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Chapter 454

Chen Qing turned to look at Foster Wen, “What’s wrong with me?”

Foster Wen panted, “It seems that our relationship has come to an end.”

“Don’t I have the right to like someone?”

Foster Wen said nothing.

He didn’t say that he couldn’t like it, but he felt very uncomfortable. The two were good brothers for many years. He always thought Chen Qing treated Wen Xian as his sister.

Never thought about it, but in my heart… “People don’t know enough about suffering.

Chen Qing understands the truth, suffering from unhappy knots, stunned heartbeats and unbearable desires when they were young, are stubbornness when they are not available.

I always felt that if the two were together, she would not die early, and the two would definitely be able to live a happy life. At least, he loved her, cared for her, and loved her.

“You still understand, so be it for yourself. If your wife is scattered at this age, it will make people laugh.”

Foster Wen turned and walked out of the study.

In the car, he felt sighed in his heart, and the adjutant asked, “Are you going home?”

“Go to the cemetery.”

He missed Wenxian and went to see her.

The adjutant drove towards the cemetery in the suburbs. When Foster Wen said to go to the cemetery, he was just who he was going to see.

“Wait, go to the flower shop to buy a bunch of flowers, otherwise the tomb will be too deserted and she will be alone.”

The adjutant turned the front of the car at the intersection ahead.

He didn’t buy chrysanthemums, but a bunch of little irises, which Wen Xian liked during his lifetime.

Foster Wen held the flower and got into the car. When the adjutant started the car, he inadvertently glanced out, but saw Danna Cheng and Ana Lin, two children, and several bodyguards behind him.

“We can’t be outside for too long, you are not healthy, we will go back after we buy the cake.”

Danna Cheng worried about Ana Lin’s body.

Ana Lin said yes.

The two children suddenly said that they wanted to eat a thousand-layer mousse cake. She felt that it would not take too much time, so she brought the two children out, and she also breathed in.

“I’ll go in and buy, you will wait for me here.”

Danna Cheng walked into the cake shop.

Foster Wen couldn’t hear what they said, but he was very happy to see their expressions. He quickly retracted his gaze, looked down at the flower in his arms, and gently stroked it with his hand.

Na Na muttered to himself, “Your son, don’t worry.”

At this moment, the car slid out, and he still did not look up, but looked down at the flower in his arms.

Danna Cheng bought the cake and said, “Let’s go.”

“Go home to eat cake.”

Ruth said excitedly.

Danna Cheng smiled, “You, can you still hold your stomach?”

“It can, it can.”

Ruth was afraid that she would not eat for herself, so she quickly emphasized.

“Get in the car.”

Ana Lin stood in front of the car door and let the two children go up first. Ruth seemed to be out for a short time. “There seems to be fun at night.”

Danna Cheng patted her little butt, “Tomorrow I will take you out to play.”

“Then Mommy is with us?”

Ruth turned to look at Ana Lin, blinking her eyes full of desire.

“Didn’t I take you the same?

Don’t you know if there is a baby in Mommy’s belly? “

Ruth pouted, although she wanted to go out with her mom, but now mommy has a baby in her belly, dad said that he will leave if he doesn’t care about it. If the baby doesn’t leave, then don’t go with mom. Let’s go together.

When he returned to the villa, Danna Cheng took the cake to the kitchen and cut it into small pieces. It would be uncomfortable to eat too much at night.

Danna Cheng was afraid that they would get tired of eating, so he poured a glass of juice for them, put it on the table, and put it in front of them.

“So small?”

Ruth stared at the cake on the plate, feeling that it wasn’t enough to eat. Daniel shook her head and cut half of her own for her.

Ruth smiled, “Thank you, brother.”

“After you get fat, you won’t be able to wear beautiful clothes.”

Daniel deliberately hit her because she would really gain weight if she ate too much cake at night.

Ruth snorted, “Who do you think is fat in our family?

Dad is not fat, mommy is not fat, how can I get fat?

Our family is of thin physique. “

Daniel, “…” How could this little girl become savvy and retort?

“Then you eat it.”

Daniel has nothing to do with her.

“Of course I want to eat it. If I can’t finish it, I will leave it to Dad.”

Ruth took a spoonful of cake into her mouth.

Daniel watched her sister lick the spoon, frowning tightly, “All you eat is saliva, who is it for?”

“For Dad, Dad won’t despise me.”

The little girl is full of confidence, and he will not dislike her k*sses.

Danna Cheng shook her head and chuckled, thinking that Ruth was a real treasure.

Ana Lin was a little sleepy on the sofa, and the corners of his lips rose slightly as he watched the two children sitting on the dining table.

“You go up and rest first, I’ll take care of the two of them.”

Seeing Ana Lin, Danna Cheng seemed to want to sleep.

Ana Lin nodded, she didn’t feel tired, she didn’t feel unwell, but she was a little sleepy, she got up, “Then I’ll go to sleep.”

She walked upstairs with a steady step, turned on the light, and the room instantly lit up, and the bunch of lilies on the bedside was a bit withered.

But she was reluctant to throw it away. She reached out and touched the petals. There was still a faint fragrance. She wanted to buy a bunch and plug it in again someday.

Some flowers in the room seem to be alive.

She lay down on the bed and didn’t go to wash. She was too sleepy and didn’t want to move. She covered the quilt, got her head on the pillow, and went on a date with Zhou Gong.

At night, she heard the noise in a daze, she opened her eyes in a daze, there was no light in the room, only the moonlight streaming in from the window, and she saw a figure standing by the bed.

I just woke up with a hoarse voice, “Are you back?”

He took off his suit and walked over, “Wake you up?”

Ana Lin gave a hum, waking up after hearing the noise.

She grabbed the phone and glanced at the time. It was already more than two o’clock, “Why is it so late.”

“Go and do something, I’ll take a shower, you go to bed first.”

He came over and touched her face, sleeping warmly, her skin smooth and comfortable in his hands.

Itchy, Ana Lin turned his head, Phillip Zong smiled, “Go to sleep.”

He turned around and walked towards the bathroom. He unbuttoned his belt as he walked. There was a metallic click. He went into the bathroom and turned on the light. After a while, there was a splash of water.

Ana Lin was very sleepy. Even though there was a sound, he fell asleep slowly. It was just that the mattress behind him sank in the dim, his waist was wrapped by a strong arm, accompanied by the faint fragrance of shower gel, which was cool and soft. Lips pressed against the back of her neck, where she k*ssed and bitten gently, not painful and itchy, Ana Lin mumbled, “I’m sleepy.”

“Well, you sleep.”

His lips did not leave, just changed from a k*ss to a fight.

Ana Lin curled her eyebrows, she couldn’t sleep at ease when he was so noisy.

Chapter 455

“I’m really sleepy.”

She emphasized her tone.

Phillip Zong, “…” He hugged her tightly, his sturdy chest pressed against her back, “I won’t move you, go to sleep.”

…… The sun gradually rose from the eastern sky at six o’clock in the morning.

“Hmm—” Ana Lin turned around and stretched out her hand. There was no warm body at the touch. She slowly opened her eyes. When she woke up, she was a little uncomfortable and blocked the light with her hand. People, even the temperature has dissipated, should have left early.

She frowned. She came back so late last night and went out so early. Can she rest?

She sat up, grabbed the phone and tried to call him, but she turned to his number but didn’t dial out. Presumably he should have something to do, otherwise she wouldn’t leave so early. It might not be appropriate to call at this time.

Put down the phone, lifted the quilt and got out of bed to go to the bathroom to wash. When she squeezed the toothpaste, the phone on the bed rang. She brushed her teeth and picked up the phone. It was Keller Shen’s number. She took the toothbrush out of her mouth. , Answered the phone, and Keller Shen’s voice came over there, “Sister-in-law, have you watched the news?”

“What news?”

“Hurry up and take a look.”

With doubts, Ana Lin took off his mobile phone to find today’s morning news in City B, and set the headline about the murder in a bar. The police solved the case. The prisoner escaped from prison and the police shot it to death. The video previously circulated was maliciously synthesized. Not true.

The police in City B have posted the entire process of the case on Weibo and warned the public opinion of this case, not to believe in rumors, spread rumors, and contribute to public order.

This news was everywhere on Baidu Weibo, and it spread in just one morning. Ana Lin lowered his eyes. He came back so late last night and left so early in the morning. Is it because of this incident?

“Sister-in-law see it?”

Keller Shen’s voice came again.

Ana Lin put the phone in his ear again and said, “I saw it.”

“The good show is still to come, and the instigator of this incident can’t escape.”

“Foster Wen?”

“No, Chen Qing…” “Chen Qing?”

Ana Lin was a little surprised. Wasn’t Foster Wen provoked this matter?

“In fact, behind this is Chen Qing doing a ghost, using Foster Wen’s hatred of you, and making plans in front of him. Rios He and Casey He are all his pawns, using them to make the He family take revenge on you, while he stands behind and wants to fisherman. Deli, he thought he was unaware of it, but actually didn’t know that we had the evidence of his crime…” Phillip Zong went to see He Wenhuai after seeing Foster that night.

If it were not for Foster Wen to show weakness and take the initiative to withdraw the case, this time the incident would also involve him.

At that time, Phillip Zong asked Keller Shen to see He Wenhuai to test Rios He’s death, whether it was his cooperation with Chen Qing.

It turned out that it was not, but it was a deal between Chen Qing and Rios He. Rios He knew that he was bound to die, so before he went to the bar, he sent a letter to the He family. Chen Qing asked him and said that if he wanted to die, He can help the He family and rescue Casey He, so he agreed.

Like himself, he can exchange for Casey He to come out and seek benefits for the He family, he must be willing.

Coincidentally, when Keller Shen went to find He Wenhuai, He Wenhuai received this letter.

Keller Shen told him about Casey He’s death and produced evidence.

At that time, He Wenhuai knew that he had been used by Chen Qing, and when he knew the truth, he was naturally unwilling to let Chen Qing go.

He was not at all defensive against Chen Qing. When the two met and talked, he secretly recorded a video, originally to prevent Chen Qing from dumping himself and threatening him.

Now it has become evidence of Chen Qing’s role in this matter.

In addition to the death of Casey He, the finger was directed at him, and it was certain that he was arrested for investigation.

It was tight for the superiors to fight against evil, and Chen Qing committed a crime at this point and couldn’t get it right.

This Ana Lin was unexpected, “Why did he do this?”

Does she have enemies with him?

Why is it so hard to frame her?

“I don’t know the specifics. I think it should have its own purpose, otherwise it won’t be so frantic. This call to you is to tell you, don’t worry about the case of Rios anymore, the matter is over.”

“What about him?”

Ana Lin asked, why did Keller Shen call her? “Zong Qifeng is here, and he is in his office right now. I don’t think he should have time to call you, so I will call you first.”

“I see, I’ll hang up when it’s okay.”

Ana Lin still had a toothbrush in his hand, and Keller Shen over there said yes.

She hung up the phone, put her phone on the table and went to the bathroom to wash. She felt a little uncomfortable without taking a shower last night. She took a shower and changed clean clothes. Maybe it was because of the shower. The whole person was in good spirits.

She went downstairs, Wanda had prepared breakfast, Danna Cheng was washing Ruth’s face, and Daniel had already washed and sat down at the table.

Seeing her, Daniel said hello, “Good morning Mommy.”

Ana Lin pulled the chair away and sat down and said, “Good morning, Xiao Xi.”

“Mummy, you also say good morning to me.”

Ruth washed her face and hands, and ran towards this side. Ana Lin had no choice but to take her. He told her to slow down, and said helplessly, “Good morning Xiaorui.”

The little girl was happy. She climbed onto the chair and sat down. Yu’s mother put fresh milk in front of them, “Hurry up and have breakfast.”

Both children ate Danna Cheng before they came over. She sat next to Ruth, took a sip of milk, and looked at Ana Lin, “Wait for me to go out. Do you want to buy something? I will buy it for you. come back.”

“Let Mommy go out with us.”

Ruth mentioned it again to let Ana Lin go out with her.

Danna Cheng frowned, “You forgot what I said last night?

Your mommy has a baby in her belly, so don’t be tired…” “All right. “

Ruth was a little disappointed. She wanted to go out to play with Mommy.

It doesn’t look good now.

“Hey, you kid, why are your minds so active?”

I had already understood very well last night, Ana Lin said that there was a baby in his stomach who couldn’t leave, so I mentioned it again today.

“How about I go out with you.”

Ana Lin was in a good mood, and the dark clouds that had been hanging over his head finally dissipated, as if the sun outside was bright.

“Your body?”

Danna Cheng was a little worried.

“I feel good, and I will go to the hospital tomorrow when I have time.”

She said with a smile.

Danna Cheng didn’t want to lose her interest either, “Well, Ruth just wants to be with you, wait for Yu’s mom to follow, and the crowd will take care of her.”

Ana Lin nodded, Ruth was the most excited, “Let’s go to the amusement park, I want to play bumper cars.”

“Okay, take Xiaorui all, let you play it all at once.”

Danna Cheng touched her granddaughter’s head.

After the meal, Yu’s mother cleaned up the tableware. Because the weather was getting warmer, Danna Cheng put on the two children’s clothes and sun hats.

“I will also go to the mall later and buy some summer clothes for the two children. Summer is coming.”

Ana Lin sat on the sofa, propped his chin and said, “Okay.”

Danna Cheng glanced at her, “You have to buy some too. You can’t wear these when you are old.”

“Mom, you buy it for me.”

Ana Lin acted like a baby at her.

“I can’t ask for it.”

Danna Cheng also laughed.

Yu’s mother packed up, and they went out with a group of them, followed by the family’s four bodyguards and drove three cars out.

Danna Cheng and the children and Ana Lin were sitting in the middle seven-seater business car. The two children were playing in the back seat. Ana Lin was sitting next to Danna Cheng. She looked back at the two children and said hesitated. , “Phillip didn’t know if he found something. I saw him emotionally a few times.”

Although he was hiding well, she still felt that there was something in his heart.


Chapter 456

Ana Lin turned his head and looked at Danna Cheng, “I am very selfish. I don’t want him to know about this. I’m afraid he doesn’t know how to deal with it. After all, he has always complained about you.”

Danna Cheng held her hand, her nose was faintly sore, “After so long, I want to open it. Really, I am really satisfied to have such a day.”

“Aside from Wen Jia, he is considered a public figure. Finance channels often have news about him. If news about his life is reported, it will definitely cause an uproar. After all, Wen Xian and Kaifeng were married at that time. He could only Being identified as an illegitimate child, this is not what I want to see, and I don’t want him to fight with Foster Wen to die or die, and the negative impact not only damages his personal image, but also brings negative news to the company’s reputation. I miss him… …” Danna Cheng patted the back of Ana Lin’s hand, “He can live an ordinary life with you.”

She looked at Ana Lin earnestly, “I don’t want him to know at all. I don’t want things in my previous life to involve you. The quiet years are reflected in tea, rice, oil, salt, sauce and vinegar tea. Just like this, I can Take my grandchildren to go shopping, take them to the amusement park, when the summer is over, I can send them to elementary school, watching them grow up, I grow old, how can it not be happy?”

Isn’t it a way to make up for missing your son and taking care of your grandson?

Ana Lin pursed his lips, and somehow his eyes were misted.

At this moment, the car suddenly stopped.

The place ahead was not the red street light. Ana Lin asked the driver, “What’s the matter?”

“do not know.”

The driver did not know the situation.

Boom… The bodyguard in the car in front came over and knocked on the window of Ana Lin’s side, and she lowered the window glass.

“There is a trailer in front. The car broke down when turning. It was on the road. We can’t get there. Should we change the route?”

“Have you asked, when will it be fixed?”

This was asked by Danna Cheng. If it takes a long time, then change to another route. If it takes more than ten minutes, it doesn’t matter. After all, it is already here, not far from the shopping mall and the amusement park.

“Then I will ask.”

The bodyguard hurried to the front and asked the trailer driver who was repairing the car.

A car came from behind and blocked the road. Now, even if it takes a long time to repair it, the car can’t get out.

However, at this time someone knocked on the car window. Ana Lin thought it was the bodyguard who had gone to the front to ask about the situation and came back, so he lowered the window. At the same time, a dispute broke out in the back. One of them was their bodyguard, and there were many people behind. Moving forward, the bodyguards looked at them as crowded, and unlike any good people, came forward to stop them.

The two sides had a dispute.

Ana Lin was alert and wanted to raise the window. The person knocking on the door quickly grabbed her arm and pulled out of the car. She couldn’t raise the window again.

“You are Ana Lin, come with us.”

The man is not very tall, he is swarthy, and has a hideous face when he speaks.

Danna Cheng grabbed Ana Lin, fearing that she would be pulled out, and said sharply, “Who are you?

! “

“Don’t mind, I just want Miss Lin to come with us.”

These people have a good understanding of their manpower layout. A total of four bodyguards are entangled by their people. The driver has some skill, but he did not rush to move. Yu’s mother has no fighting power and can only be anxious.

The man who pulled Ana Lin was confident, “Follow us and take less pain.”

Danna Cheng panicked. These people seemed to be coming at Ana Lin. She pushed the car door down and wanted to go to the opposite side of the car, pulling away the man who was holding Ana Lin, just behind the green belt when she got out of the car. Two people rushed out, grabbed her, and dragged the van that was parked on the side of the road in the opposite lane.

The driver took the opportunity to punch the man who was pulling Ana Lin in the face, and the man was a little dumbfounded. He didn’t expect the driver to have skills, and then the driver kicked the man again.

“No, fast, their goal is not me.”

Ana Lin shouted to the driver, “Go and stop them.”

Seeing Danna Cheng was dragged to the opposite side, the driver quickly chased him. At this time, a bodyguard got rid of the person who was pestering him and chased him, grabbing the person who was holding Danna Cheng, and the two sides fought.

“Yes, don’t get out of the car. Their goal is me. You will be safe here. Take care of both of them.”

Danna Cheng also found out that she might be the one they wanted to arrest. She was arrested and couldn’t go there, just shouting to Ana Lin.

Ruth was scared, ran to the front and hid in Ana Lin’s arms, her eyes full of horror, “Mommy has blood.”

Ana Lin pressed her daughter’s head in her arms, not letting her look out.

The people arranged by Keller Shen were all skilled, although the other party had a lot of people, they broke free from their siege and rescued Danna Cheng.

Ana Lin took out his mobile phone and tried to call for help. After all, the other party was crowded, and it seemed to have been planned. First, the trailer in front blocked the way, and then the person entangled the bodyguard, making a planned action.

“Go and catch her.”

The people who led this mission felt that they could not take Danna Cheng away. Although they were few people, they had strong combat effectiveness.

“For children, these are easy to deal with.”

The leading man got into the car with a few people, grabbed the mobile phone in Ana Lin’s hand and fell to the ground. The mobile phone fell to pieces in an instant. The man took the opportunity to hug Ruth in her arms.

Ruth screamed in fright, “Mummy, mommy…” Ana Lin hugged Ruth tightly to prevent the other party from taking her daughter. Daniel picked up the flatbed of the car seat and smashed it on the head of the man who wanted to grab her sister.

The child is not strong, but it also hurts. The man was irritated and he raised his hand to slap Daniel. The leader grabbed his hand and said, “We only catch people, we can’t hurt children.”

Their goal is still Danna Cheng, but they are entangled over there, they can only catch them to attract people over there.

As explained above, the two children should not be hurt.

The driver ran over first, pulled away the man holding Ruth, and pulled out of the car, and soon the two scuffled together.

The leader found the right opportunity, opened the door, and dragged Ana Lin out of the car. He only explained that he could not hurt the two children, and he did not say that he could not hurt the woman.

Ana Lin did not dare to struggle too much for fear of hurting the child in his stomach.

Just staring at the man sharply, “Who are you?”

The man took out a folding dagger and put it on Ana Lin’s neck, threatening the bodyguard, “If you don’t stop, I will kill this woman.”

The bodyguard stopped when he saw this, and the man held Ana Lin to the other side, trying to stuff her into the van.

Danna Cheng’s eyes widened. She was pregnant and didn’t know who the other person was. Seeing Ana Lin was about to be dragged into the car, she bit the man who was holding her in a hurry. Opened his hand.

She rushed towards the man who was holding Ana Lin, and the bodyguard also took the opportunity to run over. Danna Cheng grabbed the man’s hand and said in a panic and angrily, “If you want to grab me, grab me and let her go.”

Ana Lin shook his head, “Go! Their goal is not me, you go and leave me alone.”

Their goal is obviously Danna Cheng, but she and her two children are just blindfolded.

“You still have a child in your belly, how can I care about you, what happened to you, how can I explain to Phillip?”

Cheng Yu said anxiously.

The man was anxious and surrounded by bodyguards. He won’t be able to stand by himself for long, let alone arrest people. He was simply heartbroken and his fierceness was revealed, “You don’t care about her life and death, dare to rush over, I will kill her now!”

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