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Chapter 442

This time Ana Lin held it back. The two were so close. They were still a little bit embarrassed, but soon let go. She took possession of her, pressed his lips, and passed the water in her mouth to him.

Phillip Zong opened his eyes and looked at the face close at hand. His pupils were mixed with water, and a little bit of water was present. When Ana Lin got up and looked at him, those eyes became clear and deep again.

He curled his lips and put his arms around her, “Sleep with me.”

Ana Lin slid down and leaned in his arms. His arms were strong and strong, tightly enclosing her slender body.

The heavy rain outside the window was still majestic, as if to submerge the entire city before we would give up.

It was late at night, and Ana Lin slowly fell asleep in his arms.

But Phillip Zong didn’t have the slightest sleepiness. He looked out the window, dull and unclear.

After a night of rain, the air in the whole city was exceptionally fresh, and the birds were standing on the branches and chirping.

When Phillip Zong woke up, Ana Lin was still asleep. It might be due to pregnancy, or she slept too late yesterday. She was sleeping right now, and there was no sign of waking up.

He stretched out his hand to touch her cheek, and when he passed her lips inadvertently, he paused, his face sank, his eyes were not as gentle as they were just now, a little itchy Ana Lin moved, his palms were warm and pressed against them His palms were rubbed, like a kitten, Phillip Zong’s cold eyes became warm again, and he took possession of her and k*ssed her forehead.

The woman who fell asleep had no feeling at all.

He lifted the quilt, got out of bed gently, went to the bathroom to wash, and changed into a suit. When he went out, he glanced at the woman on the bed, still sleeping soundly, and glanced over the phone next to the pillow. She seemed to have received a message last night.

Who sent it?

He walked over and picked up the phone. Ana Lin’s phone had no password set, and it opened as soon as he swiped it. The first message was Jenkin Bai’s name.

His eyes darkened, his fingers paused, and then clicked on the content, I’m leaving, goodbye.

It wasn’t ambiguous, or it was a message that made him less angry, but what happened last night still made his heart depressed.

Slide the phone back to the homepage, put it back in place, turn around and go downstairs. Wanda prepared the meal. He dealt with two and went out. Before going out, he confessed, “Don’t tell her to let her sleep longer. Now, I will be hungry when I wake up.”

Wanda smiled and said, “Last night she…”

Phillip Zong thought for a while and said, “She wants two children. I’m going to see them over there. It’s okay.”

He didn’t want to say much about it.

Wanda smiled and said, “That’s good.”

She was like her body, she went out at night, she was a little worried, so she asked.

“I’m leaving.” Phillip Zong went out with the car key.

Last night Alan Su and Milton Guan came downstairs, but did not see Ana Lin and Keller Shen asking Wanda, “Where are they?”

Yu’s mother said she didn’t know, and the two didn’t ask any more. There was no one at home, and they left without staying. Only Yu’s mother knew that Phillip Zong had gone out last night, and she also confessed that she could not speak.

She can also be tight-lipped.

Walking out of the door, Phillip Zong took out his mobile phone and called Keller Shen, pressing the unlock button of the car key, he pulled the car door and got in the car, the phone was connected, he sat in the car and closed the door, “Has the cause of Casey He’s death been found?”

“The official reason was suicide, but I found evidence of homicide, and now I’m in the prison, looking for the murderer.” The test results of the stuff in Casey He’s nails came out. It was the skin tissue of the human body and the phenomenon of hair loss. This is enough to show that she is not simply suicide.

She should have fought with someone before she died, and the skin tissue in her nails should have been left behind when she caught the opponent’s skin during the fight. As for her hair loss, it should be caused by the murderer.

When Phillip Zong heard the news of her death, he knew this was strange. If she wanted to die, she would not wait until now to commit suicide.

“Call me if there are results.” When he finished saying that he was about to hang up, Keller Shen called to him, “The person you asked me to follow, there is indeed someone behind him, He Wenhuai, and the person who followed him saw them meet with his own eyes. It has been confirmed that the He family contributed his ability to become a policeman, but the B city police station is Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, and the He family’s background cannot hold him up.”

“I see, get people back.”

“it is good.”

He hung up the phone, put his phone on the center console, started the car and drove out.

In the rain last night, there was a lot of water on the road, and the tires splashed on the car body.

His fingers are slender and well-proportioned. His nails are neatly trimmed, and his nails are neat and elegant. He holds the steering wheel and looks particularly good.

The car was fast and steady, and soon stopped in the parking lot under the company building. He walked into the elevator and went straight to the top office area. When the elevator stopped, he stepped down.

Milton Guan was holding the document and was about to send it to his office for him to sign and review. When he saw him coming, he greeted him, “Zong Zong.”

Nothing was mentioned about Ana Lin’s going out last night. Keller Shen called and stopped him from talking nonsense, saying it was Ana Lin’s account.

He did not dare to ask nonsense.

Phillip Zong nodded slightly, his black suit was buttoned with a button, he copied his pocket with one hand, and walked towards the office, while confessing, “Last time I asked you to check Bai’s information, I sent it to my office.”

When he was in Baicheng last time, he asked Milton Guan to check Bai’s.

He also has some understanding of Bai’s wherever he is, but it is not thorough enough.

Milton Guan didn’t dare to ask more. What he wanted Bai’s information at this time, he could only do it.

Phillip Zong opened the door of the office, Milton Guan put the paper in his hand on the table, “I will get it now.”

After that, walked out of the office to get information.

Phillip Zong opened a button on the cuff with one hand. He opened the executive chair at the desk, sat down, and read the documents sent by Milton Guan. After there was no problem, he scribbled at the end and signed the words. .

It didn’t take long for Milton Guan to take all Bai’s information and put it on the table.

He gave Milton Guan the file after reading it.

Milton Guan picked it up. Phillip Zong had taken Bai’s information, but didn’t look up, “Wait.”

Milton Guan stood at the desk waiting for his instructions.

About half an hour later, I have a full understanding of Bai’s business division. Bai’s can solve the problem of so many people in Baicheng because Bai’s door industry and semiconductor have physical factories, which cover a large area. The number of workers has reached more than 20,000. The door industry is already well-known and sold at home and abroad. Mainly, they have their own team specializing in the development of smart lock cylinders and environmental protection materials, which are very good at preventing theft and environmental protection.

This is also the reason why it can continue to develop strongly.

He went through these domestic companies in his head, and finally selected two, “I remember Mr. Tang’s brother-in-law is also a semiconductor?”

Milton Guan nodded, “Yes, it ranks among the best in China.”

“Ask him for me, and Mr. Wang.”

“President Wang?” Milton Guan didn’t respond. They didn’t have business dealings with this President Wang, right?

“The one that asked me for financing last time.” Phillip Zong reminded.

“Oh, don’t you look down on that company? Just do it.” He refused directly at the time.

Phillip Zong leaned back and pulled the neckline, looking a little impatient.

“I’m going now.” Milton Guan held the file and left.

I’m afraid he is angry.

Chapter 443

The entire Bai’s involves three fields, door industry, semiconductor, and real estate.

The local hotels and shopping malls were all developed by Baishi. The white paper solved the problem of local population employment, but there was no entry of migrant workers, resulting in a small population in Baicheng. Therefore, Baishi’s real estate development is outside, just closed. On the information given to him, he also saw which cities they were distributed in.

He happened to know a few real estate tycoons, who developed real estate all over the country. He picked up the phone and dialed out.

The phone was connected soon, and the secretary first answered, “I, Phillip Zong, find boss Xu.”

Over there, Boss Xu is looking at the sales situation this month, and he seems very happy. It has reached the standard of this month, and it has exceeded it.

Naturally, I feel good.

With a cigarette in his mouth, the secretary came over, “President Zong called.”

Boss Xu looked up at the secretary, “Who?”

It seems that I have auditory hallucinations.

“Zong Zong, Wanyue Group.” The secretary reminded.

Boss Xu glanced at the secretary, “Am I not aware of his number? I was surprised that he would find me and call me.”

The secretary answered the phone, and Boss Xu picked it up, smiling, “Zong? I’m really flattered, why do you think of me.”

Phillip Zong was holding the phone, leaning on the back of the chair, and turning his pen back and forth between his fingers. It was the tone of business entertainment. It was neither cold nor hot, but in the right tone. He chuckled, “Boss Xu, this is to blame for my contact. Is missing?”

“Don’t dare, Zong always does big things. I heard that the new energy development invested a while ago has been developed. Congratulations.”

Phillip Zong has completely reformed Wanyue. No industry will continue to flourish, and it will decline. This is an unchangeable fact, because the rise of an industry will also attract a large number of competitors.

The cake is so big, the more people eat, the profit will naturally be smaller.

Every industry is also advancing through continuous pioneering and continuous reforms, but these require a large amount of financial support. Those with a weak foundation are naturally eliminated, and reform and innovation cannot be realized at all.

In this area of ​​innovation, the initial investment is very large, and those who do not have a family background dare not touch it.

Phillip Zong knew for a long time that he had already begun reforms in the past few years. Under the premise of continuous innovation in the original main business and maintaining the leadership in the field, he recruited talents, cherished talents, was willing to pay for the capital, and had a group of very capable Of researchers.

He invested in pharmaceutical R&D, new energy, CPU…

Outsiders know that he and President Tang have opened an excellent investment bank. In fact, he is the person in charge. President Tang just puts his name on him and will pay dividends every year.

It’s not easy to eat alone, and it’s easy to get into trouble. Bank President Tang has connections in this area.

Investment banks naturally focus on investment. As long as the interest rate is a little higher than that of ordinary banks, it can attract investors.

If he has investment vision, he can use what investors invest in to invest in what he wants to develop.

And no one knows that the industries he invests in are all major shareholders, developers, and money banks.

Only one-third of the profit is spent.

The innovation of a new project means that it will occupy the top of the industry, and it is also the beginning of an era of huge profits. Of course, the latter are the latter.

When the industry heats down, new technologies in another field of his are available, which will influence his investment in many fields.

Infinite loop, creating the loop chain he wants.

And he is the ultimate controller.

Now the model he wants is basically on the right track.

“I have a project here. If the boss is interested, you can join it.” Businessmen are all profitable, and will not give you sweets and will not do things willingly for you.

At this point, Phillip Zong controlled very accurately.

Everyone is sensible, and this sweetness is definitely not given for nothing, “Zong Zong has nothing to say about it.”

Phillip Zong glanced at Bai’s information. There were urban areas where Bai’s real estate was developed. “Do these cities and Bai’s real estate have conflicts with your company?”

Smart people speak, until you click, Boss Xu is also a wonderful person, “Which industry has no competition, and the peers are enemies, so naturally there is conflict. This Bai family and Zong always have a holiday?”

“I just don’t like this person.”

“The person Zong doesn’t like is naturally not a good person. I dare not say anything else. Leave this to me.” Boss Xu agreed.

If he does something, Phillip Zong will definitely benefit him, and there is personal affection on both sides.

Besides, it does no harm to him. It is good for him to investigate and kill an opponent carefully.

“Then I am waiting for the good news from Boss Xu. Although the new energy project has been developed, Boss Xu can add a share to you if he is interested.”

“Oh, Mr. Zong is polite, he must be interested, and Mr. Zong waits for good news from me.” Boss Xu’s mouth was about to crack his ears.

Joining at this time means sharing money, although you can only buy one share, there will be a lot of money at that time.

“Boss Xu directly find Milton Guan, and I will tell him.”

“Good, good.”

After a few words of greeting, Phillip Zong hung up the phone, and Milton Guan knocked on the door and came in. Tang’s brother-in-law was surnamed Li, quite young.

“When people come, do you want to talk here or go to the reception room.”

Phillip Zong said, “Come in and let the secretary make two cups of coffee.”

Milton Guan nodded and stepped back.

Li Qirui wears cropped trousers with exposed ankles, a pair of brown casual leather shoes, a white T-shirt on the upper body, a blue suit, a silver chain with a skull on her neck, and a limited edition one on her wrist The Diagono watch is dyed with the popular grandma gray.

Because of the relationship between Phillip Zong and Governor Tang, after having eaten a few meals together, they were considered very familiar. In addition, when he came, Governor Tang had ordered that if Phillip Zong had any explanation, he would do it.

“Zong Zong.” He greeted with a smile.

Phillip Zong raised his hand, “Sit down.”

“My brother-in-law has said that you are not an outsider even if you have something to order.” Li Qirui opened the chair and sat down.

Phillip Zong chuckled, “It seems I have to invite your brother-in-law to dinner.”

“Can you take me? He doesn’t like to take me to play.” Li Qirui complained about this brother-in-law.

“Yes.” Phillip Zong said the topic, “Bai’s Semiconductor does a good job?”

“My competitor is a crippled man in a wheelchair. I have seen it a few times, so I am a little capable.”

“I can have a price war with him recently, and I will replenish you for the difference.”

Boss Xu did it, and Li Qirui shot at the same time. Even if Jenkin Bai had three heads and six arms, it was enough for him to drink a pot, not to mention that he planned to do the three-pronged approach.

“That’s a bit outside. I couldn’t understand him at first. Last time I snatched a major customer from me, but I never found a chance to clean him up.” Speaking of Jenkin Bai, Li Qirui gritted his teeth a bit.

It’s not false at all to be with friends.

Li Qirui lay on the table, “Did you hear any wind? Or you can’t understand the cripple?”

Chapter 444

“I just heard that Bai’s Real Estate and Boss Xu got involved.” Phillip Zong deliberately said half of the words, and he figured out the rest for himself.

Li Qirui straightened his expression, “What do you mean…”


At this time the secretary knocked on the door, Phillip Zong leaned back and said lightly, “Come in.”

The secretary came in with coffee, one cup was placed in front of Phillip Zong, the other cup was placed in front of Li Qirui, then he stepped back and closed the door.

Li Qirui smiled, “Interesting.”

He took a sip of his coffee and pondered, “If Boss Xu is ruthless, that lame man will definitely be burnt, and I will make him lose a lot.”

Phillip Zong picked up the coffee and kept his eyelids down, making him want to chant.

He took a big sip of coffee, “My brother-in-law, the president of HSBC, wants to fight a price war with him, huh…”

First of all, he is not short of money.

If he can take the opportunity to squeeze Bai’s out of the market, he will account for two-thirds of the domestic market.

Originally, he and Bai’s were almost half of the market, and half of the retail investors were small companies, so he couldn’t see it.

Suddenly, Li Qirui patted the table, “That’s it.”

He was not stupid, he also thought about the pros and cons, squeezing Bai’s out of the market, it was only good for him.

And when he came, his brother-in-law told him so much that he just listened to the instructions and Phillip Zong asked him to do whatever he wanted.

Others didn’t know. As Tang Che’s brother-in-law, he knew very well how many things Phillip Zong held in his hand.

Tang Che, the excellent investment bank, said that it was a joint investment. In fact, Tang Che didn’t fill a penny. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to fill it. Phillip Zong didn’t give this opportunity.

It was a good relationship between the two. Tang Che was the one who really never stumbled when Phillip Zong first took over Wan Yue.

Tang Che is very smart and knows Phillip Zong’s abilities, so when Phillip Zong said that he would not share the shareholding system, he knew that Phillip Zong didn’t want people to get involved.

Therefore, he did not ask for a shareholding. As the head of HSBC, he had connections, so he proposed to say that it was a joint venture, which saved a lot of thoughtful people. Phillip Zong agreed at the beginning. First, he had some friendship with Tang Che, and second, he didn’t want to bother. Save someone to make trouble and waste time to solve.

Phillip Zong also made the decision after weighing the pros and cons.

Then the Excellent Investment Bank was established as everyone knows, and it was known that Tang Phillip and Phillip Zong jointly invested, but Phillip Zong was actually alone.

Phillip Zong is not high-profile in this regard.

But Phillip Zong didn’t treat Tang Che badly either, and he paid dividends every year.

It’s also very happy, don’t have to do anything, a lot of money into the account.

In the past few years, the development of outstanding investment banks has become more and more rapid. Wanyue Group has an elite pitcher team that accurately controls the economic trend. Wanyue has opened many branches abroad and can seize the opportunity at any time. Invest the least capital in time and get the most profit.

He posted an economic net.

But not much is known, only that he is investing in China.

Li Qirui lay on the table and looked at Phillip Zong with a smile, “Let’s see if I can…”

Before he finished speaking, Phillip Zong raised his eyelids and looked at him lightly.


“Well, I heard my brother-in-law say something, then I’ll go first, don’t forget to call me for dinner.” Li Qirui almost couldn’t hold back, thinking of Tang Che’s confession, he closed his mouth in time.

This is what Tang Che said to him, “The heart is changed. You help. Needless to say, he will remember. If you open your mouth and ask, you will lose the wind. People will send you the money if you don’t speak. , If someone has a profitable business, they will naturally call you. Once you come and go, you will be sentimental. If you get involved, you will become friends and become friends. Wouldn’t it be easy to talk about cooperation? Ruth, you said I’m right? ?”

At that time, he looked at Li Qirui very seriously, “What’s the use of you asking for a small favor? Is Phillip Zong short of that money? The excellent bank has just changed its name and called it excellent capital.”

Li Qirui was still too tender and could not hold back in the face of temptation.

Phillip Zong said that he would make up the price difference because he was deliberately tempted. Phillip Zong knew the thoughts of that old fox in Tang Che.

Li Qirui said as soon as he came in, Tang Che didn’t allow him to ask for benefits. If you have anything to do, just ask him, doesn’t it just want him to remember this favor.

He put down the coffee and asked Milton Guan to ask if Mr. Wang was here.

“Waiting for a long time.” Li Qirui came as soon as he entered the office and was waiting outside.

“Let him in.” He pressed his forehead.

Milton Guan went to call for someone. Mr. Wang was a middle-aged man, of medium build and five-year-old official. He was holding a blue folder in his hand and was a little restrained. He put the documents on the table, “Zong, this is our company’s information. I used to be a door factory manager and started my own company. I have many ideas…”

Phillip Zong raised his hand to signal him to stop. He didn’t want to listen to his entrepreneurial history, nor was he interested in listening to his plans. The reason why he was chosen was because he was well controlled and a person with no background.

He didn’t have the energy to waste time on Jenkin Bai. The most urgent thing was to find out who else was behind Ana Lin. He wanted to find out.


His eyes sink, so he prefers simple and rough.

Wang always wanted him to invest in himself, but he didn’t expect…

“It’s not appropriate to dig people…”

“Then tell me how much I need to invest, how long will it take you to find a developer and develop a more advanced anti-theft lock core and advanced environmental protection materials than others. Without these, what would you compete for? Tell me.”

President Wang was speechless and couldn’t say a word. This was indeed a problem.

“It’s just to dig people, isn’t it too unkind…”

“The shopping mall is like a battlefield. You will determine whether you win or lose.” He raised his wrist and glanced at the time. “Give you two minutes.”

Originally, Mr. Wang only wanted to find an investor to do his own business. Now it seems that he has no background and it is really difficult to start a business in this city.

Although he was unwilling, he still agreed.

Phillip Zong stood up, “Go ahead and do it. I will let the assistant draw up a contract. The boss will still be you, and I’m just a shareholder.”

Mr. Wang knew in his heart that he was just a superficial boss, like a part-time job.

Phillip Zong stepped out of the office and called Milton Guan. When he was answering the phone, he heard the voice, said a few more words to him, and hung up the phone and walked over.

“Zong Zong.”

“You ask him to draw up a contract and ask him to go to the finance department to get a sum of money. Boss Xu will call you, don’t see him first, call me if you have something to do.” After the explanation, he stepped onto the elevator.

Milton Guan darkened the doorway inside.

I don’t see that the boss wants to see what he is doing first, what is the effect, and when a satisfactory result is achieved, then the next thing can be continued.

When Phillip Zong got off the elevator and was walking towards the car…

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