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Chapter 959

The child does not teach, the father too.

If Hua Chenyu can become like this, Dustin Zhou would never believe it if he had nothing to do with the ancestors of the Hua family.

But he didn’t expect that the ancestor of the Chinese family would be so bad that he had only this grandson in his eyes.

Dustin Zhou even considered whether to teach the Hua family a lesson.

Here Hua Chenyu woke up quickly, because of Dustin Zhou’s true energy blessing, although his body was still very weak, but the wound had healed completely.

“Me, what’s wrong with me?” Hua Chenyu touched his wound, “I’m all right?” He was already determined to die.

, And now suddenly came back to life again, which he could not even imagine.

Moreover, he also obtained Qianqian’s forgiveness.

It can be said that Hua Chenyu’s first atonement journey was still complete.

Then Hua Chenyu stood up and walked outside, he was planning to make a second atonement.

Originally, Dustin Zhou didn’t plan to follow this time.

But after seeing the true face of the ancestor of the Tsinghua family, he suddenly changed his mind.

After bidding farewell to the driver, Dustin Zhou followed Hua Chenyu and the ancestor of the Hua family.

“Who is the second object of atonement?” Dustin Zhou asked.

It was just such a simple question, but the ancestor of the Hua family jumped up like a cat whose tail was stepped on.

“What’s the atonement? Atonement! My grandson has already died once, and no matter how big the crime is, it has been offset. Why is there an atonement for this!” The ancestor of the Hua family said loudly.

Dustin Zhou’s eyes immediately cooled down.

The reason why he followed these two people was afraid of this scene.

Hua Chenyu really wanted to atone for his sins, but the ancestors of the Hua family would definitely stop him.

Because of this price, they simply cannot afford it.

“Master, it’s not that I don’t admit that my family Yu’er is guilty, but the price of this atonement is too great!” “It’s okay to just lose money and apologize, but if everyone wants my family Yu’er to commit suicide, how much does my family have Life is not enough to die!” The ancestor of the Hua family tried to persuade Dustin Zhou.

But Dustin Zhou just snorted.

“The price is too high? Why didn’t he consider other people’s feelings when he brought those girls into the men’s room to be happy?” “I can only be happy but not atonement?” “The reason why I rescued Master Hua was because I saw He has the heart of redemption.” “If you say he doesn’t need to redeem, then the life I saved will be taken away.” Dustin Zhou said lightly.

In fact, he did it for the sake of Hua Chenyu.

Because he could see that Hua Chenyu had sincerely realized his mistakes, he could only be a man again after completing the journey of redemption.

Otherwise, his entire life will be completely abolished.

As for whether he would really die in the process of atonement, it didn’t matter to Dustin Zhou.

Anyway, if he is not allowed to atone for his sins, it would be better to live than die.

Sure enough, Hua Chenyu himself said, “Grandpa, don’t talk about it anymore.” “I have made up my mind. Originally, I owe this life to the world. The fairy said is correct.” “If you stop me If I am to redeem my sins, then my life will have no meaning.” Dustin Zhou nodded in satisfaction when he heard Hua Chenyu say this, then warned the ancestors of the Hua family again and left with the tiger.

After all, he still has business to do!

The birth of the Xu family, and myself

That piece of jade that can open up the small world, there are many secrets waiting for Dustin Zhou to unlock.

The first step is to finalize the next cooperation with Lord Tiger, how to deal with the hidden family Xu family.

When the two returned to the Brilliant Hotel, there was no interference from other people this time, and the negotiation went on smoothly.

Tiger Lord once again recognized Dustin Zhou’s strength, the absolute emperor of warriors!

Therefore, in this negotiation, the Xu family’s branch line is almost always facing Dustin Zhou with a very low attitude.

Dustin Zhou once killed their elder Xu Tianlong?

That’s Xu Tianlong damn it!

Who made him take the lead in thinking about Dustin Zhou!

Therefore, the two parties didn’t have too much nonsense at all, and they continued their previous cooperation. After discussing the next way to deal with the Xu family, Dustin Zhou left directly.

According to the battle plan drawn up with Hu Ye, Dustin Zhou could not reveal his strength at first, so he went back to buy a piece of clothing, and brought Enderia Shen back to the villa to see Zhou Mu, which was an explanation for Zhou Mu.

Life seemed calm on the surface, and he was at home with Enderia Shen and Zhou Mu to chat and watch TV.

At this time, a piece of news on TV caught Dustin Zhou’s attention.

Hua Chenyu and the ancestors of the Hua family are famous!

Because it was a journey of atonement, they were faced with some very ordinary people, and they could not clear the field very strongly.

So their behavior was seen by many people, coupled with their special identities, the news spread immediately, even on TV.

“This old man is really disgusting. Fortunately, I used to treat him as a faithful existence.” Enderia Shen said with disgust.

The old man he was talking about was the ancestor of the Chinese family, who was known as the patron saint of Donghai City.

After this incident broke out, his reputation stinks in an instant, and now it can be said that he is notorious.

It even appeared on hot search and was seen by people in other cities.

Netizens left messages and commented, “Wow, this person is disgusting, this kind of person is a beast!” “How many girls has he hurt in these years, this kind of person should be let him die!” The Internet is basically all abuse. In their eyes, Hua Chenyu and the ancestors of the Hua family were simply scumbags, unforgivable sins, and unwilling to die a hundred times.

Of course there are also defending them.

“Which is not the way for rich people now, this kind of thing is too normal, and the grandfather of the family has saved the whole city, even if he made this mistake, it is understandable.” “Agree upstairs,” If you have the ability to save a city, you can also be arrogant.” “Yes, I can guarantee that if you open your mouth and shut your mouth, there will be people who die.

With this kind of contribution and status, they would definitely be much worse than these two!

“This part is for Hua Chenyu and the others who said good things. They are also well-founded, but they belong to the minority after all. Moreover, they were also scolded miserably. “No, no, no, there won’t be any. Xiaozi Hua, come and clean it up!

“Can you still be white after you have done such a thing?”

How much money does Xiaozi Hua take in a month? Let’s make it with the money!

Those who helped the ancestors of the Hua family talk to Hua Chenyu were directly called Hua Xiaozi. As a result, this part of the voice became smaller and smaller, until all disappeared, and there were only abusers left on the entire Internet. Voice. The 960th

Chapter 960

I don’t know if it is affected by the Internet. Enderia Shen’s views on Hua Chenyu and the ancestors of the Hua family are also very bad. Regarding this, Dustin Zhou doesn’t care. Because of him After understanding the whole thing, he also knows exactly what happened in it. As for the quality of it, he himself just feels that many things cannot be judged by simply being right or wrong. Perhaps it is the deepening of the realm, Dustin Zhou Now the thinking about this world has become deeper. He is very clear that this world is not as simple as black and white. Maybe a murderer will also help the puppies on the side of the road. The murderer’s heart is actually very kind. , But he is easily impulsive and can’t accept the slightest grievance. Others made a joke with him that didn’t care too much, which was considered a deliberate bullying, but not too much, he just killed others. But usually If no one provokes him, he treats everyone very kindly. Is such a person a good person or a bad person? There may be many people who think he is a good person. After all, he is the kind of person who does not provoke him, he is very Good people, if you put it this way, all the people killed by him deserved the crime. But is this really the case? Don’t judge the right or wrong of the theory just now, if you only start with this person, you will be so impulsive. It’s impossible for a person to make no mistakes. For example, misunderstandings. An impulsive person like him will never give others a chance to explain. Therefore, people who are not sages and sages can do nothing. There is no such thing in this world. People who do not make any mistakes absolutely. The truth in the world is nothing more than to strike a balance. As a human being, don’t worry about the mistakes you have made. Living in the moment is the smartest choice. Later Dustin Zhou went to see it. Hua Chenyu found out that although he was in a miserable situation, he was always abusive no matter where he walked. Even when walking on the main road, someone would throw stones at him, but his life was very fulfilling. He finally knew what he was doing.

What to live for, not like before, just to pursue happiness for a while, without knowing what to do in the future.

Hua Chenyu used to change a girl every day, but he never fell in love with any one.

After coming out of this girl’s room today, he didn’t know where he should go next.

In the eyes of other people, he seemed to be infinitely beautiful, but to him, that kind of life was no different from the walking dead.

Fortunately, he finally got rid of that kind of life.

Of course, these are all things to do. Now Dustin Zhou’s focus is still on the Xu family.

Through the conversation with Hu Ye, he knew that the Xu family was actually born.

Within two months of Dustin Zhou’s visit to the holy mountain, the Xu family was born in the first month.

In other words, the current Xu family has been officially born for a month.

Some of the big and small forces in Donghai City may not have heard of what kind of existence the Xu family is, but they also feel that Donghai City is enveloped by an invisible force.

As Dustin Zhou guessed, the first goal of the Xu family’s birth was to occupy the business of the East China Sea.

The Xu family’s industries cover almost all industries, from daily necessities, food, housing and transportation to powerful industries, all with the shadow of a hidden family of Xu family.

They bought a lot of clothing stores, restaurants, car dealers, and even many hotels in Donghai City.

Suddenly, these things seem to be inconspicuous. The two heavy-duty companies that they have acquired are really worthy of attention, but the market value is only about 2 billion, and the scale is not as large as the famous company.

However, Dustin Zhou was keenly aware of the problem. There are too many fragmentary industries. These things are like the roots of the Xu family in the East China Sea, silently providing nutrients for this behemoth.

If the focus is only on those two heavy factories, then Dustin Zhou and the others will be fooled.

Therefore, if you want to defeat the Xu family economically, you must dismantle all his small industries!

But this is a difficult problem.

The Xujia bought stores that are small in scale but have good business.

These stores generally have their own characteristics and have a tenacious ability to survive.

In other words, if Dustin Zhou wants to open some similar stores around these stores to grab their business, it is basically impossible.

The scope is wide, the brand is complex, and the survivability is extremely strong. It is basically impossible to eliminate it in one fell swoop.

But Dustin Zhou was prepared.

He first contacted Sainty Wharf.

Let the dock not provide fresh ingredients to Xu’s restaurant.

This move is very fatal.

You know, Donghai City is a city near the sea. In this city, every special hotel,

The indispensable signature dishes must be related to seafood.

The freshest seafood must come from the dock.

Of course, you can also go to the seafood market to buy, but the products at the seafood market must not be as fresh as the ones from the pier. That’s the reason.

Then, he has the support of the Tiandi Chamber of Commerce Building. In short, even though the Xu family has made a good move, Dustin Zhou is not a soft persimmon here.

He is now waiting for the collapse of the Xu family industry while developing a well-known company.

It seems that time is quiet and the entire Donghai City is calm, but in fact, it is an undercurrent. The economy is important, but the most important thing is the Xu family’s strength in force.

Xu Jiayin has not asked the world for a hundred years. Where did he get the money to buy so many properties?

Quite simply, they sent a large number of martial masters to sit in various families, which is equivalent to controlling these families in disguise.

Therefore, the influence of the Xu family in the East China Sea is really not to be underestimated. For example, before Dustin Zhou returned to the East China Sea, two masters of the Xu family had come to catch Dustin Zhou’s mother.

This proves that in the entire Donghai City, Xu’s eyes and ears have developed to a certain degree of terror.

Dustin Zhou sat in the office and thought quietly. Suddenly the office door was opened. Enderia Shen walked in wearing a work uniform. As the chairman of the famous company, Enderia Shen didn’t need to knock on the door when entering Dustin Zhou’s office.

With a small smile on her face, she entered the door and sat directly on Dustin Zhou’s desk, and then stared at him directly.

“My boss, what are you going to do, your posture is really easy to cause crime.” Dustin Zhou said silently, covering his forehead.

After hearing Dustin Zhou’s words, Enderia Shen not only did not constrain, but rather said charmingly, “I said, you have been working hard these days, how about it, do you want me to reward you?”

Chapter 961

Rewarding? Rewarding?

Dustin Zhou looked at Enderia Shen’s attractive figure and swallowed.

Is it…that kind of reward?

He just thought about this in his heart and didn’t dare to say it.

But Enderia Shen still felt his true thoughts through his eyes.

“f*ck you, what is in my mind!” Enderia Shen poked Dustin Zhou’s head, “Clean up, and follow the president.” “Why are you going?” Dustin Zhou asked curiously.

But I honestly started to pack things up.

Since the beauty is invited, there is definitely no reason to refuse!

Enderia Shen raised his leg and walked outside. As he walked, he said, “How about the President’s reward for accompany me to the shopping mall, how about it, are you touched?” “Oh, shopping in the mall… What is it, shopping, shopping?” Dustin Zhou just said Lifted legs are late

Suspiciously stopped in the air.

Then he said with a sad look, “Don’t dare to move, don’t dare to move.” Walking with a woman in the mall is definitely one of the most sad events for men in this century.

God knows how complicated the mall is. It’s obviously not a big place. A woman can walk in it for three or four hours after getting in.

Even the emperor of warriors like Dustin Zhou would lament that this is not a human job after accompanying a woman to the mall.

Not only physical fatigue, but also heart fatigue!

Repeating several movements mechanically, looking at the clothes that seem to be different but in fact the same, I feel like a walking dead.

The scariest thing is that the woman picks up a few more clothes and asks you, which one looks good?

Which ones are so beautiful!

This is obviously the same clothes, but in the eyes of a woman, there seems to be a gap of thousands of miles.

You have to tell you what is different and what looks good.

So when he heard that he was going to the mall, Dustin Zhou suddenly hesitated and said that he didn’t dare to move at all.

Enderia Shen glared at him directly, “Don’t give me a slick tone, just give me fun.” “How many men dream of going to the mall with this president, dare you say you are not happy?” “I… don’t dare, I am very happy.” Dustin Zhou squeezed a smile on his face, but the smile was even worse than crying.

“That’s good, really good.” Enderia Shen happily patted Dustin Zhou’s cheek, and then went back to his office to change clothes.

After a little preparation, the two went straight out.

On the way, Dustin Zhou figured out why Enderia Shen had to take him to the mall.

First, Dustin Zhou was really busy during this period. He wanted to expand the scale of the famous company and was busy launching the third hot product.

Then in the process, I still have to watch the Xu family’s movements. It can be said that Dustin Zhou flew up busy during this period without his heels touching the ground.

Enderia Shen really wanted to pull him out to relax, not wanting him to stay in the office all the time.

Another one, she called Dustin Zhou out this time, mainly to buy Dustin Zhou clothes.

Because next, they have a very important business to discuss.

Three days later, the cosmetics industry in Linhai City will hold a market meeting.

There is no doubt that the protagonist of this conference is Mingyang Company. Now Mingyang Company is equivalent to a leader in the cosmetics industry in Donghai City.

This is not the most important thing. The most important thing is that the theme discussed in this conference is actually the third-generation explosive product that Dustin Zhou will launch.

The explosive products of the first two generations made the famous company jump up and become the leader of the industry by leaps and bounds, and even said that the market value has turned over.

Several times.

This makes the entire famous company directly become the fat sheep among all cosmetic companies.

In fact, when Dustin Zhou just announced that he wanted to promote the third-generation explosive products, the cosmetics industry in Donghai City directly exploded. Everyone wanted to negotiate with Dustin Zhou and Mingyang, trying to get priority cooperation rights.

Later, Dustin Zhou left the East China Sea to go to the holy mountain. This matter was put on hold for a while.

But there are still countless people paying attention to every move of the famous company.

Because of this incident, the cosmetics industry in Donghai City is even a little messy. Everyone has different ideas. In a word, if Dustin Zhou’s third-generation explosive products are as successful as the previous two generations, other companies will only have the same name. Yang’s cooperation.

If you don’t cooperate with the famous company, it means death, it is so exaggerated!

So these talents will be so crazy, they will do everything possible to see Dustin Zhou and Enderia Shen.

And Dustin Zhou didn’t have time to pay attention to these people during this period, so these pressures were all resisted by Enderia Shen.

It can be said that Dustin Zhou is responsible for product development, while Enderia Shen is responsible for negotiation and cooperation, and the cooperation between the two is quite tacit.

The convening of this cosmetics industry conference was also proposed by Enderia Shen.

Because she found that there were too many people who wanted to cooperate with Mingyang, and she couldn’t meet them at all. Even if she could meet them, she couldn’t handle the information about these companies.

But if you don’t deal with not meeting some people, it is equivalent to refusing to cooperate with those companies.

If the current famous company directly refuses to cooperate with a certain company, then that company can directly declare bankruptcy.

In this case, some people choose to take the risk.

Some began to rush with knives, some became sellers, and some directly threatened. If Enderia Shen does not negotiate with them, after their company goes bankrupt, they will do everything possible to retaliate against the reputation. the company.

These are all headaches, but Enderia Shen really couldn’t deal with it, so he came up with such an idea. He simply gathered all the people together and held an industry meeting.

As for how to cooperate, everyone agreed at the meeting.

Of course, as the core executive of the famous company, Dustin Zhou will also be on the stage, so Enderia Shen would want to bring Dustin Zhou out to buy a piece of clothes.

The two of them strolled in the mall for a long time, buying a lot of clothes in large and small bags. Dustin Zhou was tired like a dog, but Enderia Shen was happy like a little fairy.

“Dustin Zhou, Dustin Zhou, let’s not go home like this, okay, you accompany me to sit on the Ferris wheel!” Enderia Shen said expectantly, pointing to the playground next to the mall.

Dustin Zhou wanted to refuse,

Xin said that I carry a lot of big bags, how can I accompany you to ride the Ferris wheel!

But when he saw Enderia Shen’s eyes, the refusal to his mouth swallowed back.

As the setting sun went down, in the faint sunlight, the girl looked expectant and excited, pointing to the Ferris wheel shrouded in sunlight.

All this is beautiful like a fairy tale scene, how could he refuse?

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