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Chapter 436

He glanced at the phone next to the pillow, but didn’t pick it up to see who she was sending.

Instead, he lay down and hugged her from behind.

Ana Lin opened his eyes, but did not move, and then slowly closed his eyes.

at night.

The chef Milton Guan found made a large table of delicacies. The rectangular dining table in the living room was full. Wanda placed the plates with chopsticks and napkins neatly.

It’s not every year or festival, but there are so many people today that it seems to be as lively as a festival.

Keller Shen was relatively quiet, sitting on the sofa, holding his mobile phone and pondering the message Ana Lin had sent him.

He just came out of the morgue when he received a call from Alan Su to investigate the cause of Casey He’s death.

The official gave a statement today, suicide.

In order to make sure Casey He committed suicide, he brought a forensic doctor who was close to him and secretly examined Casey He’s body. There were no scars on her body, only a strangle mark on her neck, because Casey He was hanged.

But the forensic doctor still found out the suspicious point. He found human skin-like things in Casey He’s fingernails. As for what it is, it will be confirmed through laboratory tests.

After receiving Alan Su’s message, he went back to take a shower and changed into clean clothes. When he was about to come to the villa, he received a message from Ana Lin. His first reaction was to call Phillip Zong. Asked what happened, but thinking of Ana Lin’s refusal to speak, he didn’t make the call.

Following her request, she got a wheelchair in the back box of the car, and then came to the villa.

“What are you looking at?” Alan Su sat next to him, and had been looking at his mobile phone since he had been from the villa.

Keller Shen calmly pressed the phone screen to the black screen, and Alan Su seemed to see that it was confidence. Looking at him, “Who sent you the message and looked so absorbingly?”

Keller Shen put the phone in his pocket and glanced at him, “Could you not be so gossiping?”

Alan Su made a cut and sat on another sofa, “How rare I seem to be, I am not interested in information about an old virgin like you.”

Keller Shen, “…”

This person really is, his mouth is forgiving.

Milton Guan was peeling oranges. Hearing Alan Su’s words, he raised his head and glanced at Keller Shen, and asked gossiping, “At this age, are you really a virgin?”

Keller Shen, “…”

Alan Su was holding his stomach, not wanting to laugh at Keller Shen, but couldn’t help it.

Wanda came over and said, “After eating, you wash your hands, I’ll go upstairs and call them.”

Both of them did not sleep, but they both pretended to fall asleep. Hearing Yu’s voice, some pretended to be as if they had just woke up. Ana Lin didn’t know if Phillip Zong was asleep, but Phillip Zong knew Lin. Xin Yan didn’t fall asleep.

But he pretended that he didn’t know anything, and got up to wipe her hands with a wet towel. He was very serious. Ana Lin lowered his head and looked at his hands, “Everything has to be served, just like a waste person.”

Phillip Zong didn’t look up, still meticulous, “It’s much more useful than a waste person, at least it can give me a baby.”

After wiping, he collected the towel, put it on the table, and squeezed her face vigorously, “All day long, all nonsense, hug me.”

Phillip Zong held her arm around her neck, and lifted her from the bed in the princess’s embrace.

From pregnancy to now, Ana Lin is used to him holding himself.

Downstairs, they were all in the living room and saw Phillip Zong holding Ana Lin down and got up from the sofa.

Walking down the stairs, Phillip Zong walked towards the restaurant, “Sit down.”

He put Ana Lin on the chair, then opened the chair next to her and sat beside her. The three of them were sitting opposite Keller Shen. The dining table was very large. There were five of them and there were many places left. This is one A rectangular dining table that can accommodate fifteen people.

Alan Su said, “Today is very rich, thank you sister-in-law for the hospitality.”

Ana Lin said with a smile on his face, “I should be the one who thanked you. I am out of this stage, and you are not too busy. I remember it all.”

“Wanda.” She called Wanda.

“Eh.” Wanda walked over, she said, “Bring two bottles of wine from the wine cabinet.” She specifically asked, “White.”

Wanda responded and turned to get the wine.

It’s common to eat and drink, especially on such occasions, but Ana Lin also specially ordered white wine, what does it mean?

Do you want them all to be drunk?

Phillip Zong lowered his eyes and all his thoughts were obscured, and he did not express any opinions, leaving Ana Lin.

Wanda took two bottles of 80-year-old 500ml, both of which are 53 degrees Moutai. Most people cannot afford Moutai this year.

Ana Lin knew that there was a lot of wine in the wine cabinet. When she was in the villa, she opened it and saw that there were several bottles of Moutai with a long age and a high degree of alcohol.

There is only this kind of white wine, and there are many kinds of red wine. She ordered white wine, and Wanda naturally took this kind of wine.

She asked Wanda to open it, and said, “Pour it to Alan Su.”

She opened another bottle in front of her and went to see Phillip Zong, “I’m in a good mood, can I entertain them for a drink?”

Phillip Zong looked up at her, his deep eyes were like a bottomless lake, and he looked at each other for a few seconds. The corners of his lips rose slightly, and he outlined a gentle chuckle, “As long as you like it.”

He has no objection.

Chapter 437

Ana Lin curled his lips and smiled like Bibo’s clear eyes, “You said, I encounter such a thing, after they are busy, do I have to respect them? But I can’t be like this. Drink, you drink for me?”

While speaking, she filled the glass in front of Phillip Zong.

Phillip Zong glanced down at the full glass of white wine and raised his lips. It turned out that this Hongmen banquet was for him.

It’s still the smile to the bones, “Listen to you.”

Alan Su blinked, he seemed to smell an unusual breath, what are these two people doing? Sing them a double reed?

“Phillip, you guys are…”

What’s going on?

“On the Internet, you must have worked hard. I thank you. If you are unwilling to accept my gratitude, you will not drink it.” After being pregnant, she did not look at her mobile phone except to answer the phone in the hospital. It was the doctor’s round that day , A nurse browsed the news, watched the video while sneaking at her, she found the clues.

Only then took Wanda away and watched the news on her mobile phone.

Ana Lin said that this was the case, and he couldn’t refuse any more, so he had to pick it up, still staring at Phillip Zong a little uneasy, did he drink this wine or not?

Ana Lin handed Phillip Zong a wine glass, and he looked at her with his eyes down, he understood everything in his heart, and he accepted it very cooperatively.

White wine is not milder than red wine, and it is very rushing to drink. If you have not eaten before, drink this degree of wine on an empty stomach, and you will get drunk more easily.

Alan Su only had a small half cup, and after drinking it in one breath, the spicy brows might have been together. He took a chopsticks dish and stuffed it into his mouth, trying to suppress the burning sensation.

Ana Lin looked at Phillip Zong worriedly. He was expressionless, as if he had just drunk water. She knew his taste, and put a chopsticks to suit his taste and put it on the plate. .”

Phillip Zong came over and said in her ear, “Do you love me?”

Ana Lin hardened his heart and whispered, “No.” As if to prove that what he said was true, he filled the glass of wine in front of Phillip Zong again.

She put down the bottle, “You should drink this glass with Milton Guan. You are not in the company, how busy he is.”

“It’s all my own business, it should be, it should be.” Milton Guan was flattered.

It’s really easy to get drunk by dry drinking. When two glasses of white wine go down, Phillip Zong’s eyes have red blood. He looks okay. Ana Lin knows that he must be uncomfortable. Drinking this alcohol on an empty stomach will hurt people.

But she couldn’t get out without getting him drunk.

Even though it hurts terribly, he still refills him again, “You respect me this cup, I married you at the age of eighteen, and you gave me nothing, no wedding, no ceremony, a marriage certificate, or someone else took me. I’m going to talk about it, think about it, I’m kind of aggrieved, do you think you should…”

Before she finished her words, Phillip Zong poured the glass of wine down.

The blue veins on the forehead stretched out a tight line along with the contour of his face. His Adam’s apple rolled up and down, and his voice was very hoarse.

He refilled himself a wine glass while speaking, “Today I want to say something in front of my brother.”

“This woman.” Holding Ana Lin in his arms, “I thank her very much.”

The three men on the opposite side sat quietly and agreed, saying, “We all know.”

“You have to respect this cup and give birth to me Xiaoxi and Xiaorui.” After drinking it again, he continued to fill it up, “A glass can’t express my apology, my heart aches, missed and ignorant all those years, thank you Raise them well.”

What he said was from his heart, he had never said it, but he had never forgotten it in his heart.

Six years, too long, more than 3,000 days and nights, not only time, but also a lot of beauty and joy that he never participated in.

He has never experienced the tension and expectation of being a father at the door of the delivery room.

He didn’t know what his child looked like when he was born.

He didn’t know, when his child had his first tooth.

He didn’t know how old his child could talk, what did the first sentence say, whether he would call his father or mother first.

He didn’t know how it felt to hold a newborn baby.

Perhaps he deliberately wanted Ana Lin to achieve his goal, or perhaps it was a sad thing that touched the bottom of his heart, and he finished the bottle of wine by himself.

Also drunk.

He held Ana Lin and said nothing or let go.

I just want to hold, feel that this soft, warm, thinking, and alive woman, in her arms, feels that she is complete, flesh and blood.

“You are drunk.” Ana Lin patted him on the back.

He buried his head in her neck, “I’m not drunk, I’m just uncomfortable.”

He held Ana Lin’s hand to his heart, “It’s uncomfortable inside.”

Ana Lin flapped his eyelashes and said lowly, “I know, we will have a long time to come, and now you need to sleep.”

“Take him upstairs, please.” She looked at the three men opposite.

If you don’t know what’s going on at the beginning, it will become clear later that this meal is entirely for filling Phillip Zong wine.

As for why, it is not known.

Two people are enough, Keller Shen did not go up, but looked at Ana Lin, “What do you want to do?”

Ana Lin answered the wrong question, “Is his drinking capacity good?”

“Under normal circumstances, it’s not bad. After all, he is a business man who often drinks and socializes.” Even if he doesn’t have enough alcohol, he can still drink regularly.

“Did you say he was drunk?” Ana Lin asked.

Later, he was obviously pouring himself, and her actions were so obvious, he must know that he wanted to drink him and want him to be drunk.

“He is in a bad mood and gets drunk easily.” The subtext should be drunk, with emotion behind it.

Ana Lin took a deep breath and had already reached this point. She could only continue according to her plan.

“Wanda, go up and take care of him.” I was drunk, thirsty, and wanted to vomit without anyone taking care of him.

Wanda was soaking honey in the kitchen, Ana Lin pursed her lips, “Pour him water.”

She was afraid that he would sober up, and she would not have time.

“Where did I let you get the wheelchair?” She looked at Keller Shen.

“What do you want to do…”

“I don’t have much time, let’s talk to you as we walk.” Ana Lin interrupted him.

Wanda stood still, not advancing or retreating.

Drink so much wine, not even a glass of honey water?

Thinking about going to the kitchen, Wanda poured another cup, but still put the honey, of course, without Ana Lin’s gaze, secretly put it.

Keller Shen put the wheelchair next to Ana Lin, stretched out his hand to help her sit up, and then pushed her out.

When she got to the car, she helped Ana Lin get into the car, and the wheelchair folded in the back seat.

He got into the driving position and started the car, and at the same time asked, “Now I can say, you do everything possible to get drunk, who are you going to see? Or is there something?”

Chapter 438

Ana Lin knew that if she didn’t have enough reasons, she couldn’t convince Keller Shen, she would choose to send him a message, but she trusted him and believed that he could be tight-lipped.

“I’m going to see Jenkin Bai.” The last time she went to Jenkin Bai’s residence, she knew that he was staying in that hotel.

The corners of Keller Shen’s eyes twitched, and he knew how much Phillip Zong hated Jenkin Bai.

“Keller, you and Phillip have been brothers for many years, what do you think I should do?” Ana Lin was actually a little bit conflicted inside.

She was afraid of her selfishness, which made Phillip Zong regret.

After all, Danna Cheng is his mother.

Keller Shen was confused, “What do you want to say?”

“I mean, if Danna Cheng is Phillip’s biological mother, should I tell him?” She stared at Keller Shen’s face, looking for an answer that would calm her heart.

“How is it possible? If this is not true, it is absolutely impossible.” Keller Shen did not believe it.

This is incredible.

Danna Cheng is Phillip Zong’s mother?

Stop making such a joke.

“I’m serious. If it’s true, should you tell him?” Ana Lin’s expression and voice did not seem to be joking, and Keller Shen fell silent.

After a while, Keller Shen slowly said, “I don’t know, I think it should be difficult to deal with. The person who has been complaining for so long actually told him that he is his mother? What kind of attitude and Face this matter in a state of mind?”

He turned to look at Ana Lin, “Is this true?”

I always think this is too weird. Danna Cheng is Phillip Zong’s mother?

“Wen Xian and Zong Qifeng are family marriages, have you heard of this?” Ana Lin pursed his lips, his voice a little dumb.

Feel good luck.

“heard about it.”

“At that time, Wen Xian had someone he liked, and had no affection for Zong Qifeng. After marriage, the two were very respectful and had no real husband and wife. Wen Xian felt that she was so sorry to Zong Qifeng, so she wanted to find him a woman who could accompany him…

“That woman is Danna Cheng?” Keller Shen only felt that he was struck by lightning. How could there be such a thing.

Find a woman for your husband?

Just because you don’t like it?

“You should be aware of the power of the Wen family. Wen Xian wanted to give this child a rightful identity and told a big lie. No one in the Wen family knew, only the person involved.” She did not elaborate on many details.

Keller Shen had no idea what else he could say.

“But what are you doing to see Jenkin Bai? Is it possible that this matter has something to do with Jenkin Bai?” Keller Shen felt that this old thing seemed to involve many people.

“You have been to Baicheng and heard about Jenkin Bai’s life experience. He is Bai Hongfei’s adopted son, and Bai Hongfei used to be Danna Cheng’s first love… At that time Foster Wen discovered the relationship between Danna Cheng and Zong Qifeng, and felt that Danna Cheng was the first to destroy his sister’s marriage. Three…”

Keller Shen probably sorted out everything. That time in Baicheng, Roberson Cheng and Xiang Yunsha were related to the Cheng family.

“Jenkin Bai found the doctor who delivered Danna Cheng back then. His purpose is to join forces with Phillip to bring down Foster Wen. He was harmed by Foster Wen before he was resuscitated.” Ana Lin explained.

“You don’t want Phillip to know?” Although it was a question, it was in a positive tone.

Ana Lin clasped his hands and felt contradictory and uncomfortable. “I think it’s unfair to him. He was asked to bear the consequences for the things in his previous life. If Foster Wen knew the truth, I don’t know what things will turn into.”

“How much Foster Wen hates Danna Cheng, can’t you see it from you? Just walk a little closer, he has become so frantic and knows the truth…”

Is that still necessary? It must be upset.

“I don’t know, in case he knows in the future, will he blame me.” Ana Lin choked a little, this matter gave her a problem.

“Remember your original intention, future things, and talk about it in the future. I believe that Phillip knows why you did this. Maybe this secret will sink with the years and be buried by time.” Keller Shen stopped the car on the side of the road. , He didn’t know how to comfort Ana Lin, so he took a piece of paper and handed it to her.

Ana Lin didn’t answer, and wiped the corner of his eyes, “I’m fine.”

She didn’t feel sorry for Phillip Zong because of herself.

Keller Shen looked at her face, she was always thin, even if she was pregnant, she didn’t gain weight at all, she looked very weak, but she did not feel that she was a person who could not stand things at all.

She and Danna Cheng are close because they know this tortuous past.

Now that Jenkin Bai turned it out, she still handled it calmly, minimizing the damage caused by this incident.

If you think about this matter calmly, it will definitely be better for everyone as it is, no matter from which way you see this matter.

If Phillip Zong’s life experience is made public, what is it, bastard?

Not only do you have to face the pointers of your identity, how can you accept the deception for so long?

Do you hate yourself, or hate those who deceive him?

The truth is solved, and the world is turned upside down. What can be changed? Who is good for?

Keller Shen restarted the car and drove up, “I seem to understand why Phillip likes you.”

His voice was small, Ana Lin couldn’t hear clearly, “Huh?”

“Nothing.” Keller Shen drove the car intently.

Soon after arriving at the hotel, Keller Shen parked the car, pushed the car door down, and came to Ana Lin’s side, took the wheelchair from the back, and helped her get out of the car.

Keller Shen pushed her up the elevator, and when she reached that floor, she turned to look at Keller Shen, “You wait for me here.”

“Let’s go in quickly with you.” He was worried. After all, Jenkin Bai knew her thoughts well, and he had to ensure her safety when he sent people.

“That’s good.” He knew about it anyway, and there was nothing to hide.

When he arrived at the door of the room, Keller Shen rang the doorbell, and soon the door opened. Jenkin Bai was not surprised at the moment he saw Ana Lin.

When she deliberately interrupted herself at the entrance of the hospital, she knew she didn’t want Phillip Zong to know.

Jenkin Bai expected Ana Lin to come, so he asked Gao Gao to return to his room. He looked at Keller Shen, “I want to talk to Miss Lin alone.”

“She is physically inconvenient now, and I must guard her.” Keller Shen’s attitude was clear and tough.

Jenkin Bai smiled, “If you can come with her, you must know what it is. You have to be clear. The initiative is in my hands. I can choose not to talk about it.”

Keller Shen’s expression changed.

“Keller, it’s okay. You are waiting at the door. I will call you if something happens.” Ana Lin looked at him and shook his head at him, telling him not to be impulsive, “He will not be like me.”

Keller Shen glanced at Jenkin Bai, then turned and walked out of the room.

Bai Yin closed the door and looked at Ana Lin. He made no secret of his feelings for her, “Do you think I should be happy, or should I feel sad?”

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