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Chapter 1157

Some people say that the only way to peace in the world is for the whole world to have a common powerful enemy. Just like Sasuke in “Naruto”, he experienced the fourth After the Second Ninja World War, he was determined to turn into darkness. Because along the way, he witnessed too many battles. True peace is impossible in the world. Where there are people, there will be battles for interests. But If all mankind lives under the panic of a huge shadow, people will put aside the fight, become united, and fight against the powerful darkness together. The analogy to the family is the same. The Zhou family is too strong, so powerful. There are almost no rivals, so the Zhou family members will be cold-blooded and ruthless, because they are dazzled by their interests, everyone wants to be the supreme being in the family. But Dustin Zhou’s existence, in the first place, changed them. This is a subtle change. When they heard that Dustin Zhou was a powerful existence, they had an idea in their subconscious to protect Zhou’s family. So these people who were not very united at the beginning, In fact, they had already left the shadow of unity, and as Dustin Zhou approached step by step, their thoughts became more and more vigorous. In the end, Zhou Hengtian used his own death to awaken their inner strong emotions. The Zhou family turned out to be unprecedented. They gave up their interests and chose family affection. They promised Dustin Zhou that Zhou’s family could be dissolved, as long as Zhou Hengtian could be a good destination. Dustin Zhou, who saw this scene, was actually relieved. After all, these were all his family members. If they regain their human touch, what can’t they let go of? When Zhou Hengtian died, didn’t his mother also burst into tears? Hatred was never the purpose. Hatred is just to release the resentment in the heart and break free from the shackles of the past. Then open up a new life. Now that Dustin Zhou’s hatred has been put down, what new goal should he pursue? Make his mother happy, make Mira Xie happy, and make his life no more difficult. Of course, there is still He has not forgotten a very important person, Enderia Shen. Then he rescued Enderia Shen. For those who have helped him in his life, the kind people, and the good people in his own life, Dustin Zhou will repay them one by one and return them to peace in their lives. This is the goal Dustin Zhou is pursuing. In other words, Dustin Zhou will not let Zhou Hengtian die even for Zhou Mu now. Generally, people with a broken heart can only maintain their consciousness for eight seconds, and they will die completely. It’s past, so the doctor will announce

Bu Zhou Hengtian is dead.

But for Dustin Zhou, eight seconds is not the limit.

The blood hasn’t cooled down yet, but because the heart is broken, the blood can no longer circulate.

Heart repair, heart pacing, if these two points can be achieved in a short time, there is still a rescue.

It’s just that this is medically impossible.

Cardiac pacing can indeed save a person who has just lost consciousness, but his heart has been damaged. How do you press the heart to make it beat again?

Dustin Zhou can.

The emperor’s ultimate qi revolves, and extremely rare qi poured into Zhou Hengtian’s body. The moment he squeezed out the dagger, he completely repaired his heart, without even a drop of blood leaking out.

Moreover, under the blessing of Dustin Zhou’s true energy, the function of this heart is much stronger than before.

The next step was to pace the heart and recirculate the blood. Zhou Hengtian, whose body temperature did not drop at all, first twitched his fingers.

As his body temperature rose, Zhou Hengtian slowly opened his eyes as everyone watched.

“Me, what am I?” Zhou Hengtian looked around blankly.

He was determined to die, and at one time he thought he was bound to die.

But will the dead still have consciousness?

What is this place?

Why are these faces so familiar?

This is Zhou’s family?

In other words, is this the world created by my own consciousness after I die?

Zhou Hengtian thinks so.

He didn’t think he was resurrected from the dead, but subconsciously thought that after death, his consciousness did not dissipate, and he created such a world that he most wanted to see.

If this is the case, then the living can really be a bit comforting.

He smiled subconsciously.

There was a cheering around, “Wake up! Wake up! I really woke up!” “Unbelievable! Is this the ultimate power of the emperor? Can he change his fate against the sky?” The three emperors of the Zhou family were shocked. call.

They are also the emperor of warriors, and their true energy can also help others repair their injuries.

It’s just that their true qi is not so pure, they can’t reach Dustin Zhou’s level.

Everyone’s knowledge of Dustin Zhou has reached a new level.

Powerful, smart, structured, and can even change fate!

What kind of existence is this?

Like a god!

Under such circumstances, even if Dustin Zhou really asked them to disband the Zhou family, they would not have any complaints.

Because they already understand something.

After a brief cheer and at the same time let Zhou Hengtian understand what happened, everyone in the Zhou family turned their attention to Dustin Zhou.

This time, there was no hostility in their eyes, no anger, only reverence.


Sir, thank you for helping the Lord.

“The Great Elder said. But at this time I don’t know who suddenly shouted, “Thank you Young Master for helping!

Immediately afterwards, everyone shouted loudly, “Thank you Master for helping!”

“Young master, this word, as soon as Dustin Zhou entered the door, everyone in the Zhou family shouted in unison. But the meaning of that time and this time was obviously completely different. The Great Elder was taken aback for a moment, and looked at the people behind him. Everyone in the Zhou family then looked at Dustin Zhou again, showing a smile, “In this case, then, let me call you Master.

“Master, the Zhou family used to make mistakes, but now, in the name of the great elder, I beg the master to plan the future direction for the Zhou family.”

“If you think that this form of family doesn’t need to exist, then the Zhou family will be dissolved immediately!”

“The elder said sincerely. Others also looked at Dustin Zhou with fiery eyes, but there were some pleadings in those eyes. They recognized their mistakes, and at the same time they could accept any punishment. But they were deep in their hearts. In fact, I still very much yearn for the Zhou family to continue to survive. I finally understood the importance of family affection, and now the Zhou family is suddenly dissolved. What’s the matter? Dustin Zhou was silent for a while, and suddenly smiled, “Since you are called My master is now, then, I have to monitor the next development of the Zhou family, there is no problem, right?

Chapter 1158

The Zhou family did not react to Dustin Zhou’s words for a while. What does it mean to monitor the future development of the Zhou family? So these people were taken aback for a while. Yes. Until Dustin Zhou said again, “It seems that you have no sincerity.

“You keep calling me Young Master, but I want to stay in this home and see if you change your mind. Can’t you do that?”

“Dustin Zhou pretended to be indifferent and said. This time, they understood. Because Dustin Zhou said the four most important words. Stay in this home. That’s what it meant! “Oh, no, no, we Master who can do it!

“The great elder took the lead and said to Dustin Zhou hurriedly, “Master, you can rest assured!”

We will do what you say!

” “Yep!

Welcome back, Master!

“The Zhou family burst into cheers again. And this time the cheers are more enthusiastic than any other time. How many years has it been, the Zhou family hasn’t seen what it is now? The great elders and Zhou Hengtian and other high-level people silently Seeing everyone’s admiration for Dustin Zhou, they were all heartfelt joy. In this way, within a short time, Dustin Zhou stayed in the imperial capital. He did not let Lord Tiger go back, so he let Lord Tiger take good care of him.

Run his own Zhou Group in the Imperial Capital.

In this way, the Imperial Capital still seems to have two Zhou Clan.

But this is just the opinion of outsiders, for the Zhou family, this kind of thing is no longer important.

What kind of ass, interests, and why is the family called a family?

It’s because everyone is lying with the same blood, everyone is relatives, struggling for a common goal.

As long as you are loyal to the family, the family will naturally support you. Everyone will no longer pay attention to the rights in their hands, because they understand that all they face are their relatives.

As much responsibility as you have the ability, you have the right not to let you bully your relatives, but because you are stronger and can bring more benefits to the family. This is the right direction of development. .

As for Zhou Mu, she can almost be called the Zhou family’s highest status now.

First, everyone in the Zhou family feels a bit guilty about Zhou’s mother.

Secondly, that is the woman who even Dustin Zhou calls mother!

Who dares to be disrespectful?

Great Elder?

Zhou Hengtian?

That’s a hammer!

In front of Zhou’s mother, they couldn’t even count as a hammer!

This kind of life is relatively comfortable, and Dustin Zhou’s role is indeed a monitoring in name, but in fact, the development of the Zhou family does not need him to worry about.

Quite simply, the Zhou family itself is the first family in the East, and now it has become more united. Coupled with the help of Dustin Zhou, his position as a giant is more stable.

Just like the three previous families, although they respect the Zhou family and admit that the Zhou family is the head of the four families, the four families basically contain each other.

The three major families have a faint tendency to join forces to contain the Zhou family. The Zhou family is only the head of the four major families in name, but in the usual cooperation, there is not so much voice.

But it’s different now.

The three big families knew that Dustin Zhou had an extra Dustin Zhou, so they didn’t dare to do it again.

Just kidding, the three of them are united, and it is not enough for Dustin Zhou to hit him with a finger. What do you use to play with Zhou’s family?

So now Dustin Zhou is a mascot in Zhou’s family. He can also be said to be a real young master after a few days.

“Brother Yang, go, go out and sneak.” Zhou Feng went to Dustin Zhou again that day.

The two of them are now the two most arrogant brothers in the capital.

Imperial capital, the young master and son of the Zhou family!

No matter where these two uncles go, are they not at the level of the king and Laozi?

Even the patriarchs of the three major families have to bow when they see them!

“Where are you going today?” Dustin Zhou smiled slightly, stood up and walked out.

Because he was too poor when he was a child, Dustin Zhou never knew what it was like to travel in his life.

Later I received 20 million from Zhou Hengtian

Fortune, Dustin Zhou is a rich man, but for the past three years, he has been busy making money and improving his own strength. To be honest, he didn’t really enjoy life.

Only when he came to Zhou’s house did he truly experience what life is.

Master Zhou’s supreme status, inexhaustible property resources, and a lot of time to browse the cultural style of the imperial capital.

During this period, although Dustin Zhou was thinking of Enderia Shen in his heart, he also knew that he couldn’t be anxious to practice, so he also really experienced life with heart, and would go out with Zhou Feng for a stroll every day.

“Want to know where to go today, then I can’t tell you,” Zhou Feng smiled mysteriously, “but what I can tell you is that what I want you to experience today is definitely different from before!” “Huh? Xiaofeng, what do you mean by this? Where are you going to take Dustin Zhou!” Mira Xie asked with a meaningful smile as he walked out of the room.

With this unspeakable smile and the language in the cloud, even though Mira Xie is a woman, she was keenly aware of something because she recently pursued a very life-like TV series.

This week Feng definitely wants to take Dustin Zhou to take a bath!

But Zhou Feng hadn’t realized that Mira Xie’s smile was so meaningful. He still remained mysterious, “Hey, sister-in-law, I can’t tell you about this!” “I said I would give Brother Yang a surprise.” That’s why Mira Xie is more wrong, “What surprise, why can’t you tell me?” “Hey, that is of course a big surprise. Today is definitely not a trip to the mountains, I want Brother Yang to enjoy it! “Zhou Feng said.

Mira Xie finally couldn’t help it, and grabbed Zhou Feng’s ears, “You stinky kid, dare to be so arrogant in front of me, do you really think I don’t understand?” “Are you going to take Dustin Zhou to take a bath? “Dustin Zhou, you are not allowed to go today!” “Have a bath? What kind of bath?” Zhou Feng was taken aback for a moment, and quickly begged for mercy, “Sister-in-law, did you misunderstand something?” “Me and Brother Yang? Why would you go to such a place!” “If it is reasonable, if we are in this identity, even if we really want to have some fun, if we need any woman, then we don’t need to go to that place at all. Where can we not do things? “I’m going to take Brother Yang to eat roast duck today!” Zhou Feng said aggrieved.

“Roast duck?” Several big question marks appeared above Mira Xie’s head.

But when she thought about it, Zhou Feng seemed to make sense.

Dustin Zhou has reached this level, do you still need to take a bath?

Chapter 1159

just now

Dustin Zhou of Dustin Zhou, the daughters of all major families, the various ladies of the upper-class society of the entire imperial capital, which one is not willing to stick to him?

If he really wants to have fun, he can really do it anytime and anywhere, such as in the car, small woods, grass on the roadside, or any five-star hotel.

There is no need to go to a place like a big bathhouse!

It was because I was superficial and impulsive, Mira Xie thought so, and there were two red clouds flying on his face.

“Sister-in-law, you have a lot of thinking. You really have become a full-time wife. It’s too tight to watch my brother Yang all day.” Zhou Feng said, rubbing his ears.

“Hey, you men don’t have a good thing.” Mira Xie snorted, turned around and went back to the bedroom.

Zhou Feng looked at Dustin Zhou, and Dustin Zhou could only smile bitterly, “Don’t look at me like that, it’s normal, you’ll know after you get married.” “Speaking of which, why do you think of eating roast duck today?” Dustin Zhou asked Tao.

“Because the Imperial Capital Roast Duck is a must!” Zhou Feng slapped his thigh, and said triumphantly, “Look, I thought I was considerate?” “Because I know you are not very familiar with Imperial Capital, so some time ago, Jing I will take you to browse the historical sites of the imperial capital, and that stuff is also necessary. The thousand-year-old relics left by our imperial capital are really amazing. It is necessary to observe the long experience.” “But the imperial capital is just like that after all. Bigger, we’ve already seen almost everything we can see. If you really want to know the Imperial Capital, you have to start with your mouth.” “Zhajiang noodles with roast duck, hey, let me tell you, that’s definitely one of our Imperial Capital. Absolutely!” Zhou Feng was very excited and proud when he said these words.

Fried noodles with roast duck, is there such a match?

There was also a look of yearning in Dustin Zhou’s heart… it sounds really good.

The two drove a Porsche and, under the leadership of Zhou Feng, came directly to a quaint three-story building.

Where a three-story building can be built in the center of the Imperial Capital, needless to say, I also know the strength of this roast duck restaurant.

“I’m telling you, this place is really the most famous restaurant in the entire imperial capital. There must be authentic roast ducks in other places, but you can hardly tell the truth.” “This place, a century-old restaurant, all emperors know this. The roast duck in this place is the most authentic. Let me tell you, we insiders come here to eat!” Zhou Feng gave Dustin Zhou a triumphant glance.

Dustin Zhou smiled and nodded, then got out of the car and followed Zhou Feng in.

Although it looks antique on the outside, it is a modern city after all, with all kinds of modern processes inside, but in terms of style and layout, it still has a taste of ancient times.

It really looks like a good shop.

Especially the traffic here,

To be reasonable, Dustin Zhou was shocked.

The whole hall looks about the size of four or five basketball courts, there should be thousands of tables, and these tables are all full.

“Welcome, how many sir?” A sweet-looking clerk greeted him, “Come here to get a number.” It doesn’t matter if you take the number, Dustin Zhou glanced at it, good fellow, and directly took more than 300 numbers. .

Basically no one came here for dinner. In other words, in front of Dustin Zhou, there were about a thousand people in line.

“When does this have to wait?” Dustin Zhou said with a big head.

“You really got your number and went there. I wonder if you are in love with someone else’s girl,” Zhou Feng was a little speechless. “This store is all over again, but we two come to eat, where are there lines? The reason?” “Look at my operation and it’s over!” Zhou Feng took out a phone, Dustin Zhou did not stop him, he knew that Zhou Feng was looking for a relationship to jump in the line.

But isn’t this the world?

There is nothing fair or unfair. Zhou Feng was able to jump in because he could find relevant personnel.

The relevant staff will help him because he has money and status.

Then the matter is very simple. Zhou Feng seems to have jumped in the line, but in fact, the price he paid far exceeded those ordinary people in line.

It’s just that he can afford the price.

If you have enough ability to pay the price, you can try some treatment that ordinary people cannot have. In fact, the world is very fair.

Only individual people are unfair.

Zhou Feng’s behavior is not a bully.

Because the merchants set up the second and third floors specially for people like them.

But the next person is a bully.

After Zhou Feng hung up the phone, when he was about to go to the third floor with Dustin Zhou, he suddenly heard a commotion behind him.

“Little sister, there are more than 300 tables waiting in front of you. When it’s your turn, this store should be closed. Why can’t you go to the second floor with your brother to enjoy it?” The man said with a seventeen or eighteen-year-old girl in his arms.

The girl was struggling, obviously refused, and it seemed that the two did not know each other.

The diners waiting around all pointed and pointed, but no one dared to step forward to stop anything.

Didn’t you hear what the man said?

You can go to the second floor!

Speaking of it, this roast duck restaurant is definitely a legend. His business is so hot, but no one has ever dared to make trouble here.

Those who can enter the second and third floors are considered a status symbol in the entire imperial capital.

These civilians who are waiting hard on the first floor,

How can you have the courage to compete with the big brother who can go to the second floor?

But soon there were shop assistants and security guards. As mentioned earlier, this shop is a legend and no one dares to make trouble here.

Being able to go up to the second and third floors in this store can be a status symbol. Then, how weak can the store that issues identification certificates to these people?

It’s just a diners on the second floor. Those clerks said in a polite tone without the slightest fear, “Sir, if you have any needs, please consult with our store, but please don’t influence other diners to eat! “Although he was very polite and polite, his tone was already threatening.

Sure enough, it was a responsible store, and Dustin Zhou’s impression of this store took another level.

“Give me where I can stay cool! It doesn’t matter what your business is here!” The man’s attitude was also very tough, and he didn’t give the security staff any face. “Did you not hear? This uncle is your guest on the second floor.” Is a distinguished member of your store!” “I want to invite this woman upstairs to have a meal with me, is there anything wrong?” “You don’t care about this, otherwise no one can guarantee I can hold you guys!” The man said with confidence.

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