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Chapter 445

When Phillip Zong got off the elevator and was walking towards the car, a car drove in at the entrance and stopped beside his car.

Push the car door down with the people who are inside, and come here, “Where are you going?”

Keller Shen asked.

In fact, Phillip Zong was trying to find him, but he didn’t say immediately, but looked at him quietly, as if waiting for his next words.

It seemed to be waiting for his confession, and it seemed to be waiting for how much he found out about Casey’s death.

Keller Shen didn’t know what was wrong with him. He was inexplicably guilty. He didn’t seem to have done anything bad, right?

But, just didn’t dare to meet his sight.

The thing that accompanied Ana Lin out was never confessed to Phillip Zong. Ana Lin could find him because he trusted him. Without Ana Lin’s permission, he could not speak out.

He looked down at the ground, and there happened to be a small pebble. He stepped on it and teased under his feet, “I came to tell you, I found the murderer of Horolin, but I didn’t move her. What should I do now?”

Phillip Zong’s faint tone couldn’t hear any ups and downs, “Have you done anything wrong?”

“Huh?” Keller Shen looked up blankly, “I, what am I doing wrong?”

He, what did he find?

Phillip Zong chuckled lightly, “Look at you, my face is scared and pale, I’ll make a joke for you, why are you so excited?”

Keller Shen touched his nose, “Where I am excited, I just feel that what you said is inexplicable.”

Phillip Zong smiled without saying a word, and walked towards the car, “Let’s go.”

“Where to go?” Keller Shen was at a loss again.

“You found the clue, don’t continue digging, keep it for the New Year?” He pressed the unlock button, the car unlock light flashed, he came to the car door and got on the car, Keller Shen reacted and got busy in the passenger seat.

“If we rush to arrest people, will we behave in a hurry?” Keller Shen was worried. It’s not something ordinary people can do to buy people inside to commit crimes.

Phillip Zong glanced at him, “Can the snake come out if you don’t cut the grass?”

Keller Shen thinks about it, “I have someone get that woman out.”

“Is the murderer a woman?” Phillip Zong frowned.

Keller Shen nodded, “We are too arrogant, don’t ask anything, people will be silenced again.”

Keller Shen hasn’t been a fool in these years. Although he hasn’t been promoted to many officials, he has cultivated many of his own people.

Phillip Zong didn’t speak, he was tacitly approved.

Keller Shen took out his mobile phone and made a call. He confessed a few words to the other side, and finally said, “As soon as possible, I’ll be there later.”

Hearing the response over there, he hung up.

He leaned back in his chair with a relaxed look, “Did you really drink too much yesterday?”

Test him?

Phillip Zong turned to look at him and gave him an ambiguous answer, “What do you think?”

Keller Shen, “…”

“I, I will be killed by your husband and wife sooner or later.” Keller Shen is not stupid, so he rushes to Phillip Zong’s attitude, not as if he doesn’t know anything.

“That’s right, I’m drunk, I’m not a pig, I can still be stupid.” Keller Shen deliberately insinuates, he is easy to him.

It can’t be said to be broken, but also to endure Phillip Zong’s yin and yang.

When he is a monkey, play?

Who did he provoke?

“I am getting older and younger and younger.” At this time, the car stopped, Phillip Zong came down, and Keller Shen followed.

The back door of the B city prison. The big iron door is tall and wide. The iron door on the right has a small door. Usually the door is not open. The entrance and exit are small doors. Keller Shen first walked to the front and led the way. He worked as Zong Jing Don’t worry.

Keller Shen was familiar with the situation inside and said to the guard at the door, “I’m here to investigate a prisoner.”

The guard of Keller Shen’s identity was known, and he also came from time to time, so he opened the door without asking extra questions.

Phillip Zong walked beside him and glanced at him, “Keller, find a woman.”

Keller Shen suddenly stopped and looked at Phillip Zong.

“You, what did you say? No, what do you mean?” Why didn’t he sound so right?

Phillip Zong didn’t stop and continued to walk.


Keller Shen quickly followed and stopped him, “You mean, what do you mean?”

Phillip Zong frowned and looked at his impatient appearance, “Look at how calm you are, is it similar to menopause?”

Keller Shen, “…”

Going past him and walking into the building, Keller Shen was still standing there. He paused and looked at Keller Shen, “Are you going to stand still?”

Keller Shen gave a light cough and walked quickly, calming down a lot, “I became like this, and it was both your husband and wife.”

Ana Lin knew that he was Phillip Zong’s good brother, so he looked for him and told him everything.

The most terrible thing is that he knows everything but can’t say anything.

His expression was serious, and he said, “However, she is really nice to you, she is all about you, otherwise she won’t go to Jenkin Bai.”

This is a very obvious thing. If he doesn’t say it, Phillip Zong will know it.

Phillip Zong lightly squinted his eyes, concealing the strange emotions gushing from the bottom of his eyes for a moment.

When Ana Lin and Danna Cheng were close, but they refused to confess, he knew that most of them were related to himself.

He didn’t want to explore.

This time, Jenkin Bai appeared, let him confirm this matter.

Danna Cheng-it was a knot he had been cherishing for more than 20 years, a thorn in his heart.

Now, but…

He knew, but he didn’t want to pierce it.

He could not face the contradictions and complexity in his heart.

There are no words to describe his feelings. It is pain, a wound that is difficult to tell anyone.

That night, the water that fell on Ana Lin’s face was a sadness he couldn’t express.

Keller Shen seemed to ponder Phillip Zong’s words in his heart, and suddenly he said, “You can introduce me to my girlfriend.”

He doesn’t even have a woman at his age, it seems abnormal.

Phillip Zong glanced at him, “I thought you liked me.”


Keller Shen blinked, and when he reacted, he stared at him fiercely, “You only like men.”

He is normal!

real man!

At this time, someone came over and whispered, “You are interrogating privately. There is not much time. As soon as possible, people are inside.”

Inside is his lounge. He said he had something to ask the woman and brought her over.

Keller Shen said he knew.

He stood at the door, “I’ll guard, you go in, don’t make too much movement.”

He was afraid of being heard by others.

Keller Shen gave a hum, then opened the door.

There is a night shift in the prison. This room is a place to rest when there are prison guards on night shift.

The room is small and clean. There is a single bed against the wall. There is a table by the bed and a thermos bottle on the table. The woman was sitting on the edge of the bed with loose hair and wearing a blue striped prison uniform. She lowered her head and seemed to hear the door opening before lifting it up.

Chapter 446

The woman looks like fifty years old. It may also be because of her unsatisfactory life. She seems to be so old. She has short hair with equal ears, is not very tall, is very thin, and has no vision. She sees the two men who come in. There is fluctuation.

Keller Shen whispered to him next to Phillip Zong, “I have seen this woman’s imprisonment file. She killed her husband. The file was marked as intentional homicide and was sentenced to life imprisonment.”

The woman looked at them warily, “Who are you and what are you going to do?”

Especially for Keller Shen, because this person had already been there once in the morning, and he had also questioned the prisoners who lived in the same cell with Casey He.

It seems to be the cause of death of Casey He.

Keller Shen did not waste time with her, “Casey He was killed by you.”

The woman seemed a little shocked, “What are you talking about? Is there evidence?”

Keller Shen smiled, “When I was doing the interrogation this morning, I showed you my ID, so you know what my identity is.”

The woman is silent, as if she defaulted.

Keller Shen continued, “Of course, you need evidence to correct the killing. Don’t ask about this, and I will convince you. The file where you killed your husband contains your fingerprints and DNA, and I am in Casey He’s nails. Here, I found your DNA. There are scratches on the back of your neck, which are obviously caused by nails. When you interrogated you in the morning, you said that you scratched yourself because of itching. How itchy did you get blood from scratching your skin? ?

You lied at the time because you intended to cover up the conflict between you and Casey He. I know, you definitely did not kill people on purpose. Someone must have instigated you, right? “

The woman stared at Keller Shen for a long time, and suddenly she knelt down.

Keller Shen took a step back, “What are you doing? You should be clear. It’s useless to ask me to be lenient and strict, unless you tell me. Why do you want to kill? Of course, if you don’t tell me, I can find out. The people you can reach inside, just those, investigate one by one, and find out the cause sooner or later.”

He is both soft and hard.

The woman lowered her head and said, “I know that things will be revealed sooner or later. At that time, I was obsessed with it. The guard Han asked me to do it. He said that as long as I did it, my sentence would be reduced, so that I could go out. You know, my husband died. I have a daughter who is in the freshman year this year. She is my only concern. I originally thought that I could take care of her for two years…”

With that, the woman couldn’t cry.

Phillip Zong stood outside the aperture, unable to see his expression clearly.

Keller Shen was unexpected and admitted so quickly.

It’s just that it looks like a poor man.

The woman wiped a tear. “The year I came in, my daughter was just in high school and was only a teenager. My husband likes to gamble. Not only did the family have no money for her, but she also owed a lot of debts. Support yourself, and sometimes come to see me and give me some money for fear that I will not live well inside.”

The more women talk, the more sad they feel that they feel sorry for their daughter.

“I really want to go out and take care of my daughter, so… I know I was wrong and shouldn’t make such a mistake.”

Keller Shen could guess the woman’s thoughts in his heart, and probably the only daughter outside that could not let go.

“It is not easy for a girl to live in this city without any support or background. It takes more effort than others to survive. If you are willing to correct me, I can find a job for your daughter after graduation in the future. I have no problem at all. I can do what I say, and I can also write up a written statement.”

The woman looked at Keller Shen, and his words came to her heart. She didn’t want her daughter to return to her hometown. She killed her husband. Everyone in the family knew that others would definitely point her to her, saying that her mother was a murderer. Commit.

Keller Shen had evidence in her hand. It would be useless if she didn’t admit it. She didn’t think Keller Shen looked like a bad person, she had no other choice.

“I believe you, you don’t need to write any evidence, just hope that if she encounters difficulties in the future, please help her and don’t let her go the wrong way.” How could she not know that a girl survives in this society How difficult is it.

You may have to go the wrong way if you are not careful.

Of course she believes in her daughter, but who can tell the future.

In case something difficult happens, and there is no relative, who does she rely on?

Keller Shen is very direct, “I am not a local either. I thank you for your trust, and thank you very much for your confession. If she encounters difficulties in the future or needs money, I will definitely help.”

“Thank you, thank you.” The woman kowtows to him when she lies on the ground.

Keller Shen stopped her, “I hope you don’t tell anyone about the things we meet. It’s still the same as usual. Can you do it?”

Occupy Shi can’t get rid of it.

The woman nodded.

Keller Shen turned to look at Phillip Zong, “It seems that it is the one.”

The surname Han is Chen Qing.

Phillip Zong turned and walked outside without a word. Keller Shen confessed to the people outside, “Bring the people back, leave them alone, don’t let people see them.”

When he finished saying that he was about to leave, the woman stood at the door looking at him, “My daughter is in Huaqing University, freshman, and her name is Marsha Sang.”

She walked over and took out the hundreds of dollars wrapped in her handkerchief from her pocket. These were all given to her by her daughter who came to visit her. In fact, she didn’t spend much money and saved them all.

She knew that it was not easy for her daughter to live outside.

“Thanks to my daughter.” She handed it to Keller Shen.

She didn’t know if she could see her daughter again.

She knows that whether it is looking directly at him or her, or the two people just now, they are not simple people, and she is afraid of many things.

The woman’s eyes were pleading, “Don’t tell her what I did.”

Keller Shen took it and said, “Okay, I won’t tell her, and the money will be passed on.”

“Thank you.”

Keller Shen nodded, and patted the person who arranged for him to meet with this daughter, “Let’s have a drink when I have time.”

“Well, let’s go quickly, so as not to be seen.” The man urged.

Keller Shen walked out, Phillip Zong was already in the car, he opened the door and got into the passenger seat, “What are you going to do now?”

Judging from the evidence in his hand, Chen Qing is using He Wenhuai to achieve the purpose of dismantling Phillip Zong and Ana Lin.

He snorted coldly, “Are you crazy about ghosts?”

As he spoke, he looked at Phillip Zong and smiled, “Looking good-looking is not necessarily a good thing. Look at how much trouble it causes. You know you have a wife. He is also rushing to give you your daughter. Tsk!”

Phillip Zong ignored him and drove out of the car.

“But serious, what are you going to do?” Keller Shen asked with a serious face.

This matter is no small matter.

Although Chen Qing does not hold the real power as Foster Wen, but the identity is in place.

The positions of Foster Wen and Chen Qing are similar to those in the previous wars. Chen Qing was the political commissar and Foster Wen was the general.

Chapter 447

Chen Qing’s official title in the title, but the real power is Foster Wen, and he has soldiers.

“I will think about it again.” Phillip Zong hasn’t thought of a solution that can completely solve this matter.

After all, this matter was provoked by Foster Wen, and Chen Qing resolved it here. If Foster Wen did not let go, he would still be unable to completely end the matter.

He doesn’t want to procrastinate, he can’t hit it with one hit, he won’t make a rush.

Keller Shen thought for a while, “I think Chen Qinghao solves the problem of holding his handle in his hand, where is Foster Wen…” He paused, “After all, my sister-in-law gave birth to two children for you. Murder-ridden-in fact, there is no need to worry too much.”

In fact, he wanted to say that Foster Wen need not be soft.

After all, Foster Wen is not his uncle.

Wen Xian is not his biological mother either.

Phillip Zong did not squint, and even the expression on his face did not fluctuate at all, as if he had not heard Keller Shen’s words.

In fact, he heard it all, but he didn’t show it on the face. It wasn’t that he was thinking about love. The last time Wenqin went to the company to find him, he made it clear.

Rather, the handle in his hand belonged to Chen Qing, not Foster Wen, and he didn’t let it go.

Unless Chen Qing ordered the murder, it has something to do with Foster Wen.

He squinted… as if thinking about something.

Keller Shen knew that this matter is simple to say but difficult to do.

After all, Phillip Zong is a human being, he has flesh and blood, thoughts, and feelings. I am afraid that he will have to consider the “Meet in the Army” who was called uncle in the past.

What’s more, he still doesn’t know that Foster Wen is not his uncle, so he must have to fight his heart.

Keller Shen thought silently in his heart.

Totally and Phillip Zong’s thoughts are no longer on the same channel.

“Go and see He Wenhuai.” Suddenly Phillip Zong said.

Keller Shen widened his eyes, “Did you think of a countermeasure?”

“Don’t reveal the real cause of Casey He’s death. To test Rios He’s death, it is the deal between him and Chen Qing or Foster Wen.”

He already had a countermeasure in his mind. No matter who he had a direct relationship with, he had to determine what role He Wenhuai played in Rios He’s death.

But he guessed that He Wenhuai didn’t know that he was just a piece of Chen Qing’s.

After all, Tiger Poison does not eat its seeds, unless it has no humanity, or Chen Qing’s benefits are large enough, but the He family is in business, and Chen Qing is afraid that it will not help much.

And how big a benefit can He Wenhuai lose two lives?

I’m afraid there are still many things Foster Wen doesn’t know.

“Okay. Stop here and get off the car.” Keller Shen said.

Phillip Zong parked the car on the side of the road, “Call me if you have news.”

Keller Shen pushed the door to get out of the car, and said when he closed the door, “Go, I’ll take a taxi.”

Phillip Zong glanced at him and drove the car out.

He raised his hand and glanced at the time. It was already afternoon, and he didn’t plan to go to the company, so he drove back to the villa.

At the gate, Roman Li was sitting on the fence by the flower pond. He stood up and Phillip Zong stopped the car when he saw the car coming.

“Why are you here?” He got out of the car.

Roman Li said, “I have something for you.”

As he said, he took out a USB flash drive from his pocket, “This is the whole process of the bar that day.”

Although Foster Wen had been discharged from the hospital, he was not in good spirits. He was recuperating at home. He stole Foster Wen’s computer password, downloaded the video about Ana Lin in it, and then completely deleted the original.

He didn’t know if the original copy was on the computer at home, and he didn’t know if it was archived elsewhere.

“Anyway, no matter what, this can prove my sister-in-law’s innocence. At least the last two shots were not fatal by her. The first shot was obviously fired with a sense of self-protection. This is self-defense.” He finished watching. Video so you know what happened.

Phillip Zong raised his eyes and looked at him, “Did you steal it?”

Roman Li nodded.

He lowered his eyes and his eyelashes moved slightly, Foster Wen was in the military position, and he held the real power. The computer can be opened with a password?

Roman Li knows a little bit. It’s okay to check the ID, to conquer a military officer’s computer, which has to make him doubt.

“You just opened it with a password?” Phillip Zong asked, raising his eyes.

Roman Li nodded honestly, “Yes, and it is saved directly on the desktop. I saw it as soon as I turned on the computer. I checked the computer at home by the way, and there is nothing else to save, unless his office computer still Have.”

“What do you suspect?”

Phillip Zong shook his head and said nothing, “You go back.”

He didn’t invite him in, he didn’t like anyone to bother Ana Lin at this time.

Roman Li didn’t enter the house just now because the people guarding the door didn’t let him in. This must be Phillip Zong’s account. He knew that Phillip Zong was in a bad mood these days because of Ana Lin’s affairs, so he was very witty.

He walked towards the car parked on the side of the road.

Phillip Zong stopped him, “I will wait for your dad in Furong Garden at eight o’clock in the evening.”

Roman Li looked back and was a little surprised. What is he going to do to see Foster Wen now?

But Phillip Zong didn’t want to explain his thoughts to him, turned around and stepped through the door.

Ana Lin wants two children, so today I asked Danna Cheng to bring the two children.

Danna Cheng realized that Ana Lin might be pregnant when she delivered food to her mother in those few days. Yu’s mother’s meals were good for pregnant women. When she came today, she specifically asked Ana Lin.

Ana Lin didn’t hide her from her either.

After all, she is not an outsider, but the child’s grandmother.

The driver sent them and left, so Phillip Zong didn’t see the car over there. He walked in and found two children there. One was lying on the sofa in the living room looking at something, and the other was studying the one placed in front of the French window. piano.

He came over, and there was his daughter lying on the sofa, reading Tang poetry, and the kind that was very focused, and someone standing behind her didn’t know.

Phillip Zong unbuttoned the suit, took it off, put it on the back of the sofa, bent over to read the book in her hand, and then, the little girl noticed someone, and she turned her head and saw the nearby He smiled and k*ssed his face, slobbering silk, sweetly calling, “Dad.”

The little girl seemed a little embarrassed and reached out to wipe his face.

Phillip Zong looked at her book on the sofa with great interest, “Starting to learn ancient poems?”

The little girl was very interested, “Yes, I am going to elementary school soon, of course I have to learn to read Tang poetry.”

“Oh, is it? How many will you read?”

The little girl was very happy and flaunted, “I will recite this poem.”

Phillip Zong glanced at the poem Goose] written by his daughter’s little finger, and the corners of his eyes twitched slightly.

He rubbed his daughter’s hair, hugged her on his lap, and said spoilingly, “My daughter is so powerful, so difficult poems will be memorized.”

“It’s difficult, I said it’s difficult, my brother also said that my brain is stupid, I think he is stupid.” The little girl can be considered to find her approval.

Lie on his arms and act like a baby, “Dad, you have to tell my brother from now on, tell him not to bully me all the time.”

Daniel, “…”

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