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Chapter 1127

Is it because Dustin Zhou?

Lin Ziyu thought silently.

As far as the current situation is concerned, there is only one possibility. The Dustin Zhou in front of her is the legendary tycoon Dustin Zhou.

But is it possible?

If Dustin Zhou is really so good, is it necessary to stay in such a small well-known company?

Lin Ziyu was puzzled, but the reactions of the rich people below all verified this point of view.

“Mr. Lin, if we are on the basis of absolute equality and let us share the interests of both sides, then there should be no need for cooperation.” “That is, if there is such a cooperation, you must make money. We should bear the risk!” Every rich man shouted, Lin Ziyu’s brain hurt.

This is not like talking about business, okay?

How can you talk about business like this!

But in the end, she signed a few contracts.

There’s no way, don’t give away the money for nothing. As for why these people give the money, it’s not what Lin Ziyu should worry about. She has already said everything that should be said, and these people are still rushing What can she do to send money?

Finally, with joy and a lot of “unequal” contracts, Dustin Zhou and Lin Ziyu returned to Mingyang.

At the same time, today this is also a new beginning for Mingyang.

Because the famous company that started today will be involved in multiple industries.

There are countless leading companies to provide help, and the famous company is no longer the one-of-a-kind cosmetics company with its sharp edge but seemingly weak.

It will be transformed into a giant, spanning multiple industries, covering all fields, and with the support of countless people, becoming a super giant.

The size of an enterprise, slashing all families, has never happened before in Donghai City.

And Lin Ziyu is also on fire, why?

Because she is the chairman of the famous company!

What Dustin Zhou didn’t expect most was that after Lin Ziyu became popular, it was the Lin family who found the famous company first.

Dustin Zhou now knows that Lin Ziyu is an ordinary person who has washed away his memories, and is used to replace Enderia Shen.

But I have to say that the king of the immortal teacher is quite responsible. The Lin Ziyu he found, not to mention his own appearance, personality and voice, is exactly the same as Enderia Shen, and even his family is exactly the same.

Lin Ziyu’s mother also died young, while Lin Ziyu’s father, Lin Zhigang, found her a stepmother, and Lin Ziyu was three years old.

That year, Lin Zhigang and his stepmother gave birth to a younger brother named Lin Xiaowei.

The other stories are basically exactly the same as Enderia Shen’s.

In the memory of the Lin family, Lin Ziyu is a very independent woman, and then she came out and founded the famous company.

Later, when Mingyang Company was slightly successful, Lin Xiaowei’s half-brother, Lin Xiaowei, came up with the idea of ​​Mingyang Company.

Then Dustin Zhou stopped, and in the end, Lin Ziyu and the Lin family broke up and ran the famous company on their own.

In fact, Lin Ziyu’s father, Lin Zhigang, is also operated by a small company, a jewellery company, but compared with the famous company, it is probably not as large as the current famous company.

Therefore, the Lin family didn’t pay much attention to famous companies before. Lin Ziyu wanted to go out for independence, so they let Lin Ziyu go out for independence.

But now they can’t sit still.

Because the market value of the famous company has doubled again!

Judging from the accounts, Lin Ziyu is already the richest man in the East China Sea!

This richest man is different from Li Dahai, the richest man in the East China Sea.

Lin Ziyu, the richest man, is real, because she occupies more than 60% of the shares of Mingyang Company, and the scale of Mingyang Company is already huge to a terrifying degree.

Be the leader in many fields and industries!

Under such circumstances, the Lin family couldn’t sit still.

After all, Lin Ziyu is also Lin Zhigang’s biological daughter.

They only need to fish a little bit of oil and water in this company, which is more than all the assets of Lin Zhigang’s company combined!

You know, Lin Zhigang’s company has its current scale after a lifetime of hard work.

And now, they just need to play a little bit wickedly. Even if they only have 1% of the shares, they will get more wealth than he has worked hard in his life. How could they not be moved!

In this way, Lin Zhigang took Lin Xiaowei to Mingyang Company. Of course, Lin Ziyu’s stepmother also came with him.

“Gan, Lin Ziyu, this btch is really a fate! Look at the luxury of this famous company, you said how can a btch like her deserve such a luxurious company!” Yang company, Lin Xiaowei couldn’t help muttering in a low voice.

Lin Xiaowei relied on the support of his mother, but he grew up bullying Lin Ziyu.

Now suddenly seeing Lin Ziyu throw away several galaxy distances from him, of course he feels uneasy.

The stepmother on the side didn’t say anything, because in her mind, it was probably like this.

How could Lin Ziyu have such a fate?


Your own son is the best, OK?

Why own son

Is there no such achievement?

The stepmother was also indignant, so she had no opinion on the son’s complaint.

Lin Zhigang felt a little uncomfortable, no matter what, Lin Ziyu was also his biological daughter.

“We are here to beg Ziyu this time, please keep your mouths clean for me!” Lin Zhigang said pretendingly.

“What did you say about Lin Zhigang? Why do we beg her? You are her own father. Shouldn’t she be filial to you?” “Besides, she was still raised by me, even if I am not her relative. Mom, but I also raised her to this age. I didn’t leave her hungry. Now that she is promising, shouldn’t we be filial and filial?” The stepmother pouted and said, “Take a thousand steps and say she too Should I call my mother, why am I not even qualified to say her two sentences?” I have to say that the mouth of this middle-aged woman is really vicious. After some words, Lin Zhigang was speechless and could only be silent. Sighed.

The three of them came to Mingyang Company and informed the front desk.

As soon as the front desk heard that this was Chairman Lin Ziyulin’s parents, he invited them up without saying anything, and then called Lin Ziyu. Lin Ziyu was in a complicated mood when he received the call.


They just came to the door for their company’s success?

Why did you go before?

Chapter 1128

Lin Ziyu is not a fool. On the contrary, her ability to achieve this position proves that she is very smart.

Although in a strict sense, she didn’t get to this position step by step, because the person who got to this position was Enderia Shen, she was just suddenly put into this position by others.

But being able to sit in this position and hold it also proves that she is very capable.

Therefore, she can also very clearly speculate what her father and stepmother are doing.

In the past, in order to let Lin Xiaowei occupy his own company, the two parties had trouble. For a long time afterwards, the two sides never contacted.

Is it really family?

Do they think of themselves as family members?

If so, why did they not even make a single call for so long?

Are they really relieved if they are a girl working outside?

Don’t you worry a little bit?

When I was not so glamorous, my family had never had any contact with me.

Now that his company is well-known and has become the No. 1 Group in Donghai City, they came to the door as soon as possible.

It’s shameless to make people want to laugh.

As long as there is a little bit of shame, it shouldn’t be exposed so thoroughly.

Although Lin Ziyu thought so in her heart, she still asked

Stayed with them.

After all, Lin Ziyu didn’t want to be too embarrassed to make trouble in the company.

In the chairman’s office, Lin Ziyu sits on the boss chair, and the Lin family of three sits on the sofa opposite her.

In fact, apart from Lin Xiaowei, Lin Zhigang and his stepmother are still a little bit cautious.

Lin Zhigang is really cautious, because he can more or less feel that he owes his daughter too much.

As for the stepmother, this guy has no conscience, but as a vicious woman, she is good at disguising.

Although she devalued Lin Ziyu for nothing and all kinds of malicious curses in her heart, on the surface, when the two met, she immediately changed into a cautious and kind face.

Lin Ziyu didn’t pretend to be anything, just sitting in the boss chair lazily drinking coffee, looking at the blue sky outside, and cooling the three of the Lin family for a while.

Soon, Lin Xiaowei couldn’t stretch himself anymore. He didn’t know what restraint was or what pretence was.

“Lin Ziyu, what do you mean? You don’t need to say hello when I’m here. Now that our parents are here, don’t you say hello either?” “It really made you go to heaven. Are you not going to admit it?” Is this home?” Lin Xiaowei said viciously.

He used these words very smoothly, all he learned from his mother.

To be reasonable, most people would be very angry when they heard these inverted words, but Lin Ziyu didn’t.

Very simple, she is used to it.

“Yes, that’s right, I just don’t plan to recognize this family.” Lin Ziyu said very calmly, “Can’t blame me all, are you planning to recognize my daughter?” “I’ve been working outside for so long by myself? , Have you ever shown me a little bit of concern? Have you ever called me and asked about my situation?” “You don’t, so you don’t plan to recognize my daughter, and I don’t plan to recognize your family. There is nothing wrong with it.” Lin Ziyu’s words made Lin Xiaowei speechless.

No way, after all, he was young. Although he learned a little bit of the ability to reverse black and white from his mother, he was still not proficient enough.

As long as Lin Ziyu doesn’t follow his tricks and tells the objective facts very calmly, he will be completely helpless.

Although this child is shameless, his shameless state is not enough.

But his mother is different.

His mother is shameless and sophisticated.

“Ziyu, this is your fault, right? You said we don’t care about you, but didn’t we come to see you?” “You said we won’t call you, but the same, since the last time we had trouble After the conflict, you haven’t called us!” “We are elders after all, with thin-skinned faces. After the conflict, we want to wait for the child to bow his head and admit his mistake.

, Parents in the world have such a mentality.

“You don’t know, since the last time we had a conflict, your dad and I were waiting for your call at home every day, thinking about how you were outside.

“It’s not that I can’t help it anymore, so I came to the company to see you, do you think you misunderstood us?”

“This is called realm! Lin Ziyu was completely stupid after listening to this speech. Niubi! This is the real reversal of black and white! What Lin Xiaowei said just now can only be said to be shameless entry level! For Lin Xiaowei Lin Ziyu can easily return to the past, because Lin Xiaowei’s shameless realm is too shallow. But for his stepmother, Lin Ziyu is also a little helpless. There is nothing wrong with what you said quietly, okay! Where are you going? To be reasonable? To put it bluntly, they are indeed Lin Ziyu’s elders. Don’t say that they have done anything before, but from a linguistic analysis, there is really nothing wrong with them. As the elders, we have all taken the initiative to bow our heads, so it’s hard for you to refuse Forgive us? Lin Ziyu was immediately angry. When facing her stepmother, Lin Ziyu got over her. “Get out of here, don’t let me hear these disgusting words. When you say these things, you don’t feel it yourself. Disgusting?

“Lin Ziyu said very angrily. After hearing these words, of course, her stepmother could not get out obediently. She put on a very aggrieved expression and looked at Lin Zhigang, “Lao Lin, look at this… our sincerity is enough. Okay, what should I do if the child refuses to forgive us?

“High! It is really high! What else can Lin Zhigang do when he hears this? As the head of the family, he naturally wants to come out to uphold justice! “Ziyu!

It’s too much, why did you talk to your mother?

“Lin Zhigang said with a black face, “How nice what your mother said, how can you let us get out?”

“After all, we are your parents too!”


I don’t have parents like you!

“Lin Ziyu collapsed. It was the same every time from childhood to adulthood. It was almost exactly the same. It was obvious that she was wronged, but the stepmother could always turn black into white. In the end, her only support was, That is, her own father, Lin Zhigang, is also on the side of her stepmother. Now Lin Ziyu is strong, but it is conceivable that when she was still very young, facing such a family, a family excluded by everyone , How helpless she should be. “Don’t tell me these useless words, I don’t intend to recognize you!

You say that I am not filial, or that I am fine, now get out of me!

Chapter 1129

Lin Ziyu is very thankful that he has changed now Is stronger.

At the beginning, she did indeed hold this belief before starting her own business and founded a famous company.

Now no matter how the family excludes her, she has nothing to fear, because the powerful assets behind her are her confident capital!

“Before you were pretending to be in front of me. I had no choice but to endure all the grievances by gritting my teeth.” “But now I don’t have to do this. You can’t help me, and you can’t run me! “Lin Ziyu said forcefully, “Just get out of here. From today, there is no relationship between us, okay?” “Anyway, I can achieve today’s achievements, and you didn’t help me at all, right? When Lin Ziyu said these words, he was actually very happy.

In her dreams, she wanted to say these words to her parents. She had imagined countless times how her parents would look when she said these words.

But she was still too young.

The most painful thing in the world is pressure from relatives.

Sever relationship?

That’s impossible, it’s impossible in this life!

You want to sever, did your parents agree?

“Ziyu, if you talk like this, it will hurt your parents too much,” the stepmother said, “I know you feel uncomfortable. Maybe I felt that I was a bit biased before and more biased towards your brother.” “But there is one thing to say. Did I raise you up? Did you grow up eating my cooking? You said that we have lived together for so long, how can it be that it has no feelings at all?” “Ten thousand steps back and said, Even if you don’t recognize me as a stepmother, even if you don’t thank me for raising you so much, but you still have to recognize your dad? That’s your biological father, he can’t be partial, right?” “You say your dad It’s so good to you, don’t you just say you don’t want it?” The stepmother said grandiosely, it really makes a cheeky face and heartbeat.

Lin Zhigang also said, “Naughty! Ziyu, is it possible to say anything like severing the relationship?” “Your mother is right, even if she is your stepmother, she really raised you so much, why are you? Can you deny your mother!” That’s what I mean, a dog skin plaster.

Lin Ziyu’s heart was very broken.

But fortunately, she can survive. After all, she has worked hard for so long, in fact, for today.

She already has enough capital, so she won’t be completely defeated easily.

“As I said, you can say that I am not filial, you can say how I am, and you can say what you love, just as I am unreasonable. I beg you to get out of it, okay?” Lin Ziyu endured his anger Said.

“Oh, it looks like this kid

It is determined not to let us, Lao Lin, what shall we do?

“Could it be true that you have to leave like this?”

But if we leave like this, it is not a feeling in our hearts to be parents!

“Ziyu, otherwise you think this is good, let’s not say who is and who is not, I will apologize to you as a stepmother, just treat the previous things as my fault, you don’t Are you thinking about us?

“My parents are really here to see you at the company this time, so let’s be kind, and restore our previous relationship, okay?

“This performance is truly incredible. What does it mean to not say who is and who is not? What does it mean to assume that all the previous things are all wrong to me? Your attitude of speaking seems to be confession on the surface, but in fact , Is to put all the responsibility on me, okay! Lin Ziyu really hates this stepmother more and more, but she really can’t do anything about it. Because her pro-dad, really eats this set!” Ziyu!

Did you hear that?

Your mother has said so, are you still fooling around?

“Hurry up and talk to your mother, even if the previous thing is turned over, have you heard it?”

Lin Zhigang scolded immediately! “Lin Zhigang, what are you?

You said you asked me to apologize and I apologized?

“Lin Ziyu was finally angry, she could no longer suppress her inner anger, “You know all day to stand on her side, have you really considered for me once?”

“I tell you the truth, I want me to apologize, that’s impossible!”

We just don’t have a little relationship today, I see what you can do with me!

“Lin Ziyu also looks iron-hearted. In fact, she is iron-hearted. No matter how clever your tongue is, I will kill a word anyway. There is nothing to do with us! Want to reconcile? Impossible. ! “it is good!

Are you saying that you want to sever the relationship?

“Lin Zhigang was also angered. After all, he is a big man. The head of the family still wants the face of the head of the family. He can’t clean up his daughter, and he feels that he is very faceless. “Okay, if you break the relationship, you will break the relationship. I can’t agree.

“But I raised you so much, you can’t never repay it, right?”

“Even if you say that I am not in any way, but I did not starve you to death, and still provide you with school, you can make up for the cost of raising you over the years, as well as any mental and physical losses!

“Lin Zhigang bit his head and said, this is his last struggle. With this move, he will really sever ties with Lin Ziyu. But if severing the relationship like this, it seems that it will save him a little bit of face. This bit of face, if the relationship is severed in this way, his relationship with Lin Ziyu, but in any case can not be repaired, because

The relationship between the two parties has been cleaned up.

Lin Ziyu looked at his father blankly, but he didn’t expect that he would take the initiative to raise this request.

Convert the kindness to raising oneself into money.

But after a while, Lin Ziyu suddenly smiled again, but this smile was a little sad and accompanied by a drop of tears.

Okay, is it converted into money?

That’s just right, we’ve been cleaned up since then!

This is exactly what I want!

Lin Ziyu laughed and cried and said, “Okay, come on, do the math, how much did it cost to raise me this age?” “One million? Two million? Forget it, you don’t have to forget it. Let me directly add in the mental and physical loss expenses you just mentioned. Is it enough to give you a hundred million?” One hundred million, to be reasonable, too much. After all, I raised Lin Ziyu and Lin Zhigang. The total cost is less than one million, which is a hundred times more!

No matter how to calculate the messy expenses, it is passed.

But Lin Zhigang is already crazy. Of course he will not agree to Lin Ziyu’s condition so easily, “No, I want your 10% of the shares!”

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