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Chapter 530

“…Dear friends, let us invite Rocket Girls to bring us a wonderful performance.” Li Lanlan almost finished her lines excitedly.

However, the next second, she froze in place.

Because, in Li Lanlan’s imagination, after she said this line, the audience off the court should be crazy cheering and screaming.

However, now, the scene seems to be frozen in time, silent.

Li Lanlan opened her eyes in surprise, looked down the stage, her red lips suddenly opened slightly, her face was incredible.

The audience off the field, at this moment, all stared at Li Lanlan on the stage dumbfounded, almost everyone looked dazed and unbelievable.

It seems that they didn’t hear what Li Lanlan said just now.

“No, my ears did not misheard it?” “I also think that I heard the words Rocket Girl just now?” “Me too, wouldn’t it be true? This opening ceremony, can you please come Rocket girl?” “But this is what Li Lanlan said. She shouldn’t lie to us?” “Is it a combination of the same name? This is too shameless. By the name of Rocket girl, isn’t this deceiving consumers? ?” … Suddenly, there was a

An audience questioned quietly, and then more and more people questioned.

After all, no matter how you look at it, the opening ceremony of the Liushi branch is not very large.

The Rocket Girls is a nationally renowned idol girl group.

Rocket girls participating in such an opening ceremony seems to be at odds with their grades.

“Dear friends, it’s real, it’s the real Rocket Girl, it’s the three little ones you think, not fake. Next, let us welcome the Rocket Girl!” Li Lanlan saw the reaction of everyone, and then understood. , Chuckled and explained it slightly.

After speaking the last lines, she quietly walked aside and gave the stage to Rocket Girl.

Soon, the three little ones happily jumped onto the stage.

The moment when the three little ones appeared on the stage, the audience below suddenly burst into unparalleled screams and cheers.

“Oh my God, it turns out to be Rocket Girls!” “This is incredible. Why did they come here? Why don’t we know anything about it?” “Yeah, the news of Mingyang Company is too real, right? “Su Xiaomeng, I love you.” “Zhao Wanrong, I like you.” “Zhang Tiantian, I like you.” “Ahhhh, I’m going crazy, I’m so excited, no, I want to call Friends show off, let them not come today, hahaha, it’s so exciting.” “Come on, walking street, Rocket Girl is here, if you don’t come, they will leave, don’t you believe it? Then I immediately send two

Chapters of pictures to You.” …… The audience under the stage seemed crazy, screaming and screaming hard, even trying to rush to the stage.

If Dustin Zhou hadn’t arranged for Niu Chuan to take some people around the stage, I am afraid that a few people would really take the opportunity to succeed.

The appearance of the Rocket Girl not only made the audience crazy, but even some people not far away heard the sound, each showing a surprised expression.

And soon, the Rocket Girl appeared in Liushi, and the news of performing in a store spread throughout Liushi, Hunan Province, and even the hot search.

All of a sudden, fans all over the country knew.


In a coffee shop.

The two beauties who were drinking coffee and chatting suddenly stood up in surprise, knocked over a cup on the side, coffee was spilled all over the floor.

“Oh my God, the Rocket Girl came to Liushi, it turned out to be true.” “Xiaohui, let’s go quickly, or else it’s too late, the Rocket Girl left, then you will regret it.” And until the two beauties After leaving for a long time, there was a burst of exclamation from the coffee shop.

Afterwards, almost all the customers left the coffee shop, and the coffee shop owner even closed the door directly, took his mobile phone, and rushed to the place he saw in the circle of friends.

…… A KT


In the box, seven or eight boys and girls are singing to their heart’s content, and what they sing is the famous song of Rocket Girl.

Suddenly, a girl stood up in surprise, holding her mobile phone, and shouting excitedly.

“The Rocket Girl has come to our Liu City, look at it, this is the message Xiaohui sent me just now, let us go.” As soon as the female classmate’s voice fell, several other classmates immediately surrounded her.

“What? Really?” “Oh my God, it turned out to be true, Rocket Girl actually appeared in the Willow City, and still performing?” “What are you waiting for, let’s go quickly, not again, Rocket The girl is about to leave the Willow City. We are regretting it and it is too late.” … Such scenes happen in many places.

Not only Liushi, but even Changsha and Xiangtan, which are next to Liushi, have experienced many similar situations.

At this time, there was already noisy on the Internet.

“What, why would our baby go to that place in Liushi?” “Yes, and it’s still a business performance for such a low-level store. Are they all short of money? I’m willing to pay a thousand yuan to let them not come. Perform in a place like that.” “Hehe, upstairs, one thousand yuan, you can keep it for yourself, what can you do with one thousand yuan?” “I’m willing, am I willing to do it?” “Why will Liushi come here, I think Liushi is very good, it is relatively famous in Hunan Province.” “Don’t you notice, what is the store of Rocket Girl Three Littles Commercial Performance?” “Famous Company? Why does the name sound so familiar. “Nonsense, the previous whitening factor mask and the recent new strain of facial cleanser are not all products of their company.” “Oh my God, it turned out to be. That famous company is a big company.” “No way.” Now, I’m going to Liushi, I’m going to cheer for the three little ones.” “Take me one, I also want to go.” … More and more people rushed to the Liushi branch in the Liushi pedestrian street.

And after the Rocket Girls three went on stage to perform a song and dance, the audience under the stage had almost doubled. They surrounded the stage almost impenetrably.

And Niu Chuan, as well as those nursing homes, also felt a lot of pressure.

If the number of people is increased, even for them, it may be difficult to prevent accidents.

Not to mention, if someone has evil intentions, it is even more dangerous.

Liushi branch, office area on the second floor, Dustin Zhou looked at the rocket girl on the stage through the huge window, and nodded slightly.

He believed in the abilities of the three little ones, and believed that they could perform this business performance very well.

However, when Dustin Zhou’s eyes fell on the audience below the stage, his brows were also slightly raised.

There are too many of these audiences, and many of them are unexpected.

And the Liushi branch is on a prosperous street like a pedestrian street, where people come and go, which is prone to problems.

“No, remind them to pay attention.”

Chapter 531

The Rocket Girl appeared in Willow City, and she was doing a commercial performance, and the news that she was performing soon appeared on the hot search, and within a few minutes, there was a boom.

At the same time, there are many Rocket Girl fans rushing to the Willow City and nearby cities ecstatically.

After all, in this place in Hunan Province, the Rocket Girl may not be able to come several times in a few years.

The Rocket Girl, who just finished her concert tour in Hunan Province, will rarely look at Hunan Province in the next few years.

So this commercial performance is probably the last time Rocket Girl appeared in Hunan Province.

How can you miss such an excellent opportunity?

“Oh my God, really rocket girl, I didn’t come in vain!” “Su Xiaomeng, I love you, my roommate is ill in bed, dying, he said as long as you can kiss me, he will die without regret.” “f*ck, shameless, that’s my roommate.” “Ahhhh, I don’t care, I love the three kids.” “Oh, really young and lively.” …… Under the stage, the number of spectators watching More and more, even the pedestrian street is about to be blocked.

The police station not far away even sent the police to maintain order.

The Rocket Girls Three Little Girls are only performing enthusiastically on the stage, and they are also very happy for the increasing audience under the stage.

These are their fans!

…… After singing a song, the Rocket Girl Sanxiao entered the background for a while and took a break. After all, they had performed three songs and dances in a row. For them, the physical energy consumed was not small.

The stage was quickly taken over by Li Lanlan.

In the background.

As soon as the three little ones came in, she was pulled into the chair by Sister Yang, took a break, had some water, and moistened her throat.

After all, they are singers, and the importance of their voices is self-evident. After almost every performance, there will be maintenance work.

“Huh, it’s so warm, I didn’t expect that there will be so many people today.” Su Xiaomeng is a slightly nervous girl with a simple mind. It is very happy to see so many people here today.

After all, they are here to help the Liushi branch to make publicity, and the Liushi branch is also from Dustin Zhou’s brother. In this way, they are equivalent to helping Dustin Zhou’s brother to make publicity. Naturally, the greater the effect, the better.

“But, with so many people, is there really no problem?” Zhao Wanrong is a girl who thinks a lot. After hearing Su Xiaomeng’s words, she frowned and hesitated.

After all, the situation under the stage just now, she

We have also seen that there is almost a sea of ​​people, and at a glance, there are people except people.

Even with the blessing of stage speakers, the voices of the three of them could not surpass the cheers and screams of the audience under the stage.

“There is indeed a problem. There are too many people. Once there is an accident, the consequences are unpredictable.” Sister Yang also suddenly became serious, her eyes flickered slightly, as if she was thinking about something.

“Are you okay?” At this moment, Dustin Zhou walked in, looked at the three little ones, and smiled slightly.

For the Rocket Girl to help, he was naturally very happy and very grateful.

Moreover, the results today are also very impressive. I am afraid that for a long time in the future, the Liushi branch will be crowded with customers and customers will continue to flow.

Even, it is very likely that there are customers who are not in Liushi, running all the way, just to see here and buy some cosmetics by the way.

“Zhou, the movement here is a bit too big. With so many people outside, will there be a problem?” Seeing Dustin Zhou, Sister Yang hesitated for a moment, or slowly expressed Zhao Wanrong’s worries.

But this is Dustin Zhou’s home court after all. They just came for a commercial performance, and the right to choose some things is not for them.

Even if you meet some violent masters, it is likely that you will anger them because of Sister Yang’s words.

“Well, I came here for this. Now there are more and more audiences outside, and when you come here for business performances, you are also on the hot search. Almost all fans across the country know about it. Except for the constant rush of people from Liushi, In the nearby cities, people keep coming over.” Dustin Zhou nodded, his expression heavy.

“However, you still don’t need to worry about your safety. I have asked Chuanzi to guard around the stage with some people, so that people will not rush to the stage. And, uh, I have also contacted the nearby police station to do Good precautions.” “However, in order to prevent accidents, you have to be careful about good things. Once something goes wrong, rush to the backstage immediately and I will be here.” In the last few words, Dustin Zhou said to San Xiaozi. of.

Although, the security around the stage, he has reached the limit.

Not only did Niu Chuan take the Zhang family’s nursing homes for precautions, he also contacted the nearby police station to make a report and ask them to arrange for someone to come over to maintain order.

In this way, there are generally no accidents and collective incidents.

What’s more, with Chuanzi and Zhangjia Nursing Home, even if some people have malicious intentions, they can’t do anything to harm the three little ones.

“Yeah, don’t worry, Brother Dustin Zhou, we will be careful and nothing will happen,” Su Xiaomeng smiled and stood up, walked directly to Dustin Zhou, reached out and took Dustin Zhou’s arm with a big face. dimple,

Shah is beautiful.

… At the same time, in a milk tea shop not far from the Liushi branch, several men were sitting in it, constantly looking towards the stage in front of the Liushi branch.

“I haven’t appeared yet, the young lady hasn’t appeared yet.” “What is the identity of the young lady, how can it be possible to appear on such occasions.” “But the second master asked us to take a good look. Once the young lady appears, we must take her away immediately.” , Dustin Zhou, and his bodyguard, but it’s not easy to deal with.” “What are you afraid of, this time, there is Younger Jiang, and I am afraid that they will not succeed?” “Yes, Younger Jiang, but the most respected person of the second master? What’s more, I also learned something from Master Kong before, now which one is his opponent!” “Haha, that’s right, we still have to follow Jiang Shao in the future, Jiang Shao has to take care of us.” “That is. , And don’t look at what Shao Jiang’s identity is, don’t you see so many beauties around you who all cast admiring glances at Shao Jiang? I’m sure, as long as Shao Jiang slightly hooks his fingers, they will keep coming …” … The eyes of a crowd of young people withdrew from the stage, and then fell on the young man who had been quiet in the middle of the crowd.

The young man has sharp eyebrows, a high nose, thin lips, and a slightly bronzed skin. He looks very handsome.

In addition, he has a well-proportioned figure. In the cold weather of winter and Christmas, he is still wearing thin clothes. It looks not in the way, and it is even more impressive.

Even, at this time he was just sitting here, without saying a word, there were many girls around the milk tea shop who frequently looked at him with curiosity and admiration.

Chapter 532

Chapter Jiang Yan’s decision!

“Don’t talk too much, watch it carefully. If Yan’er appears and you don’t notice, you should be ready to go back and be punished.” However, in the face of the crowd’s pursuit and the constant gazes around, the young man seemed unmoved and looked on. Calm, put his hands flat on the table, quietly looking out of the glass window.

No one noticed the faint anger in the man’s eyes at this moment.

“This handsome guy, can you add a WeChat account and leave a contact information?” At this moment, a girl finally couldn’t wait, walked lightly, walked slowly, and said with a smile.

This woman is not the most top-notch, but she has a very charming face, with willow eyebrows, Danfeng eyes, exquisite makeup, plus her brand-name dress, and she knows she is a rich woman.

Moreover, she is still a young rich woman.

Such a person is not rich in the family, she is a rich second-generation, or she is a married mistress, she is lonely and lonely, and wants to find another little white face outside.

And seeing this woman take the lead, around

Many girls stomped and sighed secretly.

Such a young, rich, good-looking, and proactive woman, almost no man can refuse.

The girls all thought this handsome man would agree.

However, there are also many boys who come with their girlfriends who are unhappy, and even cast hostile eyes at Jiang Shao.

Everyone is a man, so why can you attract such a good rich woman, they can’t?

And the companions around Jiang Shao kept blinking at him, their faces full of meaning to watch the excitement.

“What? The handsome guy is embarrassed? Should we find a quiet place and talk about our ideals in life? Don’t worry, my sister will definitely satisfy you.” Seeing that Jiang Shao didn’t respond, the beauty thought he hadn’t heard him clearly. Just now, he raised his eyebrows and said another sentence.

“Go!” However, the next second, a loud “Go” word came out from Shao Jiang’s mouth, his voice full of indifference.

For an instant, everyone was stunned.

Not only the companions around him, but also the other women in the milk tea shop were stunned, and the men were stunned, and they were even more impressed with Jiang Shao.

If possible, they even wanted to yell “Awesome” to Jiang Shao.

The atmosphere has solidified a bit, and the milk tea shop just made a slight noise, and it was extremely quiet at this time.

Even the busy employees gave Jiang Shao a puzzled look.

Such a near-perfect rich woman and beauty actively want to contact, even, have already said, find a quiet place to talk about life ideals.

To be any normal man, I am afraid I already understand what a woman means, and will go out with a woman happily.

But this man just stays unmoved.

He even said something like “get out”.

Listen, is this still what people say?

Is this still a man?

Faced with a chat from a rich woman, she was indifferent, which simply lost the man’s face.

Why did you find him instead of me for such a big good thing?

At this moment, all the men in the milk tea shop had such an idea in their hearts.

Even the gazes they looked at this rich woman and beauty became a little eager.

“You!” As soon as the word “f*ck” was uttered, the face of the rich lady changed drastically. Looking at Jiang Shao, her face was full of anger, even her eyes, with faint anger, could burn Shao Jiang to death.

“Huh! A man who doesn’t understand style!” However, the milk tea shop is a public place after all, and there are still many people inside. She is a woman, in such a place.

Occasion, if the chat is successful, it’s fine, it can be regarded as an affair.

But now as a woman, and all the conditions seem to be perfect, she took the initiative to strike up a conversation, but was rejected. If she had to be forced to entangle here, it would be shameless.

The woman’s face changed several times, she gave Jiang Shao a fierce look, then turned around, stepped on her high heels, and left the milk tea shop angrily.

After the woman left, a few men who looked good also left, followed in the direction where the woman left.

“Tsk, Young Master Jiang, isn’t it? Such a good beauty, don’t be a pity.” “Yeah, you see, as soon as they leave, someone will immediately follow. It seems that someone else knows the goods.” “Haha, You are all too vulgar, is Shao Jiang such a person?” … “If you want to, catch up directly, don’t talk nonsense here, we are here, not for you to hook up with women.” Jiang Shao said coldly, returning to a cold expression.

It’s just that he looked at the Liushi branch opposite, but he was very unkind.

… After instructing the Rocket Girl Three Little Girls, Dustin Zhou waited in the background.

Although he has done a lot of preventive measures, he can’t guarantee foolproof.

Once there was an accident, he would be able to respond here anyway, giving Niu Chuan and the Zhangjia Nursing Home a certain time to react.

“Don’t worry Sister Yang, nothing big will happen.” After reassuring Sister Yang, Dustin Zhou’s attention fell on the Rocket Girl again.

The performance skills of the three little ones are still good, otherwise, they won’t have such a big reputation in the country and collect so many fans in such a short time.

Time passed by, and the opening ceremony starting at ten o’clock, together with the performance, took nearly forty minutes.

Now the Rocket Girl’s performance has come to an end, and then there is only the last song left.

Although the number of spectators under the stage has increased, after the police station also joined in, the order has become much better.

“Dustin Zhou.” At this moment, Enderia Shen, Mira Xie, Ye Fang, Wang Wei, Jiang Yan and Ling sister appeared in the background at the same time.

“What’s the matter?” Dustin Zhou looked over and asked when Jiang Yan was walking towards him.

He didn’t know what these people wanted to do when they suddenly appeared here, especially Jiang Yan.

Before she finally got out of the horns, but she couldn’t let her sink in again.

Therefore, this time, a process originally planned for Jiang Yan to be the ambassador platform of the famous company was directly cancelled by Dustin Zhou.

“Dustin Zhou, I want to go up.” Jiang Yan took a few steps closer and looked at Dustin Zhou with a serious expression.

“What?” Dustin Zhou was a little surprised, even more

If there are too many, it is unwilling.

This is what he had said to Jiang Yan, Sister Ling, and Enderia Shen before. He even greeted Wang Wei specially.

The purpose is not to let Jiang Yan come to power, which put her in a dilemma.

As long as Jiang Yan comes on stage, under such a large amount of exposure, everyone will definitely know.

Even, not only Hunan Province, but the whole country will know.

Moreover, with the ability of a netizen, to discover Jiang Yan’s identity is just a moment’s away.

At that time, Jiang Yan will face great pressure.

There are not only other big families in Hunan Province, but also netizens, but also pressure from inside the Jiang family.

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