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Chapter 448

Daniel frowned and looked back at her sister from the piano score.

Some helplessly shook his head.

Looks like there is nothing to do with this sister.

“I’m really worried about your future.” Learning a song Goose] makes me feel great. This IQ is really worrying.

“Dad, look, look.” The little girl pursed her small mouth and shook Phillip Zong’s neck, “Big brother he despises me again.”

The little girl is wearing a lotus-colored dress and white socks. Because the weather is getting hot, the skirt is made of summer thin material, silky and smooth. She has a ponytail and beautiful facial features. She is kneeling on Phillip Zong’s thighs and hands. He put his arms around his neck, as if he had to give himself an answer.

Phillip Zong chuckled, and there was nothing to do with his daughter, he held her butt and patted, “I will listen to you what you say, what to do.”

“How can your brother look down on you again?” Ana Lin stood at the top of the stairs, looking at his daughter.

The child became more and more squeamish. She stepped on the stairs and walked down. Phillip Zong put her daughter on the sofa and walked up to hug her. Ana Lin refused, “No, I feel better.”

She held his arm, “You can’t stay accustomed to her, wait to develop an arrogant temper.”

“Still young.” He felt that a daughter was different from a son, and it was nothing to be arrogant.

Anyway, he raised him, his daughter he loved to pet.

Ana Lin looked at him and couldn’t agree with him, “The personality was developed when he was a child, and he is about to go to elementary school. There are so many classmates in the school, it is unavoidable to be a little bumpy. Do you go to the teacher every day to file a complaint? Go home and complain to an adult? Is the species good?”

She hopes that her daughter will grow up and not always be a baby.

“Couldn’t you say that you have been wronged?” Phillip Zong felt that she thought too much. “Even if you don’t go to school, what about it? I will support it for the rest of my life.”

Ana Lin, “…”

She looked at Phillip Zong speechlessly, frowning, “Are you old? Who is used to her going?”

This time it was Phillip Zong’s turn to have nothing to say.

“It’s still mommy.” Daniel intervened. My younger sister used to be acting like a baby, but she is getting older and bigger and she likes to complain, especially in front of Danna Cheng and Phillip Zong.

Special love to act like a baby and complain.

Sitting on the sofa, the little girl seemed to know that what she said was not good for her. She blinked her eyes and felt aggrieved, “Mummy hates it. If you have a baby, you don’t want me.”

After finishing speaking, I slid off the sofa and ran towards the kitchen, “Grandma, Grandma, I want to go home, I don’t want to be here.”

Danna Cheng and Wanda were preparing dinner in the kitchen with aprons on them. She turned around when she heard the voice, and the little girl hugged her leg, “Grandma, let’s go home. Mommy only needs the baby and brother in her belly. Stop me, I don’t want to be here.”

Ever since she knew that Ana Lin had a baby in her belly, she was scared, afraid that her father and mom would not want her, and liked the smaller baby.

When Phillip Zong put her down to help Ana Lin, she felt that she was abandoned, and her father seemed to care more about the baby in Mommy’s belly.

The little girl was extremely wronged, her eye circles were red, and a thin layer of mist accumulated thicker in her eyes, and finally turned into tears and fell.

Danna Cheng washed his hands and was about to bend over to pick her up, when Phillip Zong walked in. He didn’t put his eyes on Danna Cheng’s body, but said, “I’ll hold.”

The little girl held Danna Cheng’s legs and held it down, “I don’t want it, I want grandma.”

“Or I’ll hug it.” Danna Cheng couldn’t see her cry, her face was as soft and delicate as Yuzhuo, at this moment, full of grievances.

Phillip Zong didn’t say a word. He broke off her hand holding Danna Cheng’s leg and walked out of the kitchen holding her. The little girl struggled and cried loudly, “I want grandma, I want grandma.”

Danna Cheng walked out anxiously and watched Phillip Zong holding Ruth towards the study, but she didn’t dare to tell him to put it down, she couldn’t help but looked at Ana Lin, “She is still young, maybe because she knows you are pregnant, for fear that she will be ignored , Will be like this…”

Ana Lin pursed her lips and was shocked by Ruth’s words just now. She didn’t expect that she would think she had a baby and would not want her.

“I know, I’ll go in and have a look later.” She was sitting on the sofa. Ruth was angry at this moment, and she would go in later.

Danna Cheng nodded.


Ruth was crying fiercely, Phillip Zong didn’t coax her, so he hugged her and made her cry.

After a while, I was tired from crying, and only sobbed, and my little shoulders kept shrugging.

Phillip Zong wiped her tears, and gently brushed her fingers across the corner of her daughter’s eyes, “Don’t like the baby in Mommy’s belly?”

Ruth lowered her head, clasped her nails and said nothing.

“Afraid that the baby will take away the love that Mommy and Dad have for you?” He held his daughter’s red face.

The little girl lowered her eyes, there were water stains on her long eyelashes, she still didn’t speak, she was afraid that Mommy and Dad would love the little baby even more and not want her.

Phillip Zong put his daughter in his arms, and rubbed her back with a generous palm, “You are the child of dad and mommy, how can we not like you? Dad, I can’t wait to put all the good things together. Give you all.”

“Really?” The little girl raised her head.

He k*ssed his daughter’s forehead, “Of course.”

“But if Mommy gave birth to a little sister, you would like the little sister even more.” Thinking that Ana Lin might have the little sister in her belly, Ruth became sad again, her eyes getting redder and red.

“Why do I like my little sister more? Are you not father’s child?” Phillip Zong coaxed very patiently.

“But, you were more concerned about the baby in Mommy’s belly just now.” The little girl still didn’t believe it.

“I care about your mom, and of course I also love that unborn baby, but do you know why I should be careful?”

The little girl sniffed and asked, “Why?”

“The baby is still very young, very young, if father and mum don’t take good care of him, he will leave at any time.”

“Leave?” The little girl blinked, “Where?”

She didn’t know what this leaving meant.

“That is, I won’t come into this world. We can’t see him, and he can’t see us.”

The little girl was lost in thought, as if she understood what it meant.

At this time, Ana Lin opened the door and came in. The little girl saw her burying her face in Phillip Zong’s arms and did not look at her.

Ana Lin came over and took her daughter’s hand. The daughter wanted to retract but Ana Lin was so tight that she couldn’t get away.

Eye circles are red again.

She put her daughter’s hand on her abdomen, “Ruth, you were in Mommy’s belly like this before.”

The little girl clenched her fist and didn’t want to touch it.

“You know? Neither you nor your brother are expected and blessed children.”

The little girl cried, without a loud voice, sobbing dullly in Phillip Zong’s arms.

“But it’s Mommy’s baby. With you, I feel that I am alive and my heart can beat. With you, I know what I am living for, because of you, my world It’s full of color…”

Chapter 449

Phillip Zong raised his eyes and looked at her, his eyes filled with unexpressible feelings and distress.

He was not by her side when she needed someone to take care of her.

At that time, she must have been very hard to leave them alone.

Ruth’s small fist loosened.

Ana Lin’s voice is even more gentle, “Even if Mommy has a lot of babies in the future, no one can replace Ruth and Xiao Xi. Because of you, I am now.”

The little girl turned her head choked and looked at her.

Ana Lin stretched out her hand to wipe her tears, and gently stroked her cheek with her fingers, “Ruth, is Mommy’s baby. Mommy hopes that she will grow up vigorously, and Mommy hopes that she is a strong, brave, child, because Dad and Mommy can’t accompany you for a lifetime. This world is very exciting and there are many roads. You have to walk by yourself. Mommy loves you, so I have to be strict with you.”

Ruth let go and touched her lower abdomen. Because the month was too young to feel it, she sniffed, “Is there really a baby in it?”

Ana Lin lowered her head, her eyes filled with tenderness, and she hugged her daughter, “Yes, Ruth also grew up in Mommy’s belly like this.”

The little girl was curious, reached out her hand and touched it, but still couldn’t feel it.

“In the future, Ruth will be a elder sister, and the baby will be very small. It takes Ruth to take care of her to grow up.”

The little girl’s face was pressed against Ana Lin’s abdomen, and she rubbed her clothes against her, “Am I a sister?”

“Yes, you are my sister.”

Ana Lin smiled and rubbed her daughter’s hair, “My Xiaorui has grown up, he is going to elementary school, and is also going to be an older sister. I remember when Xiaorui was just born, she looked like a little mouse, a little older. , Mommy is afraid that she won’t be able to feed her.”

The little girl hugged her tightly, “Mummy.”

“Remember what you ate when you were a kid and grew up?”

Ana Lin held her daughter’s face and looked at her, “Remember?”

The little girl nodded, “Remember.”

“Do you know what your brother ate to grow up?”

“Yes, Ruth knows that Mommy is afraid that Ruth will not be full, so she gave her grandma to Ruth, and her brother can only eat powdered milk.”

“Then you say, does Mommy love you?”

The little girl lay in her arms without speaking, sobbing softly.

“I’m sorry…” “Ruth is right, I know what Ruth is worried about. Whether it’s Mommy or Dad, you are our darling, no one can replace it.”

The little girl held Ana Lin’s hand tighter.

Knock… Danna Cheng knocked on the door, she stood at the door, “Supper is ready, let’s come out for dinner.”

Ana Lin hugged her daughter, “Okay, don’t cry anymore, Ruth doesn’t look pretty when she cries.”

Ruth wiped her face, “Mommy put me down, I don’t want the baby to leave.”

Ana Lin smiled and k*ssed her daughter’s cheek, “Mommy will be more careful, but she wants to hug Xiaorui for a while. When Xiaorui grows up, I almost can’t afford it. I can hold it again now. “

The little girl nestled in her neck, feeling so happy, Mommy still loved her.

Phillip Zong held her waist and said, “Slow down.”

Ana Lin gave a hum.

Danna Cheng was also frightened, and the signs of miscarriage could easily reappear after she followed her, for fear of accidents.

The distance from the study to the dining room was not far, but Phillip Zong’s heart kept holding it. The doctor explained that she would not let her go down to the ground. She was fine. Not only did she come down and walk, she also held a’little, meat, ball’. Although Ruth was not very Fat, but more than 30 catties.

At the restaurant, Phillip Zong took her daughter and put her on a chair.

Daniel put down the numbered musical notation, walked over, sat on the chair by herself, and asked, “Who plays the piano in our house?”

Ana Lin looked over and answered his son with a smile, “It’s my piano.”

“Mummy, can you play the piano?”

Daniel opened his eyes wide.

Ruth also looked expectantly, her voice still hoarse after crying, “I have never seen Mommy play the piano.”

“When we finish eating, Mommy will play it for you.”

Ana Lin didn’t want the two children to think they were pregnant, so he ignored them.

And since she was pregnant, she has been bored at home.

“Wow, I can see Mommy playing the piano.”

The two children are very happy.

Phillip Zong drew a wet wipe to wipe his daughter’s face, all with tears.

The little girl chuckled, “Dad.”

He couldn’t say anything to blame for his daughter.

Danna Cheng will specially cook big bone soup for Ana Lin and stew it over low heat for more than three hours. The soup is white, thick, and fragrant. There are no other ingredients, no extra ingredients, and the original soup.

Wanda brought a bowl, and Danna Cheng served Ana Lin with soup, “This calcium supplement, you drink more, otherwise you will have leg cramps when you get older.”

She put the soup in front of Ana Lin.

Yu’s mother put the food on the table, and when she heard Danna Cheng’s words, she smiled and asked, “How do you know that leg cramps will occur when the month is old?”

Danna Cheng married Zong Qifeng, saying to the outside world that she had never had any children.

How does a woman who has never been pregnant know that there will be leg cramps later?

Danna Cheng was stunned for a moment, but she didn’t expect Wanda to ask this suddenly, and she didn’t know how to answer for a while.

Fortunately, Ana Lin responded quickly, “I told her that I had leg cramps when I was pregnant with Ruth and Xiao Xi.”


Wanda didn’t doubt anything, she just asked casually.

Danna Cheng pulled out a stiff smile, “Yes, Yanyan told me.”

Phillip Zong leaned on the chair, his eyelashes drooping slightly, covering the complexity in his heart.

At this time, Danna Cheng put a few dishes that Phillip Zong liked to eat in front of him, as if he did it unconsciously.

The dishes are all served, she sits next to Ruth and picks up vegetables for her, “Ruth eats by herself now, and she had to be fed before.”

Ana Lin smiled, “Ruth has grown up.”

As if she was praised, the little girl was in a good mood, “I am going to be a sister. Of course I will grow up. I will feed the baby later.”

Danna Cheng was amused by her laugh, this child was jealous just now, and it will be fine now.

“Mom will give you food, you have to eat more, so that the baby can grow up quickly.”

The little girl put Danna Cheng into the shrimp in her bowl and into Ana Lin’s bowl.

“Oh, how does Ruth feel that she has grown up?”

Danna Cheng gently rubbed her granddaughter’s hair.

“Because I am going to be a sister.”

The little girl is expecting the birth of a little baby.

Thinking about how it feels to call him sister.

The atmosphere on the table was very good, and Ana Lin found that Phillip Zong had not moved his chopsticks.

“what happened to you?”

Ana Lin put the vegetables on his dinner plate, “These are all you like…” He raised his hand and glanced at the time, “I have an appointment with someone at 8 o’clock, you can eat.”

After speaking, he pulled away the chair and left the dining room to the second floor.

Ana Lin glanced at the clock on the wall. It was only seven o’clock. Even if he had an appointment, it was still time for dinner. He should be hungry.

“Dad should be unhappy, haven’t you noticed that he has not spoken?”

Daniel was sitting next to Phillip Zong and found that he seemed to be unhappy when he heard grandma say that Mommy’s legs would cramp.

Danna Cheng also lost his appetite. She was very happy to know that Ana Lin was pregnant, “Is it right here…” “Mom, no, maybe because of my business, it’s more difficult. He has been like this during this time, I Go and see him, you eat first.”

Ana Lin stood up. She was wearing a light green loose long skirt and cotton slippers on her feet. She walked slowly and put her feet steady.

Danna Cheng was still worried and said, “You slow down.”

Ana Lin smiled at her, “Don’t worry, it’s okay, you eat first.”

She walked upstairs, because of her body, her steps were very light and there was almost no sound. She gently opened the door.

There was no light in the room, only the beam of light coming in through the crack in the door.

She saw Phillip Zong sitting by the bed, bending over, her broad back, looking lonely and lonely at the moment.

She walked in slowly, stood in front of her, and asked softly, “You…” Before she could say her words, she was hooked into her arms suddenly, her arms were tightly wrapped around her waist, and her face was buried in her. Her belly.

Ana Lin was startled, his movements were too sudden, and both hands were raised.

“Let me hug for a while.”

His voice was low and muffled, as if hiding his thoughts.

Ana Lin’s arm was slowly lowered, and his slender fingers plunged into his hair and clasped it slightly, making his face closer to himself.

Chapter 450

At this moment, the emotions were exposed, and it seemed that only by holding this warm body can I feel more at ease.

His face was rubbed back and forth across her abdomen with a thin cloth. He could clearly feel the heat of her skin and the beating of the little life heart in her belly. At this moment, he was not holding a person, but It’s two.

One is the woman he loves, the other is his blood.

Is his life sad?

His identity was concealed and his biological mother was in front of him, but he resented for more than 20 years.

Twenty years, too long, so long that he thought it was a bad woman who broke his parents’ marriage.

However, at this moment he is lucky again. He has a beloved woman, has lovely children, and has a home with a normal family.

There is everything he wants at home, wife, children… Ana Lin rubbed his hair with fingers, “What’s wrong with you?

tell me.

I share with you, we are husband and wife. “

“I am uncomfortable.”

He closed his eyes, his face still pressed tightly against her back and forth, “Did it hurt when you gave birth to them?”

It was really painful, one after another, one after another, and she can still remember the heart-piercing pain at the time.

But those have passed.

“Just because of this bad mood?”

Ana Lin raised his chin, looked down at him with a faint light, “Then you will treat me better in the future?”

“I’m not treating you well?

It’s almost to your life. “

His hand slid down… Ana Lin frowned and went to clap his hand.

Phillip Zong chuckled, “Go down to eat, I’ll go out.”

“You don’t eat a little bit?”

She asked.

“I will eat outside.”

Ana Lin still felt that he had nothing to say to himself. Seeing that he was not moving, Phillip Zong stood up, “Should I hold you down?”

“No, then I will go down.”

Danna Cheng and the child are below. She stayed for a long time, lest they worry.

Phillip Zong pinched her nose, “Go ahead.”

Ana Lin walked down slowly. Phillip Zong did it alone for a while. When it was almost eight o’clock, he got up and changed his clothes. When he undressed, the piano sounded from downstairs, which was the famous song Dream Wedding].

He was a little fascinated when he heard Ana Lin play the piano for the first time.

The sound of the piano is melodious, and a kind of sentiment is heart-warming. Although the sound of the piano is like a complaint, all the quietest times, the most brilliant weather, or the original appearance, all flow slowly… He is wearing a black suit. Walking downstairs in a suit, the two children were sitting on both sides of Ana Lin. They didn’t know if they could understand the artistic conception of the song, but they were fascinated.

With the ups and downs of the tune, he shook his head gently, and did not find the man standing at the top of the stairs.

Danna Cheng sat on the sofa, her eyes blurred with tears.

She has heard this song, and Wen Xian has played it once.

She looked at Ana Lin and she was in a daze for a while, as if returning to many, many years ago… After the song was over, Ana Lin’s finger movement stopped. She seemed to have entered a mood. It was two children and Danna Cheng. The applause brought her back to her senses.

“It’s been a long time, my fingers are stiff.”

Danna Cheng wiped the corner of her eyes and said with a smile, “Very well, you play so well, I’m all fascinated.”

“Yeah, that’s great, Mommy is so amazing.”

Ruth threw into Lin Yan’s arms.

Daniel has been studying the numbered musical notation for a long time, and said to Ana Lin very seriously, “Mommy, teach me how to play.”

Ana Lin said yes, she reached out to touch her son’s head and saw Phillip Zong standing on the stairs and asked, “Go out now?”

He hummed, “Get some rest early.”

After speaking, he went out.

Ruth ran over and asked, “When is Dad coming back?”

He picked up his daughter and k*ssed her on the forehead, “Soon, I will live here tonight, don’t go back.”

Ana Lin’s body is not suitable for going out, and the two children can accompany her here.

“it is good.”

Ruth happily agreed that there are dad and mommy here, of course she would like to be here.

Phillip Zong put down his daughter, “Go.”

Ana Lin stood in the living room looking at him, “Come back early.”

He said yes, he drove to Furong Garden when he went out.

After arriving, he parked the car and walked in. The waiter inside greeted him, “You are Zongzong, Mr. Wen is waiting for you inside.”

Phillip Zong nodded slightly, motioning for him to lead the way.

A pink hibiscus was planted in the box, which stood slim and graceful in the center of a pool. The gurgling spring was flowing with colorful pebbles, which was very elegant and exquisite.

Phillip Zong walked in and walked around the hibiscus tree in the middle to see Foster Wen sitting at the tea table in the pavilion.

Foster Wen heard the footsteps and knew who it was without looking back, “Sure enough, you still know me.”

Roman Li foolishly thought he had succeeded.

If he did not intentionally let Roman Li know, Roman Li could not turn on his computer at all.

Phillip Zong sat on the opposite side quietly.

“I am really old.”

His complexion is not very good, the obsession in his heart has never been let go, it has taken root for too long.

He can’t lose his sister’s only son.

He pushed a portfolio to Phillip Zong’s, “The police will announce the result of the case tomorrow. It was Rios He who escaped from prison in private and was shot dead by the police. It has nothing to do with Ana Lin. Here are all the original materials. After destruction, Will leave no trace.”

Phillip Zong didn’t look at him, but looked at him with a pale expression.

It seems that this transition has come a bit quickly.

Foster Wen sighed, “I know, if I really did it, you and I won’t have the chance to sit together like this again. After all, she has given birth to two children for you. If it were me, I’m afraid I would be desperate. To protect my children’s wife.”

Phillip Zong listened silently, without making any response.

“Wenxian, she grew up pretty when she was a child, and she is very attractive. I am just her sister. I am naturally affectionate. My parents have a good relationship with her. My relationship with her is also very strong. Maybe we have a family atmosphere. Deeper than any feelings.

I remember that Wen Xian was just born, and I was just a few years old at that time. Maybe not long after I remembered things, my father told me that this is your sister. You have to love her and take care of her, because your body is bleeding with the same blood. The same mother, you are the closest people in the world.

I always remembered that I did the same to love her and love her. “

As he said, he raised his eyes and looked at Phillip Zong, “She passed away at a young age. It was really difficult for me to accept it. It hit me a lot. I really wanted to knock your dad’s head a hole to see what’s inside. What? Why don’t you cherish her, take good care of her, let her be so young…” Foster Wen was very sad, and looked haggard.

Phillip Zong slowly raised his head, looked at him, and finally said nothing.

He didn’t know the twists and turns inside, so he could only wait for the people who went to investigate to send him a message.

Wen Xian always thought that his mother’s person played a role in this old thing, why didn’t even Foster Wen know?

“I know, we may not be able to go back to the past, but I hope you can forgive me, for Wen Xian’s death, I still can’t let go, I am afraid it is my lifelong obsession.”

He stood up, even though his body was not as rigid as before, but he still stood straight.

“I really want to know whether you made this idea yourself or someone else gave it to you.”

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