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Chapter 764

“Hehe, this is a trouble. Although Xu You was taken down by you, the Xu family is a hidden family after all. The number of martial masters in the family is definitely not a small number. If the Xu family is true, it will be my help. You are also powerless to resist.” Tiger Lord also gave a wry smile.

Hu Ye had some empathy for Dustin Zhou’s experience. After all, what happened back then, Hu Ye will still tremble in his heart.

The Hidden Family, that is definitely energy that most people would not dare to imagine. Even the first-class family, in front of the Hidden Family, they are like flowers in the mirror, and they are instantly broken with a light touch.

“But I can’t just be so discouraged. I also know what the Xu family is asking me for. During the time when the Xu family finds something wrong and sends people back, I will try to find a way.” Dustin Zhou Said with a smile, and then looked at Lord Tiger.

“However, if I need Master Tiger’s help at that time, I hope that Master Tiger can provide a little help, even if it helps some momentum.” “Haha, don’t worry, Dustin Zhou, your business is mine.” When the time comes, I will definitely not stand by. During this time, you should try your best to prepare. I will try my best to help you keep an eye on anything in the East China Sea. If there is a change, I will let A Pao notify you. “Hu Ye laughed heartily.

… Farewell to Lord Tiger, Dustin Zhou and Niu Chuan left the Brilliant Hotel together.

As for Xu You’s more than a dozen people, Dustin Zhou asked Lord Tiger to send someone to take care of them a bit, so as not to starve them to death.

When Dustin Zhou returned to Lvjingwan City, it was already late.

Zhou Mu and Su Xiaomeng had a busy afternoon together, preparing a sumptuous dinner.

When Dustin Zhou returned home, dinner was just half ready.

“Brother Dustin Zhou, you are back, oh, brother Dustin Zhou, what’s wrong with you, you are injured!” Hearing the movement, Su Xiaomeng, who knew that Dustin Zhou had returned, was the first to trot to greet Dustin Zhou.

However, when Su Xiaomeng stood in front of Dustin Zhou and saw the bruises on Dustin Zhou’s body, she was stunned.

Immediately afterwards, Su Xiaomeng’s eye sockets instantly turned red, no matter what, she threw herself directly into Dustin Zhou’s arms, held Dustin Zhou, and looked at the scars on Dustin Zhou’s arm, and immediately burst into tears, looking very sad.

And Zhou’s mother in the kitchen hurried over when she heard Su Xiaomeng’s exclamation.

Seeing the scars on Dustin Zhou’s body, Zhou’s mother’s eyes were also red. Although she hadn’t cried yet, her tears had already circulated in her eyes.

“Dustin Zhou, what’s the matter with you? Are you fighting with someone? What’s wrong with you, does it hurt?” Zhou Mu quickly pulled Dustin Zhou onto the sofa and sat down, carefully watching Zhou.

Yang looked up.

Soon, Zhou Mu and Su Xiaomeng saw the scars everywhere on Dustin Zhou’s body.

Except for the arms, there are a lot of them on the chest, back, and even the legs.

It seemed as if Dustin Zhou had just experienced a fierce battle.

In an instant, the two daughters couldn’t help crying and started crying.

One big and one small, one held Dustin Zhou’s hand, and the other threw in Dustin Zhou’s arms. I didn’t know, but thought Dustin Zhou was belching.

“Mom, Xiaomeng, I’m okay, it’s just a little skin trauma. As for the sadness like this?” Dustin Zhou rolled his eyes helplessly.

After a hundred secrets, Dustin Zhou still didn’t expect that the scars on his body would cause them such a big reaction when they went home and seen by Zhou Mu and Su Xiaomeng.

“Dustin Zhou,

What are you doing outside? Mom doesn’t care, but you can’t be more careful and get so many scars on your body…” Zhou Mu looked at Dustin Zhou’s scars and couldn’t help crying, even if Dustin Zhou explained repeatedly, Zhou Mu Still a little uncontrollable. Dustin Zhou had no choice but to let Zhou mother cry. As long as she cried, everything is easy to say. “Oh, mom, I’m fine, I’m hungry, have you already cooked food? Ah, hurry up and have dinner.

“However, after Zhou’s mother was talking about it for nearly ten minutes, Dustin Zhou couldn’t help but quickly turned Zhou’s attention away. “Oh, the food is almost ready, Xiaomeng, hurry up!”

“Sure enough, when Dustin Zhou said so, Zhou Mu immediately thought of the food being cooked in the kitchen, and quickly dragged Su Xiaomeng into the kitchen again. Dustin Zhou breathed a sigh of relief when he saw the two entering the kitchen. I didn’t expect the two daughters to be so sentimental, but when he saw the scars on his body, Dustin Zhou felt that this would not work, and he still had to dilute the scars as soon as possible, otherwise he would easily be regarded as a bad boy if he walked on the street. There was an injury, so this time, Dustin Zhou was treated like an emperor. Su Xiaomeng personally fed him mouthfuls even when he ate. Dustin Zhou wanted to come by himself, but Zhou’s mother said something harshly. After dinner, under the supervision of Zhou’s mother, Dustin Zhou wiped the medicine, and only then returned to his room under the eyes of the two women.

“As soon as he returned to the room and closed the door, Dustin Zhou couldn’t help but hum softly. When applying the medicine just now, Su Xiaomeng had to intervene, but he didn’t know the severity of the action. Dustin Zhou still felt that the place where Su Xiaomeng was applying the medicine just now felt sore. Lie directly on the bed, Dustin Zhou couldn’t help thinking about Xu’s family again. “What is this jade?

“Take out the jade, put it in front of him, Dustin Zhou looked carefully, but found that this jade is very ordinary, there is no difference at all. As for the Xu family wanting to get this jade, and Xu Fei said, this jade is one The credentials of the secret realm and the qualifications to enter the secret realm. Dustin Zhou doesn’t know now, what exactly Xu Fei is talking about. Return to the secret realm? This is not a fantasy novel, it will be involved in the secret realm at every turn. After all, Dustin Zhou has lived for more than 20 years. I have never heard of any secrets in reality. “It seems I need to ask Asher Chen.

Dustin Zhou whispered. At that time in Changsha, Hunan Province, Asher Chen took Dustin Zhou to the manor to participate in the auction. Therefore, at least Asher Chen knew something that Dustin Zhou did not know. It is very likely that even this piece of jade, Asher Chen also had a certain amount. Clues. “I’ll go to the Mountain Mist Club to ask again tomorrow. I’ll take a good rest today.

It still hurts.

Dustin Zhou touched the scars on his body and stopped thinking about it. He closed his eyes and fell asleep. He was speechless all night. Early the next morning, Dustin Zhou got up. After washing up, after eating breakfast prepared by Zhou’s mother, he went straight to Yinan. Lake Clubhouse. However, what Dustin Zhou didn’t know was that the Mountain Mist Clubhouse was very lively at this time. Mountain Mist Clubhouse. The private room on the second floor, there were four people in it at this time. If Dustin Zhou were here, he would definitely recognize it. The people in this private room are all acquaintances. Li Mingfeng, Cai Xiong, Ding Fan, and Sun Jie. At this moment, the four people are sitting together, each with a look of resentment.

Chapter 765

“Damn it.” During this period of time, I was quite angry at home, I blame Dustin Zhou.

“Li Mingfeng punched on the table, his eyes were full of anger. Others heard the words, they all looked like this. “Who said no, last time I suffered a loss in Dustin Zhou’s hands, after returning home, he was severely criticized by his elders. For a while.

“But who knew that Dustin Zhou had such a deep relationship with Asher Chen.”

“Hehe, although Dustin Zhou’s background is simple, it is not simple, not to mention other things. The current famous company is developing rapidly. According to some institutions’ evaluations, the scale of the famous company will still be in the next six months. It will double, and Dustin Zhou has a very good relationship with the Su family. Even the young master of the Su family, Su Wei often follows Dustin Zhou’s ass.

“… Several people talked about their current situation one after another, but Sun Jie said some of Dustin Zhou’s situation. After all, although Li Mingfeng and others hate Dustin Zhou, they may not know Dustin Zhou’s situation so well. I learned something about Dustin Zhou from others, and it’s not comparable to Sun Jie, who has been following Dustin Zhou. Sun Jie still remembers the time when Rocket Girl came to Donghai to perform and he took his sister to the concert. At the entrance of the gymnasium, the Rocket Girl’s agent severely ridiculed and refuted the matter of face. Especially Dustin Zhou, he didn’t even see his Sun Jie in his eyes. This made Sun Jie uncomfortable for a long time. As for Rocket Girl’s concert. When he encountered the assassin, Sun Jie sneered, feeling that it was a pity in his heart that he didn’t kill the woman, but also killed Dustin Zhou. “Huh, Master Su, that Su Wei?

A soft egg, what can you do?

“That’s right, the Su family will only have a good time for a few more years, and the current strength of the Su family is simply not worthy of the status of the first-class family.

“You said, Dustin Zhou will come again, we are here, will he come to make trouble?

“Hmph, it’s good if we don’t trouble him. If he dares to trouble us, even if this is the Mountain Mist Clubhouse, I must let him go around.


“… “Oh my god, that evil star is here again.”

“The evil star?”

“It’s Dustin Zhou.”

“Who is Dustin Zhou?”

“You don’t even know this?”

It is the person who made Li Mingfeng, Cai Xiong, and Ding Fan suffer a big loss here. Now in the Mountain Mist Clubhouse, no one dares to provoke him.

“It’s terrible, but I seemed to see Li Mingfeng, Cai Xiong and Ding Fan all here just now. Why didn’t I see them coming out?”

“… Suddenly, there was a noise outside the private room. Cai Xiong was about to get angry, but when he heard the conversations of the people outside, Cai Xiong suddenly fell silent. In the entire private room, I just had to ask Dustin Zhou to settle accounts. The fiery atmosphere instantly solidified. All four of them were quiet, and even the movement of drinking water was much smaller. “You said, what is Dustin Zhou doing here?

Does he know that we are here today and want to come to find something?

“Li Mingfeng swallowed and asked in a low voice. Of the four people here, Li Mingfeng felt that he was the worst. Not only was Dustin Zhou severely taught him, he also corrupted 50 million soft sister coins. “I don’t know, he is the most miserable.” Don’t come to us, otherwise he will not feel good today!

“Yes, it is!”

“Cai Xiong and Ding Fan said bitterly. … The meeting room on the third floor. Dustin Zhou had already told Asher Chen about the matter on the way here. What Dustin Zhou needs to know now is the jade that was auctioned off at the Changsha Auction House at that time. What’s the use? As for what secret realm Xu Fei said, Dustin Zhou didn’t take it seriously. “The Xu family’s affairs are finished?

“Asher Chen took a sip of tea, saw the scars on Dustin Zhou’s body, and said with a chuckle. Dustin Zhou had injuries on his body, so naturally he had fought against others. And I am afraid that the only people from the Xu family who can get Dustin Zhou to do something recently. Dustin Zhou is sitting well in front of him now, and Asher Chen knows that he has taken the Xu family down. “Well, the person sent by the Xu family this time is only a martial master, which is not a threat, but next time Xu I am afraid that the people sent from the family will not be so easy to deal with.

Dustin Zhou shook his head, a little helpless. “Don’t worry, you are the heir of the Zhou family after all. Even the Xu family dare not really do anything to you. What’s more, there is still me and some forces in the Zhou family. , Don’t underestimate Zhou’s influence in China.

“Asher Chen said lightly, and did not say much. “What is the jade you are talking about this time?”

“Here, this is it. You took me to the auction house in Changsha. I bid for it. It didn’t cost much, more than two million. The Xu family was looking for this. For this reason, Xu Jiaguang

The eight sales stores of the famous company cost no less than 500 million.

Dustin Zhou took out the jade, handed it to Asher Chen, and let him take a good look. If anyone else can solve Dustin Zhou now, then only Asher Chen. Asher Chen took the jade and looked at it carefully. For this jade, he There are some impressions, but Dustin Zhou seems to have spent more than two million to buy it, but he did not care, but he did not expect that the Xu family would target Dustin Zhou because of this jade. Dustin Zhou looked at it for nearly three minutes, but still couldn’t see it. What’s the way. “I can’t see it, this jade looks just like ordinary jade, there is nothing special.

Asher Chen handed the jade back to Dustin Zhou and shook his head helplessly. “However, if you really want to explore the origin and function of this jade, I might be able to recommend someone.

Asher Chen pondered for a moment, and then suddenly said. Dustin Zhou also became interested at once and immediately asked. “Who is it?”

“This person, you have actually had contact with her, but you haven’t met each other. This is her business card.”

Asher Chen said with a smile, and took out a business card. Dustin Zhou took the business card and saw the name on it. He didn’t think much, but when he saw the other’s position, he was taken aback for a while, and his pupils shrank. Shui Bingyue, the general manager of Avaria. At this moment, Dustin Zhou remembered what he had done in Avaria before. Mingyang’s whitening factor project was an online ceremony held at Avaria. At that time, the boss of Avaria also specially I gave them a small gift and invited them to have a big meal. This was undoubtedly an unforgettable experience for Dustin Zhou, who had not enjoyed a rich life at the time. It’s just that Dustin Zhou did not expect that the boss of Avaria, Asher Chen unexpectedly knew him, and it seemed that this jade that even Asher Chen could not discern, what could that Shui Bingyue see. “Uncle Chen?

Is this Shui Bingyue also a member of the Zhou family?

Chapter 766

When the whitening factor project launch ceremony was held at Avaria, the boss of Avaria once gave Dustin Zhou a small gift and invited them to have a big meal. Meal. At that time, Dustin Zhou was still wondering why he didn’t know the people of Avaria, why the boss of Avaria was so polite. However, with the passage of time, Dustin Zhou has gradually forgotten about it. Unexpectedly, today There will be unexpected surprises when you come to Asher Chen. Dustin Zhou feels strange. If Shui Bingyue, the owner of Avaria, belongs to the Zhou family, does this Shui Bingyue already know that he is the heir of the Zhou family? But, why didn’t she come out to see herself at the time? “She, from Zhou’s family

People, not from Zhou’s family, this matter is actually very complicated, and it may not be clear in a short while, but when you see her, you will know everything.

Asher Chen seemed to be remembering something, with a smile on his face. This smile was a nostalgia for the past experience. But in Dustin Zhou’s eyes, Dustin Zhou couldn’t help feeling that Asher Chen and this Shui Bingyue should be early. They know each other, and the relationship between the two should be pretty good. “Then I will visit her now.

Saying goodbye to Asher Chen, Dustin Zhou left the Mountain Mist Clubhouse and rushed to Avaria. At this time, the four people in the private room on the second floor of the Mountain Mist Clubhouse breathed a sigh of relief after hearing Dustin Zhou’s departure. They didn’t know why. Hearing Dustin Zhou’s name, I felt a sense of fear. This was something I didn’t dare to imagine in the past. Just kidding, who are they? People from the Li family, Cai family, Ding family, Sun family, these weakest Li The family and the Cai family are both top second-rate families. Only others are afraid of them. They have never been afraid of others. “Damn it, Dustin Zhou, don’t fall into my hands, otherwise I will definitely not let him go. !

“… Dustin Zhou didn’t know who was in the private room of the Mountain Mist Clubhouse and what he said. At this time, he drove for nearly an hour and a half before arriving at Avaria. Avaria is a five-star hotel. Although there are many five-star hotels in the East China Sea, Avaria is the highest-grade five-star hotel in the entire East China Sea. Compared with the brilliant hotel, Avaria is in the people’s In my heart, it has a very important meaning. Even some local politicians will hold some ceremonies and banquets here. When Dustin Zhou came to Avaria, there was still a lot of traffic and people. At the entrance of Avaria, constantly driving There is an endless stream of luxury cars that have passed by. The BMW that Dustin Zhou drove is nothing at all, it can only be said to be a threshold car, and this is what he temporarily borrowed from Enderia Shen. Walk into Avaria and see. Looking at the familiar scene inside, Dustin Zhou was in a daze for a while. I thought that when the launch ceremony of the famous company’s whitening factor project was held here, the scenes are still vivid. But in a blink of an eye, more than half a year has passed. And Dustin Zhou is not. It’s the fledgling kid back then. “Hello, is your general manager here?

Dustin Zhou came to the bar and asked directly. As soon as he said this, the two cashiers at the bar were stunned, looking at Dustin Zhou’s gaze as if they were looking at a fool. General Manager of Avaria Who it is, that is a distinguished existence. Even, many of the staff in Cuihu Zhongzhong have never seen the general manager. However, now

Yes, there was someone who came up directly and asked if the general manager was there.

Even if you are, don’t you still want to do nothing.

“Why are you asking this? Who do you think our general manager is?” A cashier girl glanced at Dustin Zhou and said lightly, not caring at all.

Although Dustin Zhou looks pretty good, the clothes on his body are very ordinary, without the breath of a famous brand, and he looks like an ordinary person.

Such ordinary people, the cashier girl sees how many people every day.

Even some successful people, cashier girls are not uncommon.

But no one has ever asked the general manager directly at the bar of Avaria in front of him.

What do you want?

Do not pee and look in the mirror, is the general manager of Avaria that ordinary people can covet?

Dustin Zhou was also taken aback, he could naturally hear that this little cashier girl seemed to have no cold with him.

But Dustin Zhou didn’t care that much. Since he was here to find Shui Bingyue today, he must see him.

“I was introduced by someone to ask your general manager to ask something, so please let me know.” Dustin Zhou could have called directly, but the business card Asher Chen gave him did not have Shui Bingyue’s phone number at all, and Asher Chen I don’t even know the number of Shui Bingyue.

So Dustin Zhou wants to call Shui Bingyue directly.

Otherwise, Dustin Zhou doesn’t need to be so troublesome at all. When Asher Chen makes a call, Shui Bingyue will definitely send someone to wait here.

“Hmph, just let you know if you tell me, don’t you know that our general manager has everything to do, but we don’t have so much time to meet some irrelevant people.” The cashier girl rolled her eyes at Dustin Zhou and said with disdain.

It’s not that she has never seen someone like Dustin Zhou who can’t find a decent reason and just find an excuse that seems to make sense, but most of them fled because of her contempt for whereabouts.

But the person in front of him seemed to be persevering, no matter how much he rolled his eyes, the other person would not be moved.

This made the cashier girl suddenly unhappy and unhappy in her heart.

“What’s the matter?” At this moment, a serious voice suddenly sounded, and then a serious middle-aged man walked over and looked at Dustin Zhou and the cashier girl, frowning for a while.

“Manager Guo, this person has to ask our general manager to ask something, and it doesn’t make sense to tell him, he has to mess around here.” The cashier girl immediately straightened her face when she saw the visitor, and quickly explained.

Guo Shan frowned, looking at Dustin Zhou, a trace of vigilance flashed across his eyes.

“This gentleman, our general manager is very busy, not everyone can see it, if you don’t

If there is anything, please don’t disturb our work.

“However, Guo Shan is an old man who has been working for more than a decade, and he has a very sophisticated experience in dealing with people. He doesn’t know if Dustin Zhou is looking for their general manager, if there is anything to do. But there is one thing, that is, through such inquiries. It’s impossible to see the general manager. And Guo Shan can directly ask the security guard to blast Dustin Zhou out, but he still smiled and said something nice to Dustin Zhou. After all, this is Avaria. Once there is a conflict, whether it is to other guests , Is still a big influence on Avaria itself.

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