior. Absurd! This is the written language of the government in the announcement! All of the media began to panic at this moment. You know, the word absurd can be big or small, but once it appears in the government announcement, it means reprimand But it’s not small. More importantly, all the media are published in the “Donghai Morning Post”

Saw the announcement about the whole thing!

The announcement made the ins and outs clear and detailed.

You know, the “Donghai Morning News” is the official newspaper of Donghai City. It is much larger in terms of authority than all other media.

“Damn! What the hell is Dustin Zhou? Why did the government speak for him!” At this time, in the editor-in-chief of the “Donghai Evening News”, Chen Zhen was furious after reading the report of the “Donghai Morning News” and slapped him on the desktop. , Scolded.

“Donghai Morning News” and “Donghai Evening News”, as the two most widely spread and largest market media in Donghai City, have always been in competition.

However, the “Donghai Morning News” is an official media, and there are officials behind it.

The “Donghai Evening News” is only a private newspaper and media. In terms of influence, it is still smaller than the “Donghai Morning News” and “Uncle, we must not let Dustin Zhou go. The “Donghai Morning News” said that we should take down the report. Do you have to take it down?” Chen Haonan looked unwilling and flushed.

He was already waiting for Dustin Zhou to come to apologize, and then humiliated him.

But now, the situation has taken a turn for the worse. Not only did Dustin Zhou not show up, even official media such as the “Donghai Morning Post” began to speak for Dustin Zhou.

This made Chen Haonan couldn’t accept it at all!

“A**hole! Don’t you know the nature and background of “Donghai Morning News”?” Chen Zhen was a little upset, waved his hand, not wanting to listen to Chen Haonan.

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