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Chapter 1097

“The reason why I think you are crazy is because I basically don’t understand what you are saying.”

“It’s about the memory modification you said. Deep down in your memory, Lin Ziyu should be called Enderia Shen. This is the only thing I can understand.”

“I don’t understand the other small worlds, fairy masters, and other dimensions at all. According to the scientific knowledge we have learned, you are simply crazy.

Dustin Zhou was taken aback for a moment. It turned out that it was because of this that he felt mad? But he was relieved soon. After all, Mira Xie is just an ordinary person! From the perspective of an ordinary person, she can feel that she is crazy. It seems that this is the most normal reaction. Immortal teacher, Little World, these common words that I often talk about myself, Mira Xie has never heard of it. In fact, invisible, there has been a gap between him and Mira Xie. , Because in a sense, two people are not human beings in the same world. Dustin Zhou was silent for a moment, “Wife, scientific knowledge, how do you say, the history of science is only two to three hundred years old. time.

“And our Eastern civilization has lasted for five thousand years.

“To put it bluntly, science and metaphysics are actually at the same level, comparable things, and become civilizations.

“Our metaphysical civilization has been developed for more than five thousand years, but the scientific civilization in front of us only lasted for two or three years. You say, which of these two civilizations is strong?

“Mira Xie nodded, seemingly understandable, as if it really made sense. And she was sure she had heard that there were indeed some very great inventions in ancient times. Even if they were put in modern times, they were thousands of years ahead of the world. For example, a gossip diagram. A simple gossip diagram is commonplace in the Eastern world, but if you put it in the scientific world, with the current level of science, you may not be able to study exactly how many things are contained in the gossip diagram. , The tenth largest planet in the solar system that the scientific community had been unable to speculate back then was actually calculated through the Bagua diagram. A scientist discovered that each hexagram position on the Bagua diagram corresponds to a planet in the solar system. This

It is estimated that there should be the tenth largest planet in the solar system.

Moreover, the scientist also calculated the density and trajectory of the tenth planet through the Bagua diagram.

Scientists at that time couldn’t discover the tenth largest planet at all. It was only after many years that the existence of this planet was confirmed.

Even the research and development of the computer binary system was developed under the influence of the Bagua graph.

All of this is enough to explain a phenomenon that the civilization of the ancient East is not as useless as it seems now.

Could it be that a civilization has been developed for five thousand years, and nothing really remains?

All productive forces must draw on the present two to three hundred years of history.

“Actually, from the perspective of a practitioner, these questions of yours are very easy to explain.” Dustin Zhou said.

“We invented gunpowder a long time ago, and most of the weapons in the world today can actually be developed on the basis of gunpowder.” “Why didn’t we continue to use it to research weapons after we developed gunpowder? “Doesn’t we have the ability?” It’s just a joke. We can invent gunpowder. For the next thousand years, we can’t use gunpowder to develop weapons, but to make fireworks… This kind of behavior is like an invention. People with computers have no ability to write a game. They can only make the computer calculate one plus one equals two.

This is a very funny phenomenon.

But if you consider it from another angle, then everything can be explained.

Practitioners do not need to use gunpowder to study weapons.

Researching out weapons is of no use, on the contrary, it is better to set off fireworks.

Mira Xie was silent for a while thoughtfully, and then said, “If you follow your logic, many things can be explained.” “Metaphysics is a powerful civilization, much more than science, so we don’t need to use it. Gunpowder studies weapons, so no one can thoroughly study our gossip map until now.” “But there is one question you haven’t explained clearly. Why are there so many prosperous metaphysics now, but now there is nothing?” People who claim to know metaphysics are all god sticks.” Dustin Zhou said with a black thread, “I am also a cultivator and can also learn metaphysics. Do you think I am a god stick?” “That’s not…” Mira Xie stuck out his tongue. “But people like you are a minority after all. Why has metaphysics fallen to this level now? Isn’t it accessible to the public at all?” “It’s very simple, why must I go to the small world?” Dustin Zhou asked rhetorically .

“Because those who have achieved the realm of immortal masters will leave this world. To put it bluntly, metaphysics has developed to a certain peak, and it cannot continue.

Continue to develop in this world.

Dustin Zhouyu said earnestly, “The ultimate prosperity is bound to perish.

“This is an unchanging truth. Dustin Zhou believes that civilization is also such a thing. How many civilizations have ever been produced on the earth? No one knows, with the current science and technology, the current existence of the earth is about forty. Hundred million years. Four billion years sounds like a simple number, but what does this number mean? Human civilization has only been five thousand years, and scientific civilization has only been more than two hundred years. In this world, the time that the earth has existed is almost 100,000 times that of human civilization! Compared to the greatness of nature and the greatness of the universe, human beings are really small and not even dusty. So it is impossible for humans to escape this. The truth is that if civilization develops to a certain peak, it will inevitably usher in destruction, and then the next civilization will be born again. Dustin Zhou said, “The metaphysical civilization realized that it was going to disappear, so it broke away from this environment and went to the small world.

“On the earth, a civilization called science has emerged. Even if it remains, a practitioner who has mastered metaphysical civilization like me cannot jump out and directly hinder the development of scientific civilization. If you do that, It must be against the laws of nature, and the end must be very miserable. Therefore, even if the metaphysical civilization still exists in this world, it will definitely be hidden deliberately from being discovered. “Perhaps, a few years later, scientific civilization will disappear. .

“At that time, mankind will give birth to a new civilization, and then call science an old civilization, which is a kind of superstition.

Chapter 1098

These things Dustin Zhou said are not merely speculations. This is a fact. In fact, there is an unwritten rule in the world of spiritual practice. The world exposed its strength. Otherwise, why would there be a hidden family? A family who treats the world well, possesses a large number of martial arts resources, and can easily occupy a city. Why should it be hidden? Because of this The aristocratic family, all the background comes from warriors, they can’t operate in the secular world at all. Because if such a family dominates a city, then it is inevitable that the power of warriors will gradually erode all classes of the entire city. In other words In other words, in a very short period of time, people in the entire city, civilians or nobles, will know that there are such things as martial artists in this world. If the secret of martial artists is no longer a secret, then there will be people in this world who believe Is it scientific? Believe in a hammer! Isn’t he good to be a practitioner directly?


But if such a climate is formed, the development of science will inevitably be hindered, which hinders the changes in the laws of nature.

Therefore, in order not to hinder the changes in the laws of nature, a family with a large number of martial arts resources will hide their martial arts power and become a hidden family.

As for why the Zhou family is so powerful, it can still act in secular activities with fairness, in fact, the principle is very simple.

The Zhou family did not start with the resources of martial artists.

The Zhou family relies on secular industries, such as the inspection industry, such as the education industry, and the real estate industry, all of which are in the shadow of the Zhou family.

After they started from industry, they developed the resources of warriors.

Their main core is also placed on the industry. Even if the resources of the martial artist are developed, they will not be announced. They are only used to supplement their own economic industries and only operate in a certain class of upper-class society.

It’s not like the Xu family. There is no sh*t industry. Anyone pulled out is a martial master… These two families are still essentially different.

After listening to Dustin Zhou’s explanation, Mira Xie also had a general understanding of the world of practitioners.

At the very least, she doesn’t think Dustin Zhou is a fool now, nor does she think Dustin Zhou must be crazy.

Instead, I think Dustin Zhou does have the ability, because the metaphysics really exists, and it can be said that it only exists in the upper class.

Mastering the knowledge of metaphysics is equivalent to stepping into the upper class with half a foot.

As for Dustin Zhou, he was still the handle of the practitioner.

This is simply a dragon and a phoenix among people!

Looking at Mira Xie’s full-eyed stars, Dustin Zhou didn’t catch a cold, and even said embarrassingly, “Well, I’m not telling you this to show off how good I am now.” Looking at Mira Xie’s performance, Dustin Zhou always felt like he was. A primary school student was bragging, and then the girl in front of her deceived her with a look of worship.

That’s why he explained, “I just want you to understand that this kind of thing I do is actually very normal, but it is not appropriate to bring you.” “Because you are just an ordinary person.” Dustin Zhou said .

“Then you mean to despise me.” Mira Xie said bitterly.

“I didn’t dislike you… I mean you really can’t help much.” Dustin Zhou said with a big head.

You really can’t help, in fact, there are some hurtful words, and I just dislike you, the difference is not big.

But Dustin Zhou must say so, because this is the fact.

He didn’t dare to take Mira Xie and enter the unknown world, which was full of strong men. What would happen if Mira Xie went?

After encountering danger, he could not save Mira Xie at all.

But Mira Xie was very determined.

“Dustin Zhou,

Do you think that if you don’t take me with you, you are protecting me?

“No, you are getting better and better, climbing higher and higher, and the distance between me and you can only grow bigger and bigger.

“For the simplest example, when you become a fairy master one day, do you want to live in that small world?”

“”But what about me?”

I’m just an ordinary woman. By that time, will we be separated completely?

“I don’t want to be separated from you, so you must let me fit into your world.”

“Take me there. I want to see what the world of practitioners you are talking about is like. I am not afraid of danger.

“Mira Xie was very stubborn, saying that anyway the weakest in the world is the fairy master, then it doesn’t matter whether Dustin Zhou can protect her. When confronted with danger, Dustin Zhou can’t even protect herself. The emperor of warrior is still very simple. If there is no danger, then both of them are good. In other words, because the people in the small world are too strong, the part where Dustin Zhou is stronger than Mira Xie is meaningless. It seems that a stronger ant is taking a thinner ant to the anteater. In fact, there is no difference between the two ants in the eyes of the anteater. Dustin Zhou thought that it was the same thing, although he did not He was willing to let Mira Xie accompany him on the adventure, but he also knew that if Mira Xie stayed, it would be the cruelest to her. In that case, the two of them should go together! Dustin Zhou inspired the jade, and the jade suddenly gave out a dazzling white light , The white light, directly in front of them, tore open an irregular hole. Looking from the outside to the inside of the hole, I could not see anything. I only felt that a mysterious light blocked the sight, and, also There is an invisible force that is secretly repelling them. But there is no doubt that this door is real, and through this door, you can lead to an unknown world. “Really, it’s amazing…” Mira Xie sighed with emotion Said, “It turns out that everything you said is true. This kind of thing is definitely not something technology can do!

“Co-author, do you think I’m lying to you?”

“Dustin Zhou smiled bitterly, took Mira Xie’s hand, and stepped into the Guangmen with a sense of anxiety. After they entered the Guangmen, the jade outside suddenly lost its luster, and the Guangmen behind Dustin Zhou disappeared at that moment. It’s over, can this thing go back? Dustin Zhou was shocked. At this time, Mira Xie poked him with his elbow. Dustin Zhou reacted, and that’s right, it’s not a matter of consideration to go back now, and I should observe it first. What is this small world like. A brand new world, where you are

The rules of the world are completely different. At this moment, Dustin Zhou thoroughly realized how naive he was before.

Chapter 1099

how to say?

It’s uncomfortable.

This small world is also a brand new field for Dustin Zhou, so he is very complicated and excited to come to this place.

After all, this place is in the legend, but that is the place that a fairy can only reach!

So after coming to this small world, the light gate behind him disappeared, which only shocked Dustin Zhou, and didn’t take it too seriously.

Because he was more interested in first looking at what this small world looked like and how it was different from the earth where he was before.

I just wanted to cry, but the difference was not too big. The place Dustin Zhou came to looked like a mine in the secular world.

All around are mines, sand, and land.

And in this world, there are indeed all kinds of machines, excavators, cranes, forklifts, carts and all kinds of things.

Dustin Zhou’s first reaction was that this world is so strange.

The small world that the immortal master can come to the last time, there is even this kind of modern construction site. This scene is somewhat different from what he imagined… The small world Dustin Zhou imagined should be a green mountain and beautiful water. A paradise full of aura.

What’s the matter with this construction site?

But what really made him uncomfortable, confused, and puzzled was that before he had any understanding of this small world, a man in his forties appeared before him, holding two shovel Walked towards Dustin Zhou and Mira Xie.

Dustin Zhou also wanted to ask this middle-aged man what was going on. Did he make a mistake?

In the wrong space?

Is this really a small world?

What’s the matter with what this construction site looks like?

Dustin Zhou had some questions to ask, but the middle-aged man didn’t give him a chance.

The middle-aged man took the lead and asked straightforwardly, “From the lower realm? New, the emperor of warriors?” The middle-aged man asked three questions in a row.

Dustin Zhou just nodded.

Because the other party had answered all three questions correctly, and seemed to know his information well, Dustin Zhou simply did not hide it.

Maybe it can still make a good impression.

But that guy didn’t regard Dustin Zhou as a good person at all. After hearing Dustin Zhou’s answer, he directly stuffed the shovel in Dustin Zhou and Enderia Shen’s hands.

“That’s right, stop the ink, and work quickly.” After the middle-aged man finished speaking, he turned his head and left.

Dustin Zhou was left with a dazed look, a look of awkward criticism… and a look of bewilderment.

No, who am I?

Where am i?

What am i doing?

Why so

for me?

What does it mean to work quickly?

He came to the small world to find a fairy!

Why did he appear in a mine, and then a middle-aged man appeared, and gave him two shovels to understand that he was allowed to work?

Is he here to work?

Dustin Zhou wanted to throw the shovel to the ground, and then viciously grabbed the middle-aged man and questioned it.

But before he could question, the middle-aged man spoke first, waved his back to Dustin Zhou, and said carelessly, “You read that right, your task is to shovel sand and then load the car!” Convinced, in this small world, the emperor of warriors is used to do such kind of coolies!” The emperor of warriors, do hardies?

Your little world is really arrogant!

Dustin Zhou hadn’t figured out what was going on.

What is the position of the Emperor of Warrior in the world?

It means the pinnacle of warriors, the overlord of the city, and a giant.

It can be said that in the secular world, there is basically nothing that the emperor of warriors can not deal with, because once a practitioner reaches the realm of a fairy master, he will directly fly into the small world.

However, in the world, the emperor of warriors with such a status, after coming to this so-called small world, you actually let me do hard work?

Of course Dustin Zhou couldn’t bear this kind of thing!

He immediately threw the shovel in his hand aside, and took Mira Xie’s hand to chase the middle-aged man’s back.

You must give me an account of this!

Even if the emperor of warriors in this small world is used to do coolies, why should I have to do it with you!

Is your salary high?

Even in the world, brick movers have the right to choose which construction site to work on!

If you don’t say this, what’s the matter if you just throw me two shovels?

Dustin Zhou caught up with the middle-aged man and asked.

An impatient expression appeared on the middle-aged man’s face.

“You martial emperors who have just come to the small world are troublesome,” said the middle-aged man, “what if we just have less nonsense?” “Every new emperor of martial artists will always ask some questions. No problem, it’s really annoying! What can I do in the end? Didn’t you go to work honestly?” “Listen, you don’t have any salary.” “And, you can only work here. Work on the construction site, because you entered the small world from this area, that is, the slave of the owner of this area.” The rules of the small world are actually very simple. Although this piece of land is called the small world, its area It’s not small at all, it’s even bigger than the earth.

Because this is a space opened up jointly by countless immortals.

And every immortal master is the owner of the space he has created.

So for the emperor of warriors who can come here

In terms of which space you have come to, you are the slave of the owner of this space.

No choice.

The salary thing, no, anyway, the emperor of warriors can also skip meals for a long time.

In this small world, it is very helpful for practice. Relatively speaking, practicing in the small world and wanting to break through the realm of immortal masters is much easier than in the secular world.

“In other words, you don’t have any right to speak now, just work honestly.” “But if one day you reach the realm of a fairy and can open up your own space, you will also have your own space.” , You don’t need to be slaves to others anymore.” The middle-aged man said, “Now, do you have any questions?” Dustin Zhou was silent for a moment, thinking that what the middle-aged man said was reasonable.

Dustin Zhou now is no longer the little figure who was playing at the bottom.

He has been in contact with the upper-class society, and naturally knows how to treat this phenomenon with the eyes of the upper-class society.

The immortal master opened up the space, and the emperor of warrior has no ability to open up the space, and if he wants to practice in the small world, he can only work for the immortal master.

Use labor in exchange for the right to practice in this space.

Reluctantly, it’s an equivalent exchange… But Dustin Zhou didn’t come here to practice cultivation at all!

He is here to find someone!

“I don’t need to practice, so I don’t want to work here, is it possible?” Dustin Zhou asked.

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