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Chapter 197

Super big cake, do you want to make it together?

“Mr. Zhou, you are here.” Seeing Dustin Zhou, Su Shiming was very polite and hurriedly greeted him.

This surprised Enderia Shen on the side.

For the Su family, Enderia Shen knew from a young age that this was a first-class family in the East China Sea, far beyond the reach of a family like the Shen family.

But right now, the Su Family Patriarch is even polite to Dustin Zhou, even a little flattering.

This is simply subverting Enderia Shen’s cognition.

Originally, she insisted on coming, because if Dustin Zhou’s industrial plan was not as good as the Su family’s meaning, she could be condemned by the Su family.

Even at critical times, you can use the famous company as a condition to make the Su family show mercy.

Only when Enderia Shen saw this scene, he felt that he was simply worried before.

But the next second, a huge question mark appeared in her mind.

Why is Su Family Patriarch so polite to Dustin Zhou?

Could it be the previous struggle within the Su family?

Enderia Shen did not follow up, even if she was not sensible, she would not ask such a question at this time.

That not only makes Dustin Zhou difficult to answer, but also makes Su family ugly.

But being unable to ask does not mean that Enderia Shen cannot observe.

Her eyes followed Dustin Zhou firmly, and she wanted to see how he did it.

“I don’t know that…” Su Shiming looked at Dustin Zhou eagerly, and said with some embarrassment.

After all, Dustin Zhou had already helped the Su Family a lot, and he always felt a little embarrassed to let him speak so directly.

Su Shiming is not a greedy person, nor a thick-skinned person.

Otherwise, he would not be forced into that embarrassment by his own sister, Su Shiqin.

“It’s already done. Take a look first. If there is anything wrong, just bring it up.” Dustin Zhou smiled and didn’t care.

Right now, I’m paying for it when I return to Zhou’s house in the future.

He doesn’t feel that he is at a disadvantage now. On the contrary, he hopes that the Su family will make more demands, so that the Su family will owe more favors to Dustin Zhou next year.

And the favors will be repaid in the future.

Dustin Zhou took out a full sheet of paper, which was full of plans for the Su family’s industry.

But those are just a rough idea, and the specific content is not written much.

But this is the case. When Su Shiming saw it, he was also shocked!

The paper is full of planning content. Although it is not that detailed, Su Shiming can understand it at a glance.

The above plans are all aimed at the shortcomings of the Su family’s current industry.

It’s hit the nail on the head!

Is this the knowledge and ability of the children of the super family?

Su Shiming looked at Dustin Zhou in shock.

After reorganizing the Su family last time, Su Shiming also sent someone to investigate Dustin Zhou’s details again.

But knot

Guo was extremely shocked.

That is no details!

All resumes are innocent and there is no trace of loopholes!

Others might think that Dustin Zhou is just an ordinary person, once he has gained power, there is no need to pay attention.

But Su Shiming did not agree!

If you are just an ordinary person, you may spend money like money once you have gained power, but you will never mess with Asher Chen.

After investigation, Su Shiming found that Dustin Zhou and Asher Chen were very close.

This shows that what Asher Chen said before that Dustin Zhou was the matter of his young master, and it was true in all likelihood.

If it is true, then Dustin Zhou’s family must be a super family that is countless times stronger than the Su family.

And now seeing these plans, Su Shiming is even more certain!

Otherwise, it is impossible for one person to point out all the shortcomings of the Su family’s industry in three days and make a new plan!

The more Su Shiming looked, the more frightened!

In particular, Dustin Zhou’s opinions are even more decisive for those industries that are already low in the Su family.

Exit directly!

The Su family directly withdrew from those industries, either withdrawing shares or selling them, in short, withdrawing.

Regarding some emerging industries, Dustin Zhou’s advice, in addition to continuing to be surprised, also suggested that the Su family increase investment in finance and Internet industries.

Su Shiming fell into deep thought for a while.

It’s not that he hadn’t thought about these before.

Just because of internal reasons, there has been no way to implement it.

But now, he has resolved his sister’s fight for power and unified the voices within the family. This time, it is time to make a career.

All the shackles that had been held against him in the past have all disappeared.

At the Su Family, there is only one voice from him, Su Shiming.

“I can understand these, but are those industries really going to give up?” Su Shiming pointed to those sunset industries, still hesitating.

It’s not that he can’t see the trend, but that those industries have almost accompanied Su Shiming’s memorial to today, and Su Shiming has deep feelings for those industries.

It was a bit too hasty to withdraw suddenly.

Dustin Zhou looked at Su Shiming indifferently, watching the expression on his face changed and changed, and never spoke.

He is waiting!

He saw that Su Shiming was just a test.

Maybe he really has deep feelings for those sunset industries, but they are of no value. Everything is a castle in the sky!

Feelings cannot create value for Su Shiming or the Su family!

And if Su Shiming had no determination, Dustin Zhou would not take care of it anymore, so it would be what Su Jiaai did.

It’s a big deal that when Dustin Zhou returns to the Zhou family, he can rely on the strength of the Su family to be weaker.

And if Su Shiming is determined enough, Dustin Zhou will not be stingy.

Su Shi is definitely trying


Dustin Zhou’s suggestion to abandon those sunset industries must have other considerations.

Su Shiming wanted to test out something.

But he was disappointed.

Dustin Zhou was indifferent to what he said, and even looked at him with a faint smile, as if he hadn’t heard what he was saying.

“Hey!” With a sigh in his heart, Su Shiming put away his temptation and began to face it.

“Mr. Zhou, if our Su family abandons these industries, do you have any new plans or suggestions?” Su Shiming asked very seriously, with a very sincere attitude.

This time he is serious!

Dustin Zhou finally laughed.

“Now there is a super big cake, do you want to make it together?” Dustin Zhou said softly.

This sentence looks unremarkable, and there is nothing strange about it.

But it fell in Su Shiming’s ears like thunder on the ground.

Dustin Zhou never said that before with the whitening factor mask of the famous company.

But now, he actually said that there is a super big cake!

This is something comparable to a whitening factor mask!

Suffocating the excitement in his heart, Su Shiming asked calmly.

“I always want to know what cake it is!” The cake is big, but Su Shiming also wants to really pick what cake it is.

Otherwise, he would rather not eat any poisonous cake.

Chapter 198

Voting certificate!

Dustin Zhou looked at Su Shiming calmly, with no change in expression on his face.

The whole room was instantly quiet.

Dustin Zhou was a little angry.

I obviously helped you Su Shiming so much, and also gave you the opportunity to participate in making big cakes.

But you, Su Shiming, look like this.

“Mr. Zhou, the Su family has a great cause. I can’t make a mistake, otherwise, the Su family will fall into the abyss and it will be difficult to extricate itself.” Su Shiming also sensed that the atmosphere was not right, and immediately explained, wanting to remedy it.

But Dustin Zhou interrupted him directly.

“Mr. Su, I hope you know that the cake this time is huge, but not everyone, every company or family is eligible to participate.” “I think the relationship between the two parties was good, and Su Wei and I knew each other well, so I was thinking of giving you a chance, but you disappointed me!” Dustin Zhou said coldly, his tone of voice was already very rude.

If they were replaced by the Su family who didn’t know anything about the previous events, they might have turned their faces with Dustin Zhou at this moment.

Su Shiming is the head of the Su family, and the Su family is a first-class family in the East China Sea.

What’s your identity, Dustin Zhou, how dare you speak like this!

Probably the Su family will get started directly, thinking about blasting Dustin Zhou out with their own hands, and then fortunately to have a sense of existence in front of Su Shiming!

Enderia Shen on the side also looked surprised.

Before, Dustin Zhou only said that he knew someone from the Su family and helped a little bit.

Enderia Shen didn’t think much.

After all, in her opinion, as Dustin Zhou, in front of the Su family, it is not enough.

But she never expected that the Su family that Dustin Zhou knew was the father and son of the Patriarch.

Most importantly, Dustin Zhou dared to speak to the Su Family Patriarch in this tone!

Is this the guts of ambition, or Dustin Zhou has the confidence?

Seeing the atmosphere suddenly tense, Enderia Shen couldn’t sit still.

Even though Dustin Zhou had already told her not to move around in Su’s house, she still couldn’t help it, and wanted to stand up to help Dustin Zhou calm the atmosphere.

Just before she stood up, Dustin Zhou’s eyes fell leisurely on her.

And this gaze was very firm, and Enderia Shen sat down again unconsciously.

Even she herself felt baffled.

But when she thought of Dustin Zhou’s gaze, she was confident again.

After all, Dustin Zhou brought her too many surprises before.

“This…” Then, Enderia Shen saw Su Shiming hesitate, and his heart became more determined.

At the same time, she looked at Dustin Zhou more curiously.

Su Shiming was a little embarrassed.

Dustin Zhou’s words were unceremonious.

But he couldn’t get angry.

Not to mention the help Dustin Zhou had given him when he was fighting for the position of Patriarch.

Say Dustin Zhou spent three days helping Su

The industrial layout of the family’s planning is no small favor.

The most important thing is that the super family behind Dustin Zhou has not appeared, and Su Shiming does not want to conflict with such a super family.

That way, it would not be a good thing for him or the Su family.

“Mr. Zhou, I am also very anxious about this matter, but I need to consider the opinions of others in the Su family.” Su Shiming thought for a while and said calmly.

“You are the Patriarch!” Dustin Zhou said coldly, not caring that he was at the Su family at the moment.

If he really angered Su Shiming and Su Shiming started, no matter how good Niu Chuan was, it would be impossible to deal with hundreds of people alone.

“The whole Su family is up to you! Who dares to oppose? Who can oppose?” Dustin Zhou looked around and shouted coldly.

Although there were only a few of them in the room and no one else, Dustin Zhou’s eyes were still grim, as if surrounded by the Su family.

And what he said was a warning!

You Su Shiming is the Patriarch of the Su Family. Everything about the Su Family is yours. Who dares to obstruct or oppose it?

Who can obstruct and oppose?


If there is, then just blast out the Su family directly!

“Patriarch Su, I will say it one last time. I am not here to beg you to join, but to give you an opportunity to let you participate and make a big cake together. You know, this is just an opportunity. Whether it succeeds or not depends on you. The sincerity and strength of the Su family!” Dustin Zhou was not polite, and he didn’t care how Su Shiming would react.

If the Patriarch of a big family is all-only, especially after the internal conflicts in the family have just been eliminated, then there is really no cure!

And Dustin Zhou wouldn’t deal too much with such a master.

As for the future borrowing, it’s just a call of support, and it’s not extravagant that the Su family can truly do anything.

What Dustin Zhou needs now is just a vote.

Su’s useful vote certificate.

If he didn’t even have such a simple vote of fame, Dustin Zhou would never believe the Su family, nor would he take the Su family to play bigger ones.

“Father, what are you still hesitating about! The big guys have said so, it must be of great benefit!” Su Wei suddenly shouted loudly, looking worried.

In his mind, Niu Chuan is very powerful, but Dustin Zhou is Niu Chuan’s eldest brother, so Dustin Zhou must be even more powerful.

Now the super awesome Dustin Zhou wants to give the Su family a super big advantage, his father is still hesitating, isn’t he afraid that Dustin Zhou will be angry, and he will not take the Su family to play in a fit?

“Anyway, the Su family’s income has been declining, and those who have no conscience have been blaming you. Now that there is such a bad opportunity, why don’t you seize it?” Su Wei continued to persuade.

“Father, think about it, that whitening factor mask

, It’s the things the big guys made, not only in the East China Sea, but also in the whole country!

Su Shiming suddenly raised his head, took a look at Su Wei, and then looked at Dustin Zhou with bright eyes. “In this case, there is nothing in the Su family that we are afraid of losing. We will not break or stand. Mr. Zhou, I am willing to participate.

“Su Shiming said in a deep voice, the expression on his face gradually turned from hesitation to firmness. “That’s good!

But there are still some things that need to be done. I will notify you again after the final time is confirmed.

Dustin Zhou said with a smile, and he was quite satisfied. Although Su Shiming was hesitant, he was able to make a decision at a critical moment. Dustin Zhou admired such people and liked working with such people. As for Su Wei Dustin Zhou didn’t expect what he would say. He was surprised, but also found it very rare. However, this is probably the result of idol worship. Su Wei regards Dustin Zhou and Niu Chuan as bosses and masters, with a certain degree Idol worship element. Now that I see my father refuses to accept the idol, I am naturally anxious and want to persuade his father to stand aside with the idol. Dustin Zhou chuckled lightly, and didn’t say much, just in his heart I think it might be possible for Niu Chuan to accept Su Wei as his apprentice.

Chapter 199


After finalizing some things with Su Shiming, Dustin Zhou returned to Mingyang.

The Su family’s agreement to participate is just the beginning. He also needs to involve other cosmetics companies in Donghai City, and he should be the leader.

After all, it was the new strain discovered by Professor Shao Zekai, and he was the first to obtain the right to cooperate. Leading this project is not excessive.

Only along the way, Enderia Shen has been looking at Dustin Zhou, except for curiosity in his eyes, it is curiosity.

“President Shen, are there flowers on my face? You have been staring at me?” Dustin Zhou finally couldn’t help but asked after returning to Mingyang.

Just look at it, but Enderia Shen was staring at him along the way, and his eyes never moved at all.

As if Dustin Zhou is a rare treasure, people can’t bear to look away.

This made Dustin Zhou very speechless.

“Dustin Zhou, I didn’t expect you to have this relationship with the Su family.” Enderia Shen gave Dustin Zhou a deep look before sighing.

“Did you know? The Su family has been in the East China Sea for decades. It can be said that it is deeply rooted in the East China Sea. It is a first-class family. The Shen family is nothing in front of the Su family.” Enderia Shen sighed.

When she was a child, she had heard of the name of the Su family.

After she turned her face with Shen Weiyan because of her mother, and became independent from the Shen family and started a famous company, she learned more about the Su family.

It can be said that the Su family could easily buy Mingyang if they wanted to.

But now it doesn’t work.

Just a product of the whitening and anti-aging factor mask of the Whitening Factor Project, Mingyang’s current value is not acceptable to a single family.

“So what?” Dustin Zhou asked rhetorically.


so what?

Even if the Su family is the top family in the East China Sea, it far surpasses the Shen family and does not know how much. What does it matter to Dustin Zhou?

Let alone Dustin Zhou’s development all the way, he does not need to rely on the strength of the Su family, nor does it conflict with the current industry of the Su family.

The forces behind Dustin Zhou alone were enough to compete with the Su Family.

“You…” Enderia Shen looked at Dustin Zhou’s sharp gaze, speechless for a while.

She knew that she had been worrying too much, and her impression of the Su family had always been learned from others.

She hadn’t really probed it herself.

Seeing that the Su family is not superior in front of Dustin Zhou, I always feel weird in my heart.

It’s like you have always thought that a person is aloof, like your idol.

But one day, you suddenly discovered that this idol actually bowed to someone next to you.

This huge sense of gap, as well as strangeness and surprise, will burst out in an instant.

This is how Enderia Shen is at this time.

“Don’t worry, I am a famous company

People who will not leave, even if the Su family wants to poach me, I will flatly refuse!

Dustin Zhou chuckled lightly and gave Enderia Shen a relieved look. He could understand Enderia Shen’s emotions. He spoke so usefully at the Su family, and he could even directly threaten the Su family head. In case the Su family or other families thought about it. If you want to poach Dustin Zhou away, then what should she do about Enderia Shen? And Dustin Zhou also gave her own answer! That is not to go! No matter who the other party is, he will not leave Mingyang Company. This is a kind of expression, and it can be considered safe. Enderia Shen’s heart was lost. “Cut!

I really think of myself as a sweet potato, whoever loves to dig you, I can’t control it!

“Enderia Shen rolled his eyes and smiled sweetly. Although he said that, in Enderia Shen’s tone, he was full of joy. It seemed as if he had guarded his own baby. He glanced at Dustin Zhou secretly and found that the other party did not respond, and Enderia Shen suddenly felt a little unresponsive. I’m happy. People said that, but you didn’t say anything. What do you mean? Look down on me? But Enderia Shen didn’t know that all his expressions were seen by Dustin Zhou. This kind of shyness like a little woman’s posture Most people simply can’t stand it. Besides, Enderia Shen is a famous beauty in Donghai City, and most people can’t stand it even more. Dustin Zhou’s heart trembled, and he quickly looked away, pretending to be calm. “I don’t know if I am a sweetheart, but those people now They should have gone crazy in a hurry. They called you just to ask about cooperation, but you didn’t get through. Now, they should be studying how to find the door!

Dustin Zhou said with a smile, his expression relaxed. This time it can be said that it is completely a cooperative project led by him, involving the entire Donghai City cosmetics company, and the scale is not small. Even compared to the previous whitening factor project, this new one The project will be even bigger. Here, Dustin Zhou and Enderia Shen have no small talk, but they don’t know that it’s already noisy outside. Because the news of cooperation has spread, the entire Donghai City cosmetics companies are making a sensation, and they start to inquire about the news. Some people even went to Tunghai University to inquire about the news. After all, I heard that the first-hand news came from Dinghai University. Those people thought that at Tunghai University, they could know the whole story. But they didn’t find the right direction. What’s the situation?

He said he wanted to cooperate, but it has been a few days now, and there is no quasi-trust?

“That’s right, I heard that Mingyang is taking the lead, so I paid attention immediately, and there is no news yet again!”

“Is that famous company playing us?”

They think that a whitening and anti-aging factor mask is so popular that Donghai could play us like this earlier?

“That is, no matter how big the famous company is, Donghai is not in their final say!” … Many cosmetic companies continue to question.

At first they only complained. It has been a few days since the news came out, but there was no movement.

It was your famous company that said that it would cooperate with the cosmetics company in Donghai to develop a new project, but in the end, there is no news. Isn’t this a joke?

Gradually, the less news came, the more angry those people became.

After all, only from the few words of news, they roughly judged that the so-called new project is comparable to the whitening factor.

The whitening factor project gave birth to the whitening and anti-aging factor mask, which is a popular national mask, and also made Mingyang one of the first-class cosmetics companies.

So what will this new project give birth to and what benefits will it bring to everyone?

No one dares to predict!

But everyone has an estimate in mind.

That is, the benefits will not be less than the whitening factor and whitening anti-aging factor mask!

“It really doesn’t work, let’s go to the door!” “Yes, go to Mingyang to find an explanation. You can’t play us like this. I have put down work for several days and waited for them.” “Who said no? Us? The company has established a new department dedicated to this new project!” “Tomorrow we will all go together, I don’t believe him, the company dare to shut out so many of us!” “Go together!” Hundred

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