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Chapter 125

Chen Zhen was also in a mess at the moment.

The situation is good, which is very beneficial to them.

However, the standing team of the “Donghai Morning News” and the notice issued above immediately interrupted him.

If he resists hard, regardless, and continues to discredit Dustin Zhou and Mingyang Company, then let alone how the above will punish him, the editor-in-chief of the evening paper will not give him a good face.

And if he let go at this time and directly withdrew the slander against Dustin Zhou and the famous company, then naturally everyone would be happy.

The above will not hold him accountable.

But his influence may drop!

People would think that Chen Zhen was trying to convince Dustin Zhou and the famous company!

Once this impression is fixed, the public’s impression of him will never change for a long time to come!

“So what? Dustin Zhou also has a famous company, I have already learned about it, but it’s a company that sells facial masks. It’s nothing at all. I don’t believe that Dustin Zhou has no black history!” “As long as we find him With the dark history of Mingyang, no one can stop us, so if the “Donghai Morning News” can still say that black is not white?” Chen Haonan was indignant, and at this time,

The platform of the morning paper and the decision above are very dissatisfied.

Thinking of Dustin Zhou’s contempt for him that night, Chen Haonan was so angry that he couldn’t wait to vent it immediately.

“Bastard! It’s not all you! If it weren’t for you, would we be so passive now!” Chen Zhen, who was still thinking about countermeasures, suddenly became furious when he heard Chen Haonan say this.

If it weren’t for Chen Haonan to be his nephew, he would not have joined with such multimedia to attack Dustin Zhou and Mingyang together, nor would he fall into the entangled situation he has now.

“Uncle, I’m your only nephew. That Dustin Zhou treats your nephew like this. Do you want to stand by?” Chen Haonan was not afraid of Chen Zhen at all, so he insisted.

“Editor-in-chief, I think this matter is a bit strange, shall we first see how other media handle it?” Chen Zhen’s assistant whispered at this time.

He knows the ins and outs of the whole thing, and he knows who is right and who is wrong!

However, as Chen Zhen’s assistant, relying on Chen Zhen to eat, he will naturally think from Chen Zhen’s perspective.

Right now, the above and the morning paper have put great pressure on Chen Zhen, and it seems that no matter what he does, there will always be serious drawbacks.

The so-called authorities are fans and bystanders clear.

As the authorities, Chen Zhen and Chen Haonan are already a little confused at this moment, unable to tell the truth from the truth.

But as an assistant, he is still a bystander, and he can naturally distinguish the current situation well.

“Well, this is a good idea, Ms Wang, you can go to other media to ask how they will deal with it, but it must be secretive, not too direct!” Chen Zhen thought for a while, and felt that there was only this way right now. The most appropriate.

… Mountain Mist Clubhouse.

“I also want to thank the leaders for their support to our famous company!” Dustin Zhou said with a smile, indeed with a hint of gratitude in his heart.

At this time, when most of the media in Donghai City smeared Dustin Zhou and Mingyang, the leaders were still willing to believe in themselves. The trust alone was not easy to say thanks.

“This should be the case. I have already learned the specifics of the matter through Officer Hao, and it has proved that you are correct. In that case, we naturally don’t want to see this happen.” “What’s more, the famous company It’s been very popular recently. Your facial mask works well, and even my wife and daughter are using it.” “The provincial leaders have also noticed you. Companies that can create billions of dollars in sales in a short period of time, no matter No matter what, we won’t let you be discredited!” The leader said firmly, and at the same time he was more polite to Dustin Zhou.

After all, let alone Dustin Zhou’s true identity, the leader has already guessed a little.

Let’s talk about the famous company. Recently, it’s been a series of actions.

The sales of one billion yuan shocked the leaders of the entire Donghai City and the province!

You know, although Donghai City has a relatively good economy in the whole province, there has never been a company like Mingyang.

The sales of billions of dollars, just to pay taxes, should be hundreds of millions!

This is undoubtedly a huge sum of money for the entire government’s finances!

The Donghai City Government is even discussing how to make Mingyang a star enterprise in Donghai City and launch a charge across the country!

In the future, Mingyang Company is likely to become a business card of Donghai City!

Therefore, any discrediting of business cards is strictly prohibited by the Donghai Municipal Government.

“However, there is one thing I still need to tell you. Although the morning paper and government notices can effectively curb those speeches, after all, this is a free place and we cannot take any wall measures.” Paused. , The leader continued.

“Therefore, the large-scale slander is definitely gone, but there will still be remnants. This requires you to find a way, conduct public relations, and see if you can solve all the negative news.” The big leader said very well. Pertinent!

At least Dustin Zhou couldn’t find any loopholes!

Dustin Zhou is very grateful to the big leaders, and naturally will not be dissatisfied with the residual negative news.

“That’s natural. The government can do this. We dare to be grateful. Naturally, it is impossible to ask the government to do anything.” “What’s more, these actions are far from enough. Since the media dare to reverse black and white, then I naturally It will expose their true colors.” Dustin Zhou’s mouth raised slightly, and a thought appeared in his mind leisurely.

Soon, the big leader left, and he did not comment on Dustin Zhou’s next actions.

Just warned Dustin Zhou that everything must be carried out within the scope permitted by the law, otherwise, others will surely get the handle!

After sending away the big leader, Dustin Zhou did not hesitate, and directly issued an order to Asher Chen.

As the manager of Zhou’s family industry, Dustin Zhou uses Asher Chen without any psychological burden.

“President Chen, I know that your influence in Donghai City is very extensive. Could you please collect all the media information that was involved in discrediting me and the famous company this time.” “I think there must be no more in Donghai City. If you’re collaborating with them, you can invite them again, and I’m going to have a banquet at Avaria.” “Also, I’m working hard on the “Donghai Evening News” this time. There must be something strange in it. Please check it out. !” Dustin Zhou said casually.

At this time, he didn’t notice. When he said about Avaria, Asher Chen’s brows moved imperceptibly, but it was also very fast.

Just calm down, as if nothing happened.

Soon, the news came out that Asher Chen invited the Donghai City media to a banquet at the Mountain Mist Club, which immediately attracted great attention in the media circles.

Chapter 126

“Donghai Evening News” newspaper office.

“Have you inquired clearly?” Chen Zhen looked at his assistant with a gloomy expression, heaving cigarettes, and the whole office was filled with smoke.

“Editor-in-chief, I have inquired clearly. After the “Donghai Morning Post” stood in line and the government issued a notice, other media had plans to be soft. I contacted several media outlets and asked sideways and learned that they had already started to withdraw. Those are reported.” Assistant Ms Wang’s face was not good.

The attitude of other media was so obvious that they directly chose to withdraw the report, so that the “Donghai Evening News” was on the cusp of the storm.

Whether to withdraw or not has become a question that Chen Zhen urgently needs to decide.

No matter how he decides, the impact on him and the “Donghai Evening News” cannot be ignored!

The most important thing is that Ms Wang, as Chen Zhen’s assistant, has always maintained a relationship of honor and disgrace with Chen Zhen. Once Chen Zhen loses power, then he will surely fall with him.

“Damn! Those people are cartilage, they can’t hold on to their own position! These people, if they don’t cooperate with them, they will be stabbed in the back by them in the future!” Chen Zhenmeng took a breath of cigarette and exhaled it heavily. The look was not stunned.

“Ting bell.” At this moment, Assistant Ms Wang’s phone rang suddenly.

Ms Wang’s expression froze. He knew that Chen Zhen hated his subordinates being interrupted while reporting to him.

Although he is Chen Zhen’s assistant, he has no special treatment in this matter.

Ms Wang’s face was stiff and he was about to hang up.

But seeing the caller ID on the phone, he hesitated again.

“What? Do you want me to hang up for you?” Chen Zhen was rather angry when he saw Ms Wang hesitate.

“Editor-in-chief, this is from the editor of “Donghai Tianxia”, and it is probably related to the report of this incident.” Ms Wang hesitated for a moment, and said the caller.

“Huh? Is there any latest news? Hurry up!” Chen Zhen said suddenly when his eyes lit up.

In this report, “Donghai Tianxia” has never participated.

At first, when Chen Zhen contacted them, they hesitated. Although Chen Zhen felt uncomfortable, he still promised them to consider.

Unexpectedly, during the action, the other party really did not participate.

This made Chen Zhen feel that his position in the industry has been underestimated, and he is preparing to deal with “East Sea World” after getting rid of Dustin Zhou and Mingyang.

Unexpectedly, at this moment, the other party actually called.

Ms Wang quickly answered the phone and turned on the hands-free so that Chen Zhen could also hear clearly.

“Ms Wang, Ms Wang, have you received an invitation?” The editor’s voice was very happy, even excited.

“What invitation? What are you talking about?” Ms Wang looked confused, wondering what the other party meant by these inexplicable words.

Even Chen Zhen didn’t understand, frowned and listened patiently.

However, faintly, Chen Zhen felt a sense of anxiety, and it made him more restless.

“Mountain Mist Club Asher Chen’s invitation!” “Didn’t you receive the invitation?” The other party’s tone was surprised, and it seemed that he didn’t understand why the people at Donghai Evening News didn’t know this.

“What’s the matter? Just say it, don’t sell it.” Ms Wang was shocked and asked quickly.

Regarding Asher Chen, he naturally knew that the boss of the Mountain Mist Club had top-notch relationships and strengths in the entire Donghai City.

Compared with him, the “Donghai Evening News” can be described as a younger brother, and there is no comparison at all.

It is no exaggeration to say that in the entire Donghai City, there are only one or two media that can make Asher Chen jealous.

However, “Donghai Evening News” is definitely not included.

“I don’t know very well. I just know that Asher Chen invited most of the East China Sea media this time, and the venue of the banquet was at Avaria.” “But there is a piece of news on my side, that is, this banquet seems to be famous. Company-related.” After the other party’s editor had finished speaking mysteriously, Ms Wang fell silent for a moment.

Originally, such an invitation was based solely on the owner’s preference, and no one else would have any opinions.

But if this banquet is really related to the famous company, then things can be troublesome.

Chen Zhen slumped on the chair with a look of shock.

He couldn’t think of why Asher Chen would come forward at this time and invite the media to discuss the famous company.

Is there any close relationship between Asher Chen and Mingyang, or Dustin Zhou?

But in the previous investigation, Chen Zhen did not find any relationship between them.

“Ms Wang, hurry up, call other media involved in this matter and ask if they have received an invitation.” Chen Zhen quickly ordered.

At this time, there was still a glimmer of hope in his heart.

That is, Asher Chen has nothing to do with Mingyang and Dustin Zhou.

And this time the banquet was just a pure commercial activity between the two parties.

As for Mi You’s invitation to the “Donghai Evening News”, Chen Zhen felt relieved to himself, perhaps it was just that the other party looked down on it.

However, after the assistant Ms Wang finished the phone call, Chen Zhen completely slumped in the chair, with a gray face.

All media involved in discrediting Dustin Zhou and the famous company, without exception, all

No invitation was received!

In other words, Asher Chen invited many media to the banquet this time for Dustin Zhou and the famous company!

“Tingling!” Suddenly, Chen Zhen’s cell phone rang.

He is the editor-in-chief of “People of the East Sea”.

Chen Zhen thought things had turned for the better, and quickly connected.

“Chen Zhen, it’s all a good thing you did. Let us discredit Dustin Zhou and famous the company. Now Asher Chen invites other media, but not the media who participated in it. If he is against us, we will never let him go. By your side!” As soon as the call was connected, an angry roar came from the other party instantly.

Chen Zhen was taken aback and turned into anger in an instant. Before the other party finished speaking, he hung up the phone.

However, in the next few minutes, he received calls from almost all the editors of the media involved in this matter.

And no surprise, all came to reprimand him.

Then, the editor-in-chief of the “Donghai Evening News” called.

As the deputy editor-in-chief of the Evening News, Chen Zhen almost has the ability to make a decision. The only person who can restrict him is the editor-in-chief of the Evening News.

“Chen Zhen, I need a reasonable explanation for this matter, why Asher Chen was involved, if you can’t give me a reasonable explanation, then you go away! Moreover, I will issue a notice in the East China Sea to completely block the entire industry. You!” The editor-in-chief just left such a sentence and hung up.

Chen Zhen wanted to call back to explain, but found that the other party had shut down.

“Damn! A bunch of bastards! A bunch of wimps!” Chen Zhen was furious, slapped a palm on the table, his face was distorted and full of resentment under the pain.

At this moment, all the media that received the invitation are heading towards Avaria.

Chapter 127

Avaria, Yuelong Hall.

Asher Chen has taken over the entire Yuelong Hall and is preparing to entertain media friends here.

With the passage of time, it is getting closer and closer to the time indicated in the invitation letter of Asher Chen.

Many media have also arrived in advance and were taken to the Yuelong Hall by the waiter.

At this moment, there are only a handful of people in the entire Yuelong Hall, and these people are the editor-in-chief level of their respective media companies.

The lowest is also the deputy editor.

“How is it? Do you know what Asher Chen wants to do this time?” “I don’t know. They are all rumored to be related to the “Donghai Evening News” that they discredit Dustin Zhou and the famous company, but Asher Chen did not say it. We are not sure. “Hey, do you think Asher Chen wanted to deal with those media this time? That’s why we invited us to sanction those media with the help of us?” … Several editor-in-chief gathered together , Discuss with each other the true purpose of this banquet.

Do not

After the discussion, they did not have a definite answer.

Even after facing Asher Chen, they did not agree on what attitude they should adopt.

After all, they are all considering their respective media companies, and it is difficult to maintain consistent actions in the face of their interests.

At eight o’clock in the evening, the banquet started on time.

And almost all the media that received the invitation sent people over.

The people in the entire Yuelong Hall are almost all the bigwigs in the media industry in Donghai City.

“Haha, welcome everyone to come here and join my Chen’s banquet as scheduled!” When everyone was talking about it, Asher Chen walked in with a big laugh, bowed his hands to everyone, and said hello.

With Asher Chen’s status and strength in the East China Sea, only one or two of the media people present here can be equal to him. The others, in all aspects, are not as good as Asher Chen.

Therefore, facing Asher Chen’s casual greeting, they didn’t dare to have any dissatisfaction, and quickly responded with a smile.

“Mr. Chen, I don’t know if you are hosting this banquet this time, or in the Yuelong Hall of Cuihu Ju, what is it for?” After hello, someone asked immediately.

“It’s Chen Tong, the deputy editor-in-chief of the “Donghai Morning News”. I didn’t expect him to be here.” “Throughout the audience, Chen Tong and Sun Yue of “Fengxing Media” were able to talk to Asher Chen like this.” … see Chen Tong asked, and the editor-in-chief of other media all looked over, waiting for Asher Chen’s answer.

After all, any banquet has its purpose.

If Asher Chen spends so much to hold a banquet in the Yuelong Hall of Cuihu Ju, if there is no purpose, it is just to connect everyone’s feelings.

In this case, no media would believe it.

“Since Editor-in-Chief Chen asked so, then I won’t hide it.” Asher Chen said with a smile.

“Two days ago, negative news about Mingyang Company suddenly emerged, and it caused a very bad influence in Donghai City.” “As for the discrediting of Mingyang Company by those media, I really hate Asher Chen!” “I don’t know they have any. There is no specific investigation, but I hereby guarantee that Mingyang does not have anything they said is bad behavior!” Asher Chen shouted indignantly, waving his hands continuously.

Just as the heads of those media outlets were right in front of him at the moment, he wished to clean them up!

“I have a friend who is in the famous company. He came to me, and I will naturally help him solve the problem.” Asher Chen continued, and then looked back and forth between everyone, remembering the changes in everyone’s expressions. Especially the editor-in-chief of several influential media.

For them, Asher Chen paid special attention.

After all, want to unite the entire industry

Self-discipline is definitely not just talking about it, but also driven by some real interests.

In addition to this, the leading role of industry leaders cannot be ignored.

“I am looking for you today, just to eliminate industry pests, and jointly establish a media industry supervision association to close the door to supervise the fairness and objectivity of Donghai City’s media reports!” “For this reason, I will unite with me in the famous company. That friend, set up a new media company.” Asher Chen said with a smile, and then looked to his back, which was connected to the backstage of the Yuelong Hall.

Seeing Asher Chen’s gaze, everyone else followed his gaze.

The backstage door slowly opened, and a man slowly walked out of it.

“It’s him!” “Isn’t this Dustin Zhou, the famous company, the protagonist of this incident?” “Is that Asher Chen’s friend is him?” “It seems that this time, the “Donghai Evening News” really provokes you. People!” It was Dustin Zhou who came out from the backstage.

He had arrived before the banquet started, and he had been discussing today’s banquet with Asher Chen in the background.

The establishment of a media company can be considered a temporary motive.

Mingyang’s whitening factor facial mask project has taken shape and sales are very good.

Dustin Zhou’s profit earned in it has almost reached 200 million.

But this is far from enough. He has already realized the strength of the Zhou family, and he will inherit all the family’s properties and become the real controller. The benefits involved are enough to make people jealous.

Reminiscing about the entanglements and struggles of wealthy families, Dustin Zhou had already decided in his heart.

In addition to completing the whitening factor project step by step, he also needs to continue to expand his strength.

In this way, even if the inheritance of the father’s inheritance changes in the future, he will have a strong ability to deal with it.

The establishment of a media company in the East China Sea is the first step.

“Hello everyone, I’m Dustin Zhou, and it’s the actor in this incident!” Dustin Zhou looked around and greeted him relaxedly.

Right now he doesn’t have any media strength and ability in Donghai City, but no one will despise him.

Being able to be a brother to Asher Chen and co-founding a media company, for this alone, everyone in their hearts raised Dustin Zhou’s position by several steps.

“Mr. Chen has just said that he and I will jointly establish a media company to make the media famous!” “Besides this, we also want to unite everyone here to jointly establish a media industry association.” “The purpose is. It’s very simple. It is to eliminate the pests of the industry and make the media industry in Donghai City clear.” Dustin Zhou said lightly, with a very calm tone.

He believes that everyone here will make the most correct judgments and choices.

After all, just before, the “Donghai Morning Post” and the government were both standing and speaking for themselves.

Although there is no clear instruction for this kind of platform voice, it means that all people in the media industry know it well.

“Of course, in order to jointly establish such an association, President Chen and I will also set up a media industry fund to be responsible for the rectification of the industry!”

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