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Chapter 1040

As soon as Sun Qiankun entered the door of the Xu family compound, he started yelling, “The Sun family swears to follow Mr. Dustin Zhou! The Xu family hurry up!” This yelling immediately attracted everyone’s attention.

The scarred martial masters at the door also worked together to block Sun Qiankun’s path.

“It doesn’t matter who you are, but the current Xu family does not allow outsiders to disturb!” said one of the martial masters.

They heard Sun Qiankun calling Dustin Zhou’s name, so they didn’t want to conflict with Sun Qiankun.

It’s just that they can’t let Sun Qiankun break in with such bluffing. To put it bluntly, they are here as guards, isn’t that the same thing!

And seeing these scarred martial masters, Sun Qiankun sneered, “Haha, seeing you are all injured like this, the Xu family is probably at the end of the road!” “I warn you, now I will release Mr. Dustin Zhou quickly , Or else, our Sun family, we must fight to the end with your Xu family!” In Sun Qiankun’s concept, the Xu family is now calm again, but looking at this state, it is obvious that there must have been an outbreak here not long ago. A big battle.

It was obviously the fight between Dustin Zhou and the Xu family.

The Xu family’s ability to restore calm proved Dustin Zhou’s failure.

But looking at the status of these people in the Xu family, almost no one can stand intact. He believes that the Xu family definitely has no combat effectiveness!

Logically speaking, with Sun Qiankun’s shrewdness, even if the Xu family loses combat effectiveness now, but Dustin Zhou has clearly lost, he should support the Xu family.

But he just had a feeling that Dustin Zhou just lost on the surface!

As long as he can rescue Dustin Zhou at this time, it is definitely an act of sending carbon in the snow!

After Dustin Zhou truly destroys the Xu family in the future, their Sun family must be the biggest hero!

This is a gamble, it can be said that it blocked the gamble of the entire Sun family.

If Dustin Zhou is dead now, then the Sun family will also be finished.

But this is only a superficial phenomenon.

In fact, Sun Qiankun’s idea is far more shrewd than this!

Even if Dustin Zhou is really dead, he can still take advantage of the Xu family!

Obviously, the Xu family has no combat effectiveness at all!

If Dustin Zhou or, he will give charcoal in the snow!

If Dustin Zhou dies, he will be the biggest gainer!

Sun Qiankun stood aggressively at the door and shouted, “Although our Sun family has only six martial masters, can your Xu family resist the way of these six of us now?” Those martial masters at the door look at me, I see Look at you, I didn’t know how to answer for a while.

And these conversations at the door were naturally heard by Dustin Zhou and others inside


Master Tiger frowned first, and couldn’t help asking, “Who is that guy? Is it Mr. Zhou that you left behind?” Master Tiger did not know Sun Qiankun, although he had heard of Sun Qiankun’s name. Head, but the two have not directly dealt with each other.

But Su Shiming snorted coldly, “It’s just a flatterer. Afterwards, Zhuge Liang, Mr. Zhou, you can’t be fooled by him!” Su Shiming felt a little jealous at this time.

Their Su family is Dustin Zhou’s first younger brother, OK!

In the battle just now, their Su family also took out all of their wealth to accompany Dustin Zhoufeng to the end. It was considered a fateful friendship, what Sun Qiankun was!

We are all done here, OK, what’s the point of you coming out to be a kid?

But he was still a little worried, worried that Dustin Zhou would really make Sun Qiankun his little brother.

Dustin Zhou just smiled and said, “This is really an interesting person.” “But since they are here to rescue me, let’s go out and have a look.” Sun Qiankun was still screaming here, and Dustin Zhou over there followed Hu Ye and others walked out.

“Patriarch Sun,” Dustin Zhou said with a smile, “It’s been a long time since I heard what you said just now. It’s really touching.” Sun Qiankun was taken aback after seeing Dustin Zhou and turned into full. With an excited face, he looked at Dustin Zhou and said, “Mr. Zhou, you are okay, I have led all the power of the Sun family to support you!” “Are you here to support me?” Dustin Zhou’s head tilted slightly, and his tone was slightly joking. “Not long ago, your Sun family mocked Dustin Zhou for being stupid.” “This…Mr. Zhou, you don’t remember the villain,” Sun Qiankun’s face was a bit ugly, “I had eyes I don’t know Taishan anymore.” “Now, our Sun family is determined to support you, Mr. Zhou. You don’t doubt that.” “Look, I don’t even know that you won. Important!” Sun Qiankun expressed his loyalty hard.

To put it bluntly, it’s just a vote.

Dustin Zhou really recognized this, but he still said, “Well, I did see it, and I also said it. I was very touched.” “It’s just that if I really get arrested, you are bluffing here. For a long time, but there was no specific action. I was afraid that when I really went in to rescue me, I would have been gone!” Obviously, Dustin Zhou realized Sun Qiankun’s true intentions.

On the surface, he came to join Dustin Zhou.

But in fact, it was just a piece of insurance for him, thinking Dustin Zhou had the best chance of winning.

That’s why he was arguing with the Xu family at the door for a long time but never went in.

If Dustin Zhou wins, then Dustin Zhou must be able to see him come to save Dustin Zhou.

If Dustin Zhou

If he loses, then he has no real conflict with the Xu family now.

If it is discovered that the remaining force of the Xu family is still very strong, then everything still has room for buffer.

In any case, their Sun family is the one who has made the most profit.

The Sun family’s universe, one word to determine the universe, really is not just talking.

But this time it was still dismantled by Dustin Zhou.

After being dismantled, Sun Qiankun was not very embarrassed, “It was my improper behavior that made Mr. Zhou laugh.” “But we followed Mr. Zhou’s mood, but absolutely no cheating.” “I also hope that Mr. Zhou can let my house go. Junior, don’t care about a child.” Sun Qiankun directly put forward his request.

He could see that Dustin Zhou would not really treat their Sun family as his own for a while.

But this doesn’t matter, he doesn’t care too much. In the future, there will be opportunities to reconcile with Dustin Zhou.

The most important thing now is to rescue Sun Shengjie.

If you wait for Dustin Zhou to punish Sun Shengjie, or kill Sun Shengjie directly, then the suspicion between the two parties will only grow.

It has to be said that Sun Qiankun’s strategy is indeed amazing, every step is considered in place, even if the Sun family is at a disadvantage, he also knows what to do in order to make up for the disadvantage of the Sun family as much as possible.

It’s just that Dustin Zhou really doesn’t know where Sun Shengjie is now.

Chapter 1041

Dustin Zhou shrugged his shoulders and said to Sun Qiankun very bachelorfully, “Don’t care about me, I didn’t touch yours!” “Mr. Zhou, shouldn’t your mind be so narrow?” For Dustin Zhou, Sun Qiankun obviously didn’t believe it.

Sun Shengjie obviously came over to help the Xu family deal with Dustin Zhou. Now that the battle is over, Dustin Zhou has won a big victory. The entire Xu family is standing on Dustin Zhou’s side, but Sun Shengjie is gone?

Is it possible, can you die in a melee?

Sun Qiankun did not believe this statement either.

His own disciple knows what the situation is, just Sun Shengjie’s small body, it is impossible to die in a melee… because he will never participate in the battle!

Although the kid is not right, he is still smarter.

Therefore, Sun Qiankun seriously suspected that Dustin Zhou had detained Sun Shengjie.

“Mr. Zhou, I admit that Sun Shengjie did something wrong. If you are really upset with him, you can ask our Sun family if you have any requirements, and I hope you will not hurt his life!” Sun Qiankun is very sincere. Said.

Dustin Zhou shook his head and said impatiently, “Don’t be teased, I’m not in the mood to care about him, saying that I didn’t detain it, but I really didn’t detain it.” After Dustin Zhou finished speaking, he ignored Sun Qiankun.

Even Sun Qiankun told him

It showed loyalty, but he still had no good feelings for the old man.

When Dustin Zhou was about to leave, Sun Shengjie ran out in disgrace.

“Second Uncle.” Sun Shengjie cautiously walked to Sun Qiankun’s side, and said, pulling his sleeve.

“Holy? Are you okay?” After seeing Sun Shengjie, Sun Qiankun showed a puzzled expression.

He always thought that Sun Shengjie must have been detained by Dustin Zhou, but now it seems that this is not the case.

Didn’t Sun Shengjie appear in front of him well?

“Where did you go!” After seeing that Sun Shengjie was okay, Sun Qiankun immediately showed a serious expression, “Who let you run away indiscriminately!” “I, I… Second Uncle, save me!” Sun Shengjie I cried directly.

He was terrified now.

That Dustin Zhou or something is too terrifying!

Single-handedly, he broke into the Xu family alone, not to mention, in the end even the ancestors of the Xu family came out and stood on his side!

This situation is simply not what Sun Shengjie expected before!

What he originally imagined was that with the Xu family’s heritage, he could slap Dustin Zhou in any way!

Could it be that this is what the Xu family’s background has?

In fact, the Xu family’s background is really not weak, and it can even be described as an endless stream of amulet, there are various super high-level talisman, and finally there is even a guardian formation. These things actually deal with a warrior emperor. More than enough.

But it was a pity that they encountered Dustin Zhou. Among the emperor of warriors, Dustin Zhou was the one with the best talent and purest strength, and could release the existence of the emperor’s domain.

Moreover, on Dustin Zhou’s body, there are the space ring and a large number of treasures presented by another ancestor of the Xu family, which can seem to crush the Xu family.

But this is also part of Dustin Zhou’s strength!

Dustin Zhou’s performance completely frightened Sun Shengjie. Not long ago, this guy thought that although Dustin Zhou was smart, he still lost to his hands.

But now it seems that the stupidest person is actually himself!

So at first he hid, but after hearing Sun Qiankun’s voice, he stood in front of Dustin Zhou in a panic.

Before saying a few words, he cried out and asked Sun Qiankun to save him.

Sun Qiankun looked at his disciple speechlessly, “What are you crying? Don’t worry, Mr. Zhou won’t bother with a kid like you, but you must remember that you can’t do this again in the future, understand? ?” Sun Shengjie nodded hurriedly.

On Dustin Zhou’s side, he looked at Sun Shengjie jokingly.

When it comes to caress, Dustin Zhou actually doesn’t care much about anything. What is there to care about?

The two parties are not at the same level at all.

But at the same time, he didn’t plan to let this little guy go.

At the very least, a little teasing is necessary.

That’s right, Sun Shengjie is a rubbish, very weak, and it did not pose any threat to Dustin Zhou, but you rubbish go to rubbish, you rubbish you can’t just ask me trouble and let me treat it as nothing happened!

You are weak, that is your business, it has nothing to do with me, right.

So Dustin Zhou said with a smile but a smile, “That’s right, Patriarch Sun, I seem to have never promised to care about anything, right?” Sun Qiankun’s face changed slightly.

“Mr. Zhou, it’s not like that. Why do you have to care about a child who doesn’t understand anything for a big man like you.” Sun Qiankun deliberately raised Dustin Zhou’s identity.

It’s a pity that Dustin Zhou doesn’t take this set at all. He squinted his eyes, “A kid who doesn’t understand anything?” “That’s right, we also have a kid who doesn’t understand anything, Su Wei, do you think it right? Sun Shengjie is actually not young, 23 years old, one year older than Su Wei.

The child in Sun Qiankun’s mouth is worth the pattern.

In fact, Dustin Zhou is not too old, he is also in his twenties, and is four or five years older than them.

But no matter where Dustin Zhou goes, he will be treated as a big man. The person he often deals with is also a middle-aged person at the Patriarch level like Tiger Lord and Su Shiming.

Dustin Zhou is Dustin Zhou. There is no identity representative. He can hold up a card only by his own strength, so he is a big man.

When someone like Sun Shengjie went out, no one else could see him at all. What they saw was the Sun family behind him. Without the Sun family, he would be an ordinary person in the vast crowd, so he was called a child.

That’s right, Dustin Zhou also has such a character here, Su Wei, the heir of the Su family!

Moreover, in terms of age and status, Su Wei is a bit younger than Sun Shengjie. After all, the Sun family is the first family in the first-class family, and the Su family can only be regarded as the second family!

After hearing Dustin Zhou’s words, Su Wei immediately understood God, strode over, wiped off his sleeves and said, “Ah yes, I don’t know anything, but this guy dares to be a big boss and must be beaten!” With that said, Su Wei directly drew a big mouth from Sun Shengjie.

“Offend my boss, you know it!” Su Wei shouted decently.

Sun Qiankun on one side changed his face.

He didn’t expect Dustin Zhou to use such a method to deal with Sun Shengjie. In this way, even he would be speechless.

Your Sun Shengjie is a child, and Su Wei is also a child!

Dustin Zhou doesn’t care about Sun Shengjie, so you, Sun Qiankun, can’t care about Su Wei!

Chapter 1042

Sun Shengjie’s face quickly became red and swollen. He looked at Su Wei dumbfounded, but couldn’t say a word.

Logically speaking, he is a disciple of the Sun family, and Su Wei is only a disciple of the Su family, so he is one level higher than Su Wei in any way.

But now, it was Dustin Zhou standing behind Su Wei!

“Huh? Why didn’t you speak? When you stood in the Xu family camp before, weren’t you very mighty?” Su Wei slapped him again.

“Speak, don’t you agree?” Su Wei asked Sun Shengjie while smoking.

With a helpless look, Sun Shengjie could only cast his sight on Sun Qiankun, hoping that Sun Qiankun could help him.

Sun Qiankun looked angry, what do you think Laozi is doing at this time!

Can I help you?

“You can solve the problems of your juniors,” Sun Qiankun could only say, “Our Sun family will not interfere.” “Similarly, Mr. Zhou will not interfere.” This is what Sun Qiankun can win for Sun Shengjie. The maximum authority.

And the kid Sun Shengjie was also clever, hearing what Sun Qiankun said, he immediately understood what it meant.

This is a duel between him and Su Wei, he can resist!

He roared and rushed up… and soon came back with a swollen nose and swollen nose. After all, Su Wei was learning taekwondo before, and after spending so long with Niu Chuan, he could not be Su Wei’s opponent.

At this moment, Sun Qiankun had no choice but to watch Sun Shengjie being beaten.

“Accepted or not?” Su Wei asked again.

“Served.” Sun Shengjie finally gave in.

“I was wrong, Brother Su, please forgive me, and Mr. Zhou, I’m really wrong, and I hope you don’t have the same knowledge as me!” The proud and arrogant Sun Shengjie, who used to mock Dustin Zhou’s Sun Shengjie. , This time finally lowered his head.

There is no way without bowing!

If you don’t bow your head, you will be beaten!

At this time, Dustin Zhou replied lightly, “It has nothing to do with me, I have never cared about you!” Dustin Zhou did not care about Sun Shengjie. The main reason he did this was to tease Sun. It’s just a moment of holiness, and secondly, there is another purpose to make Su Jia stand up!

Although Dustin Zhou defeated the Xu family, it is recognized throughout Donghai City that the Sun family should surpass the Su family.

But now, Dustin Zhou asked Su Wei to slap Sun Shengjie a few times in front of everyone, but the Sun family did not dare to speak.

This may seem like a small matter on the surface, but in fact, the impact on the two companies is very large.

Because of this, the next time the Sun Family and Su Family deal with each other, they will unconsciously bow their heads.

Of course Dustin Zhou deliberately supported the Su family, after all, he was his first younger brother.

On one side, Su Shiming almost jumped when he saw this scene.

Their Su family is finally out!

It’s finally time to hang the Sun’s house!


All this is because of following Dustin Zhou!

The people of the Su family were very excited, and the faces of the Sun family were ugly. As for Dustin Zhou, he didn’t take this matter seriously, and soon returned to the hall.

What happened just now was just a small episode, Dustin Zhou returned to the hall, Hu Ye, Su Shiming and Sun Qiankun also followed.

A few people held a small meeting like small talk.

This small meeting, in a sense, completely established the pattern of Donghai City!

The Xu family’s industry has been destroyed seven or eighty-eight, because Dustin Zhou used the relationship before to block the Xu family’s industry.

But now that Lord Tiger entered the Xu family, Dustin Zhou naturally lifted these blockades.

The Xu family retained their properties in Donghai City, while the Sun family provided some other support.

As a result, the current layout of Donghai City is probably Dustin Zhou’s first, and the Xu Family is the largest power under Dustin Zhou, a super family with more than forty martial masters.

As for the Su family, although their martial masters are two less than the Sun family, their status is much higher than that of the Sun family.

It was because of Sun Qiankun’s last wise decision to follow Dustin Zhou.

If Sun Shengjie was allowed to take charge, the current Sun family would no longer exist.

Faced with such a super combination, is it possible for the Sun family to survive?

Just like the Ding family who ranked third among the first-class families in Donghai City.

It seems that the Ding family has been completely excluded. This time it has not been involved at all. It seems that nothing has changed. No matter whether it is economic strength or other strength, it has not been weakened in the slightest.

But the future of this family can be easily foreseen.

The Su family, the Sun family, and the Xu family have basically become a super alliance because they are all Dustin Zhou’s younger brothers.

The Ding family, as the last family of a first-class family, will definitely become weaker and weaker in the face of this super alliance, because many of their previous economic industries overlap with the Su family and the Sun family.

Now, he has to give up these industries completely. It can be said that the Ding family will soon fall into a second-rate family!

A few casual words from a few people changed the fate of countless people, but no one really cared about this kind of thing.

Dustin Zhou rested for a while before returning to his villa in Linhai City.

At this time, he had completely recuperated, Zhou Mu did not notice any abnormal state in him.

And Dustin Zhou naturally wouldn’t tell these things, he just looked at Zhou Mu’s aging face day by day, and then thought in his heart, maybe it’s time to return to Zhou’s family.

Dustin Zhou was tested by a family.

Give him 20 million, within two years, earn ten times the assets of 20 million, and he can get back

Go to Zhou’s house.

That was also the beginning of Dustin Zhou’s rise.

Now the two-year period is approaching.

And Dustin Zhou has earned more than ten times the assets?

It is a thousand times more!

Dustin Zhou’s current net worth may not be as much as 20 billion, but the wealth he can mobilize, the hidden wealth he has, has already exceeded 20 billion!

Therefore, it is not too much to say that he has doubled 20 million by a thousand times in two years.

Moreover, he has also become a warrior emperor.

Such an achievement should be able to return to the Zhou family.

Yes, let the Zhou family give her mother an explanation.

In fact, Dustin Zhou is not interested in returning to the Zhou family anymore. After all, he is not bad for money.

The reason why he wants to return to the Zhou family is to let the Zhou family give his mother a price.

That super-family that scared the world, originally, his mother was also a member of it, but was kicked out, and he has lived with Dustin Zhou for so many years.

This is obviously unfair to the mother. How much has the mother suffered over the years?

The Zhou family, must give his mother an explanation!

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