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Chapter 1109

The king of the fairy teacher is the supreme of this small world.

In this small world, the omnipotent warrior emperor of the secular world can only move bricks on the construction site or do some chores.

Only an immortal master can be regarded as the overlord of one party, open up space, and have dozens of working warriors under his hand.

The king of the fairy master is the real ruler of this world. In the entire small world, as long as he mentions his name, it means terror, hegemony, and majesty.

That is truly supreme being.

Even for those immortal masters of the overlord level, the king of immortal masters is also a frightening existence.

So when the female fairy came to see the king of the fairy teacher, her face would be so terrifying.

But now, the female fairy felt that her three views had been shattered.

What did he see?

The king of the fairy teacher and Dustin Zhou are sitting on the sofa

Playing games.

The most important thing is that Dustin Zhou also yelled at him from time to time and disliked him.

In fact, Dustin Zhou was also a rookie, but he was better than the king of the fairy master.

The ultimate emperor, able to use a mortal body against the existence of the immortal master, the king of the immortal master, is also the supreme existence in the immortal master, but now there is such a violation, the female fairy does not know how to describe it. Own mood.

This is what happened. After Dustin Zhou and the fairy master came to the hall, they saw the king of the fairy master playing games there.

The female fairy naturally didn’t dare to bother loudly, but Dustin Zhou couldn’t help but say cheating.

With this sentence, the king of the fairy master was directly killed by Voldemort.

Seeing this scene, the female fairy did not dare to frighten her.

The King of the Immortal Master also stared at the scene of his death for a full minute, then slowly turned his head, with supreme majesty in his tone, and looked at Dustin Zhou.

“Dead,” said the king of the fairy master.

Dustin Zhou scratched his head, “Well, I also saw it. It is indeed dead, and it is quite good.” It is true that he killed the king of the fairy master. There is nothing to say about this, and Dustin Zhou is somewhat guilty.

But he still defended himself, “But you did cheat, right?” The fairy king blinked.

He didn’t seem to realize why Dustin Zhou dared to talk to him like this.

For many years, no one dared to speak to him in this tone.

The female fairy on one side secretly laughed, thinking Dustin Zhou was dead this time.

The King of the Fairy Master said again, “My game was lost because of you.” He wanted to emphasize that this game was lost because of Dustin Zhou.

Dustin Zhou realized what a crime he had committed.

Under normal circumstances, as long as he said this, the other party should kneel down immediately.

But Dustin Zhou did not.

Dustin Zhou scratched his head again, and then tentatively said, “What should I do? Or I will pay you?” “I will pay you?” “You will lose a game?” Now.” Dustin Zhou said.

In his opinion, this is not the case!

Although it is true that the King of the Fairy Master does cheat by using peripherals, in fact the game official also supports the use of peripherals, but peripheral players also match peripheral players.

In fact, how can there be 100% fairness in games in this world?

The fluency of the equipment, the game environment the player is in, in short, no matter how fair the mechanics of a game are, it cannot be absolutely fair to the player.

Because the state of each player is different.

Therefore, there is something wrong with the use of peripherals

Place, but it has little to do with Dustin Zhou.

But this time the failure of the King of the Immortal Master was directly related to Dustin Zhou.

So Dustin Zhou can recognize his mistakes.

As for compensation, if I take you to win, it will end!

Hearing this, the king of the fairy master blinked, and after thinking for a moment, he actually won the battle.

So there was the scene of the collapse of the female fairy.

In the game, the two got on the plane, and according to Dustin Zhou’s instructions, the two jumped directly to the most competitive airport.

At the airport, on the top of the C4 floor, the luck of the two people was pretty good, and they picked up two rifles when they landed. This is considered to have the capital of self-insurance.

The first moment the king of the fairy master got the money, he glanced around on the roof. With his character, the game should be like this.

What should I do if I get the gun?


But Dustin Zhou turned directly to the first floor, jumped in through the window and hid.

The King of the Immortal Master instantly found two people, but after he shot and killed one, he also became a candid!

At this time, Dustin Zhou scolded him for the first time.

“Aren’t you stupid! You dare to shoot from the roof, all the people on the three roofs can see you, and there are also people on the viaduct on one side, so please jump down for the master!” Speaking to the king of fairy masters in her tone, it was the first time she saw the fairy master since she came to the small world.

And the king of the fairy master also stiffened his face.

But he still obeyed Dustin Zhou’s order and jumped from the top of the building.

At this time, Dustin Zhou had already picked up a first aid kit and threw it to him to add blood.

“You are really useless. You have just landed and you almost became a box. Then you must follow behind me and obey the orders!” Dustin Zhou said again.

The face of the King of the Immortal Master stiffened again, but he still didn’t refute anything, but he didn’t give Dustin Zhou a specific reply, just silently following Dustin Zhou.

It’s a tacit understanding of Dustin Zhou’s order.

The two searched room by room, and suddenly there was the sound of footsteps nearby.

In fact, Dustin Zhou and the King of the Immortal Master had very good marksmanship, after all, their reaction far exceeded that of ordinary people.

It’s just that they know too little about the game and don’t play the reason very much, so they know very little about the game’s mechanics.

For example, it is impossible for these two to distinguish the position by listening.

They could only hear the sound, but the sound did not come from reality, it was only from the speakers next to it. Who knows where the enemy is!

Although the small map in the upper right corner of this mobile game will show the enemy’s footsteps, the shallowness of the footsteps still changes the position immediately, making them unable to distinguish the enemy’s location at all.

“I look at the front and you look at the back!

“Dustin Zhou said decisively. Their marksmanship is very good, and they react quickly, so it doesn’t matter if they can’t tell where the enemy is. As long as the two move one after the other in the corridor, the enemy will appear from any angle. I was knocked down by them. Relying on this tactic, the two of them walked out of the airport, and Dustin Zhou became even more exaggerated.

Chapter 1110

When searching the C4 floor, the two successfully killed The two teams, because the enemy can only attack from the corridor, but they are basically not afraid of their marksmanship. But when they want to leave this building, they will have new troubles when they are exposed to the open space outside. There may be 20 or 30 people jumping in a game here at the airport. Now no one knows how many people are still alive in the airport, and how many people are watching silently in a corner that is not normally observed. At this time, it is exposed to the wilderness. Of course, it’s very dangerous. The best way is to stay out of the circle, and when other people start to run drugs, they will follow behind these people who run drugs. But this style does not fit the personality of two people, so two People still decided to run out of the building. Dustin Zhouxiang came up with a solution. There were vehicles next to the C4 building, and in these open spaces before leaving the C4 building, there was actually no absolute open space, more or less there were some shelters. “Did you see the low wall in front?

You run over, I am here to shoot you!

“Dustin Zhou said. Dustin Zhou was watching the figure of the King of the Fairy Master upstairs, and the King of the Fairy Master was immediately attacked when he jumped down from the stairs. For the King of the Fairy Master himself, it is difficult for him to take a short time It was discovered where the enemy came from. But fortunately there was Dustin Zhou. Dustin Zhou clearly saw the line of the bullet flying over, and immediately judged that the enemy was on the viaduct. Dustin Zhou knocked down the enemy, and the king of the fairy division ran behind the bunker. , Tonic. Then the king of the fairy master fired his gun, Dustin Zhou jumped out and ran to the next bunker. With this method, the two ran to the car and drove up the hillside. From the hillside, you can overlook the entire airport. At this time , They basically became the masters of the airport. Killed the enemy almost, and then picked up the equipment in the box, and the two walked out of the airport safely. At this time, their equipment reached its peak again. No matter what weapon the opponent is, it is impossible to kill us with a single shot.

“Dustin Zhou said, “I’ll drive, and you are going to set up a gun.”

“The first step to leave the airport is to cross the bridge. Unsurprisingly, someone blocked the bridge. But this kind of problem is not big. Dustin Zhou just drove around. As long as he kept turning irregularly, it would be difficult for the opponent to kill them at once. . And this point

Time was enough for the king of the fairy master to kill them.

But after killing this team, what Dustin Zhou and the King of the Immortal Master did not expect was that there were still two people on the top of the bridge!

When Dustin Zhou and the King of the Immortal Master jumped out of the car to lick their bags, gunshots rang.

In just an instant, there was no time for people to react, and the two died directly, and the game was over.

Dustin Zhou was directly angry, “Are you a trash! Didn’t you make you take care of the enemy with a gun? Don’t you know that you can also look up?” Dustin Zhou asked angrily.

The equipment is so good, all the guns are fully equipped, and he was killed in this way, Dustin Zhou was also very unhappy!

Of course, the king of the fairy master is the same.

The veins on his forehead were violent, but he was too lazy. He was already restraining it.

“I said, you said you want to take me to win a game.” “You owe me, but you failed to win me. Are you also responsible?” The king of the fairy master couldn’t help it. Counterattack.

Since playing this game, Dustin Zhou has already scolded him bloody, and now, he finally couldn’t help it.

Dustin Zhou thought about it.

It is true that I have to take others to win, and now that this game is lost, I can’t blame my teammates.

“All right, let’s come again!” Dustin Zhou said.

To tell the truth, this game is very difficult, because the game environment is too cruel. A hundred people landed on a map at the same time, all enemies between each other.

Danger is everywhere, and you have no idea where your enemy will appear.

Or when you were fighting here, another group of people came behind to attack you. This kind of thing is very possible.

Of a hundred people, only one person can survive. In fact, no matter how strong people are in this game, there is a high probability that events can win the game.

Like the kind of people who can win almost every set, almost all rely on plug-ins.

Does it feel amazing?

When I play this game myself, there are many ways to die, and enemies will always appear from all kinds of strange places.

But watching the kind of anchors who have been winning play this game, they seem to be able to control the entire game, they will always be the first to spot the enemy, and they will always know where the enemy is.

Even when he was walking down the main road, someone shot him and couldn’t hear the rush, he could directly reflect where the enemy fired.

What is it not to open?

With strength alone, Dustin Zhou played six games with the King of the Immortal Master, and finally won the championship.

The luck of this one is too good. It has always been a selection circle. Basically, they don’t have to run much, as long as they occupy the most favorable terrain to observe the arrival of others.

But in this game, Dustin Zhou and the others also encountered a plug-in.

The behavior of the two people can be said to be very careful, lying in the grass all the way.

Within 300 meters of their radius, there is no enemy that can approach.

At this moment, they saw a car approaching.

There is absolutely no problem with the marksmanship of these two people. The two negotiated, one has one wheel, and the other’s wheel is blown first!

But as soon as they shot, the other party found them.

However, the other party should be an anchor, even if it is opened, it is not too much. Without lock and self-pointing, there should be only perspective.

Their car drove at a very high speed and did not kill Dustin Zhou and the King of the Immortal Master in the first place.

The two Dustin Zhou who suffered a counterattack also changed their combat plan in an instant. They stopped taxiing and hit people first!

In this way, they barely won the game.

After winning the game, the King of the Fairy Master and Dustin Zhou were also very happy, but this happiness only lasted for a few tens of seconds. Dustin Zhou said directly, “Then, now we are even, I don’t owe it. It’s yours.” The King of the Fairy Master paused, aside the game console handle in his hand, his face returned to indifference.

“Forget it, I don’t care about you losing my handful of games.” “But you can’t get away with this thing you offended me.” “I, offend you?” Dustin Zhou was stupid. , “Brother, you play a rogue, when did I offend you?” “You are offending me now, and I am not your brother.” said the king of the fairy master.

Chapter 1111

“Who allowed you to talk to me in this tone?” The king of the fairy master squinted his eyes, and a dangerous light jumped in his eyes. “What do you think you are, and you dare to talk to me in this tone?” Also, what did you come to me for? I didn’t feel my mark from you, you are not my people.” At this point, the fairy king looked at the female fairy again,” You are branded on your body, and you are my people.” “Who is this guy? Did you bring him here?” The female fairy was startled and wondered how could this matter be caused to the old lady?

She hurriedly lowered her head to admit her mistake, “My king, this man was originally a warrior emperor under his subordinate, but later he broke through to the emperor’s extreme, and his subordinate is not his opponent, so he was brought over and let by my king! “Leave it to my king, there is too much information in these words.

In short, Dustin Zhou meant not to have a better life.

Dustin Zhou secretly scolded the female fairy for having a black belly, but he didn’t pay too much attention to it. Instead, he proactively said, “Yes, I am not yours.

Zimin, I came to you this time, mainly because I wanted to ask you a little bit.

Dustin Zhou said in a tone that he thought was very kind. But this tone was heard in the ears of the fairy master king, where is this thing kind! This is not kind at all, OK! “You are not my subject?

“Then who allowed you to break in?”

Why should I answer your question?

“The king of the fairy master frowned and said. “Uh…Well, you think I’m here.

“Dustin Zhou didn’t know what to say. From beginning to end, he regarded the king of the immortal master as a fairly normal person. Because the king of the immortal master did not seem to be very old, even younger than himself, So when Dustin Zhou looked at him, he couldn’t help but think of him as his own little brother. So Dustin Zhou played games with him and talked to him in an equal tone. In fact, this is because he has never understood much. The king of the immortal teacher. After the game, the king of the immortal teacher gradually exposed his cruel nature. “Shut your mouth, I will give you ten seconds to leave my territory, otherwise, die !

“The king of the fairy master said. I don’t know if it was because he had never seen a person like Dustin Zhou who dared to speak to him in this tone, and he did not directly execute Dustin Zhou. The female fairy was surprised at this point. But Dustin Zhou is not yet. Understand what happened, “Brother, there is no need to be so unfeeling. Anyway, we also played a few games together, we are teammates.

“You have three seconds left.

“The King of the Immortal Master said. Dustin Zhou wanted to say something more. At this moment, behind the King of the Immortal Master, a servant came. “My king.

“The servant said two words. He also said these two words, because before he had time to say anything else, a touch of impatience flashed across the face of the king of the immortal master, and he grabbed a wine glass on the coffee table and fiercely The ground smashed backwards. The wine glass was wrapped in the power of the immortal master and directly hit the servant’s head. The wine glass instantly bloomed into a gorgeous flower, and fell to the ground with the blood flowing from the servant’s head. Naturally, the servant didn’t need to say anything. He couldn’t say the next thing anymore. Seeing this scene, Dustin Zhou’s face changed slightly. This guy was a bit cruel. Only then did Dustin Zhou realize that the guy in front of him was nothing at all. Normal people may have some mental illnesses. At this time, the king of the immortal teacher also set his sights on Dustin Zhou again. “Do you have anything else to say?

The time has come.

Dustin Zhou understood, this guy is not joking anymore. He moved his shoulders, a sneer crossed the corner of his mouth, and slowly got up from the sofa. “Of course, I have one more thing to say.

“You asked me before, I came to you

Why are you here?

“I withdrew my answer. I didn’t come to ask you some questions, but to teach you a bastard.

“Dustin Zhou said with a sneer. “Does it seem that you have achieved the consciousness of death?”

I don’t like playing games with people.

“After finishing speaking, the king of the fairy master repeated the old tricks, grabbed a wine glass from the coffee table again, and smashed it towards Dustin Zhou. There were not many people who said cruelly. It is estimated that this is the original face of this guy. I told Dustin Zhou. Those words should be the ones he has said the most. Of course, it is impossible for him to solve Dustin Zhou with this hand. The true energy in Dustin Zhou burst out, directly blasting the wine glass into the air. But the King of the Master has never Stopped, the moment he took the wine glass and smashed it at Dustin Zhou, he stood up and kicked towards Dustin Zhou fiercely. Dustin Zhou’s infuriating energy erupted for too short a time. Although he resisted the wine glass, he could not hold it. The foot of the King of the Immortal Master. This kick hit Dustin Zhou in the stomach, and a huge force came, and Dustin Zhou spouted a mouthful of blood and flew back. It was really interesting. The young man he was facing, turned out to be It has always been a violent bomb. The opponent shot was eager and fierce, with a violent breath in his breath. From this moment, Dustin Zhoucong realized the true seriousness of the matter. Although he was prepared to fight long ago, But he didn’t expect the opponent to have such a fighting style. He didn’t dare to neglect, and all the true energy poured out. The majestic true energy covered the entire manor, the domain of the emperor! After Dustin Zhou reached the emperor’s extreme, he The emperor’s domain is more comfortable to use, and at the same time, the covered domain is also larger. I feel that my whole body is full of Dustin Zhou’s true energy, this true energy is pure and domineering, covering the entire space, the fairy master’s A wicked smile appeared on the king’s face. “Interestingly, there are even opponents like you in this small world.

“I can’t wait to kill you.”

He licked his lips, and a bloodthirsty light flashed in his eyes. It seems that this guy really regards fighting bloodthirsty as a hobby. Such people are the most tricky, and Dustin Zhou’s heart becomes vigilant. “I hope you Can accompany me to have fun and let me use all my strength.

“The king of the immortal master said, he suddenly raised a roar to the sky. He seemed to be very painful. From this roar, China could feel his heart-piercing feeling. But Dustin Zhou didn’t have time to be curious, because he has what he has now. Only heart is shocked. This true energy is too huge! It seems that the true energy between heaven and earth has been affected by him, and it has become violent. That’s because Dustin Zhou’s imperial realm is suppressing here. Written

the reason.

It is conceivable that without Dustin Zhou’s imperial domain suppression, this immortal master king would just release his true energy, fearing that it would cause a sudden change in the world.

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