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Chapter 1106

In this small world, the rules are very cruel. Every immortal master is a prince of a party, and the emperor of warriors who is the next less powerful has even a tiny bit of status. None. If they want to survive, they must follow a certain fairy master. These fairy masters are very cruel, and they don’t treat the emperor of warriors as human beings. In fact, for a fairy master, it is easy They can open up space, move mountains and fill the sea, and even walk in the air. For them, building a house should be a very simple matter. But in this world, no fairy master himself builds a house, they are just like Like the secular world, get a construction site, and then let the Emperor of Warriors work as a coolie to build the house. No way, the house built like this must be the most comfortable. It is said that there is a house owned by a fairy master with an area of ​​several hundred thousand square meters. , Luxury is not imaginable at all. And these are all moved out brick by brick by the emperor of warriors. Therefore, the emperor of warriors also very much wants to get out of the control of the immortal master. Now the opportunity is here, they see By the time Dustin Zhou had achieved the emperor’s ultimate, the only existence able to fight the immortal master in the realm of the emperor of warriors, they instantly became excited and vowed to follow Dustin Zhou. But for such a scene, Dustin Zhou refused. “Follow others blindly. In fact, it doesn’t make any sense,” Dustin Zhou said, “What if I am a worse bad person compared to this female fairy?

“Only when you become stronger can you dominate your life!”

“After talking to the emperor of warriors, Dustin Zhou directly ignored them. After all, he was not related to these people. These people were not good people, and they tried to kill Dustin Zhou not long ago. Remind them that Dustin Zhou has done his best to benevolent. He turned his gaze to the female fairy. The current female fairy

Being imprisoned by him, unable to move, the two levels were reversed, and the positions of the two were reversed.

“You just said that you like me?” Dustin Zhou asked in a playful tone.

The female fairy shook her head desperately.

She likes Dustin Zhou just now. As a female fairy, she is very competitive. When facing feelings, she must also be on the stronger side to feel more comfortable.

But now Dustin Zhou is the strong one, and she is instantly unhappy.

“I’m not happy, but what can you do? What is the value of what you are saying now?” “When I pleaded, you didn’t intend to be soft!” “You like me, I will satisfy you now !” Dustin Zhou patted the female fairy on the cheek with a smile.

In fact, he didn’t plan to do anything to the female fairy, but he wanted to let the female fairy understand that it is not a good habit to be hard.

Why not consider the feelings of others?

Since you are unwilling to consider the feelings of others, I will ask you to consider it from the perspective of the victim!

Is it comfortable for a strong man?

But the person who was forced was not happy at all!

Seeing the female fairy struggling desperately, Dustin Zhou smiled, “Okay, I am teasing you.” “Master and you are not the same kind of person, I just want you to understand that sometimes, I have to forgive others. Just be forgiving.” “Now I can let you go. After all, I have indeed stepped into the space that you have created, and I do owe you something.” “But considering the things you forced me just now. , Even if we clean up, I don’t owe you anymore. Now, I have a question to ask you.” Dustin Zhou’s most important purpose when he came to the small world is to investigate which immortal master took the shot against Enderia Shen.

He is not interested in things like molesting female fairies.

“How many fairy masters are there in this small world?” Dustin Zhou asked.

“I don’t know, who knows this kind of problem, this small world is full of immortal masters, there are too many to count, who knows how many there are!” The female fairy said stubbornly.

It seemed to indicate that she was not afraid of Dustin Zhou, but just answered a question casually.

But Dustin Zhou didn’t care about her attitude either. Girls, a little bit competitive.

It doesn’t matter if you leave her with some dignity, as long as you can get the answer you want, “It seems that there are indeed many immortals, that’s really a bit troublesome.” “Then you immortals, can you enter any of them? The lower realm, interfere with the lower realm?” There are so many immortal masters, Dustin Zhou definitely can’t investigate them one by one.

So his only way is to come up with a condition, to screen all these immortal masters, and to narrow the target range.

Only in this way

, It is possible for him to find the immortal master who has acted on Enderia Shen.

“No, the reason why our immortal master wants to enter the small world is that the power of the immortal master is too strong and has touched the peak of metaphysical civilization.” “If there are too many immortal masters in the secular world, it will trigger the big The rule of destruction of nature, the end of a civilization is bound to be destroyed. This cannot be changed.” “Therefore there is an iron rule in the fairy master, that is, all the fairy masters cannot interfere with the lower realm.” “If there is any. In special circumstances, you must report to the King of the Immortal Master. Only after getting approval can you interfere with the lower realm.” The fairy master replied.

And her answer also proved Dustin Zhou’s previous speculation.

The end of civilization is destruction, and the development of metaphysics has reached a certain end, so these immortals have opened up a small world to hide their civilization.

This has also led to the belief that metaphysics has never existed in the following secular world.

However, I also feel incomprehensible to some things left over from metaphysics.

It is clear that a civilization that is so backward is nothing, why does it leave something terrifyingly advanced?

That’s because the development of metaphysics has already surpassed science.

It’s just that these people who have mastered metaphysics have destroyed all their achievements and hide them.

It’s just that Dustin Zhou didn’t expect that such a thing as an immortal master actually had a king of immortal masters.

“Where is the king of the fairy master?” Dustin Zhou asked directly.

It is a good thing for him to have the king of the immortal master. To some extent, it saves a lot of processes.

As long as he asks the king of the immortal master, he can quickly find out which immortal master has interfered with the lower realm, and it is easy to find which immortal master is the master of Enderia Shen.

“What are you asking this for?” Facing Dustin Zhou’s question, the female fairy gave him a big ridicule, “It’s so ridiculous, aren’t you going to find the king of the fairy?”

Chapter 1107

“Haha, don’t you really think of yourself as a person? No, no?” The female fairy laughed in a mocking tone, “Little brother, you are really naive, and feel like breaking through I have reached a state and achieved the ultimate of the emperor, dare you really dare to challenge the king of the emperor?” “What is the emperor of the emperor? After all, it is just the emperor of the warrior, and the king of the emperor is a fairy. The king of the teacher!” “I really thought that if you could defeat me, you could challenge the king of the fairy teacher, right? Naive!” Dustin Zhou was speechless.

No, when did Master say he was going to challenge the king of the fairy master?

He was just asking questions!

If you have to

Fighting, there is no way, but Dustin Zhou has not shown a very arrogant side from beginning to end, nor has he screamed to challenge the emperor of warriors?

What is this fairy girl proud of?

Besides, even if Master said he was going to challenge the emperor of warriors, what could he do?

To put it bluntly, no matter how weak I am, isn’t it better than you?

Even if you are to be laughed at, it seems that you are not your turn to laugh at, right?

I don’t understand what the female fairy’s brain circuit is.

But Dustin Zhou didn’t want to talk to her, “Just tell me where the fairy master king is.” Dustin Zhou said impatiently.

“Are you sure you want to go?” The female fairy stared at Dustin Zhou’s eyes and asked.

“I’m sure.” Dustin Zhou replied.

“Well, I’ll take you there! You loosen my imprisonment!” The female fairy struggled.

Dustin Zhou frowned slightly. In fact, he didn’t say that the female fairy would lead the way personally, just tell him the direction.

But he still freed the female fairy.

“There is no need to work so hard for you, you tell me the direction, I can go by myself.” Dustin Zhou was kind of embarrassed, and found it too troublesome for others.

“Haha, don’t worry, do you think I was kind to take you?” The female fairy got up from the ground and said while moving her body, “I am not so kind. It’s because I want to see you being beaten by the king of fairy masters.” “At the same time, it’s impossible to give directions. The small world is a space opened up by countless fairy masters. The connection point between them is not stable and may change at any time.” “If you want to find the king of immortal masters, you can only sense with the imprint left by the king of immortal masters to us immortal masters.” In other words, No one knows exactly where the king of the fairy master is, because the space of this small world is unstable and will change at any time.

But every fairy master can find the king of the fairy master, the king of the fairy master, leaving a mark on them, and both parties can sense the position of the other through the mark.

In that case, Dustin Zhou didn’t have to refuse, “Thank you.” “Cut, hypocritical,” the female fairy curled her lips in disdain, “I have said it all, I don’t need to thank you, my mother is not a good person, no What kind of intention?” Dustin Zhou smiled silently, only then did he realize that this female fairy was a bit interesting.

Maybe she is not a bad person, just a little willful.

As for why the emperor of warriors should work for her, this kind of thing is easy to understand, because in this small world, everyone does this!

She is a wayward girl and

There is nothing bad, but not a good person, just follow the rules set by others.

Dustin Zhou nodded, “Then I won’t say thank you very much.” “Lead the way.” The female fairy glanced at him, then glanced at Mira Xie again, “Then you have to keep up.” Before falling, she turned into a white afterimage and flew to the sky.

Walk in the air!

Worthy of being a fairy master!

Beyond the mortal body, the true Qi in the body can already control the rules of nature.

The reason why immortal masters are called immortal masters is because they can no longer be regarded as mortals in a certain sense.

For example, Dustin Zhou is the emperor of warriors and the pinnacle of warriors.

But how strong he is, it only strengthens his own strength, the true qi in his body is more vigorous, but he still has to abide by the rules of nature.

The immortal masters have comprehended the rules of nature. The true energy in their bodies can blend into the rules of nature, and at the same time, they can control the rules of nature.

So they can open up space and walk through the air. Only those who master the rules of nature can do these things.

And the emperor of warrior, even if you are strong, it is impossible to do such a thing.

However, there are exceptions to everything.

Although Dustin Zhou is the emperor of the emperor, he still belongs to the ranks of the emperor of warriors and cannot be regarded as a fairy master.

Therefore, he did not master the rules of nature, and logically speaking, he would not be able to open up space and walk through the air.

The female fairy teacher in the sky stood with her hand in her hand and looked at Dustin Zhou with contemptuous eyes and said, “How is it? Little brother, can you keep up with my speed?” One for flying and one for running. May keep up with her speed.

Although the female fairy was not Dustin Zhou’s opponent in the fight, this did not hinder her. At this time, she laughed at Dustin Zhou.

Dustin Zhou raised his head and glanced at her, with a smile across his mouth.

“Don’t worry, no matter how fast you are, I will be able to keep up.” As Dustin Zhou said, Mira Xie, who was kicked aside, ran forward quickly.

The speed is getting faster and faster… Finally it really flies!

This Nima looks silly.

Is there such an operation?

And the female fairy walking in the sky, after flying a distance, turned her head sharply, and the beautiful apple muscles on her face twitched.

Running and flying?

What’s this?

That’s right, Dustin Zhou does not know how to fly, because he did not comprehend the rules of nature, and the true qi in his body cannot blend into the rules of nature.

But he reached the emperor’s extreme, and the true energy in his body was as magnificent as the ocean!

What if you can’t fly?

As long as I run fast enough!

You can run on the air!

If the speed is faster, won’t it fly?

It’s simple!

Open up space?

Move mountains and reclaim the sea?

Dustin Zhou doesn’t know all these things.

But he can tear space!

Break the space with great strength, and then twist out a brand new space!

It is even simpler to move mountains and fill the sea. He doesn’t understand the rules of nature, but he can use brute force to move mountains and fill the sea!

The old saying is good, I don’t care how much bells and whistles you know, I will break through all the magic!

I am a mortal and I don’t understand your rules, but these don’t matter. As long as I am strong enough, then I will make the rules!

Chapter 1108

Dustin Zhou walked in the air, following the female fairy who was flying in the air.

The muscles on the female fairy’s face twitched stiffly, and she continued to lead the way.

What else can I say?

She didn’t want to show her shocked side!

What she wanted to show was to make her arrogant and convince her to defeat Dustin Zhou, which was absolutely impossible.

“Hmph, even if you can walk in the air?” “After seeing the king of the fairy master, there will be a time when you regret it!” The fairy master thought silently, speeding up the flight.

To say it, the area of ​​this small world is indeed a bit too vast.

Dustin Zhou walked in the air and followed behind the fairy master. The two of them flew for two days and two nights before they arrived at the position known as the fairy master palace.

Looking down from the sky, this fairy master palace is indeed domineering, with an area of ​​tens of thousands of square meters, roughly the size of four or five football fields.

Tall buildings stand inside, and servants coming and going are doing all kinds of chores.

Dustin Zhou was secretly alarmed in his heart that so many people are busy, the purpose is to improve one’s quality of life.

If this person has no strength, it is really just a tool!

After the female fairy came here, her expression instantly became serious, and she lost her arrogance when facing Dustin Zhou.

She didn’t even dare to continue flying in the sky, and when she was still one or two kilometers away from the Immortal Master’s Palace, she began to land on the ground.

“Interesting, it turns out that there are people you are afraid of in this small world?” Dustin Zhou looked at the female fairy with interest.

In Dustin Zhou’s impression, the female fairy is definitely a very willful woman, and that little temper can be said to be the sixth thief.

Even if you put her on the ground and sling her, she won’t say a word of persuasiveness to you.

But now, this woman actually showed a serious attitude?

And this, he just came to the gate of the palace, before seeing the real king of immortal masters, he was already scared like this.

If you see the real king of the fairy master, this woman can’t just kneel down?

Dustin Zhou was a little curious.

“Shut up for me!” Facing Dustin Zhou’s ridicule, the female fairy slammed back.

“Listen, little guy, it doesn’t matter how you die, but don’t take me!” “You don’t understand the horror of the king of the fairy master, so you dare to be so arrogant.” “But you are arrogant and arrogant. , Anyway, I also came to see your jokes, but you are not allowed to say anything ill of me to the king of the fairy master, the two of us have nothing to do with each other!” The fairy girl actually wanted to tell Dustin Zhou first relationship!

It seems that I am really afraid of the king of the fairy master to a certain extent!

Dustin Zhou also became more and more curious about the king of the fairy master.

What kind of person is it?

“Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you,” Dustin Zhou said, shaking his head, “We didn’t have any relationship at all.” The two stepped into the gate of the Immortal Master’s Palace.

The door was not closed, and there was no guard at the door.

As for the people who worked inside, they seemed to have never seen the arrival of Dustin Zhou and the female fairy. They continued to change and did what they did, like numb corpses.

“Hey, isn’t there even a leader here?” Dustin Zhou scratched his head and said.

“I said, can you shut up!” The female fairy murmured, but she explained in detail, “Fairy Master Palace, no one dares to trespass!” “So there is no need for guards or Those who lead the way, those who want to find the king of the immortal master, can take the initiative to find the position of the king of the immortal master only by relying on the impression of the imprint!” “That’s it,” Dustin Zhou nodded, “Then where is this guy? Where’s the room?” “Please give me respect!” The female fairy was a little anxious, “Shut up and just follow me honestly!” This palace is indeed big enough, and they bypassed one courtyard after another. , Passing through hall after hall, finally came to a fairly modern courtyard.

Each courtyard hall here has a unique style, and the courtyard they are now in is like a luxurious manor house in the secular world below.

The decoration style and facilities inside are all very modern. Dustin Zhou even saw a treadmill next to the swimming pool. On the lawn next to it, the tools used by the workers are also lawn mowers.

“Good fellow, the king of the immortal teacher keeps pace with the times.” Dustin Zhou said.

“The small world does not lack any technology in the secular world. After all, we have a lot of people who can go to the lower realm to do things every year.” After arriving here, the female fairy became more cautious. “Well, the king of the fairy is here. It’s in that room. If you have any questions, just say it all in one go!” “I’m fine.” Dustin Zhou took Mira Xie, and the female fairy to move on, pushing away the fan without anyone. Handle of pure gold

The door, entered a rather luxurious hall.

The hall is very luxurious, but it seems a little too deserted…After all, there is only one person in such a big place, it is strange that it is not deserted.

After entering the hall, Dustin Zhou also saw the so-called King of the Immortal Master for the first time.

This guy is indeed a bit of a kingly spirit… In fact, Dustin Zhou thinks he is more like a second-degree illness.

In this huge luxurious hall, there is a row of golden sofas in the middle of the hall, and the position opposite the sofas is a bet against a tall white wall.

On the sofa, sat a young man, who looked even younger than Dustin Zhou.

The young man had a cold expression on his face, and looked full of aura, unsmiling.

But in his hand… he was holding a game console handle.

At this time, the young man is staring at the white wall in front of him attentively, because there is a projection screen on the white wall, and the content of the projection is the very popular chicken-eating game.

This magnificent king of the fairy master is actually playing a chicken game, and the key is actually a mobile game!

Brother, a genuine mobile game only costs 98 yuan, are you playing mobile games?

But this guy is obviously not playing mobile games because of lack of money, because the equipment he used to play mobile games is much more expensive than a mobile game.

The sophisticated projector connection connects an expensive mobile phone via wireless technology.

Another game console is connected to the phone. This guy plays a mobile game, and the screen is more than ten times bigger than the computer.

“Brother, you are cheating!” Dustin Zhou couldn’t help but said.

When playing mobile games, you connect peripherals and put the screen so large. This is not what cheating is!

But the young man ignored Dustin Zhou, just looked back at him coldly.

But with this look, when he turned around, he was killed by a Voldemort.

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