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Chapter 1184

Dustin Zhou did not dare to deny the customs in this village. It can not be said that he did not dare, but he was unwilling to conflict with these villagers. Although the conflict occurred and suffered a loss Must be this

Some villagers, but for Dustin Zhou, these things are not important, his level is too high.

What he sees is not just his own interests, but the ability to stand on a level that is for everyone.

Although he knew that this custom must be very nonsense. Eight achievements were the abduction and abduction of the village by the priests in the past, but this impression has been passed down from generation to generation and has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the villagers.

If Dustin Zhou directly denies their customs, it will easily arouse their resentment, and it will be more laborious to explain at that time, and conflicts are likely to occur.

In the event of a conflict, what Dustin Zhou will do, even he himself cannot guarantee.

Therefore, instead of denying the custom, he started with the high priest.

“Listen, your high priest is the incarnation of the evil demon!” Dustin Zhou said loudly.

The villagers were all taken aback for a moment, but soon, looking at Dustin Zhou, they were not so friendly.

The high priest has lived in this village for more than 20 years, but what is Dustin Zhou?

He is nothing more than an outsider.

Why does he have the right to deny the identity of the high priest?

The high priest also said gloomily, “Boy, you can’t talk nonsense, you deny my identity, and it is also a manifestation of disrespect to the gods!” “Be careful, sin is a plus!” “Sin is a plus. “Dustin Zhou sneered, “Well, since you said you are the spokesperson of the gods, then you can prove it. Let’s try to see who the gods are on!” “Is my identity still used to prove my identity? Everyone can prove that I am the spokesperson of the gods, because I have supernatural power in my body!” The high priest said, “Why do I have to compete with you?” “Is it unnecessary or dare not?” Dustin Zhou The corner of his mouth was slightly raised, “Can you communicate with your god, will it rain today?” Will it rain today?

Everyone looked up at the clear blue sky. How could it be raining on this sunny day?

Although it’s April, it’s a bit close to the weird and changeable weather of summer, but it’s impossible to say that it rains just because it rains.

At least a few hours of buffering are needed.

The high priest was also taken aback for a moment. He thought about it, took out his phone and glanced at the weather forecast, and then said confidently, “No, it will rain at least three days later.” “Are you sure?” Dustin Zhou Weirdly smiled, “Is this the answer you got after communicating with the gods?” “Yes, this is the answer the gods told me!” The high priest said very proudly.

He is the only person in the village who has a mobile phone!

He could predict the weather before, but actually

It is predicted by this method, which is one of the reasons why the villagers believe in him deeply.

This is a sunny day, coupled with the answer to the weather forecast, the high priest is very sure, at least it will not rain in a short time!

And everyone nodded one after another, feeling that what the high priest said made sense.

“That’s it, but your god seems reluctant to give you face.” Dustin Zhou smiled slightly, “look up at the sky.” “No, it’s impossible!” “What the hell is going on? Just a second. It’s still sunny!” “No, there won’t really be a clear spirit!” Everyone exclaimed.

Because at the moment Dustin Zhou fell, the sky suddenly became gloomy, and a large number of dark clouds gathered quickly. In just a few breaths, the density of dark clouds in the sky was as if the entire sky was about to collapse.

It seems that in the next second, it will rain down.

“Now, what else do you have to say?” Dustin Zhou asked.

The high priest was also stunned.

No, how is this possible?

Could this be Dustin Zhou’s method?

But as a martial master, he has never heard of a cultivator with such a way to reach the sky!

Even if you are the emperor of warriors, there is no need to exaggerate, right?

Call the wind and call the rain?

This thing sounds like a method only available to a fairy master!

Is it possible that Dustin Zhou is a fairy teacher?

No, it’s impossible. The high priest quickly rejected this idea. If Dustin Zhou was a fairy master, there was no need to ink with him here. Moreover, he also knew that in this world, there existed such a fairy master. Stuff.

It can only be a coincidence, this guy is really lucky.

So the high priest said, “Oh, the sky is really cloudy. It turned out to be such a thing. I just communicated with the god and asked him if it would rain. Although he gave me the answer is that it won’t rain, but He misunderstood what I said.” “Although the god decided that it won’t rain today, but because my question was a bit strange just now, he subconsciously thought that I wanted him to rain, so he let the sky become cloudy.” “This It’s the proof that I can communicate with the gods!” The high priest raised his arms and shouted. The villagers were taken aback for a moment, followed by raising their arms and shouting, praising the high priest for being too strong.

“All right…” Dustin Zhou sighed, “What’s going on now? You continue talking?” The sky was covered with dark clouds just now, and the dark clouds disappeared in an instant, returning to the appearance of a sunny day.

The cheering crowd stopped abruptly.

What’s the situation?

The high priest was also stunned.

No, right? Can you still play like this?

“This, this…because I didn’t ask a god just now…” the high priest stammered.


here I am?

“Dustin Zhou didn’t wait for him to finish, and the sky became dark again. “This is because…” The high priest wanted to explain again. “Don’t say it, read it clearly and speak.

“The gloomy sky became clear again. The high priest was really panicked now, and his face under the black cloak was sweaty. It’s too exaggerated! To say that this is not something Dustin Zhou made, even he himself does not believe it. But how can there be such a method in the world? Does the thing in the sky have a switch button? Did you play like this? And the villagers are completely stupid. This is definitely a thousand years, no, the most in ten thousand years It’s a rare miracle. With Dustin Zhou’s words, the sky can turn from the most gloomy to the clearest, and it only takes a few breaths! And it can also change and change the past several times! “Come, now give Let me explain, what is this phenomenon, and how did your god tell you?

“Dustin Zhou asked. The high priest is completely stupid, how can I explain this thing? No explanation! Even a fool can see the change in the weather. It has nothing to do with him. It is Dustin Zhou.

Chapter 1185

Now the villagers are alert, and they all stare at the high priest with bad eyes. Is it possible that the high priest really has no abilities? But it shouldn’t, these twenty Over the years, the high priest has performed many miracles! So what is going on? In fact, most people don’t want to deny the identity of the high priest directly, they just hope the high priest can give them A reasonable explanation. After all, compared with Dustin Zhou, they have more trust in the high priest. And the high priest also understands this. And he also understands that he has kicked the iron this time. Dustin Zhou is definitely not that way. A simple character. He can call the wind and call the rain, at least he is above the emperor of warriors! It is impossible to win a fight with Dustin Zhou, but he can see that Dustin Zhou seems to be very taboo against the civilians. Although from the perspective of the high priest, it is very I can’t understand why Dustin Zhou doesn’t bully the weak… If he doesn’t bully the weak, what’s the point of strength? He can’t understand this, but it doesn’t mean that he can’t take advantage of it. If you want to save your lives, you must catch these villagers. Heart! “I understand, it’s this guy, this guy is the incarnation of an evil demon. He used witchcraft to disrupt the secrets of heaven. That’s why the weird scene just appeared!

“The high priest pointed at Dustin Zhou and shouted, “Everyone think about it carefully, was he normal in the weather just now?”

If it is a god, how can such weather be allowed?

“The gods are in charge of heaven. They must be very cautious. They will never be so messy. Just

This kind of weather is all made by this demon!

“I have to say, this guy has something. Dustin Zhou’s heart moved slightly, but he didn’t expect that this high priest would be able to make such a witty counterattack. First of all, Dustin Zhou’s method of changing weather just now came from Dustin Zhou. The question is that everyone can see it. So he did not deny this, and gave all the credit to Dustin Zhou, admitting that it has nothing to do with him. But being able does not mean justice! He is very clever to avoid it. After understanding the viewpoint of ability strength, Dustin Zhou’s identity was confused from the concept, and it was an evil way to plant Dustin Zhou. What a clever bastard! These words of the high priest really succeeded in fooling most people. , The look they looked at Dustin Zhou changed again. Dustin Zhou sighed, big brothers and sisters, can you have your own thinking skills! Whoever said that is what it is, it is really exhausting the kind people!” Demon, do you have anything to say now?

I think what the priest said just now is very correct. It is impossible for a true god to be so messy and take the weather as a joke.

“A villager said, and the other villagers followed suit. Dustin Zhou stared at the villager for a while, and finally gave up the struggle. “Well, what you say is what you say, I admit that I am a demon.

“His shoulders shook slightly, and the shackles and ropes that were imprisoned on him were shaken off. He strode forward and came to the villager, “Come on, tell me, in your mind What is the definition of evil demon, or what is the definition of god?

“I, I…” The villager stammered speechless, because when facing Dustin Zhou, he felt endless pressure. Dustin Zhou did not look at him, but looked at everyone, “Okay, You say I am a demon, right?

But when did I cause you a little bit of harm?

He raised a finger and swiped it down slightly, and a thunderbolt fell out of thin air, and the high priest who was standing behind the crowd shivering smashed into a tender outside. The cloak was burned, revealing the high priest. The original filthy and ugly face, and his skin has been burnt black, it looks even more filthy and ugly. “This guy you believe in is the spokesperson of the gods, isn’t it?

But what can he do?

Dustin Zhou pointed to the high priest, “This guy was stabbed by a thunderbolt!”

What does that thing do?

Isn’t it used to hack bad guys?

“If he is really the spokesperson of the gods, why not let his gods help him?”

“Faced with Dustin Zhou’s doubts, no one at the scene could answer.

Because what Dustin Zhou said was too reasonable, even if they racked their brains, they couldn’t come up with any answer.

“That guy is not as strong as me. He couldn’t communicate with the gods for everything I could do.” “And I never hurt you, even when you tried to hurt me and my friends, I didn’t resist you.” “These are the demons and gods in your eyes?” “The meaning of gods is weak and ugly? Dirty and sinister?” Dustin Zhou said loudly.

The term insidious is not a mess, because Dustin Zhou also heard a lot of deeds about the high priest from Wu Xingsun just now, and this guy can be called bad.

He soaked many villagers in pig cages, and burned and robbed many people who had offended him. In short, he lived in this village in the name of a god and was quite comfortable. No one could say a nasty thing in front of him. .

“In your eyes, the god is such an image, right?” Dustin Zhou asked again, “If this is the case, tell me, what is the point of your belief in such a god?” Dustin Zhou’s voice is like a stunning Hong Zhong, deep It echoed deeply in everyone’s heart.

The shackles of thought for thousands of years finally fell off at this moment.

Yes indeed!

Damn it!

Why is this!

Why do they believe in a sinister and weak guy as a god?

The group of people who obviously can’t do anything, and have a bad mind, what are they trying to believe in this kind of thing?

On the other hand, Dustin Zhou, not only speaks nicely, but also is really kind. He is so powerful, and he can call the wind and rain to call the thunder when he raises his hand. This thing is the representative of the gods, OK!

Bah, that’s wrong, Dustin Zhou is not a gadget…it doesn’t seem to be right, anyway, in their eyes, Dustin Zhou’s every move seems to represent a god!

“I see, you are the real god. You are here this time to help us eradicate evil spirits!” “Yes, yes, you must be a god. You should come this time to test our determination, god Sir, we want to understand now, we will never betray you!” Dustin Zhou was a little speechless, no, big brother, I didn’t mean that!

I don’t want to play these gods’ play games with you!

But it was too late, and everyone bowed down to him, “Participating Lord God!”

Chapter 1186

Dustin Zhou wanted to say swear words, or break the heads of these people to see what was inside.

But he still held back. In fact, if you think about it, their behavior is understandable.

After all, it’s an isolated village. They have never developed any technology.

In their concept, they have always believed in gods.

Seeing Dustin Zhou’s appearance at this time, he determined that Dustin Zhou was definitely a god.

In this regard, Dustin Zhou can only choose to come step by step.

First, he dealt with the high priest and destroyed the mountain temple.

Then, in another two days, I tried my best to tell them that there are no gods in this world, and some are just humans.

At the same time, he taught Wu Xing Sun the techniques of practice.

The character of Wu Xing Sun can stand the test, and his advanced age can extend his life through practice.

Dustin Zhou urged Wu Xing Sun to teach Wu Xing Sun the method of practice to the villagers, so that everyone would never believe in gods anymore.

In fact, this is also a layout consideration of Dustin Zhou.

Although he defeated the incarnation of the Tao of Heaven, metaphysical civilization continued.

But this was a lonely civilization after all, and Dustin Zhou couldn’t let him return to his previous state with great fanfare.

Clash of civilizations.

Quite simply, human beings need belief in civilization. If Dustin Zhou publicizes metaphysics with great fanfare and proves the power of metaphysics, then this world will inevitably arouse many people’s belief in metaphysics, and thus cast aside science.

Science can’t be cast aside!

This is a brand-new and powerful civilization. The course of history is like this. The previous civilization will always be replaced by the next.

So Dustin Zhou came up with such a method.

Metaphysical civilization needs to develop, but it can’t make a big splash.

And this isolated paradise is just the best choice.

Let them choose to practice, there is no conflict with scientific civilization.

After arranging all this, Dustin Zhou said goodbye to this small village, although the people in this village tried his best to keep him.

Especially Wu Xingsun was extremely moved. With Dustin Zhou personally instructing his practice for just a few days, he has been worshipped as the new high priest by the villagers.

Of course, only the high priest in position, Wu Xingsun did not get this title, because the people in the village no longer believe that there are such things as gods in this world.

Unexpectedly, he saved two people casually and brought such a big change to the village. Wu Xingsun was very excited.

But in the end, they still failed to keep Dustin Zhou and Enderia Shen.

Dustin Zhou took Enderia Shen back to Donghai City, Mingyang Company.

Famous company at this time.

Everything is working normally, except that the position of the security captain of the famous company is always vacant, and that belongs to Niu Chuan.

Niu Chuan will never come back.

Dustin Zhou was a little silent, not only was Niu Chuan unable to return, but also Zhou Feng and all the martial artists of the Zhou family.

Hu Ye and all the martial artists of the Xu family.

Especially the Xu family, who started from martial arts, almost everyone practiced.

In this super battle, basically everyone in the Xu family fell. Only a few children with stupid talents can survive.

These people are difficult to use, and the current situation of the Xu family or the Zhou family must not be so good.

Dustin Zhou was thinking, maybe it’s time to help them settle down.

As for now, for Dustin Zhou, the most important thing is Enderia Shen.

He and Enderia Shen were sitting in the security captain’s office. Suddenly Lin Ziyu rushed in, “Dustin Zhou, I heard you are back?” Lin Ziyu rushed in and saw Enderia Shen next to him. He was slightly taken aback, “She, she …” Lin Ziyu was dumbfounded.

In this office, there is a woman who looks exactly like her!

“Don’t be surprised, she is you, or she is who you are,” Dustin Zhou said lightly, “I should have already told you.” “But, but I…” Lin Ziyu didn’t know what to say. Up.

Because Dustin Zhou actually brought a woman exactly like her!

At this moment, she was basically sure that the things Dustin Zhou said to her before were all true.

She is just a fake, and Enderia Shen is the real president of Mingyang.

Lin Ziyu at this moment is really mixed.

The subconscious mind told her that everything Dustin Zhou said was true.

But reason did not allow her to accept this reality.

That’s too much!

Who is Lin Ziyu?

It’s as if Enderia Shen changed his name!

But the real Enderia Shen is sitting there alive, what should she do next?

“What are you going to do?” Lin Ziyu bit his lip and said.

“Go back to the original owner, although I know that all this is unfair to you, but I’m sorry, it’s not me who made things like this.” Dustin Zhou said blankly.

He knew this was a very cruel thing for Lin Ziyu.

But what can it be?

Mingyang Company is the hard work of Enderia Shen.

As for Lin Ziyu, let’s find another way out in the future. I believe she will live better after having this experience now.

Dustin Zhou can give her a very good reputation for giving up the famous company.

For example, she felt that Mingyang Company was not challenging anymore. She wanted to pursue new challenges, so she gave Mingyang Company to Enderia Shen, a woman who looked exactly like her.

At that time, the entire Mingyang company held a grand retention meeting for her. In this way, her reputation would be very nice.

She can go to a larger group as a general manager, and her life will definitely be better.

Actually, Dustin Zhou

Not bad money, she can give her a lot of money, but Lin Ziyu does not belong to his life, he can give Lin Ziyu a lot of money, but in any case, Lin Ziyu must leave his life.

Lin Ziyu looked at Dustin Zhou deeply, then looked at Enderia Shen on one side, and finally left a sentence, “Thank you for your kindness, but I don’t need it anymore.” “You are very right. I didn’t belong to you.” Life, so you don’t have to feel any guilt at all, I just leave.” Dustin Zhou shrugged at Enderia Shen, saying that this kind of thing can’t be done by himself, so just leave.

But Enderia Shen was silent for a while, and then slowly said, “Are you sure Dustin Zhou?” “The look in her eyes just now looks very similar to what I used to be.” “You used to be?” Dustin Zhou was taken aback, and then soon The reaction came over.

The former Enderia Shen, because of his despair of Dustin Zhou, chose to go to the small world and accept the boarding of the woman of the king of the fairy master.

That night, at the door of the office, Enderia Shen heard Dustin Zhou answering Mira Xie’s call, and then she also left such a look and turned away.

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