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Chapter 451

Phillip Zong, who had not spoken, finally spoke.

Foster Wen turned to look at him, “What do you mean?”

His expression and voice were very weak, “I just want to know.”

“Speaking of which, I’m afraid I have to go to Chen’s house today. I first mentioned that Chen Shihan was asked to marry you. I haven’t told him about this decision yet. I’m afraid it will be unpleasant this time.”

Chen Qing did his best and handed over his daughter again, but he did not do what he promised at the beginning to shame this old friend.

“Listening to you, did Chen Qing pay attention?”

Although I was asking, I probably already had the answer in my heart.

“Yes, I desperately want to separate you and Ana Lin. It was a strategy he gave me. At that time, Chen Qing told me that Rios He would go in because of Ana Lin. The He family also hates Ana Lin and is willing to help. I.”

Foster Wen told the truth.

Hearing this answer, Phillip Zong was not surprised, “I think he still has a lot of things to tell you.”

“whats the matter?”

Foster Wen’s voice was louder.

He trusted Chen Qing very much, and suddenly heard that Chen Qing had something to hide from himself, so he raised his voice involuntarily.

“Someone wanted to catch Ana Lin a few days ago, and his attitude was very tough, and he took many people into the hospital…” “Is it?”

Foster Wen soon understood, “You mean Chen Qing?”

“He didn’t do it personally. He used the He family. The daughter of the He family died in prison. He is behind the scenes. I have checked it out. There is no evidence. I will not tell you.”

Phillip Zong told him this, just to make it clear to him that Chen Qing didn’t give up his daughter because of him. I’m afraid Chen Qing has his own purpose.

As for the purpose, he didn’t think clearly. According to his relationship with Foster Wen, there was no need for marriage at all, right?

But why do you want to marry him so much?

What does he want to do?

What is the purpose?

Do everything possible, more thoughts than writing.

“Did he tell me that I was sick, and he was afraid that I would regret it, so he did it without telling me?”

Foster Wen couldn’t figure out why Chen Qing did it.

According to their relationship, they should be discussed with him, and they won’t make the decision without authorization.

“Is it intentional to conceal you? You will know when you try.”

Phillip Zong picked up the paper bag on the table, but did not show it.

Foster Wen knew a little bit, since he decided to let Ana Lin go, he would definitely not leave her behind.

He stood up, “I don’t like Chen Qing very much.”

This person’s purpose doesn’t know what it is, it is a curse to keep.

Foster Wen frowned, “What do you mean?”

“I should be going.”

It is time to remind him that he has nothing to say to each other.

When he stepped down the steps, he walked out of the pavilion and walked around the gurgling spring water. The hibiscus tree was still slender and Foster Wen looked at his back.

With a sigh, there is always a barrier.

I’m afraid I will never go back to the past.

“I want to put it down too, but I can’t.”

The obsession that takes root and sprouts wants to be uprooted unless he dies.

Foster Wen left the Furong Garden and went directly to Chen’s house.

Chen Shihan was bored at home and couldn’t stand the life of staying at home.

“Dad, I’m living like a prison, when can I go out?”

Chen Shihan complained.

At this time, the door rang, and Mrs. Chen opened the door.

Chen Shihan continued to say, “I can’t bear it anymore. I’m going out. I’ll be crazy if I stay any longer.”

“You can bear it again…” Chen Qing changed his mouth when he saw Foster Wen coming in, “You go back to the room first, and I will tell you later.”

Chen Shihan wanted to say something, Chen Qing opened her eyes and warned that she stood up and returned to the room reluctantly.

“You came.”

Chen Qing stood up from the sofa.

“I have been bored at home these days.”

Foster Wen is still the same as usual, Chen Qing smiled, “Minor illness, just rest for two days, I think you look much better.”

Foster Wen sighed, “It’s old, time is a wild horse, and it doesn’t stop running.”

Chen Qing smiled, “Go into the room and say.”

Madam Chen came up and asked, “What do you want to drink?”

“Not thirsty.”

Aware of Foster Wen’s presence, he said, “Tea bar, Foster Wen likes to drink tea. Old antique one.”

“You still understand me.”

Foster Wen smiled and followed him into the study.

“When I was sick, were you in a hurry?”

Foster Wen asked seemingly accidentally.


Chen Qing stretched out his hand in a pleased pose, and Foster Wen sat down.

“What am I worried about? You still have to do this.”

Chen Qing sat down, He Wenhuai did not work well and failed. He was very anxious, “You are in good health now, Phillip has promised last time…” “How did I hear that someone went to the hospital when I was sick? ?

Do you know this? “

Foster Wen interrupted him.

Chen Qing thumped in his heart, but did not show much on the face, “I heard, it seems that He Wenhuai asked someone to do it. His daughter died in it. It had a lot to do with Ana Lin when he would go in. I heard that there were two murder cases on his back.”

Foster Wen closed his eyes. If Phillip Zong hadn’t reminded him, he would absolutely believe Chen Qing’s words.

Now he only had doubts.

“Chen Qing, we have known each other for decades, right?”

Chen Qing nodded, “No, I joined the army together to this day, and worked as a partner.”

Foster Wen didn’t feel like it, yeah, how many years old, he actually lied to himself.

“I heard that the daughter of the He family you instigated the killing used He Wenhuai to persecute Phillip?”

Chen Qing was stunned in an instant, he, how could he know?

Mrs. Chen just wanted to knock on the door to bring tea in, when she heard Foster Wen’s voice, she put her hand away.

Standing at the door and eavesdropping.

Chen Shihan wanted to hear if Chen Qing and Foster Wen talked about his marriage with Phillip Zong. When she walked downstairs, she saw Madam Chen eavesdropping and frowned and asked, “Mom, what are you doing?”


“come here.”

Madam Chen whispered to her daughter.

Chen Shihan came over, “What are they talking about?”

Madam Chen let her listen.

With a curious attitude, Chen Shihan followed Madam Chen to the door.

“Where did you hear about it?”

Chen Qingqiang supported his composure.

But the brain was running fast, thinking how to coax Foster Wen into the past.

“I don’t have any definite evidence, can I ask you rashly?

If you are anxious to let Shihan marry, tell me, what is our relationship?

Will I leave it alone?

The thing is that I provoked the head. I didn’t do it. I apologize to you. You did it behind my back. Isn’t it bad? “

Chen Qing was a little flustered, “Do you have evidence?”

This is fatal.

“Old man for many years, tell me the truth, why do you want Shihan to marry Phillip so much when you work so hard?”

Chen Qing was silent.

The door of the study was suddenly pushed open, and Mrs. Chen stood at the door, “I know why he tried so hard to let Shihan marry Phillip Zong.”

Everyone’s eyes turned to her, even Chen Shihan who was standing beside her was shocked.

Chapter 452

Chen Qing stood up suddenly and scolded his wife, “I’m talking to Foster Wen, who allowed you to come in?”

Mrs. Chen looked at her husband, “I have been married to you for many years, and I have been diligent and conscientious to take care of your life. Have I ever said a word to you?”

Chen Qing is speechless, his wife is really virtuous, taking care of this family, taking care of her daughter, and serving him.

“I’m talking to Foster Wen, what are you doing in here?

What do you know as a woman?

Put the tea down. “

This time Chen Qing’s voice was not loud, and his emotions were not just intense. Foster Wen was there, and he was so excited that he was trying to cover it up.

Just looking at his wife’s eyes full of warning.

Madam Chen looked at her husband steadily, and she couldn’t help feeling a little desolate in her heart, “I will marry you in this life, and everything will center on you, but this time, I don’t want to listen to you.”

Chen Shihan stood by and looked at her father for a while and her mother, “What are you going to do, mom?”

Madam Chen looked at her daughter with red eyes, “Let you see clearly what your dad thinks.”

Chen Qing was a little flustered, “You go out!”

If she used to face her husband who was about to get angry, she would definitely leave immediately, but she could not watch her husband stubbornly and put her daughter in.

She walked in, put the tea tray in her hand on the table, walked to the bookshelf at the back, and took out a book called “Strategy” from it.

Chen Qing stared at her with a green expression, while Foster Wen and Chen Shihan were curious about what she would take out, staring at her for an instant.

Mrs. Chen found a picture in the book under the eyes of everyone.

Chen Shihan hadn’t seen this photo, and he didn’t quite know who the girl on it was, but Foster Wen knew clearly that this was a photo of his sister Wen Xian.

He walked over and took it from Mrs. Chen. The photo shows Wen Xian when she was fifteen years old, wearing a white dress with loose hair, standing under the big tree in the yard. Her features have not fully grown. But the delicate and delicate face is faintly visible, especially the eyes, the bright and clear stars, it is hard to forget at a glance.

Facing the light, Foster Wen found that there seemed to be words on the back of the photo. He turned it over and saw that Wen Xian’s name was written on it and the time was also written.

The time is the year he joined the army.

He looked back at Chen Qing, “What’s the matter?”

Chen Qing turned his head, no one looked.

Madam Chen wanted to smile, but she couldn’t tell, even her body was stiff, “I always knew there was someone in his heart, and I didn’t want to pursue it, but he is crazy now!”

At the beginning, she didn’t know that there was someone in Chen Qing’s heart. As a husband, he had always been very cold, and after doing the husband and wife affairs with her, he shut himself in the study.

At first she thought that Chen Qing was this character, and slowly accepted it. She discovered that he was hiding a photo of a girl from Chen Shihan just after she was born. Once she came to the study to find something and accidentally knocked the book off and it fell out of it. a photo.

At that time, she especially wanted to ask Chen Qing why she was hiding a picture of a girl, but thinking about both of them having children, and the girl in the photo looked small, she was comforted that she might think too much.

Later, Chen Qing still did the husband and wife affairs with her, and would go to the study to do it for a while, so she deliberately opened the door without knocking and found that he was looking at the photo.

At that time, she was very uncomfortable and wanted to question, but in the end she still flinched. She was reluctant to bear the child and had feelings for Chen Qing.

“You tried so hard, don’t you just want Shihan to marry the son of a woman you have a crush on for many years?”

Mrs. Chen covered her mouth. The forbearance of these years broke out at this moment. The pain in her heart has never been told to anyone.

Can’t say it.

Say someone has someone in your husband?

Will you call another woman’s name when you are in love with her?

She can’t afford to lose that person.

Chen Shihan widened his eyes in shock, “Dad, is what my mom said true?”

Chen Qing’s body was stiff, trembling faintly.

“Dad, are you talking?!

“Chen Shihan can’t accept such a thing, he keeps saying that it is for the good of this family.

Turns out it was just his selfish intentions.

Foster Wen stood with his hand, he looked at Chen Qing, “I also want to know what’s going on.”

“Remember that year when we enlisted in the army, I went to your house.”

Chen Qing did not look back, her voice somewhat suppressed.

“of course.”

He will not forget that day.

“I’m standing in the living room waiting for you…” The weather that day was particularly good, the early summer sun was shining but not scorching, and it felt warm.

He was wearing a thin long-sleeved t-shirt and standing in the living room. Suddenly someone came up from behind and covered his eyes. His voice was soft and sweet, “Guess who I am?”

The girl was next to his ear, and the heat when speaking was sprayed on the skin behind his ear, itchy and itchy, and he could even smell the light fragrance of the girl.

It was obvious that the person who had been in close contact with him was a girl, and his heart was beating without rhythm.

“Wenxian what are you doing?”

Foster Wen changed into his thin clothes, and when he came down, he saw Wen Xian holding Chen Qing in his arms, asking for unknown reasons.

Wen Xian looked at her brother standing at the top of the stairs, her body stiffened a bit, and then hurriedly let go of the person who was holding her.

She thought it was Foster Wen standing here. Foster Wen joined the army today, and she specially asked for leave to send him back from school.

I wanted to make a joke to him, but I didn’t expect to cover the wrong person.

She scratched her hair, “I thought you were my brother, so sorry.”

Wen Xian was very embarrassed at that time, her face flushed slightly.

When Chen Qing saw her for the first time, she wore a ponytail and showed a fair and delicate face.

Foster Wen walked down, “His name is Chen Qing. He joined the army with me. I am much handsomer than him, so I can admit my mistake.”

Wen Xian rolled her eyes, “narcissistic.”

Besides, she only saw her back, she was about the same height, and there were no outsiders at home.

“Let’s have a barbecue, will you go?”

After enlisting in the army, there is no chance. Before the two make an appointment, go for a little leisure.

“Go, why not?

I came back from leave. “

Wen Xian said.

“Then go.”

Foster Wen drove Wen Jin’s car with the car key.

After getting in the car, Chen Qing glanced back, “Foster Wen, what’s wrong, I’m afraid I will kidnap your sister, or how to drop it, without introducing it?”

Wen tilted his eyes to look at him, “Didn’t you meet him just now?

My sister Wenxian. “

Wen Xian smiled, “With my brother in the future, remember to take care of him.”

“Do I need someone to take care of?”

Foster Wen couldn’t agree with her younger sister, because she looked down on him.

“You are too self-righteous. What if you get into trouble?

I’m not by your side, who can intercede for you dad? “

Wen Jin loves Wen Xian very much, and Wen Xian intercedes in front of Wen Jin every time Foster Wen gets into trouble.

Foster Wen, “…” Chen Qing smiled and looked back at Wen Xian, “Don’t worry, I will take care of him for you.”

Chapter 453

Foster Wen cut his tongue, “It would be nice if you can take care of yourself.”

Soon I arrived at the barbecue stall next to Huangtang. The greatest pleasure of this barbecue stall is.

You can bake it yourself, and they provide all the ingredients and materials. There is also a forest by the pond, where you can enjoy the cool and chat.

They grilled some meat and vegetables, and took a few cans of beer and sat on the grass in the woods, chatting while eating.

Foster Wen sighed, “I am afraid that such leisurely days are gone.”

Wen Xian sat next to him and gave him a glance, “So what about it?

You are someone who wants to do a big business. “

“What big business do you want me to do?”

Foster Wen looked at her sister and asked.

Wen Xian said almost without thinking, “That is naturally a general who defends his family and the country.”

Foster Wen said she was ambitious.

It’s also a general.

Chen Qing was relatively silent, because the two of them were talking all the time. He just looked at Wen Xian when she was talking.

Her face is always vigorous, pure and particularly energetic.

“I’ll get two more cans of beer.”

Foster Wen got up.

Only then did Chen Qing have the opportunity to talk to Wen Xian, “You and Foster Wen seem to have a good relationship.”

Wen Xian propped her chin, “He is my brother.”

As if thinking of something, she said helplessly and happily, “When I was in elementary school, no classmate dared to make friends with me.”

Chen Qing asked curiously, “Why?”

Wen Xian curled her lips, “Because I have a wicked elder brother, I remember when I was in the second grade, I was accidentally pushed down by the same table, I fell down, my knee was torn and bleeding a little. When I found out, I ran and beat them.”

“Your brother is going to hit a kid?”

Chen Qing dropped his chin in shock.

This is simply sister control.

“Yes, since then, everyone knows that I have a senior and’violent’ brother. No one dares to touch me, afraid of my brother.”

Chen Qing laughed.

Wen Xian approached Chen Qing and whispered, “I will tell you quietly, why I chose a school far away from home, because I was afraid that he would beat up my classmate again, and I would not even be able to make a friend.”

“Haha—” Chen Qing laughed.

“Don’t tell my brother.”

Chen Qing teased her deliberately, “I won’t keep it secret for you.”

Wen Xian was holding her stomach, as if she was uncomfortable, Chen Qing looked at her, “I was joking with you, I won’t tell your brother, don’t pretend that your stomach hurts.”

Wen Xian clutched her stomach and did not speak, looking uncomfortable.

“Do you really have a stomachache?”

Chen Qing asked.

Wen Xian nodded.

“Then let’s find your brother and we will go back.”

Chen Qing reached out to support her, only then did he see blood on her pants.

He stopped talking and took off his long-sleeved t-shirt. Wen Xian was shocked at the time. Because of the hot weather, he was naked when he took off his shirt.

“You, what are you doing?”

He handed her the clothes, without looking at her, and reminded, “On you…” “On me?”

Wen Xian turned her head hesitantly and looked down, only to find that her pants were stained with blood.

“Are you here?”

Wen Xian’s face flushed instantly and she lowered her head. This was her first time here.

“There are so many people here, it’s not easy to look at it. You tie it around your waist, and it’s not cold anyway.”

Wen Xian hesitated and took it over, “Thank you.”

“It’s okay.”

Chen Qing smiled.

Foster Wen was carrying a dozen canned beer, and seeing Chen Qing bare, he thought he was Wenxian, and he would beat Chen Qing when he threw the beer over.

“Brother, can I stop being so violent?”

Wen Xian called to him.

Foster Wen grabbed Chen Qing by the collar and roared, “What’s the matter?”

Chen Qing whispered in his ear, “Your sister is here and got her…” Foster Wen looked back at her sister’s flushed face, let go of Chen Qing, and said to her sister, “Get in the car and go home.” “

After returning home, Mrs. Wen soaked her daughter in brown sugar water and asked her to take a bath and change into clean clothes.

She packed herself and went downstairs, wearing that white dress with loose hair. She was very white and slender. She smiled and her eyes were crooked like crescent moons, as if the aura would overflow.

Chen Qing looked stunned, his heart pounding, as if about to rush out of his chest.

Foster Wen touched him, “My sister is so beautiful, so I can’t watch one.”

Chen Qing hurriedly lowered his head, thinking that he was crazy, how could he be moved by an underage girl.

But his eyes always look at her involuntarily.

She was so beautiful when she laughed.

Mrs. Wen said that Foster Wen was leaving, so she took a picture and she was in the yard.

When they got in the car, Wen Xian escorted them off and stood on the side of the road to watch them get on the car. They were obviously fifteen years old, and they were already out and slim. Standing on the side of the road was like a landscape that made people unable to move their eyes.

His heart seemed to be stung by something, and he would always think of her, thinking that after a few years after he was discharged from the army, she would become an adult and could pursue her. He also deliberately tried Foster Wen, half-jokingly, “Foster Wen, introduce your sister to me in the future so that our relationship will be closer.”

Foster Wen joked when he said, “Okay, when you have a successful career, you can be a man worthy of her.”

Although he has a good relationship with Chen Qing, he is not satisfied with Chen Qing’s appearance and feels that he is not worthy of his sister.

In fact, no one is worthy of his sister in his eyes.

While Chen Qing recalled, Foster Wen also recalled what happened that day.

Frowning, “She was only fifteen years old…” Foster Wen was very upset, as if her sister had been desecrated.

Chen Qing stood there and never looked back.

“Dad, you disappointed me so much!

“Chen Shihan couldn’t accept it. Her father made suggestions for her, in the name of the future of the family, but actually wanted to fulfill the secret love in her heart.

The image of the great father in her mind suddenly collapsed.

She ran out crying.

Mrs. Chen looked at her husband, “Even if she has great regrets in her heart, and she is reluctant to give up, it’s time to let it go after these years.”

After talking about going out and passing by Foster Wen, “As the saying goes, I would rather demolish ten temples than destroy a marriage. I think you are all crazy.”

Although Foster Wen turned his head to let Ana Lin go, he still couldn’t let go of her relationship with Danna Cheng. In his eyes, it was Danna Cheng who broke his sister’s marriage.

Quietly in the study, Foster Wen did not expect that this old man of more than ten years would think of his sister in his heart.

He couldn’t tell what he was feeling, he was not very comfortable anyway.

“You keep loving her, what have you given her?

Isn’t it for profit, let her marry someone she doesn’t like? “

Chen Qing mocked.

“We are good for her.”

Foster Wen still feels that they are doing the right thing. “That banker boy is an illegitimate child, or an illegitimate child born to a young lady, how can he be worthy of Shang Xian?”

“Zong Qifeng is 10,000 times better than that of the dealer!”

Although Zong Qifeng betrayed his sister, he didn’t think it was Zong Qifeng’s fault. Danna Cheng must have seduced him.

As far as men are concerned, Zong Qifeng has all the requirements of his brother-in-law, tall, handsome, and capable. He can see that Zong Qifeng liked Wenxian at that time.

Two people together are really talented.

A special match.

Chen Qing snorted coldly, “For his own benefit, it sounds so nice.”

“If you go back twenty years, I know your mind, I will definitely beat you!”

Foster Wen said harshly.

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