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Chapter 605

Not only Jiang Feng thinks so, but Zongfu also thinks so.

Elder Gu’s own strength is infinitely close to the martial master, and now his move has the strength of the martial master directly.

Jiang Feng and Zongfu are almost certain that under the martial master, under this trick, it is impossible to have the ability to resist.

However, Jiang Feng was a little confused.

It stands to reason that Niu Chuan’s strength is stronger than himself, so he should be able to feel that Elder Gu’s move is powerful.

However, why is there no fear on Niu Chuan’s face and Dustin Zhou also has a calm face, as if he hadn’t noticed Elder Gu’s move at all.

This… Jiang Feng hadn’t thought about why Niu Chuan and Dustin Zhou were not afraid at all. When they were not worried, Elder Gu had already arrived in front of Niu Chuan.

The sword in that palm was as swift as lightning, and in just an instant, it reached Niu Chuan’s neck.

But the next second, everyone was stunned.

Jiang Feng’s eyes widened, watching the scene in front of him, his mouth opened slightly, but he couldn’t say a word, and the thought that had passed by just now came to his mind again.

Zong worships the landlord with a look and wants to make a move, but he can’t take a step under his feet.

Elder Gu stared even more, trying to see who Niu Chuan was.

“Who are you? How could this be possible!” Elder Gu’s voice was full of shock. His sword is infinitely powerful. It can be said that the martial master has almost no resistance.

In the past few decades, the number of people who lost or lost their lives under his sword is immeasurable.

No one lives below the master of the warrior.

But now, this proud palm of the knife was actually half an inch near Niu Chuan’s neck and was pinched by Niu Chuan’s two fingers.

how can that be!

Suddenly, a thought suddenly appeared in Elder Gu’s mind, his expression stiffened suddenly, looking at Niu Chuan, an incredible flash of eyes flashed through his eyes.

“You are a martial artist! How is this possible!” Elder Gu said with a trembling tone.

It seemed that I didn’t believe what I said.

Since ancient times, martial masters have always existed, but it is so difficult to become a martial master. Under normal circumstances, martial masters are at least fifty years old.

But there are some who have become martial masters under the age of fifty, but those people are all the best children of the family.

Such a person, he himself is a generational arrogant, has his own dignity, and cannot be someone else


And Niu Chuan in front of him, no matter how he looked at it, he didn’t look like that person.

“Master Martial Artist? Your move does have the power of Grand Master Martial Artist, but it is visible, without god, not enough momentum, and natural power.” Niu Chuan smiled faintly, and the two fingers lightly parted, and Elder Gu’s palm suddenly It bends away and presents an incredible arc.


Suddenly, with a click, Elder Gu’s palm was completely bent by Niu Chuan, and all his five fingers were broken.

“My hand, you, presumptuous!” Elder Gu suddenly screamed, his beard flew around, his eyes were bloodshot, and the blood on his face quickly disappeared.

“Huh, old Piff, at this point, I haven’t realized the real difference in strength between you and me. I have also lied to guarantee that I will be promoted to the martial master within ten years. Only you are worthy?” Niu Chuan sneered and slammed his palm. On Elder Gu’s shoulder, he shot Elder Gu out immediately, almost the same as the ending of Dai Gong.

“You! Puff…” Elder Gu was originally injured, but now that Niu Chuan was so irritated, he suddenly burst out with a puff of breath and blood pressure in his chest.

“Old Piff is nothing but this. It seems that this is your biggest reliance?” Dustin Zhou smiled faintly, stood up, glanced at Elder Gu, who fell to the ground with a bleak look. He looked at him, and looked wary and jealous. Jiang Feng and Zong worship.

When the three previous offerings were all present, they were so arrogant and unbelievable. It seemed that with them, Dustin Zhou and Niu Chuan were here, and they had to give up their lives, put everything down, and let Jiang Feng and those few This is dedicated to butchering.

But now, under the strength of Niu Chuan, Dai Gongfeng and Elder Gu were injured one after another, and their arrogance was almost gone all at once.

“Dustin Zhou, don’t be too proud. This is the place of my Jiang family. If you want to make things big, even if Niu Chuan is more powerful, you won’t be able to get out of here.” Jiang Feng was deeply jealous, and he didn’t dare anymore. Started with Dustin Zhou and Niu Chuan.

Even Elder Dai and Gu are not Niu Chuan’s opponents, and he is not even Niu Chuan’s opponent.

However, he is Jiang Feng, the son of Jiang Xingyuan, the second master of the Jiang family. As Jiang’s family, he naturally has a strong character. If someone slaps his face and spreads it out, his face will be completely destroyed.

“Proud? That won’t be enough. A few small fish and shrimps will not make me proud. I am here, first, I want to talk to you, and second, I want to seek justice for Chen An and Li Chen. “Dustin Zhou said in a deep voice.

At this moment, the smile on his face disappeared, leaving only gloom and ice cold.

Dustin Zhou can deal with him, but if it affects the innocent people around him, Dustin Zhou will never forgive him.


What do you want?

Jiang Feng asked coldly. “Dustin Zhou, don’t think that you can walk sideways in Hunan Province with the protection of this bodyguard. You need only Austrian people. There are people outside the world, and there are days outside the world. This is not just a casual talk. In Hunan Province, you are better than you. There are many people who are good at bodyguards.

At least, I have someone from the Confucian family, and it’s easy to take care of you.

“At this time, Kong Hui, who had been silent for a long time, smiled. Niu Chuan’s ability to defeat Dai Gongfeng and Gu elders really made Kong Hui a little unexpected, and it also gave him a certain understanding of Niu Chuan’s true strength. At least, Niu Chuan’s strength. , Definitely not what Jiang Feng said before, only a little bit stronger than him. If Niu Chuan is only a little bit stronger than Jiang Feng, it is impossible to defeat Elder Dai and Gu one after another. Moreover, it can easily block Elder Gu. A person with a sword in hand that is comparable to the power of a martial master, even if he is not a martial master, is infinitely close to the martial master, at least, the understanding of the martial master is deeper than that of Elder Gu. However, these are not for Kong Hui. What’s the matter. At least, a person who is not a martial master can not make Kong Hui feel deeply jealous, and even murmur in front of the other party. So Kong Hui laughed. Dustin Zhou and Niu Chuan are coming aggressively, they are Dai Zhufeng who has defeated the Jiang family one after another. Elder He Gu. But, what? What does that have to do with Kong Hui? Kong Hui is confident, Dustin Zhou and Niu Chuan absolutely dare not move themselves, as long as they report to the house, the other party will be scared and pissed. When the time comes, they should Those begging for mercy are Dustin Zhou and Niu Chuan.

Chapter 606

who is it?

Father Kong family?

“Dustin Zhou smiled and raised his brows. He was really surprised that Kong Hui was still so confident at this time. Isn’t he still confused about the current situation and wants to use the Confucian family, or use the name of the Confucian family to make himself? Dread. “Huh, since you know, then you should know that my grandfather is a martial master, looking at the entire Hunan province, it is also one of the few existences. You’d better apologize to me and Jiang Feng brothers now, and be obedient to Jiang Go home, kneel down, apologize, or, I can call the shots for my grandpa and let you go.

Kong Hui was very confident and his face was full of pride. “Or, don’t you know, Brother Jiang Feng, is one of my grandfather’s closed disciples. My grandfather has only three closed disciples in his lifetime. If you don’t apologize If you do, the consequences are not something you can bear.

“The voice fell, and the second floor of the teahouse was extremely quiet. Jiang Feng didn’t speak, he swallowed, feeling that Kong Hui said that, doing so would have no effect, but there was no reason. And right now, even Elder Gu

It is not Niu Chuan’s opponent, so just relying on him and Zong worship the two people, it will not be Niu Chuan’s opponent.

In other words, if Dustin Zhou or Niu Chuan wanted to treat himself, he had no room to resist.

And Kong Hui said that, it can indeed attract Dustin Zhou’s attention.

If Dustin Zhou and Niu Chuan are afraid of the existence of the Confucian family, then he can also find his place.

After all, no one wants to offend a martial master for nothing.

And if Dustin Zhou and Niu Chuan didn’t give face, then Kong Hui would be the first to refuse, and would tell Master Kong what happened today.

In that way, Master Kong, as the master of the martial artist, was so ignored by others, it was simply unforgivable.

As long as Mr. Kong comes forward to clean up Dustin Zhou and Niu Chuan, it will be easy in a moment.

“Dustin Zhou, you came today just for the sake of Chen An and Li Chen to beg for justice. Since you are here, it means that they are fine, and I can make up for it.” “As for what you said, talk to us, I I don’t think it is necessary at all. After all, we are not familiar with each other. As for this person, you can take it away directly, and we won’t take care of it.” Jiang Feng knew the truth of accepting when he saw good, and seeing Kong Hui really shocked Dustin Zhou. He Niu Chuan said immediately, wanting to make things clear to Dustin Zhou.

At least, let yourself not be in a dangerous situation.

If Dustin Zhou and Niu Chuan have a hot head, and don’t care about the Confucian family, and the name of the master of the warrior, then he will definitely become the key target of Dustin Zhou and Niu Chuan’s attack.

In this case, choosing to save yourself is the most important thing.

“Jiang Feng, why are you like this? With me here, they dare not do anything to you.” Kong Hui was a little dissatisfied. He had already taken the name of the Kong family, his grandfather, the old man of the Kong family, and the only martial master of the Confucian family. Come out, such a name is enough to deter most people.

However, Jiang Feng still has the jealousy of Dustin Zhou and Niu Chuan. This clearly means that he doesn’t believe him Kong Hui.

If it hadn’t been for Jiang Feng to be the father’s direct disciple, Kong Hui would have left.

“Papa.” At this moment, Dustin Zhou clapped.

He looked at Kong Hui and Jiang Feng with sarcasm in his eyes.

It looks like a brotherhood.

However, this look is so disgusting in Dustin Zhou’s eyes, I wish I couldn’t keep seeing it.

“Yes, I really don’t dare to do anything to Young Master Jiang.” Dustin Zhou said with a smile.

But these words fell in Kong Hui’s ears, but Dustin Zhou was subdued and confessed.

“Look, I’ll just say he doesn’t dare to touch you. With my grandpa, Dustin Zhou can’t get over any waves in Hunan Province.” Kong Hui said triumphantly.

“I really dare not touch Shao Jiang and Shao Kong. After all, this is a modern society.

, And I am a law-abiding person and will not kill innocent people indiscriminately. However, as long as I don’t kill you and save your lives, other things, no one can stop me.

Dustin Zhou’s tone changed abruptly and became agitated, just like when he had just arrived in the teahouse and saw Kong Hui and Jiang Feng’s tone, “Presumptuous, Dustin Zhou, you dare to talk to me like this, believe it or not…” “Snapped!

“Hearing Dustin Zhou said this, Kong Hui was immediately angry, and pointed at Dustin Zhou angrily, with a sullen expression on his face. However, before he could finish his words, he was interrupted by Dustin Zhou. Dustin Zhou stepped forward and slapped him directly. It slapped on Kong Hui’s face. Suddenly, Kong Hui flew out like this, and fell directly onto a table. The table instantly shattered to the ground. Besides a conspicuous slap print on Kong Hui’s face, his nose even It’s already bleeding. “Noisy!

Dustin Zhou glanced at Kong Hui coldly and said in a cold voice. From beginning to end, Dustin Zhou didn’t pay much attention to Kong Hui. A dude who relied on the Kong family and relied on his grandfather as the martial master. Originally, Dustin Zhou didn’t plan to care about Kong Hui. However, the other party was so chattering and looked down on himself, which made Dustin Zhou feel angry. If so, Dustin Zhou planned to settle the grievances between the two parties with Kong Hui. In the beginning, Kong Hui was introduced by Wang Wei to participate in the opening ceremony of the Liushi branch, but when the two parties met and greeted him, Kong Hui relied on his own appearance and had a certain position in Liushi and acted on Enderia Shen. It was the first. Dustin Zhou tried to teach Kong Hui. Kong Hui held a grudge against him and found Chen Tianhao. He wanted to retaliate against Dustin Zhou, but Dustin Zhou severely taught him a lesson. This is the second. Heliu City branch, and helped Wang Wei many times against Dustin Zhou. This is the third one. Instigated Zhang Hai and almost killed Chen An and Li Chen. This is the fourth one. Speaking insultingly, with an air of arrogance, Without paying attention to Dustin Zhou, he threatened Dustin Zhou to admit his mistakes and apologize, go to Jiang’s house obediently, kneel down and admit his mistakes. This is the fifth. All of these five, any of them, give Dustin Zhou enough reason to act on Kong Hui. Kong Hui received this slap in vain. For anyone, there is no reason to argue for him. “Dustin Zhou, you dare to hit me, I will not let you go, and my grandpa will not let you go. Yes, my Kong family will definitely not let you go.

It took a long time for Kong Hui to react. Dustin Zhou slapped himself in the face. He became angry and screamed frantically. “Chuanzi, let him shut up.”

Dustin Zhou frowned, disgusting people like Kong Hui extremely in his heart. “Good.

Niu Chuan responded.

He strode to Kong Hui and slapped him on the face.

The tremendous force directly knocked Kong Hui into a faint, and the palm print on Kong Hui’s face became more conspicuous, and even the tender skin in the middle of his cheek was a little ulcerated.

Chapter 607

When Jiang Feng saw this scene, his heart trembled.

This Kong Hui really doesn’t know how to praise, no matter how you Kong family or your grandfather will avenge you, how will you deal with Dustin Zhou.

But now, you yourself are in Dustin Zhou’s hands, let him control.

At this time, I didn’t want to save myself, say some good things, and even dared to speak harshly to Dustin Zhou, treating myself as an uncle, it was really looking for death.

“Dustin Zhou, what do you want?” Jiang Feng tremblingly said, at this time, he can only use this method to save himself first.

No matter how he wants to retaliate against Dustin Zhou in the future, he must ensure his own safety.

As for today’s past, Jiang Feng suddenly sneered in his heart.

Thinking of the agreement between himself and the Zhang family, Jiang Feng’s attitude became more humble, as if he was a weak and incompetent, bullying and afraid of hardship.

“Take him, go back with me, wait for Chen An and Li Chen to wake up, and apologize to them face to face.” Dustin Zhou said coldly.

For Chen An and Li Chen, he can only do so much.

Since Kong Hui and Jiang Feng wanted to kill them, they naturally needed to apologize in front of them and admit their mistakes.

But Zhang Hai and Dustin Zhou didn’t care at all.

Such a person would not survive for long in front of Jiang Feng and Kong Hui.

If he is obsessed with understanding, thinking that Kong Hui and Jiang Feng can fulfill their previous promises, then Zhang Hai can now prepare to visit the cemetery.

Otherwise, returning to the East China Sea as soon as possible and acting in a low-key manner is the most urgent thing.

However, Dustin Zhou would not care about these, and naturally would not remind Zhang Hai.

This is his own choice, and all consequences should be borne by him.

“Okay, no problem.” Jiang Feng pondered for a moment, then agreed.

Anyway, it’s just an apologetic confession.

Where there is life, there is hope.

Jiang Feng saw clearly that only in this way can Dustin Zhou’s hostility be eliminated.

However, after that, he can return to Jiang’s house and wait for the plan.

“In an hour, I hope I can see you in the hospital.” Dustin Zhou said coldly, and turned directly downstairs.

He came here for this.

As for the other things related to Wang Wei, presumably, after today, Kong Hui will not be so indifferent, and will help Wang Wei again.

Without Kong Hui’s help, Wang Wei’s few people were just a mob.

Even without Dustin Zhou’s presence, Ye Fang can easily defeat them and let Liushi Beauty in Liushi

The city, in Hunan Province, has no room for survival.

Soon, Dustin Zhou and Niu Chuan left the teahouse and soon disappeared from Jiang Feng’s vision.

But at this moment, Jiang Feng felt that the pressure on his body that had always been there, and then slowly dissipated.

“Zong Fu.” Jiang Feng glanced at the Zong Fu beside him, and stopped talking.

Of the three offerings that appeared this time, Dai Zhuan was beaten to death by Niu Chuan, and has now been sent for treatment.

Elder Gu was also defeated by Niu Chuan, and now he vomited a mouthful of old blood, he was also unconscious.

Only Zongfu hasn’t made any moves, and it is still intact.

“Shao Jiang, this time, we were too reckless and didn’t make a good investigation of the other party’s details. This time, we admit to planting, but this does not mean that the Jiang family will be subdued. Although Elder Gu is not the opponent of the bodyguard, but still There are several elders who are stronger than Elder Gu.” “Even, if the elder makes a move, that bodyguard must not be an opponent. I need to report to the worship institution when I go back. As for some subsequent decisions, I can’t be the master. But I will speak for you, Shao Jiang.” Zong dedicated all his words, and soon left the teahouse with Elder Gu on his back.

In the teahouse, there were only Kong Hui, Jiang Feng, and Zhang Hai who was dumbfounded.

Everything that happened just now was so shocking for Zhang Hai that he still hasn’t reacted to it.

“Zhang Hai, this is what you did well.” Jiang Feng snorted coldly, and Zhang Hai was awakened in his voice with a hint of real anger.

“Ah, Shao Jiang, I…” Zhang Hai wanted to cry without tears. What happened just now was far beyond his expectations, and even a little beyond his cognition.

For such a thing, let alone him, even if there are a hundred people, one or two will probably not be able to think of it.

“You go back first, I have things to do with Shao Kong.” Jiang Feng’s face was full of disdain, he didn’t want to say a word to Zhang Hai, but now, Zhang Hai is getting in the way, making him a little unhappy.

“Ah? Then, Shao Jiang, as I said before, I only need to assassinate Dustin Zhou and…” “Did I say anything? Besides, did you succeed in the assassination? Alright, do I have time to talk nonsense with you here? Right…” Jiang Feng even had murderous intent for a moment, but when he thought that Dustin Zhou might still be nearby, he calmed down, but Zhang Hai didn’t want to look at it again.

However, Dustin Zhou and Niu Chuan left the teahouse all the way. Along the way, they saw many people with bad eyesight, staring at themselves with alert.

“It seems that the Jiang family can become one of the five largest families in Hunan Province. It is not unreasonable. Just these eyes and ears require a lot of financial and manpower to operate and maintain, and ordinary small families can’t afford it.” Dustin Zhou laughed. Talking


From the Jiang family’s point of view, the big family will have adequate security and protection for the family compound.

And the last time he was able to have a dinner party in the Jiang Family Courtyard, I am afraid there are really other reasons.

“Chuanzi, what do you think of the strength of those old men just now?” Dustin Zhou looked at Niu Chuan and asked curiously.

Being overwhelmed by the aura of the elder Gu today made Dustin Zhou a little frustrated, and at the same time a hint of thought was born in his heart.

If you can be like Niu Chuan, then you won’t have to be careful about everything in the future.

“The elder Gu is very strong, and he is infinitely close to the martial master. The sword in his hand, below the general martial master, can’t handle it at all. I am afraid. After five years, he can break through to the realm of the martial master.” Niu Chuan thought After thinking about it, I said seriously.

“It seems that the Jiang family still has some background, maybe there is a martial master.” Dustin Zhou said lightly, suddenly thinking a lot in his heart.

In Hunan Province, a Jiang family has such a heritage.

So what about the Zhou family, one of the four big families far away in the heart of the capital?

Is the background much stronger than the Jiang family, and even the master of the martial artist is not without it, and it is not a minority?

Dustin Zhou didn’t know, he knew that if he asked Asher Chen himself, he would not tell himself.

However, if it is just these, there is no way to scare him.

In the future, I must return to Zhou’s home.

So, if you just fade out and rely on Niu Chuan, it will definitely not work.

Thinking of this, Dustin Zhou’s expression became firm.

“Chuanzi, you said, can I also become a martial master like you?”

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