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Chapter 353

You dare to move my people!

Enderia Shen said impatiently, Tang Wenzhong stood in front of them, blocking all vision between them and Dustin Zhou.

This made Enderia Shen very upset.

Dustin Zhou talked happily with the beauty over there, but she and Mira Xie were harassed here, which made Enderia Shen extremely depressed.

“You!” Tang Shiwen was stunned for an instant, unexpectedly stunned directly in place.

In his imagination, the situation that the opponent took the initiative to climb up did not happen.

On the contrary, the other party dared to let him go.

Who is he Tang Shiwen?

Outstanding among the three generations of the Tang family.

At the Jiang family’s dinner, he was yelled at by an unknown woman.

For an instant, a touch of anger appeared on Tang Shiwen’s face.

“Do you know the consequences of saying this?” However, Tang Shiwen still resisted his inner anger and said coldly.

For the sake of two big beauties, Enderia Shen and Mira Xie, Tang Shiwen decided to give them a chance.

“Consequence? What are the consequences?” Enderia Shen didn’t even look at Tang Shiwen, and didn’t even lift his eyelids.

For Tang Shiwen, who relied on his family background and bullied others, Enderia Shen was disgusted in his heart.

“Haha, are you able to bear the consequences?” At this moment, a voice sounded, with a cold tone, and an unquestionable aura instantly emanated.

As if what he said, the other party must admit it and cannot refute it.

Enderia Shen frowned lightly, feeling really upset in his heart.

Here comes a Tang Shiwen, he barely pretends to be invisible.

Now there is another person who pretends to be, Enderia Shen can’t bear it, she is not a person who can bear her breath.

“I want to know what consequences I can’t afford.” Enderia Shen turned his head and looked at him, his expression cold.

At this time, he also saw the people coming.

A young man, about thirty years old, with a burly stature, an inch, and a handsome face.

Just looking at it, a majestic sense of power came oncoming.

Enderia Shen was secretly surprised, and compared the man in front of him with the people he knew.

In terms of body shape, no one I know can compare with this man in body shape.

Even Niu Chuan, who is extremely skilled, is not as tall as the man in front of him.

“In Yuhu, Yujia in Xiaxiang Province, what Shiwen said just now is correct. Give you a chance to admit your mistakes to Shiwen and have a drink with him. Otherwise, based on what you just said, you cannot afford the consequences. “Yu Hu said lightly, not even paying attention to the gaze that was constantly following him around, but the gaze that looked like a sharp sword fell straight on Enderia Shen and Mira Xie.

He and Tang Shiwen have a good relationship. When we came to Jiang’s house today, in addition to wanting to see the majestic Jiang Yan, he just wanted to see.

Can you meet persuasive beauty.

After all, they are not absolutely sure about Jiang Yan, after all, they are Jiang family.

But the beauty, in front of their Tang family and Yu family, is not yet to be rubbed.

It’s just that they didn’t expect that at this dinner, the two of them actually saw a stunning beauty comparable to Jiang Yan.

However, Tang Shiwen couldn’t bear it, and came over to start a conversation.

But he didn’t expect that the other party would not give face, even when he knew the Tang family, he still did not give face, even letting Tang Shiwen go.

This made Yu Hu interested and decided to meet these two beauties in person.

“Haha, what? Do you want to do it here?” Enderia Shen said disdainfully, her peripheral vision had already seen Niu Chuan on the side looking over, and once the opponent changed, Niu Chuan would come to subdue the opponent as soon as possible.

Therefore, Enderia Shen is more confident in his heart, facing Yu Hu and Tang Shiwen, there is no burden in his heart.

In addition, when she was in the East China Sea, she was also a daughter of the Shen Group. She had seen many big scenes and met many big people, even more powerful than the Tang Shiwen and Yu Hu in front of her.

What’s more, she is still the president of Mingyang Company. Now Mingyang Company is developing rapidly, which makes her more confident.

“Hehe, we are gentlemen, we don’t know how to deal with beautiful women, but based on the remarks you just scolded Shiwen, I have to ask you to make it clear.” Yu Hu smiled lightly, but his eyes fell on Enderia Shen. On his face, there is invisible coercion.

“I don’t have the experience of apologizing to scumbags. I have seen people like you a lot. Why do people cling to them regardless of their face once they know your identity?” Enderia Shen sneered, and didn’t plan to pay attention to these two. personal.

Because she had already seen many people’s gazes, pointing at them.

This time they came to the dinner party, they wanted to keep a low profile, so they didn’t want to attract the attention of others.

“Hehe, want to go? You can’t get out of here unless you speak clearly.” Yu Hu secretly nodded to Tang Shiwen, Tang Shiwen sneered, stepped forward, and reached out to hold Enderia Shen’s shoulder.


But at this moment, a cold wind blew, and the other hand directly pressed his hand, making him immobile.

“Who!” Tang Shiwen’s face changed slightly, and he shouted in a deep voice.

Although this is the Jiang family banquet, it is the home of the Jiang family, but there is absolutely no one who dares to do something with him, Tang Shiwen.

He wanted to see who was so courageous and dared to act on him.

At this moment, Niu Chuan was standing beside Tang Shiwen, holding his right hand firmly to prevent him from touching Enderia Shen.

“Not everyone can touch her.” Niu Chuan yelled coldly, his gaze like a death sickle, violently brushing across Tang Shiwen’s face.


In an instant, a breath of death suddenly emerged in Tang Shiwen’s heart.

This can’t help but make Tang Shiwen’s expression inexplicable.

“Let go!” Tang Shiwen’s voice even trembled a little, his forehead was even sweaty, and his heart palpitations were trembling slowly.

When Yu Hu saw this scene, his eyes narrowed, staring at Niu Chuan.

Judging from Tang Shiwen’s performance, the strength of this Niu Chuan is absolutely extraordinary.

Yu Hu also became serious in an instant, and at the same time he was very upset.

Of course, this is the Jiang family’s dinner, but there are people who are disrespectful to Tang Shiwen and don’t take his words to heart. This is obviously looking down on the Tang family and the Yu family.

“I count three times and let go of your hand, otherwise, even if you are at Jiang’s house today, you won’t be able to leave.” Yu Hu said coldly.

But Enderia Shen, Mira Xie, and Niu Chuan were expressionless and unmoved.

“One.” Yu Hu snorted coldly.


At this time, many people around also noticed the movement here.

Although it is a dinner, everyone can do whatever they want, but since the host is the Jiang family, and everyone knows the theme of this dinner, they are restrained and pay attention to their own image.

But now, Yu Hu’s disturbance here is not small, and even both sides have begun to do it.

However, Yu Hu yelled, Niu Chuan and the others did not respond at all.

“Two.” Yu Hu was already angry, his eyes narrowed slightly, his hands slowly clenched.

“Three!” At this moment, before Yu Hu yelled for the third time, a lingering voice sounded from a corner.

Everyone was shocked, and all eyes gathered in an instant.

Yu Hu was also taken aback, his face was so ugly, he slowly turned his head and looked at the person who was speaking.

He didn’t expect that at a dinner party, there would be people who went against his will one after another.

“Do you know what you are doing?” Yu Hu’s face was gloomy and his eyes were cold.

“Do you know what you are doing? Even my people, you dare to move?”

Chapter 354

Don’t know where your courage comes from!

This sentence shocked many people at the banquet.

An icy, domineering aura hits his face.

Everyone followed the sound and saw a young man walking slowly from the corner with a hint of playfulness and seriousness on his face.

“Who is this? You dare to talk like that?” “I don’t know, I don’t know, do you know anyone?” “I think this person is very familiar.” “Hey, isn’t this the famous company Dustin Zhou? , In the past half month, Mingyang Company has been in the limelight. I didn’t expect him to come too.” “You said that, I also remembered, this is Dustin Zhou, the two women, one is Mingyang Company President Enderia Shen, a wife who should be Dustin Zhou, right?” “Yes, it should be, this is interesting, the Yu family and the Tang family actually provoke Dustin Zhou.” “It’s just that Dustin Zhou was abolished before this. Jiangbei, he still dares to show up now. Isn’t he afraid of Jiang’s revenge?”… Everyone recognized Dustin Zhou soon, and there was a lot of discussion, with curiosity on their faces. They kept looking at Dustin Zhou and by the way. reaction.

At this time, Yu Hu also learned from the crowd that this was Dustin Zhou, and instantly narrowed his eyes.

“Are you Dustin Zhou?” Yu Hu said coldly.

Although Dustin Zhou has been in the limelight recently, Yu Hu is not afraid.

Not only because his Yu family is the head of the largest family in Hunan Province, but also because Yu Hu’s own strength is extraordinary.

After Yu Hu said it, Dustin Zhou ignored them. Instead, he looked at Mira Xie and Enderia Shen. Seeing that they were all right, he felt relieved.

He was chatting happily with the strange beauty just now, and he saw some movement here.

Upon closer inspection, I discovered that Mira Xie and Enderia Shen had a conflict with others.

Knowing that Niu Chuan was there, he was not in a hurry.

But he didn’t expect that the other party actually dared to do something, and he was not ashamed, three times to let Niu Chuan let go.

“You said to count three times, and I counted for the third one. What do you want?” Dustin Zhou said lightly, walking to the side of Mira Xie and Enderia Shen, and looking at them with a smile.


In an instant, not only Yu Hu, Tang Shiwen, and even others were in an uproar.

They know that Dustin Zhou has been very famous recently, and Mingyang’s flagship store has a lot of sales.

But they didn’t expect that Dustin Zhou would dare to openly challenge Yu Jiayu Hu at the Jiang family dinner.

“Is Dustin Zhou’s head broken? Did he think he would be omnipotent if he abolished Jiangbei?” “Yeah, Jiangbei was abolished. The Jiang family may have nothing to do with him, but the Yu family is different. The largest family in Hunan Province, it is simply not too easy to deal with one person.”

Alas, this time, I don’t know if Dustin Zhou can get out of here.

“Yes, first offended the Jiang family, and now offended the Yu family and the Tang family. This Dustin Zhou is really a newborn calf who is not afraid of tigers.

“… Everyone was astonished, and they looked at Dustin Zhou with a hint of pity. In their opinion, Dustin Zhou had offended three of the five great families in Hunan Province at once, and was undoubtedly killing him. “Haha, it seems this The scenery for a period of time has made you unable to recognize yourself. In that case, then I will help you recognize yourself. In front of me, your so-called scenery is nothing at all!

“Yu Huyin laughed out, and he rushed in front of Dustin Zhou before he moved his feet. The big fist of the sandbag was already in front of Dustin Zhou, close at hand. Tang Shiwen was held firmly by Niu Chuan, since If the opponent does not let go, then Yu Hu decides to force him. This Dustin Zhou, Yu Hu has also heard of it. Although the business strength is good, Yu Hu is confident, and his punch will make Dustin Zhou directly unable to stand. Something, kneel down for me!

With a low growl, Yu Hu didn’t care about Tang Shiwen, and his fist went straight to Dustin Zhou’s face. He was confident. As long as his punch strikes Dustin Zhou, then Dustin Zhou will definitely be completely different. “Noisy!

Dustin Zhou yelled coldly, with his legs slightly sideways, one hand raised, and directly against Yu Hu’s fist. He could feel that Yu Hu’s strength is very strong, and may even be stronger than himself. But the gap is also very large. Limited, he is not without the ability to contend. After all, he can’t rely on Niu Chuan for everything. In case Niu Chuan is not by his side, would he have to catch with his hands. It’s just this, although he blocked Yu Hu’s fist, But I also felt the power from the arm. Very strong. This was Dustin Zhou’s first thought. This Yu Hu was stronger than the opponent Dustin Zhou had seen before. At least, he was stronger than the so-called Liu Feng of the Jiang family. A lot. “What, it was blocked?

“Yes, does this Dustin Zhou still have this ability?”

“It’s hard to say, otherwise, how could he dare to abolish Jiangjia Jiangbei?”

“Does Yu Hu be slapped severely today?”

“…… Not only Yu Hu was surprised, even people were shocked when they saw this scene. After all, although they had heard of Dustin Zhou’s deeds, they had never heard of Dustin Zhou’s good skills. Even Yu Hu’s fist can be blocked. “If you only have such a little strength, you can’t go out today!

“Although he was shocked in his heart, Yu Hu still yelled coldly, and his fist slammed again. And this time, Dustin Zhou also felt a lot of pressure. However, this pressure

The strength is within the range he can bear.

“I should tell you this sentence. I don’t know where your courage comes from. If you dare to say something like this in front of me, don’t you think that you are the Yu family, I will be jealous of you?” Dustin Zhou sneered, his arm jerked With force, Yu Hu’s fist was slightly shaken, and then he lifted his foot and kicked forward.

If this kick was really kicked, even Yu Hu would not be able to bear it.

“Chuanzi, be faster, I don’t like so many people watching.” Dustin Zhou took two steps back and said lightly to Niu Chuan.

He has been able to be sure that he alone cannot do anything to Yu Hu.

However, there are more and more people watching, especially many people have recognized him.

Dustin Zhou didn’t want to delay time. He came to the dinner today and asked about a lot of things. Although he was not afraid of what the Jiang family did to him, Mira Xie and Enderia Shen were easy targets.

Once the Jiang family united with several other big families and besieged him, I am afraid that even if there is Niu Chuan, it will be difficult to take care of everything.

“Okay, Brother Yang!” Niu Chuan replied, using his wrist slightly, and suddenly there was a “click” sound.

“Ah!” Tang Shiwen paled instantly and screamed.

And everyone was shocked. They didn’t expect that this Niu Chuan looked harmless, and even broke Tang Shiwen’s wrist as soon as he shot it.

This is simply not giving any face to the Tang family and the Jiang family.


Releasing Tang Shiwen’s hand, Niu Chuan changed his goal again, and with one stride, he arrived in front of Yu Hu, and even Yu Hu did not react.

“Since Brother Yang has spoken, then you can’t stand today!” Yu Hu looked at him for a moment. Before he could react, Niu Chuan’s face appeared in his eyes.

But for an instant, he felt a huge force coming from his chest, his whole body shook suddenly, his consciousness became chaotic, and at the end he heard only one sentence and a grinning face.

Chapter 355



The originally noisy dinner party fell into silence for a while.

Especially many people around Dustin Zhou looked shocked at this time, and their bodies showed a defensive state.

Yu Hu is down!

With just a punch, they clearly saw that Niu Chuan just hit Yu Hu’s chest with a punch, and Yu Hu rolled his eyes and fell straight back.

In their impression, Yu Hu’s strength is more than that.

After all, Yu Hu’s previous strength in Changsha and even the entire Hunan Province was very high, and even some of the bodyguards hired by the powerful and powerful children were not Yu Hu’s opponents.

But, now, Yu Hu, who is very strong in their minds, can’t hold up a punch from others.

“This…” “Is this person so strong?” “Yes, I heard that he seems to be Dustin Zhou’s bodyguard. At the beginning, Dustin Zhou abandoned Jiangbei. It seems that this bodyguard destroyed all the bodyguards around Jiangbei.” Before, the Jiang family wanted to do something with them, but they invited Liu Feng, but they are still not the opponent of this bodyguard.” “Is this bodyguard already a grandmaster?” “You can’t be a grandmaster at a young age!” … Everyone immediately started talking, and they looked at Dustin Zhou’s eyes with shock and fear.

The movement here finally attracted the attention of Jiang Xingyuan, Yu Hua, Du Wen, and Tang Wenzhong, and they watched them.

“Go and ask what’s going on.” Jiang Xingyuan’s face was a bit ugly. This is a dinner held by the Jiang family, but someone is making trouble here. This is obviously not giving Jiang Xingyuan’s face or giving him Jiang Xingyuan’s face.

Soon, the Jiang family came to ask about the situation.

In just tens of seconds, the servant returned with a shocked look.

“What happened?” Jiang Xingyuan saw that the subordinate looked abnormal, and he was also puzzled, and couldn’t help asking in a deep voice.

This time, the dinner party recruited his daughter Jiang Yan. For this, he gave a face and almost invited young talents from the entire Hunan Province.

He would never allow anyone to make trouble here.

“Second Lord, it is Dustin Zhou, Dustin Zhou is over there.” The subordinate said nervously.

Dustin Zhou’s recent fame has swept Hunan Province.

In addition, Dustin Zhou even abolished Jiangbei before. He was a servant, but there was no small fear in his heart.

“Dustin Zhou!” Jiang Xingyuan was startled, but he quickly realized that he also sent Dustin Zhou an invitation letter.

“He’s here, why didn’t I know?” Jiang Xingyuan asked in a deep voice.

Generally speaking, once an important person like Dustin Zhou appears, the guard should notify him, but now, he has not received any news.

“Second Lord, today is the guardian Jiang Shi, Jiang Shi is on duty, they…” The next person hesitated and continued.

“When they came to Dustin Zhou,

, Shot to block, was beaten by Dustin Zhou, now he is recovering from the back, they are afraid of punishment, so they didn’t tell you.

“The subordinate said cautiously. After all, he is considered an insider in this matter. If Jiang Xingyuan wants to pursue it, he can also be punished with the responsibility of knowing not reporting. “Presumptuous, how dare they do this? Didn’t I say before? Is there absolutely no accident at this dinner today?

“Go and pass my order and let them accept the punishment themselves!”

After listening to Jiang Xingyuan, he was furious and sternly reprimanded. At this moment, he was extremely angry, not only because the two guards did not report something, but even the servant in front of him knew not to report. If Jiang Xingfang Now, these people absolutely dare not do this! “Go, go and see.

After Jiang Xingyuan said, he strode over. He wanted to see what happened to Dustin Zhou today. Does he really want to completely turn his face with the Jiang family? “Stop!

Dustin Zhou, this is the Jiang family, don’t be presumptuous!

“Squeezing through the crowd, Jiang Xingyuan saw Dustin Zhou and his party. At this moment, Tang Shiwen held his wrist and wailed. Yu Hu also collapsed on the ground and passed out. Jiang Xingyuan was shocked! That was all Tang Shiwen’s reputation. It’s always been bad. Even if he is Tang Wenzhong’s son, Jiang Xingyuan is not afraid of Tang Wenzhong. After all, the Tang family is the weakest among the five big families. But Yu Hu is different. He is Yu Hua’s son, and he is capable of his own. Master Wu Xue didn’t say that the Yu family was not something that the Jiang family could provoke. Although Yu Hu was not the cause of the Jiang family’s death, but such an accident happened at the Jiang family dinner, the Jiang family, and even his Jiang Xingyuan must give it to A statement. Seeing Jiang Xingyuan coming over, everyone around was also amused. For today’s dinner, most of them knew the purpose. So now they see Dustin Zhou having a conflict with the children of the Tang family and the Yu family, and they are also beating. I want to see how Jiang Xingyuan, as the host, will deal with it. “Jiang Xingyuan is here, there is a good show here.

“Yes, after all, Dustin Zhou had abolished Jiangbei before. Jiangbei is his nephew of Jiang Xingyuan. I don’t know if he will ask for an explanation for his nephew.”

“This is a lot to say. After all, Jiangbei was abolished, and Jiang Xingfang would lose the qualification to compete for Patriarch, which is very beneficial to Jiang Xingyuan.

“What’s more, now the five big families are gathered here. Except for the Zhang family who has a good relationship with Dustin Zhou, the other four have nothing to do with Dustin Zhou. Plus, now Dustin Zhou has offended the Tang family and the Yu family, and offended them all at once. Three big families.

“But you see that Dustin Zhou is calm, he must be prepared, not necessarily afraid of these big families.

“… Everyone talked and looked at

Constantly scanning back and forth between Dustin Zhou and his party and Jiang Xingyuan.

“Haha, who am I? It turned out to be the Jiang family.” Dustin Zhou said lightly, disregarding it.

“Dustin Zhou, I kindly invited you to come to the dinner party, but you are committing murder at this dinner party. Are you really going to fight our four big families?” Jiang Xingyuan asked coldly.

For now, he himself does not want to turn his face with Dustin Zhou directly.

After all, he also knew that Dustin Zhou was definitely not an annoying person a few times before.

“Before you hurt my nephew Jiangbei, our Jiang family didn’t do anything to you. Now, you hurt someone at my Jiang family dinner, don’t you give me an explanation!” Seeing Dustin Zhou didn’t speak, Jiang Xingyuan asked harshly again, step by step Pressing on, wanting to hold on to the initiative.

Only in this way, once the two sides turn their faces, he can take the initiative, attack or retreat, and then, no matter what he wants to do, no one else can say anything.

“Explanation? I never tell others, what are you? You know that I abolished Jiangbei before, and now you are actively inviting me, so what is your heart, thinking I don’t know?” Dustin Zhou sneered and looked at Jiang Xing with torch yuan.

He was clear about Jiang Xingyuan’s purpose.

Don’t say that he had grievances with the Jiang family before, even if there were no grudges, Dustin Zhou would not be indifferent when calculated by a stranger.

“I don’t bother about your Jiang family’s ass, but it’s not wrong for you to compete for the Patriarch of yourselves and want to expand your reputation.” Dustin Zhou paused, then his voice changed and said coldly.

“But you are wrong. You shouldn’t use me as your sharpening stone. You should, you don’t have the qualifications yet!”

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