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Chapter 788

Well, the relationship between Dustin Zhou and Su Wei is pretty good, and he is Su Wei’s father, so naturally the relationship with Dustin Zhou is not bad.

That’s fine, but since seeking Dustin Zhou’s help before, after solving the family conflict and taking the position of the head of the family, the two seem to seldom interact with each other.

If it hadn’t been for the appearance of the Xu family that both the Sun family and the Ding family were all about to move, Su Shiming felt that he might not meet Dustin Zhou yet.

In other words, even if he invited Dustin Zhou to come to the Su family, Dustin Zhou might not come.

“Then what is the specific situation now, please tell me a little bit.” Dustin Zhou said slightly, and couldn’t comment on Su Shiming’s words.

Indeed, although Su Wei had talked a lot to Dustin Zhou on the phone before.

However, those words were too superficial for Dustin Zhou and contained no content.

At the very least, Su Weilian is not clear about the specific circumstances of the Sun and Ding families.

“Well, now the Xu family is ready to move, it seems to be born, and under the pressure of a hidden family like the Xu family, many families in the East China Sea are in panic all day long.” “The resources of the East China Sea are basically allocated now. , Which family, which force, and which resources they occupy are basically recognized by everyone, and most people agree. Without special circumstances, they will not looting at will.” “But once the Xu family is born, it means The existing resources in the East China Sea must be redistributed.” “Those second-rate families, third-rate families don’t care so much, because they don’t have a lot of resources originally, but for those top second-rate families, there are also our Su family and grandson. For a first-class family like the Ding family, the birth of the Xu family means taking some resources from us.” “Even, the Xu family will always hang on our heads, making us uneasy.” “Mr. Zhou, You know, families like ours have always been used to freedom. There is a hidden family on their heads, and it is always uncomfortable in my heart.” “So our families have other ideas.” Su Shiming slowly Said slowly, the expression on his face was very serious, as if the birth of the Xu family was a huge disaster for the Su family.

“The people of the Sun family want to unite with other families, and they want to take the initiative with the Xu family.” “The people of the Ding family want to go with the situation, and the reaction is not the opponent of the Xu family. Do nothing and wait to see how the Xu family will react. Rather than being the same as the Sun family, they may be hit by the Xu family’s madness. It is better to stand still, and you will not lose.” … Su Shiming put the two families together. All the general plans were said, and then

Looking at Dustin Zhou, I want to hear what he will say.

Dustin Zhou didn’t speak, he was thinking.

Since Su Shiming invited himself over, he would definitely not keep anything, so the affairs of the Sun family and the Ding family are probably no different from what Su Shiming said.

The key now is that the Su family is caught in it, and I don’t know which side to choose.

Choosing the Sun family has great risks and great benefits.

But after all, there are some grievances between the Su family and the Sun family. Many Su family members, including Su Shiming, do not trust the Sun family so much in their hearts.

But if the Su family were to choose the Sun family, they would be unwilling.

In any case, the Su family is also a first-class family in the East China Sea. After decades of prosperity, if you suddenly want to be a younger brother, the property under the name may be invaded by the Xu family. As long as it is the Su family, they will not be reconciled.

“Boss, you just think of a way to see if you can have any good ideas.” Su Wei also whispered when Dustin Zhou was thinking.

This time he advocated to find Dustin Zhou, and wanted to ask Dustin Zhou what he meant. For Su Wei, it was an unprecedented event.

Before that, Su Wei didn’t care about family affairs at all, and any major family affairs seemed to have nothing to do with his heir.

And this time, after experiencing a series of events in Hunan Province, Su Wei felt that he had made considerable progress. At least, he was able to advise everyone in the family on this matter today.

“Well, let me think about it.” Dustin Zhou said slightly, thinking about it in his heart.

Obviously, the Su family has not yet reached an agreement.

And since he entered this lobby just now, Dustin Zhou has also discovered a problem.

That is, the so-called four major offerings seem to be divided into two factions.

Since it is divided into two factions, naturally one faction supports uniting with the Sun family, and the other faction supports the same as the Ding family.

Dustin Zhou didn’t know if this was the full strength of the Su Family, but with these alone, it was impossible to fight the Xu Family.

“If your Su family only has this combat power, then the Xu family will be able to destroy you when they turn their hands.” Dustin Zhou said softly, staring at the people faintly.

As soon as the words fell, many worshippers glared at him. If the four major worships didn’t move, other worships might rush over and give Dustin Zhou a severe lesson.

“Hmph, you kid, what you say is too arrogant. His Xu family is a good family in the hidden world, but our Su family is not that easy to provoke. The four major worships of our Su family are all martial masters. The family has to deal with our Su family, and it will have to pay a great price!” Su Tai shouted coldly, looking at Dustin Zhou with unkind eyes, and with a faint warning, telling Dustin Zhou not to talk nonsense.

But what Sutai said, it is indeed

It is the consent of not many enshrinements.

Indeed, although the Su family is not as good as the Xu family, it is still a first-class family. There are four major worships in the family, and each of them is a martial master. With such strength, in the East China Sea, it ranks at the top. Even if the Xu family wants to treat Su Home hands, the worship of these four martial masters, is enough for the Xu family to drink a pot.

And this is why the Su family is still hesitant.

If you unite with the Sun family, there is still a chance, but if you choose to be like the Ding family, then the future of the Su family can even be seen at a glance, and it will not go long.

“Yeah, our Su family also has four martial masters anyway, does his Xu family dare to easily be an enemy of our Su family?” “Yes, maybe if we unite with the Sun family, we will be stronger than the Xu family. At that time, it’s hard to say who is bullying who!” “Hmph, according to my opinion, if you come to him, you can’t ask anything at all. Hurry up and let this kid go.” … Su Tai’s words have been enshrined. Agree, they looked at Dustin Zhou together with unkind eyes.

Dustin Zhou is a little helpless. In this world, there are always people who are inexplicably confident in themselves.


It sounds good, this is called self-confidence.

To put it ugly, it’s not knowing how high the sky is.

“Hehe, maybe you are right, but according to what I do, the number of martial masters in Xu’s family alone is no less than 20. This does not include those half-step martial masters, which is probably not less than 50. “Dustin Zhou waved his hand and said lightly.

Chapter 789

As soon as Dustin Zhou said this, the audience calmed down and the needle fell.

Su Tai seemed to have been shocked, stunned in place, his body trembled slightly, and the several offerings that had been clamoring just now also shut up immediately without saying a word.

The eyes of the four worshippers suddenly condensed.

The atmosphere in the entire lobby instantly became a bit solemn.

No less than twenty martial masters, no less than fifty half-step martial masters… Such data, just thinking about it, can make your scalp numb.

In fact, Dustin Zhou didn’t know what the Xu family’s real strength was.

But after integrating the information he got from Shui Bingyue and Hu Ye, he got a rough result, that is, the number of martial masters in the Xu family is definitely no less than fifteen.

However, if you think about it, these fifteen data are still more than ten years ago, and now these ten years have passed. With the strength of the Xu family, it is not difficult to think about training a few more martial masters.

Then, with such a calculation, more than twenty martial masters can also make sense.

It’s just that he didn’t expect that to say this by himself would be too shocking for everyone in the Su family.

Combining the three first-class families of Sun, Su, and Ding, the total number of martial masters will not exceed fifteen.

But a Xu family has more than twenty martial masters.

Could this be the background and strength of the hidden family?

But soon, someone questioned Dustin Zhou’s words.

“You said that there are more than twenty martial masters in the Xu family. Did you see it or did the Xu family tell you? There are no things that you say here, do you want to scare us?” Su Tai reacted coldly Said, he didn’t look pleasing to Dustin Zhou.

Especially the presence of Niu Chuan and Zhou Feng next to Dustin Zhou made Su Tai’s eyelids jump, and Dustin Zhou’s words hit him several times, which made Su Tai feel very upset.

Su Tai was unhappy, so he wanted to taunt Dustin Zhou. After all, this was the Su family. Even if there were two martial masters around Dustin Zhou, he couldn’t make any waves.

“Hehe, I mean here. As for believe it or not, that is your business, but since you have come to me and want to ask my opinion, I can provide you with a way.” Dustin Zhou stretched out a way. Finger, didn’t care about Sutai’s provocation at all, no martial master

Dustin Zhou doesn’t pay attention to the people.

“What?” Su Shiming pressed his hand, the others were silent and looked at Dustin Zhou quietly.

“Since you are choosing to cooperate with the Sun family, you are still entangled with the Ding family. If you are undecided, it is better to choose to cooperate with me.” Dustin Zhou chuckled lightly and said lightly.

In fact, after Su Wei called Dustin Zhou and told the story, Dustin Zhou had this idea in his mind.

The Su family is now sandwiched between the Sun family and the Ding family, undecided.

So, in the same way, the Su family is not the only one who feels anxious after the birth of the Xu family, and there are definitely others who are facing the same selection dilemma as the Su family.

That being the case, why didn’t Dustin Zhou unite these families together?

On the one hand, they can unite everyone’s strength to pit the Xu family and protect their interests from being infringed. On the other hand, Dustin Zhou can use their power to fight the Xu family and completely eliminate this trouble.

The best of both worlds, kill two birds with one stone.

“What!” “Boy, do you know what you’re talking about?” “Arrogant, I don’t know how high the sky is!” “Boy, you value yourself too much!” “Presumptuous!” … Everyone was shocked and pointed at Dustin Zhou. Shouted.

They didn’t expect that Dustin Zhou said so much that he would want the Su family to cooperate with him.

What is his Dustin Zhou?

Do you think that there are two martial masters by your side, and you feel that you are invincible in the world?

Su Tai was full of sarcasm, looking at Dustin Zhou as if he was looking at a fool.

Su Shiming was also puzzled and wanted to ask Dustin Zhou the reason, but seeing Dustin Zhou’s expression didn’t seem to be a joke, he swallowed what he was about to say.

“Mr. Zhou, is there any basis for you to say that?” Su Shiming asked in a deep voice.

Although Su Shiming asked Dustin Zhou to come and ask about it under Su Wei’s suggestion, in Su Shiming’s eyes, Dustin Zhou could only say something. It did not have much influence on how the Su family should choose.

But Su Shiming didn’t expect that Dustin Zhou would surprise everyone several times when he came.

And now, he actually wants the Su family to cooperate with him.


Is it because of the two martial masters?

But don’t say two, even three is not enough.

Besides, Dustin Zhou himself said earlier that there are no less than twenty martial masters in the Xu family, so where does he have the confidence to say such things?

“On my own, to be honest, I am not optimistic about the choice between the Sun family and the Ding family. After all, the Xu family is a hidden family. No one knows how strong it is.” After a pause, Dustin Zhou continued.

“And I said that you can cooperate with me, but it’s just a suggestion. As for how to do it, it’s up to you to make your own decisions. However, if

If you are still hesitating, I can go to meet the Sun’s and Ding’s with you in two days.

Dustin Zhou said confidently, with a very calm expression on his face, as if he didn’t care about what choice the Su family would make. And this also made everyone in the Su family feel unsure. Just now Dustin Zhou also acted as if the Su family’s choice was only him, Su If the family does not choose to cooperate with Dustin Zhou, there will be no way out. But now, Dustin Zhou seems to have become indifferent, no matter what choice the Su family will make, it has no meaning to him Dustin Zhou. This change , The expressions on the faces of the Su family have changed a lot. Even Su Tai, who has been aiming at Dustin Zhou, looks at Dustin Zhou at this moment with a hint of doubt. “This matter is very important, and it cannot be done in a moment. The decision is made. Let’s go, Mr. Zhou, two days later, you can go to Avaria to see the situation.

“Su Shiming pondered for a moment, looked at Dustin Zhou and said in a deep voice. This is a decision he made after thinking twice. For Dustin Zhou, Su Shiming has a good impression of him and trusts him. However, good impressions and trust do not mean that Su Shiming will meet. Put the future of the Su family in his hands. Once he chooses to cooperate with Dustin Zhou, then the next steps of the Su family will be out of control and be led by Dustin Zhou. And Dustin Zhou has had conflicts with the Xu family, the Xu family It is very likely that after birth, Dustin Zhou will be the first to find trouble. In this way, the Su family’s troubles will be great. So Su Shiming still decided to meet the Sun family and Ding family to see what other ideas they have. “Okay, see you at Avaria in two days!

Chapter 790

Xu Wei and Xu Ran! After returning from the Su family, Dustin Zhou shut himself in the room and carefully considered the next situation. It is foreseeable that the Xu family is likely to be born. As a hidden family, the birth of the Xu family has an extremely powerful influence on the entire East China Sea. It is very possible that the birth of the Xu family has caused a major reshuffle of the power of the East China Sea. No one can guarantee this time. In the big reshuffle of, I can be alone, or remain invincible. The Sun family can’t, the Ding family’s can’t, and the Su family’s can’t. That’s why they would act like this, but only for their family’s future in the East China Sea No matter the status. Dustin Zhou narrowed his eyes slightly, looked out the window, and fell into contemplation. There is no doubt that what he said in the Su family would definitely have a huge impact on everyone in the Su family, leaving them in entanglement. A choice. Although this choice, in the eyes of the Su family, is not the best, it is not even close to it, but at least one more choice is also a guarantee. Dustin Zhou does not know.

What choice would the Dao Su family make after all, but looking at the posture today, it would be impossible to get the Su family to cooperate with themselves without showing a little real ability, or something that can make the Su family focus.

But right now, the only thing Dustin Zhou can tell and frighten the Su family is the only two martial masters, Niu Chuan and Zhou Feng.

As for the famous company and the Mountain Mist Club, in the eyes of the Su family, they are probably just scraps.

After all, although the Mountain Mist Clubhouse is also a first-class power in the East China Sea, the Su family does not know the relationship between Dustin Zhou and the Mountain Mist Clubhouse.

Previously, Asher Chen helped Dustin Zhou to get ahead. From the Su family’s point of view, it was very likely that the two had a good relationship, but after all, they did not come to the point of conflict with the Xu family of the hermit family.

“It seems that I need to find two more places in the Martial Arts Grandmaster Town, otherwise the people of the Su family probably won’t put me in their eyes.” Silent thoughts in his heart, Dustin Zhou’s expression became brighter.

No words for a night.

The next day, Dustin Zhou was still asleep, and the phone rang continuously.

“Hey.” Dustin Zhou’s spirit was still blurred when he switched on the phone, and he was not completely awake at all. There were too many things to think about yesterday, and it was a bit brainstorming. Until now, Dustin Zhou still feels his brain confused.

“Mr. Zhou, please come over today, we have already made a decision like this…” Dustin Zhou suddenly became stunned when he heard what the man on the phone said. The state of confusion just now woke up instantly, and his eyes were even more intense. Shine.

“Okay, I’ll come here now. When I arrive, we are discussing in detail!” Dustin Zhou said in a deep voice, and after hanging up the phone, he took a long breath.

The call just now was made by Lord Tiger himself, saying that they had made a decision, and let Dustin Zhou go over and talk in detail.

Although they don’t know what the final decision made by Tiger Lord and others, Dustin Zhou already had a vague guess in his heart.

If Lord Tiger and the others disagree, it is impossible to talk to them in detail in the past. A simple phone call will be considered good.

But now, Lord Tiger called in person and said that he wanted to talk in detail. The implications are self-evident… Soon, Dustin Zhou washed up, said goodbye to Zhou’s mother, and rushed directly to the Brilliant Hotel.

Hu Ye’s call was tantamount to sending charcoal in the snow to Dustin Zhou.

Not to mention dealing with the Xu family, you need the support of Tiger Lord.

It is now, once the two sides reach a cooperation, then the tiger master will definitely send a martial master to obey his command.

As long as the number of martial masters around Dustin Zhou increases, they will have more power to speak when facing the Su Family, which is likely to completely change the attitude and choice of the Su Family.

And between Dustin Zhou and Su’s family

Things can also be used as a reliance for detailed discussions with Lord Tiger and the others.

Anyway, it is impossible for Hu Ye and Su Family to ventilate, and they will not know what they are doing with each other.

Soon, Dustin Zhou came to Brilliant Hotel.

Master Tiger had been waiting in the office on the third floor.

Under the guidance of Brother Pao, Dustin Zhou went directly to Master Tiger’s office.

As soon as he entered Tiger’s office, Dustin Zhou’s eyes condensed, and he was slightly stunned.

In this office, not only is Tiger Lord alone, but there are also two elders. They look like they are about sixty years old. They are full of energy and their eyes are like electricity. When Dustin Zhou comes in, they look like a sharp knife. With a pressing momentum.

But Dustin Zhou didn’t eat dry rice either.

Although it was a bit surprised that there were two elderly people in the office, Dustin Zhou could more or less guess the identity of the other person in his heart.

As for the gaze they looked at, Dustin Zhou directly ignored it.

Aside from other things, there are two martial masters, Niu Chuan and Zhou Feng, by his side. Even if the other party wants to do something, they have to weigh them carefully.

“Brother Dustin Zhou, you are here.” Master Tiger smiled and greeted him. As soon as he grasped Dustin Zhou’s hand, he tried to keep his face calm, but the smile in the corner of his eyes couldn’t hide.

Seeing this, Dustin Zhou knew in his heart, and he had some confidence in his heart.

“Well, since Lord Tiger said there are important things to discuss in detail, then I will naturally come.” Dustin Zhou smiled lightly.

“Come here, let me introduce to you.” Master Tiger took Dustin Zhou’s hand and went into the office, facing the two old men.

“This is the elders of our Xu family, Xu Wei, Xu Ran, and the two elders. This is Dustin Zhou.” After the introduction of Tiger Lord, Dustin Zhou, Zhou Feng and Niu Chuan were seated.

Dustin Zhou sat directly opposite the Tiger Lord, facing the two elders, while Niu Chuan and Zhou Feng sat next to Dustin Zhou, faintly forming a protective trend.

Seeing the three of Dustin Zhou sitting down, the two elders Xu Wei and Xu Ran condensed their eyes slightly, their faces did not change, but they were a little surprised.

When Xu Zonghu talked about this matter before, many of them still didn’t believe it, and some of them were malicious to Dustin Zhousheng and wanted to get rid of this person who knew their secrets.

But after everyone discussed it, it was decided to send two elders Xu Wei and Xu Ran to meet Dustin Zhou first to test the other’s confidence.

Xu Wei and Xu Ran can become the elders of the Xu family, and they are already martial masters.

At the beginning, they just thought Dustin Zhou was uttering a lot of rhetoric, not knowing the heights of the sky, and wanting to fight the Xu family leader.

In the eyes of the two of them, since Dustin Zhou dared to say that to Lord Tiger, it shows that Dustin Zhou has a certain degree of confidence.


From Tiger’s mouth, the two even knew that Dustin Zhou had a very young martial master.

However, when Dustin Zhou came in today, the two elders suddenly found out.

It’s not just the young guy who looks very young next to Dustin Zhou who is sharp and powerful, even the old man next to him is full of vitality, not a simple character.

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