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Chapter 875

Dustin Zhou’s anger!

Chang Hao, who was in despair, had already worried about not so much.

He doesn’t care if Enderia Shen will forgive him, he cares, but Enderia Shen does not have him in his heart!

In that case, I will take you as my own first!

His eyes became more and more fiery, and finally he couldn’t restrain his inner impulse and rushed forward.

“Chang Hao! Calm down!” Enderia Shen was startled and shouted, struggling to retreat to the side.

But she is a weak woman, how could she be Chang Hao’s opponent?

“If you do this kind of thing, your life will be ruined!” “Now let me go, I can absolutely treat it as nothing happened!” Enderia Shen remained calm and tried to wake Chang Hao with reason.

“Hehe, you are a humble woman who only has Dustin Zhou in his heart. Don’t talk about these useless things. Even if the king of heaven and Master come today, I won’t be able to save you!” Chang Hao, the hot-blooded man, couldn’t hear the truth at all, he smiled sullenly, and again When he came to Enderia Shen, “Don’t refuse so fast, how do you know that I can’t make you comfortable?” “After the matter is over, maybe you will fall in love with me?” He pressed Enderia Shen to the wall , Directly sticking his head to Enderia Shen’s face.

At the critical moment, Enderia Shen was anxious and directly hit his knees.

The force was extremely strong, and it happened to hit Chang Hao’s two balls.


Chang Hao let out a scream like a pig, and suddenly bent down in pain.

Dou Da’s sweat dripped from his forehead. He raised his head and looked at Enderia Shen with blood-red eyes, “I killed you!” Enderia Shen was also panicked. She did not expect that this action would hurt Chang Hao so much. Big.

She just subconsciously made a defensive action!

“You, are you okay.” After all, she is an ordinary woman, even a little kind. Seeing Chang Hao’s appearance, she couldn’t help asking.

“I killed you!” But Chang Hao couldn’t control so much, even if it was because he was the first to deal with Enderia Shen, but Enderia Shen made him like this, and he was still angry.

The anger in his heart was about to swallow him, he raised his hand and slapped Enderia Shen.

“Okay, Enderia Shen, you dare to do such a thing to me!” “I can’t spare you!” After slapped, he followed and kicked Enderia Shen’s stomach again.

The strength of this foot was so great that Enderia Shen fell to the ground in pain, struggling to stand up.

“Hmph, I see how you can resist me!” Chang Hao’s eyes flashed fiercely. Although the severe pain came quickly, he recovered quickly. The most painful period has passed. Really He is already able to move normally.

He squatted down,

When he came to Enderia Shen’s side, he began to violently pull Enderia Shen’s clothes.

“Humble woman, I want to let you know how good I am today!” Looking at Enderia Shen’s white and smooth skin, Chang Hao became excited.

He even felt that everything was worth it!

Even if I suffer this one today, even if I have to go to jail afterwards, all this is worth it!

After all, I will succeed soon!

This is Enderia Shen!

The goddess in the minds of so many people!

And he also heard that this Enderia Shen was still there for the first time.

It’s all worth it!

He couldn’t wait to get into the subject. Two lines of tears flowed from the corner of Enderia Shen’s eyes, and he struggled to shake his head, “No, no, I am wrong, Chang Hao!” “I can give you whatever you want! But don’t do this kind of thing. !” Begging for mercy failed, Enderia Shen also began to yell, “Chang Hao, you are a beast!” “Although I fired you, there is nothing to be sorry for you! The company should give you all the treatment, how can you be right? I do this kind of thing!” “You are not as good as a beast, you really have no humanity! You let me go!” “Hehe, whatever you say!” Chang Hao sneered, and he suddenly took out the phone from his pocket. “By the way, don’t you want me to go to jail?” “Hehe, today I will record a video for you when I am doing business.” “If you dare to put me in jail, I will publish the video!” “I ruined , Don’t think about it!” Chang Hao smiled triumphantly and turned on the phone’s video mode!

“No one can save you today!” After placing the phone in place, he started working again.

“Who said no one can save her today?” At this moment, a loud voice suddenly sounded outside the door.

Dustin Zhou, arrived!

He actually came to this abandoned factory area a long time ago, but this factory area is really too big and it is indeed very difficult to find it.

Fortunately, there was the No. 100 person sent by Lord Tiger. Everyone divided the area and started searching, so the pressure was much less.

And Dustin Zhou, it is precisely this area that is responsible.

Just when Enderia Shen and Chang Hao were fighting, he vaguely heard the movement.

It’s just that this movement is too unstable, and there is no straight line to walk at all, he walked around for a long time before he found this place.

Fortunately, arrived!

Dustin Zhou quickly scanned the room, and saw that although Enderia Shen’s clothes were torn a lot, exposing large areas of skin, but they were still wearing them, he was relieved.

But the next moment, he was angry again.

Because of what he saw, there was an obvious slap mark on Enderia Shen’s face!

And the skin on his body is also bruised and purple!

Even Enderia Shen was holding his stomach in pain, looking at Dustin Zhou’s

With a ray of weakness in his eyes, “You are here.” From Enderia Shen’s eyes, Dustin Zhou saw a trace of comfort.

But it was this comfort that deeply stabbed Dustin Zhou.

This woman trusts herself so much!

Does she have been waiting for her feelings?

“Chang Hao, what have you done!” “President Shen was so good to you, and promoted you to the position of vice president with one hand, but you did this to her!” “Are you still a human!” Dustin Zhou asked sharply Now he is really very angry and angry!

“Hehe, you can find here if you are at a loss!” After seeing Dustin Zhou, a panic flashed in Chang Hao’s eyes.

This was a subconscious reaction, followed by an accident. He did not expect that Dustin Zhou would be able to find such a hidden place by himself.

But he was not too worried, “But what can you do if you can find it, Enderia Shen, this woman must be mine today!” “As for what you said she is kind to me, you don’t think it is funny, she does it. I was promoted to vice president, but she personally fired me!” “It’s all because of you!” Chang Hao roared, “It’s just right that you are here. I’m going to find you for saving!” “Except for Enderia Shen today! You can’t run away except by me!”

Chapter 876

Angry Chang Hao’s eyes were red. After seeing Dustin Zhou, he seemed to have seen his life’s enemy and became even more angry.

“Can’t I run away either?” Dustin Zhou snorted coldly. “Just so, I didn’t plan to let you go!” After seeing Chang Hao hurt Enderia Shen in that way, Dustin Zhou had made up his mind and must not let Chang Hao go. !

Now that he heard what Chang Hao said, he had decided not to talk nonsense.

Do it directly!

“I didn’t intend to let me go! Boy, don’t think that Enderia Shen’s energy is attracted to you, you are better than me!” “If you don’t have Enderia Shen, you are just a worthless son-in-law!” “If you want business ability, you have no business ability, you have to Your education is not as high as mine, and your family is not as good as mine!” “At the same time, you will not be my opponent in fighting. Master belongs to the University Taekwondo Club! A scum like you is born to me. Step on your feet!” Chang Hao threw his teeth and claws on him. He already hated Dustin Zhou in his heart. The reason he resented Dustin Zhou was that besides Enderia Shen’s liking for Dustin Zhou, it was also because Dustin Zhou was a waste in his eyes.

If Dustin Zhou is really a super rich second-generation, with an impressive background, Chang Hao will recognize it.

But Dustin Zhou is a waste!

Enderia Shen despised him, but liked a trash, which made Chang Hao unable to accept it anyway, and his resentment towards Dustin Zhou became more profound!

At this moment, he shouted out his inner thoughts.

And he feels very happy, what can Enderia Shen like you?

You trash is not going to be trampled by me!

He shook his fist excitedly and hit Dustin Zhou’s head with the greatest strength in his life.

His face was distorted because of excessive excitement, and it was precisely because of excitement that he felt that this punch was the most powerful punch he had made in his life.

He can guarantee that this punch can knock Dustin Zhou to the ground, and he can’t even take care of himself!

“Die! You have to understand that you are such a waste. You can never exceed me! No matter what!” His roar just came out, but it stopped abruptly.

Because he was shocked to discover that when his fist was about to touch Dustin Zhou’s head, he was suddenly stopped by a powerful force.

What kind of force is that?

As if blocking him like a mountain.

In the face of this force, Chang Hao felt that he had absolutely no chance of winning.

He settled, only to realize that it was Dustin Zhou who was blocking his fist!

Dustin Zhou held his fist blankly, and said calmly, “I don’t care how you think of me.” “It doesn’t matter if I am not as good as you in force, or as good as in ability, or even if my family background and education are not as good as you are. “”But none of these can hurt Shen as you

Bijun’s reasons, hurt her, you have to pay the price you should pay!

“After finishing speaking, Dustin Zhou punched Chang Hao’s eye fiercely. After studying with Niu Chuan for so long, Dustin Zhou’s strength has already surpassed ordinary people. Even if he didn’t use his full strength, this punch would also affect Chang Hao. There was a dark circle in his eyes. Chang Hao slumped back two steps and looked at Dustin Zhou in horror. “You actually have such strength!

Dustin Zhou ignored him, stepping forward and kicking him to the ground again, “My force seems to be a little higher than you.”

“But I said, these are not important, none of these can be your reason to hurt Enderia Shen.

He said more and more angry, and kicked Chang Hao’s head fiercely, “Scum!

“You are the scumbag!”

You trash, what if you can fight?

“Except for fighting, you are still useless, why are you above me, and why Enderia Shen will like you!”

“Even if you beat me to death, I won’t accept it!”

“I have a higher education than you!”

I have a better family background than you!

Chang Hao roared in unwillingness, even if he lost to Dustin Zhou, he would hit Dustin Zhou fiercely and let Dustin Zhou realize that he was a trash. But as soon as his words fell, Asher Chen walked in. , I finally found you, are you okay?

“Asher Chen said to Dustin Zhou respectfully, “Although you said that I don’t need my help, I still can’t rest assured, so I ran over to take a look.

Looking at Asher Chen’s concern, Chang Hao, who was lying on the ground, was completely stunned. He was still saying that Dustin Zhou’s family background was not as good as him. But in a blink of an eye, Asher Chen ran over and called Dustin Zhou. Master! Who is Asher Chen? Chang Hao is not clear enough. With his status as the vice president of the famous company and his own family background, he can be regarded as a man who can barely enter the first floor of the Mountain Mist Club. This was originally him very much. What I am proud of, but now, the owner of the Mountain Mist Club actually calls Dustin Zhou Young Master! Who is Dustin Zhou? At this moment, Chang Hao felt like he was struck by lightning. Dustin Zhou’s family background, maybe It crushed him tens of thousands of times! “Even so, you are just relying on other people’s waste. Your education is not as high as mine, and your ability is not as strong as mine!

“Chang Hao muttered to himself. He has to find a psychological comfort for himself, otherwise he will collapse. How did that useless Dustin Zhou jump up and ride on his head? “Education?”

What is this kid talking nonsense?

“Asher Chen glanced at Chang Hao on the ground with some curiosity, “What kind of education does he have, can he have fewer students than Professor Shao?”


Professor Shao?

What Professor Shao?

“After hearing what Asher Chen said, Chang Hao screamed and asked like a cat whose tail was stepped on, “I am an Ivy League student!”

“Ivy League University?”

Isn’t that an ordinary first-class university?

In any case, it is impossible to be better than Professor Shao Zekai’s students.

“Asher Chen said disdainfully. “Professor Shao Zekai?”

“Chang Hao was taken aback for a moment, “Professor Shao Zekai has only a dozen students under his name. How many people in the world can worship Professor Shao Zekai’s name!”

“So far, Chang Hao has not reflected why Asher Chen mentioned Professor Shao Zekai. He is one of the top professors in the world, and his professionalism is even comparable to that of Nobel Prize winners! His students, that is natural. There is no doubt that they can be regarded as doctoral level, but what does this matter have to do with Dustin Zhou? “Sorry, I am one of them.

Dustin Zhou shrugged his shoulders and took out his student ID card from his pocket. This was given to him by Professor Shao Zekai last time to avoid any trouble in going to school. “But I also said it, no matter what you do. Look at me, or whether I am inferior to you or better than you, none of these can be reasons for you to hurt Enderia Shen.

Chapter 877

Chang Hao is crazy!

Dustin Zhou was actually too lazy to show off in front of Chang Hao. He neither deliberately concealed nor deliberately showed off. He just wanted to beat Chang Hao.

Who made him dare to hurt Enderia Shen!

It’s just that his indifferent attitude is the most exaggerated show off in Chang Hao’s eyes!

“You, why are you, why are you still a student of Professor Shao Zekai!” “You are just a trash! Why, why all of a sudden, everything you have is better than me?” Chang Hao felt that he was going crazy Yes, it was clear that Dustin Zhou was still a trash in his eyes not long ago. How could Dustin Zhou be able to sling him in any way in a blink of an eye?

At this moment, he could vaguely realize why Enderia Shen liked Dustin Zhou.

It’s just that he didn’t know exactly when Dustin Zhou became so good anyway.

“No, no, it’s impossible, it must be a lie to me!” He screamed hysterically, trying to deceive himself with words.

“Whatever you think, the important thing is that you have to pay the price now!” Chang Hao is very entangled with Dustin Zhou’s identity and why Dustin Zhou is suddenly so good.

But Dustin Zhou just wanted to beat him.

After a violent beating, Chang Hao’s eyes became hollow, Dustin Zhou was finally tired, and he helped Enderia Shen up with some distress.

“Everything is over, it’s okay.” Dustin Zhou said to Enderia Shen.

“I know, when you come, I know nothing will happen.” Enderia Shen smiled slightly and buried his head in Dustin Zhou’s arms.

This action was a bit intimate, before Enderia Shen could not even think about it, after all, Dustin Zhou had a wife.

But now, she can no longer care so much.

Driven to a desperate situation by Chang Hao, the moment she saw Dustin Zhou came back, her inner feelings were like a torrent of a bank bursting out of control.

This man is always so reliable!

Enderia Shen knew in his heart that she would never forget Dustin Zhou in her life.

As for Dustin Zhou, his expression is a bit complicated.

He never felt Enderia Shen’s feelings, but now he couldn’t refuse at all. After all, Enderia Shen was so badly injured and just wanted to rest in his arms. Can he still refuse?

Enderia Shen blocked the knife for him!

“Master, what to do with this guy?” Asher Chen walked out again and kicked Chang Hao under his foot.

“Take it away.” After seeing Chang Hao, Dustin Zhou’s face flashed again.

Asher Chen nodded and put Chang Hao on his shoulder.

Several people left this small room and walked out of this large factory area to the open space outside.

Dustin Zhou made a call,

Let the more than one hundred people stop searching, and everyone left together.

At this moment, Chang Hao on Asher Chen’s shoulder suddenly jumped up again, “Dustin Zhou, you absolutely lied to me! You not only lied to me, but also to Enderia Shen!” “If you are really so good and have such a deep background, then How can you become a door-to-door son-in-law!” “It’s impossible for you to be a door-to-door son-in-law with Enderia Shen! After all, you are a door-to-door son-in-law who eats soft rice!” After speaking, he laughed frantically, thinking that his analysis was very reasonable. .

Although he was beaten up violently, he felt very comfortable when he thought that Dustin Zhou was not as good as himself.

Dustin Zhou frowned, glanced at him like a fool, and did not answer.

There is no need to care about such mental retardation.

At this time, more than one hundred people in the factory area came out one after another, and they soon gathered in front of Dustin Zhou.

“Mr. Zhou.” The leading brother Pao bowed at Dustin Zhou.

This scene made Chang Hao completely dumbfounded.

“Well, things have been settled, brothers have worked hard, let them go back.” Dustin Zhou said calmly.

“Yes.” Brother Pao agreed and waved to the rear, “Mr. Zhou said that the matter has been resolved, everyone can retake the team and go back!” “Yes, Mr. Zhou!” More than a hundred people answered at the same time.

“This is not true, this is definitely not true!” Chang Hao muttered to himself like crazy.

He just felt that Dustin Zhou was deceiving himself.

But these more than one hundred people are so respectful to Dustin Zhou, are they lying to themselves?

If the people in Donghai City had an attitude toward Dustin Zhou’s painting, could it be that Dustin Zhou and the entire Donghai City could cheat themselves?

Thinking of this, Chang Hao laughed silly.

He’s crazy.

Chang Hao, who graduated from a world-renowned university and an Ivy League university, became a lunatic at this moment.

Because he couldn’t break through the shackles in his heart, he tried every means to find every reason to convince himself that Dustin Zhou was not as good as himself.

But Dustin Zhou slapped him in the face time and time again with his strength, which made him unable to accept it anyway. He fell into the horns and couldn’t get out anymore, becoming a lunatic.

“It’s really useless.” Dustin Zhou didn’t expect that Chang Hao’s mentality was so fragile. Didn’t he graduate from a famous university?

Isn’t it a social elite?

How can you drive yourself crazy if you are not as skilled as a person?

Is this an elite or a waste?

“What should I do? Otherwise, I’ll leave it here and die.” Asher Chen also said helplessly.

Throwing such a madman out, they will also get a lawsuit. After all, no one knows how mad Chang Hao is.

Even if it is necessary to obtain evidence, it will take a while, and this period of time, for Dustin Zhou

Their impact is incalculable.

But Dustin Zhou thought for a moment, and shook his head, “Forget it, let’s hand it over to the police, we can tell the truth.” He believes that justice exists in this world.

As long as you tell the truth and have a clear conscience, leave everything to those who should have done justice.

Asher Chen nodded, since it was Dustin Zhou’s intention, he would not violate it.

The group just left, Asher Chen sent Chang Hao into the law enforcement system, while Dustin Zhou followed Enderia Shen back to Enderia Shen’s villa.

Enderia Shen had long since left the Shen family and bought a villa outside as his home. This was also the first time Dustin Zhou came to Enderia Shen’s home.

“Your house is really deserted.” After looking around the entire villa, Dustin Zhou couldn’t help but jokingly said, “You really deserve to be an iceberg female president. There is no human touch at all in this family.” “I was originally. I still want my mother to live with you for a while, but looking at it now, I don’t worry about giving my mother to you.” “Are you going to let your mother come to live with me?” After hearing Dustin Zhou’s words , Enderia Shen’s eyes flashed expectation, “Really? Don’t worry, if you really let Auntie come to live with me, I will definitely take care of her!”

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