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Chapter 566

“Damn it! The media companies that had previously cooperated with us just called and said they would cancel the cooperation with us.” Ding Junfeng’s face was green.

He is specifically responsible

Liushi Beauty’s propaganda work, but now, the media company that has been cooperating calls to cancel the cooperation, which is undoubtedly a manifestation of his inability to work.

This is a denial of him!

Moreover, still calling him in front of so many people, which undoubtedly made Ding Junfeng embarrassed in front of several partners.

Needless to say, just the look of other partners looking at Ding Junfeng can explain one thing or two.

Wang Wei looked gloomy and looked at Ding Junfeng with bad eyesight.

Zhao Cheng and Shen Hai’s partners looked at Ding Junfeng with different looks.

There was surprise, pride, and sarcasm… “Hehe, Ding, you are specifically responsible for this, but now such a problem has arisen, don’t you plan to give us an explanation?” Shen Hai took the lead.

When other people saw this, they also agreed.

“That’s right. Mr. Ding, you know, we have cut off the publicity channel of the entertainment circle now. If there is a problem with the publicity channel in Hunan Province, this responsibility, not to mention you Ding Junfeng, none of us can bear it.” Mr. Ding, you have to give us an explanation about this matter. At the very least, you have to find out what happened.” … Seeing everyone aggressive, Ding Junfeng’s body trembled slightly, he was almost mad.

Before that, as the second largest shareholder, he did not say how prestigious, but absolutely no one dared to speak to him like this.

Even if it is Wang Wei, he has to be a lot more polite.

But now, these people are starting to ridicule one by one, even with a vague sense of persecution.

“Don’t worry, I will definitely give you an explanation!” Ding Junfeng walked to the side with a low drink, and then began to make a call.

As the second largest shareholder of Liushi Beauty, it is not that Ding Junfeng does not know someone in Hunan Province.

Not to mention other things, just by virtue of his influence in the East China Sea, there will be many people in Hunan who are willing to make friends with him.

And so many media companies called and said that they wanted to cancel the cooperation. It was definitely not accidental, so he was calling now to find an acquaintance to ask what happened.

Is it the company’s own problem, or what policies Hunan Province has issued, or whether he or Liushi Beauty has offended someone.

Time passed by, and when Ding Junfeng called, the other six people were not idle.

Some closed their eyes and meditated, waiting for Ding Junfeng to give an explanation and explanation.

Some even took out the phone and started to understand the situation.

However, the faces of those who understand the situation are getting darker and darker. In the end, they even couldn’t help but directly turned their hands off.

“Okay, I get it, thank you.” At this moment,

Ding Junfeng hung up the phone, his face was gloomy and came to the crowd.

“It has been found out that someone is targeting us.” Ding Junfeng’s voice was hoarse and tired.

“Who is it? We are in Hunan Province, and we have not offended anyone. How could someone target us like this?” “That’s right, even Dustin Zhou, he doesn’t have this ability, right?” There aren’t many people exerting influence.” … Everyone immediately filled with outrage, and two of them were very gloomy.

“It’s the Zhang Family!” Shen Hai’s expression was extremely ugly, and he said in a cold voice.

“What Zhang family?” The others have not reacted yet, but Wang Wei, Ding Junfeng, and Zhao Cheng have reacted.

If anyone can exert such a large influence in the media industry in Hunan Province, apart from the official, it is probably only the Zhang family.

Zhang Jia firmly grasps half of the media industry in Hunan Province.

Don’t just say a word, if you don’t give Liushi beauty promotion channels, even if they want to block Liushi beauty in Hunan Province, it is not impossible.

As long as they pay a little price, the Zhang family can definitely do it.

At this time, everyone suddenly realized that the relationship between Zhang Family and Dustin Zhou was very good.

And when they were able to come to Hunan, didn’t they also come for the Zhang family’s affairs in the first place?

“Too much bullying!” Wang Wei slammed his fist on the table, looking around the crowd.

“Dustin Zhou, and Zhang’s family, this is forcing us, first the publicity channels of the entertainment circle, then the publicity channels of Hunan Province, Dustin Zhou is trying to block all our publicity channels.” Wang Wei coldly Said.

And this time, everyone else also reacted, connecting what happened in the entertainment industry just now with what happened now, and they immediately noticed the connection.

“Really a good method.” “But, Dustin Zhou was able to reach into the entertainment industry?” “Yes, we have never heard of Dustin Zhou’s ability before.” “Yes, even a Rocket Girl A few of them are just up-and-coming stars, and I am afraid they have not achieved such energy in the entertainment circle.” … “There is no other person besides him.” Wang Wei settled the matter and counted it all on Dustin Zhou.

In his opinion, even if Dustin Zhou did not do it, it would have nothing to do with him.

What’s more, now everyone still needs an object of the same hatred, and Dustin Zhou is the best candidate.

“No, we have to fight back, we can’t just let them knead!” Ding Junfeng said coldly, and then looked at Wang Wei.

Several others also looked at Wang Wei.

If you say, who can have

If the energy is prominent, then only Wang Wei will be there.

Because Wang Wei knew Kong Hui from the Confucian family in Liushi, and he was still a college classmate.

Although Wang Wei was reprimanded by Kong Hui before calling, but this relationship does not mean that the reprimand will dissipate.

“Mr. Wang, you can only rely on you at the moment to contact Kong Shao and let him help. No matter what the price, we are willing to do it. I don’t believe it. He is Dustin Zhou and he can still reach the sky with his hands and eyes in Hunan Province.” Ding Junfeng is Really angry.

The matter of Liushi beauty makeup itself is not particularly related to him.

In the beginning, Wang Wei carefully planned it, but he just took advantage of the trend and chose to stand on Wang Wei’s side.

But Dustin Zhou put aside his harsh words, so that they could not hold onto Liushi Beauty.

If Dustin Zhou was only targeting Wang Wei, then several of them might choose to stand by.

After all, Dustin Zhou and Wang Wei are the ones with the deepest contradiction. As for them, they are just playing soy sauce.

Big deal, after Wang Wei failed, they withdrew from Liushi Beauty, left Hunan Province and returned to the East China Sea.

Chapter 567

But now, Dustin Zhou stretched out his hand longer and longer, even ignoring his Ding Junfeng’s face, making him make a fool of himself in front of everyone.

This is the bottom line of provoking Ding Junfeng.

The clay figurines still have a three-point temper, let alone Ding Junfeng.

At this time, Ding Junfeng had already decided, no matter what, he must break his wrist with Dustin Zhou.

But right now, he only has to choose to stand firmly with Wang Wei, even if he is asked to give up all the rights to make-up in Liushi, he doesn’t care at all.

“Yeah, Mr. Wang, now I only need to rely on Kong Shao.” “Mr. Wang, make up your mind, we all listen to you.” … When the other partners saw Ding Junfeng’s statement, they immediately expressed it. Up his own attitude.

In the blink of an eye, only Shen Hai and Zhao Cheng were left in the office who hadn’t expressed their opinions.

“Shen Hai, Zhao Cheng, what are you planning?” Ding Junfeng looked at the faces of Shen Hai and Zhao Cheng, his face was full of scorn at this moment.

“I withdraw, Mr. Wang, I can sell all the shares in my hand to oppose Dustin Zhou. I always feel that it is not a wise move. I should return to the East China Sea and manage my own three-square-acre land.” Zhao Cheng said suddenly with a look lonely.

“What, Zhao Cheng, you…” When Shen Hai heard this, his expression changed drastically and looked at Zhao Cheng incredulously.

He did not expect that at this time, Zhao Cheng would choose to do so.

“Okay, I will buy your shares.” Wang Wei raised his mouth slightly and said lightly, then his eyes fell on the only remaining Shen Hai.

In an instant, Shen Hai felt five eyes fall on him.

The corners of the mouth twitched slightly, sinking

Hai wanted to be like Zhao Cheng and chose to get out.

But he was reluctant.

Not to mention the hundreds of thousands of initial investment, once withdrawn, almost all of it will be lost. Even if Wang Wei is allowed to reclaim it, how much money can it be recovered?

What’s more, in the past few months, he has been busy in Hunan Province, not only following Dustin Zhou’s busy schedule, but also following Wang Wei and others after the branch project was released.

But now, seeing the results is right in front of you, as long as you overcome this difficulty, the fruits of victory are within your reach.

Therefore, Shen Hai gritted his teeth and felt fierce, and decided to fight again at the end.

What if there are few holes?

“I also support Mr. Wang’s plan. Let Kong Shao help. As for the cost, I won’t care!” Shen Hai finally made a decision. All of a sudden, he felt his back soaked.

And after he said this, several other people nodded in satisfaction.

At this point, Zhao Cheng withdrew, and the other six shareholders all put their hopes on Kong Shao. For this reason, they can abandon all the benefits of Liushi Beauty.

“Oh, do you think Dustin Zhou is so easy to deal with? No one in the East China Sea can do anything to him. In Hunan Province for such a long time, have you ever seen Dustin Zhou suffer a loss?” Zhao Cheng felt helpless and could only sigh. , Took a deep look at Shen Hai, stopped talking, turned and left Liushi Beauty.

He wanted to go back to pack up the share transfer materials, and was going to return to the East China Sea immediately in the afternoon, without interfering with Wang Wei and the others.

“Haha, don’t worry, there is Young Master Kong, not to mention Dustin Zhou, even the Zhang Family.” Wang Wei said with a smile, watching a few people with hopeful expressions, and smiled lightly.

But now he decided to meet Kong Hui first and talk about the situation of Liushi Beauty.

Otherwise, if the entertainment industry and the publicity channels in Hunan Province are not resolved, they will have to wait to die. At least, they can only shrink in Liushi, not to mention expansion and expansion.

At this moment, the instructions issued by the Zhang family in the media industry also affected the attention of many people.

The turmoil in the media industry can easily leave traces.

And almost all the publicity of Liushi Beauty Makeup was off the shelves, and it did not escape the eyes of the caring people.

Changsha, Jiang’s house.

“Second Lord, all the publicity related to the eldest lady in Hunan Province is now off the shelves. It seems to be the Zhang family’s greeting.” In Jiang Xingyuan’s small courtyard, an old man with the appearance of a housekeeper said respectfully to Jiang Xingyuan.

“Really? Why did the Zhang family do this?” Jiang Xingyuan’s eyes lit up and he immediately stood up and began to pace in the small courtyard.

He would not doubt what the old man said.


The propaganda about Jiang Yan in Hunan Province has been removed, so naturally someone greeted him behind his back, and as Jiang Xingyuan knew, at present, only the Zhang family had this energy.

However, the Zhang family and Dustin Zhou have a very close relationship, how could they do this?

“You go to investigate and see if something happened, I don’t know yet.” After thinking about it, Jiang Xingyuan still didn’t think of the reason, but he didn’t plan to think about it. Since the Zhang family has already done this, whether it is because What, at least, he Jiang Xingyuan wants to bear this love.

Kaiyuan Hotel.

“Dustin Zhou, did you do this?” Enderia Shen looked at Dustin Zhou in amazement, but the astonishment on his face did not disappear.

God knows that she just received the news that almost all publicity channels in Hunan Province have removed the promotion of Liushi Beauty.

Whether it is a promotional video, a poster, or text.

All are gone at the moment.

You know, it is impossible to do this without great energy.

And combined with what Dustin Zhou said before, the entertainment industry is just the beginning.

Enderia Shen easily thought that this was Dustin Zhou’s method.

The only thing that Hunan Province can do is the Zhang family.

Based on the relationship between Dustin Zhou and Zhang’s family, everything seems to make sense.

“Hehe, this is nothing. I said that I would give Wang Wei a chance, but this does not mean that he can take my previous relationship and do things for himself.” Dustin Zhou said with a smile.

“Whether it was Mengmeng’s propaganda before or some of the propaganda channels inherent in the Zhang family, it was only because of me that the Liushi branch could enjoy it. Now since they choose to do it alone, this point will naturally be taken back.” Dustin Zhou Enderia Shen’s voice was very soft, but it fell in Enderia Shen’s ears, which made her very excited.

She has always kept in mind the situation that night, and Wang Wei’s face has not been forgotten.

After a week passed, Enderia Shen thought that Dustin Zhou was only talking about it before, and that there was really no way to take Wang Wei.

But a week later, in just a few days, Liushi Beauty was forced to look like this, causing Wang Wei and the others to have a bad news and then a bad news, and it was really relieved.

“Mr. Zhou, Mr. Shen.” At this moment, Wang Dalu hurriedly came to the room, obviously there was some excitement and excitement on his face.

Chapter 568

“What’s the matter?” Enderia Shen returned to the appearance of the Gao Leng goddess, and asked faintly after looking at fifty miles.

“President Shen, Zhao Cheng has also left Liushi Beauty. He just called me and said that he would return to the East China Sea this afternoon. Let me ask Mr. Zhou if he has time, he wants to see you.” Wang Dalu excited


In fact, his relationship with Zhao Cheng is very good.

When his company was on the brink of desperation, it was Zhao Cheng who provided some help.

After cooperating with Mingyang, Zhao Cheng gave him a lot of support.

Otherwise, relying on himself alone, there is no way to bring his company out of desperation, let alone achieve the current height.

Therefore, after hearing Wang Wei’s betrayal at first, Wang Dalu was angry.

As he knew, Zhao Cheng and Wang Wei were partners.

Wang Wei betrayed, so Zhao Cheng also betrayed.

But now that Zhao Cheng has finally lost his way, Wang Dalu is naturally excited.

At least, when they returned to the East China Sea, the two could still meet and talk peacefully.

“Zhao Cheng?” Dustin Zhou was a little surprised. He knew the name Zhao Cheng. It was one of the eight partners of Wang Wei and the others at the beginning, and there seemed to be a lot of shares in his hands.

He chooses to quit now and will return to the East China Sea this afternoon, which makes Dustin Zhou a little confused.

“Well, tell him, come over to Changsha this afternoon.” But since the other party wanted to see himself at this time, Dustin Zhou had no reason to refuse, so he agreed.

… In the afternoon, Changsha.

Zhao Cheng came to the Kaiyuan Hotel and went directly to the floor where Dustin Zhou and the others were.

He had lived here before anyway, so he knew Dustin Zhou’s room.

And beside him, there was another person following at the same time.

But this person didn’t say a word along the way.

“Mr. Zhou, Mr. Shen.” Knocked on the door and waited until the door opened. After Zhao Cheng and the people around entered the room, they greeted and sat down.

At this time, it was not other people who were most surprised, but Dustin Zhou.

In the morning Wang Dalu said that Zhao Cheng would see himself in the afternoon, but he did not refuse, so he agreed.

At first, Dustin Zhou thought that there was only Zhao Cheng alone. After all, they were all people who were going to return to the East China Sea, and there was no need to play scheming.

However, he never expected that there would be one person who came with Zhao Cheng.

“Why? Mr. Zhou was surprised when he saw me?” Ye Fang asked with a smile, his beautiful eyes only stayed on Dustin Zhou’s face for a moment, and he left.

“Yes, I didn’t expect Miss Ye to come here with Mr. Zhao.” Dustin Zhou was indeed surprised.

He did not expect that Ye Fang would come with Zhao Cheng.

Isn’t Ye Fang still in the willow market?

“What’s weird about this, Zhao Cheng chose to quit, I also opted out, but I quit early.” Ye Fang smiled faintly, as if what he said was nothing at all, just a very ordinary little thing.

That is, these words fell in the ears of Dustin Zhou and Enderia Shen, but they were shocked.

Because they didn’t know Ye Fang had quit.

In other words, if it were not for Ye Fang to come with Zhao Cheng today, Dustin Zhou and Enderia Shen thought that Ye Fang was on Wang Wei’s side, and would not think in this direction.

“Miss Ye, are you kidding me?” Dustin Zhou was a bit speechless. He believed that Ye Fang would not aimlessly. Now that she said so, she should have withdrawn, and the withdrawal time was earlier than Zhao Cheng.

However, Dustin Zhou still had a little doubt in his heart.

Let’s not say that I didn’t get any news here, so why did Ye Fang choose to quit?

You know, in Liushi Beauty, besides Wang Wei, Ye Fang holds the most shares.

Then, Ye Fang’s right to speak should be second only to Wang Wei.

What’s more, Dustin Zhou knew that Ye Fang had good energy in the East China Sea, so even Wang Wei, here in Hunan province, would not dare to do anything to Ye Fang, and even for some things, he still had to listen to Ye Fang’s opinions.

“Does Zhou always think I am a joker? What’s more, it’s not funny at all.” Ye Fang smiled.

“Can I ask, why?” Dustin Zhou was silent for a moment and said lightly.

He believed that Ye Fang would tell himself the reason, otherwise she would not appear with Zhao Cheng at this time.

“Nothing. I just think that Wang Wei wants to fight Zhou Zong. He is looking for death on his own. There is no chance of winning. Therefore, based on the idea of ​​knowing the current affairs as a handsome, decisively withdraw, abandon the dark and turn to the bright, is this not the best?” Shrugged and said indifferently.

But Dustin Zhou knew that Ye Fang must have something else, and he didn’t say it.

But he didn’t care anymore. As long as Ye Fang’s withdrawal was true, then it would be a good thing for him.

There were only eight partners in Liushi Beauty.

Now both Ye Fang and Zhao Cheng chose to quit, and there were only six people left at the moment.

Dustin Zhou didn’t think the six people were of one mind, and sooner or later they would fall apart, each looking for a way out.

What’s more, his real methods have not yet come out.

“Zhou, I came to you because I wanted to tell you something.” Seeing Dustin Zhou and Ye Fang finished talking, Zhao Cheng said in a deep voice, his expression extremely serious.

“Well, what’s the matter?” Dustin Zhou was curious about this.

He didn’t think that Zhao Cheng really had any big secrets to tell himself, but he just wanted to know what Zhao Cheng thought was very important, and even asked him to quit Liushi Beauty Makeup directly, but also to remind himself.

“Zhou, I chose to quit, just because Wang Wei is already crazy. He treats you as the only opponent and even deals with you at any cost.” Zhao Cheng said in a deep voice, every word.


This time, Dustin Zhou is really ready to find someone to deal with you, and this person, Mr. Zhou, you also know.

“I know?”

“This moment made Dustin Zhou curious, he knew it, and he had enough energy to deal with him, the whole Hunan province, but only a few people. Moreover, in Dustin Zhou’s view, he didn’t think those people could really deal with it. “Yes, that person is the eldest master of the Kong family in Liushi, Kong Hui, who was injured by Mr. Zhou at the opening ceremony.

“Zhao Chengsheng was afraid that Dustin Zhou had forgotten it, so he specially reminded him. In an instant, both Dustin Zhou and Enderia Shen remembered that Kong Hui. It was the one who had a bad thought for Enderia Shen at first, and was then severely taught by Dustin Zhou. People. However, what Zhao Cheng said made Dustin Zhou a little puzzled. Isn’t that Kong Hui just a star from the talent show? Moreover, Wang Wei also said that he is only a little famous in Liushi. Why now When it came to Zhao Cheng’s mouth, this Kong Hui had the strength to compete with Dustin Zhou, and even Wang Wei was desperate to seek Kong Hui’s help. Meet in

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