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Chapter 457

When speaking, the dagger in the man’s hand forced a few points against the skin of Ana Lin’s neck, and a blood stain immediately appeared.

The four bodyguards stood still and did not dare to move.

Danna Cheng panicked, pulling the man to beg, “Please, don’t move her.”

The man saw that Danna Cheng cares about Ana Lin and stared at her fiercely, “If you want me to let someone go, you can get in the car by yourself, and I will consider letting her go.”

“Okay, okay, I can promise you, but you must promise not to hurt her…” The man became impatient and cursed, “Stop f*cking nonsense, go to the car immediately if you want to save someone.”


Ana Lin shook his head and prayed hoarsely. There is still a glimmer of hope here. Once in the car, it is really hard to escape.

Danna Cheng didn’t watch her stoop and got into the van. There was a driver in the car. He glanced at her back and said nothing before starting the car.

The man looked at the four tall men standing not far from him, and smiled coldly, “No matter how strong the force is, it is useless. You have weaknesses and are destined to not win.”

The four men looked tense, clenched their fists in both hands, but did not dare to act hastily regardless of Ana Lin’s safety.

The man held Ana Lin into the car.

Ana Lin said that if he didn’t know him, he would approach with the blade fiercely, “If you don’t want to die, just be obedient.”

“Didn’t you say I’m going with you, so you let go of her?”

Danna Cheng sat in front of the car door, blocking the door with her hand to prevent a man from hijacking Ana Lin to come up.

“Do you dare to stop me again, I will kill her now, believe it or not?

! I hijacked her just because I didn’t want those annoying flies to pester me. When I got to a safe place, I would naturally let her go. Our target is you. “

Faced with threats, which is related to Ana Lin’s life safety, Danna Cheng compromised again.

And the man said she was the target, so Ana Lin should not be hurt.

The man restrained Ana Lin and got into the car. The cramped space made him more uneasy. Ana Lin’s nerves were tense and he could not even feel the pain in his neck.

At this time the car rushed out quickly.

“You two stay and call, protect the two children, and we will chase them.”

One of the bodyguards was calm and quickly assigned staffing. He took the other bodyguard and hijacked a car that was watching the bustle, and chased it up.

The driver who drove the van noticed that the car behind him was slowing down faster and faster, and he hated to step on the accelerator.

He was afraid that the car behind would catch up. He always looked at the situation behind him, ignoring that the car in front turned into the reverse lane, and a truck kept honking the horn to bring the driver’s thoughts back.

At this time, however, the truck was close at hand.

The driver still instinctively changed direction and rushed to the green belt on the side. The truck on the opposite side had no time to stop the car, and quickly slammed into the rear of the van. The position hit was the side that held Ana Lin’s man. The man instantly She passed out into a coma, and Ana Lin was in a panic, pulling away the man’s hand holding her neck.

The van itself is fast, and with the thrust of the truck coming up from behind, the van has run over the low fence, bang! The sound of hitting the billboard column did not stop.

The hollow billboard pillars couldn’t help being broken under the impact of the vehicle. The billboard of the original triangle bracket lost one of its supporting forces, and it swayed at any time.

The man who hijacked Ana Lin should have been knocked into a coma instantly. The bright red blood flowed down his head, his face was flowing, the van was seriously deformed, and the driver in front of him had already lost his breath.

Ana Lin was caught in the middle, unable to move his legs.

“Mom, are you okay?”

Ana Lin asked weakly.

Danna Cheng didn’t know where she was hurt, but her face was pale. She returned to her senses in a daze, seeing that it was Ana Lin who called herself, and forced her eyes to open, “I’m fine, how about you?”

“Legs can’t move.”

Click—Something rang, and Danna Cheng saw that the billboard above was about to collapse, and they would definitely die if they hit the car.

She stood up with the last strength, pressed the front seat with her feet, and pushed Ana Lin down on the seat with her hands on top of her.

“Mom…” With a hulong sound, the billboard collapsed and hit the van below.

Danna Cheng’s body sank abruptly and stopped a few centimeters above Ana Lin’s abdomen.

Blood dripped down her neck.

It fell on Ana Lin.

She opened her eyes wide in horror, her eye sockets filled with water, and she choked up, “Mom, Mom…” Danna Cheng said with a pale smile, “Protect yourself, protect your child.”

“Come on, help!”

Ana Lin shouted desperately, but her strength and weakness made her voice very low.

“Mom, you must hold on. You haven’t seen Xiao Xi and Ruth go to school…” “I’m afraid I can’t see it anymore…” “No, no, you haven’t heard Phillip call you mom , Please don’t have anything…come!”

She was hoarse and tried her best, “Come on–” “Yanyan, listen to me.”

She swallowed, “I have no regrets, help me take care of him and protect his unborn child…” “Mom…” Wanyue Group.

The entire office is like a pool of stagnant water, especially depressed.

Zong Qifeng asked Roberson Cheng to bring the people Phillip Zong sent to Baicheng to investigate into the office, “This is your person.”

The man went to Baicheng to inquire about Danna Cheng’s back then, was discovered by Roberson Cheng and contacted Zong Qifeng.

Phillip Zong stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows and glanced at the person faintly.

The man immediately lowered his head, “I’m sorry, I…” “Go out.”


The man exited the office and closed the door.

Originally, Zong Qifeng had shaken his thoughts about telling him, but now Phillip Zong has doubts, it is an opportunity, he should not consider how to open his mouth.

“What do you want to know, it is better to ask me.”

Zong Qifeng sat on the sofa, he winked at Roberson Cheng and told him to sit down.

Roberson Cheng looked at Phillip Zong, but stopped talking.

Seeing Zong Qifeng’s appearance, he probably wanted to tell Phillip Zong something, or it was more suitable for him, so he quietly did it aside.

“If you ask someone to check it, it should be suspected, or you already know something.”

Zong Qifeng didn’t want to wait for him to answer, and said, “I and Wen Xian are respectful as guests, except that there is no relationship between husband and wife. She has a part in her heart, and I don’t want to force it. She feels sorry for me…” “Later she sent Danna Cheng away Come to my side.”

Speaking of Danna Cheng, Zong Qifeng’s voice was a bit erratic, as if he had thought of the past.

Phillip Zong’s tight jaw was sharpened a bit at this moment, and he slowly turned his head to freeze Zong Qifeng coldly.

“I know, telling you now, it’s not fair to you, after all, we concealed you in the beginning, caused you to misunderstand, and you made resentment…” Buzzing-the phone on the desk suddenly vibrated and called Cut off what Zong Kaifeng wanted to say.

Phillip Zong stood still, his phone stopped and rang, but he still didn’t answer.

Bang! The door of the office was suddenly pushed open. It was Keller Shen. No one answered Phillip Zong’s mobile phone, so the bodyguard called Keller Shen.

He stood at the door with a solemn expression, “No, something has happened.”

Chapter 458

Look at him almost simultaneously.

“Just now the bodyguards called, they had an accident… now they are being taken to the hospital…” A dark shadow was seen passing by, and Phillip Zong’s hair was messing with wind, and Phillip Zong had disappeared before his eyes.

After Keller Shen reacted, he turned and ran out.

“Let’s go too.”

Zong Qifeng also quickly followed.

In the car Phillip Zong drove, Keller Shen was sitting in the co-pilot, his hand tightly holding the safety handle, the blue sky and white sun, it was the peak of the traffic flow, he actually soared to a hundred yards in the city.

He thought in his heart, would they die on the road if they can’t go to the hospital?

“You drive so fast, it’s too dangerous to say…” Squeak – before he could finish his words, a sudden brake came, and he seemed to be able to smell the burnt smell of tires rubbing against the ground through the car window.

Keller Shen’s heart was beating, he didn’t dare to look forward, the car was shuttled in the vehicle, and almost hit it several times. Seven souls left Liupu.

The ten-minute journey on this road, Keller Shen felt that half a century had passed, it was too exciting, more exciting than any adventure game.

The car stopped at the entrance of the hospital. Phillip Zong got out of the car and left. A security guard came over, “The car cannot be parked at the door.”

Keller Shen threw the car key to the security guard, and then chased in quickly.

Ana Lin was in a coma when he was rescued, and Danna Cheng was in the rescue room.

Both children were not injured at all, but Ruth was frightened, and the whole person was shaking, nestling in her mother’s arms.

Seeing the people walking in the corridor, Ruth, who had been suppressing the panic, cried out wow, and the originally quiet waiting area was instantly overwhelmed by crying.

Phillip Zong hugged her in his arms, pressed her small head into his arms, and calmed her softly, “Ruth is not afraid, Dad is here.”

When speaking, he looked at the bodyguard on the side, very sharp, “Where is she?”

“In the rest room, the doctor has done an examination, it is not a major problem, but…” The heart that was holding it finally had a place, he hooked Daniel, who was calm as an adult, and hugged it in his arms.

Fortunately, they are fine.

His voice was a little muffled, “Go, let’s go see your mommy.”

Daniel didn’t move, her eyes were red, “Grandma is still inside, I’m waiting for her.”

Phillip Zong frowned, and Danna Cheng was there?

He looked at the bodyguard standing against the wall and seemed to be asking, what’s the matter?

One of the bodyguards lowered his head, “Today the wife and the wife took the two children out. We drove three cars. They were sitting in the middle car. Four of us followed. When passing Feixia Road, there was an accident. There were a lot of people on the other side and they were pestering us in a planned way. They took the opportunity to take the wife away. We stopped in time. We didn’t notice that the wife was kidnapped by them. For the safety of the wife, the wife voluntarily followed them. But they did not let go of his wife… They drove away from the scene, and Ajie and I went after them. Their car was in a car accident. When we rushed to save the man, the wife was already in a coma, madam…” The man’s head was even lower. At that time, when Danna Cheng was rescued from the car, she was almost covered in blood, and her entire back was bloody, and she was dying at the time… Phillip Zong squinted his eyes and stared at him, his face turned from relaxed to iron blue, and then a whole body. The abnormal tension, like a great anger, forced him to suffocate, and the fire light passed through his pupils and shot sharply at the person, “Say!”

The man shuddered, and his body shivered involuntarily.

At this time, the original green light on the door of the operation suddenly turned red, and the door slid open. A doctor in a blue surgical gown came out. He took off his mask and bowed to the waiting family members. With a bow, “Unfortunately, we did our best. The patient was no longer breathless when he was sent. We did a series of cardiac resuscitation measures, and it is still irreversible. The patient was injured too badly-please don’t hesitate.”

Zong Qifeng, who had just arrived at the door of the operation, shook his body after listening to the doctor’s words, and Roberson Cheng supported him before falling down.

Daniel hugged Phillip Zong’s leg, choked in a low voice, her shoulders shook uninterruptedly, and her small body trembled.

He understood what the doctor said.

Just because I understand, I feel so sad.

Phillip Zong was also tense all over, even forgetting Daniel who was holding his leg. He rushed to the doctor, grabbed his collar, and the bloodshot of his pupils gathered in the middle, “You tell me what you just said again!”

Keller Shen caught Daniel who had almost fallen, handed him to Wanda, and walked over to persuade him, “Phillip, calm down.”

The doctor’s face was pale with fright, and he pretended to be calm. Every time he announced his death, he would meet family members whose emotions were out of control.

“We tried our best.”

The words the doctor squeezed out of his throat.

Phillip Zong grasped the doctor’s hand and did not relax, but became tighter and tighter. The back of his hand was bruised and his pupils were covered with red blood. “I order you to save me!”

“Calm down, you will scare Ruth, now we should find out who is doing this.”

Keller Shen held his hand.

His eyes turned slowly.

Keller Shen continued to persuade, “Does it work for you to kill the doctor?”


Ruth tightly circled his neck, crying low, “I’m afraid, dad don’t be angry, okay.”

Phillip Zong closed his eyes, his jaw line tight, extremely cold.


With a faint hoarse voice with a trace of tremor, his small face rubbed against his neck, “I’m afraid.”

Silent and breathless, he slowly let go of his hand and patted his daughter on the back, “Not afraid.”

Keller Shen asked the doctor to leave quickly.

He tried to lift Ruth out of his words, “Next, we may still have a lot of things to do. I will have the two lids sent back first. There will be bodyguards and Wanda will take care of them.”

Ruth is not willing to let go, she wants her father.

“Little Rui, good dad, there is still something to do, and I will go back to see you soon after processing.”

Ruth’s crying eyes and nose were all red, and her throat was hoarse, “Daddy, will you go back to see me soon?”

She choked with sobs as she spoke.

Phillip Zong’s voice was hoarse, “I will.”

Ruth let go after hearing her father’s words. Keller Shen hugged her, handed it to the bodyguard, and said in a deep voice, “Take care of me!”

When such a thing happened, the bodyguard also blamed himself, “Yes.”

The two children were sent back to the villa. Keller Shen was worried because his mother was taking care of them. He called Alan Su and asked him to go to the villa to take care of them.

I couldn’t explain it clearly on the phone, and only briefly said the situation in a terrible way, “I am not very relieved, you will take care of it.”

Alan Su said you can rest assured, Keller Shen hung up the phone.

Danna Cheng’s body was not sent to the morgue, but was placed in a ward when it was occupied.

The corpse was covered with a white cloth, and Zong Qifeng knelt on the edge of the bed, holding that cold hand.

He thought so much that he could heat this cold body.

Tears fell silently.

“You said you want to accompany me until I get old, how can you leave me and leave without telling me…” The man’s voice was very low, and he sobbed and whimpered in grief.

Chapter 459

Roberson Cheng stood by, crying constantly.

“She has a hard life.”

Phillip Zong stood by the door and did not go inside. He lowered his head, his expression was hidden by his broken hair.

“I remember that on her twentieth birthday that year, something happened at home and my parents passed away. I was arrested. She ran outside alone, trying to rescue me…” Roberson Cheng choked.

“I didn’t know at the time, but later I found out. She made a deal with a woman to prevent me from going to jail. The woman was Wenxian. She gave a large sum of money to cover the debts owed, so I didn’t have to In jail, Danna, my sister left Baicheng with Wen Xian.”

“This woman named Wenxian has no love with her husband. She has a sense of belonging, but she feels sorry for her husband, so she gave Danna to her husband, hoping that they will have feelings and fall in love with each other… Xiu was pregnant. Wenxian said that she wanted to give the child a rightful identity, so she declared that she was pregnant…” “The child was held by Wenxian when she was born, saying that the child was born to her. Unfortunately, Wenxian Qing discovered the relationship between Zong Qifeng and Danna. He felt that Danna took advantage of Wenxian’s pregnancy to seduce Zong Qifeng… At that time, Wen Jin was still alive and powerful, and Foster Wen was unscrupulous and caught Yu. Xiu, and than she called Zong Qifeng to break up, Danna refused. He didn’t know how he heard that Danna had a first love before, so he arrested Bai Hongfei and threatened her with Bai Hongfei…” “As a last resort, she I could only call Zong Qifeng to tell that she still loved Bai Hongfei and decided to leave.

In fact, she did not leave, but was locked up by Foster Wen. This level was six years…” “It was Wenxian who found out that she did not go with Bai Hongfei, but was locked up by Foster Wen, and forced Wen. It’s been six years since then, Foster Wen felt that Danna and Zong Qifeng had been separated for so many years, and they should have no feelings, and Wen Xian and Zong Qifeng’s “child” had grown up again, so he agreed to let them go… …” “Six years, more than 2,000 days and nights, when she was arrested, she had just given birth. It was also at that time that she injured her body, and she would no longer be able to bear children, and she had mental problems. A year later It’s better. “

“Later, she married Zong Qifeng in order to be able to stay with her son, but Foster Wen disagreed. Only when she wanted her to take the handicraft handed down by the family’s ancestors as a price, she agreed. As for how Wen Xian died, I would not Clear.”

With red eyes, he raised his head to look at Phillip Zong who was standing by the door, crying, “The woman lying here, covered with white cloth, is your biological mother.”

After that, I added a sentence with emphasis, “Pregnant in October, endure the severe labor pains during childbirth, and give birth to your biological mother.”

Phillip Zong still didn’t look up, and could vaguely see his trembling body.

Zong Qifeng stood up, his muddy eyes lost all the color. He carefully put down Danna Cheng’s hand, reluctant, heartache, and finally let it go. He looked at Roberson Cheng, “Let’s go out and let him see her On the one hand, call her…I hope for a lifetime…” Roberson Cheng wiped his face and walked out of the ward first. Outside the door, Keller Shen was standing in the corridor. He heard Roberson Cheng’s voice just now, and he was shocked. Danna Cheng turned out to be Zong Jing. Hao’s biological mother.

At this moment, he worried about what Phillip Zong would do.

How to face it.

When Zong Qifeng passed by Phillip Zong, he stopped, raised his hand and fell heavily on his shoulder, “Don’t let her go with regret.”

Zong Qifeng’s hand squeezed his shoulder forcefully, with red eyes, “She has been looking forward to it for a lifetime. When she was alive, she didn’t expect it after all. Now don’t let her go with regret.”

After speaking, he walked out of the ward and closed the door in the room. The moment the door was closed, everything outside was isolated, even the air was isolated from the outside.

The whole ward was quiet, without a single sound.

I could only vaguely see that Phillip Zong’s body was shaking more severely than before, and his body slowly bent down, sliding down the wall and sitting on the ground.

With his arms on his knees and his head buried between his arms, no one saw his expression, no one even saw him cry.

It’s just that water slid across his cheeks and dripped to the ground.

At this moment, he didn’t even have the courage to take a look at her.

When Ana Lin woke up, the tip of her nose was filled with the smell of disinfectant, and her clothes were changed into medical gowns. She remembered that Danna Cheng had blocked the danger for her, so she was safe. She was injured very badly at the time, and now she doesn’t know how. That’s it.

She lifted the quilt and got out of the bed. Her calf hurts. She pulled up the trousers to see the injury on her leg. When the car accident happened, her leg seemed to be pinched.

It should have been injured at that time, but it seems to have been dealt with.

She walked slowly out of the ward. There was no one on the side of the operation. She grabbed a passing nurse and asked, “Excuse me, how is the patient who was sent in a car accident today?”

The nurse took another look at her and pointed to another corridor, “In that ward.”

“Thank you.”

Ana Lin breathed a sigh of relief and was sent to the ward. There should be no major incidents. Fortunately, fortunately, she walked this way with a feeling of rejoicing. She saw Keller Shen standing in the corridor.

Hastened the pace.


Keller Shen came over to help her, “Is it all right?”

She shook her head and asked, “Is he here?”

Keller Shen gave a low hmm.

When Ana Lin heard that the voice was wrong, she looked up at Keller Shen.

“You know, right?”

Keller Shen asked.


“Danna Cheng is Phillip’s biological mother.”

A bad premonition rushed out, and instinctively grabbed Keller Shen’s arm, “Does he know?”

Keller Shen gave a hum.

At the same time, Ana Lin also breathed a sigh of relief, either, or this, even if it is difficult to face at first, the knot will be untied someday.

And now Danna Cheng is injured and needs someone to accompany him.

“I’ll go in and take a look.”

Ana Lin walked towards the ward.

Keller Shen held her, “Phillip is inside.”

His voice was muffled, “Danna Cheng was not saved, now he should need some space.”

Ana Lin opened his eyes wide, “You, what did you say?”

Didn’t Danna Cheng rescue him?

Hmm—— The intense pain came like a wave, causing the body to twitch, and even the stomach was tightened, and a nausea rushed upward.

She clutched her chest and squatted on the ground.

Keller Shen was startled, and clasped her shoulders, “Are you okay, do you want me to call a doctor?”

Ana Lin shook his head, “It’s just that my heart hurts too much…what should he do?”

She looked up at the closed door, tears involuntarily falling down, choking, “Keller, what should he do?”

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