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Chapter 430

He Wenhuai hung up the phone and put the phone on the table, nervously, “I can only wait for news.”

Chen Qing poured tea for him, “This time it will definitely be good news.”

He Wenhuai doesn’t have the heart to drink tea, this is the only person in his hand, and if it is not successful, as Chen Qing said, it will be difficult to arrest people.

“Hope it is good news.”

He looked at Chen Qing, “Don’t leave me behind.”

Chen Qing’s face was very unhappy, “Don’t trust me?”

“No.” He Wenhuai poured tea for him, “It’s not that I don’t have a bottom, just…”

Chen Qing glanced at him meaningfully, holding up the tea and slowly tasting it on his lips. As long as Ana Lin is resolved smoothly, this matter will soon reach Phillip Zong’s ears. This time the matter is He’s made it.

What does it have to do with Chen Qing?

It is not his people who are arresting people.

The He family is destined to disappear from this land.

And he just used the remaining value.

He Wenhuai should be fortunate that it can still be used at this point.


When the man returned to the ward, he was able to enter the police station with the help of the He family. In these years, he has not done anything in the He family. Now he can use him, and he can’t hold back.

He gripped the piece of paper tightly in his hand, wrinkling it out of shape.

Phillip Zong observed his changes and realized what he might do next. He glanced at Ana Lin. She never made a sound and sat there quietly.

She put her hand under the quilt, clutching the sheets tightly, her palms were sweaty, and there were too many people on the other side. If she really started her hands, no matter how strong Phillip Zong was, she couldn’t take care of her.

Although worried in my heart, but did not show the slightest.

If she were not pregnant, she would not even worry about this, because she believed him, but now her body…

Added scruples to him.

Phillip Zong asked, “Are you afraid?”

Ana Lin shook his head, “My children are very strong.”

When there were Daniel and Ruth in the past, she had been in a car accident, fell down, jumped out of a car that was driving at high speed, and her children were fine.

The man plucked up the courage, “I enforce the law impartially, and no one can stop and arrest the suspect!”

The person was the first to bear the brunt, and rushed in. The people behind seemed to have a bottom in their hearts and surged into it violently.

Phillip Zong stood still. He did not know when the buttons of his suit had been unbuttoned. He was tall and had a fierce aura. Just when the man was about to touch the bed, he did not know when he had an extra one in his hand. Put the gun directly against the man’s forehead.

At this moment, another wave of people rushed into the door, surrounding this wave of people, and heard someone say harshly, “Be honest if the bullet doesn’t grow eyes.” The small space immediately became more crowded. , Keller Shen squeezed out from the crowd.

The person at the door went back to report the letter, so Keller Shen could bring people there in time.

“Say, whose person are you?” The muzzle pressed a few points against the man’s brow.

Keller Shen stood by and glanced at Ana Lin as if nothing was wrong, and he was also relieved.

Captain Chen is Foster Wen’s person. It is not Captain Chen who came this time. In other words, the matter this time may have nothing to do with Foster Wen.

Foster Wen probably doesn’t have the energy right now. The doctor said that he was not in a serious condition, but he hurt his body somewhat.

The arrest warrant in the man’s hand fell to the ground, his hands trembling, and he tremblingly begged for mercy, “I, I also acted on orders, and the above ordered me to arrest people…I can’t help but arrest.”

“Refused to say?” Phillip Zong’s index finger pressed the trigger.

Keller Shen on the side held his breath.

The man knelt to the ground with a bang. No one was afraid of death. After all, there was only one life, and anyone who was pointed at with a gun could not calm down.

“Today, the Ho family went to report the crime and asked the police to give them justice. I received the arrest warrant above and asked me to arrest the suspect.”

The man trembled and frightened, Keller Shen held the muzzle, fearing that Phillip Zong would really kill him on impulse, “Casey He died inside yesterday.”

This is also the result of why He Wenhuai suddenly went to the police station to exert pressure.

Casey He was sentenced to death and suspended for one year, but she died for some days.

Phillip Zong turned to look at Keller Shen.

“I just know.” If I knew it, I would have told him.

“Leave it to me.” They are all staff members, and the public office is there. If you can say that you are killed, you will be killed. I know that Phillip Zong must be angry. After all, they all rushed to the ward. Don’t worry?”

Phillip Zong took his hand.

I think Casey He died strangely, but died at this time, “Do you know how to die?”

“I didn’t give a specific explanation, wait until I have time to come and check it.” Keller Shen asked someone to get the person away, kicked the person on the ground, “Don’t get out!”

The man crawled out of the ward, Phillip Zong raised his jaw, “Find someone to follow him.”

Keller Shen asked, “What do you suspect?”

“Everyone knows that this is Foster Wen’s bureau. Who would hold this case without Foster Wen? This person called before, thinking that he was the one who instigated him. If there is no one behind him, he will not work so hard.”

Keller Shen thought about it, Ana Lin’s case was a pool of muddy water, and no one would foolishly trickle into this pool of muddy water.

“Then I will go first.” Keller Shen walked to the door, “Should I find some people?”

Phillip Zong gave a soft hmm, I’m afraid it’s not safe here anymore, it’s obvious that the other party is directed at Ana Lin.

Ana Lin still had fine sweat on her forehead. When those people rushed in, she was nervous and Phillip Zong came over, “Are you scared?”

Ana Lin shook his head, “Why do you have a gun?”

Phillip Zong installed the gun, “For self-defense.”

This gun was obtained by Keller Shen. It was outside the organization. He promised Foster Wen to marry Chen Shihan and planned to take Chen Shihan away on that day. He was afraid of accidents. After all, Chen Qing would not let Chen Shihan out. He must be conscious, Keller Shen In case of failure, Phillip Zong has to seize Chen Shihan’s threat to Foster Wen and Chen Qing to settle Ana Lin’s case.

I didn’t expect it to be used today.

“But I haven’t seen it before.” Ana Lin was a little uneasy. Why did he put a gun on his body and what was he going to do?

Will there be any danger?

“Don’t think about it.” Phillip Zong wiped the sweat from her forehead, “I’ll call the doctor over.”

I definitely can’t stay here.

This matter is probably not simple, Foster Wen did not move, but someone did.

The man said that it was his family who went to the police station to make a statement before the arrest warrant was issued. What happened until now, why did you go now?

Why didn’t you go before?

He Jiahui didn’t know that this was a conspiracy, and then this time to get in the way?

Foster Wen single-handedly planned, without Foster Wen’s instruction, this arrest order could not be issued, only to show that someone was hiding behind his back.

As for who…

His eyes darkened a bit, and there was speculation in his heart.

Chapter 431

The doctor came over to check Ana Lin’s condition. In the past few days in the hospital, she had no abdominal pain, no redness, and her vomiting situation improved. “You can go back to recuperate, or that’s the sentence. It’s best not to go to the ground for the first three months. , Wait until the fetus is stable, and then resume normal life, but also pay attention, after all, there have been signs of miscarriage, come and check every half a month, if the recovery is good, you can also go to the ground in advance.”

So many people came to the hospital today, it has been spread long ago, and I know a little bit about Ana Lin’s things. After all, it was uploaded everywhere on the Internet before. It is estimated that Phillip Zong handled it, and now he has calmed down.

But it shouldn’t be completely resolved, otherwise there won’t be so many people here today.

However, no one in the hospital dared to talk about it, after all, Phillip Zong’s identity was placed here, for fear of spreading it to his ears.

Yu’s mother hurried over after the doctor left. The car that took her to the hospital broke down halfway. She came to the hospital in a hurry, so she took a taxi, but was stuck in the morning rush hour.

This is too late.

“You should be hungry.” Wanda said a little sorry.

I don’t know what happened before she came.

It was just that the door was open. She put the food box on the table and was about to take out the food inside. Ana Lin said, “Yu’s mother, don’t take it, I’m not hungry.”

She has no appetite at all, and she feels a little heavy.

“It’s almost noon now, how can you not be hungry, after all, you are not alone now, did I come late and I was too hungry?”

Phillip Zong came over, “You pack your things and leave the hospital today.”

Wanda was surprised, “I haven’t observed it for a week, can I leave the hospital now?”

“Well, you can clean it up.” Phillip Zong had no expression on his face, obviously he didn’t want to say more. Wanda also understood his face, and didn’t say anything, went to the cabinet to pack Ana Lin’s daily necessities.

Phillip Zong took out the food in the food box. The food box has a heat preservation function, and the food inside is still warm. He put the food on the bedside table, holding the porridge in his hand, and took a spoonful of it to his lips. The temperature is not hot before handing it to Ana Lin’s mouth.

Ana Lin looked at him without opening his mouth.

Phillip Zong handed it forward, pressing the porcelain spoon on her lower lip, “You are not hungry, isn’t your son hungry?”

Ana Lin grabbed his hand, “I want to see Foster Wen.”

“After eating, open your mouth.” Phillip Zong didn’t want her to see Foster Wen. With this physical condition, in case he was stimulated, he didn’t dare to think about the consequences. He couldn’t take any risks.

Ana Lin still didn’t open his mouth to eat, “Do you promise me?”

She felt that she had to talk to Foster Wen.

“threaten me?”

Ana Lin said nothing. She didn’t know if something like this would happen in the future. She was not afraid, but worried about him.

“Do you know? I’m very tortured inside. When I see you, I don’t dare to ask. I’m afraid you will be burdened. I really hate myself as I am now. Without this child…”

Before she finished her words, Phillip Zong suddenly sealed her lips, not a k*ss, but a very brutal bite, Ana Lin frowned and said nothing.

His palm covered her very flat lower abdomen. It was clear that a life had been bred in it, but there was no trace at all, but he could feel a heartbeat inside.

That is his child is growing up in it.

“No matter when, don’t say such things. He will be sad when he hears it. All you have to do is eat and sleep well, and don’t care about anything else.”

“What about you? Is it dangerous?” She was a little frightened when he took the gun, but she didn’t expect him to carry it.

Are you going to do something dangerous?

She is messy.

Phillip Zong gently wiped away the tears from the corners of her eyes, and brushed her fingers across her eyes and cheeks, “No, I want to grow old with you, reluctant to die, be good, don’t think crazy, eat something, wait for a while. We’ll leave when the energy comes.”

Ana Lin put his arms around his neck, buried his face in his neck, choked slightly, “Remember what you said, if you dare to have something, I will take your child to remarry, let your child take another man’s name. Put on you a big green hat.”

Phillip Zong bit her earlobe, maybe it hurts, Ana Lin trembled, his strength was a little loose, but what he said was fierce, “If you dare to find, I will chop off your adulterer and feed the dog. “

Ana Lin smiled angrily.

Phillip Zong touched her forehead, “My wife is not ugly, she is beautiful when she smiles.”

“Eat.” Phillip Zong picked up the bowl, but it was not cold, Ana Lin reached out, “I’ll do it myself.”

Phillip Zong refused to give it, scooped a spoonful of porridge and handed it to her mouth, “I’ll feed, take care of you, so that you don’t want to cuckold me every day.”

“Who gave you a cuckold?” Alan Su heard Phillip Zong’s voice when he walked to the door.

Phillip Zong glanced at him expressionlessly, and Milton Guan curled his mouth to stop.

Seeing him alone, Phillip Zong asked, “Where is Milton Guan?”

“Arrange a place to live, I’ll pick you up.” He went to the company to find Phillip Zong, and it happened that Keller Shen was taking someone to the company and asked Milton Guan to arrange it.

He heard about what happened today from Keller Shen, the online matter was solved, and he had nothing to do. Keller Shen was busier than him, and Milton Guan had to arrange a place to live, so he took care of the job.

Standing by the bed, he saw Phillip Zong waiting for someone for the first time. This scene is rare, he has to appreciate it.

Phillip Zong looked at him and asked his mother, “Is there anything to take?”

Wanda had already packed up, and there was nothing left, just the change of clothes for Ana Lin and Phillip Zong, and some daily necessities were packed. The big box contained clothes and the small box was daily necessities.

“Give it to him.”

Alan Su, “…”

He pulled the box and looked at Ana Lin, “Have you seen the sister-in-law? It’s just so inhuman.”

Ana Lin smiled.

Alan Su finished taking things, Wanda held the bunch of flowers on the table in her arms, stood aside, waited for Phillip Zong to feed Ana Lin and then left the hospital.

Ana Lin ate the bowl of porridge and ate a little bit of vegetables. The rest was really hard to eat.

“I am full?”

Ana Lin nodded, fearing that he would force himself again, and said quickly, “It’s uncomfortable to eat too much.”

Phillip Zong put down the dishes and chopsticks and went to wash his hands. When he came out, Yu’s mother cleared the table, holding the vase in one hand and the food container in the other.

He walked over and bent over to hug Ana Lin, “Let’s go.”

She was thin, Phillip Zong only used 20% of his strength to pick her up easily, and Ana Lin put his arms around his neck.

Wanda followed behind him.

After getting on the elevator and quickly reaching the first floor, Phillip Zong hugged her and walked out of the hospital. Alan Su’s car stopped on the side of the road. He opened the door so that Phillip Zong could sit in with Ana Lin.

Just when Phillip Zong was about to put Ana Lin in the back seat…

“Zong Zong.”

A voice came from behind.

Chapter 432

Even if he didn’t look back, Phillip Zong knew who the person was, but he didn’t mean to deal with him.

He calmly placed Ana Lin in the back seat and closed the door, as if he didn’t want Jenkin Baibai to see her.

He walked towards Jenkin Bai, holding the armrests on both sides of the wheelchair with both hands, looking down at him, Jenkin Bai did not move his head and looked at him.

The eyes are facing each other, the invisible sword light and sword shadow.

Phillip Zong raised his lips, the sharp light seemed to penetrate human flesh and blood, “President Bai, don’t worry about anything else…”

While speaking, he glanced at Jenkin Bai’s legs, and the meaning was self-evident, “My wife doesn’t like you, don’t bother.”

What Phillip Zong hated the most was that Jenkin Bai knew that Ana Lin was a married woman, and he had to worry about it in his heart.

Love without regrets?

The corners of his lips became more and more sarcasm and mean, “Even if my wife wants to find another one, Mr. Bai will not be ranked.”

Jenkin Bai bit her back tooth socket tightly to restrain the change of facial expression.

The legs are the most unacceptable fact in his heart.

He twitched the corners of his lips, “Zong, are you afraid to be so mean?”

Phillip Zong smiled, the meaning of the smile is not clear, but also full of deep meaning, “Afraid? Yes, I am afraid that I will run into a dead skinny face.”

Jenkin Bai worked hard to maintain his demeanor, “I came to see Zong Zong today. I know that a lot of things have happened recently. I don’t think Zong Zong is easy. It’s better to work together regardless of previous complaints.”

Phillip Zong raised his lips, the cloud was light and light, “It’s not easy, don’t bother Bai always worry about it, and stay away from me.”

After speaking, he straightened up, copied his pockets with one hand, glanced at him lightly, turned and walked towards the car without saying a word.

Jenkin Bai looked at his back, “I know that Zong is always a proud person, but now is not the time to care about this. She is pregnant now, and the situation outside is very unfavorable to her. Even for her, she should shake hands. And, get through the current difficulties first.”

“President Bai should this be Baicheng?” Alan Su interjected mockingly, disliked the tone of Jenkin Bai’s words. He kept saying for Ana Lin’s sake. Who is he? What status?

How could you be so shameless?

“I don’t know what Bai always can cooperate with.”

Jenkin Bai didn’t look away from Phillip Zong’s body, and said confidently, “I accidentally ran into an obstetrician and gynecologist not long ago. It’s said that Zong Qifeng took a woman to give birth there more than 30 years ago. This is not surprising, but it is strange that she is not a doctor in a big hospital, but a small hospital in the suburbs, and the woman was hurriedly taken away after giving birth. Don’t you wonder who that woman is? Presumably your mother, Wenxian, would not go to such a small hospital to give birth, right?”

He knew that Ana Lin’s matter was his chance to bring down Foster Wen, but his own strength was not enough and he had to pull Phillip Zong up, so he was secretly investigating what happened more than 30 years ago.

Time is too long and there are not many clues, but he is lucky.

He is a blind cat and a dead mouse.

Without any clues, he could only set a goal according to his own speculation.

That is to find evidence that Danna Cheng had produced.

As long as it proves that she has given birth, he will not need to investigate the next thing, and it will slowly surface because of this incident.

City B is very big, but there are a lot of hospitals. As long as he lays down a lot of manpower, he can always find clues. Sure enough, his efforts paid off.

As long as it proves that Foster Wen is not Phillip Zong’s uncle, would Phillip Zong have any scruples about Fu Foster?

Foster Wen can solve Ana Lin’s dilemma now, and he can also avenge his adoptive father, killing two birds with one stone.

Phillip Zong’s steps stopped, his body was stretched straight, and there was no expression on his face.

Ana Lin didn’t expect Jenkin Bai to find out the clues. Didn’t he promise not to pursue this matter?

She was a little panicked, her hands trembled involuntarily, she pressed down the car window and looked at Phillip Zong, “Let’s go, I’m tired.”

Yu Guang glanced at Jenkin Bai, but she quickly retracted her gaze.

Alan Su stood by the car and didn’t dare to interrupt. What’s the situation?

Thirty years ago, Zong Qifeng took a woman to a small suburban hospital to give birth?

“Phillip.” Ana Lin whispered to him again.

Phillip Zong turned his head and glanced at Jenkin Bai. There seemed to be no waves, but in fact the dark tide was already surging.

He has always known that the thing Ana Lin had concealed from him may be about him. If he was still guessing before, then Ana Lin’s panic after Jenkin Bai’s remarks was enough to prove that his guess was correct.

The relationship between Ana Lin and Danna Cheng, a woman more than 30 years ago…

It looks like a mess, but it’s a straight line.

Thousands of thoughts did not show any signs on his face. He walked to the front of the car and reached into the window to touch Ana Lin’s face.

Ana Lin grabbed his hand and held it tightly, “I feel a little sick, let’s go home.”

With cold hands and sweaty palms, Phillip Zong opened the car door because she was afraid that she would really get fetal air.

Ana Lin moved inside to give him a place. Even though the waves were rolling in his heart at this moment, he never showed a half in front of Ana Lin. Instead, he touched her belly with concern, “Is this uncomfortable?”

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