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Chapter 992

Two billion, especially for families like the Xu family who were not wealthy, were suddenly taken away by Dustin Zhoukeng by two billion. It can be said that it made the originally not wealthy family even worse.

However, Xu Shengsheng still paid happily.

And after getting the two billion, Dustin Zhou didn’t have any ink. “Let’s say, where is your test? I’ll go and take a look.” “Hurry up, I will go to the cosmetics industry exchange meeting in Donghai City tomorrow. Well.” Dustin Zhou said that it was very relaxed, but Xu Shengjing sarcastically said in his heart, still thinking about the meeting tomorrow?

After you go in, your life is gone. What do you take to the meeting!

What a fool!

In Xu Shengsheng’s heart, all the humiliation Dustin Zhou had brought him before disappeared at this moment.

What if you were arrogant before?

Isn’t it dying now?

The final victory belongs to me!

And you are just a second fool!

The other people in the Xu family also think this way.

“Hehe, the emperor of warriors, I thought it was so great, the result was not a stunned green.” “That is, this Dustin Zhou, although he has a practice in practice, he became the emperor of warriors at such a young age, what a pity, This brain doesn’t seem to be easy to use.” “It’s obvious that I can leave, but I will be fooled by us. At first I was a little worried, but now it seems that I simply look at him too highly.” Mocked.

In their eyes, Dustin Zhou was really dead.

But they didn’t know that it was because

Because of Dustin Zhou’s “stupidness”, only then can he truly become the emperor of warriors.

Without the fearless and domineering heart of the emperor, it is impossible to become the emperor of warriors!

What makes Dustin Zhou different from them is not really stupid, but a symbol of power.

Therefore, Dustin Zhou didn’t mind their ridicule. Under the guidance of Xu Shengsheng, they came to Xu’s backyard.

There is an underground secret room in the backyard. This secret room has a history of thousands of years, but as far as the current generation of Xu family is concerned, no one of them has ever entered this secret room.

Because it’s too dangerous!

The Emperor’s Test!

This secret room is the entrance to the test of the emperor!

The Emperor’s Test, after entering, there is absolutely no way out!

Either the test succeeds, or you fall into it!

Only these two options!

Of course, in the eyes of the Xu family, there is no such thing as a test of success. This secret room has become a means for them to torture people.

Are you disobedient? Help throw you into the secret room!

Everyone in the Xu family changed their colors when they talked about the secret room. It can be said that this secret room is synonymous with terror in the Xu family.

So when they heard Dustin Zhou agreed to enter the secret room, everyone thought he was dead.

Dustin Zhou could naturally see the reaction of these people.

But there is no trace of fluctuation in his heart.

Jump directly into the secret room!

“Go in! This guy is finally dead!” The Xu family let out a cheer.

“We won!” “Now, our Xu family can truly dominate the East China Sea, and there is nothing to stop us!” “I will arrest all the people who once supported Dustin Zhou, and then hang them to let them know , Who is the overlord of the East China Sea!” “I heard that Dustin Zhou’s wife is very beautiful, and there are many beautiful women who have supported him, such as Enderia Shen.” “There is even a big star called Su Xiaomeng, Now, these women are all of our Xu family, and we will keep them imprisoned in the Xu family forever! They will be completely reduced to our playthings!” Everyone in the Xu family has begun to fantasize about ruling the East China Sea.

As for Dustin Zhou, he is now secretly marveling.

The Xu family deserves to be a hermit family that has passed on for thousands of years.

Although the people of the Xu family are quite stupid, the things they have passed down can really be called treasures.

In this very simple secret room, Dustin Zhou jumped down from the entrance, and actually fell for two minutes before landing.

What is the concept of free fall for two minutes?

Does this secret room have a depth of tens of thousands of meters?

But actually it’s not like that, because after Dustin Zhou landed, he found that he was out of gravity. It was just the feeling of falling from a height of more than ten meters. The impact of the landing was not at all.


This is a very magical phenomenon.

The emperor of warriors can’t fly. If the entrance to this secret room really has a depth of tens of thousands of meters, then there is no need to think that Dustin Zhou will be thrown to death.

But he has nothing to do, that is to say, all of this is the effect of the secret room.

Even if an ordinary person jumped down, he would not die.

But the effect of this free fall for two minutes was enough to scare an ordinary person to death.

Even if they landed safely, they didn’t have the mind to think about so much. They would only sigh the magic of this secret room, and they would be more awed and afraid!

But Dustin Zhou didn’t, even in the process of free fall, there was no wave in his heart.

Because he is a real existence with the heart of the emperor.

Even if he is facing death, he will not have the slightest fear!

After landing, he found that the space inside was surprisingly bright. Looking around, it was because there were so many night pearls inlaid on the walls.

The place where he is, is just a very small space, walking forward, there is only a narrow passage.

Dustin Zhou didn’t think much, and walked straight along the passage.

The process went smoothly, as if walking in an ordinary, slightly dark corridor.

At the end of the passage is a stone gate.

Dustin Zhou pushed open the stone door and entered a room.

There are still countless night pearls in the room, but the stone gate behind him is actively closed, and it can’t be opened anymore.

Dustin Zhou didn’t try to open the door, but looked at the room.

The room is very simple, except for the countless night pearls around, there is only a stone table and a stone bench in front of him.

Otherwise, there is nothing left in the entire room.

What does it mean?

Dustin Zhou is a little curious, what kind of test is this?

Could this test be boring?

Let you stay in a room with nothing like this for a while?

If this is the case, then Dustin Zhou really considered breaking the law with force, and directly made a channel to leave here.

After all, he will accompany Enderia Shen to a meeting tomorrow.

At this moment, the airflow in the room seemed to undergo some slight changes.

When Dustin Zhou was about to study the source of these changes, in front of him, on the stone bench next to the stone table, suddenly a person’s shadow gradually condensed.

When Dustin Zhou saw the shadow clearly, he became even more interested.

That figure is truly himself!

Chapter 993

There was an interesting look in Dustin Zhou’s eyes.

Because he witnessed a very interesting phenomenon with his own eyes.

A figure, from imaginary to real, finally condensed before his eyes.

And this

The figure is still himself, Dustin Zhou!

This feeling is very strange. When the figure appeared just now, it was like a virtual projection. You can clearly see him, but you can also clearly feel his existence.

But the projection is slowly condensing, and you don’t know when it started, you can suddenly feel his existence, you can feel that he is a living person.

And it was another self who appeared in front of him so real.

Dustin Zhou did not say anything, but looked at himself with interest.

He didn’t speak either. After he changed from a phantom to a real person, the first thing he did was to move his body.

It seems that he is also confirming that he is truly a person.

After the activity, he sat quietly on the stone bench, and then squinted at Dustin Zhou.

“It’s funny.” Dustin Zhou said softly, “What the hell are you?” “Something?” Fake Dustin Zhou gave a meaningful smile, then shook his head, “Are you scolding yourself?” “I.” It doesn’t matter whether it is a good thing or a bad thing, or that I am not a thing, but you have to understand that I am you.” “Whatever you say about me, you are actually talking about yourself in disguise, understand? “Indeed, this guy really looks like Dustin Zhou.

It’s not just about looks.

His habitual movements, speaking style and tone are almost exactly the same as Dustin Zhou.

Dustin Zhou thought it was really amazing.

He was the first to come to this place.

Even if he knew, this place had a very magical and powerful formation.

But no matter how magical and powerful this formation is, if he can replicate a person who is equal in strength to Dustin Zhou, Dustin Zhou can accept it very plainly.

But what’s the matter that even the character has been copied?

You know, a person’s character is a very strange existence.

In the big world, no matter how the technology develops, no matter how powerful the power of airplanes, rockets and cannons is, in fact, to nature, they are all very superficial things.

Human beings are always very conceited that they have successfully conquered nature because they have invented many powerful weapons.

As everyone knows, these weapons are only very powerful for human beings.

These weapons, at best, can only destroy mankind itself.

However, in humans, there is still something that can truly compete with nature.

That is thinking, character.

Why do people think?

How did thinking come about?

From a medical point of view, it seems very simple, nothing more than

It is the composition of brain cells and some of the nervous system.

But here comes the question. Why do these brain cells gather together and there will be a complete thought?

The chemical elements of brain cells can be fully discovered by humans, but it is absolutely impossible to replicate a brain with thoughts.

This is the most magical part of human beings, thinking, he is the most powerful embodiment of human beings as a complex higher creature.

Therefore, if this formation could only replicate Dustin Zhou’s strength, Dustin Zhou would not be surprised.

But this formation was copied along with his character, and Dustin Zhou found this formation a lot more interesting.

How long does it take to understand a person and figure out a person’s character?

It took only a few minutes for me to enter this formation, and there was no character expression at all, but this formation really simulated the existence of a guy exactly like me.

Interesting, it is really interesting.

“Sorry, even if you say that, I just think you are a thing, and, to a large extent, you are definitely not a good thing.” Dustin Zhou said, “Although you did copy a lot of things from me, However, I am me, and you are definitely not the same person.” “Even, I and you are definitely not the same creature.” Dustin Zhou said calmly.

The appearance of fake Dustin Zhou really surprised Dustin Zhou.

However, he still did not put this fake Dustin Zhou in his eyes.

No matter how he appeared, it could only be a rubbish, and he would never allow him to replace him.

Fake Dustin Zhou also smiled disdainfully, then stood up and moved his body, “Do you think so?” “But your idea is really so important?” “To tell you the truth, the meaning of my presence here, Just to replace you.” “I have all your memory and strength, as well as the character and appearance exactly like you. As long as I can beat you now, then the only person who leaves from here is me.” “Believe it or not. , When I leave here, no one in this world will notice that Dustin Zhou has changed a person.” “Including those who love you the most, they will also treat me like you and love me. False Dustin Zhou smiled again, “Of course, you don’t need to be sad, because I will love them just like you.” “Because I am really you, you died here, but you didn’t Disappearing, my thinking and consciousness are exactly the same as yours, and even the pain of your death, I will inherit it along with it.” These words of fake Dustin Zhou made the real Dustin Zhou a little stunned.

Because he found a paradox.


Very interesting topic, which reminded him of a story he had read.

The story is about a business elite who is far away in Tianhai City. Because his wife is about to give birth to a child, he must rush to Tianshui City in the shortest time.

Tianhai city and Tianshui city are separated by more than a thousand kilometers, even if it is by plane, it takes a day.

At this time, he saw an advertisement saying that there was a transmission technology that could allow him to reach Tianshui City within two hours.

The business elites were very anxious and wanted to rush to their wife, so they tried this kind of transmission method.

During the transmission, the staff asked him to take a lot of sleeping pills, but the business elite did not actually take it, but pretended to take it.

So he did not fall asleep at all, but pretended to fall asleep.

In this way, he discovered the truth about the existence of this company. They didn’t really send you over, but copied another you!

Chapter 994

The reason why the transmission company wants this business elite to take a lot of sleeping pills is to destroy him without knowing it.

Destroy his deity in Tianhai City, and then copy another him in Tianshui City, and he in Tianshui City also has all his memories.

To put it bluntly, he in Tianshui City didn’t even know that he was copied.

He simply thought that he was sitting on a teleportation device, and in just two hours, he was teleported from Tianhai City to Tianshui City.

In other words, if the business elite in Tianhai City were really destroyed, he would still be alive.

A person who is exactly like him, even his ideology is exactly the same as him, is living in his place.

Even more frightening is, who is the real and the fake of these two people?

No one knows, even the two of them themselves feel that they are true from the bottom of their hearts.

This is very similar to the situation in front of me!

It’s just too similar!

If he was really defeated by this fake Dustin Zhou today, then he would go out instead of himself, with the same thought and consciousness as himself, and even when he went out, the same would seek revenge from the Xu family.

Although it is said that he was produced by the Xu family’s formation… but no one knows at all, because he is really exactly the same as himself.

Wait, Dustin Zhou suddenly found something wrong.

“This is a test, right. Throughout the ages, this test has existed for more than a thousand years, and there are not few people who come here.” “If it’s all like you said, how can anyone not get out? Dustin Zhou asked, narrowing his eyes.

It’s really suspicious!

This guy kept saying that he just

It was me. No matter which of them died here, the result would not change, because there was always a “Dustin Zhou” who would stand and walk out.

But if this is the case, why didn’t those who came to this test before go out?

In the concept of the Xu family, even the emperor of warriors has never returned this test!

Didn’t those people actually die here?

But according to fake Dustin Zhou, even if the test fails, there should be a person who is exactly the same going out!

“The reason is very simple. This is only the first level of test, and there are two more difficult tests behind.” “If I beat you here, then I will replace you and carry out the next two levels of test.” If I can’t pass the next two tests, then I, that is, you Dustin Zhou, will stay here forever.” Fake Dustin Zhou solved Dustin Zhou’s doubts seriously and responsibly.

This is a very interesting answer.

False Dustin Zhou itself is the product of this formation, but if he defeats himself, then he will replace himself to overcome the next two tests.

Can this formation produce an existence that opposes oneself?

Dustin Zhou couldn’t help but laughed, “The man who came up with this formation is really a genius.” “But even if you say that, I don’t plan to give you my life easily.” “What’s the matter? Just use the trick,” Dustin Zhou said lightly.

Fake Dustin Zhou talked a lot about it, but in fact the core purpose was nothing more than to weaken Dustin Zhou’s fighting spirit.

Here is the test of the emperor, it can be said that it is a test specifically for the emperor of warriors.

The so-called emperor of warriors naturally has the heart of emperor, so Dustin Zhou is not that special.

He was able to dominate the situation in Donghai City, and at this moment all disappeared.

Because the methods used by the other party are all aimed at the emperor of warriors.

Just like that pile of nonsense just now.

Everyone knows that the emperor of warrior has a fearless heart, so if you threaten him and scare him, it will arouse his eagerness to win.

But now, the fake Dustin Zhou just kept instilling Dustin Zhou that the two of them are actually the same person, which will make the warrior emperor’s fearless heart confused.

For example, who am I?

If you really kill this fake self, what is the difference between being killed?

If the emperor of warrior can have such doubts, then this formation is obviously successful.

It’s just that his method didn’t seem to have any impact on Dustin Zhou?

Because Dustin Zhou didn’t think so much at all.

His heart is too firm.


What do you say, I am me!

It’s not easy to come here!

Don’t tell me that you have the same memory, the same personality and appearance as me, it’s not good!

Master is irreplaceable!

Even if you are really the other me, that is only in the eyes of others, in my own eyes, you are a trash, a rubbish, a fake!

Dustin Zhou’s expression was firm and unaffected, the fake Dustin Zhou’s attitude became serious.

“Give up, my strength is exactly the same as yours, and in this environment, my strength is endless, and I will never fall due to fatigue.” “So, you have no chance of winning!” Fake Dustin Zhou Said.

This sounds indeed very troublesome. The opponent’s strength is not weaker than his own, but he will get tired sooner or later, but the other party will never get tired. What are you playing?

Dustin Zhou remembered a Dragon Ball comic he had read when he was a child. There was a

Chapter in it about the story of the robot on the 17th and 18th.

The Tragedy Tower can also be transformed into a Super Saiyan. In fact, in terms of strength, the Tragedy Tower was hoisted on the 18th.

But because of the endless energy on the 18th, it ended in a disastrous defeat.

This is very uncomfortable. You are obviously stronger than the opponent, but if you don’t have the means that can kill you in a single blow, the opponent can consume you sooner or later.

The current situation is even worse, because the opponent’s strength is exactly the same as Dustin Zhou, and Dustin Zhou does not have any advantage!

While talking, the two have already fought several times.

At the same time rush towards the opponent, and then punch at the same time.

Fists and feet collided, the severe pain from the body was so real, the strength, movement and speed of the opponent were exactly the same as his own, Dustin Zhou could not ask for any advantage.

After a few rounds, a very bad situation was revealed.

There were faint pains coming from Dustin Zhou’s hands and feet, and his physical strength was also greatly lost, but the fake Dustin Zhou was still in a primitive state, as if he had never been active.

“I said, you don’t have any chance.” Fake Dustin Zhou looked at Dustin Zhou condescendingly.

Dustin Zhou also laughed, panting and straightening up, his eyes indifferently said, “Even so, you are just an imitation!”

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