Entangled Love After Divorce Chapter 433 – 435

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Chapter 433

Ana Lin snuggled in his arms and shook his head, “I just don’t want you to listen to Jenkin Bai’s nonsense. When he wants to avenge his adoptive father, he sees that we are now arguing with Wenqin, and wants to take advantage of us. benefit.”

Alan Su opened the car, but he was very curious about Jenkin Bai’s words. Thirty years ago, Zong Qifeng took a woman to a small clinic to give birth. Who is that woman? Besides Danna Cheng Zong Kaifeng, there are other women? Could it be possible that Phillip has an illegitimate sister or younger brother outside?

After all, Danna Cheng claimed to be married to Zong Qifeng and had no children for a lifetime, so he could only exclude Danna Cheng.

But after hearing Ana Lin’s words, Jenkin Bai didn’t ask much if he had a purpose.

Phillip Zong pressed the corners of his lips, wrapped her arms around her neck, and gently rubbed her fingers back and forth on her face, “I can’t believe me so? Wouldn’t I see his tricks? “

Ana Lin hugged his waist and lay on his chest, his eyelashes drooping slightly to cover his thoughts, “It’s me who is worrying about it, you must be able to see through his tricks.”

No matter what, Phillip Zong can’t continue to listen to Jenkin Bai now, otherwise this secret that has been hidden for more than 30 years will be revealed.

If it reaches Foster Wen’s ears, this will be unimaginable.

She only walked close to Danna Cheng, and she was crazy like this. If she knew that Phillip Zong was not her nephew, not the child of her dear sister, but Danna Cheng’s child.

All these years of proud and sincere family affection are all towards Danna Cheng’s son. What will happen to him?

How much reckless revenge is necessary?

Yes, Phillip Zong may not have to lose, but it is really a big fight, no one should think of retreating, and then the fish will die and the net will be broken. This land in City B, the gathering place of wealthy aristocrats, how many families want to replace the Zongwen family As long as the two families don’t split, no one will want to shake it, but it’s not impossible to wait until they both lose in the fight and enter the void and fall apart.

And she is like this, she can’t share a single bit for him, and it will cause him a lot of trouble, and he will be very passive.

If you want to know sooner or later, she hopes that it will be a little later, at least until she gives birth to a child, or stabilizes when she can take care of herself and not burden him.

What worries her even more is how he has to accept this fact.

The person who has hated for more than 20 years is his biological mother. How can he face it?

The more you care about him, the more afraid he will know.

In this matter, she admitted that she was selfish, and she did not want him to face the past.

It was too cruel for him.

The concealment of his biological father, the helplessness and deceit of his biological mother, he knew what the facts were, but he kept him in the dark for more than 20 years, allowing him to be cynic, cautious, and full of resentment and hatred in his heart. .

Then I told him that you shouldn’t have these resentments and hatreds. Just ask, what kind of mood is he going to face this situation?

Heartbroken regret, I have been wrong these years, I should not have hatred, I should not have resentment.

But-what did he do wrong?

Why should he bear all this?

She would rather he be Phillip Zong, the son of Zong Qifeng and Wen Xian.

Danna Cheng is willing to make up for the rest of her life with love and family affection. She knows that the pain of not being able to recognize her child, no amount of love can make up, but it is only one person that hurts.

The truth is clear, the most innocent is Phillip Zong. He was assigned an identity before he was born, and then he had to bear all the consequences of this incident.

Too unfair to him!

There is a layer of shallow water on her eyelashes, her face pressed against his heart, listening to his strong heartbeat, “I used to think that in this life, I would definitely not be able to feel the heartbeat, and loving someone is How do you feel, but after meeting you, what I thought was impossible to happen to me happened. I know how to like a person, know what heartbeat is, worry about gains and losses, and fear losing. “

Her mood fluctuated greatly, and Phillip Zong felt it. He hugged her slightly trembling body with both hands and k*ssed her hair. “Fool, thinking all day, who owns me if I am not yours? Not saying, I dare to run, just Mutilate my leg, why do you recognize it now?”

Ana Lin sniffed, “I once saw a book that said that women are most emotional when they are pregnant, and I might be like this now.”

Chapter 434

She raised her head, with dazzling teardrops hanging on her eyelashes, and said hoarsely, “When my problem is resolved, shall we take the children to live abroad, okay? Stay away from the troubles here and live a simple and ordinary life. Our home does not need to be too big, but there are you, me, and our children in it. I am responsible for cooking and taking care of the children. You are responsible for making money to support the family. On weekends, take them to hike, go out, watch the sunrise and sunset, and watch the children. We grow up little by little, we grow old slowly…”

However, she didn’t know that when the mystery of the complicated life experience was solved, they would return to their respective positions, and they would eventually be bound by family affection.

He possessed and k*ssed the teardrops from her eyes, “I listen to you.”

She closed her eyes and quietly felt the peace of this moment.

The appearance of Jenkin Bai scared her, and this tranquility was broken at any time.

She raised a bright smile, her eyebrows curled up, although her eyelashes were still wet, she couldn’t stop the brilliance at that moment, like soft sunlight rippling in his heart.

The car parked in the villa. The more crowded the place, the more difficult it is to prevent and control. Milton Guan chose the single-family villa of Phillip Zong, mainly where they lived before, and the surrounding area is also easy to prevent and control. An anti-theft sensor system was installed more than ten meters away from the entire villa. As long as someone stepped into the monitoring atmosphere, an alarm would be issued. Moreover, Keller Shen gave it to the people. There is no need to say that there are eight people in total and two shifts a day. Hours are kept outside the villa.

“It’s all packed.” Milton Guan said when he saw the car stopped and walked over.

Wanda got off the car and went back to the villa to see if the bed in the bedroom was cleaned up. Milton Guan is very good at doing things. Regarding what kind of environment the pregnant woman should rest in, he specifically asked the experts in this area, Ana Lin. Circumstances, first of all, you must have a good mood, live in a quiet and comfortable place, and have good air permeability.

Although Ana Lin was pregnant, he still lived in the room of the master bedroom upstairs. It was so quiet, and the rear window was a bamboo forest. Open the window to breathe fresh air, which is very suitable for people who stay in the house and cannot go out.

Wanda put the flowers brought back from the hospital on the head of the bed, then went downstairs and told Phillip Zong, “The assistant Guan inside cleaned it up properly.”

Phillip Zong took Ana Lin out of the car. Although Jenkin Bai suddenly appeared and said the words that seriously affected her mood, she did not express too much in front of Phillip Zong’s side.

At first, everyone was busy with her affairs, and her lifeless look would only make the atmosphere worse.

She looked at Milton Guan and Alan Su, “Thank you both for today. I will stay here for dinner tonight. By the way, call Keller Shen.”

She does want to thank these people, but she also has other purposes…

With her present body, Alan Su and Milton Guan did not dare to bother them. Facing her invitation, they looked at Phillip Zong hesitantly, as if they were asking, can they agree?

Ana Lin smiled, “I told you to eat here, and see what he does? Don’t I even have the face to invite you to dinner?”

“No…” Alan Sugang wanted to explain, and Phillip Zong said at this time, “Listen to her, you can find a chef to cook Milton Guan’s dinner.”

“Good.” Milton Guan was happy, and Phillip Zong admitted Ana Lin’s identity, that was Mrs. Zong, of course he was happy to be invited to dinner.

Because they didn’t have a wedding, but the fact that there was a woman around Phillip Zong was also spread, except for those people in the company and around Phillip Zong, no one dared to call her Mrs. Zong, after all, there was no wedding. People are afraid of calling them wrong, so they don’t call them.

Alan Su put things in the room and said, “I’ll go down and call Keller Shen.”

He can’t help here upstairs. Mom has to clean up those things.

Phillip Zong gave a light hmm, Wanda opened the quilt, and Phillip Zong put her on the bed. The quilts were all new and washed. The silk material was soft and thin, which was most suitable for this weather and very comfortable.

“It’s still comfortable at home.” Ana Lin said with emotion. The second floor of the hospital is, after all, a place with a lot of people, where there is a quiet home.

Phillip Zong put two pillows behind her to make her lean more comfortable.

Wanda put the clothes in the box and went down with the box, “When the chef comes over to prepare dinner, I will greet you from below.”

Phillip Zong said, “Pour a cup of hot water up.”

Wanda said yes, and then went down with the box.

The windows in the room were open, and there was a gentle breeze.

Ana Lin closed his eyes slightly and wanted to sleep. In fact, he was not sleepy. He just didn’t want to look at Phillip Zong for fear that he would find his ulterior motives.

“Sleepy.” He sat on the edge of the bed and looked at the woman who was half-squinted.

Ana Lin said, “Somewhat lacking.”

“It means mom pours the water, drink a little and then sleep.” Phillip Zong said.

Chapter 435

When Ana Lin suddenly invited them to stay for dinner, Phillip Zong only thought that she was really thanking her, and didn’t think too much.

But now her deliberate avoidance gave him a little more exploration.

After hearing Jenkin Bai’s words, she was so at a loss, and so excited when facing him, she couldn’t hide the worry and fear with emotion.

What is her purpose for inviting them to dinner?

I had doubts in my heart, but never revealed it.

At this time Wanda brought the water, Phillip Zong brought it over and handed it to Ana Lin.

She looked at him blankly, “Didn’t you drink it?”

“When you drink it well, I will drink it again.” He said lightly.

“How do you know I’m thirsty?” He told Wanda to pour the water, and she thought he was thirsty.

Phillip Zong pinned a strand of her messy hair behind her ears, and said gently, “Your lips are too dry. You just cried in the car, and your mouth will be dry. Even if you are not thirsty, you should drink some moisturizing throat. It will be uncomfortable.”

Ana Lin smiled faintly through the action of drinking water, “Did you laugh at me in your heart?”

Phillip Zong pursed his lips and said nothing.

“I knew I was embarrassed today. It’s really stupid to be pregnant.” She didn’t control her emotions at the time, she was so excited, I wonder if he doubted anything.

“The book says that the woman was pregnant for three years.” Phillip Zong took the water glass she handed over, did not drink or put it down, but held the place she had just held, and said in a low voice, “I am not curious. Did you see it in the book?”

Ana Lin, “…”

“I’m sleepy.” Ana Lin took off a pillow and turned her back to him, so she wouldn’t ask.

Phillip Zong sat on the edge of the bed and didn’t move. He looked down at the water glass in his hand, handed it to his lips, and drank the water inside. I don’t know how long it took. He found that Ana Lin’s breathing became slow and even. Called her softly, but did not respond.

He should have fallen asleep. He stood up from the bed and didn’t go out. Ana Lin was not asleep, but just pretending. The moment Phillip Zong left the bed, she opened her eyes.

After a while, she turned her head and saw him standing in front of the window. She couldn’t see his expression, let alone guess his emotions.

But with Phillip Zong’s cleverness, he can always guess something.

He must be suspicious now, right?

She stretched out her hand to cover her abdomen, and her idea of ​​continuing to conceal the truth became more determined. She took out her mobile phone and sent a message to Keller Shen, “Get me a wheelchair, put it in your car, don’t tell anyone, don’t Reply to the message, I will tell you why later.”

The people around Phillip Zong, Keller Shen were prudent, so she chose Keller Shen.

When the message was sent, she put down the phone and closed her eyes. As everyone knows, her every move was presented to Phillip Zong through the glass window.

The moment Ana Lin closed his eyes, he turned his head back and walked to the bed…

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