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Chapter 113

Surprise! Enderia Shen didn’t think of it for a while The answer, I don’t even think about it, and watch the concert quietly. “This, I can sing a few sentences, but I’m not very skilled.

Dustin Zhou smiled lightly, there is nothing to be embarrassed about, just say it directly, it will not be ashamed. What’s more, the few people here may not be able to sing. The concert went smoothly. Originally planned to sing for a total of four hours, After two hours, there will be about half an hour of activity time. At that time, the Rocket Girl will go through the camera, select fans on the big screen, and go on stage to sing with the Rocket Girl. The fans below are more concerned, also Exactly this

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“You won’t choose me?” Dustin Zhou had such a thought inexplicably in his heart, and there was always a strange feeling.

However, with 70 to 80 thousand people at the scene, the chance of him being selected is still quite low.

“Next, we will select two people to come on stage and sing with us!” “I don’t know who is so lucky!” Su Xiaomeng said cutely and cutely.

The fans also became nervous instantly.

If you are selected and can sing with Rocket Girls on stage, then, not to mention the news, even if you post to a circle of friends, it will be enough to attract people’s attention.

At that time, you can just pretend to be a wave of force!

Soon, the big screen started to scroll randomly.

Basically, fans in the entire stadium can show up, but in the end only two people will be selected.

“Okay! Stop!” Su Xiaomeng shouted loudly with her back to the big screen.

And a man suddenly appeared on the big screen.

“Ah! Is it me? Did you choose me? I’m so excited!” The man was so surprised when he saw that he was selected, he jumped up from his seat and hugged the people around him constantly.

With the first one, the second one will naturally be drawn.

“Okay! Stop!” The huge screen stopped again, and at this time, the face of a young man appeared in everyone’s eyes.

Dustin Zhou looked at the human face on the big screen, and was shocked.

That is clearly himself!

Not only Dustin Zhou, but several other people also looked surprised.

They never thought that Dustin Zhou was lucky enough to be selected among so many people to be able to sing on stage with Rocket Girl.

“Hehe, Dustin Zhou, don’t know how to sing when you get to the top!” Enderia Shen hurriedly smiled and blinked at Dustin Zhou a few times.

Niu Chuan, Chen Xin, and Mira Xie looked at Dustin Zhou with a smile.

They didn’t speak, it didn’t mean they didn’t want to speak.

On the contrary, what they are thinking at the moment is the same as Enderia Shen.

Even Dustin Zhou himself just said that he is not familiar with Rocket Girl’s songs.

But now, he has been selected to sing on stage. If he fails to sing by then, he will be laughed at by others.

But if Dustin Zhou was laughed at on other occasions, they would definitely not be happy.

But now it’s different. They came to the concert because they couldn’t sing a song, and when they were jokes by the fans below, they would only smile slightly.

“Ah, it’s Brother Yang!” Su Xiaomeng turned and saw Dustin Zhou on the big screen, and she covered her mouth with excitement.

And Zhao Wanrong and Zhang Tiantian were standing beside her, naturally they heard her exclamation.

“Is this Xiaomeng, your brother Yang, whom you are thinking about?” “It looks pretty good, hehe, Mengmeng, I support you!” The two looked at each other and faced Su

Xiaomeng smiled and said, her eyes were full of narrowing, and even a little weird.

The two of them had even thought about how to prank him when Dustin Zhou took the stage.

Soon, the first man and Dustin Zhou each took the stage.

And those fans who weren’t selected are all kinds of envy, jealousy and hatred.

“Welcome to both of you, do you want to say hello to everyone?” Su Xiaomeng said with a grotesque smile.

“My name is Zhang Shufa. I am very excited for a few days. I can stand on this stage. I like Rocket Girl for a long time!” The first man said excitedly.

“My name is Dustin Zhou.” When it was Dustin Zhou’s turn, he simply said his own name.

He didn’t want to be known by so many Rocket Girl fans, in case those fans did something out of jealousy, Dustin Zhou would not want to see it.

“Okay, welcome Zhang Shufa and Dustin Zhou, today we are going to sing “I Really Love You”! Can you sing?” Su Xiaomeng said with a smile.

“I can sing, I can sing every song of yours.” Zhang Shufa took the lead in answering, a pair of eyes fell on Su Xiaomeng’s face, almost unable to move.

Su Xiaomeng didn’t notice this because he wanted to take into account his fans.

But Dustin Zhou was keenly aware of Zhang Shufa’s gaze.

At this moment, Dustin Zhou’s heart suddenly became uncomfortable.

He didn’t know why, but seeing other men staring at Su Xiaomeng, made him feel extremely unhappy.

“I can only sing a little bit.” Dustin Zhou watched Zhang Shufa secretly to prevent him from making any unruly actions, while answering questions.

“Huh! Huh! Huh!” “It’s rubbish, I don’t even know how to sing, why are you still on stage?” “Yes, why don’t you give me the spot!” But Dustin Zhou’s answer was to let the fans off the stage Very upset.

Are you a fan of Rocket Girl?

If you are a fan, why don’t you sing Rocket Girl’s songs?

If not, standing on the stage now means standing in the pit without sh*t and letting others lose such an excellent opportunity for nothing!

“Haha, it’s so cute, but it doesn’t matter, Mengmeng will sing with you.” Su Xiaomeng blinked her big eyes and said with a smile.

Dustin Zhou couldn’t help but chuckle and nodded secretly, indicating that he had accepted Su Xiaomeng’s signal.

Soon, the opening music rang.

“I Really Love You” is the most famous song of Rocket Girl.

It is widely known throughout the country, especially the younger generation, almost everyone knows it.

Therefore, as soon as the opening song sounded, the fans in the audience immediately hummed along.

Dustin Zhou is actually not good at singing this song, but fortunately Su Xiaomeng has been prepared for a long time and has been standing next to Dustin Zhou.

Sing with him.

Soon, the atmosphere of the audience was mobilized.

However, at this moment, a white light flashed across Dustin Zhou’s eyes.

That Zhang Shufa looked terrifying, as if mad, raised a short dagger in his hand, and pierced straight towards Su Xiaomeng.

“Be careful!” Dustin Zhou was shocked, and quickly moved Su Xiaomeng behind him, raised his leg, and kicked Zhang Shufa’s wrist straight.

However, Zhang Shufa was not repulsed. Instead, he spared Dustin Zhou and stabbed Su Xiaomeng again.

Dustin Zhou’s heart sank. From the very beginning, he noticed that Zhang Shufa’s eyes were a little wrong. During this time, he had been observing the other party.

However, Dustin Zhou did not expect that Zhang Shufa would choose this time to shoot.

And still want to assassinate Su Xiaomeng.

This scene on the stage was shown on the big screen, and all fans could see it clearly.

Suddenly, all kinds of screams and panic sounds diffused.

Chapter 114

“Brother Yang!” The shock on the stage stunned everyone.

However, as Dustin Zhou’s person, Niu Chuan naturally didn’t dare to slacken in the slightest at this time, and was always vigilant around him.

Niu Chuan had already moved when Zhang Shufa first shot.

The stage is nearly two meters above the ground.

Niu Chuan sprinted straight onto the stage and rushed towards Zhang Shufa.

Dustin Zhou didn’t stop Zhang Shufa, his heart sank. Seeing that Zhang Shufa was about to stab Su Xiaomeng, he slammed his heart and directly pushed it up.

“Puff!” The dagger pierced deeply into Dustin Zhou’s arm, and a large amount of blood was shed.

“Ah!” Su Xiaomeng and the three were already in a sluggish state at this time. They had never experienced such a scene before, and stood there for a while, not knowing what to do.

They didn’t scream in surprise until Dustin Zhou was stabbed and the blood poured out.

“Brother Yang!” Su Xiaomeng looked at Dustin Zhou’s arm and kept sobbing.

Niu Chuan, who rushed up, saw Dustin Zhou’s injury, and his heart became even more hostile. He kicked Zhang Shufa to the ground with a kick.

“Who are you?” Niu Chuan grabbed Zhang Shufa’s neck and pressed it to the ground, shouting sharply.

At this time, the security guard hired by the concert organizer reacted and rushed up to surround Zhang Shufa.

“Xiaomeng, are you okay?” Zhao Wanrong, Zhang Tiantian, and Sister Yang came to Su Xiaomeng’s side at this moment, asking with concern.

The scene just now really scared them.

When Zhang Shufa took out the dagger and stabbed Su Xiaomeng, they were in a dull state.

If Zhang Shu succeeds, what will happen to Su Xiaomeng, the consequences can hardly be imagined!

“I’m fine, but Brother Yang is injured.” There are still tears on Su Xiaomeng’s face.

She shook her head again and again, saying that she was fine.

But at this moment Dustin Zhou’s arm was stabbed by Zhang Shufa’s dagger, and blood was flowing.

“Doctor, hurry up and help Mr. Dustin Zhou deal with it!” Sister Yang saw that Su Xiaomeng was okay, she was relieved and quickly arranged treatment for Dustin Zhou.

Niu Chuan handed over Zhang Shufa to the security guard and hurried over to check Dustin Zhou’s injuries.

“It’s okay, it’s just a little skin trauma.” Dustin Zhou clutched his arm and chuckled lightly.

Just now at the moment when Zhang Shufa’s dagger was about to stab his arm, Dustin Zhou was also a side elbow, this time it could not be avoided.

And Zhang Shufa’s dagger only left a scar on the surface of Dustin Zhou’s arm.

But despite this, the hot pain still pierced Dustin Zhou’s heart.

The medical staff quickly arrived. After inspecting Dustin Zhou’s injury and confirming that there was nothing serious, he performed disinfection and bandaging.

If something like this happens, not to mention how much impact it will cause, the current concert alone must be suspended first.

Fortunately, the fans of Rocket Girls were more sensible. When Sister Yang announced that the concert was suspended, there were not many fans making noise.


Dustin Zhou sat in the chair, somewhat Hao Ran.

Mira Xie, Enderia Shen, Chen Xin and Su Xiaomeng stood straight in front of him, constantly concerned about his injuries.

And Zhao Wanrong and Zhang Tiantian were taken away by Sister Yang first.

After all, Sister Yang also knew this roar, that time and space should be reserved for Mira Xie and the others.

As for Su Xiaomeng, the little girl had just escaped and injured Dustin Zhou. What about it, she must stay to take care of Dustin Zhou.

Sister Yang had no choice but to let Su Xiaomeng herself.

“Uuuuu, it’s all my fault. If it weren’t for saving me, Brother Yang wouldn’t have been hurt.” Su Xiaomeng looked at Dustin Zhou’s bandaged arm, and a trace of blood was faintly printed, and she was very sad. , Couldn’t help crying softly.

“It’s none of your business, just blame the beast. If I find out who instigated me, I will definitely not let him go!” Enderia Shen patted Su Xiaomeng on the shoulder and said coldly.

To be honest, when Dustin Zhou was stabbed with a dagger and wounded and bleeding, Enderia Shen was so anxious that he couldn’t take care of the others at all, almost immediately after Niu Chuan rushed up.

Although Dustin Zhou was not seriously injured, Enderia Shen was still very angry.

Among them, whether Dustin Zhou is a member of her company or something else, Enderia Shen didn’t think about it for a while.

“How about it, is there any news?” Dustin Zhou raised his head, looked at Niu Chuan, and asked in a deep voice.

Niu Chuan was the first to subdue Zhang Shufa and hand him over to the security guard at the scene. He wanted to come during this time.

There should be a clue.

“There is no clue for the time being. That Zhang Shufa came by himself, and there are no other people with him, so I can’t find anyone else to ask.” “However, they have already called the police, and we will be notified when the results are available.” Niu Chuan’s expression was overwhelming. Sullen, but also full of self-blame in his voice.

Niu Chuan did not expect Zhang Shufa’s raid, so he did not stop it immediately. This put Dustin Zhou in danger and was injured.

When I think of myself from a small community security, now I have a position in Mingyang, and he is even responsible for several factories that process and produce whitening factor facial masks.

All this is because of Dustin Zhou’s shoes.

But now, Dustin Zhou is injured under his nose, which makes Niu Chuan feel that he has not fulfilled his responsibility to protect Dustin Zhou.

“It’s one thing to call the police so that they can investigate quickly, but we can’t let our guard down either.” Dustin Zhou pondered for a moment and said slowly.

“This time Zhang Shu was sent suddenly, and we didn’t have any precautions at all.” “However, none of us can guarantee that next time, there will be another Chen Shufa, Wang Shufa, and in what manner.” “So this The matter must be traced to the end! Never let go of any clues!” Dustin Zhou said in a deep voice, and several other people could feel Dustin Zhou’s anger at this time.

Indeed, in this world, there has never been a precedent for others to cause harm to themselves, and this is not realistic.

If this kind of sneak attack does not happen again, it is necessary to find out the conspiracy behind Zhang Shufa.

Dustin Zhou had a faint feeling that this matter was definitely not the most direct relationship with Su Xiaomeng.

When Zhang Shufa stabbed Su Xiaomeng with a dagger, he clearly didn’t want to kill, but wanted to intimidate him.

It is very likely that Zhang Shufa and the people behind him want to deal with the people behind Su Xiaomeng.

Suddenly, Dustin Zhou suddenly realized that he did not know the specific details of Su Xiaomeng.

In addition to being a member of the Rocket Girl group, what kind of identity Su Xiaomeng has, let Zhang Shufa not hesitate to assassinate her in a public place like a concert.

“Chuanzi, contact the police station immediately and ask for relevant clues all the time. We can’t just rely on their police, we have to track down ourselves.” After Dustin Zhou finished his order, he looked at the people in front of him.

“You all go out. I have something to ask Xiaomeng.” Despite some reluctance, Mira Xie, Enderia Shen and Chen Xin did not object, and silently walked out of the background.

At this moment, only Su Xiaomeng was left in the backstage, and Dustin Zhou was injured.

“Brother Yang, what do you want to ask me?” One hundred

Chapter 15

Dustin Zhou looked at Su Xiaomeng standing in front of Qiao Shengsheng.

The tears on Su Xiaomeng’s face have not dried up yet.

Moreover, there is still a touch of terror in her eyes.

Although Su Xiaomeng pretended to be calm, Dustin Zhou still saw clearly.

Although what happened just now did not cause huge casualties, it only left a wound on Dustin Zhou’s arm.

However, even if Dustin Zhou remembered it at this moment, if he hadn’t reacted at the time, if Zhang Shufa had been a little harsher at the time, the result would likely be quite different.

What’s more, Su Xiaomeng is just a teenage girl. In her previous life, she had never encountered such a thing.

Therefore, the sudden assassination still caused a huge shock to her heart even when she was not injured.

This was thought by Dustin Zhou for a moment, but at a deeper level, Dustin Zhou also had to think seriously.

That Zhang Shufa was selected by a photographer at random, and it seemed that he was indeed a fan of Rocket Girl.

So why did he violently attack in the middle of singing?

Moreover, when Su Xiaomeng did not know Zhang Shufa before he was determined in every possible way, what motive did Zhang Shufa have to make it difficult for Su Xiaomeng?

Right now, the only thing Dustin Zhou can think of is that Su Xiaomeng once inadvertently offended Zhang Shufa.

Furthermore, that is what Su Xiaomeng’s family or relatives have done to Zhang Shufa.

This led to Zhang Shufa’s revenge.

Looking at the empty backstage, Dustin Zhou couldn’t help being serious.

“Xiaomeng, have you or your family offended anyone recently?” Dustin Zhou asked in a deep voice, his expression extremely serious.

He had to do this.

Today Zhang Shufa had himself blocked, and Su Xiaomeng was not injured.

But no one can guarantee that tomorrow there will be another Chen Shufa that will be detrimental to Su Xiaomeng.

At that time, there was no protection by her side.

“Brother Yang, I don’t understand what you are talking about. I have never offended anyone.” Su Xiaomeng looked at Dustin Zhou ignorantly, his head was blank, and he couldn’t understand what Dustin Zhou meant.

After all, she couldn’t understand the concept of revenge either.

“You said that you didn’t know that Zhang Shufa at all, so why did he hurt you?” “It is very likely that you have offended him, or your family has offended him.” Dustin Zhou explained patiently.

Right now, Dustin Zhou could only think in this direction without receiving any news from the police.

And usually, this direction is relatively correct.

“No, Brother Yang, how could I offend people?” “As for my family, I have never revealed my family information outside.

They will not offend people.

Su Xiaomeng nodded and whispered. “So…” Dustin Zhou did not continue to ask. Since Su Xiaomeng said that he did not offend others, he would not offend others. After all, their Rocket Girls usually attended together. Activities, it is impossible for Su Xiaomeng alone to offend people. “In this way, for some time now, you will not show up. You will wait until the police investigation results come out. I think your agent Yang Jie will definitely arrange you.

Dustin Zhou patted Su Xiaomeng’s shoulders and found that the little girl’s shoulders were still a little trembling. This obviously did not come out of what was just now. Dustin Zhou’s heart suddenly softened, and Su Xiaomeng felt that it was not easy. Although it was a rocket A member of the group like the girl, enjoys the beauty every day, and is sought after by countless people. However, the tremendous pressure and danger also haunt them all the time. Dustin Zhou does not know which agency the Rocket Girl signed with, but facing such things today , The brokerage company is obviously at fault of poor organization. But from the incident to the present, except for the broker Yang, who came with him, the brokerage company has not ruled out anyone from coming to condolences. Let’s not say that the Rocket Girl is now popular, even if it’s just one Ordinary employees, at this time, the brokerage company should also say something. At this moment, a thought suddenly flooded into Dustin Zhou’s mind. Start a brokerage company by yourself! In other words, create an entertainment company with both brokerage and artist appointments. In this case, the Rocket Girl can be signed here. Dustin Zhou can arrange for Zhao Bing and the others to be responsible for protecting the Rocket Girl’s safety. In that way, Dustin Zhou can also rest assured that he can also attract many stars through the new company, so as to make the company famous in the future , Or the promotion of his own newly created company. Once such a thought arises, it cannot be stopped. It is like mushrooms after the rain, madness took root in Dustin Zhou’s mind, and it grew rapidly. Dustin Zhou couldn’t help it even now. Get ready! But reason still stopped Dustin Zhou! “Brother Yang, there is news from the police station!

As Dustin Zhou was thinking about it, Niu Chuan suddenly opened the door and said in a deep voice. “What news?”

Dustin Zhou asked, and his heart began to become active. “That Zhang Shufa just insisted that he was jealous that Su Xiaomeng was close to you, so he wanted to avenge you!

“But under the severe questioning of the police, he still did not withstand the pressure and proactively explained the problem.

When Niu Chuan said this, he paused suddenly, looked at Dustin Zhou, and stopped talking. “Well, what’s wrong?”

“Niu Chuan stopped talking in the middle of speaking, Dustin Zhou couldn’t help but raised his head and asked. “This…” Niu Chuan paused before speaking.

“Zhang Shufa confessed that it was instigated by others, and the main purpose is actually to target you.” As soon as Niu Chuan’s voice fell, Dustin Zhou was stunned.

“What do you mean? Aiming at me?” Dustin Zhou was a little bit dumbfounded. He was still asking if Su Xiaomeng had offended others before letting Zhang Shu issue a fierce one.

Unexpectedly, Zhang Shufa was not targeting Su Xiaomeng but himself.

“I don’t know him at all, why did he target me?” Dustin Zhou asked.

Since Zhang Shufa confessed to himself, there must be some reason.

It’s just that Dustin Zhou thought and thought, and found that he had never known this Zhang Shufa before, and there was no intersection with him.

“Zhang Shu swished a name.” “Sun Cheng!” Niu Chuan said in a deep voice.

“Sun Cheng?” Dustin Zhou said softly, realizing that he didn’t even know this person.

But in the next second, a person suddenly appeared in his mind.

When checking tickets outside the stadium before, there was a person with VIP tickets who humiliated himself in every possible way.

When he arrived in the gym, after he sat down, he seemed to be sitting in a row behind him.

“Is it him?” Dustin Zhou didn’t wrinkle suddenly!

He didn’t expect that in a quarrel, he didn’t pursue that Sun Cheng, but he acted first, letting people act against him.

“Brother Yang, the police have already summoned Sun Cheng, but I heard from Zhang Shu just now that Sun Cheng seems to have an unusual background and belongs to the Donghai Sun family.” Niu Chuan said in a deep voice, his expression a little hesitant.

At the moment, Niu Chuan must inform Dustin Zhou of all the details and all the news of this matter so that he can make correct and accurate judgments.

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