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Chapter 439

Happy that she came to find herself, and sad that she took the initiative to find herself for another man.

Ana Lin didn’t want to waste time with him, and said directly, “You didn’t believe me, and I was disappointed. You must know why I came. Let’s just say, what conditions do you want to let this matter go? You want Find Foster Wen for revenge, I will not stop you, you are dead or alive, it has nothing to do with me, but you want to use Phillip Zong’s life experience to achieve the purpose of dealing with Foster Wen, I will never allow you to do this, don’t think, I Without telling Phillip Zong, there is no way for you. Don’t forget, this is City B. In addition to Phillip Zong, there is also Zong Qifeng.”

Although Zong Qifeng didn’t care about things for a long time, it didn’t mean that he was incapable. It must be very simple to deal with this foreign Jenkin Bai.

Ana Lin’s posture is not blindly low, both soft and hard, can negotiate terms, or come hard.

Jenkin Bai stared at her closely for a long time, then suddenly smiled, “For him, you really don’t spare any energy.”

“He is my husband, my child’s father, and I can do anything for him.” Ana Lin looked back at him frankly.

She has nothing to hide.

The smile on Jenkin Bai’s face could no longer be maintained, his hands tightly grasped the handrails, “If, my condition is you?”

“You will not degenerate to this point, I am a married woman who thinks she doesn’t have that great charm. Let’s talk, what do you have.” After hearing Jenkin Bai’s words, there was no wave on her face, as if he said It has nothing to do with yourself.

The calmness made Jenkin Bai feel incredible.

“You, are you a woman? Even if you don’t like me, after hearing my confession, shouldn’t it be said that you will make me feel like a failure.” Jenkin Bai made no secret of his loss.

“Do you think I have a seven-orifice exquisite heart? Can you give it to you in half? My heart is very small, one person can occupy it, and there is no gap. I hope we return to the subject and mention your terms. If you don’t want to talk about it , It’s okay. I’m here today, and it’s the last thing we have left. From now on, we are the enemy.”

After speaking, she shouted to the door, “Keller…”

“Wait.” Jenkin Bai didn’t expect that she would be so tough. The moment he saw her appear at the door, he was still wondering if he could use this to get her, take her out of here, and return to Baicheng. Live the usual life.

Who knows, she is so strong.

Let him like it, let him worry, there is nothing to do with her.

On the street opposite the hotel downstairs, there was a black business car parked. The man who was supposed to be sleeping in the villa because he was drunk was watching Jenkin Bai and Ana Lin’s every move in the room through the video.

The last time Jenkin Bai appeared in the ward to give Ana Lin flowers, Phillip Zong asked him to check his residence in City B. Although City B is large, there are many hotels that can be counted as stars, and it is easy to check.

Guessing that Ana Lin was doing everything possible to get drunk, he might have come to see Jenkin Bai, so he made people pretend to be the aunt who cleaned the room in the hotel and installed an invisible camera in the room.

He could clearly see and hear their every move and every word in the room.

He leaned on his back casually, his shirt folds wrinkled, his slender legs wrapped in trousers overlapped wantonly, one hand pulled off the button of the collar, and the other elbow was pressed against the armrest to support his forehead, covering most of it. A face, covering all expressions.

Inside the room.

Ana Lin didn’t immediately ask him if he had thought it out clearly and was willing to make a request, but waited patiently.

After a long time, Jenkin Bai turned her wheelchair and stayed in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows, overlooking this neon-bright city. “I have never lived for myself in my entire life. I lived in an orphanage when I was a child. No matter how hard I feel, I always like to laugh. Now, because it is so likable, no one likes a child who is bitter all day long. Later, he was adopted by Bai Hongfei.

I wanted him to recognize me and think he was right to adopt me. I tried my best to show myself and I study hard. , Striving to become a capable person. Later he passed away and left a last wish. I hope I will marry Danna Cheng’s daughter. Whether I like it or not, I will fulfill his last wish. Later, I accidentally saved you and found the jade in your hand. Bangle, I thought you were just like you. At first, you were holding the mentality of fulfilling Bai Hongfei’s last wish… But later, I slowly discovered that you are a very interesting girl…”

“Like you, is the only thing I don’t care about anyone’s thoughts and follow my heart.”

He turned the wheelchair and looked at her, “I am very happy to see you coming, but the purpose of your coming is because you don’t want another man to be hurt. I’m jealous, and I’m going to die from jealousy, it’s ridiculous.”

Ana Lin looked at him, with a trace of throbbing hidden in his eyes. Perhaps he was too unfortunate when he was a child, so he felt empathetic.

“I can prevent the doctor from appearing in front of him.” He rolled the wheelchair, face to face with her, his knees pressed against hers, “When I knew what I wanted, I wanted to use everything crazily, just to change A pair of normal legs, just to be able to stand in front of you, standing in front of you like a normal man.”

“A lot of times I feel inferior. Whenever I toss and turn around in the middle of the night, I have your face in my mind, I hate my appearance.”

His eyes were deep and red, shaking uncontrollably.

Ana Lin said in a low voice, “I’m not worth it.”

“Yes, you’re not worth it.” He leaned over and looked at her. The tip of his nose was only a few millimeters apart from hers, and it was only a little bit closer to each other. “But I can’t control my heart.”

Ana Lin clenched his fists, his body stiffened, and felt in his heart, not because of his confession, but his life experience. There are many unfairness in this world. Some people may not be in such a wealthy family when they are born. Can be safe and happy for a lifetime.

Some will be abandoned at birth.

“If you met me first, would you…”

“There is no if.” Ana Lin interrupted him, it’s impossible, she didn’t want to answer hypothetical questions.

His eyes reflected her look, “I can make that doctor disappear forever, no one can find it, there is only one request.”


Jenkin Bai stared at her lips without the lipstick, but they were still pink and all looked soft.

Ana Lin seemed to feel his intention and turned away. He clasped the back of her neck and forced her to look at himself.

He whispered, “I don’t want much, just a k*ss, don’t you want to give it to me?”

Ana Lin shook his head.

A flash of disappointment flashed through Jenkin Bai’s eyes, and a trace of smile soon appeared, “So unsympathetic to me?”

Chapter 440

“I like something…”


Before she could finish her words, Jenkin Bai’s lips pressed against her, blocking her unspoken words.

Her pupils shrank sharply, and her hands instinctively wanted to push him away.

“Don’t push me away, just this time… this time.” His voice was low, hoarsely pleading.

Ana Lin’s hand paused, and her heart trembled inexplicably, she felt his sorrow choked in her throat, unable to express his sorrow.

She stiffened.

After a long time, he scraped her lips and slid her cheeks to her ears, “The story of the essay set up you, I know it is my chance to avenge my adoptive father, in fact, it is more because of you, I don’t want you to be so. Bad things disturb Purity. Phillip Zong doesn’t know the truth for a day. He always has a touch of affection for Foster Wen. I pick up this matter because he has no worries and can deal with Foster Wen without any hindrance. , After all, I underestimated your feelings for him. I am jealous and envious. Take care of yourself. From this moment on, you will lose a man who likes you.”

He turned around, “I will leave. This time I won’t let you down. Today is the last time we meet. I won’t step into City B again. Go ahead.”

Ana Lin looked at his back, “Thank you.”

After speaking, she called Keller Shen outside the door.

Soon Keller Shen pushed the door in, and glanced at Jenkin Bai.

“Let’s go.” Ana Lin said lightly.

After all, Keller Shen didn’t say anything, and pushed her away.

He only asked after entering the elevator, “Are you agreeing?”

Her voice and expression were extremely cold, and she seemed unwilling to talk about it, “Yeah.”

“Keller, I am tired.” She pressed her eyebrows.

Keller Shen is not a fool, and Jenkin Bai can agree not to reveal the matter without any benefit, but there are some things he must remind Ana Lin, “I think you should be clear about Phillip’s temper. Jenkin Bai’s thoughts about you are not What secret, he will definitely not agree to it for no reason. If the condition mentioned is about you, I hope you simply refuse it.”

Ana Lin looked up at him, “What do you think he will do to me?”

Keller Shen pursed his lips and said nothing.

Ana Lin smiled, but there was endless coldness in his eyes, “Do you doubt that we have a physical transaction?”


“But that’s what you mean!” Ana Lin interrupted him coldly.

Keller Shen lowered his eyes, “I’m sorry.”

“You have such thoughts, it’s not just me that insults.”

Keller Shen’s thoughts flashed in his heart for a moment, and then he blurted out. It was really wrong, and he regretted it.

When she got off the elevator, Keller Shen pushed her down and out of the door of the hotel. When she went to the car, she saw Zong Qifeng coming here.

Keller Shen stopped, seemingly surprised to see each other, and soon seemed to know that they were here at the same time, probably because of the same thing.

After meeting with Jenkin Bai that day, Danna Cheng went back and talked to Zong Qifeng about Jenkin Bai, asking him to find someone to stare at Jenkin Bai, fearing that he would mess around.

What happened at the entrance of the hospital today naturally reached his ears.

“Have you seen Jenkin Bai?” Zong Qifeng stood with his hand in hand.

Ana Lin said, “He will leave City B, and he won’t show up about that doctor again.”

Zong Qifeng raised his eyebrows as if he didn’t expect that this matter would be resolved so quickly.

“He tried so hard to find someone, so he agreed to leave so easily, and he didn’t show it?”

Keller Shen also looked down at Ana Lin, also wondering why Jenkin Bai let go.

“He didn’t want to uncover the matter. His main purpose was Foster Wen and wanted to avenge Bai Hongfei. He also knew that dealing with Foster Wen was not a simple matter, so he decided to return to Baicheng first.” Ana Lin said.

Zong Qifeng still had a skeptical attitude, but when Ana Lin said so, he couldn’t say anything else, and sighed, “If you can’t hide it, just tell him.”

Over the years, he has grown old and tired.

Ana Lin was surprised. After so many years of hiding it, suddenly he didn’t care? Why did you come to see Jenkin Bai today?

“I don’t want him to hear from others, whether I, you, or Danna.”

Ana Lin frowned tightly, somewhat unable to accept such an answer, “Then why did you hide it in the first place, did you consider his feelings? Is he to kneel in front of Danna Cheng to confess his indifference over the years, or to him and Foster Wen? Fight to death and life? You know Foster Wen’s feelings for Wen Xian better than anyone—I’m sorry, I’m so excited.”

Ana Lin closed her eyes, she held her forehead, and her tight nerves were about to break her.

Zong Qifeng was not angry. What she said made sense. At first, they concealed the truth. They made Phillip Zong filled with resentment from being careful. Now…

“It’s late, go back early.” Zong Qifeng just wanted to turn around, as if thinking of something, looking at her, “Xiao Xi Xiaorui missed you, if it is convenient, call me and I will take them there.”

Ana Lin said yes.

Feng Shu opened the door, Zong Qifeng bent onto the car and left.

Keller Shen asked, “Shall we go now?”

Ana Lin shook her head. She needed a little time to calm down. She didn’t want to go back like this, and she didn’t want Phillip Zong to see her like this.

I don’t know if it is too agitated, the fetal gas is moving, and it is a little uncomfortable.

Keller Shen raised his hand to comfort her, but when his hand was about to fall on her shoulder, he paused for a while, as if he felt wrong, and took it back.

Just staying with her, standing quietly on the side of the road.

However, everything that happened here was seen by the people in the car parked on the opposite road.

He raised the window, and then the car sprinted away quickly.

When passing by Ana Lin, she inadvertently raised her eyes and collided with the gaze of the man in the car, but the speed was too fast, and she did not find whose gaze it was.

The people in the car slowly looked back at Ana Lin until they couldn’t see Ana Lin.

In the dark night, it began to rain, swelling and falling from the sky.

For many years, he has been acting in the intriguing shopping mall for many years, and he has cultivated calmly and calmly. No one wants to pry out his true thoughts.

Even in the rough seas, he can still be calm and calm on his face. At this moment, his expression, eyes, and even his voice are like rain outside, clear and cold, and faint.

“This matter must be carried out in secret. If you find any clues, report it to me directly.”


Soon the car disappeared in the heavy rain late at night.

Because it was raining, Ana Lin got into the car, her face was not very good, and Keller Shen was a little worried, “Are you going to the hospital?”

Her own body, she knew, “It’s okay, go back.”

Keller Shen wanted to say something, but when she saw her tired look, he didn’t say anything.

Soon the car stopped at the villa.

Chapter 441

The rain was too heavy, and Keller Shen asked her to wait for herself in the car, “I’ll get an umbrella.”

He braved the rain to find an umbrella in the trunk and opened it. The rain slammed on the umbrella. He walked to the co-pilot and opened the door, “The rain is too heavy, take you in.”

Ana Lin stepped on the pedal to get off the car, and Keller Shen hurriedly covered her with an umbrella.

She held Keller Shen’s arm, “It’s okay, I can walk, just this way.”

Keller Shen did not reluctantly, after all, men and women are not getting married.

He just walked slowly. When he got to the house, he took the umbrella. Alan Su and Milton Guan had already left. The dining room was also cleaned up. Wanda was cleaning the kitchen.

She looked back at Keller Shen who was standing under the eaves. The rain poured down from the sky. There was even a hint of moisture in the wind. She whispered, “I am in a bad mood today. Don’t mind what you say.”

“I know.” Keller Shen pursed his lips, “I should apologize to you, how can I doubt you like that.”

“Alan Su Milton, where do you tell them, don’t say that I didn’t go out today.” She left the villa with Keller Shen at the time and did not evade the two of them. They couldn’t see anyone next time, so they would definitely ask Wanda where they were going. .

“I’ll call them, you can go in, it’s been a long time since I went out.”

Ana Lin nodded, and exhorted, “You drive slowly. It rains again at night and you have poor vision.”

“I will.” Keller Shen answered.

Ana Lin turned and entered the house. Yu’s mother was coming out to throw trash outside. When she saw her standing, she put down the things in her hand and walked over quickly, “I will support you.”

Ana Lin held her hand and walked slowly in, “Wanda, don’t tell Phillip about my going out today.”

Wanda lowered her eyes and said, “Okay.”

“Has he been asleep? Did he vomit?” He was still worried about hurting his stomach, after all, he poured wine on an empty stomach.

“Fortunately.” Wanda kept her head down, not daring to look at Ana Lin’s eyes.

“I remember there is an anti-alcohol medicine at home, you can bring me one.”

Wanda hesitated and said, “Okay.”

After pouring a glass of water, she came over, took the medicine in one hand, and held Ana Lin upstairs with the other, “Be careful, pay attention to the stairs. The doctor told you not to go down.”

“I’m well-measured, it’s okay.” When she got upstairs, she opened the door. There was only a bedside lamp on in the room. The light was a bit dim. She could even smell the faint smell of alcohol. She took over the water glass in her hand. Reconciliation medicine, “Go down, here I can do it myself.”

Yu’s mother said to give her an exhortation, “Be careful, and call me whenever you have anything.”

Ana Lin walked slowly into the room with a soft humble, and when Wanda watched her walk to the bed, she closed the door and went downstairs when she was okay.

Phillip Zong was leaning on her side and hiding in the dark. She went to the bed and put the water and medicine on the table, sat on the bed and stretched out her hand to pull him, “Is it uncomfortable?”

His body is very heavy. When he didn’t want to turn over, Ana Lin couldn’t move him. He thought he was asleep, so he didn’t continue. Instead, he sat on the bedside and watched the rain beating the glass continuously. The eyelashes were slightly fanning, as if thinking about something.

Phillip Zong opened his eyes, but didn’t move.

One is lying down and the other is sitting, all with their own thoughts.

Ding dong.

A text message sounded on her mobile phone. She took out her mobile phone and slid the screen. It was sent by Jenkin Bai. She hesitated for a long time before opening it. There were not many words. I’m leaving, goodbye.

It is so heavy rain today, it is night again.

She sighed slightly, or she hoped everything would return to its original state.

Looking back at him, he is still lying down, his posture has not changed. As everyone knows, his eyes are like a cloud of dark clouds at this moment, thick as if the darkness cannot be changed.

She put down the phone, opened the quilt and lay down, her arms crossed his waist and just about to put her arms around him to sleep. Suddenly, her hands were caught. Before she could react, the man quickly grabbed her hands. , Turned her from the left to the right, and pressed her hands on the top of her head to make her unable to move, with her legs sandwiched between her legs, lying on top of her.

The alcohol on his body was heavy, Ana Lin frowned slightly, “Did you not sleep?”

He was silent, just staring at her lips for an instant, his eyebrows appeared sharp and distinct in the dim light.

His thumb is covering her lips. Her lips are very beautiful. The lips are full and rosy. The fingertips pass over her lips. They are very light and soft. His eyes are drooping and his thick eyelashes cover it. The pupils are sad.

Ana Lin couldn’t see what was wrong with him, “You…yes.”

She just wanted to open her mouth, his fingertips suddenly pressed down, squeezing the lips that she was about to open, he twisted it very hard, and the pink lips changed shape under his fingertips.

Ana Lin’s painful hands suddenly clenched, but could not move.

He looked carefully, crushing back and forth, Ana Lin silently endured it.

His strength was lighter, but he never left. Her lips seemed to grow flowers. He squeezed and touched.

Ana Lin only feels her lips are numb and painful. She is very tired today.

Something like water dripped on her face, and she had no time to see what it was in the future, and his lips covered her lips, sometimes k*ssing deeply, and sometimes fighting together.

It is pain.

It is unspeakable sadness.

It is being pulled into the abyss abruptly, struggling hard, every inch of reason, every inch of skin, torn to pieces and crumpled into a ball, life is better than death.

He let go of her hand, leaned in her ear and asked hoarsely, “Where have you been? I didn’t see you when I woke up. Do you know how scared I am?”

Ana Lin hugged him, “I didn’t leave, I’ve been there all the time.”

“Just now, did it hurt you?” His voice was muffled, as if it came from his chest, and seemed to tremble again.

Ana Lin turned his head and k*ssed his face, “No, did I make you drink and get angry?”

“Well, I want to vomit, my stomach is burning, I don’t know if I will die.”

Her voice was very soft, with reproach, “If you drink, you can talk crazy? I’ll give you the medicine to understand the wine, can you take it?”

“You feed me.” He said lowly.

Ana Lin gave a hum, and promised very refreshingly, because he poured his wine into his heart and panicked with guilt and distress.

“You get up, you can’t get up, how can I take the medicine.” Ana Lin gave him a light push, he turned down and lay beside him, Ana Lin got up, reached out and held the medicine in his hand, and passed it to his lips. side.

He opened his mouth and held her finger in his mouth. Ana Lin frowned and hurriedly retracted, “Get up and drink some water.”

He lay still, “You feed me.”

Ana Lin, “…”

How to feed this water, it will flow onto the quilt.

“Use your mouth.” He blinked.

His medicine was in his mouth and didn’t swallow it.

Ana Lin looked at him.

“My stomach hurts and I can’t get up.” Half of his face was stuck in the pillow, and he looked back at her aggrieved.

Does Ana Lin have any reason to refuse? She can only drink water, she has no experience in the first mouthful, did not hold it, swallowed, she continued another mouthful…

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